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Of Light and Shadows Ch. 01

 — Her awakening. by barry_nine11/06/074.07

Of Light and Shadows Ch. 02

 — The Consumation. by barry_nine11/15/074.25

Of Magic and Mayhem Ch. 01

 — A sorcerer finds his dancer. by Remes_pet07/01/114.60HOT

Of Mistletoe and Holly

 — A supernatural encounter warms a cold and lonely heart. by analyn11/11/164.20

Of Prayers and Prophecy Ch. 01

 — An adventure in the world of E'tanalesia. by darkgoddessnight07/19/084.26

Of Prayers and Prophecy Ch. 02

 — An adventure in the World of E'tanalesia. by darkgoddessnight07/20/084.74HOT

Of the Earth Ch. 01

 — Child of nature meets her match. by JadeCatEyes11/05/084.08

Of the People

 — Laresa's attempt to enjoy a simple life shatters. by Darkniciad01/04/074.79HOT

Of Water & Fire

 — A story of family, love and loyalty. by AnnaDreamer11/20/094.39

Of Water & Fire Ch. 02

 — Jasper & Eva's backstory. by AnnaDreamer02/10/104.36

Of Water & Fire Ch. 03

 — Things are about to change. by AnnaDreamer06/24/104.51HOT

Of Water & Fire Ch. 04

 — The investigation starts... by AnnaDreamer03/11/114.68HOT

Of Water & Fire Ch. 05

 — Confusion & past experiences by AnnaDreamer04/28/144.75HOT

Of Wolves And Men

 — She encounters a Dark Wolf. by Liquidscrew01/29/024.09

Office Outer Limits

 — Cyber fun takes an odd twist. by Clive Cromwell II12/21/034.61HOT

Offspring Ch. 001

 — Stranded on Okton4. by Talemaster05/05/124.38

Offspring Ch. 002

 — Chasing alien pussy. by Talemaster05/06/124.50HOT

Offspring Ch. 003

 — The lessons continue. by Talemaster05/07/124.57HOT

Offspring Ch. 004

 — Discovering new horizons. by Talemaster05/08/124.50HOT

Offspring Ch. 005

 — The Interstellar Federation steps in. by Talemaster05/09/124.62HOT

Offspring Ch. 006

 — Lata gets laid. by Talemaster05/10/124.60HOT

Offspring Ch. 007

 — I become a Federation officer. by Talemaster05/12/124.63HOT

Offspring Ch. 008

 — Feng. by Talemaster05/13/124.55HOT

Offspring Ch. 009

 — Who really controls Okton4? by Talemaster05/14/124.58HOT

Offspring Ch. 010

 — A dangerous discovery. by Talemaster05/24/124.64HOT

Offspring Ch. 011

 — The coroner. by Talemaster05/25/124.56HOT

Offspring Ch. 012

 — A camera up my arse. by Talemaster05/26/124.60HOT

Offspring Ch. 013

 — I report to the federation. by Talemaster05/27/124.59HOT

Offspring Ch. 014

 — I make my move. by Talemaster05/28/124.62HOT

Offspring Ch. 015

 — A journey to a forbidden city. by Talemaster05/29/124.60HOT

Offspring Ch. 016

 — A human colony on Okton4? by Talemaster05/30/124.55HOT

Offspring Ch. 017

 — Shifting sands at the Federation. by Talemaster05/31/124.61HOT

Offspring Ch. 018

 — The picture becomes clearer. by Talemaster06/01/124.62HOT

Offspring Ch. 019

 — Testing for lithium. by Talemaster06/02/124.60HOT

Offspring Ch. 020

 — A discussion with Feng. by Talemaster06/03/124.60HOT

Offspring Ch. 021

 — Return to the city. by Talemaster06/08/124.63HOT

Offspring Ch. 022

 — Mara. by Talemaster06/09/124.66HOT

Offspring Ch. 023

 — Mara talks about her life. by Talemaster06/10/124.69HOT

Offspring Ch. 024

 — New theories. by Talemaster06/11/124.61HOT

Offspring Ch. 025

 — The library. by Talemaster06/13/124.62HOT

Offspring Ch. 026

 — The Tai-pan by Talemaster06/14/124.70HOT

Offspring Ch. 027

 — The new project. by Talemaster06/16/124.69HOT

Offspring Ch. 028

 — Secrets unravel. by Talemaster06/18/124.67HOT

Offspring Ch. 029

 — The scam. by Talemaster06/19/124.70HOT

