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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Lisa's Lust Ch. 02

 — Horny wife finds Jimmy irresistible. by busty_fucker01/15/084.59HOT

Lisa's New Gyno Doctor

 — Lisa gets more than she bargained for at her appointment. by c199903/19/114.46

Lisa's New Year's Bang

 — Lisa loses her virginity to father's friend. by PAS01/31/014.02

Lisa's Night Intruder

 — A night home alone turns into one Lisa will never forget. by ImMagicallyDelicious12/29/073.96

Lisa's Ordeal

 — She is taken against her will by an older man. by amorone02/17/123.82

Lisa's Payback

 — black woman gets payback from white ex-boyfriend by askno06/10/093.64

Lisa's Payback Continues

 — Ex-boyfriend continues punishing humiliation. by askno04/23/103.90

Lisa's Summer Job

 — Lisa's underestimation becomes Bobby's victory. by bubkent06/18/093.79

Lisa, Victim or Thief Ch. 01

 — She's caught by airport security. by jock5401/19/083.00


 — Hot day leads to something hotter. by Bxectal06/12/023.86


 — A metaphor... with tongue. by glibly08/13/164.33


 — A figurative complaint becomes literal. by Tucker_Blue09/10/133.95

Literary Bondage

 — A writer takes advantage of a gullible girl. by Dinew12/24/063.90

Litmus Test

 — Lab experiment gone right leads to trouble. by LiamChristopher09/28/174.21

Little Annie

 — She should have been more careful.. by InnocentPrincess1808/30/133.63

Little Annie Ch. 02

 — Pleasure and pain... by InnocentPrincess1809/14/133.71

Little Annie Ch. 03

 — A little piece of Kane's plan is revealed.. by InnocentPrincess1809/20/133.84

Little Asian Woman Turns the Tables

 — Rape goes wrong - girl turns the tides on her attacker. by NobbySon04/13/183.86

Little Bitch Ch. 01

 — He serves her divorce papers and more. by boogerdude02/24/084.34

Little Boy

 — He pisses of the wrong girl. by nobody5301/30/064.11

Little Cindy

 — Cindy gets caught. by DrJekyll01/03/124.24

Little College Tease

 — Sister's teasing friend gets punished. by firebird6803/24/184.15

Little Fish, Big Pond

 — A down on her luck girl says "I'll do anything." by midwest_girl01/16/064.07

Little Jen Goes Dancing

 — Jenny stands up her Cyber playmate, with dire consequences. by kappacino08/27/074.46

Little Jen Shops For Sex Aids

 — She should have been careful where she shopped. by kappacino09/06/074.15

Little Kitten

 — She makes a hard decision in a time of war. by robindavisfiction04/19/144.39

Little Miss Cherry Ch. 01

 — Porn Star meets virgin and seduces her. by LovinDecker08/08/093.98

Little Miss Gullible

 — Bad judgement leads to the rape of a naive young lady. by Imprincessln02/20/034.06

Little One

 — A young, abducted girl is saved from abuse by her new Master. by Little_Otter12/30/154.23

Little One Ch. 01

 — A tale of learning to love. by BigHotCrazyGirl06/16/124.30

Little One Ch. 02

 — The next morning. by BigHotCrazyGirl06/19/124.28

Little One Ch. 02

 — She is renamed, healed, and adjusts to her new puppy status. by Little_Otter01/06/164.17

Little One Ch. 03

 — Explanation and the sawhorse. by BigHotCrazyGirl06/21/123.98

Little One Ch. 03

 — Master trains his eager little, horny puppygirl by Little_Otter09/11/174.52HOT

Little Red

 — A fun, dark twist on a classic tale. by Aamra07/17/114.20

Little Red & the Huntsman

 — The Huntsman demands a reward for the saving Little Red. by crazyhotsexpot12/29/124.36

Little Red & the Huntsman Ch. 02

 — Little Red's been a bad girl, and bad girls get punished. by crazyhotsexpot03/29/134.40

