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Interracial Love Stories

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She's Addictive Ch. 03

 — They put on a show in the drugstore. by SexyPecan06/30/084.48

She's Addictive Ch. 04

 — She's finally his. by SexyPecan07/03/084.45

She's Addictive Ch. 05

 — Tragedy strikes. by SexyPecan07/10/084.44

Sheik Omar Ch. 03

 — The Sheik pleasures Lady Mary for the first time. by RubiaLaFaye05/31/164.54HOT

Sheik Omar Ch. 06

 — Inspiration for this story (book list) and explanation. by RubiaLaFaye06/15/164.10

Sheila Pays the Tab

 — White wife meets black cock. by Kippy18912/04/114.39

Shelly and "Jenny's" Story Pt. 01

 — Shelly will save her husband's job at all costs. by akak2801/28/154.41

Shelly and "Jenny's" Story Pt. 03

 — Shelly has a "Black"mailer. by akak2802/01/154.40

Shelter from the Storm

 — Film-noir tale of desperation, jazz & unexpected love. by Nigel Debonnaire11/05/06

Sherri's Secret Ch. 01

 — Truth cums out about wife's interracial lust. by DerickX04/16/034.35

Sherri's Secret Ch. 02

 — She gets a black man while he watches. by DerickX04/22/034.37

Sherri's Secret: The Beginning

 — Wife's addiction to black cock is reborn. by DerickX04/17/034.24

Sherry's Mom

 — Sherry does't want to cuckhold her husband. by vargas11107/15/043.78

Sherry's Mom Ch. 02

 —  Mom removes obstacle to Sherry's breeding. by vargas11107/16/044.10


 — Her "last hurrah". by jomomma14103/10/094.38


 — They have to keep quiet. by vampwrrr03/23/134.33

Shipping Mistake

 — A mistake changes a couples sex life. by dr13bone05/29/124.25

Shoe on This Brother's Other Foot

 — My usual game of scoring white pussy turns upside down. by patdown06/20/144.20

Shondra's Revenge

 — A middle-aged black woman tries a white man. by swirlguy01/08/154.50HOT

Shooting Stars Always Burn Out

 — Will Ariana and Patrick burn out? by Ariana_Garvey01/15/164.36

Shop Smut

 — Lisa meets a surprise visitor and can't resist. by SecretPassion2901/17/094.27

Shopping for Jeans

 — Sexual encounter with an amazing Caucasian redhead. by goalei123412/16/124.16

Shopping for Sex

 — Hunting for bargains on the internet takes on a new meaning. by randyslocum01/24/103.97

Shopping on the Dark Side

 — An unexpected interracial encounter. by white_on_brown10/07/104.41

Short Shorts Ch. 04

 — Lindsey goes out with Zach. by Selena_Kitt03/18/074.47

Short Story: Slick

 — Black foreman pulls a fast one. by hammertime07/04/114.41

Short-Time With Josephine

 — Filipina friend takes care of absent wife's hubby. by Tantalaimon01/30/024.03

Should I Move

 — Tables turned on black guy. by snowbunny198412/30/104.31

Should I Move Ch. 02

 — Expanding interracial experience. by snowbunny198401/03/114.16

Should I Move Ch. 03

 — New toys with pain. by snowbunny198401/05/114.64HOT

Shower Attack

 — Wife surprises husband in the shower. by Acal06/08/103.61

Showing Her Around

 — Vince teaches beautiful Black employee more than her job. by Otzchiim04/06/014.22


 — A male dancer picks up a hot woman. by trainman_d11/10/034.42

Showtime Ch. 02

 — Alice's husband gets a show. by trainman_d12/11/034.62HOT

Shut Up and Fuck Me

 — Hardcore interracial sex workout. by blackbachelor12/09/023.93

Shy Guy Hero

 — He gets shaken, oily and trapped with an Asian woman. by kumachanz01/23/07HOT

Shy Wife - Let's Go on Vacation

 — Kenny's conservative wife finds sexual appetite on vacation. by downboy69901109/03/164.66HOT

