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A Hospital Visit

 — Patient is well treated. by exaltau09/15/033.55

A Hot Pregnant Summer's Night

 — Pregnant wife needs to come before she can sleep. by AlexPal08/24/114.24

A Housewife's Panties

 — College guy develops an obsession. Years later... by CAP81110/25/064.61HOT

A Huge Deposit

 — A man is turned on by his new co-worker's sexy booty. by garagelogician11/30/154.51HOT

A Human Art Installation Ch. 01

 — Entering the underworld of living art. by gmikeisbad08/29/114.19

A Husband Further Learns His Place

 — 'A loving wife' continues to show her husband his place. by keptsissy07/26/114.17

A Husband's Story of Woe

 — My husband tells his story of submission. by amy_lynn11/16/114.17

A Jailer's Captivity

 — The roles are reversed. by MeeYass07/04/034.49

A Jewish Dominatrix 4 Muslims

 — Jewish woman strapons Somali male in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/08/123.49

A Journey To The Dark Side

 — A smoky summer of fun. by nikkinic06/01/044.39

A Karmic Accident

 — A panty-pooping tale. by Seuler05/14/113.44

A Kennel Opens

 — When one doors closes, a kennel door opens. by TheBitchWhisperer02/21/133.80

A Kinky Evening of Fun

 — She anal pleasure for him with a feeldoe. by Marabunta02/05/074.23

A Kinky Event

 — Some ecstasy for both. by Marabunta10/06/094.21

A Ladyboy for Master Hans

 — Poor tranny has a tough time! by justincbenedict01/25/163.63

A Lamb in the Lions' Den

 — She goes down town for a close shave. by silky-bi-girl08/14/034.56HOT

A Late Night

 — My wife takes control and turns the tables. by goodlooks04/10/134.10

A Laura Toy

 — Introducing Laura to our games. by ZonkerTheDude04/21/123.84

A Lay in the Park

 — Veronica Divine gets a 21-cum salute. by SizeQueenSupreme12/18/044.26

A Leather Ass Lick

 — Taking Mom shopping for Leather Pants. by kuhn200012/13/024.26

A Lesson From His Boss

 — His boss is his superior in every way. by clarf10/07/123.51

A Lesson in Humility

 — A former assistant teaches her old boss a lesson. by Jaxon1604/27/174.04

A Letter Back Home

 — A letter of complaint about treatment in prison. by arkwrights0610/25/163.81

A Letter from My Sister

 — Even at 25, she still gets spanked. by rembrandt07/19/053.86

A Letter To A Pantied sub

 — Master tells sub about what he intends to do to him. by clan07/20/014.29

A Letter to My Mistress

 — Letter to his Mistress, at her command. by poboy78901/02/074.03

A Lingerie Fantasy Cums True Pt. 01

 — Richie is dressed up by two beautiful women. by richiek7810/25/084.58HOT

A Little Bit of Faith

 — A bittersweet valentine from the Casual Encounters page. by wellworn01/19/183.87

A Little Bit of Lace...

 — Bill & Jill get wild with panties. by kent01103/29/014.09

A Little Christmas Cheer

 — Co-workers get wet and dirty. by TNCircusFreak08/07/134.27

A Little Dab Will Do Ya

 — Shaving fetish leads to dream cum true. by velvetpie06/30/044.41

A Little Help for a Friend

 — A couple help a friend get back to fucking. by DrLit07/06/144.45

A Little Help for a Friend Pt. 02

 — A three way in Key West. by DrLit07/19/144.36

A Little Less Conversation

 — All the wonders of a simple bottle. by Theranna12/13/023.86

A Little Light Bondage

 — Husband's perspective of binding his wife - and more. by tonidelasalle06/06/074.18

A Little Man's Initiation Ch. 01

 — A young man with a small penis finds himself in deep water. by dkeats11/04/073.89

A Little Man's Initiation Ch. 02

 — James Thomas is trapped. by dkeats11/05/074.20

A Little of What You Fancy

 — Fifteen 50-word stories in 15 different categories. by EmeliaBell03/05/074.43

A Little Problem

 — Toni can't stop getting knocked up. by msound111/10/084.25

A Little Restraint

 — He's bound by sexy mysterious cyber friend. by Cool Eyes11/02/004.29

A Little Tail

 — A kitten is so happy that her Master is home! by littleferal05/13/154.30

A Little Tease

 — You have a surprise for him. by bill233512/05/083.91

A Little Wrestling Match

 — Cecelia issues a challenge that I can't pass up. by Fred117702/12/103.40

A Load In Every Hole

 — Sharing my wife with men and sucking cum out of her cunt by Anal Slave04/25/034.31

