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Interracial Love Stories

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Passion for Black

 — Both have the cravings satisfied. by Hosieryboy06/27/033.84

Passion in the Workplace

 — You fall for your hunky ebony coworker. by BM6ft4in02/08/014.12

Passion is Blind

 — Missing both the obvious and the death of an era. by sr71plt10/03/074.24

Passionate Puerto-Rican Rosabella

 — Black man exchanges love letters and orgasms with Latin wife. by ParkerWyatt02/17/174.60HOT

Patricia - My First White Wife

 — How one day with this white wife changed my life forever. by whitewifelover02/10/084.48

Patrick Ch. 01

 — The first day of class. by kalamazoo70712/30/114.65HOT

Patrick Ch. 02

 — It becomes personal. by kalamazoo70701/05/124.67HOT

Patrick Ch. 03

 — Melissa pushes hard. by kalamazoo70701/07/124.73HOT

Patrick Ch. 04

 — What happened? by kalamazoo70701/13/124.73HOT

Patrick Ch. 05

 — The aftermath. by kalamazoo70701/23/124.70HOT

Patrick Ch. 06

 — Kevyn admits that she's attracted. by kalamazoo70701/24/124.68HOT

Patrick Ch. 07

 — Claimed. by kalamazoo70701/29/124.73HOT

Patrick Ch. 08

 — Confessions. by kalamazoo70702/01/124.81HOT

Patrick Ch. 09

 — Maryanne, Katrina and Linda. by kalamazoo70702/04/124.72HOT

Patrick Ch. 10

 — Dinner at Kevyn's. by kalamazoo70702/12/124.71HOT

Patrick Ch. 11

 — A decision made in haste. by kalamazoo70702/21/124.75HOT

Patrick Ch. 12

 — Gene and his issues. by kalamazoo70702/24/124.73HOT

Patrick Ch. 13

 — Choices to be made. by kalamazoo70703/04/124.78HOT

Patrick Ch. 14

 — Who died? by kalamazoo70703/13/124.80HOT

Patrick Ch. 15

 — The days after the rescue. by kalamazoo70705/02/124.80HOT

Patriotic Duty

 — White wife aids the FBI. by Stormbringer01/28/114.51HOT


 — He comes home from guarding the border to his love Maria. by Middleagepoet12/26/093.82

Patti & Eddie

 — They have their first black experience. by shelovesbigblackcock02/11/054.40

Patty's First Black

 — Husband watches her with her first black man. by happywatcher08/19/054.17

Paul and Helen at the Chalet

 — Helen decides to take Paul (Story 4). by AmyClarkBerand01/17/174.11

Paul and Mandy Get Close

 — Paul spends more time with Mandy the masseuse (Story 5). by AmyClarkBerand01/25/174.54HOT

Paul's Awakening

 — Expatriate traveler in Africa discovers his maid. by AmyClarkBerand11/08/164.36

Paula's First Black Cock

 — My wife's introduction to BBC. by LarryandPaula05/07/104.33

Paula: An Unfaithful Wife? Ch. 02

 — Sequel to the story by MelnMe. by OpenMouth06/15/073.43


 — Wife goes beyond husband's desires. by nickandee04/16/074.14

Peaches and Cream Ch. 01

 — Matt sees a ghost from his past. by ncpecanpie04/21/164.48

Peaches and Cream Pt. 02

 — On the other side of the coffee shop. by ncpecanpie04/29/164.59HOT

Peaches and Cream Pt. 03

 — Matt and Catherine revisit the past and see each other again. by ncpecanpie05/06/164.71HOT

Peaches and Cream Pt. 04

 — From tutor to lover. by ncpecanpie05/25/164.75HOT

Peaches and Cream Pt. 05

 — Reunited. by ncpecanpie01/04/174.76HOT

Peaches and Cream Pt. 06

 — Matt and Cat reunite, face the past and present. by ncpecanpie07/18/174.69HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 01

 — Black female meets intriguing Native American male. by virgofemme03/22/124.45

Peak of Desire Ch. 02

 — They meet again. by virgofemme03/23/124.58HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 03