Little Red and the Woodsmen

 — Little Red Riding Hood gets lost. by schweety11/23/104.01

Little Red and the Woodsmen Ch. 02

 — The fun continues with Wolfe's wife. by schweety06/18/114.14

Little Red Riding Bitch

 — Hayley is stalked when she takes a late walk in the woods. by BourbonScotchBeer03/16/123.95

Little Red Riding Hood

 — She should have stayed on the path... by Secret_Passion201805/22/183.80NEW

Little Red Robin Hood

 — Robin is all alone in the woods... by TooCool2107/11/113.74

Little Scandal #02: Maya

 — Naive Maya learns just who she's working for. by honeyblondenymph12/11/113.96

Little Scandal #02: Maya Ch. 02

 — Rough Day at Work. by honeyblondenymph01/25/123.55

Little Sister

 — Young man preys upon religious sister. by Rambler01/18/014.35

Little Sister Ch. 2

 — Man preys upon promiscuous mother. by Rambler11/22/014.41

Little Sister Gets Help Ch. 2

 — Brother finds out about sister's assault. by LansaraStar01/28/014.28

Little Sister Needs Help Ch. 1

 — When she's date-raped, brother seeks revenge. by LansaraStar01/28/014.11

Little Slut Ch. 01

 — I finally have enough teasing and snap. by BigBadBrian105/08/163.73

Little Thief

 — Rachel is punished for trying to steal a sex toy. by Frank Noir08/20/144.06

Little White Panties

 — A woman catches her brother-in-law jerking off. by storyspell05/21/144.26

Livi's New Leash Ch. 01

 — Livi's kidnapped and muzzled. What a good bitch. by odgreen10/08/114.08

Livi's New Leash Ch. 02

 — New slave Livi meets Sonya and the Doc. by odgreen10/15/114.14

Living Arrangements

 — Dominating a mother and daughter. by saston12/22/054.53HOT

Living Arrangements Ch. 02

 — He dominates a mother & her 19-year-old daughter. by saston01/19/064.47

Living Arrangements Ch. 03

 — A story of domination and incest. by saston03/04/064.46

Living Sex Doll

 — I found her in Amstedam. by romaerotica03/24/034.29

Living Sex Doll Ch. 02

 — She wanted a lick. by romaerotica03/31/034.62HOT

Living Sex Doll Ch. 03

 — Anything & everything. by romaerotica04/06/034.47

Living Sex Doll Ch. 04

 — Making her all dirty was my very favourite thing. by romaerotica04/16/034.52HOT

Living Sex Doll Ch. 05

 — Orgasmic oceans. by romaerotica04/25/034.68HOT

Living Sex Doll Ch. 06

 — Feeling forbidden. by romaerotica09/04/034.67HOT

Living the Fantasy

 — A woman arranges to experience her darkest fantasy. by Cleo_Silver08/03/164.14

Living the Good Life

 — A fast tracker for success, is taken down. by storydreamer12/17/093.69

Living with Jane

 — My scheme to manipulate a drunken situation with my roommate. by gabbee_adams08/20/114.08

Livya's Story Begins...

 — Livya's life of blackmail and coercion begins. by Livya07/06/174.29


 — College girl gets raped. by Jizaz_Jester02/26/03


 — She runs into an unexpected Gang Bang. by Ronnie 194611/24/054.15


 — A happy helping victim. by pumkineater01/04/074.09

Liz and Bob

 — Bob's boss tricks and seduces Liz. by rich052407/20/074.36

Liz Ch. 01

 — I caught my sister in law showering. by lalainyarall03/16/094.14

Liz Ch. 03

 — Dinner and a show. by lalainyarall03/21/094.43

Liz Gets Raped

 — Hippie gets forced in the parking lot. by Jizaz_Jester03/20/083.85

Liz's Abduction: A Love Story

 — Three days that changed her life. by Seattle Zack10/04/034.43

Liz's Bad Day at Work

 — Babe is blackmailed & humiliated in office. by TheDarkCloud04/28/114.38

Liz's Bad Day at Work Ch. 02

 — Liz sat on the elevated bus seat... by TheDarkCloud11/19/114.41

Liz's Christmas Function Ch. 01

 — Enjoying the company Christmas party to the max. by Menderman04/24/054.58HOT

Liz's Christmas Function Ch. 02

 — Liz's confirmation as his slut. by Menderman04/25/054.69HOT

Liz's Frat Party Exposure

 — Asian sorority pledge exposed during frat's witch hunt. by MuyLargo112/01/174.62HOT

