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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Caught with My Daughter's Panties

 — Quadriplegic's husband is caught with daughter's undies. by zeke8107/20/064.22


 — He sniffs cousin Lin's panties. by mingeeter12/20/044.28


 — Father catches daughter in a naughty act. by BodyModdedMom09/23/064.28


 — Uncle Mitch puts a doggie collar on his bad niece.. by rockandroller04/19/084.52HOT


 — Mom caught me masturbating. by MesaAzGuy01/11/093.61


 — Hope third time is the charm to get the whole story out there. by Saxon_Hart08/21/11

Caught! Ch. 01

 — Mom catches her son and her sister. by SpankerSam01/28/074.08

Caught! Ch. 02

 — Mom makes Tim tell his side of the story. by SpankerSam02/10/074.03

Caught! Ch. 02

 — Mommy spanks me, fucks me and makes me her slave. by MesaAzGuy07/16/114.12

Caught, Claimed and Tamed

 — Jim's mother-in-law shouldn't have let him catch her. by Awful Arthur06/22/054.50HOT

Cause and Effect

 — Pete rescues his Mom. by rufriter11/05/124.55HOT

Cause and Effect Ch. 02

 — Regina realises her ambition. by rufriter03/17/134.65HOT

Cave Love

 — Brother & sister make love in a seaside grotto. by 69Finn11/03/074.32

Cave Love Ch. 02

 — Sex-blissed brother and sister lose all sense of time. by 69Finn11/13/074.47

Caveat Emptor

 — Buyer beware. by jdnunyer04/13/133.86

CD Dad Ch. 01

 — His daughter moves in. by bulging panty02/21/032.76

Ceasing the Teasing

 — He and sis-in-law quit teasing. by monsterrdude03/08/074.69HOT

Cee Cee Ch. 1

 — It was an accident - at first. by Obaki06/24/024.36

Celebration Dinner

 — A family celebration turns into a group sex session. by XXXerxes3706/23/033.82

Celia's Adventures Ch. 2

 — Celia & her son get close. by petertowers05/15/024.36

Celia's Adventures Ch. 3

 — Now her daughter wants a piece of the action. by petertowers05/24/044.22

Centerfold Angel

 — A young photographer captures the woman of his dreams. by BrettJ12/31/124.51HOT

CEO Cock Party

 — 23-year-old gets taken advantage of by her boss. by LolaPop12/02/103.54

Ceremony of Acquiescence - Incest

 — Maria's mother ravages her brother before her. by SimonSeeward09/16/133.50

Ceylon Kid

 — Adult son becomes man of the house. by evovirs03/27/044.12

CFNM Nude Day Party

 — Mark entertains the ladies on Nude Day with a surprise. by PositiveThinker06/22/093.37

Ch. 01 Caught Out

 — Julie catches brother wearing her underwear. by Northwest74104/03/094.06

Ch. 01: Brother, My Daddy

 — 18-year-old Sandhya finds different family within. by pretty_tamil_girl10/02/044.43

Ch. 02 The Shopping Trip

 — Julie returns home and shows brother just what she's bought. by Northwest74104/07/094.38

Ch. 02: Brother, The Milkman

 — Brother gets a surprise. by pretty_tamil_girl10/03/044.25

Ch. 03 A Girls' Night Out

 — Julie and her friend take brother clubbing. by Northwest74104/11/094.31

Ch. 03: Brother's Kinky Fucking

 — Brother gets mom on bondage. by pretty_tamil_girl10/24/044.14

Ch. 04 My Little Presents

 — Julie finds Steve has left a present for her in her bed. by Northwest74104/21/094.46

Ch. 06 The Party

 — Julie and Wendy organise a girly party. by Northwest74105/22/094.55HOT

Ch. 07 The House Guest

 — Julie invites Diane to share her brother. by Northwest74105/24/094.47

Ch.05 The New Flat

 — Julie and Steve move into a flat together. by Northwest74105/21/094.38

Chachi (Aunt), Mom's Friend & Mom

 — Indian joint family living together. by incest_indian11/04/014.13

Chad and Chelsea Ch. 01

 — Siblings find a way to appease their base needs. by showdolly08/07/074.45

Chad and Chelsea Ch. 02

 — An aural means to an oral climax. by showdolly08/17/074.53HOT

Chad: Invited In by Force

 — Chad is invited into the family's inner circle. by MasterYosh04/30/084.42

Chain Reaction

 — A sequel/spin off of 'it's not sex if you use a condom'. by Bombardierwells206/26/134.40

