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Kate's Surprising Afternoon Ch. 01

 — A wife shows entirely too much of herself to two men. by latias_ca07/23/093.94

Kate's Train Trip

 — Kate gets taken during a train trip. by DaveEnglish01/02/104.21

Kate's Wedding Night Threesome

 — A bride fucks two strangers during her wedding reception. by Cum4mywife01/30/174.20

Kath and Tom Ch. 01

 — It has been two months since I last had sex with my wife. by WillieWolfe12/02/144.47

Kath and Tom Ch. 02

 — Tom finds out more. Retribution and to the winner the spoils. by WillieWolfe01/04/154.25

Katherine's First Time Stepping Out

 — My wife gets a threesome with our old friend while on a trip. by TheCouple06/30/124.34

Kathleen Meets The Client Ch. 02

 — Kathleen gives herself to the client on her terms. by Andi2303/14/124.30

Kathleen's Big '4' '0' Saga

 — What happens when a soul cannot be fixed? by c1992w02/05/143.30

Kathleen's Secret Life

 — A wife's secret life is revealed. by SusanPSharpPHD11/30/024.03


 — She made her choice. by magichands01/09/034.08


 — She left her husband for a woman. by murphy62112/08/103.74

Kathy & Diane Score Ch. 01

 — You & girlfriend put on show for hubby. by whiskybuff05/23/034.31

Kathy & Diane Score Ch. 02

 — You & girlfriend continue the show. by whiskybuff05/23/034.32

Kathy & Mark

 — Kathy plays while hubby is away. by whiskybuff06/27/033.82

Kathy and Pete

 — She likes big cocks and hubby doesn't have one. by Just Plain Bob06/02/063.31

Kathy Falls in Love

 — How Kathy and Dennis began their wife sharing life together. by luvthex02/07/153.95

Kathy the Greedy Girl Ch. 01

 — Cuckold husband takes wife to a party. by Delphi99901/25/093.46

Kathy's Clown Ch. 01

 — Divorcé finds himself in bed with friend's wife. by K.K.11/06/02

Kathy's Clown Ch. 02

 — Bill's wants more, but on who's terms? by K.K.11/08/02

Kathy's Engagement

 — She gets engaged. Then meets another man. by serpentongue08/12/113.55

Kathy's Night Out with the Boys

 — Husband copes with swinging wife. by Canadagander03/28/03

Kathye's Fun Room

 — Kathye is forced to have sex with three people. by PeachyKatt02/05/024.18

Katie and Nicholas

 — About an open married couple. by sadistic_strutta11/17/083.57

Katie and the Girls Night Out

 — Just an evening spent with the girls is what she told hubby. by Just Plain Bob11/07/054.08

Katie at the Cabin

 — I thought it was my wife who wanted to swap. by Epmd60712/17/084.36

Katie My Love, Why???

 — A meek husband discovers his wife isn't the woman he imagined. by ThePastBehindMe12/21/142.72

Katie My Love, Why??? Ch. 02

 — Katie's husband exacts revenge for his wife's infidelity. by ThePastBehindMe01/11/153.75

Katie on an Adventure

 — A wife fucking alone. by hotnsexy46904/24/103.68

Katie Rises

 — A man witnesses his wife finally take the lover she deserves. by wideyes04/10/133.68

Katie Rises Ch. 02

 — His wife emerges anew, a radiant but voracious Sex Goddess. by wideyes04/20/133.73

Katie's Visitors

 — Katie has two visitors for the afternoon. by Dan Andersom08/08/103.86

Katie's Awakening - Her Cuckold

 — Following Katie's weekend her husband becomes her cuckold by q-tip08/12/133.94

Katie's Awakening Ch. 1

 — Conservative housewife is taken as her husband watches. by q-tip12/13/004.34

Katie's Awakening Ch. 2

 — Katie's husband reacts to her "lost weekend." by q-tip01/06/014.17

Katie's Awakening: Prologue

 — Wife tells what led to her "lost weekend." by q-tip01/06/014.14

Katie's Massage

 — Husband sets up erotic massage for wife. by bilbo18111/28/024.66HOT

Katie's Play

 — Katie's auditions for a local play get exciting. by Hand_On_The_Quill04/02/174.28

