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A Challenge - She's given the ultimate taste test.
A Chance Encounter
- She spends lusty weekend with lovely Colleen.
A Change in Lifestyle
- Straight Erin discovers Kelly.
A Girl in the Country - Country girl discovers women.
A Good Friend Ch. 1 - Girlfriend stays overnight with lonely Fran.
A Good Friend Ch. 2 - Jen and Fran enjoy each other's company.
A Night Out - Girl sees her gal friend in a new light.
A Shave and a Suck - Married women get clean shave at the barbers.
A Trip to Casie's - Sexy mature dyke gets two young girls.
Abby - High school girl grows closer to girl friend.
Afternoon Delight - Kate seduces her brother's sexy girlfriend.
Afternoon Swim - She shakes up lovely small-town wife's world.
Alice's Adventures Pt. VIII - Alice finds her way to Mouse.
Alice's Adventures Pt. IX - Alice read Honore L'Oeuf.
Alice's Adventures Pt. XII - Alice meets Honore L'Oeuf.
Alice's Adventures Pt. XIV - The girls celebrate Alice's birthday.
Alice's Adventures Pt. XV - Alice returns with tales from Brook.
All For Mary - Lesbian couple teach sexy coworker joys of girl love.
All For Mary Pt. II - Jill & friends take Mary out on the town.
All The Good Ones Are Married - Girl discovers lesbian chat.
Amanda - Drunk woman gets a ride from pretty blonde.
Antoinette - She's enraptured by French violin player.
Andrea's Big Surprise - Girlfriend invites her over for more fun.
Angela's Close Shave - Roommate Rebecca helps her get smooth.
Angelina, Sweet Beauty - Lucky girl meets stunning star.
Annie's Girl Gets Her - She fantasizes about Sarah.
Apartment 407 - Nancy loves 19-year-old Alicia.
Ariana's Awakening - School outcast gets a new start.
Atlanta Heat - Wife on business trip meets sexy barmaid.
Azaria - Three girlfriends get hot watching porno together.
Babysitter - She finds sexy sitter's porno stash.
Babysitter - Fashion model gives lessons to teen girl.
Babysitter Pt. II - Felicity meets a new challenge.
Belle - She yearns for full-bodied girlfriend.
Berlin: My First Time - Young woman meets sultry European girl.
Bound to Please - She's tied up by three women.
Boutique Magic - Married shop owner catches employees in lesbian fun.
Branded in Montreal - College girl has lesbian experience.
Brandy's First Woman - Girl meets girl by the pool.
Breakfast - She gives her girlfriend a good morning!
Breaking the Tension - Girl roommates share secrets.
Brownout Serendipity - She catches beautiful roommate home alone.
Bus Driver - She fancies girl bus driver.
Candi - Lesbian visits BDSM club for the first time.
Candlelight Desires - Young woman finds happiness with another girl.
Caught in the Act - Wife & friend play while husband's away.
Chain Letter Pt. I - Andrea's love life has taken an unexpected turn.
Chain Letter Pt. II - Andrea discovers Rachel.
Chain Letter Pt. III - Andrea & Fey plan seduction.
Chain Letter Pt. IV - Andrea and Fey come clean.
Cheerleading Camp - Horny cheer girls play truth or dare.
Couch Dance - Bisexual woman rediscovers long lost friend.
Chris Comes Undone Pt. III - Chris kisses another woman.
Dahlia Act One - Jilted girl seeks solace in sexy gal pal.
Daughter of the Bride - She's tempted by partner's sexy daughter.
Daydream Believer - Pregnant woman picks up a hitchhiker.
Dear Diary Pt. IX - Kelli loses her virginity...to a woman.
Dear Diary Pt. X - Kelli enjoys time with her girlfriends.
Dear Jessica... - Jane finds love with her old teacher, Miss Walsh.
Dearest Forevermore Pt. I - Young girls seek love in Europe.
Dearest Forevermore Pt. II - Emily learns more about Anna.
Denise Plays w/Jennifer Love-Hewitt - Denise meets sexpot.