Challenging Mallory

 — Mallory's brother gets fed up with her and challenges her. by sexy_mama_0909/26/124.00


 — Reluctant mom submits to her son. by naughtyson4u12/18/124.35

Chance of a Lifetime

 — She brings his sister to play with them. by NegrodamusX02/17/084.00

Change in Perspective

 — She becomes a woman, then a lover. by happenstance05/05/094.25

Change of Guard

 — Mom is enslaved by daughter & husband. by jaybee04/03/02

Change of Plans

 — Mother and son love story. by MrLurker01/26/124.23


 — Mother and son experience a changed relationship. by clarkroberts06/02/134.51HOT


 — Father and daughter start the new year right. by L.A. Wicker10/12/014.30


 — Mother explores her fantasies over her son. by parkk8408/24/104.15

Changes At Home

 — College guy comes home, with a girl. by Casperwho3511/23/014.33

Changes Ch. 2

 — Dad and daughter keep it hot. by L.A. Wicker10/13/014.51HOT

Changes of Opinion

 — Brother has new feelings for sister - are they mutual? by literature_writer11/12/123.46

Changing Flavors

 — Black mom asks son to check on his cousin. by blackzilla9907/22/014.45

Changing Her Ways

 — Rachelle is shown how to be a slut by older cousin. by Snowingman06/18/024.33

Changing Reflections

 — She gets the power to change into any body. by MagicWand05/23/044.41

Changing Reflections Ch. 02

 — Carol unwillingly becomes a slave to her brother. by MagicWand05/27/044.52HOT

Changing Reflections Ch. 03

 — In the end, everyone is satisfied. by MagicWand06/22/044.54HOT

Changing Swimsuits

 — There must've been some magic in that new bikini Mom bought. by TheRhymer09/18/103.99

Chant Ch. 02

 — Donny gets home from school and finds more. by bareFootBandit12/16/124.61HOT

Chapter X

 — Two brothers prepare to fight to save a lover. by wildpink11/24/023.75

Charismatic Ghost Ch. 01

 — Charisma captures his sister's lonely heart. by Shaw_Watson07/23/113.74

Charismatic Ghost Ch. 02

 — Brother Sister kind of ending. by Shaw_Watson09/01/113.81

Charity Begins at Home

 — Siblings find first-time fulfillment in each other. by DonnyDickson04/27/104.55HOT

Charity Begins at Home Ch. 02

 — Mom lets Scooter know he's the man of the house. by DonnyDickson05/10/104.50HOT

Charlene & Ryan

 — A love renewed. by Jena12112/13/084.22

Charles and Samara

 — Daughter gives him what he wants. by pamilalovebug12/28/054.26

Charles Cums

 — Daughter catches dad. by 2marcella201/23/123.95

Charley Torn Pt. 01

 — Dark secrets threaten to destroy relationship. by tiggerlilly09/24/103.87


 — Nephew lives with great aunt while attending college. by 37375tn09/10/124.39

Charlie and Uncle Joe

 — Charlie's first time is something special! by _Kushiel_12/18/114.78HOT

Charlie at it Again

 — A guy sleeps with his sister and then many years later... by egmontgrigor201011/28/104.30

Charlie Goes to College Ch. 01

 — Continuation of "Dad's promise to Charlie". by citylicker06/26/034.43

Charlie Goes to College Ch. 02

 — Seeds of change are planted. by citylicker06/27/034.50HOT

Charlie Goes to College Ch. 03

 — Father/Daughter relationship continues. by citylicker06/28/034.44

Charlie Goes to College Ch. 04

 — Daddy, daughter, and her friend. by citylicker06/29/034.53HOT

Charlie Goes to College Ch. 05

 — Daughter's motives are revealed. by citylicker06/30/034.61HOT

Charlie Goes to College Ch. 06

 — Conclusion of a love affair. by citylicker07/01/034.62HOT

Charlie Horse

 — Woman tends to a muscle spasm. by Dingy_Jo04/21/023.83

Charlie's Birthday Present

 — A look in on a surprise birthday bash for a friend. by pop_5403/02/034.30

Charlie's Naked Proposal Ch. 01

 — Nude wedding forces 18-year-old guy to see family differently. by scouries07/05/084.72HOT

