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Carmen and Eddie Ch. 02

 — The story continues with Jason cuckolding Eddie. by bonnietaylor11/15/08

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 03

 — The cucking continues for Eddie; the fucking for Carmen. by bonnietaylor11/24/08

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 04

 — Carmen tells Eddie she must go away for a week. by bonnietaylor12/26/08

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 05

 — Carmen goes away for a week with her lover. by bonnietaylor05/29/09

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 06

 — Carmen learns from Jaosn what real lust is really like. by bonnietaylor06/28/09

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 07

 — The turning of Eddie into a real cuck. by bonnietaylor07/10/09

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 08

 — The next step in Eddie's training as a cuck. by bonnietaylor07/20/09

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 09

 — Eddie remembers back, cums, and then gets more. by bonnietaylor07/24/09

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 10

 — The end of the cuckolding. by bonnietaylor07/30/09

Carnal Desires Unleashed

 — Shopping trip turns sexy for sexy wife. by marriedpervs06/11/043.92

Carnival Orgy

 — She loses her husband and finds new love. by 75corner04/01/053.97


 — She was one of a kind. by magichands04/11/023.87


 — Was she really reluctant? by Justtoold10/11/124.05

Carol Agrees to Play

 — Playing at casino leads to cuckold husband. by The_Assman03/01/113.69

Carol and Marvin

 — Married woman thinks she's in love with her boss. by Matt Moreau05/11/083.84

Carol at Work

 — Wife and hubby fight over her going to work. by jakewho6910/03/113.81

Carol Becomes A Slut Wife

 — Husband's temper makes his wife become a slut. by gonzi210/11/033.99

Carol Ch. 02

 — Anyway I like sucking cock, so you luck out. by velvet hammer10/12/104.23

Carol Ch. 03

 — I was in the hands of a true middle-aged nymphomaniac . . . by velvet hammer10/21/104.32

Carol Ch. 2

 — A marriage that was different. by magichands04/15/024.25

Carol Ch. 3

 — It was their turn on the table. by magichands04/22/024.24

Carol Confirms Sex Sells Ch. 01

 — A free pass leads to enjoyment for all. by irxgbr04/16/074.26

Carol Confirms Sex Sells Ch. 02

 — She puts her free pass to energetic use. by irxgbr04/18/074.31

Carol Confirms Sex Sells Ch. 03

 — Testing the market. by irxgbr04/23/074.23

Carol Confirms Sex Sells Ch. 04

 — The climax of the girl's new profession. by irxgbr04/26/074.23

Carol Shared

 — Best friend shares his wife with me. by Tnwhitebull05/01/124.13

Carol's Birthday Party

 — My first strip tease gangbang birthday party. by Jack and Carol Arid12/14/034.23

Carol's Birthday Treat

 — Loving wife enjoys her lovers with husband on her birthday. by Bassoon10/28/073.91

Carol's Christmas Creampie

 — Carol gets a special gift for Christmas. by Nigela Lamont11/23/064.23

Carol's Ex-Marital

 — Ramon seduces Carol as hubby watches. by peckermaster07/13/033.67

Carol's Lust Ch. 01

 — A couple's first threesome. by MsLinnet09/04/083.59

Carol's Lust Ch. 02

 — One woman's adventure into a life of her fantasies. by MsLinnet09/05/084.02

Carol's Lust Ch. 03

 — A woman's journey into her own lust & fulfillment. by MsLinnet10/04/083.85

Carol's Lust Ch. 04

 — The final part of a woman's journey of sexual fulfillment. by MsLinnet10/05/083.55

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 05

 — Janice moves out, Carol's final patch. by CastleStone02/15/094.51HOT

Carol's Pleasures

 — Young wife enjoys her lover with her husband. by Bassoon10/01/074.19

Carole Ch. 01

 — From prim and proper, to wild and sexy. by Shovel11/20/044.13

Carole's Dilemma

 — Woman must choose between sex or jail. by jack_straw02/11/034.29

Carole's Indoctrination

 — Woman becomes company sex toy. by jack_straw02/11/034.40

Carole's Orgy

 — Woman accompanies bosses on business trip by jack_straw02/11/034.41

Carole's Punishment

 — Woman spirals out of control by jack_straw02/11/034.18

Carole's Revenge

 — Woman turns the tables on tormentors. by jack_straw02/12/033.99

Caroline Agrees

 — Wife gives in to husbands request. by PlateSpin06/22/144.07

Caroline Alone Ch. 01

 — What has she done? by MortonGrange02/27/134.50HOT

Caroline Alone Ch. 02

 — It's a battlefield. by MortonGrange03/03/134.47

Caroline Alone Ch. 04

 — Brighton rock. by MortonGrange03/06/134.57HOT

Caroline's Scrapbook

 — First-Time swinger meets a very kinky couple. by MrChips7204/29/054.28

Carpe Dieam

 — A young couple finds themselves in a unique situation. by deuce22607/03/133.87

Carpe Diem

 — NY couple seeks friends-with-benefits...real? Heh. by cautiouslyimpulsiveunpredictable08/31/112.50

