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Joyce Makes Two New Friends

 — Evening swim allows wife to display her talents. by Celtics06/26/02

Joyce's Fantasy

 — Wife desires a gangbang, and husband obliges. by Ambrosious10/16/004.35

Joyce, Peter & Me

 — Husband & wife decide to share another. by Aussie_Teacher12/24/04HOT


 — My girlfriend re-connects with a former lover using Facebook. by lysten12/28/162.82

Judge Jean

 — Two wives imprison a third. by Wifetheif11/25/143.99

Judith Loves Charlotte, N.C. Ch. 01

 — Judith takes on the Home State. by silentpartnerwest04/01/113.91

Judith Loves Charlotte, N.C. Ch. 05

 — Judith becomes a pain in ass. The girls bond. by silentpartnerwest04/01/123.89

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 01

 — Judith reveals past cheating and tells me she wants more. by silentpartnerwest09/17/103.38

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 02

 — Judith continues to screw Thomas. by silentpartnerwest09/25/103.60

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 03

 — Judith finds a Mormon lover while shopping. by silentpartnerwest09/28/103.82

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 04

 — Ham delivers the load. by silentpartnerwest10/02/103.71

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 05

 — Taking a big one with Aaron. by silentpartnerwest10/07/103.89

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 06

 — Enough already with Thomas. by silentpartnerwest10/12/103.70

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 07

 — Our Anniversary Spent with the English Guy - Part 1. by silentpartnerwest10/13/103.88

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 08

 — Our Anniversary Spent with the English Guy - Part 2. by silentpartnerwest10/21/103.92

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 09

 — Our anniversary spent with the English guy - part iii by silentpartnerwest11/08/104.21

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 10

 — Judith takes on Hairy Dave. by silentpartnerwest11/19/103.73

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 11

 — Hubby nails Nicki. by silentpartnerwest11/28/104.17

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 12

 — Two guys named Kevin. by silentpartnerwest12/08/104.17

Judith Loves Salt Lake Ch. 13

 — Four Wheeling Fuck. by silentpartnerwest12/16/103.35

Judith Walks Out

 — An ignored wife finds satisfaction with younger men. by davion230811/23/104.18


 — She knows what she wants and how to get it. by K.K.02/01/04

Judy and I Tied the Knot

 — Judy enjoys her marriage. by onthereb04/22/153.50

Judy and John's Favorite Bar

 — You sure do find sex in bars. by onthereb04/24/153.60

Judy Gets More than Her Hair Done

 — Judy's first Ménage à trois. by onthereb05/30/153.77

Judy Gives into Her Desires Ch. 01

 — What you don't do on a honeymoon. by Relyt205/07/163.90

Judy Gives into Her Desires Ch. 02

 — Judy does a lot more than I expected. by Relyt205/10/164.36

Judy Gives into Her Desires Ch. 03

 — Gil comes back for another taste of honey. by Relyt205/11/164.33

Judy Gives into Her Desires Ch. 04

 — Gil brings his friend Mike over. by Relyt205/12/164.42

Judy Gives into Her Desires Ch. 05

 — My one and only story, by Judy. by Relyt205/17/164.22

Judy Meets an 18 Year Old

 — Judy writes the introduction. by onthereb05/05/153.83

Judy Meets Gil's Friend Mike

 — Secrets that can't be kept. by onthereb06/10/152.88

Judy the Party Girl

 — She was horny when they got to the party. by elliotkm11/08/053.94

Judy Writes Her One and Only Story

 — Judy's 49th birthday. by onthereb05/16/153.91

Judy's Conscience

 — Judy has conflicting feelings about her recent experience. by hyperthread110/02/093.48

Judy's First Swing

 — Judy's a very loving wife. by Diane Marie01/20/024.23

Judy's Surprise

 — She didn't know who would be walking through the door. by elliotkm10/02/053.86

Judy's Tan

 — A housewife likes to lay out and daydream. by hyperthread109/13/094.25

Judy, Jeff & Me Ch. 1

 — She takes full advantage of her open marriage. by Reg01/02/014.33

Judy, Jeff & Me Ch. 2

 — After fucking Judy, he wonders what her husband will do. by Reg01/10/014.27

Judy, Jeff, & Me Ch. 3

 — Jeff wants to watch me fuck his wife. by Reg01/10/014.41

Judy, The Perfect Thirty Six

 — Judy and I meet for the first time. by onthereb03/04/163.89

Juggling Festival

 — Couple attends juggling festival. Husband shares wife. by chevellex05/20/133.87

