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Daughter and Dad

 — She worked on his limp dick problem. by JANAMARIE09/27/094.40

Daughter and Dad's Wish is the Same

 — Dad & daughter discover they share the same secret. by Rotpsen09/18/064.49

Daughter and Father

 — Daughter and daughter-in-law want to cheer him up. by Vic505/06/074.28

Daughter and Friend Invited Dad

 — She has fun with her friend and has her father too. by PrincessOfSex10/09/074.02

Daughter and Friend Visit Ch. 01

 — Daughter's lovely friend drops a bombshell. by mark1109303/08/104.41

Daughter and Friend Visit Ch. 02

 — Janice and Becky had me where they wanted me. by mark1109303/09/104.52HOT

Daughter And Friends Blindfold Dad

 — Blindfolded dad is pleasured by his daughter and her friend. by larrydownunder03/25/124.10

Daughter and Step-Father

 — A step father's fantasy comes to life. by naughtystudent12302/10/163.71

Daughter Becomes a Slut Princess

 — Parents enjoy vacation with their adult daughter. by Wildfire42709/17/024.41

Daughter Begs for Cum Therapy

 — Daughter April convinces daddy to give her his cum. by CuntinghamChestercock05/28/174.58HOT

Daughter Blows Best

 — His daughter gives the best bjs around. by king nothing07/19/044.41

Daughter Catches Dad Watching Video

 — Coed sees dad enjoying adult movies. by mswes110/22/024.16

Daughter Caught Me

 — Dad and Daughter. by flashgordon56200604/20/184.12

Daughter Comes Home Drunk

 — Daughter comes home drunk and seduces her Father. by Thaiga02/07/184.30

Daughter Comes in From the Cold

 — Father helps daughter when she is thrown out by her mom. by Giveandgetoral09/17/114.49

Daughter Comes in From the Cold Ch. 02

 — Mother tries to get daughter back. by Giveandgetoral05/30/124.62HOT

Daughter Cums Around

 — Father and daughter finally make love. by standingstones12/01/134.35

Daughter Cums Home

 — Father gets to his daughter. by standingstones10/25/134.26

Daughter Dear

 — A stepdad earns some respect. by AlphaBeatHer12/19/084.18

Daughter Dearest

 — Mother's sexuality is awakened with help from her daughter. by ANNE24003/15/064.61HOT

Daughter Dearest

 — A grieving father and daughter come together. by MaleThonger01/08/104.37

Daughter Dearest, Daddy & Dallas

 — Daughter brings home a friend for a wild night with Dad. by MaleThonger02/07/104.56HOT

Daughter Discovers Daddy

 — Daddy punishes his 18-year-old teasing Princess. by Chklbrry10/02/01

Daughter Discovers Mom's Secret

 — Knock before entering, or maybe not. by __misty__02/18/074.38

Daughter Discovers Mom's Secret Ch. 02

 — Getting caught has its rewards. by __misty__02/24/074.53HOT

Daughter Discovers Mom's Secret Ch. 03

 — A door opens. by __misty__02/27/074.67HOT

Daughter Do Right

 — Man gets help from daughter in revenge against bitch wife. by SexySweetKitten02/21/114.25

Daughter Finds Father

 — A father hires his daughter he never knew he had. by bigfella197111/13/113.94

Daughter Gets What She Wants

 — He catches his hot young daughter in bed with a boy. by Kurisu07/19/064.19

Daughter Gone WIld

 — My coed daughter sent me a DVD that was taken with her in it. by WayneGibbous06/22/124.47

Daughter has been Naughty

 — Sassy Ashley learns to be a good girl. by MagicFingers09/05/154.34

Daughter Home from College

 — Her nude adventures when home visiting from college. by Magda_Sorensen05/29/133.01

Daughter in a Magazine

 — Stunned father finds daughter's pics in naughty publication. by geronimo_appleby10/09/054.47

Daughter in law

 — Dirty father in law does son's wife. by coleman08/03/024.39

Daughter in Law

 — She finds satisfaction in her father in laws arms. by Giveandgetoral01/13/134.53HOT

Daughter in Law Bitch

 — He gets even with adultress daughter in law takes control by hotpup02/01/084.19

Daughter in Law Ch. 02

 — Woman leaves husband for her father in law. by Giveandgetoral02/26/144.52HOT

Daughter Is The Centerfold Ch. 01

 — Daughter asks his advice about posing nude. by barrysmith01/11/064.48

Daughter Is The Centerfold Ch. 02

 — She asks Dad to help edit nude photos. by barrysmith01/18/064.57HOT

Daughter Joins In, Brings a Friend

 — The more, the merrier. by Hikalot06/14/054.53HOT

Daughter Joins In: The Video Replay

 — Sean finds out the truth. by Hikalot07/01/054.49

Daughter Joins the Fun Ch. 01

 — This is an expansion on my previous story - The New Members. by NeasGriz05/01/184.16