Offspring Ch. 030

 — Of faeries and squirrels. by Talemaster06/20/124.66HOT

Offspring Ch. 031

 — Preparation for an expedition. by Talemaster06/27/124.73HOT

Offspring Ch. 032

 — Show-time. by Talemaster07/01/124.75HOT

Offspring Ch. 033

 — Olympus. by Talemaster08/05/124.76HOT

Offspring Ch. 034

 — Getting started. by Talemaster10/13/124.76HOT

Offspring Ch. 035

 — Earth. by Talemaster10/14/124.74HOT

Offspring Ch. 036

 — Birth of a Principality. by Talemaster11/04/124.75HOT

Offspring Ch. 037

 — Tikana. by Talemaster11/10/124.78HOT

Offspring Ch. 038

 — A leap into the unknown. by Talemaster11/17/124.74HOT

Offspring Ch. 039

 — A town called Talla. by Talemaster07/12/134.76HOT

Offspring Ch. 040

 — Niels Harkon. by Talemaster07/13/134.75HOT

Offspring Ch. 041

 — The Torgons. by Talemaster07/14/134.76HOT

Offspring Ch. 042

 — Colonel Emerson. by Talemaster07/15/134.77HOT

Offspring Ch. 043

 — Talla gets a Ship. by Talemaster12/13/134.75HOT


 — The story of a sex slave. by luvkitten03/12/073.82

Offworld Ch. 02

 — The continuing adventures of a breeding slave. by luvkitten03/27/074.18

Offworld Ch. 03

 — No longer a slave but still submitting. by luvkitten07/02/074.06

Offworld Ch. 04

 — A conclusion. by luvkitten08/12/094.20


 — An alien creature finds and pleasures a human mate. by Sosela07/08/164.50HOT

Offworlder: The Second Test

 — Uldra changed for the better, as far as Clara's concerned. by Sosela10/13/164.51HOT


 — Pretty princess escapes hideous ogre. by moosemoose01/25/144.03

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 01

 — A huntress tries to survive in a devastated world. by stubborn_dreamer03/02/124.40

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 02

 — The men come for celebration. by stubborn_dreamer03/15/124.56HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 03

 — It is not going to bite you! by stubborn_dreamer03/29/124.61HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 04

 — I am certain I am beyond all reason. by stubborn_dreamer04/17/124.62HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 05

 — The hunt begins, and problems are not far behind. by stubborn_dreamer04/30/124.64HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 06

 — They know we are here. by stubborn_dreamer05/15/124.70HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 07

 — Then Zyra was alone. by stubborn_dreamer06/17/124.73HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 08

 — Anything or everything? by stubborn_dreamer07/03/124.70HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 09

 — Sacrifice. by stubborn_dreamer07/11/124.72HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 10

 — I didn't call you. by stubborn_dreamer07/24/124.73HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 11

 — I think you'll like it. by stubborn_dreamer08/06/124.63HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 12

 — So you know you're in denial? by stubborn_dreamer08/28/124.75HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 13

 — All was silent. by stubborn_dreamer09/16/124.78HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 14

 — I didn't think so. by stubborn_dreamer10/04/124.76HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 15

 — What the hell? by stubborn_dreamer10/15/124.74HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 16

 — I'm tired of living my life like it's not mine. by stubborn_dreamer11/18/124.78HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 17

