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My Garden of Happiness

 — Cara loves fertility. by Moondrift04/29/034.62HOT

My Gay Neighbor

 — Neighbors meet on their adjoining balconies. by Ingrid11B11/16/164.42

My Girl and I

 — A warm night. by sexigesimal04/17/073.50

My Girlfriend's Facials

 — A romantic description of ejaculating onto her face. by RiversEdge201002/15/124.16

My Golden Summer with Blythe Ch. 01

 — Erotic Fun on the Farm by duddle14609/28/06HOT

My Golden Summer with Blythe Ch. 02

 — Josh's childhood Dream Girl visits him in San Francisco. by duddle14609/30/06

My Golden Summer with Blythe Ch. 04

 — Josh and Blythe look homeward. by duddle14610/21/06

My GrandDad's Best Friend

 — Can granddad's best friend be the best teacher? by MeredithEighty812/25/154.59HOT

My Guardian Angel

 — Her guardian angel comforts her. by BrokenGrace04/13/114.44

My Guardian Angel Ch. 02

 — History of Seth and Grace. by BrokenGrace05/08/114.47

My Guardian Angel Ch. 03

 — Grace is put in danger. by BrokenGrace05/24/114.67HOT

My Guardian Angel Ch. 04

 — Seth and Grace continue their passion. by BrokenGrace08/21/114.70HOT

My Heart Belongs to Santa

 — Single Mom finds love with Santa's help. by Lilin Penn11/23/054.71HOT

My Heart is Open

 — The story of how Christian and Maggie met. by MugsyB06/20/124.73HOT

My Heart Won’t Let You Go

 — Sometimes really coming together takes a twisted path. by Egmont040910/29/094.56HOT

My Hero

 — A courageous stranger changes her life. by dr. Jocelyn10/30/014.46

My High School SSBBW Stoners Ch. 01

 — I find a 330 lb. stoner, give her weed, and pop her cherry! by completeexperience10/20/164.24

My High School SSBBW Stoners Ch. 02

 — After deep kissing, I fuck 330-lb. Debbie on my balcony. by completeexperience05/17/174.43

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 14

 — Katie the Loving Wife. by Freddyj88101/28/104.33

My Hottest Stripper - An Old Friend

 — A surprise reunion leads to the hottest night. by 46knight4604/15/174.45

My Idea Of True Love

 — His life experience - nothing more, nothing less. by deftoneslights06/16/013.07

My Improbable Romance Ch. 01

 — He discovers romance with younger woman. by smj54ap03/14/064.57HOT

My Indian Lady

 — Finding real love. by Gentle4905/21/144.47

My Invitation: Surprise Consequence

 — Kim gives a speech and changes lives, mine included. by Scorpio4408/20/084.82HOT

My Jill

 — Peter loses the love of his life - and then they re-unite. by BrettJ03/12/124.54HOT

My Journey

 — Meeting her online lover. by buttercupdh06/21/024.44

My Lady

 — She's the most gorgeous woman he's known. by informalguy5407/26/084.08

My Lady, With Love

 — You husband seduces you after work. by 25yovirgin10/02/074.75

My Late Night Caller

 — Waking up horny, someone has to help her out. by nautynursing08/29/053.80

My Late Night Lover

 — Woman remembers an encounter with her lover. by obliteratedinnocence01/08/054.43

My Learned Friend

 — The life and times of a barrister at law. by Kezza6706/12/134.81HOT

My Life

 — A man and how he deals with life. by DG Hear12/15/064.84HOT

My Life as Isaac Newton

 — When the apple falls, you gotta wake up. by Prizmatic12/08/064.31

My Life in the Army

 — A soldier falls in love with a girl from another country. by Freewheel07/11/164.24

My Life with a Muscular Cheerleader

 — A college senior comes home on break & finds his dream girl. by SubmissiveRomantic01/07/144.62HOT

My Life's Playlist Ch. 08

 — 15. Love Songs 16. Lovely Day. by worldhistorybuff04/30/104.63HOT

My Lissa...

