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Auditor Tales Ch. 05

 — The wet weekend continues. by peelover11/05/054.61HOT

Auditor Tales Ch. 06

 — His BBW and getting wet in the forest. by peelover11/06/054.53HOT

Auditor Tales Ch. 07

 — My BBW is so exciting. by peelover01/22/074.00

Auditor Tales Ch. 08

 — Norwegian girls are well shaped. by peelover05/28/084.16

Auditor Tales Ch. 09

 — A foreseen holiday with my BBW. by peelover09/01/084.47

Auditor Tales Ch. 10

 — A well deserved holiday with the perfect BBW. by peelover12/05/094.23

Aunt Agrees

 — Boy gets changed by Aunty. by pantyboy2203/19/023.96

Aunt Blanche

 — Mackintosh fetishism. by Macjay08/29/124.76HOT

Aunt Cathy Ch. 1

 — He's caught playing with aunt's lingerie. by HIHEELS01/30/024.16

Aunt Colette

 — A fetish story from my teenage years. by fetishluver12/11/182.83

Aunt Mildred's Secret

 — A bad fall leaves a nephew to care for his aunt. by SpankerSam01/17/014.44

Aunt Natalie and Her Daughters

 — More about the summer I spent with my aunt and cousins. by Fred117708/14/093.49

Aunt Pamela and Leslie

 — College boy visits mature woman for a spanking and more. by fantaseeboy04/30/194.60HOT

Aunt Pamela and Leslie Ch. 02

 — Well-behaved college boy returns to visit mature woman. by fantaseeboy06/22/194.62HOT

Aunt's New Boots

 — Consequences of my boot fetish... by slave1100004/15/173.94

Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd

 — He's punished by Auntie Jean.I'm her sissy hooker Carly. by Sissy Adele Howells12/16/063.55

Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd Ch. 2

 — Sissy Carly flirts in the bar. by Sissy Adele Howells01/17/073.96

Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd Ch. 3

 — Kinky sex with Adele, Karen and Simon Bennett. by Sissy Adele Howells02/17/074.07

Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd Ch. 4

 — Final humiliation with Auntie Jean and Auntie Kimberley. by Sissy Adele Howells03/24/074.07

Aunty Sandra Gets It Done

 — She get pleasured from the peeping toms. by Hornyboy616002/24/074.10

Aunty's Toys Ch. 01

 — Simon meets Aunty somehow admits to his desire for lingerie. by novelcriss08/16/184.42

Aunty's Toys Ch. 02

 — Simon's experience as Simmy deepens and gets edgier. by novelcriss03/20/194.62HOT

Australian Adventure

 — Lady conventioneer gets a tour stressful on her bladder. by Francine-frcxa11/16/014.17

Australian Ascendency

 — You submit to Australian guy while on vacation with wife. by harvey33311/28/063.24

Author Author

 — Two erotic authors meet, mate, and fall in love. by pakled01/13/124.57HOT

Author's Note from Kitty The Tease

 — The author's perspective on the topic of cock teasing... by KittyZateez07/29/184.76HOT

Authority Pt. 01-06

 — A friend of mine who happens to be a police officer. by whokilledpanda04/24/113.50

Auto Parts

 — The last place he would ever picture her working is an auto. by PeggyBuxton04/18/084.15

Autofellatio Lifestyle Pt. 01

 — The evolution of my kinky masturbatory lifestyle. by Gonzomonger10/07/174.42

Ava's Playlist

 — FM Radio DJ Caters to Ava's Secret Cravings. by The_Maniacal_Nymph03/27/184.76HOT

Awakened Through The Gun

 — A disillusioned girl sucks a gun that changes her life. by lefthandfantasy11/07/134.17

Awakening of the Goddess

 — Justine discovers the thing that excites her most. by NTRmaster01/25/113.72

Awakening Submission

 — Unexpected surprises when Nate meets Jules. by inyoureyez6912/04/134.77HOT

Awkward Boner

 — He tries, and fails, to have any self control. by FemFreak04/12/194.14

B is for Boots and My Butt

 — Another story in the life of Chantelle. by chanstevens10/10/054.15

B'n'B with Laundry Thrown In

 — Stinky degradation for a knicker sniffing pervert. by wordyone11/17/184.50HOT

B(r)e(a)st Woman for the Job

 — Mindy's lactation problem becomes a working asset. by AnonymousPerv01/18/184.65HOT

