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Happy Honeymoon Ch. 2

 — Kate pleases the hotel guests. by ParkerG10/10/004.21

Happy is He Who Understands the Meaning of Things

 — Lucky is he who understands the meaning of things. by chilleywilley03/18/153.67

Happy Landings

 — A loving wife doesn't want to be shared. by Gale8207/03/12

Happy Life

 — Make a slut your wife. by Johnsexlife03/19/123.44

Happy Marriage Ch. 02

 — Couple continue experimenting with bisexual sex. by yesplease803/01/054.42

Happy New Years

 — A new years first. by thiswayround05/22/113.86

Happy To Be Me

 — A black housewife allows her hidden self to emerge. by Stormgod5901/19/183.87

Happy Valentines!

 — Katie gives him the best gift imaginable. by freejack01/28/034.45

Happy Wife Happy Life

 — How a change of scenery can bring out the best in ones wife by ipnightly07/31/143.85

Happy Wife Happy Life Pt. 02

 — A flame had been lit now it begins to grow. by ipnightly08/19/143.73

Happy Wife, Happy Home

 — Sara makes the rules and Brad happily obeys. by pinboy01/02/103.59

Happy Wives Don't Cheat

 — Man wins his life and his wife back. by paulskins01/24/163.76


 — Gripe, Gripe, Gripe. by oshaw07/23/143.91


 — Husband pays price for not being fired - or does he? by Flashlight7.503/21/093.90

Hard Action

 — Wife in danger; husband forced to perform a rescue action. by Winterfrog08/05/093.95

Hard All Day

 — Husband takes a chance revealing a fantasy to his wife. by luvemywife10/06/063.90

Hard and Fast

 — A passionate bedtime session with his wife. by Jamito05/08/093.48

Hard Day at the Office

 — Wife pays a surprise visit to her husband at work. by WickedTemptations12/15/074.16

Hard Luck Harlan Lawton

 — A man just can't seem to catcha break with his women. by Matt Moreau01/20/103.91

Hard Night

 — A husband stops being Mr. Nice Guy. by VincenzoCat07/08/153.75

Hard Times

 — Sent by husband into the clutches of the local pimp. by Isabella_1978_UK08/11/17

Hard to Stop

 — A wife is convinced to swing. by Orexis08/13/084.10

Hard to Write

 — Wife's fantasies make more than plot ideas cum. by sirhugs01/22/044.18

Hard Working Wife

 — Sexy happenings at work. by adjustable_halo05/03/044.08

Hardheads: Frank & Mary Revisited

 — Alternate ending to JPB's story. by fdkman26202/05/074.03

Harem For A Whore

 — He gets what he deserves and she gets what she needs. by TheMrPingu03/13/122.57


 — Wife sneaks out for a cycle ride with friend. by jakewho6907/15/113.70

Harley's Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Wife fufills husband's fantasy and adds something extra. by Sexy Butt03/06/034.25

Harley's Fantasy Ch. 02

 — He repays wife with another Fantasy. by Sexy Butt05/20/034.25

Harold and Sheila

 — A married couple resolve a dispute. by Synovex07/22/153.88


 — Country boy dumps a cheating wife. by PAPATOAD10/27/11

Harry & Sally (Ed and Jo) the end

 — My end to H20wader story. by gizzmo30101/16/063.78

Harry and Rebecca

 — My usual. by Just Plain Bob02/14/194.64HOTNEW

Harry and Sally

 — Can you fake love to get the life you want? by gizzmo30102/07/064.11

Harry's Bar

 — Running a little late? Might be fun. by Oldfarticus11/03/064.06

Harry's Confessional

 — A white hubby goes to church to make a confession. by dsoul12/28/112.13

Harry's Story

 — At my brother-in-law's twenty-fifth wedding anniversary... by sharedhousewife10/11/104.01

