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Wife at Strip Joint Ch. 03

 — The first night gangbang. by Mrs. Canyon08/20/044.24

Wife at Strip Joint Ch. 03

 — The first night gangbang. by MrsCanyon09/09/044.27

Wife at the Movies

 — Pent-up wife finally gets a night out at the movies. by Captaineo11/06/083.56

Wife Bang in the Stables Ch. 01

 — Wife and 18-year-old studs on an icy day. by altego01/18/064.36

Wife Bang in the Stables Ch. 02

 — Wife's gangbang is caught on tape. by altego01/29/064.45

Wife Becomes A Prostitute Ch. 02

 — Julie is making Big Money. by Vic505/01/034.32

Wife Becomes A Prostitute Ch. 03

 — Julie becomes the company whore. by Vic505/05/034.30

Wife Becomes A Prostitute Ch. 04

 — Joan is hired as company whore. by Vic506/05/034.31

Wife Becomes A Prostitute, Ch. 1

 — She's desperate for money after husband's death. by Vic504/07/034.35

Wife Becomes Black Cock Slut

 — Husband's fantasy leads to her future infidelity. by fanatic28212/31/064.17

Wife Becomes Fuck Slave

 — A bet leads wife to become a fuck slave and be used. by SweetVibes05/10/134.26

Wife Becomes Sex Toy

 — She's a toy to buddies on camping trip. by subFLmale08/23/034.28

Wife Becomes Softball Slut

 — Wife takes one from the team. by splashdown6908/18/073.98

Wife Breaks Out Ch. 01

 — Wife finally agrees to a threesome. by spikedownsouth12/15/094.25

Wife Brings Men Back to Hotel Room

 — Cuckold, hotwife. by gustav_jorgenson12/19/133.64

Wife Busted Me

 — Hubby has a strange fantasy. by jcace03/14/033.70

Wife Calls For Casual Massage

 — Massage turns into a night of pleasure. by subFLmale01/26/044.17

Wife Can't Say No

 — Sex for a minute and thinks he cums inside her. by jealouscream12/06/083.45

Wife Catches Me

 — She caught him eating his own cum. by Batcum200204/30/034.25

Wife Caught on the Nanny Cam

 — He's surprised by what he finds on cam. by crazy_leg_man02/02/053.43

Wife Cheats in School Outfit

 — A wife cheats at school reunion. by flipper7503/05/153.40

Wife Cheats, and Husband Loves It!

