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A Hunter Watches Ch. 05

 — Sheila wants to join him. by Twisted_Mistress08/30/074.73HOT

A Hunter Watches Ch. 06

 — Hunter tells her more of the other wolf he has found. by Twisted_Mistress09/06/074.62HOT

A Hunter Watches Ch. 07

 — A new watcher watches. by Twisted_Mistress09/23/074.70HOT

A Hunter Watches Ch. 08

 — Sheila meets Ash. by Twisted_Mistress10/05/074.66HOT

A Hunter Watches Ch. 09

 — The final chapter. by Twisted_Mistress10/08/074.78HOT

A Husband of Many Talents

 — Coed finds love in an odd place. by PensRule09/09/043.89

A Jaguar's Mate Ch. 01

 — He kidnaps his mate. by jtoughkat11/27/124.43

A Jaguar's Mate Ch. 02

 — In the forest. by jtoughkat07/08/134.48

A Jaguar's Mate Ch. 03 Page 01

 — A leap into his story. by jtoughkat01/20/154.47

A Jaguar's Mate Ch. 03 Page 02

 — A leap into his story. by jtoughkat02/26/154.73HOT

A kitten and her Master

 — Lucie the cat is tricked. by wickedbet04/15/133.90

A Knack for Gardening

 — The new house has a garden and something else... by Myrph04/20/184.10

A Lebanese Vampire in Haiti

 — Lebanese vampire woman and Haitian revolutionary meet. by Samuelx01/19/132.18

A Lesson for Professor

 — Hot witch Carlina teaches Eric a lesson in losing control. by HeavenlyGates10/23/083.18

A Lesson for Professor Ch. 02

 — Eric starts to lose control and follow Carlina's lesson. by HeavenlyGates10/25/084.32

A Lesson for Professor Ch. 03

 — Eric teaches Carlina the rewards of extra credit. by HeavenlyGates10/30/084.59HOT

A Lesson in Decorum Ch. 01

 — A shifter is faced with the prospect of pleasing a client. by MichelleRubidoux02/08/174.46

A Lesson in Decorum Ch. 02

 — Calvin begins his task for the night. by MichelleRubidoux02/14/174.72HOT

A Lesson in Decorum Ch. 03

 — Calvin ends his night with his client. by MichelleRubidoux02/14/174.62HOT

A Lesson in Decorum Ch. 04

 — Calvin recovers from the night before. by MichelleRubidoux02/15/174.40

A Lesson in Decorum Ch. 05

 — Calvin is taken to speak to his owner. by MichelleRubidoux01/06/184.14

A Lesson in Hiding

 — Tristan meets Spence. by AngelkissNkill12/11/104.40

A Life in a Day

 — Stephanie wakes up to find something growing inside her. by msound103/07/103.86

A Little Respect

 — Seduced by the one she fears the most. by LoveTheSun12/27/054.64HOT

A Little Respect Ch. 02

 — Aenerin & Caroline are separated by a vampire hunter. by LoveTheSun04/01/064.69HOT

A Little Respect Ch. 03

 — Even vampires need some sexual healing. by LoveTheSun12/18/064.77HOT

A Little Respect Ch. 04

 — Caroline discovers Caith's secret. by LoveTheSun11/15/074.73HOT

A Little Revenge

 — Fiona gets back at her boyfriend for cheating. by Akisora11/20/074.14

A Little Siren

 — A siren and a werewolf, meet. Who could they be? by sexycelestrian06/04/124.33

A Long and Winding Road

 — A breakdown on a country road. by Josie_jo10/08/164.08

A Long Walk Home Ch. 01

 — Breaking down barriers is never easy. by JazCullen01/26/114.73HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 02

 — If you go down to the woods out! by JazCullen01/30/114.79HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 03

 — Friends or Enemies? by JazCullen02/02/114.82HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 04

 — The first step on the road. by JazCullen02/09/114.81HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 05

 — Dayton faces his family. by JazCullen02/15/114.84HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 06

 — Secrets told. by JazCullen02/23/114.84HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 07