Daughter Joins the Fun Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by NeasGriz05/12/184.01

Daughter Knows Best

 — Sometimes a daughter knows what's best for her daddy. by mt4403/19/184.67HOT

Daughter Learns to Cuckold

 — Couple indoctrinate daughter into cuckold lifestyle. by LottaLove08/18/154.05

Daughter Lena Ch. 1

 — Father & daughter shave daughter's friend. by macfar06/29/024.50HOT

Daughter Lena Ch. 2

 — Dad & daughter share forbidden second encounter. by macfar07/16/024.40

Daughter Lena Ch. 3

 — Family escapades move to the shower. by macfar07/23/024.47

Daughter Lena Ch. 4

 — Donna rejoins the festivities. by macfar07/23/024.54HOT

Daughter Lena Ch. 5

 — Lena finally succumbs. by macfar07/28/024.62HOT

Daughter Lena Ch. 6

 — Lena makes surprise visit. by macfar08/01/024.64HOT

Daughter Lena Ch. 7

 — Lena's second visit. by macfar08/05/024.52HOT

Daughter Lena Ch. 8

 — Lena introduces another friend. by macfar08/07/024.57HOT

Daughter Lena Ch. 9

 — The conclusion. by macfar08/20/024.53HOT

Daughter Lends a Hand

 — Summer on the farm gets unbearably hot. by MisterReason02/09/114.16

Daughter Lusts For Her Sexy Daddy

 — 18-year-old blonde worships his sexy, manly body and dick. by NonStopFunGuy01/15/144.39

Daughter Makes Daddy Her Slave

 — Girl blackmails submissive step-dad into being her sex slave. by LottaLove09/13/153.90

Daughter Massages Dad

 — Girl tries to help her dad's sore muscles. by Giveandgetoral09/28/134.18

Daughter Mine Ch. 01

 — Daughter cums home to roost. by Jim McKay01/09/054.19

Daughter Mine Ch. 02

 — Sex in the kitchen, then off to bed. by Jim McKay01/10/054.25

Daughter Needs More

 — Daughter has her needs fulfilled. by standingstones02/08/104.16

Daughter Needs to Feel Filled

 — Slutty daughter discovers anal pleasure. by hot_couple28711/28/084.06

Daughter of Eve

 — Doting daughter seduces Dad. by J11/29/014.56HOT

Daughter on Camera

 — To pay for university, my daughter becomes self-employed. by Ghostwind08/22/174.34

Daughter Oversexed

 — Daddy learns about Daughter hidden desire. by hollingsworth04/07/093.83

Daughter Oversexed/ the Period

 — Daddy and Daughter's lust knows no limit. by hollingsworth05/08/094.10

Daughter Punished

 — 18-year-old daughter is punished by mother. by hot_couple28711/12/053.84

Daughter Replaces Wife

 — Hank's slut wife dies; daughter fills in. by spider00703/27/124.23

Daughter Returns Ch. 1

 — She discovers Dad's fantasy. by NewAnon09/24/004.40

Daughter Returns Ch. 2

 — Dad & daughter's fantasies are fulfilled. by NewAnon09/24/004.28

Daughter Returns Early

 — Jenna witnesses her mother and boyfriend together by Paulsom12/09/103.93

Daughter Rubs Her Dad

 — Daughter helps with her dad's sore muscles. by Giveandgetoral10/03/134.44

Daughter Sandra Ch. 01

 — Parents of newlywed learn of their daughter's transformation by enventory05/13/134.26

Daughter Sandra Ch. 02

 — Parents become involved in their daughter's transformation. by enventory09/17/144.52HOT

Daughter Sarah the Deep Sleeper

 — He savors 22-year-old sleeper, or is she? by Amyfriend10/31/064.31

Daughter Seduces Her Dad

 — How a daughter gets her dad. by big breasts05/16/043.95

Daughter Slave

 — She seeks a master to serve. by conz03/01/024.23

Daughter Sneaks In

 — Father waits for daughter to cum home. by 2marcella212/23/113.61

Daughter Substituted Departed Wife

 — Daughter took her late mother's place as a mistress & lover. by vi4704/21/103.65