 — A night, in July, after an argument. by sofl011/16/023.75

My Little Secret

 — I just couldn't get him out of my head. by SexyJSecrets11/14/173.96

My Little Slice Of Heaven

 — Wounded soldier returns home and finds peace and love. by SW_MO_Hermit08/15/124.64HOT

My Little Witch

 — Be careful what costumes you make for your kids. by past_perfect10/01/084.78HOT

My Loneliness Brought Happiness

 — My first epic story. by Augiast11/19/103.33

My Long Time Fantasy

 — Fantasy becomes reality. by thunderbelle01/26/043.37

My Love

 — You come together in the middle of the night. by papaya_lynne11/06/034.33

My Love

 — A dream I had. by Tjell10/23/064.90HOT

My Love

 — She de-virginizes. by luvit8401/26/093.95

My Love For A Man

 — Widow falls in love over the internet. by baldmisty11/27/034.34

My Lover

 — She meets her lover for a few precious hours. by Lionspride11/17/024.21

My Lover Returns

 — Reunited with my lover. by mcds56603/29/153.59

My Luvv Pt. 02

 — A man, a young woman next door, and a reason to love again. by 1965Squash10/07/154.57HOT

My Man in Uniform

 — Her fantasy becomes reality. by Miss Jane08/10/054.67HOT

My Mid-life Crisis

 — I am faced with a mid-life crisis. by Cromagnonman05/30/164.66HOT

My Missing Pen Pal

 — My true story of romance on the Internet by Kristi Seaton12/13/014.40

My Most Erotic Encounter

 — A story of desire and how I met my man. by soullove09/30/104.03

My Mother’s Boyfriend

 — Librarian is seduced by intoxicating stranger. by Anessa Ramsey03/27/014.24Editor's Pick

My Muse

 — A part-time author meets his Muse. by Cromagnonman12/13/134.60HOT

My Name is Bond....

 — Romance in Rio. by Busterbear08/11/034.45

My Neighbor

 — His teenage crush gets divorced while he's at college. by heryankee09/05/014.58HOT

My Nemesis

 — Chester loses every contest and every girl to Gordon. by Grey Eagle 28611/23/054.34

My New Best Friend

 — Sam has to choose between her lover, his wife or. . . by Cromagnonman05/26/104.20

My New Intern

 — Rebecca, a marketing exec, gets a new intern... by BritneyHarris12/16/154.36

My New Pet Ch. 02

 — Her pet had some tricks in mind... by keziahhoots01/05/154.48

My Night

 — He gets you ready for a night out. by Hollywood210/20/003.11

My Night as a Night Elf

 — Halloween can be a fun time of year, even for grown-ups. by CianPerrel10/01/124.27

My Night of Nights

 — Melinda sets out to seduce her man. by Cromagnonman08/21/094.15

My Night to Remember

 — She writes a letter to her lover after a wild night. by SyberPet02/13/014.43

My Night With Tom

 — Sexual flirtation at work leads to something new. by lizziebeth04/18/053.94

My Nightmare Ch. 01

 — A cheating husband, a chance encounter. by RubyMadison10/28/123.71

My Number Ch. 01

 — It was WAY too high. by ReedRichards08/04/164.76HOT

My Number Ch. 02

 — Searching for respect. by ReedRichards08/10/164.77HOT

My Number Ch. 03

 — Taking it up a notch. by ReedRichards08/17/164.82HOT

My Number Ch. 04

 — Things get messy, and things get real. by ReedRichards09/16/164.71HOT

My Number Ch. 05

 — Chapter 5. by ReedRichards09/20/164.79HOT

My Number Ch. 06

 — I find out what Dave's fantasies are. by ReedRichards09/23/164.81HOT

My Number Ch. 07

 — A fun trip, and plans. by ReedRichards12/27/164.77HOT

My Number Ch. 08

 — Thanksgiving at Dave's. by ReedRichards01/02/174.77HOT

My Number Ch. 09

 — Happy Holidays! by ReedRichards01/07/174.73HOT

My Number Ch. 10

 — St Valentine's Day. by ReedRichards01/12/174.69HOT

My Number Ch. 11

 — A bit of a twist! by ReedRichards01/17/174.77HOT

My Number Ch. 12

 — Springtime. by ReedRichards02/03/174.74HOT

My Number Ch. 13

 — Getting ready for summer. by ReedRichards02/21/174.64HOT

My Number Ch. 14

 — Just before finals, a trip to the Gorge. by ReedRichards04/11/174.76HOT

My Number Ch. 15: The Final Chapter

 — The Wedding. by ReedRichards05/03/174.69HOT

My Obsession with Jade

 — He falls madly in love and learns its consequences. by CAP81101/30/074.31

My Office Romance

 — Working nights in an office I meet a different sort of girl. by Storm6210/03/134.42