Carpe Diem

 — A couple tours Italy with a new friend. by swingerjoe04/06/183.63

Carpe Diem Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife are made an unusual offer. by deuce22601/10/144.27

Carpe Diem Ch. 02

 — The night. by deuce22601/11/144.08

Carpe Fucking Diem

 — When you love him enough to kill him. by ColetteJulie09/01/164.73HOT

Carpool Ch. 02

 — Things heat up as the spouses join in. by Slickman07/16/104.66HOT


 — Wife's revenge on husband changes their lives. by K.K.11/28/02

Carrie Enjoys Some Cyber-Sex

 — Wife enjoys cybersex, Then they have hot sex together. by flashpoint207/10/153.73

Carrie's Customer

 — Clever stay-at-home wife keeps two men happy. by sexy_sweetie04/18/073.71

Carrie's Fall

 — Wife's infidelity bites back. by michaellajones06/12/174.11

Carrie's Game

 — Poker wasn't her game. by TatankaBill04/23/182.95

Carrie's Guilt

 — Carrie's deals with her conflicting emotions. by TQM05/16/073.21

Carry On Dentist!!

 — Dilemma of a Dentist. by bdrew8601/10/133.75

Carry On Dentist!! Ch. 02

 — Oral treatment for the dentist. by bdrew8601/30/134.16

Carry That Weight

 — Revenge can come in different forms. by Harddaysknight02/15/104.38

Carry That Weight: Beast Of Burden

 — Tribute/continuation of Harddaysknight's 'Carry That Weight'. by DFWBeast08/18/164.68HOT

Casandra's Guy

 — You're my guy baby, you'll always be my guy. by Just Plain Bob10/09/062.56

Casanova and the Cuckold

 — Amateur dramatics become a centre of cuckolding. by MichaelPeterson05/10/164.45

Case Dismissed

 — She didn't kill her lover, just our marriage. by murphy62107/17/133.79

Case of Compound Errors

 — Cheating on a dead man, or was it just..a story? by magmaman10/14/104.43

Casino Adventure

 — Encouraged by wife he has sex with a hot stranger. by FERDY12/12/084.07

Casino Girl

 — Young and pretty - Hubby is away by Trisashusband06/06/164.34

Casino Hooker

 — Wife fulfills husband's fantasy. by Tag2some04/12/064.10

Casino Hotwife

 — Watching my Hotwife at play. by Laughlustrepeat02/11/174.27

Casino Loving

 — His wife finally loosens up. by lloyd05110/24/053.77

Casino Night

 — Hubby sets up coworker to seduce his wife. by Barb36D07/04/034.28

Casino Night

 — They play around a bit, mostly pillow talk. by lobman106/22/093.41

Casino Night

 — Wife shares with her best friend. by yoyo13849609/18/103.27

Caspar Milquetoast

 — His wife's boyfriend fathers his four kids. by Grey Eagle 28606/09/063.97

Cassandra Gets Ploughed

 — Young wife makes her husband's dreams all too real. by ImpulsivelyAbrasive02/09/174.50HOT

Cassie and Mike Go Exploring

 — Cassie meets Mike. What does he really want from her? by PeterFrancisM06/15/103.21

Cassie's Life: The Babysitter

 — Henry's bisexual wife seduces the babysitter. by estories6910/23/014.44

Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters

 — Silly young wife's infidelity, and well... by carvohi03/23/164.29


 — She wanted to be with her friends, he just wanted a wife. by dragonmann7210/04/173.31

Castaway Ch. 01

 — A perfect life isn't so perfect... by rnebular06/05/164.23

Castaway Ch. 02

 — James tries to figure things out. by rnebular06/08/164.41

Castaway Ch. 03

 — James comes to terms with his new reality. by rnebular06/21/164.60HOT

Castaway Ch. 04

 — James is stranded, and confronts his demons... by rnebular07/10/164.53HOT

Castaway Ch. 05

 — Will James ever be happy again? by rnebular07/17/164.34

Castles in Spain

 — Her Spanish plan. how'd that work out for her? by MattblackUK03/29/133.84

Castles in Spain Pt. 02

 — The pain from Spain. by MattblackUK09/12/164.19

Casual Night at Home

 — Wife has fun with ex. by Roscoe082901/03/133.04

Cat and Mouse

 — A naked dare exposes more than skin. by hardhearted08/27/083.90

Cat Fishing Her Bull

 — The only way to find out the truth is to ask him what he did. by inretrospect04/27/182.23

