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Met His Old Lover

 — He took the exit, drove by her house and there she was. by Dinsmore05/30/064.83HOT


 — Ms. Jenkins fools everyone. by mindventure07/10/144.80HOT


 — Obsession and Love. by Deathplay03/28/063.67

Meteor Love

 — A celestial theme runs through my life. by vulpes3209/30/084.50HOT


 — Reminiscencing about meteor showers and old friends. by spacemanspiff_1108/12/054.76HOT

Metro Encounter

 — Quirky meeting on the red line leads to love. by NorthCoastSmart07/07/064.74HOT

Mi Amor

 — Recently dumped man finds dream girl at club. by Funkenstein07/03/02


 — A young girl sets her sights on someone she can't have. by JaneRoe05/11/164.71HOT

Mia Pt. 02

 — Mia catches a fly. by JaneRoe05/25/164.69HOT

Mia Pt. 03

 — Mia made human. by JaneRoe10/19/164.70HOT

Michael or the...Mist?

 — A romantic story of lost love & new hope. by New_Story_Teller09/10/024.31

Michael's Search

 — He searches years for the perfect wife, finds her at work. by SW_MO_Hermit07/01/124.80HOT

Michelle Ch. 01

 — A casual encounter. by Sodicox908/29/154.15

Michelle Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of the casual encounter. by Sodicox908/30/154.19

Michelle Ch. 03

 — Part 3 of the encounter. by Sodicox909/01/154.36

Michelle Ch. 04

 — The final chapter. by Sodicox909/02/154.00

Michelle's Destiny

 — Michelle's online love affair spilled over into her RL. by Storyteller_one08/16/014.47

Michelle's Revenge

 —  A young woman entraps an older man. by RonClarkeson10/14/064.30

Michelle's Story

 — Miguel is young, talented, and in love with Michelle. by elsol02/17/054.79HOTContest Winner

Mick Returns to Reconnect

 — Mick and Mel together again after nine years. by EgmontOriginals04/13/164.46

Mid-Summer's Night

 — Ramos & Remy kiss and make up. by GothKitty05/01/014.15

Mid-Week Rendezvous

 — Meeting in a hotel room for ignites passion. by mcds56604/01/154.22

Middle Eastern Minx

 — Two best friends become closer than they've ever been. by HairAddict6709/23/164.73HOT

Middle Eastern Minx Ch. 02

 — Two friends satisfy a fantasy for the other. by HairAddict6709/26/164.76HOT

Middle Eastern Minx Ch. 03

 — A new perspective. by HairAddict6705/21/184.36

Middle of the Night Play

 — He wakes you up in the middle of the night. by His_Fantasy_Reality12/15/01


 — Peter thought he knew what he wanted. by Lucity04/09/114.53HOT

Midlife Ch. 02

 — Peter gives "taking it slow" a chance. by Lucity08/24/114.65HOT

Midlife Ch. 03

 — Peter takes steps in the right direction. by Lucity10/03/114.79HOT

Midnight Blue

 — A woman comes to town unlocking desires long since hidden. by OBillyHill08/18/184.68HOT

Midnight Call

 — She gets a call from the man she wants. by txprincess7406/25/074.40

Midnight Ch. 01

 — A Tale of Misfits, Colour, Education and Science. by virtualatheist12/03/154.55HOT

Midnight Ch. 02

 — A surprise and Manni's world changes again. by virtualatheist12/05/154.65HOT

Midnight Ch. 03

 — Manni's life takes a new direction. by virtualatheist12/07/154.66HOT

Midnight Ch. 04

 — Manni's first run out and she lets something slip. by virtualatheist12/09/154.65HOT

Midnight Ch. 05

 — Manni makes a discovery. by virtualatheist12/12/154.66HOT

Midnight Ch. 06

 — Another surprise and an admission. by virtualatheist12/14/154.67HOT

Midnight Ch. 07

 — Nathan and Midnight share their love. by virtualatheist12/16/154.70HOT

Midnight Ch. 08

 — Another surprise and Nathan falls victim to PC. by virtualatheist12/18/154.74HOT