 — Did I ever tell you how much I love you? by stubborn_dreamer12/16/124.84HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 18

 — I desire her. by stubborn_dreamer01/25/134.81HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 19

 — A hand that you dared not let go. by stubborn_dreamer05/29/134.77HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 20

 — Zyra had to be stopped. by stubborn_dreamer06/20/134.86HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 21

 — I remember the shape of his eyes. by stubborn_dreamer08/22/134.79HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 22

 — When will she be back? by stubborn_dreamer10/08/134.81HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 23

 — What do you do when your best in not enough? by stubborn_dreamer12/07/134.80HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 24

 — Eventually you'll have to let it go, or watch it die. by stubborn_dreamer01/08/144.84HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 25

 — Yes, mistress. by stubborn_dreamer02/14/144.77HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 26

 — So this was it, this was how she died. by stubborn_dreamer05/30/144.81HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 27

 — Yes we have a deal. by stubborn_dreamer06/18/144.85HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 28

 — Hello Zyra. by stubborn_dreamer02/15/154.82HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 29

 — She pulled him to her and fell into a fitful dream. by stubborn_dreamer07/09/154.78HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 30

 — Good girl. Now call me Master. by stubborn_dreamer09/11/154.75HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 31

 — Yes, Baba. by stubborn_dreamer11/05/154.80HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 32

 — Did you miss me? by stubborn_dreamer08/01/164.75HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 33

 — Drown me. by stubborn_dreamer09/01/164.69HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 34

 — I love you. by stubborn_dreamer12/27/164.55HOT

Ogres' Lust

 — Which are worse, the humans or the monsters? by SierraLeeAuthor11/17/164.76HOT

Oh My Goddess

 — The classic story of Aphrodite revisited. by nushu206/11/04


 — Kariwase gets in the clutches of an amorous earth elemental. by Silent_the_Second01/28/174.56HOT

Old Bag Lady is a Recycling Witch

 — Bag lady takes a liking to a man who has shown her kindness. by SuperHeroRalph04/06/114.19

Old Family, New Friends

 — When the old are young again, sex has extra complications. by Spinneret09/22/124.55HOT

Old Habits

 — A thief is hired to recover a kidnapped princess. by elisebos12/26/134.59HOT

Old Major

 — Steaming hot story involving lustful pixies. by playfullelf04/06/114.08

Old World Magic Ch. 01

 — I meet a wizard at a family reunion. by rhev12/14/124.56HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 02

 — Magic lessons first, hookers after. by rhev12/25/124.66HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 03

 — Magical abilities erupt. by rhev12/29/124.56HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 04

 — Cheating wife leads to my Asian affair. by rhev01/05/134.66HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 05

 — New life, new home. by rhev01/18/134.68HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 06

 — My punishment leads to a threesome. by rhev02/09/134.64HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 07

 — A deal made with a succubus, sealed with a threeway. by rhev03/15/134.70HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 08

 — My magic birthday starts with watching others. by rhev03/30/134.74HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 09

 — Gamblers, Cheaters, and 'luck-mages'. by rhev04/06/134.76HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 10

 — Magically mind reading a redhead. by rhev04/11/134.77HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 11

 — A dark chapter - a bad trip, black magic, and an evil man. by rhev05/23/134.72HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 12

 — A strange escape and a very wet romp. by rhev06/25/134.68HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 13

 — A return to the real world. by rhev09/14/134.75HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 14

 — Powers grow, disaster averted, and Cheyenne's confession. by rhev09/28/134.78HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 15

 — Poker practice and a 3way with Erin and a friend. by rhev10/10/134.77HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 16

 — Poker Tournament Part 1 and the 'distraction' slut. by rhev10/28/134.77HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 17

 — Poker Tournament pt2, meeting a genie, and Emily finally! by rhev11/14/134.82HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 18

 — Training, planning, and reconnecting by rhev01/31/144.76HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 19

