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 — Someone was apparently watching The Watchmen by sumsarah07/27/092.56

Rip in Time Ch. 01

 — Ripper (Giles), Willow, and Spike get involved. by badgirl29808/26/024.00

Rip in Time Ch. 02

 — A hard day's night. by badgirl29808/27/024.27

Rip in Time Ch. 03

 — She's a wild child. by badgirl29808/28/024.27

Rip in Time Ch. 04

 — Willow and Spike have a conversation on the Desoto. by badgirl29808/29/024.44

Rip in Time Ch. 05

 — Exploring the past. by badgirl29809/13/024.62

Rip in Time Ch. 06

 — Spike pays a visit. by badgirl29809/14/024.44

Rip in Time Ch. 07

 — VampWillow makes an appearance. by badgirl29809/15/024.54HOT

Rip in Time Ch. 08

 — VampWillow again. by badgirl29809/16/024.18

Rip in Time Ch. 09

 — An old friend returns. by badgirl29809/17/024.78

Rip in Time Ch. 10

 — Giles & Willow in a compromising position. by badgirl29809/18/024.63HOT

Ripa for the Pickings

 — Kelly Ripa picks "berries" from his bushes. by PeIvis Wesley03/09/063.88

Rita Cosby Snow Queen Ch. 01

 — Fox News fox has a good time thanks to a blizzard. by robynfan04/08/033.74

Road Rules

 — A team effort has some bumpy outcomes by techsan04/17/064.55HOT

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 01

 — Former sidekicks out on dates with hunky superheroes. by tawnysuede08/27/114.12

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 02

 — Robin prepares for sissy date - Alfred beware! by tawnysuede09/07/124.33

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 03

 — Jamie Olsen needs to earn some extra money. by tawnysuede08/25/134.15

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 04

 — Sissy former sidekicks finally finish date from part 1. by tawnysuede06/05/144.75

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 05

 — Jimmy Olsen gets fired. Long live sissy Jamie Olsen! by tawnysuede07/15/144.90HOT

Robin Becomes Robin

 — The boy wonder no more. by DMaster_1401/29/113.76

Robin Becomes Robin Ch. 02

 — The boy wonder no more. by DMaster_1403/19/144.10

Robin Tunney and Her 'Son' Ch. 01

 — Robin Tunney spending quality time with her son. by DancingEmbers05/13/134.00

Robin's Reckoning Pt. 01

 — Batgirl trains for a special mission to help Robin. by Quox12/30/114.41

Robo-Cock: Katy Perry

 — Katy Perry checks a rumour that can't possible be true! by MeanBlackjack03/19/144.56HOT

Robotech: Sweet Vengeance Ch. 1

 — The saga of Max Sterling & the Zentraedi, Miriya Parino. by PrincessKoriandr09/17/024.41

Rock & Roll All Nite...

 — An encounter with a busty babe and Gene Simmons. by Abner Devereaux02/10/054.15

Rock Hard Rock

 — Ten-minute break in the back room. by My Erotic Tail04/17/044.00

Rock Me

 — BBW rocker chick gets her chance with Bruce Kulick. by Sandi K.11/26/013.80

Rock Solid Workout

 — Bret Michaels rocks the world of WWE Diva Maria. by Dice_Casden04/18/123.00

Rock Star

 — Sometimes the fantasy doesn't go the way you want it to by mistress_diana05/19/034.42

Rock Superstar 1

 — Suicidal rockstar finds sexual release in a Hollywood vixen. by Accodata08/07/013.00

Rocky & Bullwinkle

 — Natasha asks for help after Boris has an accident. by sourdough99912/13/073.81

Rocky & Bullwinkle Ep. 02

 — Natasha asks for help after Boris has an accident. by sourdough99912/20/074.30

Rocky & Bullwinkle Ep. 03

 — Our heroes search for the transformed Boris. (Finale) by sourdough99912/28/073.62

Rocky & Trish

 — The Great One gets a lot of Stratusfaction. by WwFdiVa41712/14/013.98

Rocky Gets Some Sunny Delight

 — Sunny welcomes rookie Rocky Maivia to the WWF. by Dice_Casden05/03/063.82

Rocky Mountain Kiefer

 — Part 4 of the Kiefer Collection by BardsLady08/11/034.42

Rod Stewart Plays Albany

 — Monica's dancing catches Rod's eye. by JustLikeEwe11/05/084.55HOT

Roger's Dirty Dreams Ch. 01

 — Roger Federer has hotel trouble and a couple helps. by masked_maiden01/18/093.17

Roger's Dirty Dreams Ch. 02

 — Roger walks in on Heather and Dan in the shower. by masked_maiden01/21/093.00

Rogue and Kitty's School Project

 — Rogue and Kitty have to work on a project together. by ukitakke01/28/13

Rogue Chronicles Pt. 01

 — Rogue (of X-Men: Evolution) discovers an incredible suprise. by SSobotkaJr09/14/044.69HOT