Harry, Rita, and Kelly

 — What a combination it turned out to be. by qualitywheat10/13/144.17

Harry, Thelma, and Harry

 — Sometimes life doesn't go as you would wish. by The Wanderer05/09/064.51HOT

Hate Crimes Inc. Ch. 01

 — Her purse is a hole that needs filling, too. by NOIRTRASH12/09/153.76

Hate Crimes Inc. Ch. 02

 — Welcome to the jungle. by NOIRTRASH12/15/154.00

Hate Crimes Inc. Ch. 03

 — Making changes and keeping the change. by NOIRTRASH12/17/153.65

Hate Crimes Inc. Ch. 04

 — Most take your luv lying down, if the price is right. by NOIRTRASH12/19/153.88

Hate Crimes Inc. Ch. 05

 — He didn't mind covering her ass at all. by NOIRTRASH12/22/153.67

Haulover Lunchbreak

 — I have some private time with a couple on the beach. by morefunnaked01/31/123.95

Haunted Mansion Leads To Some Fun

 — Wife’s first threesome with young stud. by SweetVibes11/29/104.34

Have a Glass of Wine

 — She has a bad day at work by trumuff08/27/073.51

Have a Go

 — My wife is too shy to be seduced. by Ashson09/13/134.18

Have a Nice Day

 — Wife gets even for husband's cheating. by Grey Eagle 28601/19/084.06

Have Faith

 — A very dirty story that's just sick, wrong, and fun! by FantasyXY04/10/163.08

Have I Found Utopia?

 — From a loving wife, to my son, and now my DIL. by qualitywheat03/18/124.08

Have Some Ribs & My Wife

 — Two couples at a barbecue swap mates. by Tattletale09/21/034.33

Having a Go

 — Being told to stay away is seen as a challenge. by Ashson09/21/134.08

Having Fun

 — And then it's just not fun anymore. by JimBob4412/09/174.03

Hawaii Revisited

 — Return to Little Beach. by OLDER AND BETTER08/08/034.07

Hawaii Surprise

 — Wife discovers Hawaiian nude beaches. by OLDER AND BETTER03/11/024.26

Hayley at the Nude Beach

 — He lets his wife fuck a stranger. by M_Sirk07/14/084.30

Hazardous Waste

 — Life is a prison sentence you can't escape alive. by NOIRTRASH11/06/153.78

Hazardous Waste Ch. 02

 — Things get worse. by NOIRTRASH11/09/153.77

Hazardous Waste Ch. 03

 — Things go from bad to worse. by NOIRTRASH11/14/154.20

Hazardous Waste Ch. 04

 — The bad, the worse, and the ugly. by NOIRTRASH11/20/154.28

Hazardous Waste Ch. 05

 — The killer awoke at dawn, and put his boots on. by NOIRTRASH12/11/153.77

Hazel and the Rent Man

 — Hazel pays the rent. by Tony King12/17/004.36

Hazel and the Rent Man Ch. 2

 — The rent comes due again. by Tony King12/22/004.36

Hazel at Tom's Reunion

 — Wife experiences her first gang bang. by Tony King01/15/014.24

Hazel Turns Pro

 — His wife finally does it for money. by Tony King02/18/014.36

Hazel's Escape

 — Out of Houseman's frying pan and into the fire... by Tony King01/15/014.14

Hazel's Las Vegas Adventure

 — Hazel plays the amateur hooker with her husband's consent. by lucioz01/16/104.50HOT

He Could Go All the Way!