Dirty Denise Does Gillian Anderson - Girl meets TV star.
Doing the Student - Girl has chance rendezvous with pretty student.
Dotti: The Family... VIII - The doctor visits.
Dream Invaders I - Kimmy yearns for female pro-wrestler.
Dream Invaders II - Carmen's candle power Electra-fies Kimmy.
Dream Invaders III - Kimmy jolts Jenny.
Dream Invaders IV - Two Kims work out.
Dream Invaders V - Kimmy, the Surfer Babe.
Dream Invaders VI - Porn producer Kimmy.
Dyke Bar Heaven - Lesbian gardener goes out on the town.
Emily & Amber - High school girls get wild together.
Fantasies Pt. I - Bicurious woman falls for Amanda.
Fantasies Pt. II - Bicurious girl meets with lovely Amanda.
Female Persuasion - Estranged wife is seduced by girl stripper.
First Night Pt. V - Jenny helps Sue shave.
First of Many with John III - She experiments with beautiful tall girl.
Friday Night - Vamp goes out on the town in search of a woman.
Friend Helping a Friend - High school girls discover each other.
Full House:... Pt. I - Michelle reunites with Stephanie.
Fun with Cousin Beth - Girl cousins play with toys together.
Girlfriend - Making a meal out of girlfriend.
Girlie Showers - He watches girls play master & slave.
Girl-Talk - Rachel helps loosen up straight Jane.
Girls - Business trip leads to lesbian encounter.
Going Away Party - Her girlfriend gives her a fond farewell.
Good Buddies - Girl friends discover intimate secrets.
Gothic - Girl picks up redhead at Gothic club.
Guardian Angel - Angel shows her the pleasures of lesbian love.
Gym Shower - He catches wife with lovely redhead.
Happiness Found - She finds joy in a woman's arms.
Hillary Finds Her G - Three girlfriends seek that special spot.
Hotel Room - Young maid helps gorgeous hotel guest with her bra.
House Sitting II - Her Asian friend Maggie visits.
I Dream of Maria... - Wild Brazilian seduces English woman.
I Got All Caught Up - Dyke falls hard for Texan beauty.
I'd Rather Be Shopping - Sarah & Brandi take on the mall.
In Her Father's Footsteps VI - Jane plays photographer.
In Her Father's Footsteps VII - Jane shows tape to Wendy.
Internet Pals - ICQ pals meet in hotel for wild encounter.
Intimate Shaves - She helps Tammy go smooth.
Intrigue - Sexy senatorial candidate has an agenda.
It's Not Lipstick, Is It? - She opens neighbor's mail & discovers...
It's Not Lipstick, Is It? Pt. II - Connie & Alice are blackmailed.
Jackeroo - Young girl discovers herself while away at school.
Jana - Ebony schoolgirl loves a blonde classmate.
Judie & Me - Her Internet friendship with kinky lady grows.
Karin's First Time - Woman reveals her first lesbian experience.
Katie's First Time - Gal penfriends get freaky.
Kiko's Story - Asian girl lusts for her Asian hairdresser.
Kool Girls - She reunites with high school gal pal.
Lactating Lesbian Lady - Rosita aids mother with swollen breasts.
Laura - Straight girl is enamored with nude model.
LeeAnn's Secret Lust - Teen barely hides her desire for Hannah.
Let's Pretend - Mandy and Jessica help each other in every way.
Lexi's Surprise Pt. I - She wakes up to find herself being shaven.
Lexi's Surprise Pt. II - Jack shows up, and all is explained.
Lilly White, Virgin - Wild west lady seeks help from Miss Kitty.
Limo Gal - Driver girl lusts for wealthy woman.
Linda's Surprise Pt. I - Linda has eyes for roommate Casey.
Lisa - Her first love was a she.
Lonely Wives - Clerk gets big tip from gorgeous upscale wife.
Lonely Wives Pt. II - Alana follows Celeste home.
Love Thy Lovely Neighbor - Wife discovers neighbor Bonnie.
Lovely Lingerie Lady
- She lusts for undies model.