 — She fulfills his fantasy. by cuckoldmehoney10/29/064.17

Wife Chronicles Ch. 03

 — A husband learns what he is good at. by RichardMaster01/16/093.60

Wife Chronicles Ch. 04

 — The next step in compatibility. by RichardMaster02/28/093.66

Wife Comes out of Shell on Vacation

 — Husband gets wife to explore her sexuality at resort. by Joe Bob08/16/074.37

Wife Competition

 — She and her husband compete for a sweet load. by Batcum200204/30/034.24

Wife Could Be Pregnant

 — His wife is seduced by a stanger while he's gone. by Vic502/01/073.78

Wife Creampie Surprise

 — My friend fills my wife. by shrmywf201/04/153.92

Wife Cynthia's Double Life Ch. 01

 — Her boss's wife was a bad influence. by safebet10107/01/094.13

Wife Cynthia's Double Life Ch. 02

 — Wife gets home and wants to play. by safebet10107/10/093.99

Wife Dances for New Friend

 — Hot wife gives erotic dance to a new friend. by KingStoryTeller12/27/054.05

Wife Dating Game

 — Wife plays Dating Game to help decide who to date. by pr4fun9804/26/123.67

Wife Discovers Cock Sizes

 — Innocent wife discovers other cock sizes. by Roots3209/09/143.76

Wife Discovers Erotic Photography Ch. 03

 — Wife poses for more explicit erotic photographs. by TuWatchu03/31/153.41NEW

Wife Does It Just For Me

 — Wife fulfills his fantasy while he is away. by gibssob12/08/054.35

Wife Draws Cards-Nine of Clubs

 — Wife's black anal gangbang. by jdrew200111/22/094.24

Wife Dream

 — Wife goes out with someone else. by transam8306/05/014.20

Wife Enjoys A Drink

 — Wife gets enjoyed by two men. by LuckySmut10/17/102.99

Wife Enjoys a Mysterious Man Watching

 — Beginning our week vacation a watches us have sex. by Potatofun12/17/123.86

Wife Enjoys a Pearl Necklace

 — Wife auditions younger guy with blow job. by TWolf02/10/064.04

Wife Enjoys Mexico

 — Wife and hotel manager enjoy time together. by pr4fun9804/10/133.61

Wife Enjoys Night Out

 — Drunken sex story for husband after night out with friend. by AdventurousBob07/18/103.73

Wife Enjoys Party Break

 — Wife sucks off a friend while being fucked by husband. by GrandWazoo08/20/103.95

Wife Entertains Some Friends

 — Submissive husband in closet while wife entertains. by hotmetalman09/29/093.82

Wife Falls for Co-Worker

 — My wife and a co-worker become lovers. by denron03/21/153.07

Wife Fantasy

 — What I want my wife to do. by Okole8308/18/103.42

Wife Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Wife tricks husband into fulfilling her fantasy. by johnthomas22107/26/10

Wife Finally Satisfied

 — A wife who is a tad bit repressed finally lets loose. by ashamedwife11/06/143.81

Wife Finds A Sex-Buddy Ch. 01

 — Cassie finds a sex buddy at work while Peter is away. by Hi_Literotica10/02/114.31

Wife Flips the Situation on Husband

 — Wife has a different plan. by weaponx01/24/083.82

Wife For Others To Use

 — Further adventures in wife sharing. by collamy01/02/044.18

Wife Fucking in Thailand

 — UK couple travels to the Far East. by Reve10/17/003.73

Wife Fucks a Strange Man

 — My wife fucks an unknown man in an adult bookstore theater. by DooMyWife201/04/134.41

Wife Fucks a Stranger on TV

 — Wife takes stranger home so husband can watch. by ThatJohnDoe05/11/073.94

Wife Fucks my Brother

 — She feels too lustful for him. by genealguy09/08/113.05

Wife Fucks Stranger On TV: Her Side

 — Husband suggests she fuck a stranger. by ThatJohnDoe05/05/074.12

Wife Fucks Team Mate

 — Wife fucks husband's friend in front of him. by topo04/23/023.86

Wife Fucks Young Friend Ch. 03

 — My husband films me fucking guys on our vacation. by LUV2GIVEBJ03/21/153.76

Wife Gangbanged on Business Trip

 — Wife takes on over a dozen guys at bar. by SLICKHEAD03/14/114.26

Wife Get Even

 — She gets vengeance on friends that nearly destroyed marriage. by the Troubador09/23/024.41

Wife Gets a Good Rub Down and More

 — Mature wife finds a lover and seals their love by mating. by bigblackbird0503/24/153.42NEW

Wife Gets A Little Out Of Hand

 — After agreeing to flashing, Lana meets a lover. by dumluk2100010/31/013.49

Wife Gets a New Car Ch. 01

 — Wife uses assets to lower the price of a used car. by goodwood7110/27/103.85

Wife Gets A New Job

 — Military wife plays at work. by cajunguy11/30/014.01

Wife Gets A New Job Ch. 2

 — Husband spies on cheating wife. by cajunguy12/04/013.65

Wife Gets a Pimp

 — Husband helps out his best friend. by MrsCanyon10/12/133.62

Wife Gets Another Opinion

 — Sue seeks second opinion of her sex skills. by moonkisser02/03/063.67

Wife Gets Award And Then Some

 — Hubby watches wife via internet. by cajunguy07/21/043.66

Wife Gets Caught

 — Husband comes home unexpectedly. by the Troubador08/25/023.71

Wife Gets Even (More)