 — Their first date. by virgofemme03/29/124.55HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 04

 — their desire continues to build. by virgofemme04/05/124.52HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 05

 — The pool hall. by virgofemme04/13/124.70HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 06

 — An unexpected massage client. by virgofemme05/03/124.56HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 07

 — An erotic experience at the swimming hole. by virgofemme05/04/124.63HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 08

 — Their intimate experience continues. by virgofemme05/17/124.62HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 09

 — A trip to the desert. by virgofemme06/03/124.77HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 10

 — The cocktail party. by virgofemme06/16/124.60HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 11

 — What goes up... by virgofemme06/30/124.69HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 12

 — The road to recovery. by virgofemme07/20/124.67HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 13

 — lLve is a battlefield. by virgofemme07/21/124.62HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 14

 — Secrets revealed and confrontation. by virgofemme08/07/124.80HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 15

 — The truth emerges. by virgofemme08/17/124.77HOT

Peak of Desire Ch. 16

 — The conclusion. by virgofemme08/28/124.69HOT


 — First time watching his girlfriend with Black man. by LiXX06/18/024.19


 — Black Dom uses his slut by an open window. by KingstonM06/29/014.39

Peg Invites a Stranger In

 — Black lover sends a friend to see Peg. by Peg6902/12/074.08

Peggy Plunges

 — She plunges into Bi sex. by LustyLee7709/16/104.10

Peggy Sanford & the Secret Society

 — Peggy is introduced to a secret society of black men. by Peggy4601/09/084.50HOT

Peggy Sanford & the Secret Society Ch. 01

 — Black Master summons Peggy to the Bahamas. by walterio02/08/104.51HOT

Peggy Sanford & the Secret Society Ch. 02

 — My initiation into the Secret Society. by Peggy4603/10/094.53HOT

Peggy Sanford Gets "The Business"

 — Entertaining Asian men for fun and profit. by xntrc07/26/164.14

Peggy Serves the Secret Society

 — Peggy Sanford's next encounter with the Secret Society. by brandit114812/17/154.64HOT

Peggy Serves the Secret Society Ch. 02

 — Peggy serves the Society at an afternoon orgy. by brandit114801/02/164.57HOT

Peggy Serves the Secret Society Ch. 03

 — The orgy continues into the night. by brandit114801/28/164.39

Peggy Serves the Secret Society Ch. 04

 — Peggy serves Masters from all over the USA. by brandit114806/13/164.38

Peggy Serves the Secret Society Ch. 05

 — Peggy's last day in Atlanta, more service to the Society. by brandit114809/18/164.40

Pendulum of Gold Ch. 01

 — Rylan lives the wildlife, is Jude her partner in crime? by sashasworld809/27/164.16

Penny Discovers BBC

 — Housewife catches her sister-in-law screwing a black man. by Sasha_Vogue11/12/164.47

Penny's Story

 — Troubled 18 year old stripper receives help from black man. by tw_holt11/27/144.42