Midnight Ch. 09

 — Manni braces the lioness in her den. by virtualatheist12/21/154.66HOT

Midnight Consummation

 — She's wanted him for too long and he pleases her. by AlexisPeignoir07/03/144.24

Midnight Cowboy

 — The mysterious phone sex lover's surprise knock on the door by Two2NightStand03/09/154.04

Midnight Delight

 — Her romantic night with a very happy ending. by JumbleScript11/11/144.14

Midnight Delight Ch. 02

 — The Morning Comes - Sarah takes control. by JumbleScript11/24/144.22

Midnight Dip

 — The moon, a lake and a midnight swim. by TeeTee04/29/074.40

Midnight Lover

 — Mysterious midnight visits fill Lina's nights. by Sass01/15/033.78

Midnight Plush

 — Nerd + Nerd = Ecstasy!. by Prizmatic08/11/064.62HOT

Midnight Sun Ch. 01

 — Young woman goes through drama with her boyfriend & her bf. by Amaveil12/03/092.75

Midnight Swim

 — An honest accident finds forbidden love. by eyesclosed05/26/044.21

Midnight Swim

 — A summer camp interlude after the store closes. by rdodger09/16/173.80

Midnight Visitor

 — Who is this stranger? Was it real or a dream? by annafaye12/15/084.47

Midnight's Desire

 — Frisky business in the middle of the night. by ZZ_Todd10/09/064.56HOT


 — Shakespeare, faeries, sex, love, and deformity. by H. Jekyll07/17/064.68HOT

Midsummer Dreaming

 — A winter morning heats up as Kiran fantasises over Cillian. by Jogoctopus11/26/164.31

Midsummer Night

 — Disillusioned wife is set free. by CreamyLady10/20/004.10

Midsummer Nights

 — Midsummer, a time for fantasies and dreams, or isn't it? by Halin2408/23/174.69HOT

Midwinter Weekend Pt. 05

 — A soft awakening with Eleanor, and a life changing decision. by MrIllusion03/01/154.82HOT

Migraine Dream

 — A story of love, passion, seduction. by luvs2cuddle10/07/113.62

Mike & Karen Ch. 04

 — Why do youngsters always have to learn the hard way? by BiscuitHammer04/09/184.79HOT

Mike & Karen Ch. 05

 — Lazy Millennials, and inspiring sketches. by BiscuitHammer06/06/184.85HOT

Mike & Karen Ch. 06

 — A kamikaze stunt and a sexy gambit... by BiscuitHammer07/06/184.87HOT

Mike & Karen Ch. 07

 — Blackmail, stock markets and suitors, oh my! by BiscuitHammer07/28/184.86HOT

Mike & Karen Ch. 08

 — String theory discussion and someone pisses Alexa off... by BiscuitHammer08/21/184.86HOT

Mike & Karen Ch. 09

 — Haberdashery, waltzes and bedposts, oh my! by BiscuitHammer09/27/184.88HOT

Mike & Karen Ch. 10

 — With Karen and Alexa in Quebec, what will Mike and Alex do? by BiscuitHammer10/24/184.86HOT

Mike & Karen Ch. 11

 — Of skateboards, kind words, and weird make up... by BiscuitHammer11/15/184.82HOT

Mike & Karen Ch. 12

 — Sleuthing has never been so absurd... by BiscuitHammer12/13/184.85HOT

Mike and Mary

 — A gentleman finds true love and marries. by PTBzzzz03/02/114.30

Mike and Sarah Ch. 01

 — Young man finds love with older best friend. by StoriesFromUK09/23/124.33

Mike and Sarah Ch. 02

 — The couple get closer and enjoy their first summer. by StoriesFromUK09/26/124.56HOT