Katlyn's Valentine Surprise

 — Husband gives wife a special gift. by Vandal02/01/014.21

Katrin's Needs are Met

 — She loves big cocks and he loves her while cleaning up. by ATLovin09/22/093.78

Katy & The Shoe Salesman

 — Flashing the shoe salesman leads to a hotel room. by sharekaty06/19/024.29

Katy at the Glory Hole

 — Katy and I enjoy some sexy fun at an adult emporium. by MichaelandKaty06/22/094.32

Katy Goes Camping

 — Katy and I enjoy some sexy fun at the camp grounds. by MichaelandKaty07/06/094.31

Katy Takes a Swingers Cruise

 — Katy and I enjoy some sexy fun on the high seas. by MichaelandKaty06/21/094.30

Katy Welcomes Oral Stimulation

 — Breast foreplay and threesome. by kevinddd12/25/073.52

Katy's Adventure

 — Housewife dream comes true. by lugnaf2nite02/25/164.05

Katy's First Threesome

 — Katy and I enjoy some sexy fun with an old friend. by MichaelandKaty06/24/094.28

Katy's Seduction

 — Don tricks his reluctant wife into a dinner date. by sportventure08/22/194.06

Katy's Way Ch. 01

 — Hubby watches his unfaithful wife from their bedroom closet. by cuckwannabe07/17/104.04

Katy's Way Ch. 02

 — Katy barely finishes her story before Bobby makes her cum. by cuckwannabe07/18/104.03

Katy's Way Ch. 03

 — James stalks his wife as she cuckolds him repeatedly. by cuckwannabe07/19/104.16

Katy's Way Ch. 04

 — Katy is forced by James into an unapologetic confession. by cuckwannabe07/20/103.74

Katy's Way Ch. 05

 — He watches video of his wife and Tim from the wedding. by cuckwannabe07/21/103.90

Katy's Way Ch. 06

 — James watches rest of wedding video; decides he is on board. by cuckwannabe07/22/104.03

Katy's Way Ch. 07

 — Tim grills Katy about an ex-lover; makes plans with hubby. by cuckwannabe07/25/103.87

Katy's Way Ch. 08

 — Katy has her way, but James is rewarded handsomely by Tim. by cuckwannabe07/26/103.48

Kauai 3some and 4some Ch. 01

 — Karl and Sue find new pleasures on trip to the garden Island. by LiteroticaScribe11/07/114.32

Kauai 3some and 4some Ch. 02

 — Karl and Sue meet Angie in person. by LiteroticaScribe11/08/114.33

Kauai 3some and 4some Ch. 03

 — Karl, Sue, Brad and Angie have fun in town. by LiteroticaScribe11/09/114.14

Kaushik's Wife

 — His wife - my lover. by varunv76506/23/044.19

Kavita Learns A Lesson

 — Indian wife is humiliated by husband's friend. by madhav02/05/024.32

Kay Finally Agrees

 — Could Mike really stand to share Kay? by thecarolinadreamer06/13/193.39

Kay in Desperation

 — Frustrated wife seeks help. by Lion2465510/16/04

Kay Starts an Adventure

 — Wife is encouraged to play with a neighbour. by michaellajones06/14/154.40

Kay Starts an Adventure Ch. 02

 — Wife is encouraged to play with a neighbour. by michaellajones01/14/164.53HOT

Kay Starts an Adventure Ch. 03

 — Wife takes further steps with her charismatic neighbour. by michaellajones02/17/164.49

Kay Starts an Adventure Ch. 04

 — Kay takes the plunge. by michaellajones02/24/164.49

Kay Starts an Adventure Ch. 05

 — Wife move on with her adventure with her neighbour. by michaellajones03/17/164.31

Kay Sucks Again

 — Kay tells about her slutty night out sucking cock. by KKstories07/07/114.17

Kay's Big Surprise

 — Kay is surprised by her hubby and will never be the same. by KKstories07/13/113.97

Kay's Education Ch. 01

 — Wife agrees to sympathy blowjob for a friend. by KKstories04/02/114.11

Kay's Story

 — A wife is tempted to stray. by tony09090907/06/123.84

Kay's Work Trip (Day 01)

