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Romance Stories

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Last Date

 — It's the last romance. by Kinky Rachel06/09/044.48

Last Goodbye

 — Sometimes the end is obvious and wonderful. by BashfulHouseWife03/02/064.31

Last Kiss

 — Time to say good bye. by NecroDraft05/12/034.06

Last Night

 — Wife relives a night with her husband. by brujaoscura03/16/023.96

Last Night

 — sexual encounter with old friends ends with unexpected sex by styleb05/26/143.38

Last Night's Dream

 — Alone, my mind wanders, always thinking of you. by lyke2bite04/29/114.27

Last Time

 — An erotic moment between two lovers. by HntrsPet10/31/024.12

Lasting Love

 — Two loves reunite after almost twenty years. by DaisiesandRoses03/30/133.00

Late Afternoon in London

 — A visit to London turns two lovers into performers. by WanderingGator08/28/114.30

Late Bloomer

 — Sex propels 35-year old adolescent into adulthood. by Romantic107/23/084.55HOT

Late Night Ferry Ride

 — Did she or didn't she? by PrettyPerkys04/27/163.82NEW

Late Night Interlude

 — A knock brings her a late night visitor. by moist2wet07/15/094.32

Late Night Loving

 — You come home to your ready and willing wife. by Megannnn05/31/114.44

Late Night Pleasure

 — A romantic interlude at midnight. by creativetalent02/12/124.25

Late Night Visit

 — A woman meets her online lover for the first time in person. by nyai05/08/114.07

Late Night Wake Up

 — My girlfriend wakes me up by getting me going. by DrakeRiley09/26/123.77

Late Nights

 — Husband makes up for working so many late nights. by CaptTightpants10/24/144.16

Late Nights on the 11th Floor

 — Elevator encounter evolve in after-hours seduction. by Scheherazade08/13/014.12


 — It was a dream, wasn't it? by Ctyolene01/27/124.06

Laundry Tales 03: Valentine Cake

 — Laundry Tale Three.: a present of a Valentine's Day cake. by jeanne_d_artois01/25/074.61HOT

Laundry Tales 06: Nude Maiden

 — Should I take part in a gentleman's charade? by jeanne_d_artois06/22/104.17

Laundry Tales 08: Droit De Seigneur

 — A Laundry Tale. by jeanne_d_artois11/11/133.75

Laundry Tales 09: Nude Fiancé

 — Martha the ghost tells me a cooling tale. by jeanne_d_artois07/17/114.33


 — The classic story of a first love savored, then lost. by carnagejackson05/22/014.57HOT

Laura is Fucked by Her Boss

 — Laura realizes her boss wants more from her than work. by thestudentkitten03/10/153.73

Laura's Birthday

 — After a story Laura gets the time of her life. by Keetra04/11/152.76

Laura's Dream

 — A woman wakes to find herself naked and restrained. by LadyShield09/27/144.00

Laura's Last Christmas Present

 — Scott can't decide what to get his ailing wife. by sack11/24/034.46

Lauren Adams Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter, and three days to feel better. by EtherealGenesis08/25/064.72HOT

Lauren Adams Ch. 02

 — A tale of two mothers, and two days to feel better. by EtherealGenesis12/17/064.77HOT

Laurie Ch. 1

 — Divorced guy meets a sexy hitchhiker. by wolfpack-leader03/28/014.33

Laurie Ch. 2

 — The continuing trip to Edmonton, Day 2... by wolfpack-leader04/06/014.51HOT

Lauryn's Boyfriend

 — Lauryn learns what it is to be truly and completely loved. by AliceShayne05/10/104.50HOT


 — The Lavender Room has a resident ghost. by oggbashan10/14/134.66HOT

Lavender and Love

 — Can she accept her body to embrace Healing, Wholeness, Love? by LunaEroticaMystica06/21/114.77HOT

Lawnmower Boy Ch. 06

 — Jeff tries to draw Mom out of mourning. by DeepBlueC01/09/164.51HOT

Lawyer Seeks Good Sex Life

 — A widowed lawyer finally settles on the mother, by egmontgrigor201012/15/104.51HOT

