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My Beach Boy

 — More than a massage. by AlanaAllyn12/28/024.18

My Beautiful Husband

 — Wife sharing. by ornumku06/04/093.94

My Beautiful Wife

 — While he works away, what is his wife up to? by hopelesslydevoted04/22/093.30

My Beautiful Wife

 — A sexual awakening. by coastalguy02/24/123.65

My Beautiful Wife

 — A Flight leads to gang bang. by Vinner123404/02/123.81

My Belle

 — Can you really trust a stripper? by Castlemania09/20/164.37

My Best Friend Gets Inside My Wife

 — A husband lets his wife do whatever she wants. by jingo402/17/144.14

My Best Friend Gil

 — My best friend had sex with my girlfriend. by onthereb03/17/15

My Best Friend's Birthday

 — I wanted my friend's big four-oh to be his best ever. by datwayne07/21/104.28

My Best Friend's Husband Ch. 01

 — My best friend asked me to fuck her husband. by LynnGKS02/13/134.15

My Best Friend's Husband Ch. 02

 — Good news! Your husband is fucking another woman. by LynnGKS02/20/134.31

My Best Friend's Nymph

 — He sneaks some time with his buddy's wife. by Cezanne Lavoisier02/11/013.44

My Best Friend's Wedding

 — Best friend rewards Tom for being such a good friend. by iwannaknockuup03/18/063.11

My Best Friend's Wife

 — He's seduced by his buddy's spouse. by BV1708/16/003.89

My Best Friend's Wife

 — Husband asks his friend to get his wife pregnant. by lovetocuminu09/13/074.50HOT

My Best Friend's Wife

 — An unpaid account leads to ecstacy. by The_Dolphin11/21/044.52HOT

My Best Friend's Wife

 — His wife was ready, and willing; I was able. by Tx Tall Tales08/10/104.58HOT

My Best Friend's Wife Ch. 02

 — Shenanigans in the Massage Parlor. by The_Dolphin04/23/154.64HOT

My Best Friend? Ch. 02

 — Wife gets more cock from husband's buddies. by nighttimestories06/19/084.25

My Best Friends Wiffe

 — He took her away. by mustanger7up03/02/034.17

My Best Worst Conversation

 — Wake up call in the morning that changed everything. by Jokersuit02/16/153.04

My Big Mouth

 — He learns a valuable lesson. by mikeyt307/04/022.61

My Birthday

 — Wild night celebrating husband's birthday. by mywifdigstriprz08/19/053.58

My Birthday Celebration

 — Couple celebrated birthday with neighbors. by kvijaya50805/21/133.14

My Birthday Fantasy

 — Wife indulges his fantasies. by Firewagn6912/23/003.76

My Birthday Fantasy Ch. 1

 — Wife gives husband one hell of a present. by Firewagn6912/10/003.83

My Birthday Fantasy Ch. 2

 — Happy hubby savors two women. by Firewagn6912/11/003.84

My Birthday Party

 — Hubby surprises her with a couple. by sweetnlovely07/01/044.15

My Birthday Photograph

 — Husband arranges for wife to be photographed. by ARGEE01/14/034.22

My Birthday Present

 — Dawn shares herself while on vacation. by watchfulPete09/06/034.05

My Birthday Present

 — His present is enjoyed by all. by JoeMc05/28/044.32

My Birthday Present

 — My lover buys me a T shirt for my Birthday. by OBarsham11/21/153.82

My Birthday Sex Slave

 — Wife becomes his sex slave for a day & likes it. by nighttimestories12/01/084.41

My Birthday Slut

 — His wife gives the ultimate birthday gift. by drdan05/14/034.34

My Birthday Surprise

 — A hotwife husband's view of a special birthday surprise! by hotwife_hubby05/02/173.14

My Birthday... Ch. 01

 — She has a special day. by pamper101/19/044.10

My Birthday... Ch. 02

 — She enjoys her gift from her boyfriend. by pamper101/30/044.44

My Blindfolded Fuck

 — Wife tries another man for first time. by AnneMartin69608/03/044.39

My Blue Angel

 — A wife, a boat, an unpleasant surprise. by ohio01/08/144.26

My Born Again Christian Wife!

