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Catnip: A Halloween Story

 — New guy in town meets a woman at Halloween party. by timberwulff09/27/014.22

Catnip: A Halloween Story Ch. 2

 — The day after he meets Bast is full of surprises. by timberwulff10/04/014.58HOT

Catnip: The Back Story

 — He discovers where Bast & Bella met. by timberwulff04/17/024.57HOT

Cats 'n Dogs

 — A feline princess challenges a human-canine peasant. by SciFurz03/11/164.84HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 01

 — Were teams meet, and sparks fly. by ingarlm11/22/084.55HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 02

 — The Cats make their desires clear. by ingarlm11/26/084.61HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 03

 — No-one can resist temptation forever. by ingarlm11/28/084.68HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 04

 — Relationships are formed. by ingarlm11/30/084.67HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 05

 — Declarations and they get their mission. by ingarlm12/01/084.72HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 06

 — Preparations and changes. by ingarlm12/04/084.74HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 07

 — The mission doesn't go entirely to plan. by ingarlm12/06/084.71HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 08

 — After the mission - they can't celebrate yet. by ingarlm12/08/084.75HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 09

 — Looking to the future. by ingarlm12/10/084.75HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 10

 — The Conclusion. by ingarlm12/12/084.79HOTContest Winner


 — A m/m tangle of vampire & 'tiger. by kabuki01/16/034.75HOT


 — Were-leopard and her mate have romp in the forest. by Nightshade_Angel04/17/033.45

Caught by the Minotaur

 — Perdiccas gets caught by the Minotaur. by Tarash09/29/174.11

Caught in Skirmish: For Each Gender

 — Monstergirls catch a prisoner for each gender that exists by EstebanMamono12/07/164.49

Caught in the Middle

 — Kara and James meet, will Mac interfere with their future? by ClutzyLover07/08/134.40

Cave Monsters Suck Ass

 — Don't write stories while high. by YANKEE DAN04/14/043.58

Cazi's Journey

 — An Edwardian woman's journey begins with the Dark Gift. by Skidder06/17/084.61HOT

Cazi's Journey Ch. 02

 — Cazi's journey continues. by Skidder06/26/084.43

Cazi's Journey Ch. 02.5

 — Cazi and Aelfric talk. by Skidder06/30/084.42

Cazi's Journey Ch. 03

 — Cazi's journey continues. by Skidder07/04/084.65HOT

Cazi's Journey Ch. 04

 — A return. by Skidder07/20/084.57HOT

Celuna's Hunt

 — Celune sets her sights on a lone werewolf. by hrefnadrakis10/12/024.74HOTContest Winner

Cemetery Sex

 — Midnight romp with a ghost. by TheJTrain05/27/044.32

Cemetery Summons

 — A guy is down on his luck, and ends up getting very lucky. by Galloglaich09/13/094.59HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 02

 — With his succubus at home, things even more complicated. by Galloglaich09/16/094.62HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 03

 — Sometimes denial of service isn't such a good idea. by Galloglaich09/21/094.62HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 04

 — Sundown brings the lustful succubus down...on him. by Galloglaich09/26/094.71HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 05

 — Rough gets too rough when it comes to bloodletting. by Galloglaich10/06/094.73HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 06

 — Three succubi find a way to share one arousal. by Galloglaich10/13/094.71HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 07

 — Hell is not so much the inferno Jack was expecting. by Galloglaich11/05/094.67HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 08

 — Vampires, Demons, Succubi, and One Poor Guy. by Galloglaich11/08/094.69HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 09

 — Trade one hell to be cast into another. by Galloglaich11/20/094.68HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 10

 — Be careful when you feed the animals. by Galloglaich12/03/094.70HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 11

 — Time spent in hell can do more than mess up your head. by Galloglaich12/11/094.72HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 12

 — A fuck every day lands Jack in the sick bay. by Galloglaich12/20/094.75HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 13

 — Ice and Anger are much the same; they melt away at the beach. by Galloglaich01/06/104.49

Cemetery Summons Ch. 14

 — One last day turns into one last chance. by Galloglaich02/18/104.66HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 15

 — Nine, ten, never sleep again. by Galloglaich02/19/104.66HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 16

 — Now then, on your knees, obey your mistres, time to please. by Galloglaich03/09/104.72HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 17

 — Anathane finds that Jack is little black dress approved. by Galloglaich04/12/104.69HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 18