Babes With Balls

 — Couple satisfies 2 she-males at a sex resort. by Anal Slave05/20/024.28

Bablee Ch. 01

 — A Pakistani woman goes to school. by StoryTeller0706/10/174.45

Bablee Ch. 02

 — Accepted as a schoolgirl. by StoryTeller0706/21/174.56HOT

Bablee Ch. 03

 — Bablee the niece takes advantage. by StoryTeller0707/13/174.61HOT

Bablee Ch. 04

 — Taken to her boyfriend's home. by StoryTeller0708/25/174.75HOT

Bablee Ch. 05

 — All in the family. by StoryTeller0712/16/174.58HOT

Baby Becca Ch. 01

 — A late night at the school turns unfortunate for our girl. by HershL06/21/164.11

Baby Cara

 — Why does her roommate have a giant diaper? by So drained07/31/044.57HOT

Baby Changing Station

 — How to kill time at the airport. by WRJames10/09/074.00

Baby Girl & Daddy

 — A loving couple tries role playing. by Angel Fyre05/29/054.39

Baby Girl Goes to the Glory Hole

 — Daddy's Baby Girl experiences variety at the glory hole. by DaddyBsBabyGirl04/30/174.26

Baby One More Time

 — An afternoon with a lactating mother. by LaBlancheTraversee07/24/194.06

Baby Seed

 — College guy uses coeds as fertile fields for his seed. by tittany09/09/084.08

Baby Susie

 — Suzanne is sent to Hargreaves for relaxation therapy. by angiefuch09/27/094.23

Baby Wets the Car

 — The car ride home gets wet. by babycuddlebunny04/01/194.10

Baby's First Time

 — Woman explores her 'mommy' fantasy. by sexylilmissie01/09/024.26

Baby, I'm Going to Have a Baby Ch. 01

 — Leslie finds out she's pregnant. by Kanah09/10/093.76

Baby, I'm Going to Have a Baby Ch. 02

 — As her pregnancy progresses, she discovers new pleasure. by Kanah09/11/093.99

Babygirls K's Sunday Outing

 — BDSM Story of a Daddy/babygirl's day out. by DaddyJnBabygirlK09/22/163.35

Babying Belle back to Health

 — A grieving woman needs babying and pampering to heal. by 1000dreams11/12/174.45

Babying Belle back to Health Pt. 02

 — Belle starts to heal under the care of the Kaplans. by 1000dreams06/08/184.83HOT

Babying Sarah

 — Jon finds out girlfriends diaper fetish and plays along. by DaddysBadLilGirl07/13/044.21

Babying the Babysitter

 — She planned to babysit my wife but ended up in diapers. by strictabdaddy10/14/144.46

Babysitter Cupcake: MILF Cuckqueaned

 — College girl seduces wife and then fucks husband. by silkstockingslover01/29/194.73HOT

Babysitter's Revenge

 — He pays the price for obsessing over the babysitter. by slowdeep04/05/064.07

Babysitting Slut

 — Jillian does more for Mr. Walker than watch his kids. by KatieMack02/23/064.15

Bachelor Party Bukkake Ch. 01

 — She gets offered the chance to live out a fantasy. by silenceup2nogood10/13/094.37

Bachelor Party Creampie

 — Slut wife goes to a bachelor party, brings home a surprise. by creamypussylover11/18/024.69HOT

Bachelorette Party Takes an Odd Turn

 — No one saw this coming! by Xperiences01/31/182.99

Bachelorette Party: Preparations

 — Two dancers have a lot of fun getting ready for a party. by slinky_kitten04/05/064.65HOT

