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A Night at Kelly's

 — A dinner at Kelly's soon involves more than food. by voltaire_one05/23/064.25

A Night at the Cabin

 — A wife teases a husband and gets in the end. by Mikko04/20/013.68

A Night at the Jungle

 — It's their first trip to local swing club. by lilyandstoney02/16/044.34

A Night at the Movies

 — Her husband's friend takes Linda to an adult theater. by Laura_109/09/024.21

A Night At The Movies

 — He arranges for wife's new lover to meet them. by olsalt10/11/044.08

A Night at the Movies

 — Oily popcorn and a dark theater. by Domwoolf10/29/083.16

A Night at the Rock Show

 — Wife surprises hubby after disappearing at show. by Sadie6607/22/043.57

A Night at the Roxy Ch. 01

 — A desperate couple take extreme steps to save his job. by Stultus07/01/094.04

A Night at the Roxy Ch. 02

 — A desperate couple takes extreme steps to save his job. by Stultus07/03/094.12

A Night Away Pt. 04-06

 — Louise tells Jane about some of her adventures by sammy 200603/07/063.91

A Night Away Pt. 07

 — Louise and Jane swop more heated stories of past experiences. by sammy 200603/23/064.24

A Night For Celebration Ch. 01

 — A couple meets up with a daring duo. by tooclever01/27/044.20

A Night I Can't Escape From

 — Man loses wife to dance partner. by weaponx12/19/073.44

A Night I Can't Escape From Ch. 02

 — Man almost loses his mind watching man take his wife. by weaponx12/20/073.43

A Night I Can't Escape From Ch. 03

 — Husband finds out what happened during the week by weaponx02/21/082.67

A Night in August Ch. 01

 — A lovely wife and her husband ask me to spend the night. by WoodsLord_354011/22/133.62

A Night in August Ch. 02

 — A lovely wife and her husband ask me to spend the night. by WoodsLord_354011/23/133.63

A Night in the Big City

 — Wife meets friend from her early years. by anotherdon10/28/053.77

A Night in the City Ch. 01

 — Couple plays a submissive game during a weekend getaway. by havingfunx03/23/134.39

A Night in the City Ch. 02

 — Dinner with old friends takes an unexpected turn. by havingfunx04/10/133.91

A Night In The Club

 — He and his wife go dancing. by fantasyfulfilled02/27/073.64

A Night in the Meadow

 — A lot can happen in the dark. by CleoRa11/11/143.55

A Night In Town

 — A young woman's evening out. by taurents01/03/024.02

A Night of Firsts

 — Wife gets into trouble, and this time decides to enjoy it. by Pepe02/06/113.78

A Night of New Pleasure Ch. 02

 — The sum of fun is they say. by bubbliebabs01/20/084.05

A Night of Sea Food

 — Wife takes on her first black lover on a girls night out... by Dirt Man01/24/034.10

A Night of Surprises

 — Wife's pregnant best friend was full of surprises. by Uturnlicker11/07/04HOT

A Night On The Beach

 — A couple find themselves in the romantic moonlight. by dawneallan02/22/114.17

A Night on the Town

 — Dinner, Dance and some misbehaving. by MartinC196910/09/093.08

A Night on the Town

 — Professional couple get carried away during a night out. by mhos6083206/23/10

A Night Out

 — White wife puts her freak on with Black studs. by havehotwife07/25/033.54

A Night Out

 — Dancing & bondage make a perfect evening. by lil_elvis08/23/033.93

A Night Out

 — Couples savor an unforgettable night. by Whitewolf5509/17/043.86

A Night Out

 — Typical couple has an atypical night out. by km-smt02/01/054.35

A Night Out

 — He discovers his wife's seduction. by zeduction04/14/033.24

A Night Out

 — A night out turns in to unexpected fuck. by fuckbunny2106/07/103.60

A Night Out

 — A couple has a night of teasing, flirting, and hot sex. by aka_ireland03/27/073.47

A Night Out

 — Married couple out for a good time. by BobMcP35203/24/093.96

A Night Out

 — Couple go out for a night out and she end ups in a threesome. by Suchet09/28/123.87

