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A Creamy Friday Night

 — Couple unwinds after a long week. by RedHairLuvr08/03/094.45

A Cuckold in the Making

 — The first cuckolding of a respectable husband. by Lynabo06/29/09

A Cuckold Marriage Evolves Ch. 02

 — Suburban cuckold journey continues. by wants2bsub08/26/154.56HOT

A Cuckold's Confession

 — The compulsion grew and grew. by mollycactus06/23/164.47

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 28

 — "Organic Cuckolding." by Paul Pines09/07/134.07

A Cuckold's Ordeal

 — She was a very seductive Dominant. by mollycactus08/01/164.41

A Cuckold's Paradise

 — A husband learns his place. by shem80210/10/103.65

A Cuckold's Story

 — A somewhat different cuckold story. by yumacd09/12/104.35

A Cultural Experience

 — Exchange student deals with a new roommate with an appetite! by ArthurianMorgaine04/11/042.22

A Curious Liberty

 — An odd adventure in imaginative play. by MishiOrion09/28/114.33

A Custom Solution

 — Hypnotist designs a sexual solution for a couple. by mobyCock02/14/154.08

A Cyber Encounter

 — A man, a woman, and a toy. by EroticaReader200205/20/034.32

A Date with Daddy

 — My Daddy and I go to the library. by MischievousMissi02/22/164.24

A Date With My Wife

 — Pantyhose fun with my wife after a wedding reception. by mugs10110/24/114.37

A Day at the Museum

 — Naughty peeing during a private tour at a museum by nopjans04/20/143.74

A Day at the Office

 — At Chasti-Permalock, a promotion deal changes Jasmine's life. by SweetChastity05/23/044.24

A Day at the Spa

 — Ticklish time at a spa/resort. by heavenkitty01/02/054.29

A Day Away From The Beach

 — The day I met HIM at the beach. by butterflyjamie8407/09/133.60

A Day Dream

 — A warm, wet summer day dream. by Billsmiles03/02/114.31

A Day in Heaven

 — Slave boy will do anything for his Mistress. by isadore04/16/054.07

A Day in Office Ch. 02: Fantasy

 — Vanessa's boss made new discoveries about her. by vantan03/07/173.58

A Day in the Life

 — A man recounts a day spent with his Owner-Wife. by OneWhoAdores02/13/154.40

A Day in the Life of a Slave

 — She loves her Master. by Dove11/02/003.72

A Day in the Lifestyle: Pee Play

 — A day of water sports and submission for my wife and I. by secondsamuel03/25/174.32

A Day Of Discipline & Degradation

 — Mistress & her companion punish husband for crime. by English Bob09/01/013.90

A Day Off

 — Be careful who you tell about your fetish. by tarred09/19/113.76

A Day with Eleanor Ch. 01

 — In which Eleanor and Andrew have fun in Starbucks. by Nomdeplumfutuo06/04/154.56HOT

A Deal Offered

 — Rob is caught and offered a deal. by LockedSissySubmissive11/21/164.48

A Debate with Man Pig

 — A debate on cuckoldry and some other things. by Anal_Ally05/27/141.96

A Deelishus Scat Meal

 — Dom scat mistress humiliates lesbian sub. by FemScatLover09/15/074.10

A Deep Dark Fantasy

 — A tropical taboo wild experience. by Theresa Moore05/24/013.51

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 01

 — Abigail learns my secret fetish. by cfblover08/27/123.73

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 02

 — Things heat up when Katy finds out. by cfblover08/29/123.92

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 03

 — Abigail finds out about Katy. by cfblover08/31/123.83

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 04

 — One night turns out surprising. by cfblover09/01/124.20

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 05

 — Mallory changes her mind. by cfblover09/02/124.00

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 06

 — Abigail and I move to a new house. by cfblover09/04/123.60

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 07

 — Mallory moves in. by cfblover09/05/123.83

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 08

 — The real truth about Abigail. by cfblover09/08/124.29

A Definite Worry

 — Twisted stories lead to twisted fetish. by 1q2w3e4rass08/09/113.17

A Delicate Issue

 — Man gets an embarrassing exam that leads to more. by blklthrjkt02/02/143.70

A Different Doctor Experience

 — A prostate exam with much more. by LeManne03/12/154.32

A Different Kind of Loving

 — Verona was not in the mood, but we found another way. by alexcarr04/09/144.00

A Different Kind of Therapy

 — Doctor brings out his sub side. by Greg Lee Hunt10/16/004.23

A Different Point of View

 — A dream of roll reversal & fantasy. by 69vj12/13/084.36

A Different Relationship Ch. 01

 — A young couple gets back together after a few months apart. by Newbottombitch04/27/164.42