Shy Wife's Forced Black Hand Job

 — She lost a bet and has to pay a price, while hubby watches. by dr13bone06/01/104.29

Sialo Li

 — Asian slut gets hot. by No Panty Girl04/18/064.08

Sibling Rivalry Ch. 01

 — There's only one of him and two of them. by lovewords05/20/114.23

Sibling Rivalry Ch. 02

 — Stacy does the favor for Lena. by lovewords05/26/114.61HOT

Sibling Rivalry Ch. 03

 — The fighting begins. by lovewords05/31/114.67HOT

Sibling Rivalry Ch. 04

 — And the winner is... by lovewords06/11/114.74HOT

Sibling Rivalry Ch. 05

 — It hits the fan. by lovewords10/20/114.72HOT

Sibling Rivalry Ch. 06

 — And so it is. by lovewords10/24/114.60HOT

Sideline Reporter

 — Hot white reporter interacts with hung black player. by FERDY10/25/084.24

Sideline Reporter-Overtime

 — Reporter gives more details and plans for future adventures. by FERDY11/05/084.23

Sidni Learns a Lesson

 — My introduction to Black Cock. by EZ4BLKcock11/23/114.12

Sidni Learns a Lesson Ch. 02

 — Sidni day dreams. by EZ4BLKcock12/31/114.44

Sidni Learns a Lesson Ch. 03

 — I sat on the bench sipping my soda... by EZ4BLKcock04/10/124.45

Sidni Learns a Lesson Ch. 04

 — Sidni's friend takes her to a party. by EZ4BLKcock05/25/134.43

SIL and the Black Janitor Pt. 01

 — SIL has a great time finally submitting to the BBC Janitor. by gojirasan09/24/164.24

SIL and the Black Janitor Pt. 02

 — SIL gets a surprise and gets fucked by two big black cocks. by gojirasan02/01/174.52HOT

SIL and the Black Janitor Pt. 03

 — SIL gets her hot friend to also take on two black cocks. by gojirasan02/02/174.53HOT

SIL and the Black Janitor Pt. 04

 — SIL gets pussy AND black dick, at the same time! by gojirasan05/30/174.46

Silent Love Ch. 01

 — Love can be expressed without words. by Kaya_Shulia01/15/134.38

Silent Love Ch. 02

 — A girl can never have too much Russian men in her life. by Kaya_Shulia01/23/134.55HOT

Silent Love Ch. 03

 — The world is a beautiful place when you are drunk. by Kaya_Shulia01/30/134.63HOT

Silent Love Ch. 04

 — Zoya and Dmitry get to know each other. by Kaya_Shulia01/07/154.71HOT

Silent Night, Horny Night

 — Small town outsider teaches insider about the real world. by kromen11/18/054.63HOT

Silent Singer

 — Life should be easy for good, honest people. by SadDreamer07/03/123.67

Simran Khalsa of Punjab

 — Sikh Indian MILF meets a Zulu stud. by Samuelx01/06/18

Singaporean Party Girl

 — Overview of my adult life. by Tyngha08/04/103.53

Singaporean Party Girl Ch. 02

 — Losing my virginity. by Tyngha08/08/104.00

Singaporean Party Girl Ch. 03

 — Pubs, clubs and bars, the early years. by Tyngha08/22/103.96

Singing in Ethiopia

 — Learning the meaning of the songs. by RubenR01/31/174.67HOT

Single Mom, Hot & Sexy

 — AC repairman fixes mom as well. by hotgal06/27/024.17

Sinnndy's First Taste of Dark Meat

 — She gets her first taste at a party. by sinnndy03/24/013.99

Sins of the Father.

