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Interracial Love Stories

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Latina's Seduction

 — Husband seduces lovely wife Latina. by Latina10/10/003.58

Latina's Swing

 — Frank & Latina buy one and break it in. by Latina10/10/004.33

Laundry Day

 — Lonely coed finds companionship amidst the soap suds. by Superchunk1210/23/024.29

Laura - My Little White Slut

 — White nympho meets black man. by Mr Thick04/06/073.76

Laura and Cathy’s Carnal Cruise

 — Twin sisters take a holiday. by Nigela Lamont06/10/064.29

Laura and Cathy’s Carnal Cruise Day 02

 — Laura and Cathy continue with their hedonistic cruise. by Nigela Lamont07/14/064.23

Laura Gets Her Wish

 — Wife with 3 horny black men. by The Devils Advocate10/16/004.08

Laura Seduces Her Black Stallion

 — A horny white slut wife seduces her husband's subordinate. by DirtyLaura02/25/164.37

Laura's Birthday

 — Interracial sex. D/s. No plot. by Mr Thick10/24/144.02

Laura's Interracial Fantasy

 — Laura finds sexual relief with a black coworker. by ddan2804/28/164.23

Laura's New Black World

 — She was transported to a brand new life. by qualitywheat07/08/124.09

Laura's New World

 — They took, and she couldn't say no, thankfully. by qualitywheat06/18/123.19

Laura's Office Ordeal

 — Wife gets black cock. by jerryspunkher12/30/044.25

Lauren Wanted Adventure

 — Malik's gift takes Lauren to new heights. by darkersex11/25/154.30

Lauren's Neighbors

 — Naive girl moves and meets some men that change her life. by alupine05/27/134.35

Lauren's Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Lauren goes to her neighbor's after party. by alupine04/29/144.32

Laurie Jo Ch. 01

 — Southern sophomore gets a taste of Black. by FrancisAlba05/14/143.99

Law and Order

 — A white married housewife pushes her luck. by AfroerotiK02/07/123.56

Lawn Service

 — Hector services the lawn and much more. by throatj0b10/15/074.38

Layla and Ben Ch. 01

 — A submissive black woman and a dominant white man. by Lyricist198305/07/11

Layla and Ben Ch. 02

 — Layla discovers her love of rough anal sex. by Lyricist198306/06/11

Leah's Springbreak Adventure

 — College freshman & her widowed mom go wild. by DarkVentures09/21/013.97

Leah's Springbreak Adventure Ch. 2

 — Leah meets her Black lover's mother. by DarkVentures09/23/014.38

Leah's Springbreak Adventure Ch. 3

 — Leah & mother turn tables on their Black seducer. by DarkVentures09/28/014.40

Learning How to Be Black Ch. 01

 — Black student is seduced by busty white teacher. by destroywhiteboys03/08/163.68

Learning How to Be Black Ch. 02

 — Darrel impregnates the entire cheerleading team. by destroywhiteboys03/10/163.73

Learning to be Equal in Sex

 — Overly caring man learns to take what he wants. by LaPatitMort10/22/064.34

Learning to Love Black Guys

 — When I entered college I never expected to lose my virginity. by KinzieCrews07/02/09

Leasa At Otis' House

 — Leasa's day after at Otis' House. by leasa__fan05/07/064.17

Leasa Ch. 01

 — She can't say no to maintenance man. by LeasaJ08/08/024.61HOT

Leasa Ch. 02

 — Leasa & her janitor continue. by LeasaJ08/11/024.53HOT

Leasa Ch. 03

 — Leasa pursues her Black lover. by LeasaJ08/20/024.58HOT

Leasa Ch. 05

 — Leasa meets Amos' daddy. by LeasaJ12/13/024.64HOT

Leasa is Cooking

 — White homemaker bends over for Black dinner guest. by Nomeaux Patience10/23/024.40

Leasa's Accosted

 — Frustrated husband takes it out on sleeping white beauty. by Nomeaux Patience10/05/024.05

Leasa's Big Hoorah!

 — Football intermission fulfills white high school cheerleader. by Nomeaux Patience11/08/024.33

Leasa's Graduation

 — Leasa's daddy can't protect her from a black employee. by LeasaJ09/09/024.59HOT

Leasa's Graduation Ch. 2

 — Leasa gets to know minority members of paint store's staff. by LeasaJ10/01/024.67HOT

Leasa's Snatch

 — Silicon Valley blonde submits to older black subordinate. by darkness6310/18/024.51HOT

Leasa's Snatch Ch. 02

 — Leasa's life comes undone at hands of black subordinate. by darkness6311/06/024.32

Leasa: Flower of the South (Ch. 01)

 — The Confederate South's greatest sacrifice. by LeasaJ04/30/034.64HOT

Leasa: Flower of the South (Finale)

 — Leasa's life changes after the war. by LeasaJ05/09/034.29

Leavers' Party

 — Teacher seduced at the end of year party. by handwriter07/07/084.33

Leaving Nigel

 — Nigel was a hater. by dsoul11/03/093.54

Lebanese Christian Dominatrix

 — Lebanese Christian MILF librarian strapons Haitian guy. by Samuelx06/23/142.83

Lebanese Christian Woman: Shine!