Liz's Open Home Ch. 01

 — Handyman seeks more than a monetary reward. by Menderman07/08/054.35

Liz's Open Home Ch. 02

 — Each room & position is explored. by Menderman07/13/054.67HOT

Liz's Open Home Ch. 03

 — The sexual tour continues as a price is paid. by Menderman07/22/054.71HOT

Liz's Revenge

 — Payback on her husband and his mistress. by Wolfie3905/21/034.53HOT

Liz's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Tina gets payback on Liz. by Wolfie3907/12/034.44

Liza's Random Encounter

 — He happens upon a pretty red headed nurse. by PAS12/22/054.37

Lizzie and Sappho Fucked Senseless

 — Lizzie & Sappho think I'm "girl meat" till the guys pop out. by EllenMelville03/13/183.81

Lizzie's Miami Vice

 — Wrong weekend, wrong beach. by kayce 6906/27/044.08

Local Ladies

 — Local Ladies descent into whoredom. by volescamper11/04/174.56HOT

Lock Your Doors

 — Breaking and entering - not just the house! by Scooter196909/24/063.45

Locked Up

 — Kidnap. by VoluptuousCara06/03/153.27

Locker Room

 — Husband is taken by three male strangers. by mercedes112/12/063.95

Locker Room Revenge

 — A dumb blonde cheerleader gets abused. by jacobmerriweather09/03/153.57

Lockerroom Measures

 — Horny Woman compares men in a locker room. by derek0000306/08/113.34

Locks and Clues

 — To get her clothes back, she must follow orders. by LWeaver12/29/134.17

Lodger Gets His Way

 — Prim wife forced, husband approves. by Quietoldie11/24/134.08

Logger's Revenge

 — Ex-Protesters meet some loggers. by Ashson05/06/174.31

Lois Goes Deeper

 — Part Two of 'Lois Learns Submission'. by plumpandtight09/04/084.18

Lois Learns Submission

 — One woman's descent into servitude. by plumpandtight08/23/084.29

Lola and the Demon Ch. 02

 — Lola is tormented and humiliated by an expert. by BobbyZeus04/02/154.44

London Cabbie

 — It's the chance of a lifetime. by tryanythingtwice01/17/034.25

London Cabbie Ch. 02

 — Joanna enters his home by tryanythingtwice01/25/034.44

London Cabbie Ch. 03

 — They wake up together. by tryanythingtwice02/05/034.60HOT

London Fog Ch. 01

 — Elizabeth escapes only to be caught again. by pineapplesub03/30/184.30

London Job

 — What's in a harmless drink? by kayce 6901/23/044.43

Lonely Girl in the Park

 — Horny bar girl is given what she needs. by ssterrapin10/27/053.90

Lonely Girls Day in NYC

 — Dolled up suburban wife is turned on subway platform. by soakedlace10/11/154.08

Lonely Girls Day in NYC Pt. 02

 — A dolled up suburban Mom gets taken. by soakedlace10/22/154.34

Lonely Programmer

 — Accidental hot tub hat trick. by Thintri11/27/144.53HOT

Lonely Programmer Pt. 02

 — Morning After and Damage Control. by Thintri02/25/164.61HOT

Lonely Programmer Pt. 03

 — The Uninvited House Guest. by Thintri03/15/164.70HOT

Lonely Programmer Pt. 04

 — The Ice Queen and the Flesh Wound. by Thintri06/02/164.68HOT

Lonely Single Mom

 — Busy Single mother finds out she doesn't have a say. by je71sox11/07/173.95

Long Day

 — Secret rendezvous in a deserted parking lot. by CuriosityKilledKitty08/26/084.09

Long for Me

 — Loneliness becomes something more than just an empty heart by Annabells02/13/132.92