 — The plan? An orgy! by rhev02/23/144.83HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 20

 — Isolation, Emily, and a third identity. by rhev03/06/144.85HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 21

 — The succubus's kiss. by rhev03/17/144.76HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 22

 — Reunion with two girls and a long talk with Hector. by rhev05/09/154.85HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 23

 — Erin confesses, Cheyenne learns, & a celebratory threesome. by rhev05/22/154.86HOT

Old World Magic Ch. 24

 — Leaving Vegas with a bang. by rhev06/06/154.81HOT

Olsen Dairy Farm Ch. 01

 — Cindy falls foul of the new farm machinery. by Freakyus01/26/164.38

Olympic Gold

 — A man has a paranormal encounter with a young gymnast. by STEPHENA12/18/094.28

Olympus University

 — Caleb gets a strange letter in the mail. by TNWTBOD09/06/134.62HOT

On a Clear Night

 — An elfin warden takes his toll from promising lips. by MissKitty197410/19/034.19

On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 01-02

 — A young woman born into fantasy and power struggles. by Solsgon06/26/164.54HOT

On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 03-04

 — The universe grows, Shyvana meets an 8-legged beauty. by Solsgon06/29/164.65HOT

On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 05-06

 — Shyvana falls victim to her lust... Or does she? by Solsgon07/03/164.72HOT

On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 07-09

 — Going outside, learning more about the world and the past. by Solsgon07/08/164.60HOT

On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 10-12

 — The end of a fantasy and another trip outside. by Solsgon07/14/164.58HOT

On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 13-16

 — Her first taste of real combat and her body betrays her mind. by Solsgon07/23/164.56HOT

On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 17

 — Passions finally catch fire. by Solsgon07/28/164.68HOT

On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 18-21

 — Ever wondered how dragon's mate after a fight? It's messy. by Solsgon08/05/164.90HOT

On Another World Ch. 01

 — Nope, I'm not in Kansas anymore. by DragonSlayer_OK06/28/104.67HOT

On Another World Ch. 02

 — Yep...This is certainly not Kansas! by DragonSlayer_OK09/30/104.73HOT

On Another World Ch. 03

 — Kansas was never like this... by DragonSlayer_OK10/23/104.75HOT

On Another World Ch. 04

 — The real story begins.... by DragonSlayer_OK12/26/104.76HOT

On Another World Ch. 05

 — They strike out on their own....then trouble. by DragonSlayer_OK03/12/114.72HOT

On Another World Ch. 06

 — The adventure continues...a new problem arises. by DragonSlayer_OK04/12/114.75HOT

On Another World Ch. 07

 — The adventure enemy shows up. by DragonSlayer_OK07/26/114.77HOT

On Another World Ch. 08

 — Tragedy!!! by DragonSlayer_OK08/09/114.74HOT

On Another World Ch. 09

 — Dee-Ess moves on...makes a decision. by DragonSlayer_OK08/26/114.78HOT

On Another World Ch. 10

 — The war starts to heat up. by DragonSlayer_OK01/09/124.72HOT

On Ashen Wings

 — A succubus. Her prisoner. Will the inevitable come to pass? by Princess_Roflcopter03/06/104.42

On the Mezzanine

 — A young dragoness requires the attention of her human Master. by CoffeeRules07/31/094.66HOT

On the Quad

 — She made you break the rules? You still get punished! by Salamando_Flames12/27/153.51

On the Road Again

 — A mutant cock gives him incredible powers over women. by xxxecil09/09/024.40

On the Slopes of Caradhras

 — Here there be trolls. by naughtybabygirl01/17/093.75

On Your Shoulder

 — A corporate terminator gets a startling blast from her past. by Smokey12512/18/154.17

