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Loving Wives Stories

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Blue-Eyed Man Returns

 — Coal in the stocking at Christmas. by Irishdragon12/25/054.27

Blueberry Hill Ch. 02

 — Gary wants to fuck Susannah's mother. by SirDuction09/10/133.64


 — Tommy and Jennifer thought Steve was stupid. Big mistake by JimBob4406/29/094.48

Boar Hunt Ch. 02

 — More activities at night. by Fishnet07/15/044.39

Boar Hunt Ch. 03

 — Wives are hot & widespread. by Fishnet07/16/044.22

Boat Fun

 — A summer afternoon on a party boat turns into an adult party. by Chuckie10/03/054.08

Boat Ride

 — Afternoon by the canal leads to erotic encounter. by wallyfoss07/01/064.04

Boating can be Fun!

 — Bill asks a fisherman to join Michele and him for some fun. by BillnLynn0308/28/094.16

Boating in the San Juans Ch. 01

 — Husbands swap wives on a boating trip. by DaddyO Wil04/19/044.38

Boating in the San Juans Ch. 02

 — Next stop - Echo Bay. by DaddyO Wil04/20/044.36

Boating in the San Juans Ch. 03

 — The swapping continues. by DaddyO Wil04/21/044.42

Boating in the San Juans Ch. 04

 — The foursome explore the island. by DaddyO Wil04/22/044.40

Boating in the San Juans Ch. 05

 — Lil gets picked up by two guys. by DaddyO Wil04/22/044.34

Boating in the San Juans Ch. 06

 — Two more couples join the group. by DaddyO Wil04/23/044.37

Boating in the San Juans Ch. 07

 — Li & Wil stop at a nudist camp. by DaddyO Wil04/24/044.34

Boating in the San Juans Ch. 08

 — Toga party ends with a double bang. by DaddyO Wil05/23/044.30

Boating Weekend

 — Two couples get acquainted in a private cove. by kenkx09/11/054.49

Boating Weekend Ch. 02

 — New couple joins two other couples at the lake. by kenkx10/12/054.44

Bob & Janet & Bill & Claire

 — An encounter with her husband's brother. by MrLucky03/11/024.16

Bob and Brenda Jackson

 — Dealing with the trials and tribulations of a simple life. by Huedogg202/27/124.37

Bob and Jan

 — Another Landing Strip story. by Just Plain Bob11/03/124.04

Bob and My Wife

 — New neighbors move in and my wife is seduced. by charlie633412/23/143.04

Bob Cums Again

 — After a long absence, Bob returns to Cheryl. by Saml3112/31/092.54

Bob Cums Back

 — Husband is cuckholded by his best friend. by Saml3106/17/023.23

Bob the Builder

 — Two almost strangers filling time. by Bob_610/19/143.54

Bob's Bad Choices

 — Questions, questions, questions. by Just Plain Bob11/17/054.18

Bob's Cheating Wife Paula

 — Based on real life members of Literotica. by masterstern06/05/013.16

Bob's Story

 — A friend tells me about his wife. by slick0007/04/113.53

Bob, Jane and a Length of Cord

 — After hours fun with some old friends. by interrobang08/21/073.84

Bob, Sandi, and Pauline

 — She couldn't understand why he wouldn't forgive her. by Just Plain Bob12/14/12

Bob, Sandi, and Pauline Ch. 02

 — She couldn't understand why he wouldn't forgive her. by Just Plain Bob12/17/12

Bob, Sandi, and Pauline Ch. 03

 — She couldn't understand why he wouldn't forgive her. by Just Plain Bob12/22/12

Bobbi Jordan

 — Unhappy woman gets another shot at the brass ring. by Franco Pauli11/11/093.82

Bobbie and Bobby

 — She got curious. by Just Plain Bob11/24/052.97

Bobbie and Bobby Revisited

 — The odds against it were astronomical. by Just Plain Bob12/04/053.53

Bobby Makes Three

 — Melissa and Bobby go for it. by jontemple106/06/133.66

Bobby Makes Three Ch. 02

 — Bobby and Melissa take another chance. by jontemple106/16/133.60


 — It was an accident? by PTBzzzz09/30/114.09

BobKat Too

 — The rest of a story of a loving family. by PTBzzzz10/04/114.35

Bodrum seyahati

 — Karım Bodrumun altını üsütüne getiriyor. by aykendu01/07/082.33

Body Traders

 — Couple enters the fascinating world of swinging. by Little Dreamerman05/14/024.22

Bold as Brass

 — Bobby Ray Mullet watches his busty neighbor. by JamesWalters01/15/113.60

Bon Voyage

 — A bawdy couple plays on the High Seas. by elnovelista10/04/123.76


 — Husband's college buddy had the biggest cock in the dorm. by petitemom04/10/124.13