 — Uncelibate relationship between priest and nun. by TOYNBEE03/07/044.42


 — A sensual moving interracial encounter. by amplyyours09/28/113.70

Sir Lancelot

 — First black cock encounter turns into a sexual eye-opener. by Terri6910/19/084.26

Sir, The Neighbour Made Me!

 — Old Eric finally takes his teasing neighbour. by sweet_coco_milkshake12/28/084.23

Sissy in Training

 — Gf cucks me and changes my life. by dhat_soa05/24/164.46

Sister Dick The Mormon Chick

 — Nigerian student connects with American Mormon chick. by Samuelx08/03/143.35

Sister Nancy of Coxville County

 — A busty nun succumbs to the Coxville Curse. by SirSinn07/18/144.59HOT

Sister Nancy of Coxville County in Faith Exchange

 — After being seduced by her student, Sister Nancy flees by Stormbringer10/06/154.63HOT

Sister, Sister

 — Lex learns that not all sisters are alike. by darkknight0112/14/034.52HOT

Sisters Again

 — Different sisters, but just as much fun. by Imyourdaddy2nite05/31/174.36

Sisters for the Third Time

 — Starting to think this may be a fetish. by Imyourdaddy2nite12/28/174.14

Sisters' Misters

 — Sister introduces younger sibling to interracial sex. by PenPal200111/18/144.34

Sisters' Misters Ch. 02

 — Sisters share more Friday night fun. by PenPal200111/24/144.51HOT

Sisters' Misters Ch. 03

 — Big Day on Saturday. by PenPal200112/06/144.56HOT

Sisters' Misters Ch. 04

 — Mom's Attitude Adjustment. by PenPal200112/16/144.56HOT

Sisters' Misters Ch. 05

 — Mom's surprise for Dad. by PenPal200112/27/144.44

Sisters' Misters Ch. 06

 — An invitation to a baby shower unites both sisters and mom. by PenPal200101/04/154.36

Sisters' Misters Ch. 07

 — Chelsea's Curious Cousin. by PenPal200101/16/154.62HOT

Sisters' Misters Ch. 08

 — Megan's mean mom. by PenPal200101/30/154.55HOT

Sisters' Misters Ch. 09

 — Final Score. by PenPal200103/04/154.59HOT

Sitting in the Park

 — Passion between a black woman and her Asian coworker. by brownbeauty10/02/114.39

Sizeable Difference

 — White housewife needs cock, but hubby is tired. by Webplaya07/11/024.39

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 01

 — Blinding hunger in the midst of danger…the assignment! by adjoaq03/15/154.65HOT

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 02

 — Blinding hunger in the midst of danger... unexpected desires! by adjoaq05/07/154.75HOT

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 03

 — Blinding hunger in the midst of danger... meeting the boss! by adjoaq05/22/154.83HOT

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 04

 — Blinding hunger in the midst of danger…giving in to desire! by adjoaq06/28/154.82HOT

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 05

 — Blinding hunger in the midst of danger...parting! by adjoaq07/12/154.86HOT

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 06

 — Blinding hunger in the midst of danger…uncontrollable passion. by adjoaq08/03/154.86HOT

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 07

 — Blinding hunger in the midst of danger...meeting the parents! by adjoaq09/16/154.85HOT

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 08

 — Blinding hunger in the midst of danger…signed, sealed, deliv by adjoaq11/04/154.87HOT

Skeeter Bate's Great Escape Ch. 02

 — A crack whore runs from her redneck husband. by mikey2much11/16/114.00


 — Cheating while on vacation. by SpoonerValdez12/12/153.95

Sky Train

 — Strangers crossing paths in Bangkok. by pantherhall02/17/174.31

Slave Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Black woman lets white lover know her fantasy. by PrevertedMe09/05/074.44

Slave Fantasy Ch. 02

 — He fucks his slave girl. by PrevertedMe09/13/074.49

Slave Fantasy Ch. 03

 — He ravishes his slave girl. by PrevertedMe09/07/074.58HOT

Slave to a White Bitch

 — Proud black woman is dominated by younger racist employee. by silkstockingslover05/16/174.57HOT