Mike Hammer - Before it All Went

 — A rainy afternoon. by Dwolfy06/05/184.16

Mike Hammer - Chinatown Ch. 01

 — An unexpected meeting. by Dwolfy06/21/184.29

Mike Hammer - Chinatown Ch. 02

 — Home Sweet Home. by Dwolfy06/28/184.51HOT

Mike Hammer - Chinatown Ch. 03

 — Deposition. by Dwolfy07/07/184.61HOT

Mike Hammer - Chinatown Ch. 04

 — Throwback. by Dwolfy07/21/184.53HOT

Mike Hammer - Chinatown Ch. 05

 — All warfare is based on deception - Sun Zhu. by Dwolfy08/21/184.57HOT

Mike's Angel without Wings Ch. 01

 — Mike finds his Angel. by IceVixen0706/15/174.62HOT

Mike's Angel without Wings Ch. 02

 — Who is Jess? by IceVixen0706/27/174.59HOT

Mike's Angel without Wings Ch. 03

 — Mike finds his Angel. by IceVixen0707/24/174.78HOT

Mile High Club

 — Madison is a screamer... by bigrichdaddy05/02/173.12

Miles Away

 — Can a young musician find love with his Internet crush? by darkoverlord611/22/184.83HOT

Milk and Cookies

 — A chance encounter leads to a steamy Christmas connection. by SpotInTheSand11/19/124.87HOT


 — A young lady comes to understand what is important in life. by Mainefiddleheads11/10/154.66HOT

Milly on the Train

 — Young woman has a mysterious encounter on a train. by aldwyn_luthaer02/27/084.08

Mina's Amenities

 — In WonderLand, TN, his lover awaits in Motel 69. by PurpleHazeFL6907/18/064.75HOT

Mind Control Harem Ch. 01: CumKitty

 — A hypnotized college girl finds something more. by ObedientPetgirl01/14/194.12NEW

Mind Games

 — Office fun. by demha07/17/132.61

Mind over Matter

 — Falling in love at this age? by Dargon201005/06/114.29

Mind the Gap

 — Trans-Atlantic cyber lovers' first meeting in London. by suaveboy08/02/064.00


 — Sick boy and crippled girl find each other. by Xander10/02/004.22


 — Adversaries become close in the dark. by RDRocket04/16/144.67HOT


 — I love my roommate, but does he love me? by 10feetaway01/16/153.60


 — A tiny woman is far from home. by cellophanesmile03/31/094.45

Miniature Ch. 02

 — Discovery. by cellophanesmile04/13/094.44

Miniature Ch. 03

 — How can he love someone a 12 inches tall? by cellophanesmile06/28/094.66HOT

Mirando Las Olas

 — Along the waves. by creepyrj07/18/114.68HOT

Miria's Anticipation Pt. 01

 — Miria desires the man that saved her, but wants so much more. by Wolfsongs05/19/154.24

Miria's Anticipation Pt. 02

 — Miria's dream realized and soon to have her one desire. by Wolfsongs06/21/154.53HOT

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

 — She wakes up to another surprise. by anoymous03/28/044.27

Mirror of Love

 — Love that spans all barriers. by writelove04/24/074.50HOT

Mirror, Mirror

 — Wife & husband renew love in mirrored bedroom. by eroticorgasm02/20/024.55HOT

Mirrors Don't Lie

 — He finds himself in the mirror. by possession24910/27/034.20

Misbehaving In Silence

 — When the lights go out in the college library. by chandra_laraine06/16/154.64HOT

Misogyny and Love Letters

 — Sometimes love comes from the most unexpected of places. by mt4404/12/184.47

Miss December

 — Centerfold comes to life for virgin guy. by Bones Malone10/20/004.33

Miss Florence Ch. 02

 — Tom and Florence marry and consummate their love. by R410a10/05/184.77HOT

Miss Frumpy

 — An erotic homage to Shaw. by aukamm08/24/074.79HOTEditor's Pick

Miss Invisible

 — A college girl learns something shocking. by OliviaM06/22/164.71HOT

Miss Kiss

 — Ex-military man finds love with student. by scouries06/11/054.53HOT

Miss Love Finds Love

 — A young female attorney takes on a major airline. by Egmont Grigor11/23/084.67HOT