Charlie's Naked Proposal Ch. 02

 — Charlie gets mom and sis to take off their clothes. by scouries08/18/084.77HOT

Charlie's Triangle

 — Charlie makes the rounds. by j_w08/11/103.84

Charlie's way

 — She earns her keep by sexy_anon05/29/064.14

Charlotte's Desires

 — Charlotte gets company during a storm, her nephew. by LasVegasHuny06/12/064.41

Charlotte's Mentor

 — Teenager's first time with prospective stepfather. by mikeperk06/26/044.13

Chasing Dad

 — A spurned daughter gets the tables turned on her. by J11/24/024.08

Chaste for Daddy

 — Virgin submits to her dad's panty checks. by bluechick197604/13/064.23

Chastity Ch. 01 of 04

 — Son takes mother to doctor and their relationship changes. by kaypee03/08/134.16

Chastity Ch. 02 of 04

 — Son hatches plan to free mother from gangsters chastity belt. by kaypee03/09/134.18

Chastity Ch. 03 of 04

 — Son frees mother from chastity belt, but new problem erupts by kaypee03/15/134.23

Chastity Ch. 04 of 04

 — Can mother and son finally escape from the gangsters ? by kaypee03/20/134.36

Chat Room Surprise

 — Brother and sister find each other online. by rufriter01/03/134.52HOT

Chat Sessions Ch. 01

 — A guy thinks he might be having cyber-sex with mom. by bluknight04/01/114.34

Chat Sessions Ch. 02

 — His sister surprises him. by bluknight04/02/114.47

Chat Sessions Ch. 03

 — Pictures and Web Cams. by bluknight05/09/114.43

Chat Sessions Ch. 04

 — Sister wants to improve mom's sex life. by bluknight01/25/124.37

Chat Sessions Ch. 05

 — The son is trying to figure things out. by bluknight02/14/124.12

Chat With My Husband Ch. 02

 — Our leggy daughter joins the chat. by leggykathy08/28/124.07

Chat with Sis

 — He confesses sister love in chat. by Bert10/07/003.85

Chat: Learning to Be Nice

 — Online friendship sparks more with Daddy by youbadboy09/17/034.78HOT

Chatting with Daddy

 — 18 year old girl finds her daughty in naughty chatroom by elleann02/16/034.34

Chatting with Daddy Ch. 01

 — A conversation between father and daughter. by NotDoctorPhil04/23/114.38

Chatting with Daddy Ch. 02

 — Thanksgiving Dinner, the first course. by elleann02/20/034.48

Chatting With Daddy Ch. 03

 — Thanksgiving Dinner: a special pie for everyone. by elleann03/04/034.35

Chav Teen Becky

 — Chav Teen Becky fucks a old guy by Beckyone03/04/143.96

Cheating Ch. 04

 — Lance seduces his brother. by bi_nympho_scorpio05/06/094.41

Cheating Mom Blackmailed

 — Jonathan sees his mom cheating and wants a piece. by milfhunter8808/23/104.49

Cheating Wife, Sister and Me

 — He sleeps with his sister-in-law. by JoeDreamer07/24/054.44

Cheating: Keeping It In The Family

 — He has his Mother-In-Law and her two daughters. by moonkisser10/06/063.82

Checking On Matt

 — I catch my nephew masturbating just like he wanted me to. by WayneGibbous01/13/124.45

Checking Out The Beemer

 — Sissy gives the Beemer the exam of his lifetime. by highpowererot06/07/094.31

Checking Out The Beemer Ch. 02

 — Sissy uses her vagina to teach the Beemer & Sally good sex. by highpowererot08/02/094.67HOT

Cheer Whore

 — Cheerleader offers sex to daddy for drug money. by Taboo Junky10/10/053.44

Cheer You Up

 — He finds a way to bring mother out of her slump. by scorpio0015505/01/014.50HOT

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