Slave to AA Woman

 — Male slave to two black goddesses. by supermike12/07/154.20

Slave Whore Ch. 02

 — Ben decides that once was not nearly enough. by Xandri Fowke11/21/044.46

Sleep with Me! Ch. 01

 — He experiences free love in the 1970s. by bmeupscot5009/11/074.49

Sleep with Me! Ch. 02

 — His experiences with free love continue. by bmeupscot5009/12/074.69HOT

Sleep with Me! Ch. 03

 — He discovers that free love has a high price. by bmeupscot5009/16/074.68HOT

Sleep with Me! Ch. 04

 — He discovers that free love isn't free. by bmeupscot5009/23/074.60HOT

Sleeper Train

 — Travelers share a train cabin with Chinese students by TheRedChamber04/16/143.97

Sleeping Beauty

 — A continuation of "Black's Magic." by theMaven03/02/084.66HOT

Slingin' Hash Ch. 01

 — Beverly Tibbits' life was an endless trial. by Stardog Champion09/30/064.15

Slingin' Hash Ch. 02

 — Bev finds a strange peace with Myron. by Stardog Champion10/01/064.44

Slings and Arrows

 — V-Day has its ups and downs for Noah and Georgette. by feelin_randy02/06/114.70HOT

Slipping Sue A Fat One

 — 18-year-old freshman gets first taste of dark dick. by hectorgonzalez05/17/023.73

Slow Day

 — He liked her looks, so he wanted her to stay safe. by Otzchiim10/28/013.79

Slow Seduction Ch. 01

 — First time seduction. by EVPHunter09/15/164.17

Slow Seduction Ch. 02

 — Subliminal seduction. by EVPHunter09/16/164.34

Slut Academy

 — Jean is trained to be a slut. by BangerBoy06/06/054.10

Slut of Mine Ch. 02

 — Wife returns to bar, gets interracial gangbang. by oldfart4fun09/29/06

Slut Wife Melinda Blacked

 — 43-year-old wife samples her first black cocks. by sheffieldfun4two08/26/053.98

Slut, Uncommon

 — BBW is busdriver by day and total slut at night. by Girl Friend12/12/073.47

Slut: Brandi and the BBC Pt. 01

 — Slut wife goes interracial. by NeilMc12304/07/174.66HOT

Slut: Brandi and the BBC Pt. 02

 — Slut Wife enjoys her first interracial. by NeilMc12304/09/174.46

Slut: Brandi and the BBC Pt. 03

 — Slut wife goes full on Interracial. by NeilMc12304/10/174.54HOT

Slut: Brandi and the BBC Pt. 04

 — Slut wife teases and torments husband with BBC. by NeilMc12304/11/174.43

Slut: Brandi and the BBC Pt. 05

 — Hot Slut wife fucking black guys. by NeilMc12304/12/174.71HOT

Slut: Brandi and the BBC Pt. 06

 — Cheating hotwife preparing to be a hooker by NeilMc12304/18/174.46

Slut: Brandi and the BBC Pt. 07

 — Cheating white wife pimped by black guys. by NeilMc12304/19/174.45

Slutty Bridesmaids Ch. 01

 — The maid of honor will do anything to help the bride... by bigdaddysmooth07/05/124.39

Slutty Bridesmaids Ch. 02

 — The girls go to Vegas for the bachelorette party. by bigdaddysmooth07/12/124.51HOT

Slutty Bridesmaids Ch. 03

 — It's the big day and the bridesmaids have some games to play. by bigdaddysmooth07/20/124.42

Slutty Bridesmaids Prequel 01

 — Before she became a slutty bridesmaids, this is Amy's Story. by bigdaddysmooth11/05/124.33

