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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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 — Turnabout is fair play. by No Panty Girl07/28/064.22

Lara & The Blackout

 — Lara thought she was alone at home during the blackout. by krookedhalo7005/29/093.65

Lara & The Blackout Ch. 02

 — Oral sex begins. by krookedhalo7006/01/093.67

Lara and Christina Ch. 01

 — Lara is spanked then finds her dominant side. by 0131aj11/09/104.63HOT

Lara and Christina Ch. 02

 — Lara is spanked, Christina is examined. by 0131aj11/23/104.55HOT

Lara and Christina Ch. 03

 — Lara is caught by Christina's parents. by 0131aj12/06/104.61HOT

Lara and Christina Ch. 04

 — Lara is abused in her own home. by 0131aj12/21/104.52HOT

Lara and Christina Ch. 05

 — The final chapter. by 0131aj01/12/114.56HOT

Lara and the Headmaster

 — Young virgin is taken by teachers. by 0131aj05/24/104.20

Lara and the Headmaster Ch. 02

 — Lara goes home to her aunt and uncle. by 0131aj05/31/104.38

Lara at the Airport

 — She is caught smuggling drugs. by 0131aj05/18/104.05

Lara at Work

 — Young woman is taken by nursing home residents. by 0131aj05/10/103.43

Lara Defucco's Examination

 — Young Spanish girl see the doctor. by SplendidSpunk04/15/104.08

Lara Defucco's Examination Ch. 02

 — Lara gets probed and very wet. by SplendidSpunk04/29/104.13

Lara Give Sara Her Final Lesson

 — 18-year-old Schoolgirl loses her virginity. by 0131aj08/28/104.34

Lara Goes Back To School Again Ch. 03

 — Sara is used again. by 0131aj07/15/104.54HOT

Lara Goes to Confession

 — Innocent girl confesses her sins. by 0131aj06/03/104.30

Lara Johens' Vacation Ch. 01

 — Her vacation is interrupted. by SplendidSpunk04/11/104.40

Lara Johens' Vacation Ch. 02

 — The next couple of days. by SplendidSpunk04/16/104.31

Lara on Holiday Ch. 01

 — Lara meets some genteel ladies. by 0131aj09/15/104.43

Lara on Holiday Ch. 02

 — Lara is blackmailed. by 0131aj10/10/104.47

Lara Takes Sara to the Cinema

 — Schoolgirl is used again. by 0131aj08/11/104.38

Lara's Abduction Ch. 01

 — Lara is watched & taken in parking garage. by wdelander08/16/044.10

Lara's Abduction Ch. 02

 — Lara is taken and used. by wdelander08/19/044.35

Lara's Abduction Ch. 03

 — She's forced to perform in a porn shoot. by wdelander08/22/044.34

Lara's End Of School Examination

 — She can't leave school without one final lesson. by 0131aj06/23/104.21

Lara's Gangbang

 — Lara gets more than she bargains for in pub. by walkstar07/24/024.01

Lara's Misadventures

 — Lara gets spanked in public and so much more... by 1000dreams03/20/164.56HOT

Larks in the Park Ch. 01

 — It can be unwise talking to strange women. by Ashson04/27/134.42

Larks in the Park Ch. 02

 — Initiating a virgin in the park. by Ashson04/28/134.27

Larks in the Park Ch. 03

 — The police are friendly. by Ashson04/29/134.16

Larks in the Park Ch. 04

 — Don't take me. Take her. by Ashson05/09/134.29


 — Barbarian enslaves the female mayor of a walled city. by Wifetheif03/25/174.36

Las Hembras

 — A young parole officer is corrupted by an all female gang. by DrDan7512/16/164.30

Las Vegas Trip

 — Faithful housewife is seduced & transformed in Sin City. by Sam332310/31/044.38

Las Vegas Trip Ch. 02

 — Sharon misses her freedom. by Sam332311/18/044.24

Last Chance Ch. 01

 — All she wants is to leave, but not like this. by Masterless12303/11/134.20

Last Dark Hurrah

 — Spurned husband has his way with her one last time. by Doc Redfield05/09/083.59

