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Loving Wives Stories

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Aggie's Condition

 — She could, but he couldn't. by Just Plain Bob08/28/053.62

Aggressive Married Women

 — Two encounters at different times in his life. by walterio07/08/124.36

Agreeing to Three

 — Friend helps out with his wife. by KM_Martin11/01/044.32

Agreeing to Three Ch. 02

 — Friends wife joins us this time. by KM_Martin11/01/044.38

Aimee Tries Lettie Again

 — An exotic evening - Aimee clashes with Lettie again. by duddle14611/17/05HOT

Aimee's Amorous Adventures

 — A bored housewife turns into a new woman. by terryake110/21/073.86

Aimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 02

 — I be jammin' in Tortola. by terryake110/26/073.97

Aimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 03

 — The Cruise Continues. by terryake110/31/073.62

Aimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 05

 — All ashore! by terryake111/05/073.39

Aimee's Husband's Gift

 — Aimee and her husband join an Erotic Group. by duddle14611/13/053.89

Aiming To Please

 — But that was just a story. by magmaman09/28/104.17

Ain't Talkin' Bout Love

 — Val had no idea what love really meant. by StangStar0610/15/144.55HOT

Air Conditioning Repair Man

 — Working man's cool talents heat up married couple. by romancer09/06/064.45

Air Force Wives

 — Lonely wives look for sex while husbands are overseas. by Vic511/28/024.26

Aisha in India Ch. 01

 — Aisha's first contact with Kyrhan's friends. by dan5705/16/12

Aisha in India Ch. 02

 — Aisha arrives in Shimla. by dan5705/18/12

Aisha in Venice Ch. 01

 — Brad sets a trap for Aisha's husband. by dan5703/09/123.92

Aisha in Venice Ch. 02

 — Aisha starts following Brad’s instructions. by dan5703/11/123.80

Aisha in Venice Ch. 03

 — Aisha's encounter at Paris airport. by dan5703/16/123.80

Aisha in Venice Ch. 04

 — Last days in Venice. by dan5703/24/12

Aisha in Venice Ch. 05

 — Home coming for Aisha. by dan5704/22/12

Aisha in Venice Ch. 06

 — Interlude for Umer. by dan5705/05/12

Al Andalus

 — My wife is sleeping with who? by FrancisMacomber02/20/154.72HOT

Al Screws My Wife

 — She needed it and I wasn't there. by oldfogey08/06/034.23

Alan & Lani - Juan & Nita

 — Good friends, great times. by OneWhoKnows11/01/064.15

Alan and Nita Meet Again

 — ...only this time they are both married! by OneWhoKnows10/26/064.00

Alan Gets Lucky

 — A bad day ends in an unbelievable night. by OneWhoKnows10/19/064.43

Alan's Intrusion

 — Teacher shouldn't have let him cross the line. by Best Teacher01/27/044.40

Alana and Blake

 — He kills to protect her, but she eventually wrongs him--but. by Matt Moreau11/08/083.94

Alana's Erotic Pool Game

 — Bored couple spice up their love life in a dark pool room. by kauai394507/21/134.13

Alana's Hotwife Adventures Pt. 01

 — My sexy wife's adventures as a hotwife begin. by awankandanap10/22/144.36

Alana's Hotwife Adventures Pt. 02

 — My sexy hotwife's adventures continue. by awankandanap10/23/144.21

Alana's Hotwife Adventures Pt. 03

 — My sexy hotwife continues her fun while visiting Dallas. by awankandanap11/11/144.36

Alarm Clock

 — Loving wife gives her husband the ultimate wake up call. by SubmissiveAlex01/17/144.14

Alec and Jessica

 — One marriage, Two stories. by murphy62109/29/114.06


 — Wife's first time with younger brother's friend. by Wattyjoy08/05/033.93

Alex Chandler Makes An...

 — Boss blackmails prim married worker. by er0tic4u01/08/013.83

Alex in Windsor

 — Hot wife plans a great birthday weekend. by Me_And_Alex10/06/073.58

Alex's Birthday Treat

 — Birthday outing leads to a double inning. by FrLuke07/15/064.07

Alexandria's Job Interview

 — Whatever it takes to secure the job. by alexandria_lee07/03/124.00

Alexis and Tyler Ch. 03

 — They go further still. by seeme_feelme04/07/133.71

Alexis's Home-Cumming

 — He enjoys his wife's newly enhanced breasts. by BannanaMan08/18/093.32


 — An unexpected dinner guest. by Sweet_Shay05/23/034.24

Ali the "Big" Old Arab Ch. 1

 — Wife tells story of her and Ali. by Horny Lene12/22/004.09

Ali the "Big" Old Arab Ch. 2

 — Ali stays for the weekend. by Horny Lene12/23/004.08


 — Bill's joins wife Alison in Nice but finds her alibi shot. by Spencerfiction10/14/143.81