Slutty is Good

 — Is she just a tease? by in_use03/28/084.47

Slutty Sue and Her Husband's Coworker

 — Sue does her husband's co-worker. by raidernation2508/01/144.31

Slutty Sue Tastes Some Dark Meat

 — Slutty Sue gets nailed by her co-worker. by raidernation2505/31/154.30

Slutty Sue The Cheerleader

 — Sue takes on an offensive lineman. by raidernation2505/16/144.21

Small Town Interracial Wife

 — My wife's punishment was the fufillment of my fantasy. by dr13bone08/17/104.36

Small Town Secrets

 — The wife of the local sheriff has one of her own. by JustLikeEwe03/02/114.44


 — Two enemies have sexy fun during a study session. by JosefinaNewton09/10/144.04

Smile for Me

 — She finally had time for herself. by chocolate_drop03/21/104.34

Smile for Me Ch. 02

 — He found her again in a real dark place. by chocolate_drop06/02/114.70HOT

Smith & Co.

 — Asha gets more than a college education. by Desidera09/14/144.50HOT

Smoke Gets in Her Eyes Ch. 01

 — Alice is tempted to smoke, then to cheat. by BritishPete08/22/094.35


 — Bride-to-be discovers fertility symbol on BEST man. by Ulyssa05/03/01

Smooth Jazz Ch. 01

 — A lone solider and a broken heart find love. by Dlovely03/14/144.50HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 02

 — Connor and Jazz meet again, in a comprising "situation" by Dlovely03/19/144.65HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 03

 — Jazz and Connor open up, and discover they've met before by Dlovely03/26/144.66HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 04

 — Jazz and Connor make love for the first time by Dlovely03/31/144.80HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 05

 — Jazz finally meets Connors dad, and secrets are revealed by Dlovely04/10/144.73HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 06

 — Connor and William face off, love is tested. by Dlovely04/19/144.78HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 07

 — Connor meets Jazz's parents by Dlovely04/27/144.81HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 08

 — Jazz finds out if she's pregnant. by Dlovely05/04/144.70HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 08 Pt. 02

 — Connor confronts Jazz by Dlovely05/08/144.71HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 09

 — Jazz and Connor reunite. by Dlovely05/07/144.70HOT

Smooth Jazz Ch. 10

 — Jazz and Connor reach the end of the road. by Dlovely05/14/144.75HOT

Sneaking in to an Army Barracks

 — Lily becomes a fucktoy to a group of Korean soldiers. by Saucy_Minx_11/21/174.61HOT

Snow Jobs

 — This is the thrid part of the Starters Only saga. by JordonLynn03/16/044.57HOT

Snow White

 — Snow White meets the first black man in the kingdom. by TheBlackedGinger912/07/144.09

Snowy's Black Debut

 — A sweet white virgin is introduced to the porn business. by dave_jones_5006/29/064.56HOT

So You Had a Bad Day

 — Mature Hispanic BBW comforts Haitian security guard. by Samuelx11/28/133.30

Social Security Numbers

 — I guess I shouldn't have stared at the attractive Latina. by Kaishaku05/02/113.92

Sodomizing Big White Women

 — Black man becomes world-famous Ass Master. by Samuelx03/31/082.94

Soft Touch

 — A new neighbor moves in. by Humble08/07/074.27

Softball Seduction Ch. 02

 — 2 black janitors find Sarah and continue the fun. by queenbiotch08/01/114.42

Solace and Bond

 — With husband missing, she's comforted by his best friend. by PraetorianGuard09/23/054.35

Sold Wives Ch. 01

 — Housewives bought to work at a mansion or perhaps more by Karenkay10/15/083.86

Soldier Boy

 — Soldier meets best mate's mum. by Bob_607/28/144.45

Soleil Des Iles Encounter

 — Somali Hijabi has sex with Haitian guy in Vanier. by Samuelx05/05/153.00

Solomon Buys A House

 — Solomon King makes an interesting deal for house. by Stormbringer09/26/014.40

Solomon King Ch. 1

 — The origin of Solomon King. by Stormbringer08/22/014.41

Solomon King Ch. 2

 — Couple picks up genetically engineered super-stud. by Stormbringer08/23/014.46

Solomon King Versus The KKK

 — Solomon gets back at rednecks through their women. by Stormbringer03/15/024.43

Somali Girls Can Be Sluts Too!

