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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Awakening Eve Ch. 01

 — New in town, Eve gets a warm welcome. by myantonia201/20/064.46

Awakening Eve Ch. 03

 — Eve is presented to an eager audience. by myantonia202/25/084.50HOT

Awakening Eve Ch. 04

 — Eve submits to her fate. by myantonia203/04/104.40

Awakening of Fannie

 — Loving wife Fannie is forced into a world of debauchery. by gasman6907/04/094.17

Awakening of Fannie Ch. 02

 — Fannie is forced to perform lewd acts in public. by gasman6907/07/094.33

Awakening of Fannie Ch. 03

 — Fannie is initiated at the glory hole0 by gasman6907/14/094.35

Awakening of Fannie Ch. 04

 — Fannie is the center of attention at a bachelor party. by gasman6907/21/094.30

Awakening Sarah Ch. 01

 — David kidnaps Sarah & forces her into submission. by goregoregirl08/31/074.41

Awakening Soul

 — A culture is destroyed, and a girl remains. by Lokiira11/26/134.47

Awakening Soul Ch. 02

 — A cultured is destroyed and a woman awakens. by Lokiira12/02/134.61HOT

Away with the Fairies

 — A new house had unexpected problems for Tanya. by Twisted_Mistress10/08/074.64HOT

Awoken in the Night

 — She's awoken from more than just sleep. by FuckMeEyes07/18/073.69

Azure's Defeat

 — Super Hero Azure has finally met his match! by Sean Renaud05/10/143.06

B & B with Usha

 — Pretty foreign student helps out in a Bed & Breakfast. by shaunreagh01/20/084.30

B Grade

 — Saffron Taglioni ain't B grade, she's Olympic standard. by abroadsword10/08/134.15

B is for Bastard

 — Amy faces her worst nightmare. by Many Feathers05/20/054.22

B-Movie Babefest Ch. 01

 — Crashed aliens terroise a sleepy towns sexy population. by FINC09/23/044.34

B-Movie Babefest Ch. 03

 — Alien gang bang, body alteration, & humans fight back. by FINC10/08/044.50HOT

B-Movie Babefest Ch. 04

 — Can they escape the aliens? by FINC10/14/044.65HOT


 — Husband's gambling addiction has consequences for wife. by E.Z.Riter07/08/024.01

Baby Crazy

 — An already crazy Katie craves a holiday breeding. by uh-oh12/03/124.48

Baby Sit the Wife Ch. 01

 — Nadine is mistaken for husband's niece. by StoryTeller0709/08/084.09

Baby Sit the Wife Ch. 02

 — Nadine is found out. by StoryTeller0709/09/084.12

Baby Sit the Wife Ch. 03

 — Nadine is completely hooked. by StoryTeller0701/30/094.38

Baby Sit the Wife Ch. 04

 — Freedom at last! by StoryTeller0705/12/114.43

Baby's First Time

 — Katie was always worried her work was too isolated. by babyktxx01/01/153.52


 — Fringe benefits. by asbyatt10/12/083.98


 — BabySitter taken during the night. by Ashson04/16/144.15

BabySitter and that DVD Player

 — Sitter gets a shock fixing the DVD Player. by Ashson10/02/144.21

BabySitter and the Author

 — Sitter is grilled by an author. by Ashson06/24/144.21

BabySitter and the Bad Mood

 — Sitter meets a father in a nasty mood. by Ashson06/17/144.17

BabySitter and the Gay Couple

 — She agrees to sit for a gay couple. by Ashson06/16/144.41

BabySitter and the Liar

 — Don't worry. I won't actually seduce you. by Ashson10/24/144.26

BabySitter and the Mistletoe

 — There are interesting traditions regarding mistletoe. by Ashson12/28/144.21

BabySitter Audacity

 — Sitter learns what audacity is. by Ashson09/22/144.38

BabySitter Bet

 — Babysitter is used to settle a friendly wager. by Ashson03/26/144.06

Babysitter Blues

 — Obsessive man blackmails his babysitter. by mountieman12/18/024.12

BabySitter Blues

 — Don doesn't like the babysitter. by Ashson09/12/134.25

BabySitter Cheerleader

 — Sitter becomes a cheerleader by Ashson05/04/144.22

BabySitter DVDs

 — Babysitter checks out a box of DVDs. by Ashson12/17/134.14

BabySitter Fill In

 — When the baby sitter can't make it, who does the job? by Ashson12/08/134.01

BabySitter Flashing

 — Sitter flashes the son of the household. by Ashson10/15/144.17

Babysitter Free For All

 — Drunken babysitter falls asleep. by Midnight Jam01/09/053.92

BabySitter Rape

 — The wife's away and the husband is horny. by Ashson04/27/144.15

BabySitter Rape Ch. 02

 — Sitter tries her hand at seduction, then changes her mind. by Ashson09/06/144.48

