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First Time Stories

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Mandie Becomes a Woman

 — An online relationship becomes much more. by baby_cakes03/23/034.08


 — 19-year-old discovers she likes sex. by johnson_ranger02/21/043.63

Mandy "Rides" Again

 — Rick had to fuck the sitter once more. by LoreLai03/08/064.60HOT

Mandy's "Ride" Home

 — He gives the sitter a "ride" home. by LoreLai02/22/064.53HOT

Manipulated Virgin Secretary

 — Virgin secretary gets manipulated into fucking her boss. by Unkith05/21/094.16

Manipulating Her Mind Ch. 02

 — A Dominant man who meets a curious stranger. by daddymassa10/22/154.47

Manipulating Her Mind Ch. 03

 — A new submissive gives in, entirely. by daddymassa10/25/154.32

Manipulating Her Mind Ch. 04

 — A new submissive is learning. by daddymassa10/29/154.26

Manny Ch. 01

 — Losing her virginity in an unexpected way. by AudreyHepburn06/27/073.57

Manny Ch. 02

 — She's never had it and he's just got out of jail. by AudreyHepburn08/15/074.30

Marcy's Playground Pt. 01

 — A shy, virgin in a sex club? Marcy might get an education. by MJRoberts08/22/144.81HOTContest Winner

Marcy's Playground Pt. 02

 — Who will get to teach Marcy what? by MJRoberts01/05/164.82HOT

Marcy's Playground Pt. 03

 — Summer wanes and Marcy tries to double down on her education. by MJRoberts01/06/164.87HOT

Margo, A Virgin

 — She chooses to lose it. by robertreams08/03/074.24

Maria's First Time

 — Young woman loses virginity to "wrong" guy. by pixie200210/18/074.43

Maria's Justice

 — Maria tries to catch William staring. by Tales_From_Farborough04/17/184.35

Maria's Virginity- Popped

 — Lawyer gets her hymen popped at last. by SirDuction10/15/114.02

Marian and Ryan

 — He goes from mowing her lawn to plowing her pussy. by Boxlicker10104/12/064.51HOT

Marian Grows Up

 — 34-year-old virgin librarian wants "to live". by barnabus03/26/064.49

Mariana's First Time at the Lake

 — A dancer's first time with her best friend's cousin. by GMB21403/04/164.01

Marianna and the Pirate

 — Marianna loses her virginity to a handsome pirate. by BewitchingRose03/16/184.43

Marie's Magnificent Massage

 — Massage turns sexual. by kpkp55504/10/174.13

Marissa's Lesson

 — Latina beauty is punished for inadvertently naughty essay. by Erica_Gasca10/11/063.94

Marked Ch. 01

 — First time for a kinky slut. by Marked1211/03/163.33

Marla Sue

 — He meets a sexy, young nymph. by TxRad05/15/054.71HOT

Marriage, Or, The Surprised Wife

 — The perils of no sex education. by KissingMarriedWomen05/13/104.40

Married and 1st Time Swingers Ch. 01

 — First time swinging, Ed and Sue have sex on a public beach. by sgt54803/09/184.03

Married and 1st Time Swingers Ch. 02

 — Ed and Sue have salacious, swinging sex with Frank and Mary. by sgt54803/13/184.29

Married and 1st Time Swingers Ch. 03

 — Professional swingers seduce first time swingers, Sue and Ed. by sgt54803/16/184.11

Married and 1st Time Swingers Ch. 04

 — Two married couples play touchy feely while swimming naked. by sgt54803/22/184.24

Married and 1st Time Swingers Ch. 05

 — Married couple having swinging sex with swingers. by sgt54803/28/184.11


 — 18 year old girl beds her longtime crush. by loneguy0107/04/174.01

Martians Under My Bed

 — Falling through, first love, infection, goodbye Henry. by endthedream09/11/072.33

Marty's Blowjob

 — Marty gets his first blowjob. by cosmo280205/19/094.33

Marty's Blowjob Ch. 02

 — Marty loses his virginity. by cosmo280205/27/094.28


 — Scott's biggest lesson in life comes from Mary. by Many Feathers06/13/064.71HOT

