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Bad Habits are Hard to Break

 — Married Heather can't stop cheating. by Confidential02/12/073.34

Bad Husband

 — She punishes him for jealousy. by Serafina121004/28/142.89

Bad Influence

 — New neighbor expands a wife's sexual horizons. by Porlock05/06/054.04

Bad Joke, Sad Joke

 — Is he laughing? by Skippy4706/07/193.97

Bad Karma in Cancun

 — Some vacations end badly. by DREMAN08/19/064.20

Bad Luck

 — A little of it can ruin a marriage. by ohio05/01/094.03

Bad News Leaves Vegas Pt. 02

 — What happened that night. by ViceaRoni01/06/182.61

Bad Part of Town

 — What does she see in her mirror? by NightRAGES07/15/043.34

Bad Pastor Ch. 01

 — A parishioner takes care of the pastor after a bad sunburn. by neviimkethuvim12/24/164.36

Bad Penny

 — Summer rerun brings revenge. by magmaman09/13/074.45

Bad Penny Ch. 02

 — Sometimes it's right in front of your nose. by magmaman09/26/074.55HOT

Bad Samantha

 — Sam's wife, Samantha, tends to misbehave. by Ashson12/30/134.17

Bad Things

 — Bad things come in threes right? by Just Plain Bob01/21/174.19

Bad Things Cum in Groups of Three

 — Cheating and Denial sends him on a journey of Self Discovery. by mondotoken07/18/153.43

Bad Timing

 — Sorry just doesn't cut it. by 1Thinkingman05/28/123.93

Bad Vacation

 — Wife forced to work in a brothel. by ali1bali09/28/133.63

Bad Wife

 — Wife indulges her baser side. by raphaelite10/10/053.55

Bad Wife Takes On a Mouthful

 — He has a 9" black surprise for his wife. by darkhorse149209/03/053.20

Badge of Betrayal

 — A near tragedy, a wife's betrayal, but the good guy wins! by soldierboy5040108/01/144.73HOT

Baha Bangers

 — Voyeuristic show turns into a hot orgy. by smallPeep10/09/094.15

Bahama Mama

 — Woman loans Hubby to her friend. by The_Tin_Man02/27/104.44

Bailing Out

 — The ups and downs of skydivers. by mitchfren11/28/12HOT


 — A woman struggles to regain her equilibrium. by oshaw11/23/134.79HOT

Balling for Charity

 — Can Jerry's first impression of a buxom bitch change? by imhapless11/19/114.22

Balls Only

 — Wife dominates him with hands free orgasms only. by SweetJane31910/27/153.52


 — The making of a revenge video. by patricia5104/15/054.61HOT

Banana Creampie

 — Neighbor helps lonely wife with new dish. by Mushrum05/06/094.36

Bang Bang

 — Cheating wife helps my career by BobWrongerer10/30/183.80

Bang! Bang!

 — I had to find a way to change her mind. by callmesparky11/24/154.31

Bang, Bang, Out Went the Lights

 — What else would I shoot them with? by qhml101/26/134.62HOT

Bang, You're Dead

 — Two families destroyed in the name of a little excitement. by laptopwriter03/17/184.58HOT

Banging Danielle

 — Wife is deceived into submitting to a black man. by Karenkay09/13/064.38

Bangkok Heifer Ch. 01

 — Hard work leaves Mike alone. by allforall02/05/064.13

Bangkok Heifer Ch. 02

 — The adventure and training Elaine. by allforall02/20/064.00

Bank Deposit

 — Teller receives very large deposit. by HOTPOKE04/10/073.96

Bank Holiday-Nude Day Naked Revenge

 — Middle class baby boomer couple uses Nude Day to protest. by SuperHeroRalph07/12/113.99