Lovely Lisa - Pretty girl has her first homoerotic experience.
Lustful Sleep - Angie catches Ann in somnambulant sexplay.
Lynette's Fantasy - She makes an unusual friendship.
Mama Told Me Pt. I - Motherless woman grows close to girlfriend.
Management Training Pt. I - Female boss takes naughty girl.
Management Training Pt. II - Boss & sexy girl get further training.
Management Training Pt. III - Judith "comforts" boss's daughter.
Mardi Gras - Butch girl meets fantasy mate.
Married With Children Pt. II - Marcy watches Kelly shower.
Memorable Beach Walk - She meets nude stewardess & model.
Michelle - Girl seduces married woman.
Michelle, My Belle - American girl discovers French girl.
Michelle's Day - She fantasizes about Sara.
Millennium Dominance Pt. I - Mom takes on a strange new job.
Miss Amelia's Secret - Brazen young nympho seduces many.
Missing Julia - Best girlfriends share intimate pleasures.
More Than Roommates Pt. I - They're closer than she imagined!
Ms. Salazar - Troubled girl finds true love in lock-up.
My Aunt Meg - Octogenarian confesses her wild life to her niece.
My Dream - Wife seduces girl friend while hubby's away.
My First Bisexual Experience - Girl is turned on by best friend.
My First Female Experience - She discovers other women.
My First Girl-Girl Experience - Wife gets closer to Amy.
My First Lovers... - Girlfriend Jean & Jean's mom teach her love.
My Jenny Fantasy - Two horny women, assorted food, and fisting.
My Lovely Leila - Close friend becomes her lady love.
My Secret Fantasy:... - Blonde girl dreams of a girlfriend.
My Secret Love I - Girl falls for female instructor.
My Secret Love II - Samantha lies comatose in hospital.
My Secret Love III - She recuperates at Lauri's house.
My Secret Love IV - She grows closer to instructor.
My Secret Love V - Card game gets sensual.
My Secret Love VI - She makes dinner for Lauri.
My Secret Love VII - Lauri plans night of seduction.
My Secret Love VIII - The girls go out.
My Secret Love IX - Lauri's husband steps in to the picture.
My Secret Love X - Lauri makes her choice.
My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. I - Photographer falls for Gloria.
My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. II - Olivia shows Gloria's pic.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. I - She lusts for Aunty's servant.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. II - She enjoys her lovely harem.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. III - She & Betsy go to London.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. IV - She takes the girls to Paris.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. V - The girls are caught in the act.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. VI - One last weekend together..
Naughty Ch. I -  Girls discover fun with a pillow.
Naughty Ch. II -  Girl gets caught masturbating.
Naughty Ch. III -  Courtney & Denise go dancing.
Naughty Ch. IV - Denise admits her feelings to Courtney.
Naughty Ch. V - Denise discovers roommate's dirty secret.
New Sensations - Girlfriends discover each other in fitting room.
New Years - Alice discovers her hidden desires.
New Year's Eve - Sue & Jennifer attend women-only bash.
Night Shift Pt. I - Female DJ gets calls from sexy lady admirer.
Night Shift Pt. II - DJ meets her secret admirer.
Night Shift Pt. III - Kelli & Terri try something new.
Nurse's Convention - R.N. meets dream woman at seminar.
On A Hillside - She reunites with high school girlfriend.
One Girl Falls for Another - Friend goes further.
Open Window - She entertains a college professor.
Our New Friendship Pt. I - Truth or Dare leads to encounter.
Out Of Control Slumber Party - Girls get wild.
Paradise Island - Vacationing woman enjoys lovely Polynesian girl.
Paris in the Spring - Young student in Paris meets her dream girl.
Penny For Your Thoughts - She's distracted by sexy blonde.
Pool Table - She takes you on the table.
Power Rangers: LustFilled Space - Power ranger girls reunite.
Pregnant Passion in the... - Mom-to-be gets a helping hand.
Rachel's Morning - She's seduced by neighbor Jane.
Racquetball Dyke - She finds out that her racquetball partner likes girls.
