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Jen & Carol's Goodbye

 — The girls take matters into their own hand; A wake-up call. by Kessler11/10/013.90

Jen & Dean Discover Samantha

 — Foot-fetish friends find a girl to play with. by xxkissmytoesxx01/18/024.39

Jen Pisses in the Office for me

 — He hooks up with a sexy coworker. by leekeyone10/01/074.56HOT

Jen: Pissing in the Office

 — Jen stops by after hours to spray the place with piss. by leaky_one10/04/064.34

Jenna & Stephen Ch. 01

 — She pegs her male friend with a strapon. by Naf_Noparts08/09/084.59HOT

Jenna's Journal Ch. 01

 — BBW has wild sex with a motorcycle cop. by msxxl05/04/044.20


 — John loses his virginity in a shower of his own pee. by zaksx06/09/084.29

Jennifer Changes To jennie

 — Proper woman changes to slut. by kimnormundie07/12/083.52

Jennifer in Chastity

 — Powerful older man manipulates a coed into chastlty. by Wifetheif04/22/144.44

Jennifer Starts Her First Assignment

 — Jennifer comes to my office to work on a new project. by WylieBCoyote02/16/134.42

Jennifer Visits Ellen

 — A long weekend of lesbian dirty sex play pushing many edges. by Jennifer54005/02/124.54HOT

Jennifer Wets The Bed

 — She indulges in a moist fetish. by writedoctor07/11/114.27

Jennifer Wets The Bed Ch. 02

 — She indulges in more, moist fun. by writedoctor12/01/124.44

Jennifer's Feet

 — Cable guy enjoys a college girl's feet. by thefootprint06/18/124.15

Jennifer's Foot Job

 — Jennifer has a fetish for giving footjobs. by Kessler09/17/044.78HOT

Jennifer's Jizz Fantasy Ch. 03

 — She loves the stuff. by 64park03/29/054.37

Jennifer, Allan & the Camper Van Trip

 — He's introduced to erotic spanking. by algeta3906/21/024.38

Jennifer, the Cumbucket

 — 19-year-old nearly drowns in cum. by dpaul12/05/024.35

Jenny Ch. 02

 — Mom becomes a bondage Xmas tree. by The Needler12/15/144.34NEW

Jenny Ding Online

 — Japanese girl in conversation about her hairy asshole. by hairysurfer10/24/104.33

Jenny Finds Relief in India

 — All work and no play has got Jenny worked up. by usemytongue04/01/144.48

Jenny Gets a Guy

 — Maybe women would like dirty sex slaves too? by ScottWood04/12/134.19

Jenny Meets Adrian

 — First time black proves more than she had ever known. by veryopenmind10/09/133.55

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch. 04

 — Jimmy gets wet and wild at the movies as Jenny. by Johnboy910/12/094.28

Jenny The Intern Takes Control

 — An intern takes advantage of her boss' weakness. by writemarksmith07/18/134.17

Jenny The Intern Takes Control Ch. 02

 — Jenny continues to take control of her weakening boss. by writemarksmith07/22/134.48

Jenny The Intern Takes Control Ch. 04

 — Jenny teases humiliates her boss in public by writemarksmith08/03/144.51HOT

Jenny's Fetish

 — Jenny discovers something about herself. by MistressMerry09/05/074.17

Jenny's Holiday Income Ch. 02

 — Jenny takes a beating for money. by StoneKidman06/18/144.29

Jenny's Kinky Desires Ch. 01

 — Jenny discovers her need for submission and humiliation. by MiloXarts10/03/124.37

Jenny's Kinky Desires Ch. 02

 — Jenny and Sandra go shopping and more... by MiloXarts10/10/124.45

Jenny's Payment

 — Jenny's match goes awry and uses her boytoy as collateral. by StoneKidman03/21/143.96

Jenny's Punishment

 — Jenny has been bad and it time for her punishment. by Authorman196910/11/144.21

Jenny's Punishment Ch. 02

 — After her nap some well-deserved attention. by Authorman196910/23/143.50

Jenny's Submission

 — She's changed into a slut. by Dragonia03/28/024.65HOT

Jenola, Anita, and Debbie Ch. 01

 — I fuck Anita twice more and also fall hard for her daughter! by completeexperience12/18/132.44