Bachiko the Grappler Ch. 01

 — The Girl from Tohoku. by KatieTay08/27/154.50HOT

Bachiko the Grappler Ch. 02

 — Hanma Bachiko vs. Hanayama Kaori. by KatieTay08/28/154.67

Bachiko the Grappler Ch. 03

 — Okamoto Jun vs. Polina Petrovna. by KatieTay09/30/154.44

Bachiko the Grappler Ch. 04

 — Hanma Bachiko vs. Polina Petrovna. by KatieTay11/19/154.73HOT

Back at the Farm

 — Sarah is back at the farm for more mess and humiliation. by Piggie11/18/094.17

Back Door Banquet

 — An anal deviant fulfills a fetish. by daddykins08/08/143.67

Back In The Swing

 — A pregnant and kinky swinging foursome. by Rings312/07/044.22

Back In The Swing Ch. 02

 — Further adventures of our 4 friends. by Rings308/20/064.28

Back In The Swing Ch. 03

 — The adventure contiues with 2 new friends. by Rings308/21/064.43

Back to (B)Asics

 — Satisfying a raging sneaker fetish. by 77naughtycouple7707/07/164.47

Back to (B)Asics Pt. 02

 — Black and White and Cum all Over. by 77naughtycouple7701/06/174.60HOT

Back to (B)Asics Pt. 03

 — Part 3: Her Turn, Her Fantasy. by 77naughtycouple7701/07/174.31

Back Together

 — It's been six months since you've seen him. by general_amin02/01/053.88

Back-alley Sissy Boy

 — Stud takes a panty-wearing sissy-boy in a dirty alleyway. by Travel_by_day05/04/094.39

Backdoor Man Ch. 04

 — Sanjay yields to Sherry, while Donald takes Rich. by SEVERUSMAX05/12/164.65HOT

Backshot Shorty

 — Short stuff gets some bachelorette dick... by mrpeachesva11/09/174.41

Backyard BBQ

 — You have a day of fun with company over. by jester474703/14/103.88

Backyard Brawl

 — Two coworkers tangle at a party. by bandanna106/27/034.16

Bad Baby

 — Friends try out sub/dom fantasy with diapers. by Rescue32509/18/023.98

Bad Babygirl's Saturday Evening

 — Daddy punishes his baby with an evening alone in bed. by flash8701/15/173.88

Bad Cupcake

 — Naughty birthday gift for sweet wife makes for dirty fun. by CeliaisAliena04/07/114.70HOT

Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 04

 — All get what they deserve as wives, studs and hubbies clash. by fargas11111/24/103.02

Bad Girl

 — I Have a Story to Tell. by meridith11/29/094.59HOT

Bad Girl Ch. 02

 — A Story to Tell, continued. by meridith12/07/094.83HOT

Bad Girl Ch. 03

 — Some things are meant to be. by meridith01/05/104.75HOT

Bad Girl Gets Her Due Ch. 01

 — Forgetfulness leads to unforgettable lesson. by lilnymph2810/05/034.35

Bad Girls Go to Heaven

 — A Justine Story. by SizeQueenSupreme04/26/194.66HOT

Bad Housemate

 — Taking advantage of a wasted girl for my deviant amusement by Piedmont72203/01/173.80

Bad Judgment

 — A sexy April Fool's joke reveals some ugly truths. by JBEdwards03/19/194.27

Bad Landlord

 — BBW gets revenge on her landlord. by MistressMayaDivine05/24/064.30

Bad Romance: Strap-On Night

 — Black escort strapons black student in Ottawa East. by Samuelx09/15/122.88

Bad Woman Cop

 — Woman cop turns bad. by ADVrider06/26/124.08

Badpiggy Gets a Surprise

 — Someone comes in the night. by badpiggy10/30/084.39

Bagged at the Opera

 — The soloist is a pain, so the ladies of the company bag him. by oggbashan07/30/033.90

Bailey, the Family Pet

 — A young woman fights the result of a bad childhood. by HuckPilgrim08/31/154.49

Baking Day

 — Egged on by his online Mistress. by Kevsta03/23/093.85

Ball Busters Anne & Jan (tda)

 — Anne & Jan make it up to Eric. by Kessler09/16/033.86

Ballet Diversions

 — Lynn gives Craig new appreciation of the art. by Akito0101/25/024.45

Balloon Animals

 — Leney surprises her husband with a room full of balloons. by camillecaraway03/24/154.50HOT