Last Day At Work

 — Her last day isn't as easy as planned. by thatguywholikesstuff05/13/083.94

Last Day Home

 — A short story about a college student. by ThePenFuckedYou03/15/162.83

Last Duty of the Day

 — Her slave realizes all that is required of him. by Jo2102/06/084.27

Last Holiday

 — Vacation turns to nightmare for three friends. by Justrex05/28/154.41

Last Minute Seduction

 — A man is seduced by an evil,vindictive flower shop girl. by PerilEyes02/06/114.40

Last Mission

 — A female assassin is betrayed. by cckuay04/27/124.22

Last Mission Ch. 02

 — A betrayed female assassin is tortured. by cckuay05/04/124.22

Last Mission Ch. 03

 — A female assassin is interrogated. by cckuay05/10/124.30

Last Mission Ch. 04

 — A captured assassin is tortured and broken. by cckuay05/14/124.28

Last Mission Ch. 05

 — A captured assassin escapes. by cckuay05/18/124.52HOT

Last Mission Ch. 06

 — An assassin takes revenge. by cckuay05/22/124.22

Last Night

 — Husband takes what he wants. by midnight_confessions02/13/074.14

Last One to Leave

 — Girl seduces co-worker. by Lotusangel04/12/073.94

Last Saturday

 — They tie her up and she squirms. by arabesque09/19/03

Last Train Home

 — Catching the last train home was always going to be a risk. by Nomean_feet02/07/124.14

Last Visitor of the Day Ch. 1

 — She finds out the consequences of flirting on the phone. by Jed_GA08/25/024.09

Last Zealot Virgin

 — Warrior surrenders to her bitter enemy. by WarriorPrincessUK08/17/084.30

Lasting Impression

 — He gives her what she deserves. by LittleInnocentOne11/10/024.34

Late for Class Ch. 02

 — A shy female student gets detention. by Inksplat09/11/154.24

Late Night

 — Confident girl gets more than bargained for. by Sitalia01/14/123.22

Late Night

 — Kidnapped and locked up. by 34DDasian06/24/143.92

Late Night at the Office

 — Working girls get a surprise visit. by PAS11/16/014.30

Late Night At The Office

 — Sometimes there are benefits to working late. by DngrDave10/11/073.98

Late Night At The Office

 — She didn' know she was being monitored. by Ug09/16/044.34

Late Night at the Office

 — Coworkers try to get the best of each other. by bostonienne05/27/074.06

Late Night at Work

 — A late night at work brings some unwanted attention. by MasterBiker08/24/163.68

Late Night Bus Ride

 — After a long day at work, all she wants to do is get home. by ElectricFeel4505/26/114.02

Late Night Date Night

 — Alice's bad date is about to get much worse. by georgia_greene06/20/123.65

Late Night Handjob

 — She was in the wrong neighborhood. by Bisondkj03/14/183.88

Late Night in the Department Store

 — She gets more than clothes in the store after hours by gizmo5224201/24/083.84

Late Night Intruder

 — Katy gets a late night intruder. by Josie_jo09/06/164.31

Late Night Jogging

 — Best to go late to avoid other people....or is it? by Illusionical05/02/103.77

Late Night Lesson

 — She's ravished by a stranger in alleyway at night. by mississippi_angel07/16/064.08

Late Night Office Work

 — He decides he wants his co-worker, no matter what. by AskMeFirst04/12/074.17

Late Night Surgery

 — Female Doctor and Nurse forced to give more than TLC. by AStropirate07/19/113.81

Late Night Surprise

 — She's annoyed, he's not in the mood butt... by DngrDave10/01/073.82

Late Night Surprise

 — A submissive gets a surprise from her Dominant after work. by slutforsir05/12/132.75

Late Night Train

 — A late night train ride home takes an ugly turn. by Fragile_Jester12/02/124.08

Late Night Visit

 — Night shift security officer gets visit from her supervisor. by cottoncandy7507/22/093.85

