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The Babysitter

 — He keeps her for some extra work. by heikko06/22/073.89

The Babysitter

 — Your busty high school crush is now your babysitter. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash08/30/153.38

The Babysitter Ch. 01

 — Guy babysitter loves a MILF's undies. by MrNiceGuy9808/29/044.24

The Babysitter Threesome

 — A couple seduces their babysitter after coming home early. by NewWriter109/03/143.21

The Bachelor Party

 — Lola swallows gallons of cum and can't keep it down. by CJPorter08/12/143.90

The Bad Secretary

 — My wonderful PA falls from grace. by Mr_Tamarind03/21/124.18

The Bad Teddy Bare

 — Voyeur meets closet exhibitionist. by christinecuddlewell07/12/134.67HOT

The Balance of Power

 — A housewife's bone chilling revenge against her husband. by Kayb123403/04/073.73

The Barter System

 — Find out the going rate for milk. by trixie dixie12/23/054.52HOT

The Basketball Team

 — My wife uses my cock addiction to reward a team. by Phun4u209/01/114.36

The Basketball Team Ch. 01

 — Towel Boy watches athletes with a hot girl and his hot mom. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash05/26/114.09

The Basketball Team Ch. 02

 — Athletes continue invasion into towel boy's hot mom. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash02/02/124.29

The Bath: A Greek Tale

 — Submission and an enema. by Knkycatowman07/28/034.09

The Bathroom

 — Ever wonder what lies on the other side of a glory hole? by MsViolent07/03/144.07

The Bay

 — Sailing isn't the only watersport. by needteachin10/11/034.32

The Beautiful Thing About...

 — His first experience with glory holes. by 69gypsy06/27/034.23

The Beginning

 — My boyfriend challenged me to write a kinky story... by kinkyraerae06/16/114.26

The Belgium Neighbour's Knickers

 — A tale of a lingerie fetishist. by wordyone11/05/164.36

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 01

 — Stunning BBW twin sisters move in across the street. by Eosphorus04/24/144.68HOT

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 02

 — BBWs Bonnie and Charlotte reveal their wild sides. by Eosphorus04/25/144.75HOT

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 03

 — BBWs Bonnie and Charlotte ride out snowstorm with the guys. by Eosphorus04/26/144.79HOT

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 04

 — An outing with BBW Charlotte leads to a hot afternoon by Eosphorus04/27/144.65HOT

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 05

 — BBW Bonnie gets her turn alone with Andrew and Dan. by Eosphorus04/29/144.72HOT

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 06

 — Interlude with BBW Olivia followed by birthday surprise by Eosphorus05/01/144.73HOT

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 07

 — The story ends in grand fashion in New York City by Eosphorus05/05/144.76HOT

The Belle of All Hallow's Eve

 — Amsterdam TV gives Jack a treat. by topleather10/14/014.29

The Best Day

 — Husband loves cream pie. by bobbigdonger11/30/014.38

The Best Gag

 — A man at his first con ends up getting his dick enlarged. by mistyfdfa08/12/164.17

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 01

 — Deb inherits her sister's slave and brings him to Texas. by Katiekatsman01/26/164.60HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 02

 — Deb lays down the ground rules. by Katiekatsman01/27/164.62HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 03

 — Day one continues with Mistress and then with the girls. by Katiekatsman01/28/164.73HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 04

 — Deb and Bobby visit the doctor. by Katiekatsman01/29/164.62HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 05

 — The Week after the big fix things begin to change. by Katiekatsman01/30/164.83HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 06

 — Deb continues to enjoy the "new and improved" Bobby. by Katiekatsman01/31/164.70HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 07

 — Katie and Tyaja take liberties with Bobby. by Katiekatsman02/02/164.76HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 08

 — Things come to a head between Tyaja and Bobby. by Katiekatsman02/03/164.71HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 09

 — Disaster strikes. Jenny holds things together. by Katiekatsman02/04/164.69HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 10

 — Deb, Bobby and Jenny - things get complicated. by Katiekatsman02/05/164.76HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 11

