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Indian Cock Sucker

 — Let her suck you. by indian cum slut04/20/044.52HOT

Indian Experience

 — An experience as a young man leads to an iliicit meeting. by misteradelaide08/26/124.17

Indian Goddess, Mistress and Wife Pt. 01

 — A femdom foot worship story. by kiare06/19/153.30

Indian Goddess, Mistress and Wife Pt. 02

 — Femdom foot worship. by kiare06/20/153.61

Indoctrination 02: Potluck

 — Wife punishes hubby with cage and cleanup services. by cuck4Traci05/02/174.58HOT

Indoctrination 03: Starlet

 — Wife makes acting debut as paid escort. by cuck4Traci07/24/174.51HOT

Indoctrination 04: Homecoming

 — Husband gets a special welcome home gift. by cuck4Traci08/17/184.30

Indulging His Fantasy

 — A wife decides her husband would make a good maid. by domdame02/18/164.49

Indulging Sin

 — A counselor dwells in the world of sin. by JamesCognito08/02/074.65HOT

Indulging Wife's Foot Fetish

 — Husband indulges wife's foot fetish. by Claudia100108/30/184.51HOT

Infinite Lust & Death

 — Vampires can still a coffin. by SexyJennaInk11/16/044.29

Infl8orama and the New Neighbor

 — A new neighbor brings over some pie...and then some. by Infl8orama10/20/123.81

Inflatable Nozzle Play

 — He teaches her to use the inflatable. by warmhoney108/07/064.36

Inflation by Arousal

 — Girl born with skin condition turns 18, discovers abilities. by Inflationist256903/07/183.67

Infusion of Goddess Energy

 — Kidnapping Fantasy turned incredibly positive. by AnaTG12/31/143.69

Ingredients For A Steamy Evening

 — He has a hot fantasy. by Lockston01/26/053.50


 — Young man is initiated into cigar smoking by a mentor. by GulfCoastGuy8407/30/123.71

Initiated at Work

 — Stripped and humiliated by a group of women. by Terry1908/20/033.71

Injured Parties

 — Man falls for hot blonde amputee. by mustanger7up04/12/034.53HOT


 — Bad girls have all the fun... by Ironrose01/18/024.17

Ink Slave

 — Young woman wants to submit, goes further than planned. by shropshire12502/12/164.61HOT

Inny-Mini Penis Won't Come Out

 — Neglicted penis (mangina) requires anal help to get hard. by billyrobey11/04/093.68

Insatiable at Work Ch. 15: Bondage

 — Rob and Robin explore bondage in a hayloft. by insatiablerob809/21/164.83HOT

Insatiable at Work Ch. 16: Tied-up

 — Rob and Robin have more fun with bondage. by insatiablerob803/26/174.38

Insatiable for Cum

 — Gloryhole cum eating and feeding by jptune07/23/064.18

Inspection Time

 — Puppy Girl Endures an Inspection from her Master. by Nanerdad09/27/183.65


 — A casual gesture leads to basic desires. by InkedAngel50404/09/164.16

Insufficient Funds

 — Bank scam artist goes head to head with a smart Bank Manager by Phoenix Arrow02/27/034.30

Intense Footjob

 — Wife gives me a footjob on our back porch. by mugs10105/23/154.50HOT

Intensely Purple

 — A shot of Mezcal landed her on her knees everytime. by exrixney10/26/014.52HOTEditor's Pick

Interactive Arena (Create your OC!)