Bonnie and Clyde Armistead

 — Would everything but intercourse be enough for him? by Matt Moreau12/31/123.46

Bonnie's First Coupon

 — Power outage leads to Bonnie exposure. by TBERRR!10/15/004.18

Bonnie's Lost Bet

 — Wife must follow hubby's ever command. by TBERRR!10/15/004.37

Bonnie's Story Ch. 1

 — Bonnie starts to explore her sensuality. by harrybear09/25/024.02

Bonnie’s Awakening

 — She learns about her sexuality. by harrybear09/26/023.61

Boobgasm Bonnie

 — A wife gets her kicks in unusual ways. by imhapless10/17/144.32

Book Hunt

 — Search for a good read leads to a good time. by ursulus05/04/013.31

Book Store Slutwife

 — Ann Marie finds 'Latin Lover' while hubby is away. by R Taylor01/21/034.02

Bookstore Whore

 — Newlywed wife learns to love strange cock. by BookstoreGuy06/24/043.70


 — Knee-high black boots give her confidence. by InLoveCouple08/09/053.48

Booty Call

 — Wife gets a call to meet her boyfriend. by batman6609/20/112.84

Bora Bora Sexual Awakening

 — Couple finds more than rest in tropical setting. by sorand05/12/074.16

Bordello House Call

 — Bored doctor's wife makes house call to whore house. by miss_cheevious107/22/024.36

Bored Fran Ch. 01

 — Fran is bored and needs excitement in her life. by jonthechaosman03/07/143.79

Bored Fran Ch. 02

 — Bored housewife looking for some excitement. by jonthechaosman03/10/143.78

Bored Fran Ch. 03

 — Bored housewife looking for excitement by submitting. by jonthechaosman03/11/143.82

Bored Fran Ch. 04

 — Further adventures of Fran by jonthechaosman03/12/144.00

Bored Fran Ch. 05

 — New orders and a decision to make for Fran by jonthechaosman03/13/143.86

Bored Games

 — Wives plan an eventful evening for unsuspecting husbands. by TYouth103907/30/133.87


 — Wife, a hunk, & an afternoon of husband's absence. by indianmasala09/07/053.31


 — Absence leads to wife's straying. by the Troubador06/26/044.28


 — Wife seeks pleasure with another couple. by tamol07/07/024.26

Born that Way

 — Trying to make it in New York. by FrancisMacomber01/30/124.58HOT

Borrowed Wife

 — She gives sailors a sendoff. by ttor 5006/16/034.08

Borrowed Wife

 — Since his wife left can Rob borrow another one? by imhapless04/08/134.45


 — Can I borrow your wife? by Ashson07/03/144.23

Borrowing Donna

 — He borrowed more than a trailer from his neighbor. by sharedhousewife10/14/104.29

Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 01

 — John sends his wife to his friend when the friends wife dies. by The Big Bopper09/04/074.48

Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 02

 — John leaves his friend alone with his wife. by The Big Bopper09/14/074.53HOT

Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 04

 — Martin cannot stay away from John's wife, Deborah. by The Big Bopper10/12/074.37

Borrowing the Neighbor's Ass

 — Neighbors trade their wives' ass. by handysr08/11/134.28


 — Indian wife rushes to hubby's rescue. by thrustingpiston05/11/034.02

Boss Cock

 — Wife gives husband & his boss everything they desire. by Axeltheswede04/18/024.41

Boss Gets Email From Co-Worker

 — Boss gets an email from his admin assistant. by netflood09/15/063.72

Boss Seduces Employee's Wife

 — It was only a cameltoe slide, no intercourse. Right? by edmead10/09/104.18

Boss Wants Wife

 — Giving up my Wife to keep the Job. by pj12702/10/042.69

Boston Cream Pie Ch. 01

 — Gary wants a cream pie from his wife Patty. by K.K.11/05/024.62HOT

Boston Cream Pie Ch. 02

 — Gary talks Patty into swapping with Jack & Dot. by K.K.11/06/024.57HOT

Boston Cream Pie Ch. 03

 — The final chapter og the BCP series by K.K.11/22/024.49

Boston Hotel Bar

 — Flirtatious wife finds willing businessman. by rstoppard10/12/024.38

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 01

 — Different worlds collide; Part 1, Boston. by qhml109/07/124.66HOT

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 02

 — A season in hell. Alabama. by qhml109/16/124.66HOT

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 03

 — Wlikes for the defense, Canaday for the state, your honor. by qhml109/24/124.72HOT