Rolling with the Stones

 — Her slutty night with the Rolling Stones. by Wet Miranda01/28/053.96

Ron Swanson Fills Lucy's Pothole

 — Lucy Lawless has intense sex with her crush Nick Offerman. by CreativeErotica110/08/123.12

Room 42

 — A Night Clerk gets a surprise when he helps out a guest. by Storm6204/15/124.59HOT

Room For One More

 — Drew Barrymore & Alyson Hannigan find each other. by Varis 0801/02/053.50

Room Service

 — Right-wing politician proves he's not so conservative. by Hornyman69WithU04/06/072.00

Room Service

 — Waitress has crush on Christie from "D.O.A 3". by CardinalX05/14/034.53HOT

Rory & Jess: Blue Balls

 — Jess is horny, and Rory wants to give him some relief. by Svenskaflicka12/18/033.66

Rory's 18 Birthday Wishes

 — Rory uses 18 wishes to get the one thing she's always wanted. by MTL1703/15/114.70HOT

Rory's First Dessert

 — Rory looses her virginity... to Sookie. by LL7210/18/124.54HOT

Rory's First Dessert Ch. 02

 — Rory Gilmore continues her relationship with Sookie. by LL7211/28/134.57HOT

Rory's First Time

 — Lorelai wants to take her daughter's virginity. by janet1987108/31/144.09

Rory's Rite of Passage

 — Rory catches Luke and Lorelai in action, learns something... by notapencil08/12/034.13

Rose Byrne: The Badge Sucker

 — The porno is on hold, but that won't stop Rose. by celebutante08/06/114.14

Rose Byrne: XXX-Men Ch. 01

 — Rose goes hardcore for the camera. by celebutante07/02/114.69HOT

Rose Byrne: XXX-Men Ch. 02

 — Rose goes further down the anal hole. by celebutante07/19/114.41

Rose Byrne: XXX-Men Ch. 03

 — Rose meets January. by celebutante09/14/114.45

Rose McGowan Gets Inspected

 — To keep her business open, Rose gives inspector anal. by Kash_the_priest06/20/074.51HOT

Rose of My Arse

 — Cheryl's tattoo is more trouble than its worth. by Courier34512/12/133.92

Rosie & Carla

 — Coronation Streets Rosie & Carla celebrate. by RedSox0405/05/094.29

Rosie & Carla and Rosie's Mum

 — Carla tells Rosie about her encounter with Sally. by RedSox0407/01/094.26

Rosie & Carla Ch. 02

 — Carla gets frisky in the Rovers. by RedSox0405/15/094.07

Rosie & Carla Ch. 03

 — Rosie meets the girl from "Misteque". by RedSox0405/16/094.24

Rosie & Molly in Blackpool

 — Coronation St. girls on a weekend away. by RedSox0409/08/093.73

Rosie & Sam the Virgin Girl

 — Rosie Webster enjoys more lesbian sex with a flight attendant. by RedSox0407/15/093.84

Rosie & Sophie

 — Rosie Webster completes the family circle. by RedSox0407/12/104.57HOT

Rosie & Tabitha Ch. 01

 — Rosie Webster visits the 'Mystique' girl. by RedSox0405/28/093.77

Rosie & Tabitha Ch. 02

 — Rosie Webster and Tabitha enjoy a threesome. by RedSox0406/02/094.10

Rosie & Tabitha on Vacation

 — Rosie Webster's adventures in Barbados. by RedSox0406/14/094.00

Rosie & Tina Have A Lock In

 — Rosie Webster enjoys after hours Lesbiab sex in The Rovers. by RedSox0407/14/114.33

Rosie and Carla the Return

 — Rosie Webster welcomes Carla with hot Lesbian love. by RedSox0410/25/093.75

Rosie and The Countdown Girl

 — Rosie Webster meets Rachel Riley for Lesbian Sex. by RedSox0403/21/114.53HOT

Rosie and Three Ex's

 — Rosie Webster organises Jason's birthday treat. by RedSox0401/30/114.40

Rosie at the Spa

 — Rosie and Michelle visit a spa, ith sexy results. by RedSox0412/05/104.08

Rosie Gets a Surprise

 — Rosie Webster enjoys lesbian sex, then gets a suprise. by RedSox0408/20/113.62

Rosie Returns From Holiday

 — Rosie relates her holiday story to Carla and gets a shock. by RedSox0406/20/093.50

Rosie Seduces Michelle

 — Rosie Webster and Michelle Conner, get it on. by RedSox0409/18/104.50HOT

Rosie Webster Corrie Sex Fiend

 — Rosie has sex with lots of people. by RedSox0411/13/104.57HOT

Rosie Webster in London

 — Rosie goes to London and meets a classy lady. by RedSox0406/20/114.29

Rosie, Carla & Sally !!

 — Rosie Webster has 3some with her mother and Carla. by RedSox0410/29/094.54HOT

Rosie, Carla and a Sexy Binman

 — Rosie Webster enjoys a 3some with Carla and her man. by RedSox0408/02/104.17

Rosie, Carla and Tabitha

 — Coronation Street girls enjoy a threesome. by RedSox0406/02/094.20

Rosie, Molly and Kevin!!!

