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A Chance Meeting I - She finds love on her first vacation day.
A Hot Sultry Night
- Georgia gal enjoys a warm bath.
A Jewel in the Night
- Ruby receives a promotion, and a shock.
A Jewel in the Night Pt. II - Ruby faces her hero.
A Jewel in the Night Pt. III
-She gets to know her blue-eyed defender
A Jewel in the Night Pt. IV
- She finds true love.
A Lasting Touch
- His touch brings back a flood of memories.
A Letter To My Lover - Couple plays erotic games in nightclub.
A Letter to My Lover - She loves him passionately.
A Night Alone - Couple spends quality time together.
A Night Out - Couple turns pool into erotic playground.
A Surprising Afternoon - He sees film twice, & meets girl.
A Stolen Orgasm - Husband pleasures wife in a cabin.
A Thousand Kisses - He gives her those and more...
A Trail of Roses - Wife discovers her husband's passion.
A Wedding Fantasy - He falls for blonde beauty at reception.
A Weekend at the Cabin - Couple enjoys passionate getaway.
A Weekend at the Cabin II - You enjoy a dance with her.
A Winter Fantasy - Sexy woman appears on snowy night.
After Bath - Couple enjoys light snack.
After Hours - Tina gets hot surprise after work.
After The Movie - He pampers you after a night out.
After The Reception - Party starts when couple's alone.
All The King's Men - His Highness's daughter comes of age.
All's Not Fair Pt. I - Boy rescues beautiful drunk sorority girl.
All's Not Fair Pt. II - Sorority girl falls for shy guy.
All's Not Fair Pt. III - Sorority girl moves in.
All's Not Fair Pt. IV - College girl finally seduces shy guy.
All's Not Fair Pt. V - Shy guy struggles with his desires.
An Apology - He's late for dinner, but makes it up to her.
An Old Love Story - She's reunited with man after 43 years apart.
Anniversary - Couple celebrates a year of marriage.
April Pt. I - Diminutive woman finds love after failed marriage.
Angel at Work Pt. I - Lonely woman collides with unfriendly neighbor.
Angel at Work Pt. II - Shannon runs into neighbor again.
Angel at Work Pt. III - He visits her house.
Angel at Work Pt. IV - Allen and Shannon connect.
Anniversary - Couple celebrates a year together.
At Last We Meet, My Angel - Lovers walk in the woods.
Autumn Day - Couple gets natural outdoors.
Beachhouse - Woman enjoys affair by the sea in Cancun.
Bill & Lauren Pt. IV - Lauren gets in bad situation with John.
Blindfold at Work - She gives him a thrill at the office.
Blindfold Passion - He binds, blindfolds, and please you.
Boxes! - Man helps neighbor move - in many ways!
Bubblebath Heaven - He lures you into a scented soak.
Champaign in the Distance - He helps stranded woman in storm.
Chance Meeting - Couple meets for a taste of heaven.
Chat Room Lovers Pt. I - Cyber lovers meet in person.
Chat Room Lovers Pt. II - He makes surprise visit.
Chat Room Lovers Pt. III - She ties him up.
Cindy T. - Cuckholded husband meets a woman from his past.
Christmas Love - Woman meets dream man in winter storm.
Cock on a Rock - She finds mystery man imprisoned in stone.
Collette - Luc yearns for dancer Collette.
Daydreaming - Food heats up passion.
Dahlia Act Two - Ex-boyfriend comes back to her.
Dear Johnny - She thanks lover for amazing lunch.
Della's Turn (Revised) - Proud lady finds love in unexpected place.
Destiny of Love - Broken man finds his long lost true mate.
Dinner - Wife has encounter with online lover.
Dinner For Two - Dinner leads to dessert for you and him.
Discovered - Sexy programmer discovers new side of stern boss.
Dominated - He is fascinated by muscled goddess.
Dreams Can Come True - You enjoy a romantic evening with her.
Eagle's Nest Pt. I - Lonely woman receives mysterious letter.
Eagle's Nest Pt. II - She embarks on incredible journey.
Eagle's Nest Pt. III - He shows her what passion is.
Eagle's Nest Pt. IV - They experience pleasure together.
Eagle's Nest Pt. V - He takes her for the first time.
Elizabeth - High school senior falls for a smart, independent girl.
Eroticism Remembered - Guitar sparks memories of you.
Expecting - She anxiously awaits him.
Fairfax Story -  Hunky firefighter saves horny young woman.