Perfect Gentleman

 — How she got her big black cock. by bigman202/12/064.29


 — Black actor hooks up with white Aussie costar. by brethard10/21/15

Performing Her Civic Duty

 — Jury duty. by TeretheTree04/11/034.03

Perfume Ch. 01

 — A Black BBW finds love in a gorgeous Boricua. by MsLaLa3105/14/114.56HOT

Perfume Ch. 02

 — Circumstances throw Eric and Wynston together. by MsLaLa3105/20/114.63HOT

Perfume Ch. 03

 — Circumstances bring Eric and Wynston even closer. by MsLaLa3105/27/114.71HOT

Perfume Ch. 04

 — Eric claims Wynston. by MsLaLa3106/05/114.71HOT

Perfume Ch. 05

 — Wynston succumbs to her feelings for Eric. by MsLaLa3106/13/114.73HOT

Perfume Ch. 06

 — Eric and Wynston bond. by MsLaLa3106/18/114.78HOT

Perfume Ch. 07

 — Things become heated in SC. by MsLaLa3106/27/114.83HOT

Perfume Ch. 08

 — The beginning of the End... by MsLaLa3107/11/114.86HOT

Perfume Ch. 09

 — The Conclusion. by MsLaLa3107/29/114.87HOT

Persephone Ch. 02

 — Zane and Persephone discover more of each other. by Dar_Jisbo08/16/164.47

Persian Bahá'í Woman Goes Black

 — Persian Bahá'í woman meets Guinean gentleman. by Samuelx05/05/173.45

Persian Femdom for Black Men

 — Congolese lawyer marries Persian dominatrix. by Samuelx11/27/152.13

Persian Girl With Older Texas Man

 — She loses her cherry. by luv2188509/09/034.12

Persian Hijabi and Bi Black Men

 — Persian Muslim gal hooks up with bisexual black men. by Samuelx03/06/172.20

Persian Ladies into Black Men

 — Persian female student seduces Mauritanian stud. by Samuelx03/09/172.73

Personal Pleasure

 — Older Black woman enjoys younger White man. by Lady Zendora06/05/044.53HOT

Personal Sacrifice for Others

 — A white woman and black man integrate one another. by Y2J42008/13/064.38

Personal Training

 — MWF has a chance meeting with blk guy she first met online. by chasseur1103/09/114.37

Personal Training Ch. 02

 — MWF continues her affair with blk online friend. by chasseur1104/29/114.48


 — Wife is seduced by husband's boss. by imprimatur02/28/044.52HOT

Pesos and Facials Pt. 01

 — Her holiday turns into the perfect revenge tactic. by The8thSentinel07/16/093.81

Pesos and Facials Pt. 02

 — Desperation forces Emma into a sticky situation. by The8thSentinel07/21/093.88

Pesos and Facials Pt. 03

 — Conclusion: Emma gets her reward and her revenge. by The8thSentinel08/01/094.37


 — He finds his sexy wife in bed with a Black man. by eeric04/11/023.82

Philippines Vacation Pt. 01

 — Exotic Erotic Vacation... by MrsYoung10/24/154.31

Phone Repairman Vol. 2

 — Telephone repairman and two young black women. by hmm09/11/074.46

Phone Sex

 — Girl plays with her "dildo". by sarahsmith198906/17/144.33

Photo Finish

 — Aussie redhead hooks up with cute black man on first date. by brethard05/31/16

Photo Opportunity Ch. 2

 — Stuart gets his revenge on Janey by willow_farm11/11/014.05

Photo Safari Refocuses on Sex

 — Young white photographer discovers the African physique. by Corky194212/28/174.05

Photo Session Ch. 07

 — Grant films me conceiving. by sally69er09/25/083.96

Photogenic Barry

 — Husband takes pics of wife with ebony hunk. by Savage10/10/004.11

Photographic Evidence

 — Black wife schemes revenge on husband's interracial trysting. by sr71plt02/25/154.30

Photography 101

 — Wife's photoshoot goes wild! by Bob151502/08/124.04

Phuket or Bust! Ch. 01

 — A naive foreigner finds love in a Phuket bar. by new_hentai_boy04/11/183.89

Phuket or Bust! Ch. 02

 — What fools do for love, continued. by new_hentai_boy04/21/184.00

Pick the Music

 — The difference only made it better. by Jake_Knight03/06/174.15

Picking My Son Up at School.

 — Mom can't find her son. by hotgal08/31/023.91

Piece Offering

 — Gang peace ensured if west can deliver 10 fine ho's. by clinton0910/09/10

Pills Ch. 03

 — The Doctor's orders... by JellytheBiggler02/19/183.55

Pimp Zee: The Life of...