 — Somali Hijabi BBW butt-fucked by Hispanic guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/29/132.73

Somali Girls For Hispanic Boyz

 — Somali gal and Hispanic guy connect in Calgary. by Samuelx06/19/132.00

Somali Lesbian Dominatrix

 — Somali mistress and Lebanese bodybuilder in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/22/132.00

Somali Lesbian Lust

 — Somali Hijabi falls for Pakistani woman in Toronto. by Samuelx01/25/153.69

Somali Lesbians Of Ottawa

 — White Christian gal falls for Somali Hijabi in Ottawa. by Samuelx09/08/132.35

Somali Lesbians Of Ottawa Rule!

 — White Christian gal dominates Somali Hijabi lesbian. by Samuelx09/08/132.75

Somali Lesbians Rule in Ottawa

 — Somali lesbian and redneck girlfriend special connection. by Samuelx06/14/142.62

Somali Man For Bosnian Woman

 — Somali trickster meets Bosnian vigilante in Ontario. by Samuelx05/24/121.50

Somali MILF Into White Boyz

 — Mature Somali woman tries white guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx07/10/132.90

Somali Prince In Ottawa Ch. 02

 — Somali guy dates Lebanese woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx12/15/141.12

Somali Stud For Japanese Lady

 — Somali scholar and Japanese lady meet in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/17/152.62

Somali Women Ride White Dicks!

 — Somali MILF rides Jewish dick in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/10/132.85

Somalian Women Love White Dick!

 — French Canadian butt-fucks Somalian slut in Ottawa. by Samuelx12/18/103.48

Somalis of Ottawa: It's My Life

 — Somali man meets French Canadian beauty in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/11/142.00

Some Money on the Side

 — An 18 year old girl becomes part of a bukkake party. by lydiayokomoto10/02/164.39

Some Sort of Hero

 — Step one, you say, "We need to talk." by ouevre01/31/174.38

Some Time Alone

 — He wanted Sue almost as much as she did him. by Otzchiim06/27/024.05

Someday Ch. 01

 — Two old friends meet again in their senior year. by Fwark09/28/144.14

Someday Ch. 02

 — Two old friends meet again in their senior year. by Fwark10/02/144.29

Someday Ch. 03

 — Two old friends meet again in their senior year. by Fwark10/30/144.08

Someday Ch. 04

 — Two old friends meet again in their senior year. by Fwark11/23/143.26

Someday We'll Be Together

 — Man and woman fall in love online, then meet. by Dar_Jisbo01/11/134.31

Someone Different Ch. 01

 — A couple decides to open their marriage to save it. by PenPal200108/30/174.52HOT

Someone Different Ch. 02

 — More experimenting as Mike & Cheryl's marriage opens wider. by PenPal200109/13/174.06

Someone I Used To Know

 — People change but sometimes for the better. by secretshy1606/04/124.22

Someone I Used To Know Ch. 02

 — Will Sunny and Kyrian get back together? by secretshy1606/10/124.39

Someone I Used To Know Ch. 03

 — Did Kyrian and Sunny make up? by secretshy1612/05/124.59HOT

Someone I Used To Know Ch. 04

 — The plot thickens. by secretshy1604/29/154.61HOT

Someone Like You

 — Elizabeth Gorden is in desperate need love. by IslandQueen10/05/123.94

Something About Gary

 — They're amazed with a black man's equipment. by Rebecca Welsh09/04/033.72

Something Different

 — Interracial couple seeks to add fun to their relationship. by Bayjaytay12/29/124.41