Jeremy's Proctologist

 — Panty boy meets an unusual proctologist. by SubM09/01/094.49

Jerked Between Her Legs

 — His fantasy comes true thanks to brother's girl. by Kessler06/01/014.39

Jessi's Big Night

 — Jessi has fun with a T-Girl. by jessijessi3402/27/024.40


 — A para and a devotee enjoy each other. by rmlooker02/07/144.54HOT

Jessica & Her Socks

 — He fetishizes his sexy sister-in-law and her socks. by dirkpitt11/29/044.10

Jessica Takes Charge

 — She finds a thrill in slapping her date. by Bruno102701/25/064.34

Jessica The Happily Depraved Slut

 — She loves nipple clamps, sweaty men and anal. by fetishfanatic09/01/094.22

Jessica The Pissmop

 — Busty readers nastiest fantasy in writing. by TheDarkCloud11/12/064.24

Jessica The Pissmop Ch. 02

 — The return of a piss hound. by TheDarkCloud08/28/074.50HOT

Jessica's Fondest Wish

 — When the father's girlfriend tries to bond with his daughter. by worzel11/29/094.15

Jessica's Insertions

 — Using clever pee control, Mike feasts her. by stacey_lynne08/28/044.56HOT

Jessica's Story

 — Cross-dresser's wife wears the pants in the family. by Dragonia06/08/024.27

Jessie Goes Deeper

 — Continuing Saga of Jessie and the Professor. by SplendidSpunk10/03/084.55HOT

Jessie's Cumslut

 — Jessie makes me her cumslut bitch. by cumlover1004/17/134.41

Jessie's in Deep

 — Jessie is the target. by SplendidSpunk09/29/084.46

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 04

 — Pleasing Dana, then a trip to a club. by jenyes01/23/084.47

Jill & Tim's Story Ch. 01

 — Love story about married sexual acrobats. by Lou Thomas08/01/023.73

Jill & Tim's Story Ch. 02

 — Mille enters the story. by Lou Thomas08/02/024.20

Jill & Tim's Story Ch. 03

 — Tim joins the story. by Lou Thomas08/03/024.00

Jill & Tim's Story Ch. 04

 — There's a place in San Francisco for the story. by Lou Thomas08/04/023.83

Jill Ch. 01

 — A woman in need is a woman indeed. by Heel77804/25/082.48

Jill Ch. 02

 — La Donna e Mobile. by Heel77805/05/083.20

Jill Ch. 03

 — Charming clumsiness. by Heel77805/10/083.00

Jill Gains The Upper Hand Ch. 01

 — She wants him to be her sub but he's not the type is he? by Quietoldie05/04/144.29

Jill vs Chuck

 — Erotic Wrestling match. by cdupuy09/18/113.67

Jill Watches Me Suck Jake

 — Jake's wife watches him get off in my mouth. by dCharlesStuart09/30/143.67

Jill's Fantasy

 — It had always been her fantasy, now it's real. by JillS09/21/024.04

Jill's Initiation

 — Woman is initiated into a kink club via sploshing. by messyguy11/22/133.66

Jill's Spanking

 — A fantasy come true. by guy4funuk108/11/074.40

Jill's Spanking Ch. 02

 — Jill gets to spank. by guy4funuk108/15/074.47

Jill's Spanking Ch. 03

 — Jills continuing story. by guy4funuk111/22/074.30

Jill's Spanking Ch. 04

 — Jill's spanking starts anew. by guy4funuk105/21/084.31

Jim Goes to College

 — An 18 y/o boy receives a group sports physical at college. by JimmyJohnson04/19/144.75HOT

Jim's 1st Day of Physical Education

 — Teen boys have to endure their high school P.E. orientation. by JimmyJohnson09/26/144.70HOT

Jim's Camp Counselor Exam

 — Male camp counselor gets physical by female med student. by JimmyJohnson11/08/134.59HOT

Jim's Group Physical

 — High school boys are forced to have a physical exam by JimmyJohnson04/05/114.53HOT

Jim's Insurance Exam

 — Jim's wife watches as he endures an embarrassing physical. by JimmyJohnson03/20/114.54HOT