 — Get your wife 'Black-Owned' and pimped! by dsoul03/24/124.01

Pimped Housewife

 — Wife has to secretly pay back a loan shark. by Karenkay10/18/074.04

Pink Slip

 — Caucasian business manager propositions Ebony cashier. by GuyJD07/26/014.24

Pissing with Monica

 — Interracial watersports fun. by pismale11/24/094.53HOT

Pizza Delivery Ch. 1

 — Leo delivers. by cecile_mmm_2107/13/024.26

Pizza Guy got Me Trippin

 — Young black girl has it bad for a white pizza delivery guy. by Merritt8903/24/184.31

Pizza Guy got Me Trippin Pt. 02

 — Kayla gets what she wished for, but not how she planned. by Merritt8904/14/184.54HOT

Plan C

 — Kylie has to come up with a plan to seduce an older man. by Kylie_X11/26/07

Planned Encounter

 — Wife meets her Black bull. by taurusChaos04/22/084.14

Plantaion Days 1: Missy Anne

 — Missy Anne gets wild with field hands. by Wattyjoy02/06/024.25

Plantation 1815

 — Two young women let curiosity get the best of them. by jasliz08/27/114.47

Plantation Days

 — She's on her way to trade her black stud for a studlier one. by Boxlicker10109/21/104.39

Plantation Days Ch. 2

 — Missy Anne meets the Slaves at the summerhouse. by Wattyjoy02/09/024.38

Plantation Nights

 — Plantation owner's wife has fun with the slaves. by Wattyjoy01/08/024.08

Plantation Nights Ch. 2

 — Plantation owner's wife has slaves & the overseer. by Wattyjoy01/13/024.29

Plantation Porn Ch. 04

 — White chick seduces Black female football star. by Samuelx03/03/102.52

Plantation Porn Ch. 05

 — White lady dominates lazy black woman. by Samuelx03/04/103.00

Plantation Stud

 — Young slave becomes a stallion. by Randy4Sure07/15/114.23

Play Hooky with Me

 — Friends turn into lovers during a matinee. by Raena04/11/134.07


 — A fool and his money are soon parted. by mondotoken10/31/153.83

Playing Away

 — A great partner in love and play. by Bob_603/17/154.08

Playing Games

 — Young BW plays high-stake with her heart. by kamillelove04/30/143.71

Playing Games Ch. 02

 — Young BW plays high-stake with her heart. by kamillelove05/02/144.02

Playing Games Ch. 03

 — Young BW plays high-stake with her heart. by kamillelove05/03/144.14

Playing Games Ch. 04

 — Young bw plays highstakes with her heart. by kamillelove05/05/144.57HOT

Playing Games Ch. 05

 — A young bw plays highstakes with her heart by kamillelove05/06/144.31

Playing Games Ch. 06

 — Young BW plays high-stake with her heart. by kamillelove05/12/143.94

Playing Games Ch. 07

 — Young bw plays highstakes with her heart. by kamillelove06/16/144.19

Playing with Fire

 — An MFM threesome goes all wrong. by Larryneal4003/11/163.33

Please Be My Valentine

 — She got fed up spending romantic day alone. by Erotica_Writings01/23/064.16

Please Ch. 02

 — He answers Jaquelyn's questions. by elledee07/06/104.61HOT

Please Cowboy?

 — A cowboy who is very relucant, but not for too long. by ChynaMarie05/19/114.46

Please Cowboy? Ch. 02

 — She has him tied up and now the truth will come out? by ChynaMarie05/25/114.40

Please Cowboy? Ch. 03

 — The mistress in her comes out and play? by ChynaMarie06/02/114.61HOT

Please Cowboy? Ch. 04

 — A month later... by ChynaMarie06/02/114.61HOT

Please Cowboy? Ch. 05

 — She runs away, but he finds her and then... by ChynaMarie06/21/114.58HOT

Please Cowboy? Ch. 06

 — He finally gets her right where he wants her! by ChynaMarie07/25/114.52HOT

Please Cowboy? Ch. 07

 — The final chapter!!! by ChynaMarie07/26/114.31

Please Don't Cry

 — Nate shows his friend Helen why she should stay around. by HeavenlyGates02/23/094.40

Please Don't Cry Ch. 02

 — Nate and Helen has fun during their lunch. by HeavenlyGates10/07/094.38

Please Don't Cry Ch. 03

 — Nate helps Helen feel better before going home. by HeavenlyGates03/20/114.00

Please Fuck My Girlfriend

 — How my black boss fucked my Asian girlfriend. by cuckott07/22/104.02

Please My Wife Ch. 01

 — Small dick man wants Black neighbor to fuck his wife. by SpankerSam11/17/144.37

Please My Wife Ch. 02

 — Things continue to heat up for this couple. by SpankerSam12/01/144.52HOT

Please My Wife Ch. 03

 — The couple continues to come under his spell. by SpankerSam02/23/174.48

Please My Wife Ch. 04

 — Larry continues to give Jim and Jennifer what they need. by SpankerSam04/09/174.49

Please Stop Fucking...

