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Lesbian Sex Stories

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The Friend

 — Suddenly he was facing a beautiful naked woman. by jthserra07/19/043.13

The Friendliest Skies

 — A college student gets extraordinary in-flight service. by miss_madeleine11/04/074.48

The Friendly Party Ch. 1

 — Online friends meet for the first time. by Night-time12/06/013.31

The Friendly Party Ch. 2

 — The girls partake of some Twister fun. by Night-time12/11/014.27

The Fruits Of Her Labors

 — The seduction of a sexy fruit vendor. by Milene02/17/144.60HOT

The Fuck of My Life

 — A neglected expat's wife embarks on an affair with her maid. by Alex412/29/114.04

The Fuckerware Party Ch. 08

 — Tina tries to Seduce Lisette and bring her into the group. by Tappy_McWidestance08/02/104.64HOT

The Fuckerware Party Ch. 11

 — Tina and the Mistress Club have a group contest. by Tappy_McWidestance09/23/104.48

The Full Moon Party

 — Lesbian sex in the rain. by Naughtykittykat1306/21/124.02

The Fun Continues

 — Weekend fun with Tammi continues. by venus_can06/11/02

The Fun Party

 — Girls at a toy party go back home and have more fun! by Passionately Pink02/19/064.34

The Funeral Ch. 01

 — Shawna helps Sam with her grief. by butchbabe05/06/133.80

The Funeral Ch. 02

 — Sam comforts Shawna in return. by butchbabe05/08/134.10

The Gamble

 — Lady pool-player can't lose when prize is a Goddess. by Carnal Syn04/25/024.34

The Game

 — First time lesbians. by book_worm907/26/134.17

The Game Ch. 07 Pt. 01

 — Sara and Rachel spend time together. by Sara and Ron02/21/054.47

The Game of Perfect Strangers

 — Partners go out to pretend they don't know each other. by CelestialLove01/21/123.81

The Games We Play

 — A new game is begun. by Avalanche Man09/01/052.62

The Games We Play

 — When sleep doesn't come, the devilish need to make her does. by JustLucky04/07/134.16

The Garage

 — A full service down at the garage. by MissLisaJones04/11/114.06

The Garden

 — Becca takes part in a secret Sapphic awakening ceremony. by Theora01/19/114.53HOT

The Garden Party

 — Party invite leads to new experience. by bginner07/26/043.94

The Garden Shed

 — A gardener and her lover meet in the shed. by GoldieDavis08/22/134.14

The Genie Visits

 — She joins you in the bath. by SistaShakespeare02/11/043.24

The Gentleman's Club

 — A moment with Her... by Morgaine LaFay09/22/014.21

The Gentleman's Club Ch. 2

 — She remembers a night with her. by Morgaine LaFay10/14/014.20

The Gentler Sex

 — She experiences the 'gentler sex' for the first time. by ~¤MzJones¤~03/25/024.43

The Ghost

 — Bethany finds unexpected love with unnatural help. by Dstep04/14/103.96

The Gift

 — Veronica thanks Jenna in a big way. by lesbianic03/23/054.23

The Gift of Letters

 — Student learns love of books can become love itself. by puppetgirl10/01/024.50HOT

The Girl At The Punk Show

 — A rockabilly punk girl celebrates her birthday. by EvaHellCat6907/01/133.67

The Girl for Me

 — She's not the sort who normally does hook ups, but... by dnchapman01/04/154.38

The Girl from IT

 — Charlie wakes up in a strange bed - but whose is it? by sauceofallevil03/03/154.40NEW

The Girl From Work

 — Two women meet at work and become lovers. by lildeb528103/06/073.90

The Girl in 4D

 — Abby didn't know her neighbor knew she was watching. by Tammy_Nguyen_7702/26/134.30

The Girl In The White Bikini

 — Tender story of love between two women. by Liv Blake11/26/024.68HOT

The Girl Next Door

 — Lauren saves her neighbor's life - & falls for her. by Xtinas_Girlfriend06/26/054.43

The Girl Next Door

 — Undercover sex in wartime Germany. by scheherazade_7908/13/044.62HOT

The Girl Next Door

 — A newly divorced woman starts her life anew. by closetlesbian3701/12/094.29

The Girl Next Door

 — Pam discovers the truth about her neighbours. by Sindy07005/30/144.39

The Girl Next Door Ch. 01

 — Is a lesbian affair with the cam-girl next door cheating? by Stultus09/17/103.98