My Old Flame

 — I just can't remember her name! Halloween madness & romance by Stultus10/24/094.20

My Old Girlfriend

 — The first love of my life...I finally got in her pants. by sackfull04/05/132.96

My One True Love

 — Love comes at amazing places. by dangerbabe01/29/073.88

My Online Affair

 — Husband strays online till he realizes his mistake. by DG Hear01/29/064.65HOT

My Only Regret

 — Just like that one man can change everything. by BrokenGlass04/21/064.22

My Only Regret Ch. 02

 — If one man can change everything, what can one woman do? by BrokenGlass04/29/064.21

My Only Regret Ch. 03

 — Making amends means making your way home. by BrokenGlass05/06/064.39

My Only Regret Ch. 04

 — What comes around, goes around. by BrokenGlass05/13/064.25

My Own Country Boy

 — Country girl finds her perfect match. by camogirl8809/15/084.30

My Own Heaven Ch. 18

 — Preparing for their trip and off to the mountain cabin. by DaniSub21501/23/094.59HOT

My Parents Warned Me Ch. 02

 — Henry moves on after the divorce and finds new love. by StormKing3307/03/174.32

My Pastors Wife Ch. 01

 —  What would you do to keep love alive? by Lustydreamer09/15/124.23

My Perfect Saturday

 — You have a perfect way to spend a Saturday. by moozer12/01/053.90

My Perfect Sculpture

 — You have some oral and sex after a nap. by Surfergirl12/23/034.50HOT

My Perfect Valentine

 — Romantic tale of couple's first time. by pink lady02/04/034.39

My Perfect, Romantic Memory

 — Net lovers meet for the first and only time. by Stygian Blaze12/20/044.74HOT

My Perfection

 — Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. by glowing05/04/064.71HOT

My Princess Lainie

 — Fictionalized account of his dream love affair. by Yohann9910/09/024.36

My Professor

 — A student lives her fantasy. by Janerochester01/28/144.17

My Purge Weekend with Em Ch. 01

 — Emily was my beautiful slave and this was my purge weekend. by Roddyal11/10/153.50

My Retirement Ch. 08

 — Beth finds a man... a real man. by Rodbender205/11/174.62HOT

My Room

 — A hot, romantic fantasy of you. by nfatale7508/23/024.24

My Sailor

 — Returning home to meet the love of his life. by ComeWhatMay04912/21/134.39

My School Girl

 — Wife surprises husband by catering to his schoolgirl fantasy. by ckklover10/04/044.37

My Second Chance

 — A man finds love after divorce. by ArMtnMan02/26/074.50HOT

My Secret Fantasy

 — Girl has fantasies about her supervisor. by sierra07/13/013.33

My Sentinel

 — He watched over me, he guarded me, he saved me... by musicalchick01/14/154.64HOT

My Sex Diary, 2010: Ch. 01

 — It's a new year and the first entry in my sex journal! by jennifer_bridges01/11/104.38

My Sex Diary, 2010: Ch. 02

 — My relationship with Matt progresses a bit more. by jennifer_bridges01/18/104.33

My Sex Diary, 2010: Ch. 03

 — Matt and I have sex for the first time. And it's very good. by jennifer_bridges01/30/104.50HOT

My Sex Diary, 2010: Ch. 04

 — Rough sex, and sex in my friend's bed is contained within! by jennifer_bridges02/04/104.47

My Sex Diary, 2010: Ch. 05

 — I break new ground at Sarah's birthday party. by jennifer_bridges03/20/104.30

My Sexy Boss

 — John develops a crush on his sexy boss. by bigdaddysmooth07/22/064.27

My Sexy Fantasy

 — A personal sex fantasy between lovers. by Kiladra09/09/124.15

My Shower Dream About...