Late Night Walking

 — She was told not to walk alone. by Frankly Speaking06/15/034.09

Late One Night

 — A stranger visits. by Teresa1206/20/143.78

Late Shift

 — Disgruntled employee arranges a night to remember. by PAS02/07/074.24

Late Shopping

 — I'm always late at the shop on Fridays, annoying the staff. by oggbashan09/06/063.35

Late to school Ch. 01

 — A high school senior pays for walking alone. by BreadWinner104202/10/103.64

Late to school Ch. 02

 — She is now his toy whether she likes it or not. by BreadWinner104202/11/103.68

Late to the Movies

 — Why is it always so hard to find a parking spot? by Illusionical10/23/063.95

Late with the Rent -- Again! Ch. 01

 — He wasn't a nice man... not at all a nice man! by persistantpest02/10/124.03

Late, Again.

 — The new girl is late, again. by Sleepy_Wolf8702/24/153.96


 — Lady alone in the shower meets an intruder. by balsam moon12/22/033.95


 — She is assaulted in a communal laundry area. by attero03/01/124.40


 — Don't wash all your clothes in the laundry. by Ashson07/07/144.23

Laundry Room Stranger

 — Isabella is taken by surprise in her apartments laundry room. by erotic_bubbles09/26/094.25

Laundry Tales 04: Blind Man's Buff

 — Laundry Tales 4. Julia learns to dance the waltz. by jeanne_d_artois08/29/084.15


 — She doesn't know she wants it. by UnknownG07/23/123.87


 — A happy relationship morphs into something dark. by Parassi04/01/133.39


 — She gets an unexpected visitor in the night. by EnvelopedInFantasy02/19/163.87

Laura Beth's New Life

 — Young prim and proper wife encounters a mature real man. by StormKing3310/13/164.11

Laura Ch. 01

 — Taking what I wanted. by bigdonhabs10/22/094.05

Laura Ch. 01

 — German lady engineer arrested. by Scandman04/02/154.13

Laura Ch. 02

 — Laura's boyfriend helps make her breasts bigger. by Parassi04/14/133.47

Laura Ch. 02

 — Her job as a maid starts. by Scandman05/14/154.16

Laura Collins

 — Girl in Victorian England gets in trouble with her teacher. by Svenskaflicka12/28/023.61

Laura Gets Locked Out

 — Laura's left in the cold when her bathrobe is stolen. by MichaelGraves11/03/073.54

Laura Pays for my Silence

 — MILF is blackmailed by her best friend's husband. by JackVercetti05/03/104.08

Laura Pays for my Silence Ch. 02

 — A threesome is the price this time. by JackVercetti05/07/104.38

Laura Pays for my Silence Ch. 03

 — Laura entertains four VIP clients at a strip club! by JackVercetti05/19/104.31

Laura the Canvas Pt. 01

 — On the worst day of her life Laura is taken, but for what? by Tallguy91407/08/164.29

Laura's Been A Naughty Girl

 — It was only a small tattoo but I was going to get punished. by Lady Grey02/17/114.23

Laura's Been A Naughty Girl Ch. 02

 — My daughter has broken the college rules. by Lady Grey02/18/114.37

Laura's Been A Naughty Girl Ch. 03

 — I enjoy the power I have, but there are darker secrets. by Lady Grey02/19/114.36

Laura's Choice Ch. 01

 — Laura is considering her life if she submits. by cerrotorre01/14/184.57HOT

Laura's Choice Ch. 02

 — Laura experiences the benefits of submission. by cerrotorre04/23/184.57HOT

Laura's Dance

 — Laura discovers that she shouldn't steal another's lover by Pyro09/22/044.42

Laura's Demise

 — She gets herself into some financial trouble by eroslit06/20/114.47

Laura's Fetlife 'meeting'

 — An online profile. A real life experience. by randymcmuffin05/27/104.42

Laura's Lesson

 — Prying activist gets caught in a bad situation. by PAS02/09/074.37

Laura's Roommate

 — Laura submits to Julia's demands. by zaksx09/07/08

Laura's Slave Training

 — Laura is kidnapped and trained to be a sex slave. by CheeseCake4u06/13/174.60HOT