 — A black man and an Arab woman fall in love. by Samuelx04/07/122.07

Lebanese Diva For Haitian Stud

 — Haitian guy and Lebanese girl connect in Montreal. by Samuelx01/18/131.11

Lebanese Femdom For Senegal Dude

 — Lebanese Christian dominatrix meets West African guy. by Samuelx01/28/153.00

Lebanese Girl For Black Stud

 — Black man meets Lebanese woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx07/29/123.11

Lebanese Girl Meets Black Stud

 — Lebanese woman meets Haitian man in Montreal. by Samuelx08/08/121.92

Lebanese Girls into Black Studs

 — Half Lebanese, half Dominican girl tries Haitian men. by Samuelx12/07/131.38

Lebanese Goddess for Black Stud

 — Black man rescues Lebanese woman from Arab. by Samuelx08/15/122.56

Lebanese MILFs In Ottawa

 — Djibouti college student meets Arab MILF in Ottawa. by Samuelx07/13/142.73

Lebanese Queen For Black Prince

 — Lebanese woman falls for Haitian man in Ontario. by Samuelx01/13/131.88

Left Behind Ch. 1

 — White cheerleader is stranded with an all-Black team. by Stardog Champion12/05/004.28

Left Behind Ch. 2

 — Coach catches the players in the act. by Stardog Champion12/06/004.35

Leilani's Pool Service

 — Bored in her new life, Leilani gets into the "swim" of thing. by BrettJ07/13/144.21

Lemonade (The Apology)

 — Samantha tries to mend a broken friendship, with benefits. by cocodolce07/18/113.53

Leon's College Sexcapades Ch. 01

 — A hot freshman gets down and dirty in his coed dorm. by mutepenguin01/31/074.24

Leon's College Sexcapades Ch. 02

 — Freshman continues to get down and dirty in his coed dorm. by mutepenguin02/01/074.41


 — White milf sex wrestles a black man for money. by StoneKidman06/07/143.79

Leonard Redux: The Return of Beth

 — Beth takes on her BBC-big black cock- and a watcher, too by FuzzyB02/17/034.34


 — A teen finds an unlikely love. by PenanceS04/27/034.38

Leslie Proves Her Point

 — The title says it all. by Just Plain Bob02/27/044.19

Leslie Proves Her Point Ch. 02

 — Still trying to prove her point. by Just Plain Bob03/05/044.44

Leslie Proves Her Point Ch. 04

 — All's well that ends well. by Just Plain Bob03/17/043.30

Lesson Plan

 — Newly divorced teacher with a fire burning inside. by GettingItDone09/26/134.33

Lesson Plan Ch. 02

 — Jerome makes a visit to her school. by GettingItDone10/27/134.29

Lesson Plan Ch. 06

 — Things get legal. by GettingItDone02/14/164.51HOT


 — She helps train her former Dom's new submissive. by avrgblkgrl07/04/144.35

Lessons From The Neighbor

 — She seeks advice from Black friends, and gets it. by Stormbringer07/01/014.67HOT

Lessons in Biology Ch. 01

 — Black teen is seduced by her white tutor. by GuyJD10/10/004.37

Lessons in Biology Ch. 02

 — Ebony teen is given further instruction. by GuyJD10/10/004.45

Lessons in Biology Ch. 03

 — Ebony runs into old lover. by GuyJD10/10/004.44

Lessons in Biology Ch. 04

 — Mark & Alex teaches Ebony another lesson. by GuyJD11/22/054.40

Lessons in Magic

 — Madame Zora teaches Latina REAL magic words. by Latina10/10/003.90

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor

 — Dominique best friend and first love comes into town. by Myanlass12/31/094.69HOT

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 02

 — Learn more about the Prey. by Myanlass02/06/104.64HOT

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 03

 — She finds out something that could change everything. by Myanlass03/29/104.75HOT

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 04

 — Off to meet the folks. by Myanlass05/29/104.86HOT

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 05

 — The weekend is coming to an end with a surprising visit. by Myanlass07/03/104.81HOT

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 06

 — There is something growing here. by Myanlass09/25/104.85HOT

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 07

 — They both realize something. by Myanlass11/15/104.84HOT

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 08

 — It all comes together. by Myanlass01/06/114.83HOT

Let Me Know If You Need Anything

 — Rebecca begins a chapter in life of with "Big J". by RebeccasFriend04/12/084.60HOT

