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Her Indiscretion, My Salvation

 — Wife's affair changes his life, for the better... by Charley_Ace08/18/014.37

Her Inner Slut

 — Wife & Husband have a night out and meet a stranger. by zig07407/25/114.38

Her Inner Slut Ch. 01

 — Wife shows how to have a cream pie without cumming first. by ldlarry5203/02/064.45

Her Inner Slut Ch. 04

 — Slut wife goes black as a whore. by ldlarry5204/09/064.49

Her Itch

 — She loves him but... by RichardGerald08/21/153.98

Her Last True Love

 — She went to absence in the grasp of her true love. by TheKeith04/07/182.80

Her Little Secret

 — Hubby finds shocking secret about 'frigid' wife online. by Dakota_North03/06/023.43

Her Man Makes Three

 — Two cocks are better than one. by bobbymcgee10/15/013.76

Her Massage

 — Husband sets up massage for wife and tapes it. by stlimanika04/30/134.40

Her Master's Voice

 — You use the airwaves for pleasure. by exciterwriter10/05/033.16

Her Melancholy Was Defeated

 — She was a loving wife who just wanted to be loved. by qualitywheat05/27/123.31

Her Mouth on the Internet

 — Making my wife's fantasy come to life on a webcam. by CeasarBoobage02/14/124.33

Her Name was Candy

 — My wife fucks a Marine friend in 1983. by marine55rick12/22/083.92

Her New Boots

 — Jill fulfills a fantasy in her new boots. by OneMansFantasies12/09/084.01

Her New Friend

 — She's off to spend the night with him. by BC10000008/11/033.34

Her New Stud

 — First time with her new lover by cuzinevil08/03/043.74

Her New Toys

 — Fran wants to try more things. by Pental09/10/063.78

Her New Voice, Her New Shoes

 — Husband fears what their past meant. by 2True4you06/04/163.47

Her New Voice, Her Only Husband

 — Two woodworkers cross paths. by 2True4you06/10/163.85

Her Next Husband

 — She let her daydream life mess up her real life. by BigK1007/03/134.33

Her Niece Saved Me

 — I didn't even know she had a niece. by Scorpio44a12/16/114.39

Her Night Out

 — A married woman enjoys her out. by califm_curious06/02/164.07

Her Obedient Slave

 — Obedient, pantied man is cuckolded by his girlfriend. by HumiliatrixEnigma05/10/073.45

Her Old Fuck Buddy

 — She tries for a threesome but can't help herself. by two4u189308/28/123.54

Her Older Lover

 — Wife takes an older lover. by rickman3210/03/063.75

Her Other Life

 — A story of guilt. by Vandemonium107/04/174.39

Her Plan

 — It started when we were reminiscing about our younger days. by Zrnko_Pisku12/30/123.10

Her Plan to Cuckold Me

 — Using a BBC to make me her cuck. by IAMCURIOUS02/09/16

Her Problem Ch. 01

 — True love until it wasn't. by mikoli576302/26/144.29

Her Problem Ch. 02

 — Couple reconcile. by mikoli576303/01/144.16

Her Problem Ch. 04

 — Consequences. by mikoli576303/16/143.75

Her Problem Ch. 05

 — Amends. by mikoli576303/26/143.88

Her Problem Ch. 06

 — Trying to reconnect. by mikoli576304/11/143.85

Her Problem Ch. 07

 — Conclusion. by mikoli576304/18/143.81

Her Rod & Unreal: Bye Goody 2Shoes

 — A meeting in the woods. by InkurablRomantk04/06/033.93

Her Secret

 — Secrets can damage even the best marriages. by Slirpuff04/24/144.16

Her Secret Admirer Ch. 02

 — She meets her mystery man for a second time. by WickedSexy06/23/073.84

Her Secret Admirer Ch. 03

 — She finally finds out who he is. by WickedSexy09/26/073.87

Her Secret Conference

 — Husband tries to find out the secret. by Winterfrog09/20/044.21

Her Secret Life... Ch. 01

 — Bi-sexual cheating. by mikoli576307/03/134.04

Her Secret Life... Ch. 02

 — Couple reconcile and enjoy another woman. by mikoli576307/11/134.00

Her Secret Life... Ch. 03

 — They re-connect. by mikoli576307/17/134.01

Her Secret Life... Ch. 04

 — Trio becomes a quad. by mikoli576307/23/134.13

Her Secret Past Ch. 01

 — His mistake opens the door to her secret past. by Joatster12/25/094.03

Her Secret Past Ch. 02

 — Debbie came back two hours later... by Joatster12/31/093.78

Her Secret Text Messages

 — Something must be wrong, but what? He had to know. by Winterfrog07/04/084.25

Her Seduction Wasn't Her Fault

 — She needs a baby. by qualitywheat10/03/113.96

Her Side

 — Always two sides of love, and lust. by shrekhot107/19/142.96

Her Side of the Story

 — Shawna describes the cuckolding of her boyfriend, Jeff. by little_one12/08/023.87