 — Create your own futanari so I can write a story with her! by SwizzleRich05/14/18

Interactive Intimacy

 — Theatrical sex played out on stage - Chapter exert by eroticamanifesto09/08/162.50

Interesting Job Ch. 1

 — Disciplinarian takes on new client. by barchetta8807/15/024.24

Interesting Job Ch. 2

 — Suzanne pays for her transgressions over the phone. by barchetta8807/19/024.11


 — Violinist has a milk break at a concert. by luciarochester09/06/074.31

Intern-al Damage

 — Hot-legged office intern scissors, then milks him. by kandor08/14/074.26

Internet Meeting

 — What I did for Charles. by Stillherer01/27/124.23

Internet Meeting Ch. 02

 — Debasing myself for Charles. by Stillherer02/05/124.46

Internet Meeting Ch. 03

 — Preparing for Charles. by Stillherer02/18/124.26

Internet Meeting Ch. 04

 — Charles uses me. by Stillherer03/07/124.67HOT

Intersexed Man Fucks Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — She finds out that he has both sex parts. by freewritter10/17/023.84

Intersexed Man Fucks Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Intersex man enjoys girlfriend & her male friend. by freewritter10/24/024.17

Interview with a Domme Ch. 01

 — Erica gets and begins her interview. by OneWhoAdores12/16/134.66HOT

Interview with a Domme Ch. 02

 — Erica's interview with Amy continues... by OneWhoAdores12/17/134.64HOT


 — Couple use the bathroom to push boundaries of the erotic. by Fullmoonfever04/15/084.43

Intimate Dining for Three

 — A trio discover mutual sensual appetites. by DidIreallywritethis10/27/184.73HOT

Intimate Exploration

 — A dirty moment starts out with a story between friends. by OnyxRose9609/30/163.76

IntoThe Woods

 — My first toilet episode. by jaycee1306/14/123.97

Intrinsic Right

 — Man with impregnation fetish marries infertile cuckquean. by D_Lynn09/01/164.42

Intro to Jolene

 — Jolene broke down all my barriers. Find out where it started. by erekose68604/12/174.53HOT

Introducing Summer and Winter

 — A straight man finds himself with an unexpected dilemma. by milkyheart05/07/143.30

Introducing Summer and Winter Ch. 02

 — Our hero finds himself unwilling to use his safeword by milkyheart05/08/143.53

Introducing Susan Ch. 02

 — Susan gets kinky, Marie gets nasty. by 0131aj09/13/104.47

Introduction to Tease and Denial

 — Wife finds cure for his poor bedroom performance. by Chastebob06/27/163.97


 — Her husband likes to fuck other people. She likes to watch. by IlicicEncounters06/29/174.39

Introspection Ch. 02

 — Maddy confesses and pushes Jackie much further. by edibles12304/19/174.37

Invasion of the Nylonians Ch. 01

 — A goverment agent investigates strange reports in a town. by jman_bigdaddy10/10/094.20

Is It A Need Or A Want

 — A husband's journey into submission. by jlltec12/21/094.40

Is It My Body?

 — How others use my body, so it becomes ours. by mandywilluk200011/07/124.24

Is This My Life? Ch. 01

 — Male chastity from the males point of view. by submgj01/02/134.25

Is This My Life? Ch. 02

 — Male chastity from a males point of view. by submgj01/03/134.27

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 03

 — Isabella realizes her heart and finds a surprise. by silverbackteddy11/16/15

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 04

 — Isabella and Jade find acceptance and share it. by silverbackteddy11/24/15

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 05

 — Jade's dream comes true and secrets are revealed. by silverbackteddy12/04/15

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 06

 — Isabella finally meets Jade's parents. by silverbackteddy01/15/16

Israeli Dominatrix For Arab Men

 — Israeli Dominatrix meets Saudi man in Ottawa, Ontario. by Samuelx11/29/112.88

It All Starts With A Box...

 — A story about control and being a "good girl". by feelinglikeatrainedmonkey12/11/123.00

It Doesn't Taste That Nice Really…

 — Piss that is... by ArtistWriterSvengali11/12/034.44

It is a Great Thing To Do Ch. 01

 — A story based on actual events of sexual exploration. by vector206504/06/134.65HOT

It Just Keeps Happening

 — She keeps stealing her boyfriends. by Rallynoangels03/23/184.17

It Really Does Happen

 — Michael is trained by his friend's niece as a slavebitch. by lipsticked05/23/094.44