A Local Friend

 — Female domination and male chastity. by submgj01/03/134.32

A Lock and Its Key

 — Painful romance and explicit oral and anal rubber fun. by exquisitelifetime07/27/124.35

A Long Day

 — Kim isn't allowed to come. by songwriter50301/03/154.33

A Long Night Ahead

 — Purchasing an e-stim kit was bound to get kinky... by AmethystMare11/25/174.00

A Long Night of Summer

 — Dominant redhead Summer has a night with a potential partner. by KFP9305/01/144.31

A Long Weekend

 — Hubby gets his fantasies fulfilled too well. by Boomerang704/07/143.65

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy

 — Uncle gets discovered by niece and sister in law. by rickiee_200207/06/094.45

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy Ch. 02

 — Continuing domination of Uncle Sissyboy. by rickiee_200207/12/094.39

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy Ch. 03

 — Continuing domination of Uncle Sissyboy. by rickiee_200207/16/094.48

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy Ch. 04

 — Continuing domination of Uncle Sissyboy. by rickiee_200208/13/094.27

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy Ch. 05

 — Continuing Domination of Uncle Sissyboy by rickiee_200209/08/093.90

A Love Story....???

 — A few months after Teased…Seduced??? by sarah_siddons03/15/163.80

A Lucky Break

 — Girl finds steamy sexual encounter in a dark theatre. by xxkissmytoesxx11/10/014.24

A Lucky Fuck

 — The twisted fantasy of a horny MILF! by Dominatrix_Baboa06/01/103.72

A Lustful Liaison Ch. 04

 — I convince the girls to wank me into their panties. by JSKNIGHT03/07/174.47

A Maid's Tail Ch. 01: The Job Offer

 — A starving writer takes on a maid job with a very odd twist. by T_Silverwolf09/26/144.13

A Maid's Tail Ch. 02: Training

 — So begins the making of a Catgirl Maid, Day 1: training! by T_Silverwolf09/28/144.44

A Maid's Tail Ch. 03: Uhoh

 — Two days into the job and something's gone terribly wrong. by T_Silverwolf09/30/144.29

A Maid's Tail Ch. 04: Wednesday

 — More catgirl maid. by T_Silverwolf11/12/144.59HOT

A Maid's Tail Ch. 05: Thursday

 — More catgirl maid. by T_Silverwolf11/13/144.48

A Maid's Tail Ch. 06: Friday

 — Nearly finished with the week, Kim learns something new. by T_Silverwolf11/15/144.54HOT

A Maid's Tail Ch. 07: Saturday

 — Conclusion of the first volume of catgirl maid. by T_Silverwolf12/12/144.78HOT

A Maid's Tail Ch. 08: The Next Week

 — Continuing on by popular request. by T_Silverwolf11/10/164.68HOT

A Maid's Tail Ch. 09: Wed

 — A slightly new light on a familiar adversary? by T_Silverwolf12/04/164.83HOT

A Maid's Tail Ch. 10: Thursday

 — Continuing on the maid's tail story by popular request. by T_Silverwolf04/16/174.86HOT

A Maid's Tail Ch. 11: Friday

 — Continuing on the maid's tail story by popular request. by T_Silverwolf04/17/174.73HOT

A Maid's Tail Ch. 12: Saturday

 — Nearing the end of the week, new surprises await our maid. by T_Silverwolf08/17/174.72HOT

A Maid's Tail Ch. 13: Sunday

 — The conclusion to Volume 2 of the Catgirl Maid story. by T_Silverwolf05/02/184.86HOT

A Man & Woman: A Mutual Need

 — Spouses cause two people to share all offerings. by JCBMAN03/11/024.16

A Man Loses Control

 — A college man learns the pleasure of serving a girl. by Bakeboss02/19/094.42

A Mani is the Cure

 — My wife's trip to the spa means a special night for me. by HConway01/11/184.65HOT

