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Interracial Love Stories

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Midnite's Magic Ch. 01

 — Disabled White man meets loving Black lady. by blindjack07/04/044.62HOT

Midsummers Eve

 — Sexually frustrated wife succumbs to temptation. by Grendelpuppy02/27/163.98

Midsummers Eve Pt. 02

 — Helena is confronted by her mother-in-law. by Grendelpuppy03/05/163.67

Midtown Memoirs Ch. 02

 — Sumi and the Spa. by Willie_Nailer03/18/064.34

Mika Discovers Life

 — Lonely young wife's affair opens up a new world. by Nuit De Passion02/12/014.14

Mika Starts a Second New Life

 — Mika finds a new lover by Nuit De Passion03/15/014.02

Mike Coltrane Goes Interracial

 — A White guy goes decides to go interracial. by thehornyauthor04/05/123.16

Mike's Adventures Ch. 1

 — Virgin Mike meets Terry, & loses his virginity. by PistolGrip4402/23/014.20

Mikko, Fit to be Tied

 — Mikko will not take no for an answer. by ilove2write4u03/20/124.34

Miko Finds Her Purpose

 — A Japanese girl finds happiness as a pregnant housewife. by ProperFatherlyLove11/02/164.31

Miko, My Asian Whore

 — Asian wife submits herself to a new man. by ilove2write4u03/17/124.05

Mile High Club

 — Two sophomore college students on a plane ride. by naturemade09/13/083.60

Mile High Club

 — Sex with a flight attendant. by snaillover6911/04/144.25

MILF and Chocolate Blue Eyez

 — A horny BBC finds a hot MILF willing to play his game. by Silfy6901/27/174.58HOT

MILF and the BBC Ch. 02

 — A MILF is discarded but finds solace in an unlikely source. by Silfy6910/04/154.50HOT

MILF and the Horny BBC

 — A hungry MILF replies to an advert and accepts the challenge. by Silfy6905/11/184.11

MILF Anesthetist

 — I am seduced at a conference. by alexandria_lee07/01/124.25

MILF Teacher: Becoming a Present

 — A widowed white straight teacher is dommed by a black teen. by silkstockingslover12/05/114.48

MILFS Primed for Black Gangbang

 — Three white MILFS link up with 10 black youths for sex. by pageturner201208/29/143.96

Military Man Pt. 01a

 — Fate brings people together in odd ways. by BlackRayne2408/07/144.29

Military Police

 — Young white girl proves herself in a 'male' world. by BamaMan03/11/024.35

Military Strength

 — Couple's fantasy is fulfilled while servicing the troops. by Oatmeal196906/25/144.23

Military Wife Plays While Away

 — Part 1 of my wife's three month adventure in the south. by vinylzog04/17/124.06

Military Wife Plays While Away Pt. 02

 — Military wife falls hard for BBC. by vinylzog10/02/173.87

Milk Bar

 — A quick pop at the corner shop. by wild4it03/02/083.94

Milking Ch. 02

 — Milking a friend's black slave. by dfm209901/13/153.96

Million Dollar Wound

 — Black nurse helps heal wounded white soldier. by Mystery_Meat07/13/074.67HOT


 — High school senior's life changes in many ways. by LaLaLady12/25/064.55HOT

Mina Ch. 02

 — Decisions, decisions... by LaLaLady01/03/074.66HOT

Mina Ch. 03

 — Things change. by LaLaLady01/04/074.69HOT

Mina Ch. 04

 — Which is the better birthday gift? by LaLaLady03/05/074.70HOT

Mina Ch. 05

 — Things get complicated and violent. by LaLaLady03/17/074.74HOT

Mina Ch. 06

 — The truth comes out. by LaLaLady07/14/074.64HOT

Mina Ch. 07

 — Mina's final decision. by LaLaLady12/16/074.79HOT

Mina: Exchange Student Extraordinaire

 — Sexy Asian student stays with American guy. by KimmyGFunk08/05/044.36

Mindy's Moving Day - CFNM Ch. 02

 — My white ass gets plowed by Leon in front of the girls! by BuckyDuckman02/18/144.27

Mine Ch. 02

 — Narissa is wined and dined but what does Jake really want? by *Eve*05/24/044.58HOT