Jimmy Cuck Ch. 02

 — The start of a cuckold marriage. by jimmycuck05/17/133.96

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 02

 — Gross teachers facefuck their slaves. by ScottWood12/05/124.33

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 03

 — Pasty nerd anals big black beauty. by ScottWood12/09/124.43

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 04

 — Family slaves give him a boost. by ScottWood12/14/124.35

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 05

 — Will he find the perfect fuck slave? by ScottWood12/22/124.65HOT

Jimmy Has a Sexy Summertime Fetish

 — Accusation & realization of a panty & bra fetish stuns Jimmy. by andtheend09/07/103.46

Jo's Dark Secret

 — A guy discovers his new girlfriend is not what she seems. by CHARLOTTEOZ09/19/024.60HOT

Jo's Story

 — A spanking good time. by carieta01/15/074.32


 — Pregnant Lady needs to feel loved. by Mr James03/06/074.10

Joan & John

 — Our early years and how we met. by 69plus110/25/134.30

Joan & John Ch. 02

 — More of our early history by 69plus111/03/134.25

Jodie's Second Appointment

 — Jodie gives allows herself to be used even more. by Robert_Anthony06/19/134.31

Joe's Driving Lesson

 — Booted, 18 year old Tia takes Joe for a car ride. by soleful03/11/043.91

Joe's Driving Lesson Pt. 02

 — Exotic 18 year old dominates her 30 year old love interest. by soleful11/11/104.57

Joe's Driving Lesson Pt. 03

 — Beautiful dominant 18 year old and 30 yr old man grow closer. by soleful11/24/104.56

Joe's Night Out Ch. 01

 — His foot fetish indulged and cock teased. by RadioBox02/18/104.33

Joe's Therapy Ch. 01

 — Joe get more than he bargained for: a Domme and pee. by Bernie5406/24/134.26

Joe's Therapy Ch. 02

 — The new life of Joe, toilet slave. by Bernie5406/25/134.36

Joe's Therapy Ch. 03

 — Joe try his best. by Bernie5406/26/134.50HOT

Joe's Therapy Ch. 04

 — Here come Bridget. by Bernie5406/27/134.51HOT

Joe's Therapy Ch. 05

 — Joe get punished. by Bernie5406/28/134.58HOT

Joe's Therapy Ch. 06

 — Joe gets a cage. by Bernie5407/27/134.24

Joe's Therapy Ch. 07

 — Diane's new assistant. by Bernie5407/28/134.23

John in Panties

 — My intense relationship with my dream girl continues. by eliasroticatwo11/25/124.61HOT

John's Domination Ch. 01

 — Jill finds out John's fantasy and has her way with him. by wannabebitchboi08/17/114.38

Johnny's Hairotica

 — Angel helps a young man through a crisis. by hairlover12/28/034.63HOT

Jolene & Steve

 — The whore finds a willing toy. by devoutmalesub04/06/094.17

Jordan Mcdowell and My Wife

 — Well hung kid fucks my wife while i watch. by submissiveguy8290703/02/103.35

Joshua Learns His Lesson

 — Schoolboy gets his comeuppance in this period piece. by Amary09/20/124.35

Journey to Gutterslut

 — Prim and proper becomes a low down dirty whore. by Ldy_Sea01/30/113.83

Joys With Red Floods

 — Sex with a seduced virgin with her flows. by Tunak Mizaz09/03/034.01

Judi Teased and Milked Me!

 — Wife gets oral sex and deprives hubby and milks him! by Bi_Siamese10/13/133.81

Judy and Dave at the Black Bar

 — White wife & crossdresser husband in interracial gang bang. by bottom4blk08/09/074.38

Judy's Little Fuckers

 — A mother, a son, his friend, and feet. by sexualrelief719110/01/124.05

Juicy Lucy

 — Frank traps Lucy's tits in a press. by The Needler07/09/094.06

Juicy Lucy Gets Her Way

 — Frank's last tit torture session. by The Needler12/24/093.67

Juicy Lucy Heads South

 — Lucy finds a new boy. by The Needler02/17/114.25

Juicy Lucy Hosts a Party

 — Lucy's plans take an unexpected turn. by The Needler02/17/114.25

Juicy Lucy Is A Birthday Girl

 — A special present: a whipping machine. by The Needler05/02/114.18

Juicy Lucy Just Watches

 — Taming Torpedo Tammy. by The Needler01/29/123.36

Juicy Lucy's Barbeque

 — Frank tortures Lucy's tits outside. by The Needler08/05/093.60

Julia Takes Over Ch. 01

 — My wife begins to take over our sex life. by bisubhubby05/10/124.47

Julia Takes Over Ch. 02

 — My wife continues to take over our sex life. by bisubhubby05/10/124.43

Julia Takes Over Ch. 03

 — My wife continues to take over our sex life. by bisubhubby02/10/134.53HOT

Julia's Discovery

 — A middle aged widow enters her deceased husbands sanctum. by Carpe Diem 200004/29/044.19

