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Interracial Love Stories

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Maxwell's Story Ch. 2

 — Maxwell gets a math teacher. by the Chef08/29/024.68HOT

Maxwell's Story Ch. 3

 — Will they or won't they? by the Chef09/08/024.72HOT

Maya & Harold

 — Young black professor & older white professor swirl into bliss. by notnorthern06/30/054.40

Me & The Bear

 — She gets a long-term relationship at last. by cahab10/07/034.34

Me and the Garbage Man

 — She gets what she's wanted from the garbage man. by devil_in_white_dress03/03/034.42

Me, Myself and 3 Blackmen

 — A quiet Saturday turns out to be very fun! by fun_tracy08/08/133.98

Meagan Handcuffs Her Sexy Black Man!

 — She gives her man a special birthday treat with handcuffs. by ImagineThat9208/04/133.23


 — A dark goddess rewards her defender. by DanielOrme04/08/044.60HOT

Meet Me in New Orleans

 — White Northern cop meets Southern girl. by lioness5506/23/014.38

Meet The Ottawa Strapon Queen

 — Calgary redneck woman strapons Haitian guy. by Samuelx02/26/131.00

Meet Your Master Ch. 01

 — A man and his slave in the 1800's. by caramelz05/26/054.40

Meet Your Master Ch. 02

 — Jacob's lust grows for Raven. by caramelz06/02/054.52HOT

Meet Your Master Ch. 03

 — They take a steamy bath together. by caramelz06/08/054.64HOT

Meet Your Master Ch. 04

 — Raven shouldn't tease her Master. by caramelz06/19/054.67HOT

Meet Your Master Ch. 05

 — How can he resist the temptation? by caramelz07/06/054.64HOT

Meet Your Master Ch. 06

 — Jacob brings Raven home. by caramelz07/19/054.74HOT

Meet Your New Master Ch. 01

 — Nora is sent to live with a new master. by caramelz01/22/064.45

Meet Your New Master Ch. 02

 — Master Harris takes what he wants. by caramelz02/12/064.49

Meet Your New Master Ch. 03

 — Nora stirs something within John. by caramelz02/23/064.53HOT

Meet Your New Master Ch. 04

 — John won't let Nora escape. by caramelz03/17/064.61HOT

Meet Your New Master Ch. 05

 — The final chapter for John and Nora. by caramelz06/06/064.57HOT

Meeting at Thirty Thousand Feet

 — Jesse meets the man of her life. by rbenne01/10/103.84

Meeting Him Ch. 01

 — Tasha meets Daniel. by msiswhoo05/01/123.86

Meeting Him Ch. 02

 — The meeting continues... by msiswhoo01/17/144.17

Meeting in Las Vegas Ch. 1

 — Blonde boy & Asian girl meet in Las Vegas. by NY Blonde Guy01/21/024.37

Meeting Malcolm Pt. 01

 — Melanie meets Malcolm. by gracesnowpaw06/05/144.04

Meeting Malcolm Pt. 02

 — Malcolm claims Melanie. by gracesnowpaw06/06/144.05

Meeting Malcolm Pt. 03

 — Malcolm's guest arrives. by gracesnowpaw06/07/144.36

Meeting Melissa

 — Man meets his in-law. by OneSilky11/13/104.44

Meeting Melissa

 — A knock at the door brings a new friendship. by IrishRose121512/07/044.49

Meeting Melissa Ch. 02

 — Melissa & Jim take their relationship further. by IrishRose121512/11/044.61HOT

Meeting Melissa Ch. 03

 — Melissa & Jim's relationship is renewed. by IrishRose121512/21/044.60HOT

Meeting Melissa Ch. 04

 — Melissa & Jim's relationship gets more serious. by IrishRose121512/31/044.63HOT

Meeting Melissa Ch. 05

 — Jim's family and Melissa get to know each other. by IrishRose121503/12/054.49

Meeting Melissa Ch. 07

 — Melissa brings home a new friend. by IrishRose121503/14/054.70HOT

Meeting Melissa Ch. 08

 — Jim and Melissa plan to move. by IrishRose121504/01/054.65HOT

Meeting The New Boss Ch. 01

 — Beth and Ryan are introduced to Victor and Vanessa. by Spartans121703/01/154.44