Mary in Istanbul

 — Like a moth to a flame, she gave in to her instincts. by Longstretch02/25/093.85

Mary Sue in Slut Court

 — Virgin pays her sleazy lawyer in pussy. by TheWorldSpins10/20/133.94

Mary Tagert

 — Growing up in the street can have its own rewards. by Zeb_Carter08/16/144.45

Mary's Delightful Charms

 — His first encounter with an older woman. by Pleezer4U12/24/044.40

Mary's Evolution: Book 01

 — A chubby, insecure teen comes of age. by furryfan07/18/094.51HOT

Mary, Mary

 — First time with an old friend. by bigdonhabs12/04/154.03

Mary, Quite Contrary

 — Study of a Prolonged Virginity. by Itascan11/21/144.31

MaryAnn Loses Her Virginity

 — A rite of passage, more fun than a Bat Mitzvah. by MaryAnn67809/07/074.36

Maryland History Teacher

 — Senior falls in love with young teacher. by teacherspet1106/06/044.16


 — Tina discovers Stephanie's secret... by RogueTpr04/16/154.23


 — An unexpected bonus, with my massage. by DavBoo08/12/163.76

Massage At Sea

 — A first time tale on a cruise. by ManosHands03/28/143.67

Matt and Kelly - The Wedding Night

 — A newly married couple finally go all the way. by were1112703/25/134.29

Matt's Conquest

 — Matt meets a very unusual virgin on the Internet. by mischievousSH06/14/064.30

Mattison House

 — Nic worms his way into more than her home. by mithragoddess03/23/054.41

Mature Educator

 — Tim gets taught a lesson in sex. by cute_luke1907/13/023.76

Mature Touch

 — Horny teen loses it to his boss. by sexystacy05/30/023.64

Maus Learns to Roar

 — Mousey virginal prof has sexual breakthrough. by XXscribbler01/10/184.58HOT

Max and Wendy

 — Two high school seniors get to know each other better. by storytyme11/09/164.34

Max Directs His Revenge

 — A nerd is given the job of directing the school play. by henryo12/13/124.20

Max Hardman: Porn Star Pt. 02

 — Tony's lesbian friend tries a few experiments on him. by jamisonroberts05/02/144.51HOT

Max's Cherry

 — She gives him a present he won't forget; she takes his cherry. by Talynnda05/10/074.27

May's First Day Pt. 02

 — May gives herself to Nick completely for the first time. by Laurieandme01/10/173.75

Maya My Best Fuck

 — Pahali chudai. by none71006/23/023.88

Maybe She'll Say Yes

 — Artist works up courage to ask sexy lifeguard to pose nude. by Totzman06/25/104.74HOT

Me and Blaise on a School Bus

 — It is hot with me & her & her sister in the front row. by Micheal8211/25/083.86

Me and Corey

 — Boys will be boys. by evergreen128804/15/133.25

Me and Mrs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones

 — We have a thing going on. by sph65008/06/054.13

Me and my Best Friend's Dad

 — I always though I was straight until Jason had to have me. by DasXyM4N08/04/124.26

Me, Cherie, and the Virgin

 — Janet tastes and feels her first man. by Mikro05/12/054.28

Meagan's First Virgin

 — I couldn't let Michael go to college a virgin. by whispersofasexualnature05/12/174.12

Mealilah the Affiliate Ch. 01

 — Ten years have passed since they last saw each other. by General Winter06/03/074.40

Meant To Be Together, I'm the One

 — 40-year-old virgin has first time sex with daughter & mother. by SusanJillParker02/03/124.43

Medic's Dreams Cum True

 — Med student becomes a man. by mikevandyke04/23/043.52

Medical Training

 — Haifah asks a friend for intimate help studying for medicine by cybersky01/03/174.62HOT

Medieval Marriage

 — Gemma & Caelin discover a mutual passion. by pixie_18607/20/024.28

Meeting a Stranger

 — Rachel decides to meet up with someone she met online. by SluttyRachel09/20/123.99