Something Different

 — I see the busty blonde again, but this time it's different. by CarlBalboa08/27/164.23

Something New

 — A white man and black woman fall in love in 1800's Virginia. by Cherie_love12/03/143.96

Something Special at North County

 — A high school principal's interracial fantasy comes true. by CrystalMason02/24/154.18

Something to Talk About

 — Couple puts on a show for nosey neighbors. by ZenLuv08/02/104.61HOT

Something to Talk About

 — Black reporter is smitten with beautiful Australian actress. by brethard01/19/16

Son & Dad Sharing

 — Guy stumbles over a hot Japanese chick and falls for her. by Spiritogre10/31/104.29

Son of a Cuckold Ch. 01

 — A son sees his father cuckolded by a black man. by shem80204/16/113.91

Son of a Preacher man

 — Sandra goes to church. by MsSandra12/31/134.40

Son of a Preacher man Ch. 02: Next Sunday

 — Sandra goes back for more. by MsSandra01/09/144.27

Son's Best Friend

 — Sunbathing mom is surprised by her son's black friend. by Stormbringer07/25/164.55HOT

Son's Best Friend's Dad

 — MILF wife Kate is visited by Tyson's Dad. by Stormbringer02/05/184.45

Son's Black Friend

 — She had never seen a big one before, especially black by yarnmaster12/28/024.37

Son's College Friend

 — It was the biggest surprise of my life. by qualitywheat02/08/114.52HOT

Son's College Friend Ch. 01

 — His mother Leah. by qualitywheat08/19/114.54HOT

Song of the Orient

 — Love is finally consummated. by gamma3302/04/044.44

Sonja's Long Day

 — Interracial couple, and the end of her long day. by imbuttcurious01/13/054.65HOT

Soo-Jin's Lust Ch. 1

 — Middle-aged Asian lady takes on her neighbors. by boogieman1046910/08/014.25

Soo-Jin's Lust Ch. 2

 — Soo-Jin again submits to her neighbor's son. by boogieman1046910/24/014.27

Sooby's First White Man

 — Oh yes she loved a big white cock. by NeedYou06/28/044.12

Soon-To-Be College Girls

 — Lynn & Denise experience first Black man together. by eeric05/25/024.12

Sophia Gets Taken

 — Wife left alone in a bar gets taken. by sprnkman11/13/164.39


 — Evan's coworker is an uptight Chinese librarian. by brian47331707/24/104.63HOT

Sophie Surrenders Ch. 01

 — Sophie gets used and abused and wants more. by goolwaman1703/05/114.20

Sophie Surrenders Ch. 02

 — Sophie gets used and abused and wants more. by goolwaman1703/06/114.30

Sophie Surrenders Ch. 03

 — Sophie gets used and abused and wants more. by goolwaman1703/26/114.36

Sorority Girl

 — She finds unexpected love. by milf2604/07/044.68HOT

Sorta. Almost. Maybe.

 — Nameless lovers enjoy a forbidden night. by SongBirdWrites04/21/184.36

Soul Love

 — Middle-aged woman interviews a 1970s Soul Star. by Mag5801/20/064.21

Soul Mates

 — An interracial love story. by Iread2relax07/31/154.77HOT


 — Bicoastal, interracial lovers finally meet after five years. by Javagirl12/28/014.37


 — Black, white, love, war, heaven, and hell. by LiquidFyre06/20/074.31

Sounds of the Night

 — She wants a child he can't provide. by Y2J42007/07/024.27

South Keys Plaza Encounter

 — Saudi female student meets Haitian guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/27/151.83

South Texas She-Devil

 — Black drifter meets a lusty, dangerous white woman. by Ahabscribe06/14/124.32

Southern Baptist White Woman

 — A southern Baptist finds out about black cock. by itsabig05/22/173.63

Southern Heritage

 — A long ride home brings time for memories. by MSTarot11/11/134.85HOT

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