A Different Relationship Ch. 02

 — Linda and Paul start into their new relationship. by Newbottombitch05/07/164.35

A Different Relationship Ch. 03

 — Some first times and permanent changes are being made. by Newbottombitch05/12/164.36

A Different Relationship Ch. 04

 — Linda brings someone home to play with. by Newbottombitch05/30/164.29

A Different Relationship Ch. 05

 — The aftermath of a memorable night and meeting some friends. by Newbottombitch07/22/164.12

A Different Sort of Cuck Ch. 03

 — Susan takes control. by Subone112/16/104.21

A Different Sort of Cuck Ch. 04

 — Susan uses Julie's husband. by Subone112/26/104.27

A Dilemma in Three Parts

 — Submissive is the center of attention. by fetisha_4402/10/023.92

A Dirty Piggy

 — BBW enjoys being a piggy for men. by NYCbbwSUB04/03/114.33

A Dirty Wood Romp

 — John and Alice spend a dirty afternoon on their honeymoon. by serena82407/17/074.19

A Disgraceful Slut

 — A stranger gets a perverse fucking and loses herself... by Mailman42105/02/164.05

A Distant Memory

 — A man's memory of his first hairy encounter. by cumwithme207/06/164.59HOT

A Doctor's Dream Ch. 01

 — She submits to her new doctor's intense exam. by inkyscandal01/24/094.61HOT

A Dog's Life Ch. 03

 — Life in the doghouse by Compliant108/02/12

A Dog's Life Ch. 04

 — No animals were harmed or abused writing this story. by Compliant108/07/12

A Dog's Life Ch. 07

 — Well, it just gets silly from here on. by Compliant108/18/12

A Dominant Wife

 — Wife makes husband her sex slave. by Tiger11011/02/004.08

A Dominant Wife Takes Another Slave

 — A dominant wife starts her stable. by keptsissy03/27/154.30

A Dream Come True

 — Joint discovery of a latex fetish. by exaltau09/09/034.14

A Dream Come True

 — Dressing up as a schoolgirl desperate to pee for teacher. by lunaswift11/11/134.29

A Dream Cum True

 — Angelina gets a new play thing. by rainforme11/14/074.54HOT

A Dream of Brazil

 — A man begins a journey into bisexuality. by falcon2910/12/024.37

A Drinker's Better Moments

 — College student's first golden moment. by topwise08/23/074.59HOT

A Drinker's Better Moments Ch. 02

 — Kris and Kev continue their golden adventures outdoors. by topwise12/27/074.47

A Drinker's Better Moments Ch. 03

 — Golden Graduation Goodbyes for Kris and Kev. by topwise06/16/124.57HOT

A Dutch Treat

 — A chance meeting with a lactating lovely. by StrongMaster703/05/164.54HOT

A Fairy Tale

 — A gorgeous young maiden is kept safe in a pen. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash05/23/123.57

A Fantastic Blow Job

 — Hidden fantasy of his girlfriend sucking his cock. by lemmethink10/13/044.26

A Fantasy

 — Young tease learns a lesson. by Anongirl11/02/004.00

A Fantasy Continued

 — A wife changes the boundaries in their relationship. by Hubs_in_hose02/24/114.02

A Fantasy Fulfilled

 — He fulfills her darkest fantasy: he makes her his pet. by dollfla11/10/084.32

A Fantasy Night Exposed Ch. 01

 — Left in a compromising position for my wife's new friend. by tfrah01/26/174.37

A Fantasy Pt. 01

 — Tied in a hotel room & left to be used. by Rebellious_08/29/144.13

A Fantasy That Cums Through The Screen

 — A hot online conversation. by Young_Dream0409/01/013.93

A Fantasy with Lisa

 — Discovering crossdressing. by chastityfan03/24/094.43

A Father's Desire

 — Druken daughter peeing. by mikeaday05/17/093.70

A Favor For A Friend

 — Ah, the sacrifices one makes for close friends. by Talespin11/04/044.41

A Fetish & Bondage New Year's Eve

 — They celebrated the New Year with kink & a bang. by texashiker200302/04/064.00

A Fetish Discovered

 — Wife discovers his secret fetish - and enjoys it, too. by biisgreat12/07/074.23