 — Jenny joins Deb's household. by Katiekatsman02/06/164.62HOT

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 12

 — The arrangement is finalized. by Katiekatsman02/09/164.59HOT

The Best Man and The Bride

 — It was his job to get the groom to the church on time. by sirhugs08/13/144.40

The Best Nanny Ever

 — Connor figures out how to finally live his biggest fantasy. by cwm601/25/174.26

The Best Of Affidha Affindi

 — She keeps herself hairy to please her boyfriend. by johara07/15/034.24

The Best of Friends

 — Is mutual masterbation in a hotel room cheating? by Sensuous Storyteller09/06/014.42

The Best Present: Pegging my Man

 — A wife discovers her husband is curious about pegging and…. by silkstockingslover11/22/164.69HOT

The Best Way to Eat Ice Cream

 — Dessert turns kinky when lovers are tied up & eaten. by Rescue32501/11/024.07

The Best Yet

 — Feeldoe Strapon F-M Experience by lucky_guy_4902/25/144.35

The Bet

 — Man loses bet & has to pay. by ksu32806/06/02

The Bet

 — He loses his trophy girlfriend to a well hung gardener. by uppishcarrot07/12/103.27

The Bet

 — College coed is introduced to pee play on a dare. by peebudy07/10/10

The Bet

 — Girlfriend wins bet, dominates her boyfriend. by ssnatch04/23/094.10

The Bet

 — Wife wins bet, hubby is wife's slave for anything she desires! by Chancethedog06/04/163.30

The Bet Ch. 01

 — Wifey wins bet and hubby must comply. by jomar12/01/064.19

The Bet Ch. 02

 — Wifey wins the bet and dresses hubby up. by jomar12/05/064.35

The Bet Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend wins bet, dominates her boyfriend. by ssnatch04/24/094.16

The Bet Ch. 02

 — A wife wins bet, husband has to honor bet and submit to her. by Chancethedog07/26/164.15

The Bet Ch. 03

 — Girlfriend wins bet, dominates her boyfriend. by ssnatch04/27/094.17

The Bet Ch. 03

 — Wifey won bet and pretty hubby takes her strapon. by jomar12/21/064.58HOT

The Bet Ch. 04

 — Wifey won and hubby has more crossdressing strapon fun. by jomar12/27/064.65HOT

The Bet Ch. 04

 — Girlfriend wins bet, dominates her boyfriend. by ssnatch04/28/094.40

The Bet reLoaded Ch. 01

 — Wifey wins bet and hubby must comply. by jomar05/28/104.30

The Bet reLoaded Ch. 02

 — Wifey wins bet and wants more frilly fun. by jomar06/03/104.69HOT

The Bet reLoaded Ch. 03

 — Wifey won and trades hubby out. by jomar06/12/104.64HOT

The Bet reLoaded Ch. 04

 — Wifey won and it gets real. by jomar02/25/114.67HOT

The Big Bear

 — Can a bear have a paw fetish? by lindiana12/01/053.50

The Big Tip

 — Guy forgets money, get punished by owner and daughters. by Johnthomas196906/23/164.32

The Big Toe

 — A woman's painted toes tantalise and surpise. by bigrimmstales11/20/054.25

The Bigger Step Brother Pt. 01

 — He may be younger but my GF finds out he's bigger. by thetinybrother08/31/144.18

The Bigger Step Brother Pt. 02

 — The best friend steps in to teach me about myself. by thetinybrother10/23/144.18

The Bigger The Better

 — Kim can't get filled enough. by Blackchef12/29/153.48

The Bigger The Better Ch. 02

 — Kim is all about trying new things. by Blackchef03/22/163.82

The Biggest Cat

 — A crime boss turns a female reporter into his own rubber cat. by Nate_Walis04/20/124.14

The Biggest Finale

 — Veronica Divine gets what she needs. by SizeQueenSupreme01/16/054.63HOT

The Bike

 — Prudish ex behaves badly. by secretstories01/17/074.28

The Bimbo Bunny Costume

 — Tracy loses herself to a sexy satin bunny costume. by LincolnAndSunset02/21/134.02