 — A woman pleases the man during a game. by OrdinaryAverageGuy10/28/013.54

He Deserved It

 — Everyone gets what they deserve in the end. by Katmai11/15/113.94

He Did Tell Her She Could Cheat

 — Has she been fucking another man behind his back? by FrankMac06/20/143.54

He Didn't Hear What I Said

 — Miscommunication leads to mistaken fucking. by Swilly02/21/144.05

He Didn't Say A Word

 — She gets away with infidelity. For a while. by maninconn03/01/164.31

He Encouraged Me

 — Her first time as a hotwife. by Debra3902/27/084.39

He Finds Letter on Wife's Laptop

 — Husband sees what his wife really wants. by Tabbisfull02/06/103.79

He Fucked My Fiancé Online

 — They meets a man online. by LadysMan03/10/033.33

He Fucked My Girl

 — Things go farther than expected. by xleglover10/16/114.26

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 02

 — Ricky fucks my girlfriend again. by xleglover04/20/134.37

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 03

 — We graduate from college and move in together. by xleglover04/24/134.42

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 04

 — I watch as Ricky fucks Jen on our wedding night. by xleglover05/01/134.34

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 05

 — Our honeymoon. by xleglover05/07/134.34

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 06

 — Jen goes on a date with Ricky. by xleglover05/21/134.35

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 07

 — Jen gets more serious with Ricky. by xleglover05/25/134.36

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 08

 — Mike has second thoughts about Jen's dating. by xleglover05/28/134.08

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 09

 — Jen moves in with Ricky? by xleglover06/02/134.03

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 10

 — Mike adjusts to life after losing Jen to Ricky. by xleglover06/13/133.80

He Fulfills My Fantasy...

 — Hubby gives wife the chance to be with 2 men at once. by curvycocksucker02/02/104.30

He Had a Secret, Too

 — Mary had a secret. But then again, so did her husband. by MattblackUK02/04/194.01

He Had Always Suspected...

 — Ryan finds his wife making love to another woman. by azfantasy03/10/124.03

He is a Freak Honey

 — De feet of da Wimp. by Foux Pas03/04/064.25

He is Hers Again

 — She takes control. by tb9911/05/05

He Just Did Me

 — I'm alone with my boyfriends roommate. by stephanie_webster11/20/094.01

He Just Didn't Measure Up

 — Wife decides her husband just wasn't big enough. by Sfbullrider01/20/154.24

He Knocked At My Door

 — Stranger comes to her door & changes her life. by Babyboo207/29/023.90

He Left His Heart in San Francisco

 — His heart was broken, but was rescue in sight? by MattblackUK09/27/123.90

He Let Them Have Me #01

 — A charismatic man turns wife into slut and cuckolds husband. by Imstillfun12/29/154.68HOT

He Let Them Have Me #02

 — Wife continues being a slut and cuckolding her husband. by Imstillfun01/01/164.75HOT

He Let Them Have Me #03

 — Daughters find out I'm a slut and dad is a cuckold. by Imstillfun01/03/164.72HOT

He Let Them Have Me #04

 — Conclusion. A slut wife goes the next step. by Imstillfun01/05/164.68HOT

He Likes to Watch Me Dance

 — My wife Janet's first experience with another man. by 2small4her05/26/114.40

He Longed to Share His Wife Ch. 01

 — He wanted to share his wife but she was reluctant until... by norfolklad09/15/164.63HOT

He Longed to Share His Wife Ch. 02

 — How do we share Linda so we all get what we want? by norfolklad04/19/174.65HOT

He Looked Like Me Ch.01

 — My first time as a birthday present. by Tx Tall Tales08/06/134.53HOT

He Looked Like Me Ch.02

 — Her birthday present is unwrapped. by Tx Tall Tales08/06/134.65HOT

He Made Me Do It

 — For better or worse, wife submits to multiple partners. by cybal10/25/154.24

He Makes Her Laugh

 — A wife sharing story just a little late. by RichardGerald12/21/184.08

He May be Submissive

 — He admits his submissiveness. by jlltec02/17/094.36

He Never Knew Ch. 02

 — Miranda makes a mistake confronting Race. by hbgeek02/26/124.04

He Never Saw It Coming

 — Blackmail my wife will you? by FinalStand09/04/124.10

He Noticed Her Haircut This Time

 — A haircut leads to sexy photos and then to sexy time. by dirksteele01/20/174.35

He Said He Wanted to Watch

 — Husband asks young guy to do his wife while he watches. by ExoMani07/13/084.41

He said No

 — She had a plan and was determined to see it through. by laptopwriter06/19/134.50HOT

He Said, She Said Ch. 02

 — Husband's office tryst leads to consequences with wife. by AverageBear04/03/094.02

He Said... Then She Said

 — Wifey hijacks my submission. by twistingroads10/27/153.77

He Shares Me

 — Husband shares wife's goodies. by KellysMyMan05/21/023.88

He Stopped Loving Her Today

 — He stopped loving her today, the story of Dave, Amy and Doug. by Jckpnsvg02/14/183.98

He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 01

 — Forty five year old married woman gets second cock & more. by moonkisser01/02/094.10