Laura's Strip Poker Nightmare

 — Laura shows off more then she wanted to. by DaDudist03/30/174.11

Laura's Surprise Ch. 01

 — His bookkeeper gets a surprise at work. by BookkeeperLover10/19/064.38

Laura's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Laura gets some new clothes. by BookkeeperLover11/11/064.50HOT

Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 03

 — The wild weekend with the girls continues. by johnnydrama01/10/104.20

Lauren Ch. 01

 — How an overheard phone conversation leads to seduction. by Falling4U09/18/104.03

Lauren Ch. 02

 — Lauren returns to my room and things become interesting. by Falling4U10/08/104.18

Lauren Ch. 03

 — How Lauren finally got the hang of losing her virginity. by Falling4U10/09/104.47

Lauren in Mexico

 — Corrupt police trap young tourist. by dave_devil11/11/124.11

Lauren in Mexico Ch. 02

 — A bargain made with her body. by dave_devil12/12/124.32

Lauren Learns a Lesson

 — She must earn some marks to stay in school. by PressureShift12/03/034.28

Lauren Learns a Lesson Ch. 02

 — Some of Lauren's classmates are in the club. by PressureShift12/21/034.54HOT

Lauren Learns a Lesson Ch. 03

 — Emma gets a messy kiss. by PressureShift12/30/034.39

Lauren Learns a Lesson Ch. 04

 — Lauren meets more girls. by PressureShift01/04/044.46

Lauren Learns a Lesson Ch. 05

 — Lauren psy for the cab fare. by PressureShift01/13/044.41

Lauren Learns a Lesson Ch. 06

 — Lauren gets tits, ass and trouble for breaking the rules. by PressureShift05/26/044.55HOT

Lauren Learns a Lesson Ch. 07

 — Training's not over yet, she meets new girls and toys. by PressureShift10/03/044.60HOT

Lauren Learns a Lesson Ch. 08

 — Part 1. The Pool Party. by PressureShift11/14/074.47

Lauren Learns a Lesson Ch. 08b

 — Part 2; the pool party; Kelly's gangbang; Lauren gets more. by PressureShift12/21/074.33

Lauren's Predicament Ch. 01

 — Lauren's trouble begins with a very thorough search. by KinkyUnicorn07/11/173.96

Lauren's Predicament Ch. 02

 — Lauren learns to obey, or else. by KinkyUnicorn01/30/184.36

Laurey Stays Late

 — 3 Workmen teach Laurey a lesson. by sindybislut05/08/114.32

Laurie and the Cleaner

 — A non-consent story. by ChrisBiG9002/09/163.65

Lavinia Learns the Hard Way

 — The footman is tired of being bullied. by KinkyJane07/11/124.23

Law of Unintended Circumstances Ch. 02

 — Now she's dominated and humiliated. by austin_voy07/16/094.32

Law of Unintended Circumstances Ch. 03

 — Now the real humilation starts. by austin_voy09/26/094.11

Law of Unintended Circumstances Ch. 04

 — Well, that's a nasty taste by austin_voy05/14/103.96

Lawyer Debbie Does Dessert Ch. 01

 — Luscious lawyer helps out hapless husband. by shaunreagh06/29/084.31

Lawyer Debbie Does Dessert Ch. 02

 — Luscious lawyer helps out hapless husband. by shaunreagh07/03/084.57HOTEditor's Pick

Lawyer Raped In Police Station

 — She stared the burly cop straight in the eye. by pooja12/05/093.96

Lawyer-Client Privilege

 — Older lawyer consoles his youthful client. by shaunreagh03/10/134.33


 — Kat is taken at the airport. by Mystickat10/27/103.99

Lax Ch. 03

 — Jane gets in trouble in the Club. by rgainedi01/28/124.56

Laying in Wait Ch. 01

 — He's taken from his home & ravished by strangers. by NaughtyRednekPrnces02/18/063.98

Laying in Wait Ch. 02

 — Again taken from his home forced to do Her bidding. by NaughtyRednekPrnces02/19/063.89