BabySitter Sleeping

 — Don't sleep on the job. by Ashson11/17/133.90

BabySitter Stakes

 — Sitter is made the stakes in a poker game. by Ashson04/19/144.03

BabySitter Taken

 — A father has the hots for the sitter. by Ashson11/25/144.38

BabySitter's Advances

 — Sitter makes a pass. by Ashson03/25/154.36NEW

BabySitter's Bath

 — Sitter is caught naked in the bath. by Ashson04/17/144.12

BabySitter's Bathsheet

 — Sitter surprised while not wearing a towel. by Ashson09/28/144.25

BabySitter's Duties

 — Sitter is asked about her duties. by Ashson01/16/154.17

BabySitter's Error

 — Don't go snooping while you're alone. by Ashson12/20/134.36

BabySitter's Example

 — Sitter is given more of an answer than expected. by Ashson03/16/143.98

Babysitter's New Customer

 — Married man coerces the babysitter. by Patrick Flanagan06/30/034.19

Babysitter's Nightmare

 — Did she dream it or did it really happen? by AStropirate05/20/113.86

BabySitter's Punishment

 — Sitter makes a mistake and is reprimanded. by Ashson10/31/144.01

BabySitter's Pyjamas

 — Sitter wears passion-killer PJs as a safety precaution. by Ashson11/19/144.19

Babysitter's Surprise

 — A surprise ending to the night. by Ashson06/07/133.68

BabySitter's T-Shirt

 — Sitter wears an old t-shirt to bed. by Ashson03/15/154.25

BabySitter's Turn

 — Babysitter is seduced. by Ashson11/01/144.04

BabySitter's Weed

 — Sitter has some trouble over a cigarette. by Ashson06/04/144.14

Babysitters are for Ravishing

 — Sitter meets some unusual parents. by Ashson01/17/154.27

Babysitters First Time

 — The babysitter is taken by Mr Anderson. by sophiecouch04/14/053.99

Babysitting Benefits

 — Her job includes more than babysitting. by sexiibaby05/23/074.13

Babysitting Blues

 — Young woman falls victim to sinister plot. by teachgirl198003/25/104.29

Babysitting Ch. 01

 — Lara is taken by a cousin and friend. by StoryTeller0705/25/094.21

Babysitting Ch. 02

 — They teach their teasing babby sitter a lesson. by StoryTeller0708/29/094.40

Babysitting Ch. 03

 — Lara survives the sex machine. by StoryTeller0712/21/094.42

Babysitting for Daddy

 — A babysitter is deflowered by an older man. by Doubleswan1310/08/144.26

Babysitting for Daddy Ch. 02

 — A babysitter is deflowered an older man. by Doubleswan1310/23/144.32

Babysitting Has Its Rewards

 — He gets an unexpected surprise. by EclecticPhoenix09/11/053.93

Babysitting Trouble Ch. 01

 — Sara is a tease, then spanked. by StoryTeller0712/01/094.37

Babysitting Trouble Ch. 02

 — Sara is humiliated and taken. by StoryTeller0712/14/094.40

Babysitting Trouble Ch. 03

 — Sara is saved by a nerdy hero. by StoryTeller0712/18/094.51HOT

Babysitting Trouble Ch. 04

 — Sara is humiliated and taken by a pizza guy. by StoryTeller0712/27/094.41

Babysitting Trouble Ch. 05

 — Sara is tied to a stake in the backyard. by StoryTeller0712/31/094.47

Babysitting Trouble Ch. 06

 — Sara is taken by the football team. by StoryTeller0701/05/104.46

Babysitting Trouble Ch. 07

 — Sara is kidnapped. by StoryTeller0703/21/154.52HOTNEW

Bachelor Party Slut

 — She's convinced to be the visual entertainment at a guy party. by tanyabrown06/23/044.35