Cat in the Rain

 — I Hardly Knew Ya. by dtiverson09/26/154.72HOT

Cat's Away

 — Neighbors share a hot date while spouses are away. by Dakota_North11/30/014.44

Cat's Away

 — Will she understand his behavior in her absence? by pumken11/09/103.85

Cat's Curiosity Satisfied

 — Married woman experiences what she's been wanting. by jessijessi3406/08/024.57HOT


 — A forty something wife finds an unusual catalyst for change. by Badwolf12310/19/093.82

Catastrophic Consequences

 — Will the consequences be too hard? Can she live with them? by Presidio08/07/073.32

Catch Me

 — A playful squirt of the water hose leads to amazing sex. by Angel040508/19/154.28

Catch Me If You Can

 — A road trip turned out to be a fantasy fulfilled. by AliciaBishop09/10/124.13

Catching a Cheater

 — Husband discovers wife is a cheater. by msm86501/08/143.67

Catching Corrina

 — Wayward wife is caught on camera. by east76th05/21/053.38

Catching My Fiancé

 — Caught my fiancé with someone I never expected! by Jshane1201/29/182.55

Catching Nancy

 — Doing something she shouldn’t be doin by ohio07/14/064.40

Catching Up with An Old Friend

 — Sarah has a sexless marriage and is ready for what she needs. by Elkman198405/27/164.09

Catching Wife Masturbating

 — Husband arrives home early finds wife masturbating & joins. by 86Man09/04/074.31

Cate's Gift

 — Cate's gift to Mark begins an adventure of sexual fantasies. by erossmantic01/18/144.60HOT

Catfishing in New York

 — Look what I’ve got on my line! by Charles_Bovary01/11/184.34

Cath's Secret Exposed

 — Wife's 30 year old secret comes back to life. by mardrjc10/26/173.65


 — Catherine's anger leads to trouble. by coops18109/29/083.08

Catherine & Rick

 — Sexy housewife sucks off husband's best friend. by samandrews06/28/044.25

Catherine Visits The Hospital

 — Sexy wife sucks off husband's roommate. by samandrews08/13/044.20

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 01

 — Husband encourages wife to have lover. by nocluescooby12/30/064.25

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of a wife sharing story. by nocluescooby01/06/074.23

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 03

 — Further into being a shared wife. by nocluescooby01/12/074.40

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 04

 — Part 4 of ongoing wife sharing story. by nocluescooby01/31/074.33

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 05

 — White couple go deeper into BiW cuckoldry. by nocluescooby04/01/074.29

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 06

 — A white wife that cuckolds hubby. by nocluescooby04/25/074.39

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 07

 — George attends a cuckold support group. by nocluescooby05/11/074.28

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 08

 — Continuation of a hard core interracial cuckoldry story. by nocluescooby05/26/074.33

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 09

 — Randy is moving in. by nocluescooby05/27/074.12

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 10

 — The situation grows even more sexually charged. by nocluescooby07/26/074.33

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 11

 — The anniversary party. by nocluescooby07/27/074.13

Catholic School Education

 — A parental school tour turns into something much more. by johnnieblue4409/05/134.13

Cathouse Tuesday!

 — What would you expect if you bought your wife a whorehouse? by MormonChicks09/13/164.53HOT

Cathouse Tuesday! Ch. 02

 — What would you expect if you bought your wife a whorehouse? by MormonChicks09/26/164.48

Cathouse Tuesday! Ch. 03

 — What would you expect if you bought your wife a whorehouse? by MormonChicks12/25/164.40

Cathy and Chris Ch. 07

 — Brother in law and sister in law; let him eat cake. by Crazeems01/30/114.42

Cathy's First Time

 — Cathy and her husband try group sex for the first time. by hornygranny01/14/064.16

Cattleman's Homecoming

 — Sexy homecoming for a tired rancher man. by Taniera10/27/114.29

Catwomen Caught

 — A drunken confession at a Halloween party reveals much. by javmor7911/15/154.25

Catwomen Caught Ch. 02: After the Party

 — The continuation of the Halloween party gone wrong. by javmor7911/25/154.50HOT

Catwomen Caught Fictional Redux

 — A fictional continuation of javmor79's story. by imhapless11/18/154.27


 — She catches husband jacking off & teaches him lesson. by happy2bhubby08/08/033.60


 — Games couples play? by The Jewel11/20/033.15

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