Meeting at the Manor House Ch. 01

 — Princess Anne meets her intended for the first time. by Flaouterakh09/30/074.10

Meeting at the Swimming Pool

 — Hotel attendant meets an Apple programmer. by Ingrid11B08/12/174.33

Meeting for the First Time

 — Long distance relationship is consummated. by ns12506/01/162.84

Meeting Gaby

 — Online romance come true. by deadeye_7603/06/124.26

Meeting Half Way

 — The met in the middle. by tristianc02/15/124.37

Meeting Larry

 — Curious virgin falls for her boyfriend's father. by deepemerald03/21/074.31

Meeting Needs

 — Mother does what it takes to keep her daughter happy. by TennesseeHillbilly10/29/134.42

Meeting Suzy

 — Conversation at tea break led to losing her cherry. by aquilegia02/09/064.37

Meghan at Nineteen

 — Rick finds true love in young Meghan. by Diplomatic Immunity06/27/034.42


 — 18-year-old girl comes to terms with adulthood. by RomanCEisdead211/06/064.51HOT

Melanie's First Time

 — Melanie loses her virginity on her 18th birthday. by BarbraNovac03/24/134.11

Melanie's First Time

 — Thirty year old plans to lose her virginity. by Stormysailor02/19/143.68

Mellow Yellow Next Generation Ch. 01

 — Patrick and Allison merge their art forms. by miskeivitch08/06/064.32

Melting the Ice

 — It needed to get hot before her ice would melt. by JayDavid08/23/124.46

Memoirs of a Gentleman

 — Willing 'One Eye' plucks another cherry. by Teenage Venus07/02/043.31

Memoirs of Chacha Jaani Ch. 01

 — Indian guy's first time with friend's aunty. by chachajaani10/24/054.09


 — A valuable education in life skills. by Bray12301/13/163.79

Memories of Nora

 — Recollections of a sexy older woman. by mussorgsky11/08/064.62HOT

Memory and Loss Pt. 01

 — First times, a long time ago. by electricblue6605/04/154.35

Memory and Loss Pt. 02

 — My first time in a girl's ass. by electricblue6605/05/154.39

Men Are Like Cars

 — A visitor gives lessons in sex to her neighbours. by xtcnymphette01/11/064.65HOT

Mental Patience Ch. 04

 — Differences. This chapter first? Plus many other firsts. by PayDay08/15/124.00

Mentor to Her Eager Younger Student

 — She's his Doctoral advisor. by Xesevoli09/24/114.55HOT

Merciful Lust

 — His baby is horny. by DarkestFear07/27/064.18

Meredith Ch. 01

 — I find out how my best friend's sister really feels about me. by robhasby01/25/154.28

Merry Christmas to One and All

 — Sometimes even your secrets can come true. by Ian5612/11/173.90

Metamorphosis Pt. 01

 — Sissy Meets His Master. by Mist2Rain05/01/154.34

Meteor Shower

 — James and Ashley fall in love under the stars. by SweetDesire42709/01/144.58HOTEditor's Pick

Mexican Adventure

 — Shy Englishman loses his virginity in Mexico. by yeomanjack11/07/064.34

Mia Mahal Matriculates Ch. 01

 — College freshman first time fellatio. by boo5610/04/133.77

Mia, A Coed Story Ch. 01

 — A coed coming of age and becoming a woman. by Jessie9204/12/164.50HOT

Miami Heat Ch. 04

 — Sean takes things into his own hands. by GaelicLover10/29/104.46

Miaw: The Life of the Party

 — 18 year old Miaw gets fucked by her boyfriend's best friend. by StudStory03/28/094.08

Michaela Swenson

 — Swedish girl brings a couple closer together. by simaddict09/26/114.42

Michelle and I Make Love

 — They're first time together. by EroticaSeanStyle03/16/034.17

Midnight Girl Scout

 — Petite, busty little honey gives it up at midnight. by HornyPup08/07/024.03

Midnight Swim

 — It's a hot night, so let's take a swim. by Ashson02/28/134.03

Mike Loses His Virginity

 — His mother arranges for him to meet an older woman. by Stormysailor02/06/143.96