 — Kay travels for work with three of her bosses. by KKstories08/06/114.10

Kayak Camping Adventure

 — A wilderness fantasy realized. by sharedare12/04/024.30

Kayla - It Begins

 — Captivated by "The Boob House" and a woman. by CeeeEsss10/31/084.40

Kayla - It Ends

 — It was time to disappear & leave everything he owned. by CeeeEsss11/01/084.04

Kayla and Their Friend

 — Wife is seduced with husband's encouragement. by Petersimpson09/08/074.28

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 02

 — Part Two of the story. by Petersimpson11/20/084.36

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 03

 — The sexiness continues. by Petersimpson10/02/094.33

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 05

 — Peter secretly sees Kayla posing nude. by Petersimpson09/20/104.36

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 06

 — Jake watches his wife's seduction by their friend. by Petersimpson12/08/114.41

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 07

 — Kayla and Peter do it again in front of her husband. by Petersimpson06/23/124.10

Kayla's Daytime Secret

 — Wife cheats during the day. by MattHelm1708/25/033.58

Keep Calm and Share Your Wife

 — A husband and wife explore group play at a sex club... by Musings_of_an_Adventuress02/24/143.72

Keeping A Secret

 — Surprises do ocour. by tracar03/09/043.56

Keeping a Young Sexy Tart Happy

 — A young woman enjoys one of her fantasies. by moreandmore05/26/183.71

Keeping It Hot

 — Wife's hot photo's keep soldier horny. by Marvelmar09/02/073.72

Keeping it in the Family

 — Father-in-law blackmails cheating woman for cheating. by zeke8108/13/053.95

Keeping My Eyes on the Road

 — Two Swinging Couples Take A Road Trip. by SlyDog96901/07/153.99

Keeping My Husband Employed

 — Submissive wife gives her husband's career a boost. by MarlinPerkins09/18/024.31

Keeping Pace

 — A couple discover ways to keep up with each other. by The_O_State06/08/164.08

Keeping Score

 — His wife wins points. by KathyRobert07/18/013.64

Keeping Secrets

 — Husband invites brother to share his adventurous wife. by markindy11/07/134.36

Keeping Secrets

 — It all started while camping, he thinks. by balboa_rain04/12/142.93

Keeping The Account

 — Wife works hard to please client & boss. by Ray Dario02/01/014.22

Keeping the Boss Happy!

 — Wife fucks and sucks her boss. by SLICKHEAD09/03/113.93

Keeping the Missus Happy

 — A gift turns into a MMF fantasy. by ericton04/11/184.22

Keeping the Secret

 — Husband has a secret interracial fantasy. by 1984slut198401/07/104.27

Keeping the Secret

 — Sexy girlfriend has sex to keep a secret. by ret12305/21/153.92

Keeping the Trophy

 — Sometimes a man must defend what is already his. by BDad08/15/054.20

Kelley's Pregnant Play

 — Kelley discovers girls. by Jerrycurious08/11/114.18

Kelli's New Lover

 — My wife tries being an escort and finds a lover. by Digital25307/25/083.44

Kelly and Melissa Take Over

 — A Short Cuck Story. by ruuddog07/13/16

Kelly at the Gloryhole

 — He introduces exhibitionist wife to new experience. by Mike Black08/03/034.20

Kelly Attends A Meeting

 — In town for a meeting, Kelly finds the perfect way to unwind. by voltaire_one09/24/064.11

Kelly Returns the Favor

 — Trip to Montreal will never be forgotten. by KhonshusFist08/27/084.22

Kelly Teases and Pleases Us Both

 — Kelly nails old flame from 22 years ago. by RomanMichael12/23/094.04

Kelly Teases and Pleases Us Both Ch. 02

 — Campsite calamities. by RomanMichael02/14/114.16

Kelly's Awakening Ch. 01

 — A wife's returning friend has an effect on her husband. by Mature_nylons04/16/084.09

Kelly's Awakening Ch. 02

 — She wants answers but gets caught up in Nylon Lust. by Mature_nylons09/26/084.27

Kelly's Curiosity Ch. 01

 — My innocent girlfriend is curious about other guys. by Belgarion1003/27/094.33

Kelly's Curiosity Ch. 02

 — My girl's curiousity is taking down the path to slutdom. by Belgarion1004/06/094.49