Lazy Afternoons

 — Hot thoughts of a massage. by triciab6202/24/093.46

Lazy Evenings

 — A sweet interlude one evening. by disgruntledmo08/15/124.33

Lazy Saturday Morning

 — He has a special surprise this morning. by fungetter01/28/163.94

Lazy Summer Afternoon

 — Such a sweet dream....or was it? by allychris408/27/124.24

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

 — A business merger becomes more. by Cromagnonman04/21/094.69HOT

Leaded Love

 — Six gun romance at the range. by Joseki Ko05/28/044.24


 — Leah finds true love. by JessiDD11/10/114.08

Leah Starting Over

 — Leah's setup on blind date with Matt; do sparks fly? by LittleLadyLove04/14/074.21

Leah's Thanksgiving

 — Maybe this will give Leah a new start. by Jenny_Jackson11/12/064.41

Leap of Faith

 — Once bitten, twice shy. by rachlou09/24/074.66HOT

Leap of Faith Ch. 02

 — Once bitten, twice shy. by rachlou09/26/074.65HOT

Leap of Faith Ch. 03

 — Once bitten, twice shy. by rachlou09/26/074.71HOT

Leap of Faith Ch. 04

 — Once bitten, twice shy. by rachlou09/27/074.73HOT

Leap of Faith Ch. 05

 — Once bitten, twice shy. by rachlou09/28/074.80HOT

Learning About Sex

 — Chris & Katrina explore each other slowly. by Brandy Wine04/20/014.49

Learning By Doing

 — Love isn't just how you feel. by ldrequiv04/12/044.79HOT

Learning Each Other

 — Will they make it after they get to know each other? by summaswine07/06/064.46

Learning Experience

 — A professor/student attraction. by monkem07/14/063.41

Learning New Steps

 — Dance instructor Helena helps heal Travis' broken heart. by BrettJ10/12/114.36

Learning the Lessons of Love

 — Lovers enjoy time by the ocean. by Lovelorn10/20/004.43

Learning to Fly

 — Could it ever be more than professional respect? by Dinsmore06/26/074.82HOT

Learning to Forgetting to Love

 — Tom is set up on a date, but things do not go as planned. by sk1102/18/144.27

Learning to Forgetting to Love Ch. 01

 — Tom is set up on a date, but things do not go as planned. by sk1102/24/144.22

Learning to Let Go Pt. 06

 — A pleasurable end to the first date. by Yoshimatsu05/03/154.57HOT

Learning to Love

 — Breaking down the barriers and learning to love. by Cromagnonman09/28/144.59HOT

Learning to Surf Ch. 01

 — Guy meets girl on vacation. by milfdiaries01/26/074.30

Learning to Surf Ch. 02

 — James's story. by milfdiaries01/27/074.31

Learning to Surf Ch. 03

 — Boy meets girl. by milfdiaries01/31/074.22

Learning to Surf Ch. 04

 — He chats her up. by milfdiaries02/01/074.28

Learning to Surf Ch. 05

 — Boy meets girl. by milfdiaries02/02/074.26

Learning to Surf Ch. 11

 — A romantic coupling. by milfdiaries02/08/074.67HOT

Learning to Surf Ch. 12

 — Hero! by milfdiaries03/02/074.31

Learning to Trust

 — Ex shows me how he really feels. by EdinburghGirl2407/20/124.34

Leather & Lace

 — Having and losing a rich man's dream. by TxRad04/15/084.58HOT

Leather and Lace

 — A cowboy meets a piano player in frontier Kansas. by Silverstag10/19/074.57HOT

Leather and Lace

 — Love conquers all... or it should anyway. by Tara_Neale12/27/144.53HOT

Leather and Lace Ch. 01

 — He gives her more than a cup of Earl Grey. by adaurora11/12/104.68HOT

Leather and Lace Ch. 02

 — Reality interferes. by adaurora11/16/104.62HOT

Leaving Cowtown

 — Is he going to or is he running from? by Storytrek11/11/154.80HOT

Leaving... Ch. 01

 — Megan and Andrew: the beginnings. by Englands Dragon07/16/054.65HOT

Leaving... Ch. 02

 — Megan and Andrew, trouble in paradise by Englands Dragon07/24/054.60HOT

Leaving... Ch. 03

 — Megan and Andrew, sweetness of times together. by Englands Dragon07/25/054.76HOT

Leaving... Ch. 04

 — Megan and Andrew, hard choices. by Englands Dragon07/26/054.68HOT

Leeanne Gets Her Wish

 — Cyber lovers meet for first time with pleasurable results. by Brandii08/10/063.67

Lefone's Quest Ch. 01-03

 — 18th century quest for love in Britain's high society. by Ionitia07/25/084.62HOT