Randy Roommates - Girls enjoy a hot morning together.
Reunion - Married woman gets call from past girlfriend.
Sandy & Dani & I - College girls discover each other.
Sapphic Fire - She comforts battered friend.
Sapphic Seduction - Housewife accidentally wanders into gay bar.
Sarah Awakens in Paris - Horny wife lusts for young stud.
Sara's Friend - Girls reunite and take their friendship to the next level.
Sara's Friend Pt. II - Sara gives sleeping Michelle a treat.
Seduction - She intrigues pretty college student.
Seduction - Sexy dancer seduces you.
Seducing My Best Friend - She takes friend's hubby, then friend.
Sexy Scuba Partner - She finds lust on the Great Barrier Reef.
Sexy Sister-In-Law - Her and sexy Jean get off while hubby's away.
Sharon's First Lesson - She follows Sharon into the shower.
Shona & Caroline - Shona cuts Caroline's flowing tresses.
Shower - Female roommates get dirty while getting clean.
Sisters - Budding lesbian discovers beautiful sibling.
Sorority Fun Ch. 1 - These sisters are very, very close.
Sure - Four roommates help each other out.
Suzy - Jessica meets intriguing woman at Camden Market.
Tara and Sally - Tara enjoys her first girl, and then another!
Tasty When Wet - Girl experiences girl in locker room shower.
Teacher's Pet - Woman teacher gives Shannon private lessons.
Teasing at the Lake - Housewife is propositioned by women at park.
Tia and Cally - Lonely wife meets sexy blonde girl.
The Account Executive - Tina's intrigued by sexy saleswoman.
The Babysitter - She and Gina console heartbroken teen girl.
The Cafe - She lusts for Dutch dyke.
The Chair - Bilingual girl assists lovely Middle Eastern lady.
The Dress - She falls for the girl who stole her guy.
The Favor - She helps out a cute young student, and is rewarded.
The GOGO Bar - Wife spies on hubby at strip club, & makes friends.
The Hike - Leslie meets Donna on a Topanga Canyon trail.
The Job Hunt - Gordana's interview is far from ordinary.
The Meal Pt. I - Sexy volunteer girl gets with hot mature woman.
The Model - Art student poses nude, and makes a new friend.
The Morning Jog - Leg injury leads to lesbian love.
The Pizza Girl Pt. I - Delivery driver gets a special assignment.
The Pizza Girl Pt. II - Alice embarks on a new career.
The Present - Ben gives Lin to neighbor Michelle.
The Shave - Cindy gets a little help from dad's lover.
The Ski Trip - Girl finally gets her way with girl friends.
The Slut - Housewife goes to Vegas with Bev, and is changed.
The Swim Academy - She teaches sexy older lady, & learns as well.
The Trainer - Injured runner learns from her trainer.
The Workout - Two sexy women enjoy a shower at the gym.
Time to Play - Straight woman ends up in female coworker's arms.
Tonya & JZ Pt. I - Girls play blackmail games, & flirt w/lesbianism.
Too Damn Hot - She lusts after sexy neighbor on hot night.
The Sauna - Heather & Ashley celebrate their "fitness anniversary".
The Shower - A shower turns erotic for two beautiful girls.
The Underpants Gnomes - Girlfriends do it all to win shower game.
The Weekend - She seduces her sexy girlfriend.
True Desire - Lonely wife meets female adult store clerk.
Video Store Gal Pal - She yearns for Cuban beauty.
Virgins - Straight salesgirl takes girlfriend on a cruise.
Waterfall - Vacationing girls find Sapphic paradise.
Wendy - She meets sexy girl & can't stop thinking about her.
When Hubby's Away - Bisexual girl neighbor helps lonely wife.
With Which, With What... - Hot dyke meets horny queer.
Wonder Woman's Sisterly Lesson - Superheroine helps Liana.
Xena the Warrior Princess - Xena and Gabrielle get real close.
You Can Never Have Enough Toys - Amy helps her play.
Young Love - Girl finds true love in the arms of Mary.

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