 — Don't get lost in her eyes; your wife is right behind you. by Galloglaich05/10/104.74HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 19

 — So this is our plan? Anyone else feel a little skeptical? by Galloglaich05/27/104.71HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 20

 — Pulling wool over the hungry wolf's eyes. by Galloglaich06/02/104.72HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 21

 — If love is blind, then I am become Death. by Galloglaich07/15/104.73HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 22

 — The very stones of the earth tremble at the thought of it. by Galloglaich09/14/104.82HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 23

 — A curious thing, accidental seduction. by Galloglaich10/12/104.78HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 24

 — An army, lots of lovers, an evil overlord, and a mother too. by Galloglaich12/11/104.78HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 25

 — Gotta fight for your right to need somebody to love. by Galloglaich12/19/104.79HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 26

 — Jack finds mother-in-laws are much worse than everyone says. by Galloglaich01/02/114.82HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 27

 — It's like when you mix black and white to make gray. by Galloglaich01/14/114.83HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 28

 — If you wish to catch a tiger... by Galloglaich01/28/114.88HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 29

 — We are only as great as our hearts will allow. by Galloglaich03/03/114.86HOT

Centaur's Captive

 — A beautiful human is captured by a handsome stallion/man. by clcarne7005/01/074.49

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 01

 — Thayer kidnaps a maiden for his own. by AMY_Monaco12/15/074.54HOT

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 02

 — Rose starts to adjust to her new life. by AMY_Monaco12/21/074.58HOT

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 03

 — Rose attempts to leave the camp. by AMY_Monaco12/27/074.65HOT

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 04

 — The ceremony begins. by AMY_Monaco01/06/084.70HOT

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 05

 — Their union is sealed. by AMY_Monaco01/12/084.67HOT

Centaurs in Springtime Ch. 01

 — Anna goes into heat, and battles with her urges. by Karnonnos01/20/164.50HOT

Cernunnos' Lesson

 — A lesson from a Celtic Earth God. by ihartekenny04/08/134.59HOT

Ch. 01 Before The Darkness

 — A brief background of life before the bite. by Imaylookinnocent06/23/064.30

Ch. 02 The Forsaken Bride

 — Christine is made ready for a big event. by Imaylookinnocent06/24/063.85

Chained Heat

 — Serafina has wild passionate sex with her pet werewolf. by ErosinaScarlett06/08/174.58HOT

Chained Heat Ch. 02

 — Serafina continues her affair with her pet werewolf Cash. by ErosinaScarlett09/04/174.41

Chained Heat Ch. 03

 — Serafina encounters the sexual aura of a pureblood werewolf. by ErosinaScarlett09/21/174.39

Chained Heat Ch. 04

 — Cash misses Serafina & she discovers a startling secret... by ErosinaScarlett10/29/174.57HOT

Chained Heat Ch. 05

 — Serafina & Cash play erotic games fighting for dominance. by ErosinaScarlett12/11/174.66HOT

Chained Heat Ch. 06

 — The final chapter. Cash & Serafina reach a breaking point. by ErosinaScarlett03/03/184.54HOT

Challenge Accepted

 — He finds a naiad. by KaylaStephens07/09/123.42

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 01

 — A man on a spaceship remembers as he worries. by TaLtos612/06/134.71HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 02

 — The hated ones were here, but her mother wasn't worried. by TaLtos612/07/134.69HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 03

 — Shiny or not, Ryan thought that she had the sweetest ass. by TaLtos612/08/134.83HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 04

 — He wanted to get to that kind of love just once in his life. by TaLtos612/09/134.80HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 05

 — Ryan, Taela & Shorty are handed a way out. by TaLtos612/10/134.74HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 06

 — How Mischka got the job to fly the Devil's Switchblade. by TaLtos612/16/134.84HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 07

 — She groaned. Anubians were known to be such sex beasts. by TaLtos612/22/134.77HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 08

 — He'd seen Earth as a student. Now he's a reluctant tourist. by TaLtos603/20/184.76HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 09

 — "Where you come from, they got bus tours to there?" by TaLtos604/06/184.75HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 10

 — The wild babe with fur and the boobs and the trouser snake. by TaLtos604/19/184.60HOT

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 11

 — The efficient though sometimes difficult art of Laying Waste. by TaLtos605/08/184.47