Daughter Taboo

 — Mark's fantasy about his girlfriend's daughter. by rockbohunk01/24/084.17

Daughter Takes a Ride

 — Daughter fucks first her daddy and then her brother. by Capricorn6208/12/173.89

Daughter Tease

 — Dad gets even with daughter for drunken teasing. by macfar08/18/014.15

Daughter Time

 — Dad fucks drunk daughter. by Bigmanpops09/23/134.41

Daughter Training Ch. 01

 — Daddy teaches daughter how to behave. by ProperFatherlyLove06/05/144.35

Daughter Training Ch. 02

 — Katie's first lesson: Breeding. by ProperFatherlyLove06/25/144.43

Daughter Training Ch. 03

 — Katie inspires her friend. by ProperFatherlyLove08/16/144.41

Daughter Training Ch. 04

 — Daisy's friend helps her show off her love for her daddy. by ProperFatherlyLove10/07/164.51HOT

Daughter Training Ch. 05

 — A horny wife finally gets her dream life. by ProperFatherlyLove10/26/164.60HOT

Daughter Training Ch. 06

 — A horny wife lives in paradise with her husband and daughter. by ProperFatherlyLove11/02/164.53HOT

Daughter Training Ch. 07

 — A married couple raises their daughter right. by ProperFatherlyLove11/12/164.51HOT

Daughter Training Ch. 08

 — A friend teaches Delilah how to live a happy life. by ProperFatherlyLove07/24/174.59HOT

Daughter Wants Cock

 — Father is taken in by his daughter. by standingstones02/04/134.27

Daughter Wants Cock Ch. 02

 — Father has more cravings for daughter. by standingstones09/09/134.35

Daughter Wants Cock Ch. 03

 — Daughter finally gets what she wants. by standingstones03/26/144.43

Daughter Watcher

 — Father finds naughty photos of his daughter. by Un4givon209/13/014.08

Daughter Watcher Ch. 2

 — Father takes pictures of daughter, then feels guilty. by Un4givon204/02/024.43

Daughter with My Friends

 — Father gets hot watching coed daughter being groped. by varun02/24/053.96

Daughter with My Friends Ch. 02

 — Jasmine shows off on the bus. by varun05/09/054.04

Daughter with My Friends Ch. 03

 — He gets a chance with his daughter alone. by varun05/11/054.06

Daughter with My Friends Ch. 04

 — Father brings Babu to massage his daughter. by varun01/08/064.34

Daughter with My Friends Ch. 05

 — Alone with Jasmine in an inn. by varun01/16/064.21

Daughter with My Friends Ch. 06

 — Jasmine & My friends. by varun04/17/063.97

Daughter's A Field-Hockey Player

 — He loves the new outfit for her sport. by sgt.d06909/09/034.27

Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 04

 — Daughter Shelly "opens" Mom Eileen's butthole. by patty_parker6011/29/054.22

Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 05

 — More lesbian anal shenanigans in the Warren home. by patty_parker6007/29/114.18

Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 06

 — Mrs. Warren's anal lust knows no boundaries. by patty_parker6007/30/114.33

Daughter's Best Friend and Her Mum Too Ch. 02

 — Barbara tries to talk to Allanah but is interrupted by Millie. by thinredheadlover11/21/154.47

Daughter's Best Friend and Her Mum Too Ch. 04

 — Alannah's virgin sister want's some of the action... by thinredheadlover12/01/154.49

Daughter's Birthday Plan

 — Birthday wishes. by Gypsy_6901/07/184.42

Daughter's Conundrum

 — Dad doesn't know, but his daughter does. by C_FRISKY02/10/054.48

Daughter's Cookie

 — Daughter in a Halloween costume has sex with Daddy. by Lonedaddy09/08/103.96

Daughter's Cookie Ch. 02

 — Kim still dresses up in costumes to play with her Daddy. by Lonedaddy09/13/104.00

Daughter's Cookie Ch. 04

 — Daughter earns the ultimate payoff for daddy. by Lonedaddy10/29/144.19

Daughter's Cravings Ch. 03

 — Jennifer's fantasy of her father turns to disappointment. by shoguy09/11/143.74

Daughter's Cravings Ch. 07

 — Liberated & uninhibited,Jennifer fucks brother then father. by shoguy09/17/144.41

Daughter's Depression

 — Dad helps daughter sexually, by Momstheboss02/03/134.41

Daughter's Depression Ch. 02

 — Daughter's depression changes, by Momstheboss02/10/134.47

Daughter's Depression Ch. 03

 — Will it ever end? by Momstheboss02/13/134.47

Daughter's Desires

 — 18-year-old daughter finds desires for her Dad. by mtnman200307/22/054.48

Daughter's Desires Ch. 02

 — Sex continues everywhere, anyhow. by mtnman200310/19/054.63HOT

Daughter's Desires Ch. 03

 — Morning after the first night. by mtnman200312/20/054.55HOT

Daughter's Dilemma Ch. 01

 — A wife asks her dad for help... by ninja-mon02/21/134.30

Daughter's Dream; Daddy's Fantasy?