 — Rosie Websters 3some with Molly and her Dad. by RedSox0411/25/094.77HOT

Rosie, Molly, and Two Pilots

 — Rosie Webster and Molly are interupted by 2 horny guys. by RedSox0409/29/094.13

Roxanne McKee

 — Roxanne McKee is shown how to be a lesbian. by Rosko Busby 200501/02/154.43

Royal Rumble Gang Bang 2007

 — Who will be the last Diva standing? by Dice_Casden12/23/094.38

Royal Rumble Gang Bang 2008

 — Who will be the last Diva standing? by Dice_Casden12/24/094.47

Royal Rumble Gang Bang 2009

 — Who will be the last Diva standing? by Dice_Casden12/25/094.04

Royal Rumble Gang Bang 2010

 — Who Will Be The Last Diva Standing? by Dice_Casden04/13/134.50

Royal Rumble Gang Bang 2011

 — Who will be the last diva standing? by Dice_Casden04/14/133.00

Royal Rumble Gang Bang 2012

 — Who Will Be The Last Diva Standing? by Dice_Casden04/15/133.62

Ruby Soho

 — Tilda and Mia become intimate through art. by TromeoQue08/24/144.40

Rudely Interrupted Ch. 01

 — Emma interrupts Miley and Emily. by multi_tasking11/01/114.06

Rules of Engagement

 — TV show the way other would like to see it. by TVfreak02/18/084.58HOT

Running Down a Dream

 — Insane fan messes up marathon to meet Ryan Reynolds. by AchtungNight11/16/08

Runway, Party, and Sex

 — Mar'e encounters Miko Lee at a fashion show. by HarlemKnight03/06/13

Russell Has A Surprise

 — Russell interrupts Rhyley. by BgMma08/06/023.22

Russell Returns

 — Rhyley is ready to give Russell Crowe a very special gift. by BgMma08/08/023.00

S Club Heaven Ch. 2

 — Hannah needs help getting over her boyfriend. by freedom66611/12/013.80

S Club Heaven Ch. 3

 — Tina wants the same as Joe & Hannah. by freedom66612/07/014.15

S Club Heaven Ch. 4

 — Rachel wants help like the rest of the band. by freedom66612/19/013.91

S Club Heaven Ch.1

 — She loses her head & more to Joe from S Club 7. by freedom66611/05/013.73

S Club Heaven: The Final Chapter

 — The girls of S Club's farewell party. by freedom66612/26/014.34


 — Manson and Skold hook up on a video shoot. by GrotesqueBurges05/16/074.15

S-Club 7 Ch. 1

 — There ain't no party like an S-Club Party. by Tha-Legend09/01/013.83

Sable Bomb

 — Sable helps HBK prepare for his Wrestlemania 14 match. by Dice_Casden05/10/064.09

Sabrina: What Are Friends For?

 — Jenny returns to visit Sabrina & Harvey. by beaverhunter7607/01/024.51HOT

Sailor Sex

 — Sailor Moon & the Scouts discover something new. by HornballPiglet02/14/014.60HOT

Sale Call

 — The Office's Pam Beesley meets a client. by ohiofreedom11/22/093.95

Salma and Sofia

 — First time with Salma Hayek in 2005 includes Sofia Vergara. by Robertdoc11/04/134.39

Salma in the Moonlight

 — Chauffeur helps Salma Hayek celebrate her birthday. by star_driver08/09/014.56HOT

Sam Meets Ryan Reynolds

 — A fan finds a way. by ThirdHorseman10/23/064.11

Samantha Mohr Comes for Christmas

 — Samantha comes to visit, and gets a lot of come in return. by dispatcher5912/23/144.25

Same Time Next Week

 — Superman needs help only a Wonder Woman can give. by Mild Mannered Author10/10/034.65HOT


 — Ardeth & Angelina Series TMR #1. by Ariane11/18/045.00

Sandra Gal & Na Yeon Choi Get Close

 — Sandra's kindness leads to the seduction of Choi. by walterio02/12/154.73HOT

Sandra Gal - The LPGA Hottie

 — Sandra treats herself to a massage that stirs her libido. by walterio02/07/144.57HOT

Sandra Lee

 — Aunt Sandy likes it rough. by FLACKMAN11/01/10

Sandra Romain Strapons Mark Davis

 — Macho porn star rides Romanian Mistress strapon. by Samuelx06/26/103.62

Sandy's Day Off

 — Ficticious story involving Kiefer Sutherland. by TheMoody104/19/044.63HOT

Sania Mirza: A Break from Tennis

 — Tenn tennis sensation needs a well deserved break!!! by arjun198912/06/132.05

Santa Barbara

 — Jack & Nina take weekend off from CTU. by Evita04/21/044.50

Santa Monica

 — Dan Estrin's unforgettable afternoon at the beach. by Midwestern_Sex_Fiend02/08/053.86

Sarah & Alyson

 — Alyson Hannigan has present for Sarah Michelle Gellar. by jaroslav04/19/024.07

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