 — He watches wife & daughters seduced into black. by yenyang01/11/044.32

Please Stop Fucking... Mon.

 — Bill's family is further seduced. by yenyang02/13/044.38

Please Stop Fucking... Thu.

 — Pam takes a stand. by yenyang06/24/044.50HOT

Please Stop Fucking... Tue.

 — Couple is invigorated. by yenyang03/07/044.42

Please Stop Fucking... Wed.

 — Beginning of youngest daughter's descent. by yenyang04/07/044.49


 — Rick discovers the Asian delights of his long time secretary. by Selena_Kitt01/01/094.48

Pleasing Her Boss Ch. 01

 — A wife is cheating on her husband with her black boss. by Karenkay04/05/144.14

Pleasing Her Boss Ch. 02

 — Wife has an affair with black boss. by Karenkay04/19/144.19

Plumber's Perks Ch. 14

 — Blue collar men have perks too. by PlumberNickNZ02/28/064.60HOT

Plumber's Perks Ch. 17

 — Blue collar men get perks, too. by PlumberNickNZ03/18/064.55HOT

Plumber's Perks Ch. 18

 — Blue collar men get perks too. by PlumberNickNZ03/20/064.63HOT

Plumber's Perks Ch. 19

 — Blue collar men get perks too. by PlumberNickNZ03/21/064.65HOT


 — Tracy has more than her hands full with a couple of plumbers. by fun_tracy07/09/154.71HOT

Plump Hot Ass Stacey Robertson

 — Hot ass Stacey Robertson is triple teamed. by johara04/14/044.22

Plunged into Darkness

 — Sandy finds comfort through sex when trapped in an elevator. by HerLittlePiggy12/02/154.29

Poetic Motivation

 — A heartbroken woman falls for a poet. by anarchy002906/26/114.44

Poker Night with the Neighbors

 — Husband watches as wife is blacked after a poker game. by Dayspring6908/31/144.25

Police Work

 — A woman's attraction to an African-American man is realized. by sarahfine03/15/144.14

Policewomen Ep. 03: Kelly's Failure

 — She goes black and goes undercover into Fat Rob's world. by tw_holt02/20/164.54HOT

Polly Want a Secret?

 — Is one life enough or do you need a secret one, too? by voluptuary_manque11/03/123.96


 — Middle-aged mom makes love at the office. by MankoZ2807/12/094.37

Pollyanna Ch. 02

 — Patrick and Michelle continue their sexual encounter. by MankoZ2808/11/094.47

Pollyanna Ch. 03

 — Patrick and Michelle ave their final encounter. by MankoZ2812/03/094.43

Pollyanna Ch. 04

 — Patrick and Michelle spend the weekend together. by MankoZ2806/09/104.52HOT

Pooja and Regis at Massasoit

 — Sikh Indian woman falls for Black man in Brockton. by Samuelx08/03/173.18

Pooja Ditches BF for American Man

 — An Indian college girl meets her American client. by indianwife08/24/104.10

Poor Little White Girl

 — Shy English girl meets horny American black guys. by phantome7103/09/054.17

Popping Corks

 — Black executive hooks up with a blonde Irish model. by brethard04/27/15

Porn Audition Ch. 02

 — A divorced woman's new career path. by thestoryguy3311/08/134.63HOT

Porn Palace Prostitute

 — Oral sex prostitution in the backroom of a porn shop. by Beasty-Gurl04/24/033.80

Porn With The Wind

 — Southern Belle wants desperately to be rung by slave cock. by Carnevil902/11/104.16