Miss Lulu Comes to Hollywood

 — Southern ladies manipulate an egocentric Yankee. by jay.palin12/03/054.79HOT

Miss Mabel

 — Lodger fells in love with Landlady's daughter. by potsherd2206/04/134.43

Miss Mabel Ch. 02

 — Lodger falls in love with his landlady's daughter. by potsherd2206/05/134.54HOT

Miss Mabel Ch. 03

 — Lodger falls in love with landlady's daughter. by potsherd2206/07/134.51HOT

Miss Mabel Ch. 04

 — Lodger falls in love with his landlady's daughter. by potsherd2206/19/134.60HOT

Miss Mabel Ch. 05

 — Lodger falls in love with landlady's daughter. by potsherd2206/20/134.67HOT

Miss Mabel Ch. 06

 — Lodger falls in love with landlady's daughter. by potsherd2206/21/134.70HOT

Miss Mannerly

 — An innocent woman & an older man observe restrictions. by 2Xwidderwoman01/19/084.73HOT

Miss Match

 — When online dating goes awry. by Dual_Triode01/20/124.41

Miss Taken

 — A shot of whiskey. by Recidiva06/19/064.67HOT

Missed: Fenian Outrage

 — Fenian Outrage at Wansumford Manor. by oggbashan07/07/154.33


 — Fond memories. by Missieb02/17/104.33

Missing Her

 — No description needed. by guitargotmilf08/06/123.79

Missing Her Man

 — She has an erotic dream, only to wake up wet. by Optimystique11/20/044.27

Missing You

 — Romantic dream while away from home. by MaryH06/21/064.83HOT

Missing You

 — Going to bed just isn't the same without you. by moonlit_tear04/09/144.25

Mississippi Queen, Louisiana Man

 — Widow finds love on streets of New Orleans. by jack_straw01/02/054.67HOT

Missouri Ch. 1

 — Brad flies in to meet his lady love. by paganangel12/07/014.26

Missy Gets a Real Man

 — He wants her enough to just take her. by jezebeldelilah10/23/094.64HOT

Mist and Golden Leaves

 — We were walking in that street again, mist everywhere... by Greggorry05/07/183.22


 — A cop has sex with main suspect. by katxmeowx07/14/094.12

Mistake in the Men's Room

 — Stranger's meet in a men's room and have a sexy sweet time. by sexyparty03/12/154.44

Mistaken Identity

 — Who is he, & why are his memories coming back to haunt him? by darkstone5705/14/084.46

Mistaken Identity Ch. 02

 — Waylon's story continues. by darkstone5705/20/084.60HOT

Mistaken Identity Ch. 03

 — Waylon begins to understand; Noreen makes a friend. by darkstone5705/24/084.65HOT

Mistaken Identity Ch. 04

 — Waylon goes to jail. by darkstone5706/17/084.44


 — The mistake of not cuckolding Gary led to more. by Alwaysraining05/14/154.69HOT

Mistress and Commander Ch. 02

 — Grey Seas Over: storm at sea brings them closer. by estragon03/02/114.36

Mistress and Commander Ch. 05

 — To the Sea Again. by estragon03/30/113.83

Mistress of the Night

 — Who was her mysterious lover? by James_Brown10/03/144.00

Mists of Time

 — A love story that crosses the boundaries of time. by Aradia Zayn10/25/024.21

Mixed Emotions

 — I wasn't sure what to do. by DG Hear09/03/114.58HOT


 — Stop, or my girlfriend will beat you up. by qhml103/07/134.85HOT

Mmm... Good Afternoon Sex

 — A deeply in love couple enjoy passion. by Sarah Davies03/05/063.97

Mmm... In the Highlands

 — A romance adventure for two. by Sarah Davies08/23/064.08

Mobster Makes the Princess

 — Mafia Prince's snooty dream girl finds she needs him. by quandom06/05/094.62HOT