Banker's Slut Ch. 01

 — I lost my sexy wife to a faceless corporation. by TheKeith09/13/174.05

Banker's Slut Ch. 02

 — They let me wear my rings while being forced to sex. by TheKeith09/15/173.82

Banker's Slut Ch. 03

 — She was ridden hard, used up and put away wet. by TheKeith09/17/173.77

Bar Be Que Me

 — Group sex at a bar be que. by theaquarianpen01/10/113.63

Bar Circle C Ranch Ch. 01-02

 — Our path to a Cuckold lifestyle. by socal123610/12/133.67

Bar None

 — Slut wife has a gang bang in a bar. by torrid girl04/17/054.14

Bar Pickup

 — Wife picks up a younger man. by msm86507/29/133.49

Bar Room Stories Republished

 — Watching the wife cheat. by jakewho6910/05/133.12

Bar Scene

 — The Adventures of a Slutty Wife. by wingwagon10/07/133.88

Barb Becomes a Sex Toy

 — Married woman is seduced by a co-worker. by Brutus81309/29/134.31

Barb Becomes a Sex Toy Ch. 02

 — Barb is taken at work again. by Brutus81311/03/134.36

Barb Becomes a Sex Toy Ch. 03

 — Carl surprises Barb at home. by Brutus81312/11/134.45

Barb Cheated

 — He finds out wife is playing with an old boyfriend. by Just Plain Bob09/24/064.27

Barb Goes Out of Control

 — After couple has shared by their rules, wife lets it all go. by GlennH06/14/103.96

Barb Goes Too Far

 — Husband discovers the truth and takes action- conclusion. by GlennH09/17/103.52

Barb Makes a New Surprise

 — Things begin to develop outside husband's control. by GlennH04/23/104.07

Barb's Dancer

 — When the mouse is away, she plays. by Just Plain Bob10/25/042.92

Barbados Honeymoon

 — A honeymoon couple encounter a charismatic tycoon. by ukresearcher12/07/133.24

Barbara & Jeremy

 — Newlyweds seduce pastor and wife. by mix and match12/24/034.38

Barbara & Jeremy Ch. 02

 — Newlyweds give sex lessons to Pastor and his wife. by mix and match12/29/034.40

Barbara & Jeremy Ch. 03

 — Pastor and Wife reap benefits of sex. by mix and match01/09/044.39

Barbara - My Husband's Slut Ch. 01

 — Early Experiences. by RamboneStuffit09/03/114.35

Barbara - My Husband's Slut Ch. 02

 — A Trip to the Mall. by RamboneStuffit09/06/114.25

Barbara and the Hungry Duck

 — Barbara gets stripped & fucked at a dance club. by maxmaypo01/21/123.99

Barbara Gets a Job at a Strip Club

 — A suburban housewife strips when her husband gets arrested. by Veri08/25/114.36

Barbara Gets a Job at a Strip Club Ch. 02

 — Barbara makes a choice to be with Jared. by Veri08/30/114.26

Barbara Gets Shelved

 — The unbelievable story of Barbara by Vandemonium1 & CTC. by SemperAmare05/24/194.41

Barbara in a Car Ch. 01

 — Dreams of sexy wife comes true. by lotty08/19/084.23

Barbara in a Car Ch. 02

 — The dream close to becoming reality. by lotty08/21/084.31

Barbara's First Lover Ch. 01

 — His sexy wife cuckolds him at last! by lotty09/16/093.82

Barbara's First Lover Ch. 02

 — His sexy wife cuckolds him at last! by lotty09/17/094.14

Barbara's First Porn Shop Visit

 — Wife finds a whole new world in Adult Book Store. by GASlipLover01/20/044.42

Barbara's Two Rings

 — Story of a loving wife and an even more loving husband. by abbhi06/28/123.80


 — Another man beats him to the prize on his wedding day. by ukresearcher08/24/142.72