A Night Out

 — A cheating wife plays while hubby works. by DragonflyGreen12/07/123.16

A Night Out

 — It's a Saturday night, so we just decided to go out for drinks... by NyteMusic04/26/113.82

A Night Out of Town

 — Husband & young teasing wife out on the town. by ali2teaseu05/06/024.04

A Night Out On The Town

 — A husband shares his wife with another woman. by AngelEyes8802/13/034.21

A Night Out with Jasmine

 — Wife and hubby get away for the night. by mrbill4u07/13/123.49

A Night Out With The Girls

 — He makes sure nothing happens on girls' night out. by zeke8102/05/093.81

A Night To Remember

 — Husband surprises wife with two of his fantasies. by Debbie04/24/014.15

A Night To Remember

 — A couple's first swing. by Saml3107/02/023.92

A Night To Remember

 — A gang bang fantasy becomes reality. by Ambrosious10/16/024.21

A Night to Remember

 — The wife has a wild orgy. by mixoscopist09/06/053.85

A Night to Remember

 — Marrieds finds another couple at a Halloween party. by poohbr196310/14/074.00

A Night To Remember

 — Fantasy comes true. by lock69608/25/034.23

A Night To Remember

 — A hot, first swing. by ffloridian12/31/034.12

A Night to Remember

 — A good girl goes wild on a special night./ by wendyw06/23/044.03

A Night To Remember

 — Husband watches slutty wife fuck in their bed. by enzo196504/26/104.19

A Night to Themselves

 — A married couple blazes new territory. by Sheepish11/16/014.29

A Night With Jamie

 — An erotic evening between two lovers. by Jazzin5908/24/033.92

A Night with John and His Friend

 — John and his wife invite a stranger over to play. by allitnil04/15/103.81

A Night With My Wife And A Stranger

 — Love, bondage, and submissive bisexuality. by backdoor201/08/063.67

A Night with Wife

 — Date night turns into an erotic encounter in the garage. by mn7109/27/104.04

A Non-Traditional Love Story Ch. 01

 — Ally and I continue our adventure after our wedding. by HerLittlePiggy07/20/084.25

A Non-Traditional Love Story Ch. 03

 — Ally and I take her show on the road and continue to explore by HerLittlePiggy07/21/084.20

A Nurse in Need

 — Left for work horny and wet... by shane_orion05/27/093.93

A One Time Thing

 — Wife finds herself with a younger man. by Thompson9911/26/123.98

A Painter's Pleasure

 — A married painter meets a sexy electrician and sparks fly. by Donna_Disrobed05/20/114.23

A Pakistani Wife Is Shared

 — An account of Junaid sharing his lovely wife Hina with Aryan by Aryan_Auth02/23/143.76

A Paradox of Averageness

 — Just what is average? by Slirpuff01/12/124.29

A Parliamentary Private Secretary

 — An ambitious attractive wife meets a powerful politician. by ukresearcher02/16/123.16

A Party In Her Panties

 — Young wife likes showing off her panties. by Sally Tart05/19/044.45

A Party With My Ex

 — He does ex-wife while her new hubby watches. by Tattletale05/05/024.32

A Peek Into Someone's Diary

 — A look into a wife's diary after she did something bad. by TabooTeller07/30/093.45

A Penny For Them

 — Wife submits to husband's friends by SilverEd01/18/034.00

A Penny for Your Thoughts

 — Wife & younger sister stay with 'The Rolling Thunder' Motorcycle Gang. by Softly04/11/013.96

A Perfect 40th Birthday

 — A husband finally gets his slave wife for his birthday. by SSSultan03/04/124.03

A Perfect Crime

 — Or maybe just a happy ending? by oldiethevoyeur10/23/144.46

A Perfect Fit

 — Taking an online friendship to the next level. by SureGin11/07/09

A Perfect Martini

 — Wife whispers plans to husband during banquet. by Captain Steve10/26/033.90

A Perfect Match Ch. 01

 — Wannabe cuckold & nympho make an unusual perfect match. by AlysonHanniganlover03/02/12

A Perfect Match in Paris

 — Satisfying trip with friend's wife, then they share her. by Lord_London10/23/074.11