Let Me Know If You Need Anything Ch. 02

 — Rebecca continues her new life with Big J. by RebeccasFriend05/12/084.36

Let's Do Lunch

 — A continuation of the story, "Pretty Fly". by Cocoa_Cure07/19/114.49

Let's Make A Deal

 — Chapter 5 in the Willing Slaves series with Daniel Orme. by JonB196909/07/074.57HOT

Letters to Cassie: From Kathy in Memphis

 — White woman tells of affair with black lover. by luvz2x01/29/094.33

Letters to Cassie: Pam and John

 — Schoolteacher has twice the fun with fellow teachers. by luvz2x05/14/094.36

Letting Go Ch. 01

 — A Misunderstanding. by Soft101705/19/134.50HOT

Letting Go Ch. 02

 — A Second Impression. by Soft101705/20/134.53HOT

Letting Go Ch. 03

 — Sara's Prince. by Soft101705/25/134.66HOT

Lexy & The Delivery Boy

 — Just had some flowers delivered2 by Just Plain Bob01/30/053.79


 — Sex in the Land of the Midnight Sun. by No Panty Girl08/12/064.18

Liberal Leanings

 — Embracing diversity takes its toll on a young condo couple. by PenPal200104/16/164.06

Licentious Conduct

 — Cock hungry white girl has sex with Asian stranger. by NancyAllbright11/25/143.35

Lick Me There - Everywhere

 — School janitor had me wrapped around his finger. by MarieProvost07/16/134.27

Life Comes Around Full Circle

 — Divorced man finds lust with friend's mother. by Wolfie12/16/013.93

Life Goes On My Brother!

 — Dumped by a black girl, a brother tries Latin women. by Samuelx08/13/132.52

Life in the Fast Lane

 — Big changes in a girl's life lead to love in an usual place. by komrad115603/23/164.60HOT

Life in the Seoul Ch. 01

 — A Korean man and black women meet. by mori0706/29/083.94

Life in the Seoul Ch. 02

 — Does he see her again? by mori0707/03/084.34

Life with: Kat and Alejandro Ep. 03

 — Nothing is perfect by CoCoNiy10103/17/144.66HOT

Life with: Kat and Alejandro Ep. 04

 — Resolution. by CoCoNiy10107/09/144.72HOT

Life with: Kat and Alejandro Ep. 05

 — Chapter 5. by CoCoNiy10106/02/154.62HOT

Life with: Kat and Alejandro Ep. 06

 — Chapter 6. by CoCoNiy10106/04/154.74HOT

Life with: Kiana and Sawyer Ep. 02

 — Kiana and Sawyer continued. by CoCoNiy10103/16/144.78HOT

Life with: Natasha and Bobby Ep. 01

 — Natasha had spent minutes staring... by CoCoNiy10112/20/134.58HOT

Life's a Gamble

 — Andrea gambles away her suburban lifestyle. by LazLng05/09/064.32

Life's Little Curves Ch. 02

 — Now that he's home. by SmilinsweetAngel9501/27/144.40

Life's Little Curves Ch. 03

 — Things start to change for the couple. by SmilinsweetAngel9502/12/144.39

Life's Little Curves Ch. 04

 — He finally has a 'job' by SmilinsweetAngel9502/20/144.25

Life's Little Curves Ch. 05

 — They're trying to move on from their issues. by SmilinsweetAngel9503/05/144.26

Life's Little Curves Ch. 06

 — Enough is enough! by SmilinsweetAngel9503/07/144.52HOT

Life: It Only Gets Better Pt. 01

 — When things get their worst, Brian finds something better. by Shadowforce110/27/154.31

Light Up Ch. 01

 — Zaria Mayfield is tired of being tin-hearted. by Punkiesidhe12/17/104.23

Lights, Camera, Romance 01

 — Movie star meets shy co-ed and the adventures begin. by StolenCandi06/20/114.26

Lights, Camera, Romance 02

 — Movie star meets shy co-ed and the adventures begin. by StolenCandi06/22/114.41

Lights, Camera, Romance 03

 — Movie star meets shy but sexy co-ed and the adventures begin. by StolenCandi06/26/114.56HOT

Lights, Camera, Romance 04

 — Movie star meets shy but sexy co-ed and the adventures begin. by StolenCandi06/29/114.53HOT

Lights, Camera, Romance 05

 — Movie star meets shy co-ed and the adventures begin. by StolenCandi06/30/114.62HOT

Lights, Camera, Romance 06

 — Movie star meets shy but sexy co-ed and the adventures begin. by StolenCandi07/05/114.35