Mine Ch. 03

 — Too many coincidences? by *Eve*05/26/044.53HOT

Mine Ch. 04

 — Too late to turn back. by *Eve*05/28/044.59HOT

Mine Ch. 05

 — The truth is revealed. by *Eve*05/31/044.35

Mine Ch. 06

 — Narissa learns the rules. by *Eve*06/01/044.37

Mine Ch. 07

 — She bends to his will. by *Eve*06/02/044.57HOT

Mine Ch. 08

 — She attempts to break free. by *Eve*06/04/044.48

Mine Ch. 10

 — Jake makes a stunning decision. by *Eve*06/11/044.49

Mine Ch. 11

 — One year later. by *Eve*06/13/044.60HOT

Mine Ch. 12

 — Jake reflects. by *Eve*06/13/044.54HOT

Mine Ch. 13

 — They meet again. by *Eve*07/15/044.62HOT

Mine Ch. 14

 — Jake has a secret. by *Eve*07/28/044.72HOT

Mine Ch. 15

 — The tables are turned. by *Eve*08/09/044.67HOT

Mine! Ch. 01

 — It's not smart to run away from an Italian! by ChynaMarie07/22/114.56HOT

Mine! Ch. 02

 — The cat has found it's pray. by ChynaMarie07/31/114.54HOT

Mine! Ch. 03

 — Surprise! by ChynaMarie10/20/114.70HOT

Mine! Ch. 04

 — Just a little something to get you guys along. by ChynaMarie12/09/11

Mine! Ch. 05

 — Is there really a winner? by ChynaMarie02/12/124.54HOT

Minister's Daughter Loves Black Cock

 — Old black man shares his new prize. by AuntAmanda01/19/114.39

Minority Affairs

 — A white man romances a black woman. by AfroerotiK04/20/084.51HOT


 — Young Black man experiences mom & daughter. by jusduit11/21/024.65HOT

Mirror Marlene

 — Older woman seduces a young robber. by Ulyssa03/04/014.23

Mirror Marlene: The...

 — Marlene & Rucker form a unique partnership. by Ulyssa03/05/014.37

Mirrors Ch. 02

 — Corinne and Noel get a little bit closer. by Cleverlicious0105/31/144.17

Mirrors Chapter Ch. 01

 — 18 year old ebony ballerina entices British man. by Cleverlicious0105/02/144.28

Miss Ashley Goes Black

 — Ashley discovers the joys and perils of BBC. by Delightfuldeviant9008/11/184.36

Miss B and the Bachelorette Party

 — Housewives have a proper sendoff for one of their own. by RodSterling109/14/143.88

Miss B at the Gym

 — Housewife obtains membership privileges. by RodSterling108/29/144.22

Miss B at the Pool

 — Housewife gets more than just some sun. by RodSterling108/31/144.03

Miss B in Brazil

 — Bored wife heads for the beach. by RodSterling106/27/144.06

Miss Bertram's First Teaching Job

 — Rebecca gets her first job, but the students are wild. by finnjones04/25/184.27

Miss Big Pussy

 — A young man falls for a SSBBW ebony goddess. by dirtmonger07/01/154.00

Miss Davenport's New School

 — Gorgeous white teacher meets her new black students. by Jackson Blacke11/06/064.63HOT

Miss Davenport's Prom Night

 — She and her students enjoy some extracurricular activities. by Jackson Blacke06/22/124.44

Miss Georgie’s Awaking

 — A Southern belle is awakened to black love. by ItalianDreamer201211/21/124.27

Miss Historically Black College

 — What can happen first day at new college? by Karen Caldwell11/12/024.38

Miss Sue

 — A house slave helps the owner's son. by Jay62611/15/174.58HOT

Missed Connection

 — Black girl uses Craigslist to find a missed opportunity. by Bizzy_Bish06/01/124.54HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 02

 — A response... by Bizzy_Bish06/05/124.62HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 03

 — Jackson's the man for the job. by Bizzy_Bish06/16/124.68HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 04

 — An explanation... by Bizzy_Bish06/17/124.55HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 05

 — For Old Time's Sake... by Bizzy_Bish06/20/124.56HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 06

 — Spending time... by Bizzy_Bish07/11/124.66HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 07