Julee and Dave at Hedonism

 — My husband and I go to Hedo II. by JuLee09/04/084.39


 — All actions have consequences. by Harddaysknight04/13/063.84

Julia Sends a Text Message

 — College student gets involved with her lecturer. by rjkeyne06/12/053.73

Julia Swallows Husband's Friend

 — He hasn't had head in 8 years. That changes tonight. by FeelsADeepHunger01/22/133.95

Julia's Fling

 — A sexually liberated married woman pushes the envelope. by si8103/03/113.78

Julia's Journey Ch. 01

 — A married woman discovers her slutty side. by tbonestoday06/19/134.20

Julian's House

 — A woman finally cheats on her husband. by sdv7906/17/103.24

Juliana Ch. 01

 — A doctor's visit. by angiquesophie01/23/153.98

Juliana Ch. 02

 — An impossible deal. by angiquesophie01/24/153.84

Juliana Ch. 03

 — "You do as told, please." by angiquesophie01/25/154.07

Juliana Ch. 04

 — Dilemmas can leave you crazy. by angiquesophie01/28/153.68

Juliana Ch. 05

 — Finding a friend. by angiquesophie01/28/153.65

Juliana Ch. 06

 — Ploughing a neglected garden. by angiquesophie01/29/154.05

Juliana Ch. 07

 — Was this body the same body? by angiquesophie01/30/153.71

Juliana Ch. 08

 — Control, we think, is a one-way road. by angiquesophie01/31/154.07

Juliana Ch. 09

 — Most people see pain as a negative emotion. by angiquesophie02/01/153.91

Juliana Ch. 10

 — The sickly-sweet mixture of talcum powder and latex. by angiquesophie02/02/153.85

Juliana Ch. 11

 — Truth is an iconic phenomenon in the moral landscape. by angiquesophie02/03/153.93

Juliana Ch. 12

 — "Mrs. Austin, will you become my husband?" by angiquesophie02/04/153.49


 — Man discovers that the children aren't his at family reunion. by zeke8107/20/063.50

Julie & Rob

 — A married woman strays... by SSlutred7404/20/153.46

Julie Becomes John's Pet Ch. 06

 — Julie's big date with her husband takes an unexpected twist. by Johns Pet Julie05/13/064.28

Julie Ch. 03

 — Wife makes a decision. by CleoRa11/06/143.21

Julie Gets Pregnant Ch. 01

 — Married couple search for ways to get her pregnant. by nastycouple10/14/104.16

Julie Loosens Up

 — Shy wife turns into slut. by vegasdude02/08/134.18

Julie My Fiancée Ch. 01

 — My loving fiancée. by Mike201205/07/143.77

Julie My Fiancee

 — My loving fiancee. by Mike201209/26/123.64

Julie My Fiancee Ch. 02

 — My loving fiancee. by Mike201212/31/124.09

Julie My Fiancee Ch. 03

 — We buy our house. by Mike201205/20/144.26

Julie My Wife

 — We get married. by Mike201206/30/143.91

Julie on Show

 — A hiking trip on the river realises a couple's fantasies. by JustinCider03/13/104.26

Julie Shows Diane The Way....

 — Love, lust, passion & a whole new life. by Diane Marie06/30/024.12

Julie Submits to Dark Temptation Ch. 04

 — White wife pisses off black lover. by ktsema06/15/064.05

Julie Surrenders to Dark Temptation

 — Wife surrenders to black hunk. by ktsema03/23/054.28

Julie Wanted the Money Ch. 01

 — She'd trade him money for a little bit of pussy. by DoctorDougie07/10/084.28

Julie Working Late Ch. 01

 — She is boss's wife's birthday present. by formywife05/30/094.11

Julie Working Late Ch. 02

 — Julie's first night, with boss and another couple. by formywife06/21/094.17

Julie Working Late Ch. 03

 — Julie goes away with Doug for a whole weekend. by formywife07/05/093.89

Julie Working Late Ch. 04

 — Current fight reminds Mark of first watching his wife. by formywife08/07/093.64

Julie's Been Naughty

 — Julie gets in trouble after a party get's out of hand. by Lionheart7208/06/093.66