Meeting the One

 — Chance meeting in the strangest place. by Shadowforce101/11/134.45

Megan Turns into a Black Cock Slut

 — College girl teachs her to love big black cocks. by charmanager05/23/104.14

Megan's Jacuzzi Lust

 — Megan is unfaithful to her husband by his devious plans. by maxslack04/06/07

Melanie's Seduction Ch. 01

 — Melanie is gradually seduced at a mixed race dance club. by jones28601/05/134.10

Melanie's Seduction Ch. 02

 — Penetrating the race barrier. by jones28603/28/144.40

Melanie's Seduction Ch. 03

 — Increasing the white man's burden. by jones28612/22/144.28

Melissa Kisses the Chef

 — While at work wife eats something not on the menu. by TooCool2104/08/133.64

Melissa the Slave

 — Melissa meets her new boss. by RicD07/31/044.07

Melli Black

 — White coed seduces older black mentor. by Nomeaux Patience08/25/044.46

Melli Black Ch. 02

 — White coed finishes seduction of Black mentor. by Nomeaux Patience09/06/044.54HOT

Mellow Yellow Ch. 01

 — Malaysian Hanna discovers white bananas. by miskeivitch11/23/004.23

Mellow Yellow Ch. 02

 — Hanna grows bananas by miskeivitch12/05/004.30

Mellow Yellow Ch. 03

 — Hanna's friend disapproves of Ted. by miskeivitch12/11/003.79

Mellow Yellow Ch. 04

 — Hanna sets Paul up with Melinda. by miskeivitch12/13/004.48

Mellow Yellow Ch. 05

 — Paul copes with Melinda's shyness. by miskeivitch12/14/004.40

Mellow Yellow Ch. 06

 — Melinda's love lessons continue. by miskeivitch12/15/004.45

Mellow Yellow Ch. 07

 — Melinda gets angry for the first time. by miskeivitch12/16/004.42

Mellow Yellow Ch. 08

 — Melinda & Paul go on their honeymoon. by miskeivitch01/22/014.24

Mellow Yellow Ch. 09

 — Melinda & Paul's Hong Kong friend tells her story. by miskeivitch02/28/014.39

Mellow Yellow Ch. 10

 — Susan develops an unusual therapeutic technique. by miskeivitch03/21/014.50HOT

Mellow Yellow Ch. 11

 — Charles confronts Susan, with surprising results. by miskeivitch04/21/014.41

Mellow Yellow Ch. 12

 — Paul discusses married women, & Melinda talks about white guys. by miskeivitch06/13/014.32

Mellow Yellow Ch. 13

 — Susan Wutakes a vacation with Charles. by miskeivitch07/23/014.58HOT

Mellow Yellow Ch. 14

 — Susan repels a Japanese invasion. by miskeivitch08/15/014.38

Mellow Yellow Ch. 15

 — Susan and Charles begin the New Year with a bang. by miskeivitch09/23/014.30

Mellow Yellow Ch. 16

 — Susan sinks Daphne Shagnasty with a Yellow Torpedo. by miskeivitch10/22/014.35

Mellow Yellow Ch. 17

 — Vanessa, the nanny. by miskeivitch02/24/024.44

Mellow Yellow Ch. 18

 — Vanessa, the Filipina Enigma. by miskeivitch03/17/024.12

Mellow Yellow Ch. 19

 — The hidden chapter; Melinda confesses. by miskeivitch04/28/024.33

Mellow Yellow Ch. 20

 — Syd and Lily get laid. by miskeivitch07/15/024.67HOT

Mellow Yellow Ch. 21

 — Dr. Wu makes an urgent house call to cure Charles' willie ag by miskeivitch01/05/034.05

Mellow Yellow Ch. 22

 — Big surprise waits for Cynthia-Dawn Yang. by miskeivitch03/29/034.26

Mellow Yellow Next Generation Ch. 03

 — Pamela Poon gets top marks from Professor Studley-Moore. by miskeivitch11/03/064.69HOT

Melody and Kaiden Ch. 01

 — Young nerdy coed meets sexy movie star. by Steadybutimstartingtoshake07/30/114.31