 — Wife Sharing. by shelbakk10/31/123.88

My Boss and Me

 — How I succumbed to him after too much drink. by Pusscake3608/15/144.03

My Boss Ch. 01-03

 — His girlfriend is attracted to his boss. by JackBro02/24/064.25

My Boss Ch. 04-06

 — His Girlfriend is attracted to his boss. by JackBro02/25/064.07

My Boss' Slut Ch. 01

 — She wants a baby, her husband's boss wants to give it to her. by E.Z.Riter09/21/024.41

My Boss' Slut Ch. 02

 — Becky & husband's boss continue their affair. by E.Z.Riter09/25/024.19

My Boss' Slut Ch. 03

 — Becky meets the boss' father. by E.Z.Riter09/28/024.31

My Boss' Slut Ch. 04

 — Becky and Mr. Willima continue their games. by E.Z.Riter10/03/024.33

My Boss' Slut Ch. 05

 — Becky submits to changes and Bobby gets laid. by E.Z.Riter10/04/024.25

My Boss' Slut Ch. 06

 — Becky is in training, & Bobby helps outs. by E.Z.Riter10/09/024.36

My Boss' Slut Ch. 07

 — Mr. Williams plan to get Becky pregnant. by E.Z.Riter10/11/024.31

My Boss' Slut Ch. 8

 — Becky's pregnant. by E.Z.Riter10/11/024.33

My Boss' Slut Ch. 9

 — Can they live happily ever after? by E.Z.Riter10/12/023.46

My boss, Me and Wife Makes 3

 — First time lesbian threesome. by clitpleaser7409/01/024.22

My Boston Adventure Ch. 1

 — Husband sends her to see her lover. by cynthiadianec04/14/024.28

My Brother's New Slut

 — I got a little carried away. by Just Plain Bob05/19/104.10

My Brother's Wife

 — What to do? He loved her, & he loved his brother. by DG Hear06/13/064.64HOT

My Brother's Wife

 — Will love ever have a chance to blossom? by jack_straw07/26/064.58HOT

My Brother's Wife

 — Wife confronts brother about her husband's affair. by JRob08/06/084.32

My Brother's Wife

 — He wanted everything his brother had, especially his wife. by Omega1207/07/103.52

My Brother's Wife Ch. 02

 — Husband screws around, brother gets his wife. by JRob08/11/084.42

My Brother's Wife Ch. 03

 — Younger brother contines play time with brother's wife. by JRob08/20/084.33

My Brother-in-Law & Lust

 — She consoles her husband's jilted brother. by MistyMorgan03/15/064.04

My Brother-In-Law's Big Surprise

 — She learns that sometimes size does matter. by VikingLass03/30/014.24

My Bus Trip Ch. 1

 — Jilted wife embarks on a wild ride to Boston. by Linda Jean04/06/014.40

My Bus Trip Ch. 2

 — Autumn satisfies another couple. by Linda Jean04/07/014.43

My Bus Trip Ch. 3

 — Autumn goes wild in an adult bookstore. by Linda Jean04/08/014.42

My Bus Trip Ch. 4

 — Autumn keeps on going, from the bookstore to the bus. by Linda Jean04/09/014.38

My Busy, Busy Wife

 — She had no time for me. by murphy62112/01/123.57

My Camera

 — My wife surprises me. by MadMark10401/25/123.30

My Carrie Pt. 01: Taken At the Party

 — An opportunity arises in the shower. by CeasarBoobage12/30/164.38

My Changing Life

 — He has a cheating wife. by hairy413505/11/063.93

My Cheating Wife

 — He promises no jealousy tonight. by werewolf9702/01/033.00

My Cheating Wife

 — A man discovers that his wife is having a lesbian affair. by Fifties09/24/113.15

My Cheating Wife Ch. 01

 — Man finds out about his wife's affair. It changes his life. by vagabond67808/02/152.78

My Cheating Wife Ch. 02

 — Colin delves deeper into cuckoldry. by vagabond67808/04/153.52

My Christmas Fantasy

 — Wife wants to make up for lost time. by steves_misses12/19/054.34

My Colleague's Cock

 — Man finds wife with friend & lives happily ever after. by diosdeguerra06/17/013.21

My Coming Out - "Date Night"

 — The Atlanta girl and her friend have another great night. by AtlantaGirl48708/18/114.36

My Coming Out - A Friend's Surprise

 — The Atlanta girl & her husband; another memorable evening. by AtlantaGirl48704/30/104.35

My Coming Out - A Look Backward

 — Summer in Atlanta takes her back in time. by AtlantaGirl48707/13/094.42

My Coming Out - Another Look Back

 — The Atlanta Girl takes another trip back in time. by AtlantaGirl48711/12/114.29

My Coming Out - Another Step

 — The Atlanta girl & her husband take a different turn. by AtlantaGirl48703/01/104.41

My Coming Out - My Story

 — A Southern girl and her hubby in a memorable evening. by AtlantaGirl48707/28/084.55HOT

My Coming Out - The Aftermath

 — A Georgia wife finds that attitude can go a long way. by AtlantaGirl48708/19/084.31