Bachelor's Mature Orgy

 — Three studs ravish a mature maid. by maanmathan_playboy05/14/083.87


 — Young woman taken by friends at a party. by CheckingWinger05/01/114.33

Bachelorette Caught Cheating

 — Husband makes his cheating bride pay. by init4u4001/22/153.45

Bachelorette Ch. 02

 — Powerful stud and sexy friend humble Giselle. by CheckingWinger05/03/114.38

Back In School

 — 28 year old Susan is stripped, showered and shaved. by joe doe04/03/064.18

Back Over the Mountain

 — Unconscious crash victim is taken. by Over Stimulated03/04/103.97

Back To The Movies

 — Part II of the My Brilliant Idea wife rape saga. by Stiffy10/17/004.38

Back to Work

 — After the new year, the boss makes some changes. by thehotness01/23/064.03

Backdoor Break In Ch. 01

 — EE-cup housewife is "broken into" via rear door. by Nastilatinabitch05/01/044.16

Backdoor Break In Ch. 02

 — Suburban wife's lesbian anal is complete. by Nastilatinabitch07/16/044.22

Backended on Cocktease

 — Christy the cocktease comes back for more. by Silentbob12/17/074.40


 — Taken by force deep in the woods. by quimmaster11/03/024.09

Backstage Bang Ch. 2

 — Young hottie gets more than she bargained for. by Macbang04/23/013.93

Backstreet Nightmare

 — Ana misses her bus & takes long way home. by lopakav04/15/023.79

Bad Advice

 — His advice to his girlfriend has unintended consequences. by ardentsuitor01/15/073.94

Bad Biology Teacher

 — He gives sex lesson to unwitting student. by JtTank05/12/083.20

Bad Blind Date Ch. 01

 — An unwilling Fellatrix on a very bad date. by gimmie_your_load03/04/134.20

Bad Blind Date Ch. 02

 — A Fellatrix's terrible date continues. by gimmie_your_load03/13/134.39

Bad Break

 — She gets car jacked while on break and more. by TakeMe12/08/023.97

Bad Break Ch. 02

 — 'Bad Break' from the guy's POV. by TakeMe12/18/024.25

Bad Break Ch. 03

 — End to her break. by TakeMe01/10/034.17

Bad Choice

 — Lonely woman accepts an invitation upstairs. by Cole Black11/11/064.23

Bad Day

 — A multiple year affair ends in spectacular fashion. by forked07/11/113.73

Bad Day to Break Down

 — Two dominant women kidnap up a male hitchiker. by Inamanica09/18/093.79

Bad First Day

 — New girl at school has a horrible first day with a bully. by hurtmybreasts03/02/143.97

Bad First Day the Next Day

 — New girl at school has a horrible second day with a bully. by hurtmybreasts05/24/143.68

Bad Girl Rising

 — Appropriate punishment for breaking a hard promise. by fiorebrilliante10/30/043.80

Bad Girl, Bad Girl, Whatcha...

 — Tami doesn't listen, and now she pays the price. by candy-prairie girl07/19/053.83

Bad Influence Ch. 2

 — Bathrooms, boobs, and beads. by dr. Jocelyn12/02/014.28

Bad Luck Always Come in Threes

 — A distraught mother, an injured child, an assertive nurse. by smallncute04/12/074.16

Bad Man Picks Wrong Family

 — A non-consent story for those who don't like non-consent. by SPEN STERLING10/17/094.39

Bad Neighbor Ch. 00

 — You really shouldn't listen... but you must. by HandsInTheDark07/01/124.18

Bad Neighbor Ch. 01

 — Listen closely... by HandsInTheDark07/05/123.84

Bad Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Beginning to lose control. by HandsInTheDark07/10/124.37