Alibi Fish

 — Cheating wife tried to frame husband. by PAPATOAD10/05/11

Alice and Joe and Joan and Charlie

 — Husband peeps at his wife in bed the guy next door. by LynnGKS01/22/104.32

Alice At The Office

 — It started out as a fetish. by Just Plain Bob12/12/054.12

Alice's Mexican Vacation

 — Mature wife and younger girlfriend visit Cancun. by kenkx03/27/094.29

Alice's Night Out Ch. 01

 — Married woman's night out ends in fantasy with younger man. by bbrhett05/21/143.88

Alice's Night Out Ch. 02

 — We learn Alice's motivation for fulfilling her fantasy. by bbrhett06/03/143.28

Alice's Wager

 — Woman bets neighbor that her husband will seduce his wife. by K.K.11/26/023.95

Alicia's Adventures

 — Asian wife brings home a stranger for threesome with husband. by ltp79905/04/114.40

Alienation of Affection

 — Another wife with husband's boss story. by ukresearcher12/01/123.86

Aliona My Whore Wife

 — He finds out just how big a whore his wife was from her ex. by dunross08/07/133.50

Aliona My Whore Wife Ch. 02

 — I attend a cocktail party and learn more about Aliona's past. by dunross12/16/133.91

Aliona My Whore Wife Ch. 03

 — I treat her like the whore she is. by dunross12/25/134.12

Aliona My Whore Wife Ch. 04

 — I find out my wife is a music video whore. by dunross04/14/143.82

Aliona My Whore Wife Ch. 05

 — I learn about how she was humiliated by a bastard. by dunross09/02/143.89

Aliona My Whore Wife Ch. 06

 — I find my wife's picture on an escort website. by dunross11/11/143.52

Alison Wants To Be Bad

 — She goes even further with her latest affair. by Big Gunz04/08/103.80

Alison's Day Off

 — Loving wife shows an unsuspected display of tenderness. by TwoBits02/24/143.34

Alison's Fateful Afternoon

 — Lonely wife gets a helping hand while hubby is away. by Big Gunz05/23/073.99

Alison, My Slut Wife Ch. 01

 — My slut wife. by The Spesh12/17/033.88

Alison, My Slut Wife Ch. 02

 — What did happen last night? by The Spesh12/18/033.77

Alison, My Slut Wife Ch. 03

 — Alison & Kym hit the pub. by The Spesh01/10/043.86

Alison: My Gang Bang Story

 — Ally switches to a submissive role. by English Bob04/05/014.36

Alison’s Temptation

 — Wife gives into temptation with a friend from college. by Big Gunz02/12/093.70

Alka Makes Three

 — Couple Meets East Indian Business Woman in Toronto. by Verynicehands12/11/144.43

All About Charlot Ch. 1

 — His first time with his wife. by cmau07/11/02

All About Eve

 — From obeying wife to Mistress of the realm. by Bakeboss08/26/123.43

All About Getting Even

 — Who's getting even with who? by DG Hear03/24/064.41

All About Pleasure

 — Couple share themselves with a black man. by jack_straw01/29/053.92

All About You

 — Teasing and pleasing you is the ultimate stress reliever. by PaigeMartin05/25/094.43

All About You Ch. 02

 — You've been teased and pleased, now it's my turn. by PaigeMartin05/31/094.35

All at Sea

 — Revenge for a crime. by Britease11/03/134.41

All Class Reunion

 — Pregnant wife reconnects with high school jock. by Kathi01/23/054.27

All Class Reunion Ch. 02

 — Pregnant wife reconnects with high school jock. by Kathi04/07/054.45

All For Her Husband

 — Soccer mom's truck stop secrets. by Wes9907/15/133.96

All for Him

 — She gives him a deep massage. by Bruno102705/13/064.35

All From a Picture

 — Husband helps wife live hardbody fantasy. by GF10/08/003.77

All Hands on Deck

 — The workers restoring our neighbors' deck get an eyeful. by mumblegooseegg05/21/124.20

All Hands on Deck Ch. 02

 — The rest of our big day. by mumblegooseegg06/28/123.56

All Her Lustful In-Laws

 — Farmer's wife is loved by all. by Brigit Astar10/08/004.24

All I Wanted

 — A married woman explores her passion by OnMountainHigh12/03/072.98

All In A Night's Work Ch. 02

 — Hello Mary Ellen, Goodbye Sweet Thing. by Rob Conner05/09/044.12

All In My Head Ch. 01

 — This is a sequel to "He Fucked My Girl". by xleglover08/30/133.52

All In My Head Ch. 02

 — What happened in the Hamptons? by xleglover09/07/133.68

All In My Head Ch. 03

 — Jen and Mike go out with Scott. by xleglover09/13/134.05

All In My Head Ch. 04

 — Scott fucks Jen & aftermath. by xleglover09/19/133.94

All In My Head Ch. 05

 — Jen gets closer to Scott as Mike gets busy at work. by xleglover09/25/133.92

All In My Head Ch. 06

 — Jen goes to Vegas with Scott as Mike tries to fix Sapphire by xleglover10/01/134.18