Laying in Wait Ch. 03

 — Doing her bidding puts him in a heap of trouble. by NaughtyRednekPrnces02/20/064.04

Laying in Wait Ch. 04

 — Her will be made known; a choice is to be made. by NaughtyRednekPrnces02/21/064.04

Laying in Wait Ch. 05

 — His submission continues and deepens. by NaughtyRednekPrnces02/22/063.62

Laying in Wait Ch. 06

 — A ceremony is interrupted. by NaughtyRednekPrnces04/15/063.79

Layla Becomes a Fuck Doll

 — College freshman's first party doesn't go according to plan. by chipmocha07/24/173.80

Lea's Capture Ch. 01

 — Lea finds herself held captive. by MasonFoster04/09/144.28

Lea's Capture Ch. 02

 — Lea attempts escape from her captor. by MasonFoster04/12/144.46

Leader Of The Gang

 — The Water Lane Gang battles the Tree House Gang. by jax03/30/013.99

Leadership Conference

 — Woman on business meeting gets punished. by Imyourjezebel10/20/173.20

Leah's Interview Ch. 01

 — Leah's previous indiscretions. by lala120503/24/074.31

Leah's Interview Ch. 02

 — Her boss ups the ante. by lala120509/28/073.95

Leah's Wild Sexual Adventures Ch. 01

 — Leah is forcefully assfucked. by ImmortalRomance01/22/074.10

Leah's Wild Sexual Adventures Ch. 05

 — Leah gets her kinky revenge on Travis. by ImmortalRomance02/17/073.68

Leah's Wild Sexual Adventures Ch. 06

 — Travis gets revenge in the shocking final chapter. by ImmortalRomance02/23/073.73


 — Stuck-up schoolgirl spends a night in jail. by schaf10102/21/164.12

Leanna Ch. 02

 — Now that she’s had a taste, she can’t help but want more. by schaf10112/26/164.43

Leanna Ch. 03

 — She starts a new job, whether she wants it or not. by schaf10103/09/174.33

Leanna Ch. 04

 — She puts in a hard day's work. by schaf10110/22/174.11

Leanna Ch. 05

 — Mother gets drawn in. by schaf10110/27/174.25

Leanne Revealed

 — Prim, married secretary has a hidden side. by StephenWolfe6011/13/134.42

Learn Photography

 — Unexpected encounter while out doing nature photography. by Ashson11/04/164.36

Learned Aggression Ch. 01

 — Teacher acts out her desire for senior class tease. by jeeves.sounds.off09/09/044.27


 — 18-year-old girl is kidnapped from the mall. by littlegirl1805/02/024.39

Learning Bondage

 — Secret fetishes & a deal to practice bondage on each other. by Sazaria05/01/184.54HOT

Learning Ch. 2

 — Rebecca's new master takes her virginity. by littlegirl1805/15/024.47

Learning Cock Control

 — He never thought of himself as a sub. by mike5105k08/28/134.15

Learning Curves

 — Lisa smiled as she skipped up the steps. by DedeM04/16/123.40

Learning Italian: Lesson 07

 — Recognizing a false friend too little too late. by LadyBrettAshley02/21/184.14

Learning My Lesson

 — Husband teaches his wife some respect. by RedCat8809/11/083.57

Learning to Bargain

 — College girl gets a lesson in bargaining. by lambo6906/22/124.23

Learning to Deal

 — Ella is taken... Home? by From_One_to_Another11/12/134.18

Learning to Deal Ch. 02

 — Ella in the dungeon, Daniel starts his search. by From_One_to_Another12/06/134.49

Learning to Deal Ch. 03

 — Evan gets a taste of Ella. Daniel continues search...for now. by From_One_to_Another12/25/134.63HOT

Learning to Deal Ch. 04

 — New friends, discovering innocence, and the contract. by From_One_to_Another02/05/144.45

Learning To Share

 — They teach her to share. by Voluptuous4009/08/054.07


 — Master prepares his slut for his own pleasure. by SexSweetheart05/23/113.84

Leaving Home

 — Alicia is innocent; Brad is a man. by Benoni06/05/034.39

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