Once A Wolf Ch. 01

 — Giselle Du Mont enters The Tournament. by AngelCherysse09/30/04

Once A Wolf Ch. 02

 — Giselle & Geoffrey face their own private demons. by AngelCherysse10/01/04

Once A Wolf Ch. 03

 — Giselle & Geoffrey battle Leatherface & attraction. by AngelCherysse10/03/044.73HOT

Once A Wolf Ch. 04

 — Giselle faces the past; Geoffrey faces the Night Stalkers. by AngelCherysse10/03/04

Once A Wolf Ch. 05

 — Giselle goes hunting; Project Lorelei is revealed. by AngelCherysse10/04/04

Once A Wolf Ch. 06

 — The Sword of Kings, Sadie, and a bloody ambush. by AngelCherysse10/05/04

Once A Wolf Ch. 07

 — Lorelei embraces Geoffrey; a little moonlight dinner. by AngelCherysse10/06/04

Once A Wolf Ch. 08

 — Peeping Toms and Lorelei's ascendence. by AngelCherysse10/07/04

Once A Wolf Ch. 09

 — Love, Death, and the End of Things. by AngelCherysse10/09/04

Once A Wolf Ch. 10

 — Lorelei's vengeance; a bittersweet victory. by AngelCherysse10/10/044.82HOT

Once Bitten, Live Twice

 — In a world of high-tech miracles, vampires can't exist... by Spinneret01/27/114.56HOT

Once Upon a Fantasy Ch. 01

 — The fairy "godmother" of sexual fantasy. by shakspearchick08/26/084.30

Once Upon a Time in Hellfire

 — A Troll and Elf enjoying each other overlooking Thrallmar. by Tinymage07/31/093.64

Once Upon a Time Warp

 — An old-fashioned lass magically lands the man of her dreams. by Smokey12503/03/144.21

One April Night

 — Dreaming of Gods. by cinnamon197704/22/093.58

One Coin

 — Is her low price a trap? by WFEATHER02/13/074.31

One Crazy Adventure!

 — You have a puzzling, sizzling adventure. by britbaby1911/01/053.50

One Hell of a Haunting

 — Will she learn of his plan before it's too late? by sweeteuphoria10/12/074.40

One in Ten

 — A man in world were only a few males remain. by FinalStand02/24/144.74HOT

One in Ten Ch. 02

 — In a world controlled by women, Israel starts to come apart. by FinalStand03/11/144.78HOT

One in Ten Ch. 03

 — When does Free Will matter more than safety? by FinalStand03/12/144.84HOT

One in Ten Ch. 04

 — When is progress also insanity? by FinalStand03/27/144.86HOT

One in Ten Ch. 05

 — Nearly every disaster starts with a plan. by FinalStand03/28/144.88HOT

One in Ten Ch. 06

 — That point beyond teetering on the brink. by FinalStand04/18/144.87HOT

One in Ten Ch. 07

 — Beatings, Blood and the return of Zara by FinalStand04/23/144.87HOT

One in Ten Ch. 08

 — The race to apocalypse. by FinalStand04/25/144.85HOT

One in Ten Ch. 09

 — The final hours of normalcy. by FinalStand05/14/144.85HOT

One in Ten Ch. 10

 — Israel and the Last Real Man on Earth. by FinalStand05/24/144.77HOT

One in Ten Ch. 11

 — The end of the cruel Peace & the start of the desperate War. by FinalStand10/01/164.82HOT

One Last Time

 — Sara has one last fling before heading out. by christinelouise1301/08/033.90

One Life 2 Live Pt. 01

 — A nerd wants to change his imagine. by kimberlykitten11/06/054.47

One Life 2 Live Pt. 03

 — Toby's friends take The Hicks; Tommy's Gothic hunny. by kimberlykitten11/22/054.42

One Magical Night

 — A sensual reunion between two lovers - with a twist! by BrettJ06/21/064.46

One Moment In Time

 — Her creation 'feeds' on her essence. by amaranthus0104/11/103.71

One Night for Peace

 — Short tempered goddess is tricked into a night of submission. by delilahkrayn04/23/154.58HOT