It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet

 — She's embroiled in the world of adult ponies. by A Cracker Slut11/10/034.57HOT

It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet Ch. 02

 — Cinnamon makes new friends. by A Cracker Slut03/06/044.64HOT

It Started As A First Date

 — A buxom lady ends up being a bondage model. by spandexman01/12/113.00

It Started Out Innocent

 — How things can unfold for better or worse. by LP195703/01/144.19

It Started So Innocently

 — A weekend of fun and fucking by Kaotiks02/17/033.81

It Took Eleven Days Ch. 01

 — He come home for some planned action. by Whitegarage1305/13/093.83

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

 — What would you drink to get laid? by HungryGuy07/09/034.40

It Was All About Control

 — Lover placed in chastity and forced to perform oral service. by paramour42512/05/093.90

It Was Meant To Be Ch. 05

 — The final chapter of the simple book. by Nemasis Enforcer06/01/044.59HOT

It's A Long Story

 — How I, straight guy, took a fat cock in my mouth. by afanofyou11/07/104.17

It's a Slave New World

 — Woman benevolently train and rule their men. by spunknwagnels03/29/174.25

It's a Slave New World Ch. 02

 — Women benevolently train their men. by spunknwagnels05/09/174.16

It's a Small World

 — My second cuckold experience is a shocker. by KingofCucks07/02/104.57HOT

It's All about Him and My panties

 — My attraction to sexy underwear. by jennyUK9702/03/174.68HOT

It's All Poison Now

 — More cyberpunk sex & violence. by valkane03/17/083.00

It's Barely Theatre Ch. 01

 — Actors are revealed in updated classic musical. by clipperdreams10/20/154.39

It's Barely Theatre Ch. 02

 — Actors are revealed in an updated classic musical. by clipperdreams10/21/154.58HOT

It's Better To Be Pissed On...

 — Husband and wife have a very wet experience. by hislittlesister10/24/104.54HOT

It's for Chastity... I Mean Charity

 — Janey shows Jay a new path to pleasure. by jeb2204/11/184.41

It's Got to be the Karma

 — Husband is made to realize the implications of his desires. by karmadarma08/26/084.18

It's Just Business

 — A high powered lawyer has a strange way of relieving stress. by NaughtyBaby2504/23/144.44

It's Just Sex Incorporated

 — Business man seeks sexual humiliation. by Bakeboss11/01/094.17

It's not All About Her

 — Sissy is set up and sucks his first cock. by Copycat8801/14/164.54HOT

It's Raining

 — Sometimes getting wet can be fun. by HandsomeStranger05/17/064.12

It's What She Didn't Know

 — She thought she chose wisely a shop for a cut. by clipperdreams10/09/154.16

Italian Hair Ch. 02

 — A hair lover inherits his Uncle's empire as well as his girl. by belab10/02/094.52HOT

Itchy Nipples

 — Husband is drawn to crossdressing. by Chuck P.11/07/003.98

Izanami Ch. 01

 — Portrait of a villainous woman from the eyes of a slave. by MissKaneda09/14/154.54HOT

Izibela's Rude Awakening

 — He starts day giving her a hot drink and a hard ass pounding. by NymphoQueen11/26/09

Jack 'n Jill

 — Jack makes a real mess in Jill's bra. by shoeslayer05/30/153.63

Jack and Sarah Ch. 01

 — Two internet friends finally meet for one day of fun. by Storm_Eagle02/15/073.75

Jack Off Junkie Ch. 01

 — A series of kinky sex acts. by Anal Slave03/01/033.99

Jack Off Junkie Ch. 02

 — Shemales get more action. by Anal Slave03/02/034.54HOT

Jack's Bully Ch. 01

 — A bully starts to take notice of Jack. by Alpacawreck05/17/184.24

Jack's Bully Ch. 02

 — Jack's bully visits his house. by Alpacawreck05/23/184.39

Jack's Bully Ch. 04

 — Jack goes on a date and finally loses his virginity. by Alpacawreck08/29/184.07

Jack's Surprise

 — He revisits his past urges and gets a pleasant surprise. by footshrimper09/12/024.51HOT