The Girl Next Door Ch. 01

 — Danica has fun with her next-door neighbor. by PrincessErin06/11/084.02

The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

 — Katie leaves Lauren, but their love grows stronger. by Xtinas_Girlfriend01/07/064.64HOT

The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

 — Danica has fun with her next-door neighbor. by PrincessErin06/12/084.01

The Girl on the Bus

 — The innocence of young love. by cbrmale02/08/044.35

The Girl Who Came In From The Cold

 — A good deed pays off. by BuckRivers12/31/144.76HOT

The Girl with Magical Hands Pt. 01

 — An encounter with a talented woman at a carnival sideshow. by BuckRivers10/08/144.55HOT

The Girl with Magical Hands Pt. 02

 — Writer seeks to interview uniquely talented sideshow woman. by BuckRivers10/12/144.62HOT

The Girls Home

 — Sarah is taken in. by AaronAardvark02/03/133.53

The Girls of Phi Kappa Alpha

 — Naive coeds are initiated into a lesbian sorority. by Dumpington09/24/014.38

The Girls Storm Cabo Day 01

 — Six friends share a week in Cabo. by CoyoteGirl6902/14/084.64HOT

The Girls Storm Cabo Day 02

 — A continuation of a girl's week in Los Cabos. by CoyoteGirl6903/27/084.70HOT

The Girls Storm Cabo Day 03

 — A continuation of a girl's week in Los Cabos. by CoyoteGirl6904/28/084.43

The Girls Storm Cabo Day 04

 — The final day for the friends in Cabo. by CoyoteGirl6907/28/084.59HOT

The Girls Will Play

 — Two friends get time alone while boyfriends are out. by BiTacular12/17/114.10

The Goddess Of Love

 — A relationship of love, honor and hate. by Pandoras Desire11/17/064.15

The GOGO Bar

 — Wife spies on hubby at strip club, & makes friends. by Disp34110/14/004.20

The Golf Club Dinner

 — Delightful pleasures await Sandra when she attends the golf. by greenfly07/21/074.55HOT

The Golf Widows

 — Ignored Jackie finds comfort from an unexpected quarter. by AStropirate05/03/144.06

The Good Deed

 — A rescue pays off in the end. by Bourguit01/22/134.34

The Good Deed

 — She gets more than expected from a Japanese vacation. by SKL_2809/11/104.21

The Good Deed Ch. 02

 — Megan has another good day with Courtney. by Bourguit03/14/134.24

The Good Deed Ch. 03

 — Some things aren't like they used to be, they're better. by Bourguit08/17/134.65HOT

The Good Doctor's Practice

 — She heats up the doc's surgery with a porn star. by FlyontheWall9905/02/034.57HOT

The Good Girl

 — Lonely divorce' finds mature sexy lady and falls in love. by smj54ap03/09/084.65HOT

The Good Girl Ch. 02

 — Heather and Shannon spend the morning. by Katies11/29/084.41

The Good Girl Ch. 05

 — Heather gets a surprise. by Katies04/19/094.58HOT

The Governess Ch. 01

 — Miss Pauline guides young Simone into womanhood. by Shamrockk08/09/114.31

The Governess Ch. 02

 — Miss Pauline introduces herself to Jack the Stable Boy. by Shamrockk08/13/114.44

The Governess Ch. 03

 — Miss Pauline continues Simone's education. by Shamrockk06/18/134.38

The Governess Ch. 04

 — Simone and Miss Pauline visit Mademoiselle Lefevre. by Shamrockk07/15/134.48

The Grapes of Lust

 — She models nude with Abby. by MelanieK05/05/034.31

The Guest

 — Olivia learns that unwanted house guests can be fun. by pointless01/19/054.66HOT

The Gym

 — Sexy Vicky likes to party. by X_Christina_X10/23/074.30

The Gym: A Lesbian Love Story

 — Two MILFs find love at a fitness center. by walterk12/15/143.47

The Hairdresser

 — Things get steamy when she meets a sexy hairdresser. by gen_man6901/04/084.42

The Hairdresser Ch. 02

 — Nisha goes for the massage and meets another lady. by gen_man6903/12/084.27

The Hardest Answer: Cars

 — Lauren meets some more of Julia's friends. by cawastedyouth09/19/063.89

The Hardest Answer: Unspoken

 — Julia & Lauren steel their resolves; Lauren gets bolder. by cawastedyouth09/12/064.14