 — Young wife is introduced to her husband's friends. by Ashson05/29/134.21

Barbecue with John & Julie

 — BBQ brings couples together. by cheryl_wants_it11/30/003.59

Barbed Dart

 — Modern husband used experiences from the old west. by Winterfrog08/24/124.19

Barbi's Journey

 — Cuckold tease, denial with exhibitionism. by TediumsShadow12/17/173.75


 — When a wife leaves off her wedding ring... by steelring03/27/153.96

Bare Foot On His Porch

 — Wife visits single neighbor next door. by marcoande02/17/093.53

Bare Legs

 — Bare legs on a cold night bring unexpected sex. by wltedford03/27/014.38

Bareboaters Ch. 01

 — Jim and Mary take a friend on a boat trip. by Jim Dogget07/27/034.27

Bargain Basement Bitch

 — Ben watches his slut wife service two black robbers. by English Bob05/10/013.91


 — Skinny-dipping middle-aged couple meets swingers. by Rupert Harris12/11/044.39

Barroom Surprise

 — Man fingers a woman in a bar while others look on. by cknthisout04/09/164.28


 — My usual. by Just Plain Bob12/21/174.28

Barry Fox

 — Womanizer reveals his conquests & his downfall. by K.K.06/10/053.90

Barry's Latin Bride Ch. 01

 — Repressed latina housewife turned into whore. by sailorstroke12/07/033.83

Barry's Latin Bride Ch. 02

 — He gives her to her coworkers. by sailorstroke12/09/034.03

Barry's Latin Bride Ch. 03

 — She asks Gordon to visit. by sailorstroke12/10/033.96


 — Good times while hubby's away. by sarahk11/10/013.84


 — Tom helps Mike get a blow job. by Comshaw12/25/004.47

Bartered Orgasms Pt. 01

 — Whore wife with delusions of grandeur. by Follyseer03/31/192.69

Bartered Orgasms Pt. 02

 — "White" Africa Screams. by Follyseer04/13/192.80

Base Heat

 — Mature white wife sucks off young, black sailor. by 99_percent_oral05/12/093.97

Baseball Mom

 — Amanda finds some things are better than baseball. by Omega1207/27/113.50

Baseball Slutwife

 — Ann Marie gets double teamed by Red Sox fans. by R Taylor02/24/054.35

Baseball's Most Scandalous Trade

 — Two pitchers trade families in the 1970's. by swingerjoe04/12/183.98

Bat Mitzvah Bash

 — He got drunk and his wife got hot with Dan. by Pholkie Phred12/13/043.69

Batalie Beach

 — Teri gets a nasty massage on the beach. by eros46902/05/074.14

Bathroom Fun, Then More

 — Bath time romp becomes a lot more. by Fielden07/04/043.71

Batter Up!

 — Husband deals with wife's old boyfriend. by jakewho6911/07/122.66

Battle Without a Winner

 — There is a snake in every Paradise. by Winterfrog05/06/054.28

Bawdy Tales Pt. 05 - The Soldier's Story

 — A soldier tells a tale of love and sex in the land of India. by virusman01/23/184.10

Bayou Recompense

 — A jambalaya pot of bayou experiences... by Mainefiddleheads03/26/194.57HOT


 — Husband gets his wish. by wizard206006/08/063.68

BBC Hotel Surprise

 — BBC fucks drunken wife at the hotel. by MHF1101/24/163.73

BBC Worship Ch. 02

 — A black bull breeds my wife. by CumSlurpingCuckold09/15/153.60


 — Bigger, Better Deal vs Bigger, Better Cock. by UsualPornFreak09/29/062.59

BBs to Bullets

 — Small things suddenly become big things. by PiperHamlin11/07/184.21

BDSM - A Cuckold Story

 — Suzie and Tom take it to another level. by farfromreality5012/12/133.81

Be Adult

 — Surprise sex with a friend. by Suburb07/24/184.14

Be Careful For What You Wish

 — Husband yearns to see her with another man. by LisaStone05/11/054.20

Be Careful What You Ask For

 — A man's cuckold fantasy becomes a reality. by Mrswitch08/30/123.80

Be Careful What You Ask For Ch. 01

 — Both husband and wife get seduced by the same man. by coollvr104/17/144.09

Be Careful What You Ask For Ch. 02

 — Both a wife and husband get involved with the same man. by coollvr104/23/144.01