One Night in Rome Ch. 01

 — This is based on a roleplay I did with a friend. by kristaoconnors08/05/114.40

One Pheasant Evening

 — A passing illusionist gives a wench more than the usual tip by Remec01/22/044.47

One Ring to Fuck Them All Ch. 01

 — An elf must set out to break a curse plaguing his race. by Count008/26/124.06

One Wish

 — Keith's wish finally comes true. by Many Feathers06/18/064.65HOT

One Wish

 — An officer gets her wish in a very literal sense! Handcuffs? by SwitchMami12/25/154.16

Online Dating with a Twist

 — Natalia meets the man who fulfills her dreams. by thirstygirlll08/16/164.25

Only Happy When It Rains

 — Spring comes to the planet Lilac, bringing mindless bliss. by JukeboxEMCSA02/20/124.07

Onyx Dreams Ch. 01

 — Cyrus goes to a new home and sees a vision. by kitazkitten10/05/054.42

Onyx Dreams Ch. 02

 — Cyrus takes a walk and beholds something wondrous. by kitazkitten10/13/054.59HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 03

 — Cyrus' powers are out of control and Kennice pays for it. by kitazkitten10/14/054.53HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 04

 — Cyrus and Kennice do some exploring. by kitazkitten10/21/054.64HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 05

 — Kennice and Cyrus must say good-bye. by kitazkitten10/22/054.63HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 06

 — Kennice's coming home with a secret. by kitazkitten11/06/054.66HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 07

 — Kennice and Cyrus' love is put on trial. by kitazkitten11/10/054.77HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 08

 — Cyrus is on the prowl for his true love. by kitazkitten11/11/054.63HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 09

 — Cyrus & Brenna meet other dragon pairs. by kitazkitten12/05/054.55HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 10

 — Cyrus & Kennice make plans to change their destinies. by kitazkitten12/25/054.65HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 11

 — Kennice fights the manipulations of Erykia and Rhys. by kitazkitten02/03/064.55HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 12

 — Cyrus' nightmares are stalking him. by kitazkitten02/03/064.71HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 13

 — Cyrus & Kennice plot to get their first night. by kitazkitten02/04/064.72HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 14

 — The honeymoon is over & reality checks in, big time. by kitazkitten02/22/064.59HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 15

 — Kennice is missing Cyrus but Rhys is full of surprises. by kitazkitten03/20/064.59HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 16

 — Cyrus is home but how long can he resist Kaie's evil call. by kitazkitten03/21/064.62HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 17

 — Secrets pile up; this time Cyrus isn't pleased. by kitazkitten04/13/064.58HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 18

 — Cyrus dreams a nightmare that is all too real. by kitazkitten04/15/064.67HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 19

 — Plans are being set in motion. by kitazkitten06/25/064.71HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 20

 — Cyrus past is haunting his present. How will he cope? by kitazkitten06/26/064.69HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 21

 — Cyrus is intent on justice, but will it result in ruin? by kitazkitten07/07/064.44

Onyx Dreams Ch. 22

 — Kennice has a dream and Rhys is full of surprises. by kitazkitten08/27/064.67HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 23

 — Cyrus and Brenna reunite but appearance are deceiving. by kitazkitten10/02/064.70HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 24

 — Hayden seeks Nightseer's aid; Cyrus makes a choice. by kitazkitten11/01/064.75HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 25

 — Bells are tolling but for whom is anyone's guess. by kitazkitten04/02/074.78HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 26

 — Cyrus & company celebrate, but what about the good guys? by kitazkitten07/14/074.70HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 27

 — The various forces are regrouping, while danger looms near. by kitazkitten11/16/074.60HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 28

 — More betrayals by Cyrus & a revelation from Erykia. by kitazkitten07/17/084.69HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 29