 — New arrivals and more secrets come out. by JazCullen03/03/114.86HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 08

 — Explanations. by JazCullen03/09/114.85HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 09

 — Vengeance of the wolf. by JazCullen03/16/114.85HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 10

 — Taking a chance on life. by JazCullen03/20/114.88HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 11

 — Surrendering to heat. by JazCullen03/23/114.86HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 12

 — Keep no secrets and tell no lies. by JazCullen03/29/114.84HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 13

 — Seducing a vampire is a delicate task. by JazCullen04/05/114.84HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 14

 — The truth will out no matter how painful it is. by JazCullen04/13/114.88HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 15

 — Forgiving the past can bring such sweet joy. by JazCullen04/19/114.86HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 16

 — To risk a heart you need a wolf. by JazCullen04/24/114.87HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 17

 — Mine to protect. by JazCullen04/28/114.85HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 18

 — The Pack. by JazCullen05/07/114.86HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 19

 — Plans made, family protected. by JazCullen05/11/114.85HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 20

 — Coming home. by JazCullen05/17/114.89HOT

A Love Laid Bear

 — Unexpected trouble and romance after a bear clan attack. by SciFurz04/12/164.68HOT

A Love Story Undefined

 — Human or beast, what defines a man? by darkstone5708/20/104.07

A Love Story: Quentin and Kiana

 — Surviving means more than just living. by Iread2relax11/25/144.62HOT

A Love to Die For

 — A vampire brings Cassie pure pleasure and true love. by kelkel7906/11/094.05

A Lover of a Different Sort Ch. 01

 — A grad student finds herself seduced by an experiment. by schw057306/22/064.22

A Lover of a Different Sort Ch. 02

 — Chris "saves" Jenn. by schw057303/03/074.33

A Lust Demon's Mate

 — Jessie - aka Daemon, a lust demon - finds his mate. by kelkel7912/26/094.02

A Lycanthrope In Boston

 — Lovers have supernatural encounter. by Samuelx08/17/043.88

A Mage's Addiction

 — A sorceror discovers what succubi are for. by rexfelis10/23/034.00

A Manmaid's Tale

 — An inadequate male is offered to the God. by CuckinChastity09/04/173.47

A Match Maid in Heaven Pt. 01

 — Thomas needed some order in his busy life. He got it. by JohnnyRottencrotch03/08/184.49

A Match Maid in Heaven Pt. 02

 — Thomas needed some order in his busy life. He got it. by JohnnyRottencrotch03/09/184.55HOT

A Match Maid in Heaven Pt. 03

 — Thomas needed some order in his busy life. He got it. by JohnnyRottencrotch03/10/184.45

A Mate For Valentine's Day

 — Lux doesn't really want a boyfriend; the universe, however... by DirtyGeisha01/30/094.14

A Meeting In The Park

 — Alex mets an old friend. by Ellianna1803/13/114.34

A Mermaid's First Man, Witch and Vampire

 — A mermaid's first human, a vamp and witch screw. by neonkitty05/25/183.37

A Midnight Bride

 — Dale takes Christina at Halloween's Midnight. by dalespeer12/25/044.00

A Midnight Rose Ch. 01

 — A story begins... by mochadesire06/08/114.64HOT

A Midnight Rose Ch. 02

 — Surprises and explanations. by mochadesire06/15/114.69HOT

A Midnight Rose Ch. 03

 — Rowan runs... by mochadesire06/22/114.64HOT

A Midnight Rose Ch. 04

 — On the road to forgiveness. by mochadesire06/26/114.78HOT

A Midnight Rose Ch. 05

 — The confusion continues. by mochadesire07/17/114.76HOT

A Midnight Rose Ch. 06

 — Betrayal leads to destruction. by mochadesire01/07/124.78HOT

A Midnight Snack

 — Erotic liaison between 'lady of the night' & her lover. by rockgoddessuk01/28/023.56