Be Careful What You Ask For Ch. 03

 — Husband and wife get seduced by the same man. by coollvr104/24/144.11

Be Careful What You Ask For Ch. 04

 — Husband and wife get seduced by the same man by coollvr105/05/143.97

Be Careful What You Ask For Ch. 05

 — A husband and wife are seduced by the same man. by coollvr105/13/143.90

Be Careful What You Confess Ch. 01

 — His wife secretly confesses to an affair & more online. by Stultus07/30/094.25

Be Careful What You Confess Ch. 02

 — Did she really try to poison him, or was she just crazy? by Stultus08/01/094.28

Be Careful What You Share Ch. 01

 — Husband shares his fantasies with his wife. by Big Swede12/12/054.00

Be Careful What You Share Ch. 02

 — Husband begins to regret sharing his fantasies. by Big Swede12/13/053.69

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — He wants sexy pictures of her. by oldchemsoldier07/29/074.02

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — He wanted to see his wife with another man. by murphy62105/26/113.78

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — You might just get it. by StangStar0610/23/124.54HOT

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — A man throws his wife and a young man together by fannyrat05/03/164.22

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — A newly made cuckold regrets his wish. by crazydevil8601/05/182.60

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02

 — Ungrateful white husband gets dominated by fed up black wife. by Turned01/15/103.73

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 03

 — Revenge is sweet. by AmericanWench09/29/034.07

Be Careful Who You Marry

 — All men are not the same. by crisscross203712/10/094.05

Be Still My Beating Heart

 — Sometimes a sacrifice has to be made for love. by mitchfren10/15/12

Be Stilled My Beating Heart

 — A sacrifice made for love. by mitchfren10/23/12

Be Sure What You Plan For

 — Was it fun for husband? by tantrik72103/17/153.41

Bea's Revenge

 — Revengeful Wife's actions leads to further adventures. by wotche09/22/183.56

Bea's Tale

 — Bea thinks her husband wants her to cheat. by Imstillfun07/01/174.05

Beach Adventures

 — A personal recount of an experience on an unpopulated beach. by Michelle197611/08/134.36

Beach Babe

 — My young wife and I go to the beach. by wifelvrman04/06/163.80

Beach Birthday Surprise

 — Lynn celebrates her Birthday at the Beach without Bill. by BillnLynn0309/05/044.05

Beach Blanket Bingo!

 — First time monkey business between longtime business partners. by pellucidbard07/17/184.31

Beach Bum

 — The twisting path of life is complicated. by rnebular10/05/174.40

Beach Day

 — Warm weather, threesome mischief. by yvesmondog10/09/133.77

Beach Day for Debbie

 — Wife decides to give two a try! by menmyhole06/03/124.15

Beach Encounter

 — She meets him by the beach. by Gentlehands196012/05/173.87

Beach Folly Ch. 01

 — Wife convinced to take young guest to nudist beach by coops18101/11/074.04

Beach Hotel

 — My wife takes a shower. by menchacakhan05/01/123.30

Beach House Continued

 — A young wife continues to discover herself. by softhands302/21/183.85

Beach House Continued Ch. 02

 — Second Chapter of Jill discovering herself. by softhands302/28/183.74

Beach House Continued Ch. 03

 — Jill discusses her dream with Brian. by softhands303/21/183.68

Beach House Continued Ch. 04

 — A visit to her photographer friend. by softhands304/12/183.84

Beach House Continued Ch. 05

 — Jill welcomes her husband home. They meet Sharron. by softhands304/17/184.10

Beach House Continued Ch. 06

 — Jill finally has time with Allan. by softhands304/24/183.26

Beach House Continued Ch. 07

 — Jill enjoys a night with Allan. by softhands305/23/182.77

Beach House Continued Ch. 08

 — Gerard comes for dinner and meets Brian. by softhands308/14/182.79

Beach House Vacation

 — It was almost more cock than his wife could take. by BeyondPleasure12/08/064.12