Mike's First Time

 — Mike loses his virginity to young mother next door. by Coldfinger05/06/054.46

Mike's First Time

 — A young man has his first sexual encounter. by Odie_196106/04/154.23

Mike's First Time Ch. 03

 — Mike scores a virgin but misses out on another. by Coldfinger09/19/054.56HOT

Mikey & Ms. Stark

 — Mikey is rescued from an abusive home. by LastoftheGreatMikeys09/28/044.49

Mile High First Time

 — A young guy looses his virginity on an airplane. by barely18cock07/20/11

Mile High---Boy Toy

 — A young man is used. by Bill69bill05/30/144.28

Miley & Me

 — A college love story. by Maestro9511/03/072.38

MILF Submissive the Beginning

 — Submissive, slut, turned MILF. by MILFSweetMissy04/24/154.16

Military Manoevers

 — Tim passes on Maggie's lessons; what a gentleman! by Tim Piers10/17/053.96

Mind Games Lead to Body Games

 — The story of two 18 year olds who were familiar with porn. by Fredsowner05/06/174.57HOT

Mindy's First Boat Sex

 — Mindy has sex with a friend on a boat. by twistedgraygoat12/21/143.89

Mindy's Sexual Encounter

 — Mindy is invited over to her friend's house. by adam_woollin11/15/153.98


 — A classmate's sister couldn't resist the virgin. by LanceV11/17/084.46

Miranda's Journey

 — A long walk, a journey of self-discovery, a sexual awakening. by ms72vt06/10/124.57HOT


 — She makes him an offer he can't refuse. by Yinisanalterego08/17/084.25

Mirrorworld Girls

 — Sort of gross, how much he loves her. by plesnie03/07/064.70HOT

Miss Muriel

 — MILF tutors collegian. by theoutcast07/17/173.70

Missing Sergeant Samantha

 — Just before we go on leave, I have fun my love on the phone. by guyloveshotstories11/10/134.28

Missing You Baby

 — A suprising way to wake up - in more ways than one. by Fallen Savior05/11/083.87

Missionary's Position

 — A young missionary's first experiences with a local by fogbank09/08/044.34

Mister Africa Comes To Ottawa

 — Haitian woman seduces man from Swaziland. by Samuelx04/29/122.11

Misty and the Perv

 — Innocent Misty falls into the hands of the neighborhood perv. by bethanylove03/18/184.14


 — Tender story of the first woman I ever fell for. by stevuke01/02/113.38

MMF Threesome

 — This is a story of the first threesome we had. by pixie005404/02/153.61

Mo's Visit to America

 — Mo enjoys his first time with Mother & daughter. by sexy_mama_0903/09/124.02

Models of 'Perfuction'! Ch. 02

 — Surrendering Mae's maidenhead to Jack's lust. by anonentity09/17/104.58HOT

Models of 'Perfuction'! Ch. 03

 — Laura lives up to her promises. by anonentity09/21/104.59HOT

Models of 'Perfuction'! Ch. 04

 — Making out with Mae. by anonentity09/22/104.68HOT

Models of 'Perfuction'! Ch. 05

 — Mae's tale of tail. by anonentity12/05/104.65HOT

Molee's World Ch. 02

 — Molee meets Michelle for a night on the town. by Sara and Ron08/11/054.50HOT

Molly - My First Love

 — First intimate relationship. by apeion10/28/154.12

Molly's Frist Time

 — A young housemaid's awakening. by DaveHighland12/27/144.08

Mom's Friend Helps Me Out

 — Virgin has sex at last. by goodnnnight11/05/084.21

Mom's Hand-Me-Down

 — Daughter borrows mother's boyfriend to prepare for college. by LaTourEiffel09/18/114.28

Mom's in Town Ch. 22

 — Dinner with Rachael and Max. by 1sfshermale04/07/183.93

Moment of Lucidity

 — A brief memory that may be fiction or non-fiction. by Teddy_Clemens09/26/173.94

Mommy's New Bed

 — His mom's fortunes changed and so did his sex life. by blackstroker02/18/164.23