A Mirror Up to Nature

 — Jasmine buys a mirror at auction. by MissLisaJones06/11/124.20

A Mithra's Tale

 — Follow one Mithra on a journey. by Shorty197506/30/084.03

A Modern Ancient

 — Vampire finds his mate on an online gaming site. by vampyre_gem09/20/083.95

A More Tricked Treat

 — Kinky meets creepy. by voluptuary_manque10/12/083.86

A Most Lovely Chalice

 — Ruka finds romantic comfort from her vampire friend, Rima. by xXSaphXx11/06/154.59HOT

A Mysterious Guest

 — A stranger comes to the hottest Halloween party in town. by Voboy10/03/164.81HOT

A Mystifying Encounter

 — Logan becomes prey to a mysterious woman. by Inerva07/10/064.25

A Naked Woman Killed Me On Nude Day

 — A naked woman kills a man on Nude Day in a hit/run accident. by andtheend07/06/103.92

A Neighborly Visit

 — He drops by to see his new neighbor. by bitbyavampire09/02/034.03

A New Assignment

 — A doctor gets her most intriguing patient. by sammi_jo03/31/104.17

A New Assignment Pt. 02

 — The Colonel takes action. by sammi_jo04/04/104.36

A New Assignment Pt. 03

 — The doctor is dragged out on her day off. by sammi_jo04/07/104.51HOT

A New Assignment Pt. 04

 — What a difference a day makes. by sammi_jo04/24/104.54HOT

A New Assignment Pt. 05

 — The Colonel has some competition. by sammi_jo05/28/104.60HOT

A New Assignment Pt. 06

 — Moving On. by sammi_jo05/23/124.68HOT

A New Assignment Pt. 07

 — Deja Vu in Reverse. by sammi_jo05/28/124.58HOT

A New Eden

 — Darkness wants to claim his mate. by Emeraldfae04/16/124.18

A New Eden Ch. 02

 — Something is strange with Eden. by Emeraldfae04/22/124.39

A New Encounter

 — Man discovers his cat is more than just a house cat. by DMaster_1407/08/104.55HOT

A New Encounter Ch. 02

 — Man discovers his cat is more than just a house cat. by DMaster_1409/25/104.60HOT

A New Encounter Ch. 03

 — Man discovers his cat is more than just a house cat. by DMaster_1407/17/114.71HOT

A New Plaything

 — Tabby finds out what he really hungers for. by Becka01/11/013.10

A New Wolf Rises

 — A human finds her place in the world of werewolves. by Lithilian11/20/134.46

A Night At The Office

 — He gets an unexpected visitor while working one night. by WickedOne10/05/024.24

A Night in Room 806

 — Business trip becomes night of ghostly passion. by HauntedBiU09/02/083.68

A Night Out

 — A chubby, divorcée gets taken to a strip club by his friend. by Bonodono06/08/184.46

A Night Time Vampiress

 — She claims him in the middle of the night. by babydollface09/20/034.17

A Night To Remember

 — He's unlike like any man she's known. by lyricalcandy07/04/034.65HOTContest Winner