Balloon Factory Pt. 01: Linda

 — Linda and her amazing lungs work hard at Fun Tyme Balloon Company. by blowhyoooge09/29/153.96

Balloon Factory Pt. 02: Lisette

 — Lisette blows her latest invention for the boss. by blowhyoooge09/30/154.22

Balloon Factory Pt. 03: Dorothy's S

 — A Fun Tyme employee has a 2nd job on the side... on her back. by blowhyoooge08/16/174.21

Balloon Factory Pt. 04: Melanie

 — How Melanie became a balloon-blowing goddess. by blowhyoooge12/17/174.67

Balloons and Clarinet

 — Two fetishes that make a good orgasm. by cfblover08/25/122.56

Balls and Balloons

 — A sexy video call and a well-rounded fetish. by Ann_Ford07/17/194.83

Bananas, Honey and Ladycum

 — Not just any banana bread... by SunnyJohansen06/11/174.48

Band Parents Ch. 03

 — Billy tries a creampie & his affair is discovered. by BillyBobJoeEd05/10/064.65HOT

Band Parents Ch. 04

 — Another creampie for Billy, and now his wife wants to watch. by BillyBobJoeEd11/21/064.59HOT


 — Who would have thought band-aids were for showing off? by MsViolent09/16/143.90

Bangladeshi Maid

 — An Indian Man enjoys his lactating maid. by smartalex197806/03/104.24

Bar Bitch

 — Your desire to be used is finally satiated. by derfaust07/20/044.01

Bar Help

 — A college boy becomes a lovingly pet. by Aiden13511/23/163.16

Bar Hopping on Her 21st Birthday

 — Three friends go bar hopping to celebrate Jenny's 21st. by OblongMilk09/20/124.43

Bar Sluts

 — Transgendered couple goes out on the town. by sjrrca05/16/014.13

Barbara's Two Rings Pt. 02

 — Barbara and Roger take cuckold lifestyle to the next level. by abbhi05/28/193.81

Barbecued Negrita

 — BBQ ribs & beer lead to ebony's hottie's seduction. by Hornyman69WithU04/15/074.23

Barbie Doll

 — Becka needs perfect latex shiny skin. by InYourDreams09/26/094.28

Barbs Pre-Employment Exam

 — Barb applies for job requiring a very different exam. by kcpilotpat04/04/064.34

Bare Down There

 — Male's experience with his genital grooming. by FloridaSmoothie01/10/054.08

Bare Tommy Ch. 02

 — The second part of his punishment FEMDOM. by jane marwood08/21/124.69HOT

Bareback Collection

 — Four short scenes about bareback sex. by geronimo_appleby03/16/164.31

Bareback Girl

 — She is introduced to the thrill of bareback sex. by LuvsPreggers10/08/114.43

Barefoot Coworker Dream Comes True

 — Barefoot worker gets close to IT guy. by Kavanaugh10/28/034.41

Barefoot Day

 — Secretery breaks the glass ceiling with her feet. by Deadwood10/18/074.50HOT

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 02

 — Time for another round of childish games! by ScarredRaven11/03/154.65HOT

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 03

 — Kelly wants to keep playing games but... Amy's here... by ScarredRaven12/02/154.72HOT

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 04

 — The tension finally snaps! by ScarredRaven12/30/154.79HOT

Barefoot Girls With A Father Fetish

 — He finds himself having to play father after seven years. by ScarredRaven08/14/164.60HOT

Barefoot Girls With A Father Fetish Ch. 02

 — This is the second chapter. A little trip to a Strip Club. by ScarredRaven11/04/184.76HOT

Barefoot Girls With A Father Fetish Ch. 03

 — The Two Daughters are finally figuring things out. by ScarredRaven11/23/184.71HOT

Barefoot Girls With A Father Fetish Ch. 04

 — Someone finally gets what they want. by ScarredRaven01/27/194.73HOT

Barefoot Island

 — Blonde Christy goes barefoot in Spain. by FootjobLover09/03/124.56HOT

Barista Brews Up Some Kinky Fun

 — He gets more than he bargained for with the coffee girl. by dixeenormous01/20/104.59HOT