Beach House Weekend

 — He watches his wife with his friend. by topo10/28/024.11

Beach Loving

 — A couple desire each other and the ocean. by YogiMcKnight07/30/143.28

Beach Plans

 — Couple tests nude beach plans with a friend. by Magna1207/08/134.10

Beach Play

 — A naked upturned butt seems like a dream come true. by steelring06/19/164.16

Beach Sex Is Best

 — Loving my wife at the beach. by viking1211/06/113.57

Beach Sluts Ch. 01

 — Slut wives want to keep their husbands under their thumbs. by rodryder4408/22/183.39

Beach Sluts Ch. 02

 — Husbands pull a fast one on their slut wives. by rodryder4408/23/183.38

Beach the Bitch

 — Sharing your wife with beach bums can end really nicely. by steelring11/28/144.12

Beach Vacation

 — Newlywed couple seduces a young lady. by jacqui4u206/29/014.45

Beach Weekend Ch. 02

 — Boat day, flashing strangers, and skinny dipping. by jeninflorida12/22/104.17

Beachcombing in France

 — Swaying boobs at back of the beach attract attention. by beachwatch11/30/053.77

Beachcombing in Greece

 — Couple on Corfu beach invite attention by beachwatch11/30/053.53

Bead Slut

 — Wife submits to her desires. by evals2210/26/034.34

Bear Dancing

 — From Salsa to Dirty... by Busterbear07/05/032.67

Bear Women - Mistress Caroline

 — Anther hot and kinky woman at work. by VictorBlum11/14/094.43


 — Sally was a bit of a bitch. by magmaman07/19/114.42

Beautiful Friendship

 — An old friend stays for a weekend visit. by Katmai11/08/113.39

Beautiful Girls

 — I walked in and caught my wife with her boss. by StangStar0606/13/124.68HOT

Beautiful Girls Likes Naughty Boys

 — This old truth is still valid. by Winterfrog05/31/094.19

Beautiful Housewife Banged

 — Conservative Hindu wife sleeps with a Muslim man. by bdrew8605/08/123.65

Beautiful Housewife Banged Ch. 02

 — Rahim forces himself of Simran and makes him his bitch!! by bdrew8605/08/123.93

Beautiful in Red Lingerie

 — An affectionate wife. by L0tsaluck05/03/103.58

Beautiful in Red Lingerie-Ext. Ver.

 — Every desire satisfied. by L0tsaluck02/18/173.56

Beauty & the Beast

 — The perils of acting on a whim. by dchatterly10/08/023.54

Beauty and the Beast

 — "Life begins on the other side of despair" -- Sartre. by Fredoberto03/20/194.18

Beauty Pageant for Husbands

 — A group of women decide to see whose husband is sexiest. by zeke8106/09/093.59

Beca's Summer Trade Up

 — She wants to trade up from her husband to the millionaire. by JuanVato09/07/113.68

Because I Could

 — A husband is destroyed by his wife's lover. by Brian194704/05/072.80

Because I Love You

 — John has a very special anniversary present for Carol. by PixelChick07/11/072.70

Because of You

 — Because of you, he is a shadow of himself. by woodmanone10/03/094.65HOT


 — Go figure. by Franco Pauli07/14/113.60

Becca Be the One

 — True love overcomes infidelity. by blozo05/20/183.56

Becca Begins to Change

 — A usually conservative wife begins to change. by Imaginative1A10/20/164.14

Becca Fucks his Boss Ch. 02

 — His fantasy comes true, how can he stop it? by rodryder4402/12/193.27

Beccy Is Up For The Job Ch. 01

 — His wife is forced into rough tricks for his career. by jimbeccy12/20/044.19

Beccy Is Up For The Job Ch. 02

 — Beccy is back in the firing line. by jimbeccy01/08/054.12

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