Bad Neighbor Ch. 03

 — Not thinking it through. by HandsInTheDark07/11/124.47

Bad Neighbor Ch. 04

 — Beginning of an addiction. by HandsInTheDark07/18/124.63HOT

Bad Neighborhood

 — Out of gas in the wrong place. by Darkness00705/17/103.84

Bad Night for Brittany

 — 18-year-old virgin receives a late night visit. by PAS05/29/064.41

Bad Place to Break Down

 — Wife has car break down in an unfortunate place. by j26706/15/114.20

Bad Poker Hand Ch. 01

 — A girl is forced to pay off a debt with her body. by labyrinth4906/05/064.32

Bad Poker Hand Ch. 02

 — Evelyn continues to pay off her debt. by labyrinth4906/12/064.47

Bad Poker Hand Ch. 03

 — Evelyn meets the clients. by labyrinth4906/20/064.39

Bad Poker Hand Ch. 04

 — Violet gets into the act. by labyrinth4906/29/064.49

Bad Prank

 — Jessica's prank backfired. by bubkent11/20/093.92

Bad Santa

 — Ole St. Nick pays a visit. by joldrich12/28/084.21

Bad Season Ch. 01

 — Zack is traded to the minors and his wife doesn't like it. by Tyl06/12/073.44

Bad Sister

 — She takes erotic revenge on a former lover. by Lilacs06/02/083.88

Bad Vibe

 — A young man rescues an attractive MILF. by 49greg01/08/124.14

Bad Wife

 — A spin-off continuation of Bad Vibe: Domination Ch 01. by 49greg05/08/133.72

Bag Lady & the Retired Marine Ch. 01

 — Retired Marin rescues a bag lady being beaten & assaulted. by SusanJillParker11/30/124.22

Bag Lady & the Retired Marine Ch. 03

 — Marine rescues a bag lady being sexually assaulted by 3 men. by SusanJillParker12/05/124.07

Bag Lady & the Retired Marine Ch. 04

 — Dave befriends a homeless woman by giving her money and food. by SusanJillParker12/06/12HOT

Bag Lady & the Retired Marine Ch. 10

 — Tyrone loses his head after taking Susan against her will. by SusanJillParker01/30/13HOT

Bag Lady & the Retired Marine Ch. 12

 — First annual Lara Logan party with Simone, Lucy, & Carmen. by SusanJillParker03/14/134.29

Bagging Britney

 — Catholic schoolgirl almost avoids a brutal anal rape. by FORCEfantasies209/30/033.39

Bait and Switch

 — Rich French woman tries a bait-and-switch game. by flim6211/19/094.21

Baked 'N' Shaked

 — Jodi Malenger & the gang stop by the sisters' bakery. by shawalphamale03/24/074.18

Baked 'N' Shaked

 — Two female doughworkers get rolled. by DavidShaw12/15/044.14

Baked 'N' Shaked

 — Two women get pounded in a bakery. by shawalphamale03/16/053.57

Ballerina and the Beast Ch. 01

 — Eighteen-year-old dancer tied up and fucked hard. by egirl121207/10/134.46

Ballerina and the Beast Ch. 02

 — Meet Kat. by egirl121207/20/134.35

Ballerina Slut Ch. 2

 — Training continues on naive tease. by tyra_dahmer04/06/013.70

Ballet Class 101 Ch. 01

 — Jake takes a ballet class. by penny_singleton11/05/104.30

Ballet Class 101 Ch. 02

 — Jake takes a ballet class...and then some. by penny_singleton11/09/104.39

Ballet Lesson

 — He teaches her a lesson about stretching. by fahqd_up03/11/024.01


 — Groupie gets an awakening. by babygirl488911/07/012.48

Balls on the Line

 — A Doctor descends into depravity, his balls the price. by cuckable03/10/122.96

Banging Brandee Smith

 — Pretty English teacher is taught a lesson. by SxxyLyssa12/19/014.34

Banging The Babysitter Ch. 04a

 — Daddy gets some. by SXY_Hot_Mamma01/07/06

Banging The Babysitter Ch. 04b

 — Mr. Kindle show a reluctant Misha some toys. by SXY_Hot_Mamma01/08/06

Banging The Babysitter Ch. 04c

 — Jason meets Misha's room mates. by SXY_Hot_Mamma01/09/06HOT

Bangkok Rape Arena

 — Sexual Gladiator has special bout. by Randy4Sure05/29/104.41

Bank Secretary Ch. 08-10

 — Mary Beth and the twins grab Tessa. by merylit09/15/073.62

Bank Takeover

 — Three bank robbers take more than money. by Mistress Maria12/02/014.24

Banking for Beginners

 — Banker Henry Clegg lands in problems when he flees London. by freddie_clegg06/18/104.00

Baptism by Fire

 — American missionary girl is ravaged on Tokyo subway. by Coolville07/26/024.12

Bar Adventure

 — Drugged and dominated by the bartender. by randomer55507/22/133.66

Bar Bets

 — 100 bucks says I can make him do anything. by The Mutt06/24/044.17

Bar Curtains

 — I showed her new curtains, and a lot more. by Red Room03/26/073.86

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