Chameleon's Story Ch. 04

 — Don't we all love our job? by gothic_chameleon06/08/083.90

Chance Encounters Ch. 01

 — Chance experiences love in many forms. by KuriousGrl7405/20/103.78

Chance Encounters Ch. 02

 — Chance encounters love in many forms. by KuriousGrl7405/26/104.00

Change in Plans

 — Upset plans lead to a strange meeting. by Emerald_Dragon01/21/094.67HOT


 — Karen and Theo meet. by a_koozie02/14/124.56HOT

Changed Ch. 02

 — Discovery. by a_koozie01/17/134.69HOT

Changed Ch. 03

 — Discoveries Abound. by a_koozie04/01/134.72HOT

Changed Ch. 04

 — Karen undergoes her first trial. by a_koozie04/09/154.68HOT

Changed Ch. 05

 — Theo learns even more about Karen. by a_koozie04/10/154.77HOT

Changed Ch. 06

 — Theo shows Karen what he is. by a_koozie04/15/154.67HOT

Changed Ch. 07

 — Josh!? by a_koozie04/16/154.71HOT

Changed Ch. 08

 — Karen becomes whole again. by a_koozie04/18/154.71HOT

Changed Ch. 09

 — Theo loses his cool. by a_koozie05/01/154.67HOT

Changed Ch. 10

 — To the library!! by a_koozie05/20/154.70HOT

Changed Ch. 11

 — Home sweet home. by a_koozie06/12/154.71HOT

Changed Ch. 12

 — Karen and Theo get some news, Karen finally meets the pack. by a_koozie06/26/154.72HOT

Changed Ch. 13

 — Karen and Theo sate their appetites. by a_koozie07/02/154.78HOT

Changed Ch. 14

 — Theo faces his challengers. by a_koozie07/24/154.77HOT

Changing Fortune

 — Interlude with a bite. by Windblown09/19/044.12

Charlie's Abduction Ch. 01

 — Charlie starts to record his dreams on tape. by mjm20203612/23/034.13

Charlotte's Night Out

 — This night out turns into a life changing experience. by jess2031910/15/084.13

Charlotte's Night Out Ch. 02

 — She finds out what they really are. by jess2031910/15/084.48

Charming Phoebe

 — Powerful Demon converts a 'Charmed One'. by Andromeda04/11/014.19

Charming Piper

 — Demon takes his second Haliwell sister. by Andromeda12/13/014.28

Charming Prue

 — Demon completes his trio of witches. by Andromeda12/23/024.36

Chasing a Hare

 — Except she's waiting with open arms. by Kikori02/20/094.60HOT

Chasing a Wolf's Tale

 — Samaj's obsession could endanger her life. by BiteMe_Please01/08/124.50HOT

Chasing a Wolf's Tale Ch. 02

 — Samaj's desire may be her cause of death. by BiteMe_Please02/09/124.21

Chasing Cerise Ch. 01

 — Blonde woman makes a unique booty call. by Etaski12/30/114.56HOT

Chasing Cerise Ch. 02

 — They wrap up the booty call with lessons learned. by Etaski01/10/124.61HOT

Chasing Cindy Pt. 01

 — Cindy is a rare shifter on the run from a sadistic pimp. by shirleyann07/20/154.65HOT

Chasing Cindy Pt. 02

 — A rare shifter is pursued by a sadistic pimp - cliffhanger! by shirleyann07/25/154.44

Chasing Cindy Pt. 03

 — Tiger shifter Logan must save his mate and kill his enemies. by shirleyann07/27/154.62HOT

Checking the List

 — Craig Cringle the Spirit of Xmas Lust. by Lost Boy12/18/114.68HOT

Cheshire-Chan Blues

 — You break up and make up with a fun-loving Cheshire. by SPARTAN04705/03/174.25

Child of Darkness Ch. 1

 — Young woman has a vampire baby. by maidens_lust04/10/024.26

Child of Darkness Ch. 2

 — A child's first unholy communion. by maidens_lust04/15/024.14

Childhood Demons Ch. 01

 — A poor slave-girl makes surprising new friends. by TaLtos611/11/144.73HOT

Childhood Demons Ch. 02

 — The night that A'ishah's chains fell away. by TaLtos611/12/144.76HOT

Childhood Demons Ch. 03

 — She walked up a mountain for a better look and just a chance. by TaLtos611/13/144.74HOT