 — Her dream rendezvous with USAF Pilot. by Miss Jane07/19/054.13

My Shy Teen Slave Ch. 05

 — Sex for the first time. Hot, steamy, loving sex. by heavenlyhell098704/21/154.59HOT

My Sister in Law

 — She was in tough shape. by SierraSprite03/07/164.48

My Sister's Wedding

 — I was happy for her, but I hoped to find that special person. by DG Hear08/21/114.81HOT

My Sleeping Love

 — She loves to watch him at rest. by Angel12/01/014.32

My Slutty Valentine

 — My girlfriend gets it on with her boss. by Totzman01/22/133.72

My Softball Coach

 — A player and coach find love. by camogirl8809/18/084.48

My Softball Coach Ch. 02

 — They head to his house for the weekend. by camogirl8809/24/084.58HOT

My Softball Coach Ch. 03

 — School the next week. by camogirl8809/28/084.46

My Soul Mate

 — I will love you forever and this is why. by AnaLeePleasured04/10/11

My Soulmate

 — A romantic scene showing love, and tender care. by 12bb07/21/103.90

My Soulmate

 — May/December. by MicheleAsalia01/27/153.54

My Special Lover

 — A special tribute to a wonderful lover. by CyberKitten22107/01/054.85HOT

My St. Patrick's Day Fantasy

 — A young woman's fantasy becomes a threesome. by kimbelina08/07/074.64HOT

My Story

 — A casual meeting with sexy redhead turns erotic. by Renagade2102/17/013.25

My Student

 — She gets a lot of support from her math professor. by DrTool02/25/144.27

My Summer Break

 — A break at Myrtle Beach before starting my new position. by DG Hear08/28/124.57HOT

My Sunday With You Part 1

 — The best part of waking up. by Gaucho04/09/014.57HOT

My Sunday With You Part 2

 — Humor and horseplay lead to a new experience. by Gaucho04/15/014.65HOT

My Sunday With You Part 3

 — There is only one way for this perfect Sunday to end. by Gaucho04/22/014.70HOT

My Sweet Dream

 — A sweet scenario of a couple right before bed. by naughtykit1008/04/154.40

My Sweet Elizabeth

 — A true story of lost love. by Brian69002/03/094.47

My Sweet Erica

 — A chance encounter by the pool turns into something more. by slickfinger01/30/123.65

My Sweet Little Angel Ch. 01

 — They meet again ... by creativetalent03/01/134.61HOT

My Sweet Little Angel Ch. 02

 — The mystery unfolds...But will there be a happily everafter? by creativetalent03/08/134.66HOT

My Sweet Little Angel Ch. 03

 — Would he be able to rescue her? by creativetalent03/12/134.76HOT

My Sweet Revenge

 — Woman discovers lover submitting written porn. by Gem Stone01/08/034.40

My Sweet Valentine Liar

 — A pretty little liar captures my heart. by loerics01/22/164.42

My Teacher Ch. 3

 — Teacher gives student very private lessons. by L.A. Wicker06/15/014.37

My Teacher Ch. 4

 — Student finds new love. by L.A. Wicker09/22/014.57HOT

My Teacher Ch. 5

 — Teacher gets a shock. by L.A. Wicker09/23/014.71HOT

My Ten Best Studies

 — A photography manual reveals secrets. by PnkOcelot01/26/084.44

My Therapy

 — After fiancee dies guy hooks up with her sister. by portlanddrew08/10/114.18

My Thrill

 — Slightly older friend from childhood becomes "my thrill". by AnAmericanDarling12/24/114.45

My Time with Kelli Pt. 02

 — First date continues with a trip to meet her family. by Magnumgrimlocke197704/08/164.74HOT

My Time with Kelli Pt. 04

 — After the break up, a flame re-ignites. by Magnumgrimlocke197706/29/164.70HOT

My Tiny Dancer

 — A night when two friends become lovers. by michael_op108/14/014.41

My Tribute

 — She dreams of her love. by ForsakenFire03/18/014.12

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