Julia's Huge Tits

 — A bound and blindfolded farewell fondle. by The Needler08/04/124.17

Julie and the Rack

 — Julie's boyfriend has a passion for tickle torture. by NightOwl6407/30/094.36

Julie Ch. 01

 — Julie and I Discover our mutual interest in wet pants. by dickiej6901/30/134.49

Julie Ch. 2

 — Hot weekend goes sour for bombshell's fiancé. by h2owene11/06/003.20

Julie is a Pissmop

 — Piss porn is the way for a slut to go home. by TheDarkCloud09/08/064.09

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 01

 — Pantyhose sex and much more. by SylviaG10/12/074.27

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 02

 — Carl arrives and touches up Barry's wife. by SylviaG10/13/074.40

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 03

 — Hunky german student makes Julie hot. by SylviaG10/15/074.32

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 04

 — Julie and Carl carry on. by SylviaG10/18/074.33

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 05

 — Julie, her black stepfather, and her husband's boss. by SylviaG10/21/074.12

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 06

 — Julie, blackmail, and a dirty old man. by SylviaG10/22/074.38

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 07

 — Julie is forced into his bedroom. by SylviaG10/24/073.88

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 08

 — Julie is now divorced, and still controlling her ex. by SylviaG11/14/074.42

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 09

 — Julie plays the tart with her friend's husband. by SylviaG11/15/073.89

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 10

 — Julie tied in the garage with Mike, getting dirty. by SylviaG11/17/074.15

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 11

 — Julie is now ready to humiliate her wimpy ex. by SylviaG11/18/073.91

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 14

 — Julie has fun with Jenny's husband, and Jenny's dad. by SylviaG11/24/074.32

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 15

 — Julie goes shopping covered in spunk. by SylviaG11/25/074.20

Juliet's Hideaway

 — Vanessa and Carla take Jack to a shop he'll never forget. by jacketjack02/04/123.94


 — Paraplegic's story. by rmlooker05/26/144.67HOT

June Ch. 02

 — June's surgery finally happens. by rmlooker07/03/144.42

June's Panties

 — Coworker cosummate, some reluctance, pee and anal. by peebudy07/19/104.44

Jungle Pussy

 — The total humiliation of a hairy Indian college teacher. by hairysurfer12/06/103.88

Just a Little Pee

 — You fill her up and take her for a walk. by XXNoraJeanXX11/03/134.30

Just an Old-Fashioned Strap-On

 — A couple change roles for the evening. by cby206/18/114.40

Just Another Day at the Office Ch. 2

 — She takes him to new places. by Bob Peale10/08/004.39

Just Another Squeeze

 — A hands-on boss meets his match in an ambitious assistant. by avasogently09/29/073.61

Just Being Neighborly

 — Rita introduces her neighbor to backyard bukkake. by daddykins08/28/144.33

Just Between Us

 — Pantyhose sister-in-law puts him in his place. by DarkStar200507/30/013.99

Just For You

 — She has a panty surprise for you when she come home. by Bad Mischa Bad09/13/054.29

Just Letting Go

 — A story found on a website inspires enthusiastic piss play! by GwenWinter07/20/124.49

Just Meat

 — Kidnapped body builder pillaged by three women, with a twist. by jusduit09/24/054.18

Just My Size

 — A new way to try on shoes by pedicur8her07/02/064.50HOT

Just One Little Game

 — A game of truth or dare is a trap. by Cold_Eyes02/21/104.41

Just the Beginning

 — When fantasy becomes reality... by Isabel_Blyss09/01/074.28

Just What I Wanted

 — Women gets what she needs and wants. by GettingItDone12/10/124.21

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