A Night Walk in the Woods

 — Another new take on Little Red Riding Hood. by 12/29/064.34

A Night With A Vampire

 — Michelle's night of passion with the undead. by sexygirl7603/20/083.72

A Night with an Angel

 — Jessica dreams of a special angel. by DPPH03/11/134.12

A Night With The Count

 — Tricks & treats await the lovely Jasmine. by Hand10/16/014.16

A Night with the Undead

 — Couple hoping for a threesome gets a whole lot more. by Reardon108/07/134.31

A Nighttime Dance Club

 — A new Vampyre club and a lonley girl. by babydollface10/21/033.69

A Pack of Tales Ch. 01

 — Red picked up by the pack. (story) by NaokoSmith01/23/134.50HOT

A Pack of Tales Ch. 03

 — Sunday lunch with the pack (story). by NaokoSmith01/31/134.48

A Pack of Tales Ch. 05

 — Col the worse for wear (story) by NaokoSmith04/14/134.51HOT

A Pack of Tales Ch. 06

 — Shoes and other things (story) by NaokoSmith05/02/134.48

A Pack of Tales Ch. 07

 — The MILF and the Cub (scene) by NaokoSmith05/12/134.61HOT

A Pack of Tales Ch. 08

 — Tea with Bryony (story). by NaokoSmith06/09/134.49

A Pack of Tales Ch. 09

 — Red passes to get a job. by NaokoSmith07/15/134.54HOT

A Pack of Tales Ch. 10

 — Red turns (scene). by NaokoSmith07/23/134.40

A Pack of Tales Ch. 11

 — Diana (story and scene). by NaokoSmith05/20/144.35

A Page in the Life of a Vampire

 — A vampire soothes a new friend in his library. by sweetheart9711/25/144.32

A Pain in the Neck

 — Pat the Giraffe meets his true love at college. by DragonCobolt04/09/174.70HOT

A Panther's Gaze

 — What's your definiton of animal? by icey_hearted09/19/074.08

A Passion for Halloween

 — A woman shares passion with a dark stranger on Halloween. by Pars00105/05/184.23

A Perfect Mate

 — How the lone-were of pack met his mate. by Nonhumancontrol12/07/113.78

A Perfect Mate Ch. 02

 — After falling asleep on her wolf, what's going to happen? by Nonhumancontrol12/11/114.00

A Picnic in the Park

 — Two feline anthro's get it on under a willow tree. by Forsy10/23/113.94

A Picnic in the Park

 — Two hungry demons go to an office park. Tastiness ensues. by IWasEatingSunChipsTheOtherDay03/29/144.35

A Plush Wish

 — When a plush wolf comes alive to fulfill her wish. by SciFurz01/07/184.81HOT

A Private Heaven

 — Reunion between two friends takes a surprising twist. by stormkitty06/08/054.86HOT

A Promise Made, A Promise to Keep

 — A promise made, a Halloween promise to keep. by acgolf10/05/074.07

A Promise of Eternity

 — Moonlit night yields supernatural surprises. by redwine_blackroses05/22/023.65

A Pup Remembered Ch. 01

 — Thrust into servitude with a one-sided reunion. by bittersweetrain02/01/114.35

A Pup Remembered Ch. 02

 — Meeting the brother. Oh great! Busted? by bittersweetrain02/08/114.38

A Pup Remembered Ch. 03

 — A switching of master's and a keep-sake returned. by bittersweetrain02/09/114.60HOT

A Quick Shower

 — Two vampires share a quick shower. by ebonydoe10/08/114.33

A Quinny for Christmas

 — Charlie is changed to a gnome but meets the tree fairy by alexcarr12/18/133.92

A Random Mating

 — A bitch wanders afield at that time of year. by Truth7403/09/063.98

A Rare Breed

 — Once-in-a-lifetime meeting between unique specimens. by Velius Ironhorn06/23/054.46

A Reindeer by Any Other Name

 — Blitzen falls for someone ambivalent about Christmas. by Delilah_Night05/12/164.36

A Relationship Sealed In Blood

 — LadyVampire seeks a mate. by dalespeer05/26/044.22

A Relationship Sealed In Blood Ch. 02

 — Dale does his revenge. by dalespeer06/07/044.08

A Relationship Sealed In Blood Ch. 03

 — The final chapter of the series. by dalespeer03/29/054.18

A Reward from the Minotaurs

 — Thomas enjoys a wood nymph in restraints as a gift. by davion230805/24/184.31

A Rose Garden at Midnight

 — Willow finds magic in the garden. by kelkel7906/15/093.93

A Rouge Vampire's Conquests

 — Rogue vampire encounters a lovely virgin. by X_Shadow.Sovereign_X03/19/023.84

A Sacrifice

 — What waits for her inside? by icey_hearted05/15/184.44

A Sacrifice Pt. 02

 — Rayah finds her place in the temple. by icey_hearted05/18/184.40

A Sanguine Romance for the Dying Ch. 01

 — A diseased woman meets her favourite writer. by UnknownPleasures01/06/044.47

A Satyr Story

 — You are captured and ravished by several satyrs... by LilRoseDoll08/19/174.74HOT