Julie's First Time

 — Julie seduces Rob as husband watches. by RexB08/19/014.42

Julie's Fortuitous Stud

 — The IT man knew how to use his hard disk. by BradCarson09/24/073.82

Julie's Gang Bang

 — Wife catches husband fulfilling his fantasy. by ldlarry5206/29/014.21

Julie's Girls Night Out Ch. 01

 — Wife's tales of a night out. by julieshubby203/11/104.11

Julie's Girls Night Out Ch. 02

 — What really happened. by julieshubby204/20/103.89

Julie's New Job

 — Wife gets new job, & hubby gets big surprise. by curious2c04/22/023.75

Julie's New Job (Her Version)

 — Wife starts new job, & husband has big surprise. by curious2c04/25/024.28

Julie's New Job Ch. 3

 — Husband hears the rest of wife's story. by curious2c05/12/024.28

Julie's New Job Ch. 4

 — Husband has a plan to escape. by curious2c05/15/024.26

Julie's New Job Ch. 5

 — Julie tells of the great escape & aftermath. by curious2c05/18/024.28

Julie's New Job Ch. 6

 — Joan tells her point of view. by curious2c05/24/024.20

Julie's New Job Ch. 7

 — Jon takes charge. by curious2c06/15/024.30

Julie's New Job Ch. 8

 — Freedom & love conquer all. by curious2c06/19/024.20

Julie's New Orleans Adventure Ch. 01

 — An anniversary trip turns wild. by julieshubby206/19/104.55HOT

Julie's New Orleans Adventure Ch. 02

 — Julie and Johnny while hubby is away. by julieshubby212/13/114.05

Julie's Revenge

 — Julie got her revenge for her husband banging some bimbo. by LMood02/28/133.69

Julie: I Suck at My Job

 — Mr Cockburn and Julie drive to a meeting. by BusterGonad04/30/114.15

Julie: My Boss is a Wanker

 — Wife's job is under threat, but her body could save it. by BusterGonad04/06/103.76

Juliet and the Window Cleaner

 — His wife fulfills his fantasy. by Red_Melted_Dreamer10/31/064.33

Juliette, The Ultimate Loving Wife

 — She had it all. by qualitywheat01/01/163.48

Julissa & Scott

 — I watched as Julissa showered herself on the deck. by Robertshotwife04/17/123.81

Julissa Takes Big Cocks

 — Hotwife tries big cocks. by Robertshotwife02/13/124.34

Julissa's Awakening

 — After Julissa and I were married... by Robertshotwife03/22/124.05

Julissa's Awakening Ch. 02

 — She began to develop an exhibitionist streak. by Robertshotwife03/26/124.26

Julissa's First DP

 — Hotwife tries something new. by Robertshotwife01/28/124.23

Julissa, Party Wife

 — What a "Hotwife"! by Robertshotwife07/15/123.84

July 4th 2013 Pt. 01

 — How we spent the 4th. by plez2tease07/24/143.50

July 4th 2013 Pt. 02

 — How we spent the 4th. by plez2tease07/26/143.71

July: Seduced to Cheat

 — His beautiful blonde coworker is so sexy. by casanova-ben07/28/053.96

Jump Start

 — The flame went out...or had it? by obg01/03/024.04

Jumping to Conclusions

 — Why couldn't she have talked first? by Just Plain Bob09/24/104.34

Jumping to Conclusions

 — Some things are always there. by magmaman03/31/143.87

June and Tom's Big Start Over

 — Finding happiness when unhappiness is the Norm. by c1992w11/06/16

June Cleaver?

 — A secret life is exposed. by HarryHaversackers04/23/073.70

June Gets Even

 — Wife gets even with cheating hubby. by Charley_Ace05/07/013.88

June Gets Even - The Sequel

 — How the foursome get their lives back in order. by Charley_Ace07/22/013.80

June Gets Even... Oops

 — Things are not always as they appear. by cageytee05/24/053.81

June Gets Even: Fallout Ch. 01

 — A different take on story of a wife that gets even. by kellyhockey08/21/074.28

June Gets Even: Fallout Ch. 02

 — Law of unintended consequences. by kellyhockey09/03/074.38

June Gets Even: Fallout Ch. 03

 — Eyes wide open. by kellyhockey09/04/074.38

June Gets Even: The Sequel

 — An alternative sequel to June Gets Even, by CharleyAce. by MrHands07/21/013.24

June's Monthly Threesome

 — Mike, Eric and Tracy learn more. by curiousandkinky07/07/064.08

Jungle Jane Ch. 01

 — Jungle Jane takes on hubby's friend. by InjunDude10/08/024.11

Jungle Jane Ch. 02

 — Couple plus one's fun continues the next morning. by InjunDude10/22/024.13

Jury Duty

 — I experience my wife fucking a stranger while on lunch break. by veryluckyhusband07/27/163.82

Jury Duty Ch. 01

 — Boss and her jury duty keeps wife away from husband. by vastiesmith03/09/063.99

Jury Duty Ch. 02

 — Tommy wanted to see every inch of Mary's body. by vastiesmith03/15/064.24

Just a Christmas Party

 — They never expected this. by scorpio0015512/21/033.86

Just a Cuckold Fantasy?