 — Erykia's story is continued; Kennice must make a choice. by kitazkitten09/07/084.69HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 30

 — Rhys gains an ally, Katherine's double dealings are exposed. by kitazkitten12/31/084.72HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 31

 — Brenna's anguish. Hidden secrets are brought to light. by kitazkitten04/26/094.76HOT

Onyx Dreams Ch. 32

 — Erykia and Anthony hatch a plot to trap Cyrus. by kitazkitten08/21/094.62HOT

Open All Night

 — Gift shopper meets an unusual store owner. by budnging200005/17/024.08

Open Late

 — Young fast food worker seduced by dream girl, robot coworker. by PervOtaku10/02/144.36

Open Late Pt. 02

 — Facing the consequences of sex with his robot coworker. by PervOtaku02/07/174.27

Opening Andora's Box

 — Pete finds that even deep space isn't so lonely anymore. by Mesmeri05/16/084.67HOT

Operation νερό

 — An interplanetary military girl discovers the unexpected. by SilverThaiGoat02/10/153.97

Operation K-9 Ch. 01

 — A bomb sniffing marine dog-girl visits an injured friend. by AdmiralSquish07/26/154.65HOT

Operation K-9 Ch. 02

 — Emily fears change, then embraces it. by AdmiralSquish03/01/164.28

Opposites Attract

 — Love in the world of Norrath. by ImpofSexualMagic09/09/044.42

Opposites Attract

 — A pair of halflings are on a quest to continue their race. by shimm212/13/164.27

Opposites Collide Ch. 01

 — When two people from different worlds connect it's explosive. by Risika_Chylde11/13/153.92

Orbital Academy 01

 — A fresh batch of rookies meets their new instructor. by Maddirose11/08/134.49

Orbital Academy 02

 — The rookies begin settling in to life at the Academy. by Maddirose11/17/134.75HOT

Orbital Academy 03

 — An unlikely pair of rookies bring out the best in each other. by Maddirose11/25/134.77HOT

Orbital Academy 04

 — Captain Appet receives worrying news. by Maddirose12/06/134.75HOT

Orbital Academy 05

 — Captain Appet's squad takes on their first Drake. by Maddirose12/13/134.67HOT

Orbital Academy 06

 — Trouble brews in Preston and Missy's relationship. by Maddirose12/28/134.65HOT

Orbital Academy 07

 — Captain Jane mentally prepares for a rough assignment. by Maddirose12/29/134.73HOT

Orbital Academy 08

 — Rookies take their first planetary run...and other firsts. by Maddirose01/04/144.67HOT

Orbital Academy 09

 — The crew of the downed satellite try to avoid enemy contact. by Maddirose01/10/144.67HOT

Orbital Academy 10

 — Memories of another planetary haunt Captain Appet. by Maddirose01/18/144.71HOT

Orbital Academy 11

 — Jackson works on his to-do list. by Maddirose01/25/144.79HOT

Orbital Academy 12

 — Alexandria tries to convince the Terrans to be merciful. by Maddirose01/31/144.69HOT

Orbital Academy 13

 — Missy and her teammates go on a rescue mission. by Maddirose02/07/144.68HOT

Orbital Academy 14

 — The rookies land on Orbital Pivot. by Maddirose02/15/144.65HOT

Orbital Academy 15

 — General Hunter deals with the burden of authority. by Maddirose02/22/144.68HOT

Orbital Academy 16

 — General Hunter must deal with changes. by Maddirose03/12/144.78HOT

Orbital Academy 17

 — Orbital Pivot and Orbital Academy lock into struggle. by Maddirose04/03/144.77HOT

Orbital Academy 18

 — In which we see the lives of the Generals by Maddirose04/27/144.64HOT

Orbital Academy 19

 — The penultimate chapter of Orbital Academy by Maddirose06/13/144.76HOT

Orbital Academy 20

 — The final chapter. by Maddirose07/04/144.61HOT

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