Long Hard Ride

 — Two riders want more than a meal in the Old West. by tigcub10/11/073.85

Long Haul Pt. 01

 — Adventures in truck driving. by kitty567002/22/063.88

Long Haul Pt. 02

 — Continuing Adventures in Truck Driving. by kitty567009/11/064.04

Long Haul Pt. 03

 — Third installment in the series: first lesson learned. by kitty567010/29/063.90

Long Haul Pt. 04

 — Fun in Florida. by kitty567006/18/074.00

Long Overdue

 — Jessica's landlord comes to the door expecting payment. by KittyJsMaster06/18/174.04

Long Stop

 — A surprising stop on a long drive. by lynnakimana05/13/134.40

Long Walks in the Dark

 — Young ladies shouldn't walk alone at night. by xSadiex12/20/043.72

Long Weekend

 — Virago gets reprimanded. by Ashson09/23/144.52HOT

Long, Hard Day

 — Her husband punishes her after a bad day at work. by Ashric02/02/124.30

Long-Distance Runner

 — It's blackmail, but who is conning who? by Colleen Thomas02/14/044.71HOT

Longwood Sixth Hunt Day 04-06

 — Get to tour some of the south for Washington. by emap10/06/134.57HOT

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 01

 — Suddenly I felt a rough hand exploring my waist up... by IntanSuryani06/16/173.48

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 02

 — I could feel my skin stretching around his cock... by IntanSuryani06/17/173.38

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 03

 — “Almost like losing my virginity all over again,” I said. by IntanSuryani06/18/173.52

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 04

 — I was making delicious sounds that invited him to penetrate. by IntanSuryani06/19/173.77

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 05

 — I loved that smell. I loved watching Ben tremble... by IntanSuryani06/20/174.43

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 06

 — With each thrust, my body trembled, and resisted a little as... by IntanSuryani06/21/174.16

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 07

 — [Part 7: A Small Treat] I wrapped his dick tight with my lips and... by IntanSuryani06/22/174.32

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 08

 — A Friendly Guest; "You're so wet," he said, running his... by IntanSuryani06/23/174.52HOT

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 09

 — I could feel his dick touching my insides. by IntanSuryani06/24/174.16

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 10

 — He whispered, “I love you.” by IntanSuryani06/25/174.35

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 11

 — Part 11:Wrapped in Christmas Lights; my clitoris was feeling so hot... by IntanSuryani06/26/174.25

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 12

 — Secrets in the Basement: I liked that. I liked how he looked at me. by IntanSuryani06/27/174.48

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 13

 — Senhor Carvalho: "I’m gonna teach you how to make a man happy." by IntanSuryani06/29/174.05

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 14

 — My clit was twitching with so much pleasure. by IntanSuryani06/30/174.40

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 18

 — Our Last Days: "Stay safe," were the only words that came out from Ben that. by IntanSuryani07/06/173.77

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 19

 — Barcelona - "Ben, please talk to me," I wrote at last. by IntanSuryani07/07/174.27

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 20

 — Italians Do It Better - I'm so used to have you around too, Ben. by IntanSuryani07/08/173.31

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 21

 — Valentine's Day; he was so moved that he had to kiss my face in front of ever. by IntanSuryani07/09/173.67

Look at that Ass! Ch. 03

 — Niece convinces him to screw her mom; his wife watches by regularguy1311/12/084.48

Looking For Trouble

 — Acting like a whore in a dirty alley. by TheDarkCloud06/29/124.21

Looking for Trouble

 — A woman, mad at her boyfriend, looks to punish him... by PorthosthePoet07/07/163.89

Loose Change

 — Funny how small change goes missing. by Ashson11/04/154.38

Loosening Lucy Ch. 02

 — Lucy's new life begins and alterations are made. by SkippyRoo09/09/104.51HOT

Loosening Up Gina Ch. 01

 — The cute, the loose and the tight. by Kayser Soze07/15/044.34

Lord Benford's Dungeon Ch. 01

 — Lord abducts his Queen & lets henchmen ravish her. by windwriter07/08/064.30

Lord but If He'd Just Touch Me

 — She imagines what he'd do to her. by Rain_maker_girl06/18/054.07

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer

 — Queens and Princesses will kneel before him! by LordDaygar06/06/124.00

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 02

 — Arania falls and two Princesses become spoils of war! by LordDaygar06/09/124.30