A Fetish Discovered Ch. 02

 — The continuing account of married couple's fetish. by biisgreat12/14/074.34

A Fetish or Two

 — Medical and anal fetish born together. by steves_mom02/17/143.94

A Fetish Shared

 — He helps her enjoy her secret at last. by just_a_horny_guy09/18/064.58HOT

A Fetish Show to Remember

 — Wife performs erotic pee show for him. by longshot1811/01/034.31

A Few Wild Months 06

 — Swinger wife tries bukkake session. by gandj13006/22/134.06

A Financial Decision Ch. 01

 — She does whatever it takes to avoid foreclosure. by LuvsPreggers09/25/114.23

A Financial Decision Ch. 02

 — She avoided foreclosure but now she's preggers. by LuvsPreggers09/26/114.24

A Fire Rekindled

 — Dave and Heather add a new layer to their lives. by naughtybessparker05/17/144.52HOT

A First Experience with Foot Boys

 — A college girl has a night at her own expense. by SluttyMallory12/31/113.98

A Fist Fuck

 — Husband gets fist fucked by his anal loving wife. by Anal Slave05/08/034.43

A Fist In Time

 — He penetrated her deeper than ever before. by ArtistWriterSvengali11/14/034.23

A Fitting for a Tux Plus

 — A man with a small dick suddenly has it revealed. by carlyle212/08/164.31

A Flame in the Night Ch. 04

 — He tells you a fetish story about dancing. by dawei06/18/093.88

A Flight to Remember

 — Couple finds friends for wet fun on an airplane. by pissorgydreamer11/25/124.16

A Flying Leap

 — Woman overcomes fear for the man she loves. by Chicklet05/21/024.55HOT

A Foot and Leg Worship Story

 — German exchange student worships daughter's feet. by bondage_philosopher08/06/024.36

A Foot Dream

 — Retelling of a dream involving an old classmate. by ShowMeSoles01/21/124.19

A Foot Fantasy Fulfilled

 — His desire to suck her toes and lick her feet is fulfilled. by fix8ion11/25/114.11

A Foot Fetish Realized

 — They share wine and foot massages with Dana. by kenkx03/03/094.19

A Foot Fetish Slavery

 — She gets herself into a slavery she isn't ready for. by SluttyMallory02/08/124.14

A Foot Slave's First Orgasm

 — Feet and tickling get him there. by CFNMtickledguy09/20/124.02

A Foot Up

 — A discovery of newfound passion. by simpletimes06/21/124.51HOT

A Formal Spanking

 — Light story about a first spanking. by vixen_deb07/25/044.57HOT

A Four-Way for Panty Husband

 — Panty Husand and his wife fuck another couple. by DrLit12/03/134.54HOT

A Friend For Us Ch. 03

 — The girls run the show, but are caught behind. by jondegwa08/17/044.50HOT

A Friend in Need Ch. 01

 — Kalie helps Lisa get her inner slut out. by theprince05/10/083.63

A Friend in Need Ch. 02

 — Lisa's tryst with Prince and Kalie. by theprince05/10/083.99

A Friend in Need Ch. 03

 — The intensity increases, as does the nastyness. by theprince01/20/094.24

A Friend of My Daughter

 — A friend of my daughter that stayed with us. by chuckp786008/02/143.39

A Friendly Encounter

 — He stumbles upon a female friend undressing. by nyninchnales08/20/044.01

A Friendly Foot Job

 — Dinner with a friend after four years leads to some fun. by shaded_one03/27/034.01

A Friendship Transformed

 — Atoning for past sins leads to more. by naughty_scribe03/01/064.00

A Fruitful Life

 — Fruit, foreplay, & first love. by English Lady08/21/044.31

A Full Countess

 — In 1918 Russia, she must control her bodily functions. by Francine-frcxa09/13/023.65

A Full Measure

 — Heather wants everything I have and I give it. by tdallyn06/06/164.58HOT

A Fun Night With My Wife

 — She takes over. by fistme03/18/033.96

A Further Pie At Work

 — A security guard gets another cream pie at work. by DiggerDave02/24/054.46

A Gangbang for Callie

 — Four men meet Callie home alone. by thisgirlistrouble09/16/133.89

A Gentle Whisper Ch. 01

 — Disciplined wife finds restoration after lie finds her out. by occasus51405/29/103.82

A Gentle Whisper Ch. 02

 — Disciplined wife finds restoration after lie finds her out. by occasus51406/06/103.56

A Georgian Peach

 — A wannabe cuckold and his reluctant wife. by AdamZasse01/08/134.33

A Ghost from the Past

 — Tihana's sexual past is rekindled by an old admirer. by Tihana05/13/164.17

A Gift From God

 — Can John find a way out of the trap he is in? by NTRmaster08/24/113.10

A Gift Returned is a Gift Enjoyed

 — A Valentine's gift is returned in kind... and enjoyed. by clipperdreams02/09/164.50