 — Making a move. by Bizzy_Bish07/30/124.76HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 08

 — Flashbacks and Fun. by Bizzy_Bish09/19/124.58HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 09

 — Meet the Parents... by Bizzy_Bish10/17/124.67HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 10

 — How he really feels... by Bizzy_Bish12/12/124.70HOT

Missing Pieces

 — Can two lost lovers find each other again? by RedHairedandFriendly03/25/064.77HOT

Missy and Phil Ch. 01

 — A married couple goes to the dark side. by VirginiaS02/02/124.38

Missy and Phil Ch. 02

 — Missy is truly blacked, and Gloria does Phil. by VirginiaS02/03/124.19

Missy and Phil Ch. 03

 — Miss and Phil both get used and abused. by VirginiaS02/04/124.34

Missy Writes and Bob Will Read

 — About Missy's past and her hot affair with her black studs. by yesirybob11/24/054.15

Missy's First Porno

 — He videotapes wife having sex with Black men. by yesirybob04/10/044.23

Missy's Fourth Homemade Porno

 — Tom brings another friend over for Missy. by yesirybob05/14/044.42

Missy's Second Porno

 — Missy gets laid by two more Black guys. by yesirybob04/11/044.44

Missy's Sixth Video

 — Missy fucks Roy & friends while husband films it. by yesirybob10/16/054.55HOT

Missy's Third Home Porno

 — Missy's friend's make her a group present. by yesirybob04/16/044.58HOT

Mistaken Identity

 — Telephone repairman gets very lucky. by Exakta6606/18/094.13

Mister Jack Miller Ch. 05

 — The month that changed Jack's life forever. by JackKeith11/20/044.77HOT

Mistress Antebellum of Alabama

 — Alabaman dominatrix entertains Somali Canadian student. by Samuelx11/18/17

Mistress Asma of Libya

 — Libyan Muslim dominatrix handles a Haitian stud. by Samuelx03/19/173.33

Mistress Bhatti of Nepean

 — Indian Muslim dominatrix entertains a Black male. by Samuelx04/10/173.38

Mistress Bhatti of Nepean Ch. 02

 — Haitian Muslim stud dominates an Indian dominatrix. by Samuelx02/24/18

Mistress Christy of Calgary

 — Calgary dominatrix dates Black lawyer in Boston. by Samuelx11/22/17

Mistress Dolores of Barcelona

 — Jamaican-Canadian stud meets Spanish dominatrix. by Samuelx08/20/181.62

Mistress Geraldine of Boston

 — Haitian dominatrix entertains Black and Latin guys. by Samuelx12/23/17

Mistress Habesha of Ethiopia

 — Ethiopian dominatrix tames Saudi man in Montreal. by Samuelx11/13/122.60

Mistress Khadija of Yemen

 — Yemeni woman becomes a dominatrix and dates black guy. by Samuelx09/15/152.00

Mistress Lily Of Ottawa

 — Mature white woman and black friend explore race play. by Samuelx07/26/153.62

Mistress Lorna of Jacksonville

 — Black Canadian stud blackmails blonde Southern Prof. by Samuelx01/09/18

Mistress Meifen of Taiwan

 — Chinese female student dominates Jamaican boyfriend. by Samuelx04/21/172.14

Mistress Navita of Barrhaven

 — Haitian security guard meets bossy Indian MILF. by Samuelx10/28/172.80

Mistress Nazirah Of Dubai

 — Arab dominatrix spanks Black executive in Dubai. by Samuelx05/03/153.75

Mistress Noor of Dubai

 — Emirati Muslim dominatrix meets Black businessman. by Samuelx04/03/18

Mistress Pardeep of Pakistan

 — Pakistani dominatrix meets Black American executive. by Samuelx08/04/172.17

Mistress Rana Ali of Kuwait

 — Kuwaiti Muslim woman dominates biracial husband. by Samuelx11/03/17

Mistress Sana'a of Yemen

 — Yemeni Muslim dominatrix entertains Djibouti immigrant. by Samuelx11/17/17

Mistress Shay Noir of Ottawa