Her Sister Engaged My Wife Pregnant

 — A trip to her sisters gets my wife pregnant. by dmbdriver110/18/172.40

Her Sophie's Choice

 — Wife is forced to decide - husband or lover. by radk02/05/144.31

Her Stud Lover

 — Hot wife savors glory hole fun. by Bad2Bone07/15/093.26

Her Tease, My Denial...

 — The love of my life has complete control of our sex life... by Her_love01/21/182.76

Her Temptations

 — Lovely wife's wedding bands are no obstacles for seducers. by Winterfrog08/14/084.11

Her Total Turnabout

 — Divorced friends play with toy-boys. by Winterfrog11/25/043.69

Her Turn

 — Wife is center of sex attention. by JohnGault06/27/044.07

Her Ultimate Fantasy

 — Teresa gets two men at once. by hot_kinky_chic01/19/083.97

Her Unexpected Net Dating

 — Wife wants to do what her friends says to be doing by Winterfrog02/14/124.06

Her Younger Man

 — An older couple rekindle their love life (a story for a fan). by Bakeboss11/19/083.05

Herb, Tricia and Me

 — Good revenge can be expensive. by Just Plain Bob02/05/074.36

Here We Go Again

 — A young man's journey through life. by Just Plain Bob01/28/144.43

Here We Go Again Ch. 02

 — A young man's journey through life. by Just Plain Bob01/29/144.62HOT

Here We Go Again Ch. 03

 — A young man's journey through life. by Just Plain Bob01/30/144.18

Here's What Will Happen

 — Robert always faced his troubles head-on. by laptopwriter07/18/144.38

Here's Where the Fun Begins

 — Couple experiments with open marriage arrangement. by HarryHaversackers03/01/074.17

Here, Kitty Kitty

 — Remembering the affair. by Miss Minky06/28/063.28

Here, There, and Everywhere

 — Another Halloween identity crisis. by Harddaysknight01/20/054.64HOT

Herman Ch. 01

 — A young man's journey. by Just Plain Bob09/27/124.58HOT

Herman Ch. 02

 — A young man's journey. by Just Plain Bob09/29/124.70HOT

Herman Ch. 03

 — A young man's journey. by Just Plain Bob09/30/124.73HOT


 — He saved their life, how do they pay him back? by laptopwriter04/27/154.48

Hero Boy Ch. 01

 — Up's and downs of married life. by Jake_the_Snake09/27/064.27

Hero Boy Ch. 02

 — Up's and down of married life. by Jake_the_Snake09/28/064.35

Hero Boy Ch. 03

 — Ups and down in married life. by Jake_the_Snake09/29/064.06

Hero's Lament Ch. 01

 — This hero thing can be catching. by laptopwriter05/30/164.67HOT

Hero's Lament Ch. 02

 — This hero thing can be catching. by laptopwriter05/31/164.46

Hers Again

 — He loses again. by lsa306/17/11

Hers for a Day

 — He loses the bet and must pay up. by lsa306/17/114.21

Hey Jude

 — Take a sad story and make it better. by Harddaysknight02/26/064.59HOT

Hey Jude (and Ken)

 — A couple's bisexual tryst with another man. by socabi5012/09/054.34

Hey, Are You Two Fucking?

 — Husband wants his fantasy - and he wants it now! by PhilCanyon07/24/094.20

Hi Neighbor

 — Cheryl meats our neighbor. by Saml3107/28/024.13

Hi Neighbor Ch. 2

 — Does Jill know? by Saml3108/01/024.25

Hi, I'm Joe

 — Am I a lying, cheating bastard? An Emails sequel. by MarvinS01/24/123.17

Hi, It's Me the Happy Cuckold

 — Cuckolding from a different point of view. by Huedogg212/09/114.15

Hidden Cam: Using My New Bride

 — I recorded my wife's body on the morning of our honeymoon. by Jacol05/22/093.80

Hidden Desires

 — Wife's infidelity leads to a new lifestyle. by coppered05/19/023.91

Hidden Desires

 — His wife brings home a friend while he secretely watches. by WestVaCouple08/14/054.42