A Satyr Story - First Person Version

 — My first-person account of being gangbanged by satyrs. by LilRoseDoll09/08/174.83HOT

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 01-02

 — Sold at auction. by D_Lynn05/08/154.76HOT

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 03-04

 — Ashira learns about the flock...and other things. by D_Lynn05/09/154.82HOT

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 05-06

 — Ashlar's first time and a deadly secret revealed. by D_Lynn05/10/154.81HOT

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 07-08

 — Breeding season and a new beginning. by D_Lynn05/12/154.79HOT

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 09-10

 — A second chance at mating. by D_Lynn05/13/154.80HOT

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 11-12

 — A coup, some bondage, and bad news. by D_Lynn05/14/154.87HOT

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 13

 — Their Legacy. by D_Lynn05/15/154.91HOT

A Scary Affair

 — Couple has intimate encounter with the paranormal. by English Bob10/07/004.07

A Scavenger's Playthings

 — A new form of sex evolves from human fantasy. by Royal_Prince02/23/013.30

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02

 — New life for Scottish Werewolf & Italian lady. by IceKitten01/29/054.60HOT

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02 Ch. 02

 — A 16-hour flight. by IceKitten08/30/054.69HOT

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02 Ch. 03

 — Black Wolf Castle. by IceKitten08/07/064.71HOT

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02 Ch. 04

 — Welcome to Black Wolf Castle. by IceKitten02/18/094.63HOT

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 1

 — A lord's love has come home to him. by IceKitten09/14/024.55HOT

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 2

 — Two friends reunite. by IceKitten09/19/024.61HOT

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 3

 — Love knows no bounds. by IceKitten09/20/024.60HOT

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 4

 — Love and secrets revealed. by IceKitten10/23/024.72HOT

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 5

 — Evil comes to play & truth is learnt. by IceKitten03/29/034.75HOT

A Seed Called Pygmalion

 — Scientist gets a second chance at life with a human seedling. by subwryter04/04/134.25

A Sensual New Beginning with a Bite

 — One lover takes the other to the darkness. by MOGUY03/28/013.37

A Shiny Horn

 — A young man gets what he's desperate for. by sexyunicorn01/02/073.12

A Shipwreck

 — A beach holds a surprise. by thearchduke10/19/103.77

A Simple Ghost Story

 — A man, a house, his wife, her sister and a ghost? by tamedwolf00703/01/074.15

A Sin of Lust

 — A young priest confronts a demon in girl's body. by Velvet_Rose05/20/014.43

A Single Drop of Blood

 — It was a simple thing that started it all. by JustMe7051309/12/013.96

A Single Drop of Blood Ch. 3

 — She completes her initiation into the night. by JustMe7051309/18/014.26

A Slave for Halloween

 — Woman fulfills her Halloween gang-bang fantasy. by ThomX10/03/013.96

A Slaying Song Tonight

 — What really happened last Christmas Eve. by Harlock60611/23/123.98

A Snakey Approach

 — A Lamia and a woman encounter. by CrazyRamblings11/14/143.86

A Soliloquy of Bondage Ch. 01

 — An Introduction to Antonia Mariscova. by RhiannonIvy06/17/073.67

A Somali Vampire's Passion

 — Somali vampire prince and Syrian woman connect. by Samuelx01/22/141.89

A Somali Werewolf in Ottawa

 — Somali werewolf meets Algerian female werewolf. by Samuelx01/14/123.30

A Spell on You

 — Demon falls victim to his own powers. by CreamyLady07/25/003.74

A Story of a Change

 — Or you never end up where you expected. by Boundlife07/04/114.66HOT

A Strange World Ch. 01

 — Jack gets bitten? by Useli08/15/104.38

A Succubus Awakens Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old quickly learns she is different. by emajinerie11/07/054.56HOT

A Succubus Awakens Ch. 02

 — Aubrey discovers more of her powers. by emajinerie06/19/064.65HOT

A Summer, Fall and Sunflower

 — Teaching an angel to be human. by LaPatitMort02/20/084.66HOT

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