The Biographer

 — A free lance writer takes on a most carnal assignment. by seat54207/15/134.69HOT

The Birth of Lady Bane

 — Hitomi becomes lady bane. by mehaw102/16/164.29

The Birthday Gift

 — Boss is given foot fetish party by the secretarial pool. by Bacomicfan11/17/014.56HOT

The Birthday Gift

 — A promise gone terribly wrong. by annieg08/15/144.17

The Birthday Gift: Conclusion

 — The foot party continues. by Bacomicfan11/18/014.79HOT

The Birthday Present

 — A submissive provides a saucy present for her Dom. by BenjaminMcqueen11/07/133.55

The Bishop and Mommy

 — Fetish Sexual Experiences. by JhMcKn05/11/153.57

The Bitch Roommate

 — Huge bitch gets her roomate to cheat on boyfriend with studs. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash03/21/164.06

The Black Femdom Society Pt. 01

 — White girl sub / Black woman dom. by Dunn8106/14/174.17

The Black Femdom Society Pt. 02

 — Interracial Love, Lesbian, Femdom. by Dunn8106/19/174.20

The Black Goddess of Subway Cum

 — You're damn right, the "F" train. by EllenMelville02/22/174.19

The Black Gravedigger

 — Horrifying sex in a freshly dug grave on Halloween. by ChokoLitStixxx33211/04/164.33

The Black Stockings

 — Calli Ann lets her boyfriend enjoy her sexy stockings. by PrincessErin12/02/124.09

The Black Trousers

 — Jamie can't control himself when Emily wears them. by Mister_Bates07/28/094.56HOT

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 01

 — Coercing voyeur husband turned into sub cum eating cuckold by NiceNastyMann10/20/134.30

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 02

 — A cuckold learns his place, more piping hot creampies to eat by NiceNastyMann10/21/134.13

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 03

 — Broken - bound, pegged and milked to multiple orgasms by NiceNastyMann10/22/133.99

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 04

 — Bliss as a cum slut cuckold - the happy ending. by NiceNastyMann12/10/134.49

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 05

 — Made into a dickgirl and experimented on - then it goes bad. by NiceNastyMann12/20/133.79

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 06

 — The end of a long day, and she's aroused by her lovers aroma. by NiceNastyMann12/29/132.69

The Blonde and the Brunette Pt. 01

 — Zack is comforted by his blonde and brunette best friends. by HairAddict6706/11/164.76HOT

The Blonde and the Brunette Pt. 02

 — Zack has fun with Amy, and a moment with Eliza. by HairAddict6706/20/164.83HOT

The Blood Elf and the Timber Wolf

 — An elf tries to take a new mount... by AmethystMare11/23/174.44

The Blue Raincoat

 — Girl feminises a boy with latex. by JenniferWilson06/16/154.65HOT

The Body & Blood

 — A vampire has his victim on holy ground. by RavenLilly03/24/024.22

The Bodypainter

 — An Asian girl with a pervert in Brazil. by BoobyTrapper04/25/154.27

The Book of Division Ch. 01

 — Molly loses her head over Fran's new book of magic. by cauchemar8006/25/134.35

The Book of Division Ch. 02

 — Both halves of Molly put the Book of Division to use. by cauchemar8006/26/134.25

The Book of Division Ch. 03

 — Molly's divisions become rather intimate. by cauchemar8006/27/134.80HOT

The Book of Division Ch. 04

 — Molly sticks some body parts to a pillow and dominates it. by cauchemar8006/28/134.29