Hidden Fantasies

 — A husband finds out her fantasies the erotic way. by Pkrfan07/24/134.08

Hidden in a Circle of Friends Pt. 01

 — A triangle of friends discover that they have similar views. by codpeace10103/14/173.99

Hidden in a Circle of Friends Pt. 02

 — The triangle of friends have secrets wanting to get out... by codpeace10105/25/173.93

Hide N Seek Ch. 04

 — He shows them the recordings. by fluidline103/31/044.09

High as a Housewife

 — She gets what she needs no matter what the cost. by lyndsey87389206/16/093.95

High Class Sex in a Town Car

 — Young Spanish officer seduces American Admiral's wife. by MaryAnn67803/20/094.18

High Dive

 — He thought he was in the friend zone. He was wrong. by whatdreamsmaycome07/19/174.29

High Hopes Ch. 2

 — Lonely vacationing wife meets the pool boy. by LUVNTHOTS10/02/004.19

High Hopes Ch. 3

 — Husband comes back unexpectedly early. by LUVNTHOTS10/02/003.60

High Maintenance

 — A manipulative bitch took advantage of men's weakness. by evilernie02/02/043.67

High School All Over Again

 — An old friend and I play a teasing game. by Michael Herrick04/15/184.00

High School plus 20

 — My wife and I attend her High School 20 year reunion. by ausnackt11/03/123.09

High School Reunion

 — A bite to eat after the Reunion? by Incoming10/05/063.87

High School Reunion

 — Wife coming out of her shell at a high school reunion. by ussnemitz02/18/173.17

High School Reunion

 — Wife takes dare to have sex with every guy she did in HS. by plez2tease11/25/163.95

High Stakes Ch. 1

 — This vacation cost more than a couple of dollars. by Tatewaki09/28/024.27

High Stakes Ch. 2

 — Mark learns of the price he must pay for his vacation ... by Tatewaki10/10/024.04

High Stakes Golf

 — A golf match for a date with the others wife. by K.K.08/26/03

High Stakes Poker

 — How I lost my wife in a card game. by That70sGuy07/02/173.23

High Street Drifter

 — Ex squaddie wreaks havoc. by mjexxx04/26/173.14

High Velocity PSA

 — Velocity is good in a car, not in blood tests. by ribnitin01/18/182.67

High Velocity PSA Pt. 02

 — Sometimes you go faster than expected. by ribnitin02/04/184.11

High Velocity PSA Pt. 03

 — Barbie's story; prequel to High Velocity PSA. by ribnitin02/11/183.44

High Velocity PSA Pt. 04

 — Continues Slow Velocity Karma. The affliction of beauty. by ribnitin02/17/183.13

High Velocity PSA Pt. 05

 — Conclusion of the High Velocity PSA-Karma series. by ribnitin04/10/182.20


 — Stranded wife meets stranger in the hotel bar. by lgreenwood12/06/074.09

Higher Education

 — A young woman delights the aging professor. by luvjuice4306/25/123.94


 — Try to keep the rubber side down or prepare for impact. by aka_Mike04/07/164.28

Highsider Ch. 02

 — Wheels must remain inline as you face the curves. by aka_Mike04/08/164.35

Highsider Ch. 03

 — Tuck, roll, and hope for the best, helmets save face. by aka_Mike04/09/164.53HOT

Highsider Ch. 04

 — If you can walk away, thank whatever God you worship. by aka_Mike04/15/164.57HOT

Highway Woman Ch. 01

 — Girlfriend puts on a show for horny onlookers. by JamesService08/17/104.12

Hikers Ch. 02

 — Continued recount of 2 couples discovering fun in the mountains. by romancer09/17/154.57HOT

Hiking the Lake Trail

 — A stranger joins us for an unexpected threesome. by fishgardengolf04/10/114.06

Hiking Trip Ch. 01

 — Husband's fantasy gets away from him. by all_or_nothing11/16/023.94

Hiking Trip Ch. 02

 — Pete, Christy, and Rory make new friends by all_or_nothing01/27/034.03

Hiking Trip Gets Really Adventurous

 — While on a hiking trip, wife pushes husband to explore. by Ache4Sex06/09/154.52HOT