Childhood Demons Ch. 04

 — Reminders of promises from long ago. by TaLtos611/14/144.93HOT

Childhood Demons Ch. 05

 — The dance and the silent agreement. by TaLtos611/26/144.76HOT

Children of the Night

 — A werewolf family will grow, one way or another. by MonikerSmith10/07/104.58HOT

Children of the Revolution

 — Aris takes another & his maker. by Cherubcrush06/26/023.32

Chinese Goddess And Black Werewolf

 — Chinese goddess meets Black werewolf in Canada. by Samuelx10/24/113.62

Chinese Mary

 — Jacob falls hard for mysterious dancer. by John P. Stevenson11/02/004.27


 — Arianna finally sees hope. by HayloKitteh03/12/134.44

Chocolate Ch. 02

 — Oh! What crazy dreams lie ahead! by HayloKitteh07/15/134.31

Choices to Make [Four]

 — So... Who are you really ? by NaughtyBones12/08/134.43

Choices to Make [Life or Love]

 — A dragon romance, or not.. oh, who knows? by NaughtyBones11/27/124.65HOT

Choices to Make [Three]

 — Explain yourself. by NaughtyBones09/25/134.49

Choices to Make [Two]

 — Hard to get ahold of... by NaughtyBones12/03/124.53HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 12

 — Oldman River. by HarryHill11/27/134.74HOT

Christina and The Trolls

 — Christina, The Monster Huntress, finds the trolls... by daddyduckett03/27/113.80

Christina vs Tentacle Monster Ch. 01

 — Christina losses herself to the monster and its tentacles. by daddyduckett12/13/123.86

Christina vs Tentacle Monster Ch. 02

 — After he had Christina, he finds the hot blonde next door. by daddyduckett02/16/134.11

Christina vs Tentacle Monster Ch. 03

 — The conclusion...Do they kill it or fall victim to it? by daddyduckett06/20/134.18

Christina's Garden

 — Christina's garden is alive and likes the way she looks... by daddyduckett09/21/123.91

Christina, Monster Huntress

 — Christina and her partner get more than they expected... by daddyduckett02/06/113.92

Christmas in Eden

 — A highly sarcastic woman finds comfort with an elf. by stubborn_dreamer12/10/124.67HOT

Christmas Wish

 — Angel submits to a mortal. by sunnyside12/17/013.31

Christmas with the Devil

 — And all through the house, a creature was stirring... by TamLin0111/10/164.67HOT

Christopher's Surprise

 — A vampire has a surprise for his favorite servant. by TerraIncognita08/14/094.19

Christy Ann, Meet Cephas

 — Christy Ann has to die to meet her new master. by JillianRussel01/18/134.38

Chronicles of a Dhampir

 — A bisexual Haitian man discovers his Vampire heritage. by Samuelx09/29/17

Chronicles of Seven & Sophie Ch. 02

 — A 19-year-old enjoys the talents of her new Robot. by Eutopia01/13/114.65HOT

Cinderella's Submission Ch. 04

 — Cin is forbidden to go to the ball & meets the fairies. by DesertLust03/04/164.42


 — Two lonely hearts come together for the holidays. by litauthor011/21/174.59HOT

Cipher Summoning

 — Mage perfects a new kind of summoning, and enjoys his prize. by Lynn_Elliot05/28/124.48

Circle7 Ch. 01

 — Where lust and sin rule everyone...except for him. by TheIrishTux04/09/164.60HOT

Circle7 Ch. 02

 — Luke is discovered; Britney returns. by TheIrishTux04/12/164.62HOT

Circle7 Ch. 03

 — Britney revealed; the Proud challenges the Throne. by TheIrishTux04/15/164.75HOT

Circle7: World on Fire Ch. 01

 — Lucifer's new start isn't popular; fleeing Circle7. by TheIrishTux04/21/164.67HOT

Circle7: World on Fire Ch. 02

 — Luke and Britney make friends...and are discovered. by TheIrishTux04/23/164.79HOT

Circle7: World on Fire Ch. 03

 — Luke battles Heaven and Hell; The Devil gets his due. by TheIrishTux04/29/164.77HOT

City Mouse

 — Troy, a child of genetic research, finds a kindred spirit.. by foozzzball01/18/104.79HOTEditor's Pick