Kelly's Curiosity Ch. 03

 — My wife Kelly finally becomes a true slut. by Belgarion1004/24/094.48

Kelly's Curiosity Ch. 04

 — The final part about my girlfriend Kelly's adventures. by Belgarion1005/21/094.28

Kelly's Date

 — Wife goes out, without her husband. by Ray Dario02/01/012.89

Kelly's Ex-Boyfriend

 — She & hubby both want her to see her ex. by shapeshifter3705/18/054.25

Kelly's Fuck Date

 — Kelly & Jon's Cuckold fantasy doesn't quite go to plan. by Apollo300009/16/153.27

Kelly's Gift

 — A loving wife keeps her husband from straying. by AlexPal08/24/104.26

Kelly's Menage

 — She takes care of them when friend falls asleep. by shapeshifter3706/07/053.90

Kelly's Night

 — We continue to push boundaries and embrace our kinks. by james2506/05/193.81

Kelly's Second Weekend

 — Just another beautiful weekend. by damon195112/03/044.05

Kelly's Surprise

 — Husband sets up hot night for wife. by KhonshusFist08/05/073.84

Kelly, My BBC Slut for a Night

 — She lets go of her fears. by lawyerstlouis03/09/074.32

Kelly’s Cumming Out

 — A sensual threesome with class. by damon195111/28/044.27

Kellye Goes Shopping

 — He takes you shopping and you find a new friend. by ZoneMaster01/23/064.06

Ken's Fantasy

 — Husband shares nude pictures of his wife. by carolinky07/25/014.22

Ken's Fantasy

 — Husband shares nude pictures of his wife with best friend. by carolinky07/26/014.13

Ken's Fantasy Ch. 2

 — Carol takes the next step with Stan. by carolinky02/04/024.35

Ken's Fantasy Ch. 3

 — Ken's fantasy of sharing Carol continues. by carolinky07/30/024.32

Ken's Wife

 — Visitors make his wife a slut. by Philyabutt09/29/063.38

Ken: The Best Man

 — Ken was more than ready to step in. by bentspear03/29/034.13

Kendra and Scott Nelson

 — She thinks he's boring, so naturally she plays. by Matt Moreau01/12/143.55

Kenny: Take My Wife, Please

 — He wanted to watch and more. by Collectable07/30/094.27

Kennywood Picnic

 — Horny wife has park fun with old gang. by BobCollier08/21/123.33

Kenyan Holiday

 — What happened on our last night on holiday. by Tall_Fred07/25/083.88


 — Helpful technology in the modern home. by Flavian12/04/184.33


 — Playing for keeps. by oshaw11/23/174.81HOT

Kept Wife and the Maintenance Man

 — He fills her need like her husband can not. by eroswizard11/22/133.75


 — How I ruined my perfect life. by Streetdog10/24/154.54HOT


 — It didn't end as she expected. by PAPATOAD10/06/10

Kerri joins The Card Game

 — Neighbors wife plays cards and more. by BarbandMe195505/30/063.83

Kevin Got It All

 — Tina was the catalyst. by qualitywheat10/19/113.17

Kevin's Visit

 — Jack has a romantic evening all set for Kay. by JackFlash195909/19/013.79

Key Chain Alarm

 — It is hard to dump a cheating wife. by PAPATOAD06/30/10

Key Logger Surprise

 — A wellness home business. by Incoming01/25/074.17

Key Party

 — Husband and wife start swinging. by RBX37501/01/074.08

Key to a Party Pt. 03

 — Will Susan’s revelation affect their new swinger lifestyle? by The Big Bopper08/28/164.38

Key to a Party Pt. 04

 — Can Susan and Ben survive the drama at the key party? by The Big Bopper09/03/164.29

Khan's Visit

 — College friend visit me and wife. by prjs201411/13/163.80

Kick it up a Notch

 — An unusual affair, group sex, complex emotions and ruminations. by ExRoadWarrior01/20/15

Kick it up a Notch Ch. 02

 — Affair deepens, threesomes, and long-term effects start. by ExRoadWarrior01/22/15

Kick it up a Notch Ch. 03

 — Threesome, panic, dogging, toys and other kinks. by ExRoadWarrior01/25/15

Kick it up a Notch Ch. 04

 — Things get kind, heat up, & end with aftereffects. by ExRoadWarrior01/28/153.84

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