 — Sex hungry daughter confronts daddy. by northbaybear09/03/094.19

Daughter's Dream; Daddy's Fantasy? Ch. 02

 — The continuation of an incestuous affair. by northbaybear01/20/104.33

Daughter's Dream; Daddy's Fantasy? Ch. 03

 — The evolution of an exceptional loving relationship by northbaybear03/16/104.42

Daughter's First Time

 — Father and little girl share her first time. by HungClark_PerkyKara03/21/044.46

Daughter's Hidden Desires

 — A father's electronic spying unleashes hidden desires. by samslam12/06/064.78HOT

Daughter's Love

 — My affair with my father. by sammican109/11/124.37

Daughter's Love Ch. 02

 — Simply my dad and I fuck. by sammican110/03/124.25

Daughter's Needs

 — Father tends to his daughter's needs. by standingstones01/31/104.28

Daughter's New Job Pt. 01

 — Daughter's new job leads to changes in family relationships. by MichaelsD8211/11/174.69HOT

Daughter's New Job Pt. 02

 — Dad discovers what his daughter, wife and son are up to. by MichaelsD8211/14/174.73HOT

Daughter's New Toy

 — A college sophomore receives a special gift from her daddy. by Sir_and_Miss06/04/144.19

Daughter's Pearl Necklace

 — Father finally gets his daughter. by king nothing06/24/044.47

Daughter's Revenge

 — She avenges her disappointment. by charles710/12/034.19

Daughter's Revenge In Action Ch. 03

 — Daughter gets revenge on Mom with brother's help. by just4kix06/19/044.36

Daughter's Secret

 — Father finds daughter's secret. by pheonixstar8206/25/094.31

Daughter's Seduction

 — Daughter has finally had enough and wants her dad. by FreshTaste01/02/094.41

Daughter's Seduction Ch. 02

 — Daddy takes care of his daughter. by FreshTaste01/06/094.50HOT

Daughter's Short-Shorts

 — Beauty Queen Kari's daughter Sharon is a naughty hottie. by BrettJ11/27/064.37

Daughter's Suitor

 — He introduces his daughter to a guy, but things go wrong. by Aussie_Teacher12/05/05HOT

Daughter's Surprise

 — Kim shows her dad she wants him as much as he wants her. by Jazbo6811/17/114.23

Daughter's Visit

 — Carol visits her father during college break. by TryAnything11/01/034.31

Daughter's Visits

 — Daughter gets the truth out - so does father. by fadedgiant05/04/134.59HOT

Daughter's Wedding Day

 — Dad and daughter discover hidden passions before her wedding. by MrHenry04/21/174.45

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 01

 — A superheroine and her daughter take on a psychic dominatrix. by KatieTay04/21/174.61HOT

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 02

 — Duel for dominance in the Dungeon of Debasement. by KatieTay04/22/174.56HOT

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 03

 — Cindy's first solo outing - will she prevail? by KatieTay05/02/174.80HOT

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 04

 — A mother must make a difficult decision. by KatieTay05/03/174.77HOT

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 05

 — New digs for the pair, and a tough challenge for Barbara. by KatieTay05/23/174.47

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 06

 — Barbara's victory, Barbara's sacrifice... and a new arrival? by KatieTay05/24/174.73HOT

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 07

 — Double trouble - a clash of wills is imminent. by KatieTay06/04/174.69HOT

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 08

 — Barbara watches the struggle for supremacy. by KatieTay07/08/175.00HOT

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 09

 — The sisterly duel ends - an interlude - and a new challenge! by KatieTay03/14/184.60HOT

Daughter, Mine

 — A Father's forbidden love. by bassbelly02/24/084.32


 — She proves she's not a tease. by joeuser69112/25/014.12


 — She's a tease, but delivers! by Canoe01/26/034.29


 — She mistakes father-in-law for for husband. by Don Grampa06/08/034.39


 — Daughter-in-law has a go at Father-in-law. by lbpm5105/13/114.23

Daughter-In-Law "Bears" Down

 — What would she do to see the Bears game? by heartlandwriter07/08/144.29

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