Jacki Misses Jimmy

 — Jacki misses Jimmy's taste, so she shares it. by jimmy197901/26/054.30

Jackie & Rod Become Lovers

 — Rod and Sherry play with cherries. by Willing2Do08/25/023.22

Jackie and Rod Meet

 — Hirsute BBW starts a relationship. by Willing2Do07/30/024.46

Jackie Loses Control

 — Four friends meet up and help Jackie to function fully. by kevorter105/23/073.85

Jackie Makes Things Right

 — Jackie finds Brandon AND a love for strapon man-fucking. by escriterra05/21/094.81HOT

Jackie's Shoes Ch. 01

 — Jackie gets what she wants and tells him what he wants. by addscribbler08/31/104.39

Jacqui's Clinic

 — Deanna's husband visits a special clinic for his problem. by rick_oh11/18/054.08

Jade in Control

 — Jade continues to take control of me and our relationship. by Slutboy8801/16/104.31

Jae-Sun: A-Mei-Zing

 — After a date, Tabby shows her Mei cosplay to hyper-hung Jae. by Sarkopheros04/15/174.73HOT

Jae-Sun: Inspiration

 — Jae models for his figure-drawing class. by Sarkopheros12/04/164.82HOT

Jamaican Desert

 — Theresa gets stoned and cucks her husband. by HerLittlePiggy07/15/164.30

James and Fiona's Stolen Week in Amsterdam Ch. 02

 — Spread wide and fucked. by Ficfi10/17/154.24

James' Transformation Ch. 1

 — James' secret fetish goes too far. by Dragonia04/25/024.28

James' Transformation Ch. 2

 — Jenny goes shopping. by Dragonia04/28/024.51HOT

James' Transformation Ch. 3

 — Jenny finally confronts her wife. by Dragonia05/17/024.53HOT

James' Transformation Ch. 4

 — Jenny takes out Abbey & Linda. by Dragonia05/24/024.51HOT

James, Anal Exploration Ch. 01

 — Stockings and strap-ons. by Malone_Thomas03/14/124.36

Jamie & Bush

 — Fun ensues when guy questions "female" friend's gender. by Hornyman69WithU09/04/054.40

Jamie's Little Red Rooster

 — Little and large members. by smellathon09/24/163.41

Jamie's Little Red Rooster Ch. 02

 — Student sexual activity. by smellathon10/10/173.33

Jamie's Story

 — A boy's journey to his feminine side. by Michael14207/04/164.72HOT

Jamie's Story Ch. 02

 — Continuing Jamie’s tale of self-discovery. by Michael14207/17/164.43

Jamie's Story Ch. 03

 — Jamie's focus starts to narrow on what he wants. by Michael14208/01/164.29

Jan's Night at Home

 — Jan and Tina get together and talk about Mike. by rmlooker04/09/144.00

Jan's Weekend

 — Disabled dating ad gets two people together. by rmlooker03/30/144.15

Jan, or Rather John

 — Jan ferrets out - & fulfills - her husband's secrets. by Kary_M01/10/024.64HOT

Jan, or Rather John Ch. 2

 — Jan ferrets out her husband's secrets. by Kary_M01/18/024.69HOT


 — a dream fulfilled with best mate's wife. by dbobster10/31/024.33

Jane & Peter's Macintosh Delight

 — Jane & Peter discover each others love of macintoshes. by fantasyboy03/03/024.46

Jane and Vicki Catfight

 — Loving wife fighting a rival for her man's affections. by fightfanjon05/14/174.30

Jane Changes Job

 — Her friends new job takes Jane to new levels of passion. by flyinpete200103/10/084.31

Jane Entertains

 — Two part story where Jane becomes the entertainment. by NiceNastyMann06/25/134.22

Jane Entertains Ch. 02

 — Jane becomes the party’s entertainment. by NiceNastyMann07/03/134.58HOT

Jane Fucks his Ass

 — Girlfriend pushes new boundaries. by SysiphusRock11/12/064.44

Jane's Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 01

 — Jane and Samantha: tattoos for those "special" body parts. by stacey_lynne10/03/074.44