He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 02

 — Wife continues to get more cock. by moonkisser01/03/094.20

He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 03

 — Nora gets more cock and wants more cock. by moonkisser01/04/094.17

He Took Her

 — I wasn't as clever as I thought, but he was. My greed beat me. by qualitywheat11/15/112.59

He Wanted It

 — He gets his foot fetish, she gets a big cock. by AHurtingUnit09/07/033.71

He Wanted My Wife

 — And lied to get her. by BaMuoiBa10/24/174.03

He Wanted to Watch

 — My husband had a fantasy - to watch me with another guy. by cutewifekelly10/12/184.01

He was a Real Closet Fan

 — He watched man fuck his wife while he hid. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/11/074.04

He was My Forbidden Fruit Pt. 01

 — Mason was my husband's best friend...And he became my lover! by SexiShaaz01/10/174.03

He was My Forbidden Fruit Pt. 02

 — Mason was my husband's best friend! & then he became my lover. by SexiShaaz01/11/173.92

He was My Forbidden Fruit Pt. 03

 — Mason was my husband's best friend! & then he became my lover. by SexiShaaz01/12/173.80

He was the One Who Asked for It

 — Husband wants me to fuck someone else, so I do. by JACKVK04/26/184.07

He Watches His Cuckolding

 — Nw wife gets a new lover. by jcace01/01/064.02

He Won't Wear the Horns

 — Cuckolded husband turns tables on 'boring' wife. by Mikesliver09/12/053.96

He's Been Gone To Long

 — She surprises her man with a fantasy. by seductiveblueeyes02/13/074.02

He's Sailing Again

 — Wife gets frisky with the delivery men. by dirtyjoe6907/11/063.82

He's Twisted

 — He likes to watch. by 09cutter10/15/133.95

He, She, and I Ch. 01

 — Hot girlfriend and best friend in first threesome. by MrMsScrewloose04/05/104.33

He, She, and I Ch. 02

 — Second threesome, she wants to be seduced. by MrMsScrewloose04/04/104.27

He, She, and I Ch. 03

 — Another threesome, raunchier. by MrMsScrewloose04/06/103.96

He, She, and I Ch. 04

 — Last threesome with friend, just a late night quickie by MrMsScrewloose04/07/103.56

He, She, and I Ch. 05

 — Friend plays with her one last time, getting his fingers wet. by MrMsScrewloose04/08/103.92

He, She, and I Ch. 06

 — Years later, wife and old friend play in the back seat. by MrMsScrewloose10/12/144.26

He/She is Typing Pt. 01

 — Joanna becomes close friends with her son's school teacher. by AntColony09/21/183.65

He/She is Typing Pt. 02

 — Joanna becomes close friends with her son's school teacher. by AntColony11/24/183.35


 — He came home to a nice surprise. by ladysadie4206/05/034.17

Head Object

 — She shares her husband with her friend. by JLogan190204/02/083.28


 — Wife finds migraine relief. by JustRong05/28/103.84

Heading to the Coast

 — A wild night in Knoxville. by Fretless03/31/064.26

Heads I Win, Tails She Loses

 — Some things are better left to chance. by Tx Tall Tales07/27/134.45


 — Life gets complicated by two women. by blackrandl195811/09/184.16

Healing Matthew

 — A troubled husband in name only re-appeared after ten years. by seriouswriter1211/28/073.71

Health Club

 — Everyone needs exercise. by Omega1201/02/142.77

Healthy Skepticism

 — Is Melissa paranoid or skeptical? by amyyum08/30/164.31

Heard it on the Radio Ch. 01

 — Rosie and Jim get married. by MattblackUK07/03/133.92

Heard it on the Radio Ch. 02

 — Sometimes what's on the radio shouldn't be. by MattblackUK07/15/134.13

Heard it Through the Grapevine

 — A passionate offroad adventure. by Bad2Bone11/17/103.87

Heart of Gold

 — He wouldn't let her forget the past. by edrider7301/16/143.15

Heart of the Prairie

 — What really happened on that two-lane highway? by FrancisMacomber05/04/134.62HOT