A Marriage Redefined Ch. 01

 — Wife asserts her dominance. by sotto08/17/054.18

A Marriage Redefined Ch. 02

 — Scandinavian chef gives lessons to submissive husband. by sotto08/25/054.27

A Marriage Redefined Ch. 03

 — Cuckolded husband willingly accepts his role. by sotto10/15/054.24

A Master's Pet

 — His precious slave is punished, then pampered. by WriterDom06/28/004.29

A Mating Of Light & Dark

 — Student spying on ménage a trois sees far to much. by Clemstra11/13/042.93

A Matter of Law

 — Prestigious lawyer settles his claim for a sentence of life. by OneWhoAdores09/27/144.12

A Matter of Taste Ch. 01

 — Couple's encounter redefines "eating out". by lilactwist03/05/044.37

A Matter of Taste Ch. 02

 — Dirty encounter involving body food & tastes. by lilactwist03/06/044.61HOT

A Matter of Taste Ch. 02

 — More cross-dressing with Barb. by mananabandito12/19/024.37

A Matter of Taste Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Two lovers continue tasting each other. by lilactwist06/11/054.48

A Matter of Taste Pt. 02 Ch. 02

 — Two lovers continue tasting each other. by lilactwist06/13/054.55HOT

A Meeting of Minds

 — He submits to her sexy boots. by MarthaD06/18/114.31

A Meeting with My PeePal

 — Guy and gal meet for lots of naughty pissing. by leekeyone08/11/074.20

A Memory from College

 — A pantyhose hook up with a girl from college. by mugs10111/12/114.33

A Mid-Twenties Night Dream

 — A young couple experiments with extra-marital sex for her. by rnumbers12308/13/134.21

A Milk Filled Mom

 — Wife allows husband to nurse. by ScentOf1Woman12/17/004.32

A Milky MILF

 — You find a hot MILF. by Sutefani06/17/144.23

A Mink Blanket Day

 — What a way to spend a rainy day. by BlueDaisy10/31/024.48

A Mistress for Valentine's Day

 — She fulfills his fantasy for Valentine's Day. by theoncomingstorm02/06/144.36

A Mistress, a Sissy, and a Slave Ch. 01

 — Jessica makes Adam and Hailey learn to be sissy and slave. by thejm4n12/17/114.14

A Misunderstanding Ch. 01

 — Emma is shocked to find Simon's been wearing her lingerie. by undiecontrol01/17/093.91

A Misunderstanding Ch. 02

 — Emma decides on Simon's punishment. He's not happy! by undiecontrol01/18/093.68

A Misunderstanding Ch. 03

 — Simon goes on a shopping trip. by undiecontrol01/19/093.86

A Misunderstanding Ch. 04

 — Emma lays down some rules. by undiecontrol01/20/094.05

A Misunderstanding Ch. 05

 — Simon discovers there's been a misunderstanding. by undiecontrol01/21/093.31

A Momma's Boy

 — Mother-in-law deals with his naughty masturbation habit. by a real jrkoff10/23/024.23

A More Happy Wife has a Cuckold

 — The life of a man who can satisfy should be a cuckold. by Cuck8109/30/123.32

A Most Exciting Experance

 — The Boys find out that Sarah knows their secret. by Sin_Sex46611/05/054.01

A Most Exciting Experance: Sarah

 — Sarah discovers what her Boyfriend has been doing. by Sin_Sex46611/04/054.24

A Mother's Love

 — A mother's attempt to preserve her daughter's honour. by lofwyrkp08/08/093.50

A Mother's Milking Fetish

 — Trying to join the dating scene takes her to new places. by Katelyngentry11/11/134.29

A Mouth is a Mouth

 — A drunk dialing story. by MrNiceguy77706/18/153.51

A Mouth Made for ... It!

 — She satisfies high-end shopping desire with oral pleasures. by call_me_dana03/21/114.55HOT

A Much Needed Spa Treatment

 — Wife's partner needs a good cleaning & orgasm. by ILuvAnal10/31/044.43

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 02

 — The treatment continues. by ILuvAnal11/02/044.47

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 03

 — George's trials with the spa continue. by ILuvAnal11/05/044.23

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 04

 — Ben and Trish get away. by ILuvAnal11/08/044.58HOT

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 05

 — Ben & Trish find new friends & a new outlook. by ILuvAnal11/13/044.60HOT

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 06

 — George and Ellen find paradise. by ILuvAnal02/11/054.64HOT

A Muddy Adventure

 — John, Lilly, and Aaron explore other avenues of mess. by messykate10/26/164.41

A Mutual Agreement

 — A couple meet to begin living their fantasy. by Orgone6911/07/134.53HOT

A Naughty Cuckolding

 — Demure wife succumbs to the instinctual need for a big cock. by everyonesavoyeur11/25/174.59HOT