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 03

 — Arania falls; High-born Ladies pay the price of failure! by LordDaygar06/14/124.17

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 04

 — Princess Natalia and Princess Saria are deflowered! by LordDaygar06/21/124.09

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 05

 — West or East, two Kingdoms with Queens ready to be plucked! by LordDaygar06/24/124.21

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 06

 — The Jewel Queen entertains the Giant Lord! by LordDaygar06/27/124.25

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 07

 — The ‘Bitch Queen’ is stripped of her Kingdom! by LordDaygar07/05/124.35

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 08

 — Octavia, The green Isle of Flaxen maidens and treachery. by LordDaygar07/11/124.52HOT

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 09

 — Treachery - will Princess Natalia take the Kingdoms? by LordDaygar07/21/124.49

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 10

 — Mercuria and the Jewel Queen fall to the Giant Lord! by LordDaygar07/28/124.31

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 11

 — Daygar heads for Kandalla, Princess Natalia may lose hers! by LordDaygar08/04/124.36

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 12

 — Could the Sea People spell the end for Daygar? by LordDaygar08/15/124.63HOT

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 13

 — Natalia, the Princess turned slave-girl learns her place! by LordDaygar08/25/124.61HOT

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 14

 — Pyrotuem – A Kingdom ruled by Women! by LordDaygar09/04/124.59HOT

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 15

 — Downfall of a Queen, and a Duchess on the brink of disaster! by LordDaygar11/22/124.44

Lord Melchior

 — Virgin Rasha is taken by Melchior & four of his men. by Varian P09/22/044.68HOT

Lord Oakes' Daughter Ch. 01

 — Cast out publicly whipped sold into servitude and ravished. by abroadsword02/05/114.42

Lord Oakes' Daughter Ch. 02

 — Camilla wreaks revenge upon her stepmother. by abroadsword02/06/114.56HOT

Lord Ruthven's Domain Ch. 01

 — A lord vampire introduces Sophia to a bizarre world. by gaggedKitty2310/11/144.44

Lord Ruthven's Domain Ch. 02

 — Vampire lord has a soft spot for Sophia, his new slave girl. by gaggedKitty2310/12/144.55HOT

Lord Ruthven's Domain Ch. 03

 — What will a vampire do to protect his cherished slave girl? by gaggedKitty2310/17/144.46

Lord Ruthven's Domain Ch. 04

 — A vampire lord is willing to sacrifice himself for Sophia. by gaggedKitty2310/21/144.64HOT

Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen Ch. 05

 — The Master gets wicked with the maid. by geronimo_appleby01/13/054.32

Lori - A Summer Camp Delight

 — Lori is confronted by 2 eighteen year olds at camp. by kacey199908/10/114.51HOT

Lori - A Summer Camp Delight Ch. 02

 — Lori is confronted by 2 eighteen year olds at camp. by kacey199908/18/114.57HOT

Lori Is Taken

 — Office cock tease is forced to submit to her new owner. by Lorrune04/03/134.35

Lori's Lesson

 — Lori was such a bitch to the man at the gas station - oops! by fucktoyfredi04/20/154.25

Lori, the Cable Girl

 — She is seduced into committing lesbian acts. by RavenSSS01/01/114.54HOT

Lori: At the Restaurant

 — She enjoys some younger men at the restaurant. by LB1964200302/27/034.34

Lori: Shooting Pool

 — Friends, together for a weekend, play a hot game of pool. by LB1964200302/26/034.48

Lori: Taken at Work

 — Wife's 'skills' are tested in grueling interview. by LB1964200311/27/024.13


 — Lorri wakes to find herself in a bad situation. by foolwriter65705/11/054.37

Lose Your Inhibitions Ch. 02

 — Lana's burglar fantasy. by baelish8511/29/164.42

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