The Book of Scat

 — The scat fetishist's Bible. by Seuler06/02/113.96

The Book Store

 — Mistress directs action in an adult bookstore. by Water Tiger11/19/044.39

The Bookstore

 — Fantasy leads to bookstore encounter. by aaronsandler05/16/16

The Boot Fetishist

 — The unexpected guest. by bootsandheels101/27/094.45

The BootBlack

 — A bootblack makes more than just a client. by penbeatsword08/20/144.67

The Booted Barberess

 — Chance meeting of two boot fetishists. by trasaro01/26/174.32

The Booted Barberess Ch. 02

 — Two leather and boot enthusiasts explore their fetishes by trasaro02/13/174.33

The Booted Barberess Ch. 03

 — A pub meal interlude with under table activity. by trasaro03/09/173.17

The Booted Barberess Ch. 04

 — Two boot and leather fetishists enjoy light bondage. by trasaro03/12/174.43

The Boots

 — A shop assistant has all his dreams come true... by darceyballerina06/19/174.00

The Born Sub

 — Some men are just born to devote their lives to one woman. by ShadowWhisper07/30/083.65

The Boss

 — Discipline is key in the workplace. by ClaireBare01/28/134.04

The Boss & Her Secretary

 — Lauren begins her secretary's training. by kmarkk02/27/173.63

The Boss and His Wife

 — The boss may be a 'Scrooge', but his wife isn't! by Britguy4511/01/074.33

The Boston Pee Party

 — Wedding party girls masturbate and pee together! by Brittni4u11/29/174.69HOT

The Bowler Hat Brigade

 — A civil servant's lot? by davidmuleguy08/16/113.50

The Box

 — An incomplete story of love, trust, and bondage. by luvs2cuddle06/30/083.30

The Boxing Day Present

 — She gets her wish, heels and hose on a man. by garterbelt01/07/084.45

The Break Up

 — Alicia's public facial keeps me interested. by BuckyDuckman05/22/124.64HOT

The Breeder's Contract Ch. 01

 — She signs up without reading the fine print. by TwistedDesires12/19/123.97

The Breeding Games

 — Ladies are set loose to be bred in the games... by AmethystMare11/22/173.77

The Breeding of Tammy

 — Two couples have kinky and loving weekend. by PLJ11/27/034.19

The Bride

 — Can a slut ever learn to be faithful? Julie hopes so. by Erlikkhan03/26/144.15

The Bridesmaids' Revenge

 — Thomas can't enjoy sex until Bridesmaids change his mind. by oggbashan07/22/024.21

The Bridge

 — Anne is desperate and has an accident. by Adrian6970200605/15/113.47

The Brimmton College Yearbooks

 — A rebel like you would never smile for the camera. by CodaCiel11/15/174.67

The Bulb

 — An enema can be romantic. by warmhoney107/25/064.07

The Bull Ranch

 — Submissive bulls? A twist on human cows. by ESamuelJones09/11/173.97

The Burglar

 — Burglary gone wrong in a tantalising erotic way. by kindredspirits01/27/044.12

The Bus Journey (A CFNM Experience)

 — CFNM Based story. by rita196309/02/093.89

The Bus Ride

 — The bus is a scary thing at night by misha_neema01/30/03

The Business Trip

 — Literotica author on business trip meets fellow author. by Scotsdude11/22/014.40

The Business Trip

 — Wife spanks husband for breaking rules. by suburbanperv06/14/124.03

The Business Trip Ch. 2

 — Conclusion of Literotica member's trip to the UK. by Scotsdude08/29/024.50HOT

The Businessman

 — He divides time between the boardroom and bathroom. by Poo-Bear04/17/123.57

The Cabin

 — A little interlude in the woods... by FlickHer02/21/134.12

The Cabin Ch. 07

 — Katie has Ken introduce men into the D/s lifestyle. by Katiekatsman04/25/114.42

The Cabin Ch. 08

 — Ken falls to temptation to a Russian beauty. by Katiekatsman09/07/144.44

The Cabin Ch. 09

 — Three submissives ready for a femdom party while wives shop. by Katiekatsman09/08/144.51HOT

The Cabin Ch. 10

 — Four couples celebrate female dominance and male submission. by Katiekatsman09/09/144.53HOT