A Need for Seed

 — He-Man and She-Ra meet in forest to create life. by Geminine12/29/174.40

A New Beginning

 — New Experience. by BobboFCM02/15/153.92

A New Bra for Hitomi

 — Hitomi gets an invisible bra with surprising features. by qexiqex10/28/144.10

A New Job for Prof. Davis

 — Prof helps the Jr College Cheerleaders. by tabber12/09/074.36

A New Job for Prof. Davis Ch. 02

 — Prof carries on with college cheer coach. by tabber12/28/074.52HOT

A New Kind of Romance

 — I learn my place in life. by Arctic_chillz03/28/173.71

A New Lover

 — A wife informs her husband about her new lover. by keptsissy07/17/163.49

A New Meaning for Compliance

 — Our IT confronted me after he found embarrassing pictures. by little_donna03/24/124.05

A New Neighborhood

 — A TS moves to a new town. by Kary_M08/28/014.47

A New Neighborhood Ch. 3

 — More fun for Jeanie and her new friends. by Kary_M09/05/014.64HOT

A New Outfit

 — I pick up a sexy outfit to suprise you with. by p_c35200601/24/094.09

A New Person

 — A man loses control of his life. by Reecer05/15/014.27

A New Sensation

 — Discovering the joys of watersports. by chrislick01/09/104.02

A New Slave

 — Day 1. by jdk021010/23/113.92

A New Slave Ch. 02

 — Day 2 by jdk021010/27/113.85

A New Slave Ch. 03

 — Night of Day 2. by jdk021012/26/114.41

A New Start Ch. 2

 — The continuation of husband's lessons. by bunny11a200001/05/024.25

A New Toy

 — Purchase of a slave sissy boy, a steal at twice the price. by keptsissy07/21/174.23

A New Way to Ride

 — Introduction to strapon. by davegdb02/02/123.78

A Nice Night Out Ch. 02

 — I take my good girl home after her naughty night out. by hclay8401/26/124.10

A Nice Surprise

 — A nice surprise for the boyfriend. by kpondelicek02/22/043.35

A Night as Batgirl

 — Penny dresses up for her boyfriend. by Sean Renaud12/10/144.00

A Night at the Bakery

 — When a bakery closes what could you do with all the food? by tarred09/19/114.42

A Night at The Museum

 — A man sees a beautiful woman peeing in a forbidden place. by nopjans01/14/143.73

A Night at the Pharmacy

 — Mercy and Pharah from Overwatch are trying to make a baby. by EinfachToll08/18/174.09

A Night Full Of Dicks

 — A straight man tasting two unknown dicks. by cooljohn10/06/103.92

A Night In

 — Wife surprises husband with dildo. by rastaman17007/14/013.49

A Night In London

 — A night with the boss. by bonzai90002/01/034.04

A Night in Tahoe

 — A man with a teasing sexy wife ends up watching her. by B_Couric12/16/144.30

A Night of Cum, Cock, and Pussy

 — He's dominated by two bi-men & a dominant slut. by Anal Slave04/03/054.23

A Night Of Debauched Domination

 — A Dom and his sub begin their night of fun in a wet way. by Daddy_S04/14/154.33

A Night of Lust

 — Young girl mets up with old friends ends up in a big mess. by 51inchass11/04/112.27

A Night of Nylon Passion

 — The older woman finally succombs to the nylon fetish. by TightsManUK03/13/124.45

A Night of Surprises

 — A fun filled night on the town. by matthais10/23/033.70

A Night Of Toilet Service And More

 — A Mistress plans a special night for her sub. by subm_atty07/25/064.28

A Night on the Town

 — A boot lover has a night to remember. by eskrima06/15/043.62

A Night Out On The Company

 — His night out turns wild. by thesevenfanclub04/26/024.19

A Night Out with Monica - The Morning After

 — Joh discovers what exactly Semra got up to... and more. by MaxwellSpanx09/13/173.70

A Night Out, But We End Up In The K

 — Further details of our adventures in WAM. by topcattopone10/07/124.50HOT

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