City Nights Pt. 01

 — A night out becomes memorable, somewhat. by lesyeuxnoirs06/28/144.36

City of Lights Ch. 01

 — Young girl stuck in a dystopian future where Immortals rule. by lorana03/05/123.63


 — A hybrid shapeshifter is asked to help wounded tiger. by dragontatto08/18/094.68HOT


 — It was time that she became what she was meant to be. His. by avrgblkgrl06/27/144.70HOT


 — Vampire Alexis claims her prey by Edge2301/24/064.60HOT

Claiming His Pet

 — Draconian impregnates female, human hermaphrodite. by DeezNuts66712/04/16

Claiming Lily

 — An Alpha werewolf claims his virgin mate for the first time. by sksweet1410/20/114.42

Claiming of a Virgin

 — A vampire claims you. by shaftmasters_morgan05/03/043.88

Claiming the Slayer

 — Vampire Erotica. by CharismaK03/17/114.53HOT

Clara's Exotic Massage

 — An erotic spa treatment that's worth every penny. by counterparts02/04/164.34

Clerical Errors

 — A vampire gets the upper hand. by Kyande08/15/064.60HOT

Clogged & Crammed

 — Two girls, tentacles, and rough, sloppy, mind-numbing sex! by LazyBitch07/02/144.36


 — A geologist finds a strange rock starting a new cloning era. by homealone_44702/10/114.24

Club Encounter

 — Her obsession with a guy in a nightclub leads to a surprise. by WickedOne03/09/034.46

Club Noctum Aeternum: 1st Occurrence

 — When you have no one to turn to... by demon_child08/27/083.94

Colby and the Werewolf

 — Colby finds a wolf injured, only to find he's not a wolf. by lane10111/28/114.28

Cold & Native

 — He fights other's hypothermia and is rewarded. by Encased12/01/164.64HOT

Cold Hands

 — A demonic lover gives a young girl the chills by Cockatoo04/19/014.43

Cold Stone

 — Demonic "possession". by julie_hypnotic09/04/034.29

Collared Ch. 01

 — Full Figured college girl meets tall, dark, and HOT. by KadenceSnow11/10/124.55HOT

Collared Spice Pt. 01

 — A young catgirl is taken in by a mysterious forest commune. by KittyBoop04/19/144.54HOT

Collecting Catholics: Chastity

 — A demon infiltrates a catholic school to have some fun. by Sosela10/21/164.62HOT

College Affairs

 — An alien visitor changes one college forever! by homealone_44702/12/144.34


 — Tortured souls find a moment of bliss in each other's arms. by LucindaPaige03/17/174.63HOT

Come (Cum) with Me

 — How different would life be? by KemMyst01/25/114.56HOT

Come Closer

 — Jordan finds Cardineum, er...Damien...or he finds her. by xxmarkedwithhishighdispleasure07/15/114.65HOT

Come Closer Ch. 02

 — Can Jordan give Damien what he wants? by xxmarkedwithhishighdispleasure07/20/114.75HOT

Come Into the Dark Ch. 04

 — Falling down the rabbit hole... by MickeyPink07/22/114.73HOT

Come Into the Dark: Awakening

 — Jenifer learns about William. And about herself. by MickeyPink03/16/144.63HOT

Come To Me

 — Could a nocturnal visitor be more than human? by AlexaSilver09/02/063.87

Come Undone

 — Getting a tattoo becomes something more. by HanaNoir02/05/064.44

Coming of Age

 — Triplets go to college. by whitesabretooth07/17/124.81HOT

Coming of Age Ch. 02

 — The triplets come of Age. by whitesabretooth08/07/124.83HOT

Coming of Age Ch. 03

 — Serenity becomes more. by whitesabretooth09/10/124.81HOT

Coming of Age Ch. 04

 — A night out... by whitesabretooth10/31/124.78HOT

Coming of Age Ch. 05

 — Another wound healed. by whitesabretooth11/29/124.79HOT

Coming of Age Ch. 06

 — The wait is over... by whitesabretooth12/31/124.82HOT

Coming of Age Ch. 07

 — Turned... again... by whitesabretooth02/18/134.79HOT

Coming of Age Ch. 08

 — Serenity helps Cass. by whitesabretooth04/02/134.77HOT

Coming of Age Ch. 09

 — Surprise!!! by whitesabretooth04/27/134.83HOT

Commanding Cara

 — Cara goes to welcome a new neighbor. by xxxnightqueenxxx08/19/113.13

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