The Hat Ch. 01

 — Maeve pays for error with her body. by Ginny W.05/22/044.11

The Hat Ch. 02

 — Caitlin furthers her seduction of Maeve. by Ginny W.05/23/044.19

The Helpful Son Ch. 01

 — Zack sets his mom up for a life-changing experience. by PantyhoseFan04/22/034.42

The Helpful Son Ch. 04

 — Jean comes to Summer for help. by PantyhoseFan08/01/054.39

The Hen Night

 — Prostitutes show partying girls the light. by Scotsdude08/29/024.15

The Highway Stop Ch. 01

 — Nina is stopped by Maria a highway patrolwoman for theft. by SapphoLust05/16/084.51HOT

The Highway Stop Ch. 02

 — Nina gets her revenge but the situation degrades. by SapphoLust06/16/084.47

The Highwayman

 — Coach hold-ups for sex not robbery. by amyredek08/28/114.30

The Hike

 — Resting a hip against the bumper of her jeep... by IlonaSkye01/07/153.98

The Hitchhiker

 — Lynn gets quite a ride. by asteroid12/23/014.41

The Hockey Mom

 — Kate needed to find something new. by SweetestThing11/24/104.68HOT

The Home Life Of A Professor

 — She spends time with her 3 slave girls. by vic_elor05/08/044.25

The Home Life Of A Professor Ch. 02

 — Kathren is sent to party to earn money for her mistress. by vic_elor08/31/064.02

The Home-Cumming

 — Couple makes up for lost time after being apart. by matriarch06/01/034.58HOT

The Homecoming

 — Boo & his lesbian lover. by Trekker07/15/024.24

The Horror Beneath Ch. 02

 — Jessica & her mother get intimate. by daniellesadvisor09/10/044.07

The Hot Tub

 — Renee has her first sexual experience with a woman. by YoungSuburbanWife02/14/094.33

The Hot Tub

 — A game of "Truth or Dare" evolves into a first time affair. by Soupbone01/26/133.98

The Hotel

 — Fuck me till' I'm sore. by fuckmeharderbabe07/24/134.05

The Hotel Room

 — You meet the love of your life in a hotel room. by graychick06/21/044.05

The Hotel Stay Ch. 01

 — Christie stays at a hotel where she meets her lover. by Brokensoul24409/18/143.66

The Hotel Stay Ch. 02

 — Christie and Kathie head to the club. by Brokensoul24409/24/143.99

The Hour

 — Lovers meet for an hour. by GoldieDavis06/06/143.62

The House Ch. 02

 — Phoebe is needy. by phsssst08/25/044.25

The House of Ryaki Ch. 01

 — Henna's first guest. by U4ea09/03/054.19

The House Sitter

 — Karen and Dave need a sitter. by O212/21/094.27

The House Sitter Ch. 02

 — Wanted: Samantha and Lani get to know each other, by O204/07/134.51HOT

The Housewife in the Sex Shop

 — A good fuck in both holes before she fills me with her hand. by SilMaria07/26/144.24

The Hunger Ch. 10

 — Kim gets to know Heather better. by CorsetLvr11/21/074.74HOT

The Hunger Ch. 11

 — Kim & Heather - The Day After. by CorsetLvr06/26/084.64HOT

The Hunger Ch. 12

 — Heather opens up to Kim. by CorsetLvr07/19/084.65HOT

The Hunger Ch. 14

 — Kim takes Heather to the nudist camp. by CorsetLvr10/25/084.77HOT

The Hunt Ch. 08

 — Her first lesbian experience comes in a very unexpected way. by i_would08/07/124.32

The Hunt Ch. 13

 — Making-up sex is the best sex. by i_would08/10/124.42

The Hunter

 — The tables are turned on your own hunting ground. by scheherazade_7912/08/064.51HOT

The Hunter & His Prey

 — A watcher, his wife and his intended victim. by humminbrd3011/03/034.30

The Ice Box

 — Two sexy ladies play with blindfolds & berries. by skitchykat07/01/013.53

The Impossible Girl Ch. 01

 — Jessica develops unexpected feelings for nude freezing woman by sumwyln03/13/093.83

The In Between

 — What happens when Jordan gets restless? by herslave42005/30/104.74HOT

The Infatuation

 — A hotel chambermaid and a wealthy businesswoman. by smallncute06/16/084.42

The Initation

 — College girl makes new friends. by standingstones04/29/063.91

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