A Gift That Keeps Giving

 — An older married couple surprise each other. by Selbryth03/22/07HOT

A Girly Night

 — Desperate during a sleepover with husband watching. by lunaswift06/08/134.04

A Glory Hole Makes a Bad Day Better

 — A man visits a gloryhole and finds three new friends. by HornyKip07/19/164.10

A Golden Moment

 — Amber's seduced by urinating woman. by Littlemissblair10/09/004.54HOT

A Golden Moment

 — On vacation, you meet two women into wet fun. by Miyelo Ina02/02/014.20

A Golden Request

 — Couple experiments with wet pleasures. by robroy195703/29/023.88

A Good Day at School

 — A beautiful pair of legs brightens up night school. by LegsattheLake07/11/084.28

A Good Day at School Ch. 02

 — The fun at the hotel heats up. by LegsattheLake07/24/084.39

A Good Morning!

 — A man is punished for not helping out. Or is he? by Livelycouple05/28/124.30

A Good Relationship

 — Cross-dresser gets help from stranger. by Ian H.11/02/004.08

A Good Relationship Ch. 2

 — Cross-dresser visits neighbor Howard. by Ian H.11/02/004.05

A Good Relationship Ch. 3

 — Howard and Matt play with Ian. by Ian H.11/02/004.24

A Good Relationship Ch. 4

 — Cross-dresser plays a blushing bride. by Ian H.11/02/004.30

A Good Relationship Ch. 5

 — He entertains African dignitaries. by Ian H.11/02/004.33

A Good Relationship Ch. 6

 — Transvestite meets new man. by Ian H.11/02/004.15

A Good Relationship Ch. 8

 — Crossdresser meets Dan's friends. by Ian H.11/02/004.29

A Good Shine

 — A slow day at the shoeshine box, until business picks up. by MissRobynsSlave12/21/164.34

A Governess for Two 20-Somethings Ch. 02

 — Grace gets punished but asserts control. by cynthiablaine707/12/144.21

A Governess for Two 20-Somethings Ch. 03

 — Mom takes her turn over the governess's lap. by cynthiablaine708/28/144.24

A Grim Northern Fairy Tale

 — Cinders gets to the Ball(s). by abroadsword04/15/123.70

A Hairy Ride Down

 — He thought she didn't notice his glimpse at her secret... by YDB9509/10/154.35

A Halloween Gift to My Fans

 — Sean really loves pumpkins. by Rescue32511/06/023.92

A Happy Couple

 — 2 unlikely people meet and never part once they're together. by seeshyotama05/29/144.24

A Happy Trouple

 — Leo hooks up with a bisexual couple. by Dennis_Kiros02/01/174.66HOT

A Happy Trouple Ch. 02

 — Leo, Kari and Ken: one! by Dennis_Kiros02/21/174.69HOT

A Happy Veteran

 — A Veteran returns to the battlefield years later for pussy by DrLit06/23/144.53HOT

A Hard Homecoming

 — A welder husband picks up his army wife. (futaxmale) by JASON_BORED03/21/13

A Haunting Expansion

 — An urban myth has more than a ghost of truth for two women. by mistyfdfa12/19/164.06

A Helping Hand

 — 19-year-old gets too drunk to pee on his own. by Sir_Erotica11/10/074.14

A Helping Hand

 — A sissy gets tied to the bed and left... by LockedSissySubmissive02/01/174.30

A Hidden Surprise

 — She had a surprise strapped under her skirt. by davegdb02/02/123.82

A Holiday Adventure

 — With panties. by Joie_de_Vivre03/04/094.40

A Holiday in Looe Ch. 01

 — Watersports tale about a couple on holiday. by leaky_one01/11/074.05

A Holiday in Looe Ch. 02

 — More holiday peeing plus a blowjob. by leaky_one01/17/074.41

A Holiday in Looe Ch. 03

 — Emma pisses some more. by leaky_one04/01/074.44

A Holiday in Looe Ch. 04

 — The couple piss and fuck by an open window. by leaky_one02/20/084.41

A Holiday Spit Roast Recipe

 — It makes its own white cream gravy. by eightballbum12/13/083.46

A Holy, Wet Sunday

 — Diaper, Mess, Pee Fetish. by bubblebuttdiapers07/08/094.14

A Hopeless Case

 — She is tickled by her crush. by ticklechambers04/24/134.26

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