All In My Head Ch. 07

 — Can Mike stay with Jen? by xleglover10/06/134.04

All in the Family

 — A cheating wives tale. by StangStar0608/25/114.44

All In The Imagination

 — Carla relays her adventure to her hubby. by English Bob10/07/004.22

All is Well That Ends Well

 — He came out of it smelling like a rose. by Just Plain Bob09/22/064.44

All Mapped Out

 — A wife invites a friend over for sex. by bb_peaks11/09/083.10

All Men are Dogs

 — Faithful husband becomes obessed with Norse Goddess. by GGordonly06/17/054.41

All My Children?

 — He finds out his child isn't his and his wife is pregnant. by Dr_Know04/09/064.38

All My Children? Pt. 02

 — Dan and Kim, are they through? by Dr_Know04/18/064.07

All My Children? Pt. 03

 — Kim's side of the story, and conclusion. by Dr_Know06/03/083.89

All My Fault

 — A wife's plan to divorce her husband goes awry. by Vulcez09/05/124.66HOT

All My Senses

 — Husband treats wife to a submissive sex vacation. by Ariel6909/09/143.87

All Of It Started From Here

 — A girl and her man muse about things to come. by devoutmalesub09/11/083.76

All Of Them?

 — Sex was nothing but trouble. by magmaman08/24/133.82

All Our Fantasies

 — When all their fantasies became realities... by SimonSays105/23/054.39

All Our Fantasies

 — Loving wife engages in un-wifely acts. by rigidtotem01/28/033.67

All She Wants for Christmas...

 — Husband gives wife a very special present. by mysteriousquill11/18/044.31

All Taboos Resolved

 — Our third gathering; all our old taboos are swept away. by josquin211/01/134.00

All Talk

 — She teases stranger on a train with explicit talk. by rhymedcouplet04/04/064.26

All the Colours of Love Ch. 02

 — Helped by Sylvie, Alan has a revelation. by beesol08/11/142.49

All The Way For Cyn

 — All of the play leads to adulterous Cyn. by CraCyn5502/19/044.25

All the World is a Stage

 — Stirring a stale marriage sex life. by Softly01/10/024.33

All These Years

 — Jim returns home early from work and makes a discovery. by Selena_Kitt12/04/063.70

All These Years!

 — We finally talked 15 years after the divorce. by dangerouslydead03/21/114.28

All This Talk About Sex

 — Not so innocent flirting leads to after work sex. by SEAWATER106/19/103.87

All Treats, No Tricks

 — Halloween Mystery by mrsupe01/11/104.10

Allan Sells Arta

 — Allan sells Arta to a stranger. by bravo02/07/023.83

Allan Shares Arta

 — Slut wife leads sexy life outside the home. by bravo02/04/023.33

Allan, Arta & Tanya

 — Allan takes Arta into threesome with Tanya. by bravo02/08/024.04

Allie Meets a Surfer Boy

 — Surfer boy seduces older woman. by forfun0112/26/113.77

Allison and I at A House Party

 — A sexy wife is a hit at a house party. by wherethewind05/07/144.01

Allison Was Drunk

 — A young girl changes the lives of a middle aged couple. by iconisclass11/21/144.23

Allison's First Time

 — Allison is shared for the first time. by enjoyher04/11/124.31

Allowed to Play

 — A wife is given permission to play with an old flame. by wetlucy3202/14/104.01

Allure: Karen Begins

 — This wife knows what she must do. by NightRAGES11/17/043.88

Ally Finally Gets Her School Crush

 — Ally runs into her crush at a high school reunion. by jealouscream10/23/113.07

Ally in the Morning

 — A morning blowjob with a wicked twist. by Scarlet_Pen11/19/034.21

Ally is a Tease

 — Will Ian get to cum this time? by Scarlet_Pen12/25/034.16

Almost a Disaster

 — A cautious husband heads of trouble before it goes too far. by PTBzzzz11/20/114.31

Almost a Love Story

 — A story about a neglected wife written by her husband. by Alanjmp02/27/142.47

Almost Back Home

 — Jim is primed then taken by wife/sister-in-law. by BlackHat06/20/024.23

Almost Heaven Ch. 01

 — From high school to hotwife: one woman's sexual journey. by 99_percent_oral07/26/103.77

Almost Heaven Ch. 02

 — From high school to hotwife: one woman's sexual journey. by 99_percent_oral07/29/104.00

Almost Heaven Ch. 03

 — From high school to hotwife: one woman's sexual journey. by 99_percent_oral08/01/104.03

Almost Heaven Ch. 04

 — From high school to hotwife: one woman's sexual journey. by 99_percent_oral08/04/103.97

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