 — A sexual adventure. by cward208/24/053.37

Port Wine and Pink Lace

 — Sexy tale about damp panties on a NJ train ride to Portugal. by avasogently10/09/104.40

Portrait From Life Pt. 01

 — Painting the portrait of a brothel's Madame. by LorenzoAbajos01/01/164.35

Portrait of a Hot Tub Blowjob

 — An Asian gives me a little sucky sucky in a motel hot tub. by iggyspear02/27/184.43


 — Evil brews in unlikely places. by secrecy45611/29/124.49

Possessing Bella Ch. 07

 — Bella arrives at Hunter's Lodge. by xelliebabex07/09/144.64HOT

Possessing Bella Ch. 08

 — The hunter and the prey. by xelliebabex08/02/144.70HOT

Post Coital Suggestion Ch. 01

 — Becky becomes convinced that she can't say no to black men. by Playful_Housemom02/23/064.57HOT

Post Coital Suggestion Ch. 02

 — Becky discovers it's true, she can't say no. by Playful_Housemom02/24/064.50HOT

Post Coital Suggestion Ch. 03

 — Becky gets lucky at a Rotary meeting. by Playful_Housemom02/24/064.52HOT


 — Bored wife loves cock. by Boxerpete04/22/133.75

Potenz überzeugt 03

 — Eine deutsche Goth wird zur Türkenschlampe. by extremespiele04/09/064.36

Pounded by My Son's Friend Jamal

 — "Well wishing" Jamal has his way with his best friend's mom. by hereforyourpleasure11/16/174.05

Power Ch. 04

 — Solution; the Black Velvet perp captured. by WifeWatchman04/22/174.79HOT

Power Struggle

 — Who's in control. by Ariana_Garvey12/17/154.48

Power Trip

 — Wife discovers pleasure on a business trip. by darkknight0110/17/034.61HOT

Prankin for the Pussy

 — Fun with my girls sister. by DLong8511/07/174.39

Predator Chick

 — Really horny chick loves to grind. by Stones196804/01/102.27

Pregnant Passion

 — A secret passion for two people comes true. by PDumbledore03/07/044.61HOT

Prep School

 — Teachers wives home school students. by hammertime06/12/064.62HOT

Preparing Beth for Black

 — Preparing my girlfriend for a black cock. by strangerwithadirtymind05/29/114.06

Preston's Romance Ch. 01

 — A "spin-off" of "Let's Do Lunch" with Michael's friend, Pres. by Cocoa_Cure06/01/164.23

Pretty Enough

 — He soothes the ego of insecure Jamaican beauty. by Pholkie Phred09/17/003.95

Pretty Fly

 — Michael's lovin' is pretty fly - for a white guy. by Cocoa_Cure12/24/004.61HOT

Pretty Young Indian Wife Cheats Ch. 01

 — He catches wife with an older white co-worker. by hard_ball05/14/053.89

Price of Bad Debt Ch. 03

 — She no longer has a choice. by jaac08/26/044.10

Price of Bad Debt Ch. 04

 — Her first real client wants more. by jaac08/27/044.63HOT

Primal Desire

 — How I found my first white breeding girl. by SilentKnight21406/22/184.27

Prince Charming

 — Her Knight in Shining Armor. by coolness60202/15/104.15

Prince Charming Ch. 02

 — Her Knight in Shining Armor. by coolness60205/14/104.34

Prince of Darkness Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by Blaqueknygt12/09/153.25

Principal's Harem Ch. 01

 — This principal is getting his wish to fuck young girls. by mrnotally6710/27/173.15

Principally Speaking Ch. 01

 — Shy older woman's life is derailed by an Internet discovery. by Stardog Champion09/19/114.18

Principally Speaking Ch. 02

 — Dinah's date with destiny at a glory hole. by Stardog Champion09/20/114.41


 — Devon's new receptionist takes his breath away. by brian47331708/13/104.61HOT

Pritti Ch. 02

 — Devon appreciates Pritti's dedication to her work. by brian47331708/21/104.74HOT

Pritti Ch. 03

 — Devon has to learn how to share. by brian47331708/27/104.42

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