 — His wife creates a fantasy, but does she want more? by sincity00106/16/154.04

Just a Cuckold Fantasy? Pt. 02

 — Both get drawn in deeper. It is just a fantasy - isn't it? by sincity00107/28/154.39

Just a Cuckold Fantasy? Pt. 03

 — Its decision time as the fantasy gets out of control. by sincity00103/19/173.58

Just a DJ

 — Being a club DJ has its perks. by badbomb12/24/044.10

Just a DJ Ch. 02

 — Wild woman love to do wild things. by badbomb01/14/054.03

Just A Feel Ch. 01

 — My young wife harbours exciting thoughts about dirty old men by cuckoldtony04/25/133.92

Just A Feel Ch. 02

 — My young wife's fantasies become a sordid reality. by cuckoldtony04/26/134.01

Just a Few Pics

 — A fantasy that went wrong. by chas96201/28/053.73

Just a Friday Night

 — Husband comes home from a long day of work to a lonely wife. by honeytree11/27/134.02

Just a Girl

 — Sissy-boy Frank & his girl both become David's girls. by katie_risita07/17/064.02

Just a Glimpse

 — Just a glimpse into an image. by JayDiver01/31/174.20

Just a Good Ole Boy

 — He uses a stereotype to turn the tide, and keeps his bride! by maninconn08/29/144.44

Just a Guitarist in the Backup Band

 — She takes a guitarist as a pet. by maninconn02/26/164.18

Just a Little Bit More

 — That's what his wife wanted. by IraBumblefield12/15/153.98

Just A Little Party

 — Wife is taken advantage of at party. by Dyrtytailz03/01/033.27

Just a Little Reassurance

 — A dutiful wife's cunning plan. by Bazzza08/12/084.31

Just A Massage

 — Wife sharing at its finest. by eoins101/10/104.46

Just a Question

 — Answers to a question. by wieliczka11/15/143.95

Just a Story Ch. 02

 — Big ball game; celebrating Laura's birthday with sex. by WifeWatchman01/21/174.56HOT

Just A'Swinging

 — Flash loving wife and payday. by H20wader12/21/094.13

Just Accept It - My Version

 — A marriage gone bad. by hansbwl03/12/173.94

Just Accept It...

 — ...she said. No, I said. by BigGuy3301/16/174.37

Just Add Alcohol Ch. 04

 — Mrs. Cannon: Champion in the World Series of Whores. by ISawYourMommy02/19/064.41

Just an Accident

 — A man tries to explain. by palooka joe01/28/053.97

Just an Average Guy

 — A simple man and a cheating wife. by MendonFishers12/04/104.36

Just Another Contract

 — Husband & wife close the deal. by tamol06/20/023.89

Just another Day

 — You have a little fun in the kitchen. by Sweet_Shay08/26/033.89

Just Another Day

 — the lives of me and my horny wife. by sajukno01/20/143.87

Just Another Day At The Hendersons

 — You'd never suspect their little secret. by WillB11/20/024.09

Just Another Day at the Office

 — He knew what he was getting into before he said "I do." by Just Plain Bob01/02/073.67

Just Another News Cast

 — Something for someone to moan about! by The Wanderer11/09/064.50HOT

Just Another Old Slut

 — A pre-cheating wives tale. by StangStar0603/17/114.45

Just Another Radio Talk Show

 — A radio talk show host and the holidays. by outofshadows11/21/164.21

Just Another WACC Story?

 — How does a man deal with a woman he loves who has cheated. by PTBzzzz11/24/114.07

Just As He Took My Wife, I Took His

 — A survivor lives to tell the story of his cheating wife. by Alana2201/02/142.95

Just Because

 — Things done just because I love you. by Adrianaloves2doit07/31/093.87

Just Before

 — Frustrated wife has sex just before her baby is born. by babylon03/04/033.46

Just Being Neighborly

 — Husband attracted to neighbor arranges to an affair. by K.K.01/16/03

Just Beth

 — Love at first sight...can it last forever? by Slirpuff11/19/104.69HOT

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