Mona's Reading

 — A jilted teen seeks psychic help. by Emhdtats01/26/124.31

Money Matters

 — Two HS grads look for work and a future. by BlewWater6911/05/064.34

Monoped Muse Ch. 02

 — A dinner for two leads to interesting revelations. by PaulX3511/23/02

Monsoon Night

 — Storm brings two lovers together. by cloman2502/02/134.56HOT

Moon Dance

 — Agile Elk earns his name with a hilltop climax. by Baba801/27/082.73

Moonlight Embrace

 — How she lost her virginity. by jill99904/27/084.25

More Confessions

 — Poppers and Dick Worship. by aliassmith10/26/144.32

More Love of Lingerie

 — More recollections of teenage fun. by Inspire802/05/183.68

More Than a Movie

 — A movie with your best friend turns to passion. by EscapeButton05/22/113.90

More than a Nap

 — Two lovers enjoy each other for the first time. by DaisyinChains01/19/093.88

More than Friends

 — A pair of friends decide it's time to cross the line. by littledirtygirl2402/06/133.76

More Than Just Friends

 — Two friends bridge the gap between friends and lovers. by Badstudent6907/29/134.37

More Than This

 — Dusting gets his first blowjob. by velvetpie02/10/054.10

More Than You Could Ever Know

 — Jason and finally gets the girl, his best friend. by Lesbofreak5702/12/144.18

More Virgin than You

 — A young woman irritates her friends. by Ashson09/28/154.37

Morgan's Mistakes Ch. 01

 — Morgan had been used to making friends and getting attention... by TodtHill01/16/133.76

Morgan's Mistakes Ch. 02

 — Morgan arrives at Layne's apartment to find the door unlocked. by TodtHill01/22/133.32

Mormons Fuck

 — A Mormon couple and their active sex life by movie_fan196907/01/14

Morning After

 — Choose your companions wisely. by Ashson06/07/134.54HOT

Motel Ch. 02

 — Seduction at a motel. by Ashson08/09/154.34

Mother and Daughter BBW's share

 — A new neighbor finds an interesting duo... by Xesevoli04/24/124.12

Mother of My Best Friend

 — Story of seduction by a mature lady. by kinkydreams66712/19/113.73

Mother of My Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Story of seduction by a mature lady continues. by kinkydreams66708/27/124.17

Mother's Boyfriend

 — Seduced by her mother's friend. by Ashson12/28/174.34

Mother's Peach Cobbler

 — Her introduction to sex by the older man next door. by satyrnidae01/26/044.52HOT

Mother-In-Law Fun

 — She got what she needed. by Ohio_Man10/21/134.04

Mother: Virginity Admission

 — Lesbian daughter describes losing her virginity. by hasnoalias12/11/164.43

Mothers Turning Point

 — And other unknown directions. by qualitywheat08/26/164.37


 — Life is like that. by reavan08/08/033.79


 — A pair of acting students struggle to find their motivation. by Krosis05/23/174.05


 — A jogger interrupts a robbery. by Ashson07/10/144.50HOT

Motorcyle Madness

 — fantasy become dangerous reality. by Ladyhawke2410/17/094.53HOT

Mountain Hiking

 — Girls have bad and good experiences while hiking by Ashson11/29/124.45

Mountain Seduction

 — A mountain girl meets a stranger and gets a friend. by Ashson11/19/124.35

Mountain Vacation Ch. 01

 — A lucky guy gets his first blowjob. by Satyr8111/26/134.56HOT

Mountain Vacation Ch. 02

 — Lucia's past threatens her future and she tells Robert bye. by Satyr8102/05/144.58HOT

Mouse's Maiden Voyage

 — Astronaut loses her virginity in space to two comrades. by Gorza09/15/154.71HOT

Movie Buff

 — Old movies make friends, who become lovers. by ReefBeach04/01/144.56HOT

Movie Marathon

 — A movie marathon leads to a different type of marathon ;) by OliverPride08/09/174.21

Movie Night Ch. 02

 — Back at the apartment after the movie. by JoeAllison07/15/103.89

Movie Surprise

 — A surprise stress release in Japan. by thefather12/09/154.06

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