My Confession

 — My first time cheating. by nazka7707/03/114.19

My Conservative Wife in High School

 — Wife spends wild week with her HS friends. by bmz05/08/024.03

My Construction Man

 — While the husbands away Vicki will play. by Blondie218710/18/093.78

My Cuck Fantasy

 — Wife brings her ex out of the closet. by BareBackRider209/23/043.63

My Cuck Fantasy Ch. 02

 — This time, it's from her perspective. by BareBackRider205/14/053.95

My Cuckold Beginnings Ch. 01

 — Was he prepared for his wife to call the shots? by erotictim6909/12/034.12

My Cuckold Life Ch. 01

 — Aniket and Priyanka embark on a cuckold relationship. by mumbai_cuckold02/14/163.70

My Cuckolding Mother-in-law

 — He fucks his mother in law in revenge. by gonzi212/24/034.23

My Cuckolding Mother-in-law Ch. 02

 — Are either of the wives pregnant? by gonzi212/28/034.27

My Cuckolding Mother-in-law Ch. 03

 — She makes cuckolding an art form. by gonzi201/08/044.32

My Curious Wife

 — Based on a stay in Bristol about 15 years ago. by JamesforJane09/28/153.84

My Dad Married Mandy

 — (Or: How I Became a Cuckold) by trish2k06/11/164.16

My Dad's Dad

 — Not ever thing is as it seem, I'm his what? by Huedogg205/10/123.96

My Dad's Wife Ch. 4

 — She's forced to stay night with husband's friend. by Sudipta12/23/014.14

My Dad's Wife Ch. 5

 — She's forced to stay night with husband's friend. by Sudipta01/05/024.14

My Dad's Wife Ch. 6

 — She forced to stay night with husband's friend. by Sudipta03/30/024.18

My Dare Turns Into More

 — Barry dares wife to flirt with strange men. by Pam69696909/01/004.31

My Darling Wife Denise

 — Love can overcome all sorts of risks in a marriage. by ARGEE01/18/013.72

My Darling Wife Kritika

 — Kritika has been seduced in wedding. by varunsingh05/28/113.85

My Darling Wife Kritika Ch. 02

 — Indian Wife explores further. by varunsingh06/20/114.06

My Date with Mr. Abbington

 — Married woman tells about her date with her husband's boss. by amber_fields07/28/074.41

My Daughter Got My Wife Started Ch. 1

 — Wife finds love at daughter's party. by billyt9836610/12/013.78

My Daughter made me Cuckold Him Ch. 01

 — My daughter and boss made me cuckold my husband. by Imstillfun02/02/164.71HOT

My Daughter made me Cuckold Him Ch. 02

 — Katie and her mom further cuckold Jim. by Imstillfun02/10/164.68HOT

My Day of Roses Ch. 1

 — Housewife takes a lover to save her marriage. by Rosehip03/28/014.35

My Day of Roses Ch. 2

 — Elisabeth is now free to chose a new lover. by Rosehip06/06/013.73

My Dear

 — A letter after an incredible night of sharing my wife. by chipswifestories06/21/172.60

My Deepest Desire

 — I get my wife to perform lustful acts through Lit. by Jay Richards12/08/134.03

My Demise

 — The horny builders. by qualitywheat01/30/113.84

My Demise Ch. 01

 — Joe and Alan. by qualitywheat02/06/113.62

My Demise Ch. 02

 — Allison and Anton. by qualitywheat02/08/113.57

My Demise Ch. 03

 — The washer wanted repair, it was me that got fixed! by qualitywheat02/09/113.62

My Demise Ch. 04

 — Mark put me back on the straight and narrow. by qualitywheat02/10/112.63

My Dilemma

 — Wife wants husband to father her friend's child. by GSpotMan07/15/054.48

My Dilemma

 — Are you allowed one weak moment in twenty years? by CharlieB405/27/143.83

My Dilemma - Redux

 — My ending for Jane and Mike. by CharlieB407/15/153.65

My Dilemma: Cuckold or Not

 — A real-life cuckold speaks. by hawaiicuck03/15/123.01

My Dirty Little Wife

 — Dirty wife gets punished like she deserves. by formywife05/16/094.01

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 02

 — Lingerie purchases and porn lead to hot sex. by formywife07/31/094.13

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 03

 — Rock Band is used as foreplay. by formywife12/03/093.92

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 04

 — She wants her body to be used for my pleasure. by formywife12/10/093.91

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 05

 — Nurse porn leads to toys and bondage. by formywife09/03/103.98

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 06

 — Wife is stuffed full of toys. by formywife09/23/103.94

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 07

 — She serves her Master. by formywife10/07/103.59

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 08

 — I go for the trifecta. by formywife11/01/104.06

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