Fantasies - You bring her to new heights of pleasure.
Fantasy Beach - Joey confronts mysterious beach artist.
Fantasy of the Mind - Married woman finds lust online.
Firefighter Boyfriend -  Young girl is seduced by fireman.
First Encounter
- Lovers meet for the first time.
First Crush; First Love
- Young crush develops into more.
First Meeting
- Online lovers meet for the first time.
For Me
- Ebony hunk spoils you rotten.
From Afar Pt. I
- High school outcast yearns for football star.
From Afar Pt. II - She helps football star after accident.
From Afar Pt. III - Chad and Sara go swimming.
From Afar Pt. IV - Chad confides in Sara.
From Afar Pt. V - Sara takes vacation to forget about Chad.
From Afar VI - Chad searches for Sara.
From Afar Pt. VII - Chad takes care of Sara - and Greg.
From Afar Pt. VIII - Sara awakes beside Chad.
From Afar Pt. IX - Sara's doctor makes a startling announcement.
For Once I Win - Magic happens for high school loser.
Good Morning!!!
- She wakes him up in a wonderful way.
Good Things... Pt.I
- Naive college girl falls for online seductor.
Good Things... Pt. II
- She takes James back to her dorm.
Good Things... Pt. III
- She and James share lust on stormy night.
Happy Birthday Baby
- He gives her a birthday to remember.
Hawaiian Lover
- He loves to please her.
Her Day
- TreTia meets her greatest admirer.
- He yearns for his absent lady love.
Home Away From Home
- Jilted man finds love in hotel.
Hot Night
- Summer night gets steamy for a hot couple.
I'm Watching You - Lover rewards her after long week.
Ice Cream - She loves chocolate!
Imagine... - Chat room encounter develops into much more.
In The Garden - James takes Alera to secret place.
Intimate Strangers - Man and woman collide.. literally...
Jade Ch. I - Jade and Silk enjoy a shower.
Jade Ch. II - Jade feeds strawberries to Silk.
Jade Ch. III - Jade takes Silk in every way.
Jim & Joanne Pt. I - He gives his love a night of passion.
Journeying - Train ride turns erotic.
Jungle Rain - You meet mystery man in a Costa Rican rainstorm.
Kara's Lawyer - She bumps into the hunk of her dreams.
Key to My Heart - You seduce her in bar.
Kip's Surprise - Stef enjoys first date with Kip.
Lady in Waiting - Old flame turns wife's world upside down.
Learning the Lessons of Love - Lovers enjoy time by the ocean.
Lessons in Love - Tom shows Kim extreme pleasure.
Lessons in Love II - Kim shows Tom how she pleases herself.
Lessons in Love III - Kim shaves, then shows Tom.
Lessons in Love V - Couple plays with blindfolds.
Letter to Trudy - Trudy is seduced by handsome stranger.
Library - She enjoys an erotic moment in library.
Lisa Gets Hers... - Lonely wife finally gets needed attention.
Living My Dream - She finally holds her perfect man.
Living Room Lust - Girl livens up her tired sex life.
Last Chance for Redemption - Lonely guy finds love.
Looking Through the Eyes of Love - She memorizes her lover.
Lost For Words - Library girl lusts for literate hunk.
Love in the Rain - She recalls the last time she saw you.
Love Is Blind - Disfigured boy finds love with sexy blind coed.
Love Is Blind II - Continuing adventures of a sexy young blind girl.
Love Letter - He writes to an incredible woman.
Love or Lust - Husband learns important lesson.
Making Up - Couple reconciles after an argument.
The Return - Man comes home to the Projects in search of true love.
Marble Lady - An interpretation of erotic artwork by Jaisini.
Massage Pt. I - He rubs her the right way.
Massage Pt. II & III - Two erotic writers "massage" each other.
Massage Pt. IV & V - Two erotic writers continue "massage"
Massage Therapy - Masseuse gets close to client.
Massage Therapy - He travels cross-country to meet true love.
Meg - Hero saves her from a bad date.
Mentum, Corpus, e Espiritus - He's a real latin lover.
Midsummer Night - Disillusioned wife is set free.
Mindgames - Sick boy and crippled girl find each other.
Miss December - Centerfold comes to life for virgin guy.
Morgan - Extraordinarily tall girl finds love, and more.
My Night - He gets you ready for a night out.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. I - Man yearns for older housewife.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. II - He grows closer to Nancy.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. III - He touches her for the first time.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. IV - They seduce each other.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. V - He takes her.

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