Melody and Kaiden Ch. 02

 — A night of passion? by Steadybutimstartingtoshake09/25/114.54HOT

Melody's Day At The Office

 — Melody gets a new job and it has perks. by RobinTVDaniels05/16/074.17


 — Kyle gets an extra sweet treat from Brenda. by StolenTurtle09/14/084.37

Melting the Ice

 — Richard melts the cold hard ice of his boss. by darkknight0103/19/134.37

Members Only Club

 — Needs taken care of by a stranger. by sunshine593001/16/084.13

Memoirs of a Filipina Milf: Hank

 — Dreams of America leads to interracial sex. by liliths10/20/093.83

Memoirs of Liltih: Devils Contacts

 — Another addition in the strange and secret life of Lilith by liliths08/14/124.00

Memories By Our Favourite Spot

 — A story of love against all odds. by ParanormalQueen12/04/094.80HOT


 — A beginning. by Gigi_Rose06/29/124.67HOT

Memory Ch. 02

 — We meet again. by Gigi_Rose09/27/124.79HOT

Mercenary Grudge

 — Kai and Abner, mercenaries fought K.K.K. and eradicate them. by TRIAX10/24/083.20


 — Black women talking about sex with a white guy. by mrmerris08/27/094.09

Mergers & Acquisitions

 — Power struggle over a beautiful married woman. by usaftnt07/28/034.51HOT

Mergers & Acquisitions Ch. 02

 — Wealthy businessman is obsessed with a married woman. by usaftnt08/25/034.46

Mergers & Acquisitions Ch. 03

 — He pursues his married paramour. by usaftnt09/03/034.31

Mergers & Acquisitions Ch. 04

 — Businessman continues pursuit of dream woman. by usaftnt09/26/034.36

Mergers & Acquisitions Ch. 05

 — Toni's final decision: Ron or Stephen? by usaftnt10/18/033.80

Mexican Delight

 — A sleeping woman has erotic visitors. by Loansum12/07/084.32

Mi Puta

 — Things get wild between old Hispanic gardener and girl. by kinkybiitchx06/01/113.67

Mi Rey Morreno-My black king

 — He delivers his ruling. by HoneyBrownMami12/09/023.78

Mia and Gio

 — And it began like this. by superssunnyselena05/23/154.55HOT

Mia and Gio Ch. 02

 — First day blues and new old enemies. by superssunnyselena08/28/154.70HOT

Mia Gets Her Man

 — When Mia catches the boss's eye everything changes. by vickivale02/13/134.32


 — Disillusioned woman finds hope on Safari. by Rodger09/04/004.13

Michael & Jayla: More Than Friends

 — College friends cannot deny their mutual desire. by pgbrowngirl12/25/054.46

Michael and Jayla: Cabin Encounter

 — The next day, passion ignites again. by pgbrowngirl01/20/064.52HOT

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver

 — A white couple slowly falls under the control of a black man. by a_random_user07/02/124.20

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 02

 — Michael and Jessica's extended lunch. by a_random_user09/26/124.46

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 03

 — An uncomfortable photoshoot. by a_random_user12/24/124.46

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 04

 — The couple experiences some bondage and humiliation. by a_random_user10/31/134.44

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 05

 — Jessica receives a spanking. by a_random_user09/27/144.57HOT

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 06

 — Michael watches Shawn enjoy an evening in with his wife. by a_random_user03/17/154.37

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 07

 — Shawn begins to blackmail the couple. by a_random_user09/17/154.42

Michael Jackson Masquerade Surprise

 — Caucasian man fooled a black princess in believing he's black. by andtheend10/21/104.17

Michelle Ch. 01

 — Asian woman explores her sexuality with other guys. by kelkasm01/13/072.70

Michelle Ch. 02

 — Michelle takes things further with Derek. by kelkasm02/06/073.85

Michelle Gives It the College Try

 — Anything you can do, I can do better! by sarahsmith198905/17/143.85

Michelle Martinez Lusts

 — Forbidden lust in 1962. by piano5908/04/114.46

Michelle Needs Help Studying

 — She ends up getting something different. by sarahsmith198905/16/143.85

Michelle's Story Ch. 02

 — An innocent, refined wife falls into an interracial affair. by dawn195811/13/124.34

Michelle's Story Ch. 03

 — Michelle visits Africa and experiences a sexual encounter. by dawn195812/14/124.36


 — Her nipples were the largest he ever saw. by jthserra09/01/043.30

Midnight Maid Service

 — Long business trip nets a rendezvous with a Nubian beauty. by Emperor_Nero02/09/084.49

Midnight Pool Party

 — A very lucky white man swims with a chocolate beauty. by JonB196901/27/124.53HOT

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