Heat of the Moment

 — 3rd event in couple's experiences with another man. by curiscp12/26/034.34

Heated Desire

 — An amazing night with my dream girl. by avlove10/18/173.42


 — A beautiful housewife fulfils her desires. by RachalCaron07/12/084.46

Heather Day 32 - The Confession

 — Heather confesses all her indiscretions to Edward. by bunchkles08/11/172.87

Heather Fucks While Hank Watches

 — Heather fucks her husband while her sister's husband watches. by michaeljones201404/13/134.09

Heather in the Falls

 — Hot wife takes 2 strangers in a hotel. by jacknheather02/18/074.29

Heather Rules Ch. 01

 — Trip brings chance for changes for a wife and husband. by mgablea05/23/084.50HOT

Heather Rules Ch. 02

 — Second night of living the stories leads to more fun. by mgablea05/24/084.47

Heather Rules Ch. 03

 — Tuesday; new adventures for exploring couple. by mgablea06/01/084.55HOT

Heather Rules Ch. 04

 — Night before Heather makes her public debut. by mgablea06/13/084.55HOT

Heather Rules Ch. 05

 — Heather debuts in an amateur stripping contest. by mgablea07/05/084.58HOT

Heather Rules Ch. 06

 — Heather gets with Tom. by mgablea07/13/084.57HOT

Heather Rules Ch. 07

 — Going Going Gone - sold to the highest bidder. by mgablea08/12/084.50HOT

Heather Rules Ch. 09

 — Heather returns to me by mgablea04/23/094.47

Heather Rules Ch. 10

 — Heather goes pro. by mgablea05/12/114.44

Heather Rules Ch. 11

 — Heather and Larry and David. by mgablea06/20/114.56HOT

Heather Rules Ch. 12

 — Even without trying. by mgablea07/08/114.38

Heather Rules Ch. 15

 — We return home. by mgablea10/08/114.01

Heather Visits Simon

 — Heather had been a loyal wife for so many years. by bunchkles08/04/173.01

Heather's 'One Percenter' Goal Pt. 01

 — First, a blind alley. Now, a new alley. by c1992w12/12/14

Heather's BDSM Journey

 — Blonde wife begins her training. by jdrew200103/26/10

Heather's First Solo Sub Experience

 — Dom uses another man's wife for his pleasure. by Control_Master_03/23/124.20

Heather's First Threesome

 — Wife is blindfold with him and his friend. by PhilMc01/08/074.10

Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 05

 — Heather becomes a loving wife. by HamSwift02/22/074.32

Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 05 Revisited

 — An alternate ending to Chapter 5. by HamSwift03/05/073.88

Heather's Moon Cycle

 — Bossy neighbour mom discovers her allure. by merneptah12/01/153.43

Heather's Moon Cycle Pt. 02

 — Bossy neighbour mom discovers her allure. by merneptah12/03/153.64

Heather's Pleasure Day

 — Heather is treated to a day of luxurious, sensual pampering. by Jjonest11/23/184.45

Heating Up

 — Married couples can have fun, too. by jadedSHADOW03/17/023.73

Heaven or Hell

 — I guess the choice was up to me. by StangStar0602/14/134.41

Heavenly Cloud Gentlemen's Club

 — An awakening of a young wife. by mountsnow12/30/144.05

Heavenly Grounds

 — Java and phone sex - squared. by Kurik03/31/054.32

Heavy Bi Couple Sex

 — Friend has fun with heavy bi couple. by jadam10/23/024.40

Hedonism: Regeneration Ch. 01

 — A married woman and her former lover reignite. by TheDriffieldStud06/02/082.82

Hedonist Ch. 05

 — Marital bliss. by Abelard701/08/104.15

Hedonist Ch. 06

 — Back in circulation. by Abelard701/23/104.35

Heels in Bed

 — Nick comes home to surprise from his wife. by russeltrust09/03/044.20

Heidi Ch. 01

 — Man becomes cuckold to wife's best friend. by steviet02/10/063.92

Heidi's Ideal Marriage

 — From a cheating girlfriend to a full blown cuckoldress. by BrianinSuffolk07/15/153.74

Heiress MMM gets Her Cuckold

 — Wife decides to cuckold her submissive husband. by mmms_ricki01/11/103.56

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