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 04

 — Enemies and friends, old and new. by qhml110/01/124.76HOT

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 05

 — Will the real Hardy Wilkes please stand up? by qhml110/08/124.79HOT

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 06

 — Welcome back, Gwen and Hardy. by qhml110/11/124.77HOT

Both Have The Same Wants

 — Couple and his best friend share pleasure. by curiousandkinky01/01/064.31

Both Have The Same Wants Ch. 02

 — Couple and his best friend continue sharing by curiousandkinky03/10/064.31

Both Have The Same Wants Ch. 03

 — Conclusion of the wife-sharing tale. by curiousandkinky04/05/064.25

Both Sides Now

 — A man watches his wife gets all dressed up for a date. by The Wanderer10/20/064.36

Bother's Mother-In-Law Repeats

 — She enjoys second day. by BoneyMoreOny08/08/07

Boudoir Photos

 — A lazier day I've not had in years. by monkeylady04/27/103.94

Bought Intercourse isn't Real Love

 — Wife refused to stay away from playing with fire. by Winterfrog03/16/114.37

Bounced Check

 — A bounced check revealed her affair. by murphy62109/09/133.75

Bouncing Well Ch. 01

 — An unexpected change in plans makes all the difference. by WillieMac09/25/143.50

Bound and Blindfolded

 — My husband takes charge, or married games. by CamillaHumby09/04/123.59

Bound to Please

 — Wife's bad mood is punished. by L0tsaluck09/03/144.27

Bowl Game Ch. 01

 — Wives plan to swap their husbands. by GentleGeorge01/15/064.04


 — Bad, bad wife. by Omega1201/11/133.28

Bowling Lessons for a Naughty Wife

 — Wife turns hubby's wife sharing fantasy into a reality. by Rico Suave10/29/144.23

Bowling Mom

 — After bowling can be even more fun. by Omega1201/12/133.53

Bowling Mom Ch. 02

 — Amanda has more than bowling on her mind. by Omega1202/19/132.97

Boy Did I Fuck Up

 — His wife is on video and then watches her fuck black. by elia_cdl09/23/073.77

Boy Toy

 — Mike becomes the boy toy for his wife and her friends. by ThomasLord04/09/134.01

Boy, Was She a Hot Wife Ch. 01

 — How it all started. by i_am_the_watcher02/28/084.22

Boy, Was She a Hot Wife Ch. 02

 — What happened next. by i_am_the_watcher03/06/084.17

Boyfriend Calling

 — Ex-boyfriend's visit reignites old flames. by fantush7006/09/063.13

Boys Will Be Boys Ch. 01

 — He doesn't measure up, she takes advantage. by dchatterly10/19/024.03


 — The quiet getaway ends when they crossed the border. by bobfr08/01/024.45

Bra & Panties

 — Can Leanne be fooled? by English Bob10/13/034.15

Bra Shop Calendar is Reviewed

 — Bust neighbor busts him playing with his big cock. by twoup12/26/044.23

Brad and Marsha

 — It's a white wedding. by mark_867530912/14/063.95

Brad's Adventures

 — Jock beats wimp hubby and takes his wife. by engine184403/07/063.48

Brad's Mistake, Andrea's Release

 — Brad makes an ill-fated bet and pays the price. by rubbing1out09/06/113.75

Brad's Suggestion

 — Student takes control of his professor and her husband. by grizzley12301/04/153.85

Brain Surgeon

 — You should trust a brain surgeon. by GetToIt12/16/143.00

Brand New Whores

 — Wife, mother, mother-in-law, & sisters-in-law do Giants. by Softly06/20/034.41


 — The end of the beginning. by DanielQSteele105/21/123.19


 — Is there a burglar in the house? by Poorwriter10/30/143.46

Breakfast at Manny's

 — Maybe I'll try something different today. by FrancisMacomber02/08/134.22

Breakfast By My Pool

 — Screwing my neighbor's wife. by JustRong06/09/104.18

Breakfast By My Pool Ch. 02

 — Cory...a prequel. by JustRong06/25/104.12

Breakfast in Bed

 — Eating has never been so much fun. by intriguess03/22/013.81

Breaking All the Rules

 — They discover shared fantasies and act on them. by Explorer22207/21/104.46

Breaking Balls

 — He's not as good at pool as he thought. by balboa_rain04/12/142.49

Breaking Free Ch. 01

 — A married couple's journey into the swinging world. by muldoran10/09/084.14

Breaking in the Nanny

 — A threesome with the 19-year-old nanny. by ddillard06/06/033.72

Breaking In The New Wife

 — Coach and two players give whore wife a team welcome. by Christian_Damore02/05/103.52

Breaking Point

 — Tired of husband's affairs, Kari fucks his employee. by Big Gunz06/02/064.30

Breaking Point Ch. 02

 — Kari cheats again, this time with her hubby's co-worker. by Big Gunz05/13/073.89

Breaking the Family Ch. 01

 — Her family didn't like him. by JimBob4406/22/094.23

Breaking the Family Ch. 02

 — And he didn't like them. by JimBob4406/26/094.45

Breaking the Family Ch. 03

 — He who laughs last... by JimBob4406/29/094.05

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