The Cabin Ch. 11

 — 4 couples debrief after a night of sexual pleasure. by Katiekatsman09/10/144.41

The Cabin Ch. 12

 — Tracy assumes control of Ken while Katie recovers. by Katiekatsman09/11/144.62HOT

The Cabin Ch. 13

 — Katie addresses Tracy's antics. by Katiekatsman09/20/144.52HOT

The Cage Crinoline

 — Lisa designs metal cage crinoline & uses it on men. by oggbashan07/07/024.61HOT

The Call

 — The police investigate a noise complaint. by dadymandave02/25/143.86

The Calls

 — Wife goes out with her new boyfriend. by mikeSTL11/20/113.78

The Calls Ch. 02

 — My wife goes on her second date with Steve. by mikeSTL12/01/114.25

The Cameraman Cums Around

 — Male model dominates a self-made pornstar and her sissy. by twiddershins05/10/133.81

The Camping Trip

 — Camping trip gets super wild when camera comes into play. by bigbootyluva11/13/094.12

The Candle

 — Master gives her a waxing. by Fritzie09/17/003.39

The Captain

 — Wife has sex with ship's captain. His wife controls hubby. by Quietoldie07/05/144.14

The CareGiver

 — Nurse gets more than expected from patient. by Sensuous Storyteller05/17/024.40

The Case of the Mistaken Identity

 — A sexually frustrated couple attend a costume party. by rp_jake01/06/174.17

The Cat That Came to Call

 — The queen is on heat. by SamScribble07/21/174.33

The CB2000 Corporation

 — A new chastity device hits the streets. by DanLockered08/20/163.84

The Celebration

 — Your birthday is a celebration of CFNM foot worship. by CFNMtickledguy12/11/113.33

The Chair

 — You've been a bad girl, and need to be teased. by RelentlessPerversion12/11/124.12

The Chair Ch. 26

 — He has the redhead pose for interesting photographs. by Rickd_196010/09/044.04

The Chair Ch. 27

 — The redhead treats him to a special birthday surprise. by Rickd_196010/13/044.48

The Chair Ch. 33

 — They use The Chair to help her friend. by Rickd_196005/08/054.53HOT

The Chair Ch. 38

 — Friend helps them test an new invention. by Rickd_196010/25/054.65HOT

The Chamber

 — Mistress Madison has put together a room to fuck her slave. by Mike_Madison08/21/143.76

The Chastity Belt

 — His wife learns the advantages of depriving him of orgasm. by whipmaster11/17/024.34

The Chastity Sack

 — Car trouble causes him to spend night in Tannerite country. by dowd_elwood_p11/13/03HOT

The Check-Out Girl Ch. 01

 — Myra's caught stealing from work can she handle the outcome? by SweetMia11/12/114.10

The Cheerleader Uniform

 — Britney's uniform gets covered. by pondcat07/17/174.16

The Chill of Ice

 — Cold fun to be had. by matthais03/12/134.50

The Chisato Saito Story Ch. 01

 — Erotic tickling in Japan. by tkl-pen12/09/054.15

The Chocoholic

 — Orgasm by chocolate. by ffreak11/12/034.75HOT

The Choice

 — She gives her man an interesting choice. by MrDeviant11/23/072.42

The Christmas Nightmare Ch. 01

 — Corrine has a great gift idea for her boyfriend. by Davion05/16/134.48

The City Workers

 — Nothing better than a frisky day with city laborers. by beatcha2it10/14/014.52HOT

The Cleaning Girl

 — Cleaning girl turns tables on wealthy woman. by Couture01/05/024.61HOT

The Cleopatra

 — She has a night of firsts. by Eve201509/11/154.67HOT

The Client

 — A high end prostitute tries something new. by humminglight1209/18/124.30

The Client Ch. 01

 — A man meets his dream Pro. by JustJim00909/11/094.00

The Clinic

 — A co-ed has a problem only the clinic nurse can fix! by grniddevil08/17/084.19

The Clinic

 — Woman visits a fertility clinic with a difference. by PolAmour09/04/124.37

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