 — Biracial Muslim dominatrix fists a Nigerian diplomat. by Samuelx08/31/163.44

Mistress Trinity - Visit 01

 — Black femdom tries out a white boi. by lhbel52303/20/073.86

Mistress Trinity - Visit 02

 — Black Domme allows him to lick her again. by lhbel52303/28/074.01

Mistress Trinity - Visit 03

 — Black femdom takes his white boi ass. by lhbel52303/29/074.06

Mistress Trinity - Visit 04

 — Black Domme takes his ass again and performs CBT. by lhbel52303/30/074.16

Mistress Whitney of Ottawa

 — Bisexual Haitian man misses his dominatrix. by Samuelx09/28/17

Mitzee and Neena Meet John

 — Plantation owner reaps the rewards of her black maid. by scentto04/13/064.43

Mitzee, Neena, & John

 — Plantation owner's wife beds maid & strapping field hand. by scentto02/03/024.34

Mitzi Ch. 01

 — She finds BBC pleasure. by EZ4BLKcock01/22/144.68HOT

Mitzi Ch. 02

 — Party time. by EZ4BLKcock02/04/144.68HOT

Mitzi Ch. 03

 — Deeper in lust. by EZ4BLKcock03/17/144.62HOT

Mitzi Ch. 04

 — My obsession gets me. by EZ4BLKcock05/04/144.73HOT

Mitzi Ch. 05

 — A weekend alone. by EZ4BLKcock11/03/154.69HOT

Mitzi Dupree

 — Attractive wife becomes interracial sex slave. by gobula11/06/064.31

Mitzi Dupree Ch. 02

 — Sophisticated married woman now an interracial whore. by gobula11/09/064.44

Mitzi Dupree Ch. 03

 — Interracial crack whore gets a new addiction. by gobula12/29/064.52HOT

Mitzi Dupree Ch. 04

 — Elegant white woman is black cock whore. by gobula01/05/074.19

Mixed Girl with Asian Man

 — How there night turned out. by DerangedMisfit05/22/094.29

Mixed Girl with Asian Man Ch. 02

 — Continuation of their fun night. by DerangedMisfit06/02/094.35

Mixing it Up at Manhattan's

 — Three girls give the bartender a wild time. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/11/054.39

MJ Ch. 01

 — MJ moves to Vegas. by EZ4BLKcock10/15/154.57HOT

MJ Ch. 02

 — What's Happening? by EZ4BLKcock02/25/164.56HOT

Mockingbird Ch. 01

 — Redneck girl abused by dad lusts after kinky black crush. by venetiandesdemona09/01/154.10

Mockingbird Ch. 02

 — Belle gets fucked by her black crush from childhood. by venetiandesdemona05/01/184.36

Model Behavior

 — A female photographer falls for a male hunk model. by BellaUrbanMidnight08/27/122.76

Model Behavoir

 — Bored wife becomes model and succumbs to photographer by elia_cdl08/13/073.62

Model Citizen

 — Aussie model's sexy photo shoot with black actor friend. by brethard02/11/16

Model Home

 — They can't wait to cum back to the model home. by darkknight0111/21/093.64

Modeling Contest

 — An old perfume ad leads to fulfilled fantasies. by brethard08/11/16


 — Lesbian International Relations. by theravenfox06/12/104.59HOT

Molly & The Black

 — Alex takes charge with his dream girl. by plaidskirt05/05/024.01

Mom and the Mexican Gardener

 — Son watches as mom gets used. by momsboy104/04/114.01

Mom on Top

 — To get ahead, a mother decides to up her sex appeal. by Surt02/06/094.04

Mom on Top Ch. 02

 — What happens when two moms want to be on top? by Surt09/30/094.47

Mom on Top Ch. 03

 — The moms decide to open their very own "massage parlour." by Surt02/12/104.29

Mom Sucks Black Coach At Park

 — Mom gets off while son plays ball. by DonnaDuGood01/01/064.28

Mom Sucks Black Coach At Park Ch. 02

 — Mom gives away more than a blowjob this time. by DonnaDuGood04/15/064.48

Mom's Finding Joy in Slavery

 — Single finding joy in white slavery. by Pastobsessions04/17/133.69

Mom, Are You A Slut?