Jane's Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 02

 — The procedure and the results of a"special" tattoo. by stacey_lynne10/11/074.52HOT

Jane's Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 03

 — Jane and Samantha: tattoos for those “special” body parts. by stacey_lynne02/14/104.45

Jane's Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 04

 — Draguette's perfect body doesn't need embellishments. by stacey_lynne04/09/104.38

Jane's New Loves

 — Jane finds latex and her new tenant very pleasing. by JenniferWilson05/27/154.67HOT

Janet Helps a Fantasy

 — Lingerie fantasy. by vinceh2308/05/154.32

Janet Helps the Fantasy

 — Men in lingerie. by vinceh2302/17/164.30

Janet's Peeing Exploits

 — A day of naughty peeing. by leaky_one04/13/094.13

Janet's Seduction

 — Janet learns to appreciate giving creampies to Rob. by rick_oh10/24/124.58HOT

Janice & My Fetish Ch. 01

 — I really wanted to kiss her feet. by LegsAndFeet12305/15/104.15

Janice & My Fetish Ch. 02

 — My leg & foot fetish life with my girlfriend. by LegsAndFeet12306/28/104.48

Janice & My Fetish Ch. 03

 — I move in with Janice and she discovers my leg fetish. by LegsAndFeet12301/31/114.25

Janice & My Fetish Ch. 04

 — More feet and sock fun and Janice satisfies my leg fetish. by LegsAndFeet12304/04/114.30

Janine & George

 — Couple visit friend for nasty dirty scat play. by hairybush11/25/044.02

Janine & George Ch. 02

 — The hot nasty play continues. by hairybush01/13/054.40

Janine & George Ch. 03

 — They enjoy a yummy treat. by hairybush01/22/054.47

Jasad Fetish Club

 — Lebanon's biggest fetish club. by Scheherazade8802/16/143.55

Jasmine's Ass

 — Both slutty Jasmine and her sexy bottom lust after Owen by fetishfanatic03/16/104.49

Jasmine's Second (and Third) Wind

 — Jasmine & older neighbor go at it again. by giventofly08/25/013.85

Jason is Discovered Ch. 1

 — Jason is caught in the act. by Dragonia07/24/024.23

Jay Becomes a Feeder

 — Jay meets a woman who wants to be fed, and dominated. by msxxl05/26/044.57HOT

Jaycee Joins Jasma

 — His secretary's sister joins the lactation league. by jayrandolf10/17/074.41

Jazz Jones

 — A jazz artist catches a regular patron's fancy. by anonymous310/08/153.50

JD, Punish Me!

 — JD gives her what she wants. by celestija09/19/054.31

Jean-Luc, The Big Dicked Duke

 — The tale of a huge-dicked Duke. by enfantterrible05/27/062.79

Jeanette and the Pervert

 — Jeanette's past comes back to Haunt her teaching job... by GorvinFlaviovich07/18/174.10

Jeanette's JAV Shoot

 — An American woman stars in a Hair fetish JAV. by GorvinFlaviovich12/12/154.24

Jeannette's a Mommy Now

 — Online lover turns into a pregnant whore. by darience11/06/054.12

Jeff's Friend Gerty

 — Jeff fixes her fan, Gerty likes his fetish. by shoeslayer06/05/174.10

Jefferson's Therapy Ch. 01

 — A man begins a very kinky therapy regimen. by EmeraldSolitaire02/17/154.09

Jefferson's Therapy Ch. 02

 — Dr. Benoit makes Jefferson beg for a stocking gag. by EmeraldSolitaire09/23/154.21

Jekyll & Hyde: A Panty Sniffers Story

 — Have you ever sniffed panties, but known you shouldn't? by Acetabulum08/21/134.44

Jemima in the Box

 — She becomes a Jack-in-the-Box for a night of play. by Nate_Walis10/11/114.43

Jemima is Your Oyster

 — Dressed as a mermaid she discovers new sexual highs... by Nate_Walis12/25/114.07

Jemima's Bloom

 — She dresses as his perfect flower and is polinated in turn. by Nate_Walis01/17/123.87

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