Modern Feminist Misunderstandings

 — Gen goes to her professor for help, he gets the wrong idea. by geckodad04/10/184.29

Modern Feminist Misunderstandings Ch. 02

 — Past Rick's misunderstanding while Present Gen masturbates. by geckodad04/16/184.00

Modern Renaissance

 — A woman falls for a total stranger. by onceuponavirgo04/20/013.50

Moira Ch. 3

 — Moira reads a story. by MoroMoy01/21/014.00

Moira Ch. 4

 — She spies the Man from the Lodge. by MoroMoy01/28/014.20

Molly & Marilyn & Me Ch. 01

 — Jenny Craig has nothing on this. by coaster202/14/094.73HOT

Molly & Marilyn & Me Ch. 02

 — It looks dark for Tory. by coaster202/15/094.73HOT

Molly & Marilyn & Me Ch. 03

 — Lost and Found, a winding road to the finish. by coaster202/16/094.75HOTContest Winner

Molly Was Just a Teen Whore

 — He paid her to fuck him; it was just a business arrangement. by Dinsmore02/01/064.78HOT

Mom & Me Ch. 13

 — Sharron. by Yechesem04/10/184.48

Mom & Me Ch. 14

 — Another Afternoon with Jennifer. by Yechesem04/11/184.51HOT

Mom & Me Ch. 15

 — Longing For More of Sharron. by Yechesem04/13/184.48

Mom & Me Ch. 16

 — Lunch with Jane & an afternoon fuck from Jennifer. by Yechesem04/21/184.41

Mom Fantasies

 — Mom fantasies come true. by candi_cane09/09/143.41

Mom's 'Joy Boy'

 — A divorcee finds a guy at last - 15 years younger. by Egmont Grigor08/14/074.62HOT

Mom's Night In

 — Her hubby knows what a girl wants. by sweetnpetite10/05/034.42

Moments: Second Chances

 — Unlucky pair find each other. by Fantasy Kiss01/10/054.79HOT

Monday Night Football at Home

 — He's watching the game, she wants some of his attention. by LdyAngel03/07/104.25

Monday's Child

 — Accident victim learns what beauty really is. by velvetpie07/01/044.76HOT

Monday, I Met Catherine

 — Catherine, an open ended love story. by switch_hitter4605/08/184.22

Monday, Tuesday, & Saturday

 — Lorna finds love & freedom. by Moondrift03/29/044.65HOT

Mondo and Mulholland

 — An ex-army guy and girl team up and let it rip. by Egmont Grigor03/25/094.68HOT

Monica and Lisa

 — He Picked Up Two Stragglers in the Rain. by SierraSprite07/05/174.62HOT

Monkey Love

 — Zookeeper shows him how to do the wild thing by Spartacus03/10/034.24

Monkey Mia

 — An isolated beach in Western Australia. by will6802/18/023.93


 — The make love under a troop of monkeys. by jjcolejr05/13/144.56HOT

Monoped Muse Ch. 01

 — A bad day turns into a good one. by PaulX3511/22/02

Monoped Muse Ch. 03

 — A new romance kicks off - seriously now. by PaulX3511/25/024.69HOT

Monsier DiPuc's Visit

 — A visit from the Job Satisfaction Analyst proves rewarding. by NickyFaulkes01/27/094.32


 — You re-discover each other during a monsoon. by jamboy1811/18/024.70HOT

Monster's Theory

 — A boy, a girl, a forgotten friendship... by Crimson_Rivers02/15/184.23


 — A self-satisfied romp through her subconscious. by violettadeltoro12/22/014.29

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