 — A good use for leftovers. by darkstone5703/17/084.65HOT


 — Trick and Treat. by Recidiva10/03/074.56HOT

Legacy of an Aficionado

 — When unrequited reaches out from the grave. by MstrssTemptation08/31/064.60HOT

Legend Of Mystic Forest Ch. 01

 — A retired man finds his forest princess. by chezcubby112/23/044.32

Legend Of Mystic Forest Ch. 02

 — He meets her in the glen. by chezcubby101/04/054.80HOT

Legend Of Mystic Forest Ch. 03

 — They find a magnificent garden. by chezcubby101/16/054.80HOT

Legend Of Mystic Forest Ch. 04

 — Thalia missed her friends. by chezcubby102/03/054.53HOT

Legs Wide Open

 — A novelist finds nature, black sheep, romance and sex. by EgmontGrigor201107/15/114.62HOT

Lemonade and White Melons

 — Student helps former teacher, who helps him. by Nigel Debonnaire06/13/08

Lemons or Lemonade?

 — Tragedy in man's life, will he overcome it? by woodmanone01/04/104.63HOT


 — Horny young Marine is turned loose in Subic Bay. by GL1200A07/02/084.39

Leo and Me

 — Neighbors find that they are soul mates. by JLovejoy07/05/134.11

Lesbian Best Friend

 — Will their friendship survive her wish? by MadeYaLook01/19/124.82HOT

Lesbian Pimp Records Vol. 01

 — Group of friends live above a record store, chaos ensues. by DesoulTales03/06/154.29

Lesson in Love

 — Milly discovers what's been missing in her marriage. by Wayac06/09/104.40

Lesson Number One

 — He wanted what I have. He got Lesson Number One. by Scorpio44a05/20/094.26

Lessons in Love

 — Anne learns how to make love. by ruwanr12/09/044.51HOT

Lessons in Love

 — A young woman and her patient lover. by Cheleste10/24/074.38

Lessons in Love Ch. 02

 — Anne learns even more. by ruwanr12/31/044.70HOT

Lessons in Love Ch. 02

 — New mother needs to feel like a woman again. by Cheleste11/09/074.36

Lessons in Love Ch. 03

 — Anne remembered last night's events. by ruwanr05/17/054.72HOT

Lessons in Love Ch. 03

 — Love burns hot between Rachel & her soldier. by Cheleste02/01/084.11

Lessons in Love Ch. 04

 — Anne's education just before her wedding. by ruwanr06/07/054.50HOT

Let Fate Guide You

 — Two people suffering, one consoled by gorgeous dream man. by OriginalT02/01/144.34

Let Fate Guide You Ch. 02

 — Things progress for one, history on the other. by OriginalT03/02/144.39

Let Fate Guide You Ch. 03

 — Two dreamers meet without realizing it. by OriginalT03/13/144.27

Let He Who is Without Sin

 — Reverend Matthew finds love again. by Cromagnonman04/24/084.44

Let It All Hang Out Pt. 01

 — Love on the beach? by Rob Conner06/04/054.68HOT

Let It Burn Ch. 01

 — An accident marks something beautiful for a young couple. by Zephouz07/14/133.96

Let It Go, Let It Come For Me...

 — Show me the way around your inhibitions. by DeftProseForYou10/03/044.71HOT

Let It Snow

 — A surprising last minute present. by Hecate12/12/014.13

Let It Snow

 — Star crossed lovers find themselves alone in a snow storm. by Butterflies51211/24/124.12

Let Me Gaze Upon You

 — Aurora awakes to a beautiful morning... by AuroraLesleigh02/05/114.33

Let Me Imagine

 — He imagines pleasuring you. by wall_street04/11/024.09

Let Me Take Care of You

 — Matthew and Clara make angst ridden love in a shower. by Acal06/08/104.05

Let the Courting Game Begin

 — A guy becomes coach of allegedly 'nubile maidens.' by Egmont Grigor10/02/084.59HOT

Let The Petals Fall Where They May

 — She is introduced to romance through an older man. by irishgirl8812/14/063.59

Let the Wrong One In

 — Dimensions may change, but people don't. by pakled04/27/144.46

Let's Eat! Ch. 01

 — Food, Romance and how to combine them together. by musecues05/27/104.12

Let's Spend the Night Together

 — A pair of lovers meet. by Euan05/15/113.34

Letter From a Stranger

 — Who knew getting one letter would lead to wild sex. by SexxKitten6902/16/034.38

Letter From a Stranger Ch. 02

 — Anna gives Nathan the ride of his life by SexxKitten6902/17/034.34

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