 — Thea's daughter moves back into the household. by Thea Dryor11/02/064.48

Moments with Miranda

 — A black man & a white Australian woman fall in love in NYC. by brethard04/23/15

Moments with Miranda... and Chloe

 — A black lawyer's threesome with two white Aussie women. by brethard04/25/15

Momma Slut

 — Kimberly is a slut for her daughter's boyfriend. by goamz8603/27/144.53HOT

Momma Slut Ch. 02

 — Kimberly gets even dirtier with her daughter's boyfriend. by goamz8605/05/144.50HOT

Momma Slut Ch. 03

 — Kimberly and Jordan have an eventful day. by goamz8606/09/144.57HOT

Momma Slut Ch. 04

 — Both mother and daughter become more addicted. by goamz8608/27/144.52HOT

Momma Slut Ch. 05

 — Kimberly needs Jordan back. by goamz8602/15/154.59HOT

Momma Slut Ch. 06

 — Kimberly is used and learns more about herself. by goamz8604/08/164.49

Mommy and The Delivery Boys

 — Asian milf gangbanged by big black cocks. by Dunross201105/06/124.28

Mommy and The Delivery Boys Pt. 02

 — Asian MILF continues her black cock adventures. by Dunross201107/10/154.18

Mona & Jack - A Different Sex Story Ch. 10

 — Mona's wild sexual urge. by MONALISALEE06/16/154.50

Mona Gamal of Coptic Egypt

 — Egyptian Christian beauty marries man from Antigua. by Samuelx04/06/18

Monday Morning Office Fun Ch. 01

 — Nicole has fun on a quiet morning. by bi_nicole2102/14/044.44

Monica and Alex Ch. 01

 — He bumps into her. by KaramelKutie05/06/103.81

Monica and Alex Ch. 02

 — They Meet Again. by KaramelKutie05/27/104.55HOT

Monique-My Big Black Sister Ch. 05

 — The Latin babysitter seduces Matt. by hotpup11/01/094.33

Monique-My Big Black Sister Ch. 08

 — Concludes with hot Sunday afternoon with Vera. by hotpup11/04/094.50HOT

Monsoon Love

 — Boo & a sensual adventure with beautiful Korean friend. by Trekker04/19/024.16

Moor King and German Amazon

 — Black Muslim marries German Amazon in Moorish Spain. by Samuelx02/11/132.25

More Changing Room Fun

 — More fun in the changing room. by SweetcheeksSt10/15/044.27

More Problems With Porn

 — Porn leads another couple astray. by Stormbringer10/25/024.45

More Than A Cab Driver

 — Fucking a black guy while my bf was passed out. by cindy_4u08/17/114.35

More Than a Professional Ch. 01

 — Black female has sex with a white man. by the usual suspect09/29/034.37

More Than Just A Maid

 — Tracy turns up late and pays the price. by fun_tracy11/25/124.30

More Than Neighbors

 — Black cock meets virgin ass. by Sunshine198008/07/104.29

More Than Wife Can Handle

 — She thought she could handle it. by Warlock141511/05/024.19

Mormon Chicks Like Big Black Dicks Ch. 04

 — Joni's Sister Tami. by MormonChicks03/21/114.45

Mormon Chicks Like Big Black Dicks Ch. 05

 — The Bishop's wife goes Black. by MormonChicks04/06/114.46

Mormon Chicks Like Big Black Dicks Ch. 06

 — The Bishop's wife takes charge. by MormonChicks04/10/114.49

Mormon Chicks Like Big Black Dicks Ch. 07

 — Hello Linda. by MormonChicks04/28/114.46

Mormon Dominatrix In Ontario

 — Mormon woman dominates married Muslim friend. by Samuelx04/27/142.36

Mormon Girls For Black Men

 — Mormon missionary meets black man in Toronto. by Samuelx03/30/142.05

Mormon Girls for Muslim Guys

 — Somali man bangs Mormon chick in Detroit. by Samuelx02/03/142.96

Mormon Girls Wear Strapons Too!

 — Haitian guy confronts white dominatrix in Ontario. by Samuelx04/27/143.41

Morning Commute

 — A young woman finds adventure on the commuter train. by joan65812/02/074.32

Morning Protocol

 — A slave wakes up her master and performs her morning duties. by QueenVictoriasGhost08/03/174.15

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