A Perfect Morning

 — You and I awaken together... by betteroutdoors10/30/113.88

A Perfect Partnership

 — An exceptionally wonderful day for a young married couple. by seid_meister11/27/114.27

A Perfect Planning

 — Fantasy ultimately materialized. by dreamer11711/30/133.31

A Perfect Wife

 — Perfect wift is caught cheating. by Grey Eagle 28609/29/103.57

A Perfect Wife Ch. 1

 — Cheating husband is caught by his wife. by AnnabelleandJay01/31/024.34

A Perfect Wife Ch. 2

 — Wife takes cheating husband to Frank & Diane's. by AnnabelleandJay02/01/024.30

A Perfect Wife Ch. 3

 — Payback gets worse for husband caught cheating. by AnnabelleandJay02/02/023.71

A Perk of the Job

 — Couple find unexpected pleasure in Amsterdam. by Doc_Cox09/28/014.23

A Photo Experience In The Woods

 — Wife is exposed. by Tami06/15/024.04

A Photo Fuck Session

 — Wife gets dressed up and lets husband take degrading photos. by StoryJames09/09/093.99

A Photo-shoot with a Difference

 — A hot wife poses as a model with racy consequences. by MickNeighbor08/01/093.86

A Pie at Last

 — Prudish wife gives him a long-awaited creampie. by DiggerDave02/21/054.42

A Piece of Candi

 — Getting a taste was just the beginning. by SinsiousSiren05/24/094.04

A Piece of Candi Ch. 02

 — Brett gets a deeper taste of her. by SinsiousSiren10/01/094.17

A Piece of Candi Ch. 03

 — Brett's bitter taste has a sweet ending. by SinsiousSiren10/07/094.23

A Piece of Candi Ch. 04

 — Love's sweet bliss. by SinsiousSiren10/22/094.30

A Piece of Candi Ch. 05

 — Brett has all of his Candi. by SinsiousSiren11/06/094.40

A Piece of Candi Ch. 06

 — All the pieces of Candi. by SinsiousSiren11/09/094.27

A Piercing in California

 — A slut wife goes looking for a new navel ring... and more. by PricklyDoom06/20/143.73

A Pirate's Threat

 — Pirate captain's threats to ravish married woman. by exquisitelifetime09/13/121.88

A Plaid Skirt Doesn't Hurt

 — My wife visits the principal's office. by Dylan800B03/23/034.11

A Plan Gone Horribly Wrong...Ch. 01

 — Husband's plan to fulfill wife's fantasy. by witetygrr10/31/023.74

A Plan Gone Horribly Wrong...Ch. 02

 — What went wrong? by witetygrr11/06/023.66

A Plan Gone Horribly Wrong...Ch. 03

 — What else can go wrong? by witetygrr12/13/033.13

A Planned Seduction

 — Who's cheating? by Blue8809/29/054.26

A Playful Friendship

 — Sexual tensions between a wife and husbands friend by mannydcamp01/19/034.27

A Pleasant Spring Walk

 — When is a willing wife too willing? by jokeyjk07/25/144.01

A Pool Boy

 — Pool cleaner scores with naughty wife. by thongcladtommi10/19/084.15

A Pool Boy Ch. 02

 — Pool Boy begins training naughty wife. by thongcladtommi11/10/084.24

A Portrait of the Artist

 — Can the camera truly capture the essence of the subject? by FrancisMacomber07/11/114.52HOT

A Positive

 — She faithful? Tests don't lie, but liars do tests. by cpete07/08/114.39

A Pregnant Tale

 — Sometimes a compliment pays off. by Just Plain Bob12/29/044.22

A Prelude to Love

 — Harriet uses her lovers to inspire something more. by SunrockSin09/15/083.80

A Present for Her Husband

 — Her gift to him may be a gift for them. by REDFOXXY195909/28/044.30

A Present for My Husband

 — How a boudoir photography session went too far. by Catmoore11/12/143.93

A Present for My Wife

 — I watch my wanton wife enjoy her birthday treat. by Tangental11/26/124.21

A Present from Maggie

 — Wife's conniving friend teaches her to enjoy sex. by masterfeedlarry06/23/104.31

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