Hiking up the Mountain

 — Wife and best friend finally get together. by texasreb136911/13/064.27

Hildy Ch. 01

 — Wife believes rumors, takes vengeance. by the Troubador12/02/033.04

Hildy Ch. 02

 — Wife's view of the incident. by the Troubador12/11/033.20


 — Husband gives her a surprise. by crzyboy02/18/053.74


 — Remembering a lost love. by BlackCatWalking06/03/163.87


 — Looking back, you can see where life went wrong. by The Wanderer03/04/063.99


 — An article on the internet ruined her marriage. by StangStar0603/29/124.47

Hints For Shared Wives

 — She agreed to have sex with another man. by TopflightWife05/25/064.31

Hipster and I

 — Redhead guy and wife. by ZenBuddha004/01/142.89

Hired Man

 — A loving husband hires a male for a intimate threesome. by rm818109/15/133.62

His Affair, Her Affair

 — Married salesman picks up married hooker in a hotel bar. by patricia5102/05/084.57HOT

His and Hers Affairs

 — Wife sets out to get her husband's girlfriend back. by ZotDragon08/01/064.53HOT

His Best Friend or His Worst Enemy

 — An old college buddy comes to visit. by Omega1212/19/132.83

His Best Friend Sees Her Naked

 — A new experience for a budding exhibitionist wife. by Kiwi Couple10/15/01HOT

His Chuckle

 — Wife starts to cuck husband. by linusLocked07/14/143.22

His Cock Inside Of You

 — A fantasy of a lover in the company of another by loveinthetimeof05/29/143.62

His Cum Slut Ch. 01

 — Two married co-workers get together. by JoeZ196603/03/133.89

His Cum Slut Ch. 02

 — Two married coworkers continue. by JoeZ196603/15/134.17

His Cum Slut Ch. 03

 — Joe claims Michelle as his own. by JoeZ196604/25/133.88

His Daughter's Wedding Ch. 01

 — Father is waiting for someone at his daughter's wedding. by TabooTeller04/08/094.13

His Daughter's Wedding Ch. 02

 — They talk about the why of her affair. by TabooTeller04/09/093.74

His Fantasies

 — Wife explores her husband's fantasies. by Sexysarah703/10/143.71

His Fantasies All Come At Once

 — My husband got more than he bargained for. by hornylouisa04/08/114.32

His Fantasy

 — He & wife enjoy another man. by curiousandkinky06/02/044.41

His Favorite Birthday

 — A wife arranges a great birthday for her husband. by ClaudiaInColumbus07/21/124.46

His Favorite Fantasy Comes True

 — Sue makes Lou's fantasy come true. by MySecretDesire07/01/134.26

His Fiancee with Another Guy

 — Mike watches another guy pleasure his fiancee Jen. by xleglover04/23/084.24

His First

 — Beach trip leads to wife sharing him. by OrdinaryAverageGuy06/12/044.03

His Heart at The Right Place

 — Becoming a part of your life. by likegoodwine02/17/134.17

His Hidden Desire Ch. 01

 — His wife pledges to give him his desire. by xaviersgirls12/14/073.56

His Homecoming

 — Military finally home after your if duty. by Kkittensplace04/18/183.42NEW

His Idea, The Planted Seed

 — A wife is introduced to the idea of more. by uxorial04/04/133.60

His Loving Wife

 — It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it. by That70sGuy06/30/172.66

His or Her Fantasy?

 — Who craved what more? by Want2BUsed10/30/143.41

His Side of the Story

 — Jeff contemplates his cuckoldry. by little_one12/19/023.40

His Slut Wife

 — I'm married, love my husband, and I'm an exotic dancer. by slutwifeJen03/10/103.84

His Slutwife Spreads Her Wings

 — Man plans a fantasy-filled night for his wife, with others. by CCj01/08/103.88

His Story

 — Wife surprises husband by living out his fantasy. by sjm02/26/013.73

His Surprise Birthday Gift

 — Husband gets surprise gift from wife. by vegasdude06/07/114.29

His Warrior Cum 2 Wish A Happy B'Day

 — Birthday surprise from his wife. Well "played". by Promiscuousme06/07/143.33

His Wife Fucks a Black Man

 — Wife cuckolds her husband with Jamal. by Wifesboy06/03/093.52

His Wife is the Procurer Pt. 01

 — If it's Tuesday, I am having an affair. by The Big Bopper04/30/104.22

His Wife is the Procurer Pt. 02

 — Gerard learns Jill is with his boss to secure their future. by The Big Bopper06/03/104.32

His Wife Poses With...

 — Wife poses nude with hubby's best friend. by Kiwi Couple01/05/02

His Wife's Boyfriend

 — A tale of wife-sharing from the "other guy's" perspective. by swingerjoe02/04/144.47

His Wife's Favorite Resort

 — Special resort for couples, with secret extras for ladies. by metacarpal06/18/064.42

His Wife's Gay Boyfriend

 — Teen cock in little bikini- & she is going to suck it! by OralDave08/04/123.12

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