Lights, Camera, Romance 07

 — Movie star meets shy co-ed and the adventures begin. by StolenCandi07/14/114.35

Lights, Camera, Romance 08

 — Movie star meets shy but sexy co-ed and the adventures begin. by StolenCandi07/28/114.39

Like Father, Like Son

 — Young man is seduced by his parents' new neighbor. by caramelgirl_201/14/064.40

Like Father, Like Son Ch. 02

 — Nick goes all the way with sexy black neighbor. by caramelgirl_201/26/064.53HOT

Like Father, Like Son Ch. 03

 — How Stan met Xenia. by caramelgirl_207/23/074.48

Like Mother Like Daughter

 — For the farmhand, the barn gets busy when the workday is done. by VeryDirtyMind02/17/134.33

Like Mother, Like Daughter

 — Married woman finds love in black man's arms. by rgjohn11/09/044.62HOT

Like We Used To

 — When the present is interrupted by the past. by LilMami0701/13/144.43

Like We Used To Ch. 02

 —  by LilMami0706/11/144.37

Lila and Travis Reunite

 — He left her once before. by rocketgirl201101/16/064.52HOT

Lila Continues To Explore College

 — She makes her white ex jealous with his frat brother. by rocketgirl201107/10/054.53HOT

Lila in College

 — Black girl explores a mostly white college. by rocketgirl201107/02/054.42

Lilian at the Resort

 — Boss and pregnant Latina secretary attend a conference. by Tantalaimon01/26/024.39

Lily and Bryan

 — After being away, Lily reunites with her lover. by naughtybynature0908/20/103.33

Lily and Davis Ch. 01

 — An escort finds love. by LaPetitePapillion03/31/154.59HOT

Lily and Davis Ch. 02

 — An escort finds love. by LaPetitePapillion04/01/154.48

Lily and Richard

 — Older white BBW introduces him to kinky sex. by Samuelx07/06/063.84

Linda Formed Her Own Seduction

 — To her black female neighbour and her son. by qualitywheat08/30/154.50HOT

Linda The Party Girl

 — Rob takes Linda to a party at his Boss's house. by Laura_108/24/024.46

Linda's Honeymoon

 — Linda gets an education on her honeymoon. by Laura_108/14/024.30

Lindsey's First BBC

 — Lindsey falls into her mom's footsteps. by dhat_soa04/23/164.36

Lion's Den Ch. 01

 — A black girl meets a mobster while on summer break. by Elektrical08/18/114.61HOT

Lion's Den Ch. 02

 — Max is full of regret & Leo is in hot pursuit. by Elektrical08/30/114.73HOT

Lion's Den Ch. 03

 — Trouble send Max into Leo's Arms and Bed. by Elektrical09/01/114.73HOT

Lion's Den Ch. 04

 — Max & Leo struggle to get on the same page. by Elektrical09/18/114.72HOT

Lion's Den Ch. 05

 — Max & Leo surprise each other. by Elektrical10/07/114.69HOT

Lion's Den Ch. 06

 — Leo & Max: The Finale. by Elektrical12/02/124.81HOT

Lip Service

 — White patient fucks black receptionist's big lips. by Bruson02/21/104.02

Liquid Chocolate

 — Discovering the spicy centre beneath her innocent coating. by Jazz E.01/07/064.33


 — Professor lusts for Asian student. by Steve G11/20/004.23

Lisa & the Professor Ch. 1

 — Professor's fantasy about older student comes true. by caramelgirl_207/18/024.25

Lisa Gets What She Wants

 — Say no to the boss? Not in this economy! by clintorres06/13/154.24

Lisa Has Longings Ch. 01

 — Good wife remembers her teen years as a whore for black cock. by AuntAmanda02/26/114.14

Lisa Has Longings Ch. 02

 — Lisa answers her phone... by AuntAmanda03/14/114.34

Lisa Has Longings Ch. 03

 — Lisa has a doctor's appointment. by AuntAmanda03/20/114.42

Lisa Unfulfilled: Felix the Twerp

 — Frustrated Asian wife finds satisfaction with office geek. by frustrated_craig07/18/074.48

Lisa's Awakening

 — Her first black lover is his fantasy. by mikeme09/26/024.45

Lisa's Awakening Ch. 02

 — The rest of couple's sexy vacation. by mikeme10/09/024.40

Lisa's Black Submission

 — White housewife submission to black lover. by toesman01/06/074.11

Lisa, Unfulfilled: Clothier John

 — Unsatisfied wife goes shopping & picks up a stud. by frustrated_craig10/06/074.04

Lisa, Unfulfilled: Town Car Rod

 — Asian wife cheats with hung black limo driver. by frustrated_craig06/27/074.45

Little Chinese Sara

 — Something Different: Chinese in Thailand. by Labial08/26/123.92

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