Baron Buff vs. Johnny Angel Pt. 01

 — Former friends fight for the World Title and more! by BigBuffChamp8309/09/154.75

Baron Buff vs. Johnny Angel Pt. 02

 — Baron Buff warms up in his locker room AND surprise guest! by BigBuffChamp8309/10/155.00

Bart's Domination Ch. 01

 — Black secretary dominates white boss. by beaverhunt10/29/184.19

Bart's Domination Ch. 02

 — Bart learns to pleasure Miss Bennett's tits and nipples. by beaverhunt10/30/184.25

Bart's Domination Ch. 03

 — Bart gets punished and receives a special reward. by beaverhunt11/01/184.28

Basement Playtoy

 — Slave loves her master.. by Your_Messiah06/16/064.00

Basketball Crossdresser

 — His wife finds phonesex bill, makes him do it with pool guy. by Cute Little Thing08/08/024.57HOT


 — You have to pee. by dv8tmind02/28/084.13

Bathroom Mistress

 — She desperately needs to pee, but strange woman won't let her. by Phoenix Arrow11/30/024.18

Batman for Halloween

 — A unique Halloween Party. by WantABWriter12/09/113.08

Batter Dipped

 — Wife takes on a basketball team. by St_eve07/27/134.10

Battle Scars Ch. 04

 — The continuing adventures of Pooh and Piglet. by owengreybeard10/26/114.79HOTContest Winner

BB Mythology: Irresistible

 — God of Stamina + Goddess of Pleasure = severe blue balls. by kiwiBB06/16/174.43

BBC Cuckold Sniffer's Dream

 — Finding a pair of panties and uncovering a BBC obsession. by Missyxrxx07/07/154.31

BBC Vacation

 — Couple brings a well-hung black man into the mix. by hot36dd04/06/17

BBW Cumdump

 — BBW is used for a quickie. by Eve_xo02/13/184.08

BBW in Office

 — I came in my assistance bra. by goldcloak12/05/164.14

BBW Meets Nerd

 — When a curvy redhead meets a nerd, she changes him for life. by darknerd03/05/13

BBW Need Love to

 — Jazmyn's attraction to Darrius was strictly sexual. by jazmynlove02/16/114.07

BBW Rides Her Nerd

 — After a ride on her motorcycle, she is in the mood for more. by darknerd02/08/13

BBW Whore for Old Cock Ch. 03

 — Walter's and neighbor's use continues. by NYCbbwSUB10/27/104.47

BBW Xenia

 — Big dirty girls are still the best. by sarge1306/22/074.23

BBW's Confessions and Escapades

 — BBW shares her secrets. by NYCbbwSUB08/25/114.15

Bday Bj

 — Pregnant wife gives no strings attached birthday blowjob. by May2704/14/173.38

Be Careful What You Ask For

 — Told my wife and friend my fantasy and they made it happen. by pleasingthewife10/28/114.07

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — Frustrated closet panty-wearer gets his wish. by stacycd08/14/014.29

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 2

 — Stacy's humiliation continues. by stacycd08/17/014.36

Be Careful with Your Cell Phone

 — The wrong person picks up Steve's cell phone. by redwolf55506/11/193.73

Be My Baby

 — Listen to Mummy. Shes wants you to be her baby. by Tomsparty01/04/054.00

Be My Key Holder, Valentine?

 — Pastor asks hesitant wife for a little Valentine's kink. by Tigger_Lilly01/24/194.55HOT

Be My Little Girl Ch. 02

 — Continued fun. by AnxiouslyWaiting08/11/144.23

Beach Bitch

 — Sex with a stranger on a deserted beach. by Jack_Love05/29/104.21

Beach Bitch Brawl

 — A slim blonde and a big brunette catfight and the aftermath. by peccavi02/12/074.19

Beach Buff

 — Bisexual romp amonst the dunes. by Rings309/07/064.52HOT

Beach Walk With A Friend

 — Woman conspires to turn fantasy into reality. by Francine-frcxa08/22/024.48


 — Straight guy falls into relationship with a shemale. by earlbrowder01/27/014.31

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