 — Hubby caught emailing old flame. by edmead02/15/083.99

Wife Gets Ganged Ch. 1 & 2

 — Couple tries swinging. by forfun4404/23/014.22

Wife Gets Ganged Ch. 3

 — Swinging encounter really swings. by forfun4404/24/014.33

Wife Gets Her First Black Cock

 — My wife has her first experience at a club with a black guy. by hubbylovesit11/11/104.22

Wife Gets Payback

 — Husband returns the favor for sexy wife. by cajunguy05/12/013.84

Wife Gets Pregnant

 — Wantabe cuckold's wife gets pregnant by her lover. by esknr03/11/044.14

Wife Gets Roasted

 — His wife gets a lover. by Clansmansco12/15/053.70

Wife Gets Satisfication

 — Wife goes to the Bahamas without hubby. by Bakeboss12/21/083.20

Wife Gets Slut Training

 — Craiglist fulfills fantasy. by Johnsexlife11/18/083.47

Wife Gets Stretched

 — Her second big cock encounter. by ep70306/26/034.19

Wife Gets Taken At The Strip Club

 — She thought she'd only strip to her underwear. by dreamer34705/21/024.11

Wife Gets Tied and Tried

 — Husband binds wife's arms and lets others have her. by Usher11710/19/123.60

Wife Gets What She Wants!

 — Ambitious wife makes her exit; is hubby sad? by carvohi02/16/143.99

Wife Gets Wild

 — Hot wife helps hubby with fantasy - and loves it. by NCmale01/27/084.05

Wife Gives In

 — Weekend getaway fulfills fantasy. by kreative_200111/18/133.98

Wife Gives While Camping

 — Husband watches wife with camper. by topo04/12/024.18

Wife Goes Back to School

 — Wife finds a friend after class. by WestVaCouple10/08/044.33

Wife Goes To Orgy With Friend

 — Wife tells husband about her sexcapades. by topo04/21/023.83

Wife Gone

 — Pretty wife gone without leving a trace for her husband. by Winterfrog02/06/134.19

Wife Groped At Movies

 — Wife goes to the movies and gets more than she bargained for. by doctoryes4810/10/143.72

Wife Guard

 — Life guard hired to safeguard wives; he does them all. by clinton0910/16/104.07

Wife Has a Plan

 — Wife takes charge as husband loses control. by underdrive04/17/142.91

Wife has afternoon visitor

 — His wife entertains friend while he listens. by Vic507/31/024.19

Wife Has Another Surprise

 — More fun at Jill's place. by formaze12/23/084.21

Wife Has Ball On Birthday

 — Wife fools around at party. by cajunguy02/20/024.04

Wife Has Ball With Truckers

 — Husband watches wife with two truck drivers. by cajunguy06/23/013.96

Wife Has Both At Once

 — A horny wife takes it hard in both holes. by uksally02/21/034.09

Wife Has Doggin' Fun

 — Took wife to a lovers spot and she indulges in a gangbang. by authorpete01/28/134.00

Wife Has First Black Cock Pt. 01

 — White wife becomes a cum slut for her first black cock. by CandyToes6910/01/143.80

Wife Has First Black Cock Pt. 02

 — White wife becomes a cum slut for her first black cock. by CandyToes6910/02/143.92

Wife Has Fun

 — Wife cheats while husband is gone. by bret6310/13/043.32

Wife Has Fun At Strip Show

 — Night at male revue turns hot. by cajunguy08/07/033.82

Wife Has Fun in Key West

 — He watches his wife with two strangers. by topo10/06/023.89

Wife Has Fun On Weekend Getaway...

 — Wife explores bi side. by cajunguy10/03/013.86

Wife Has Sex On Beach

 — Husband watches as wife frolics naked with his friend. by topo04/23/023.75

Wife Has Sex With Neighbor

 — Wife does stranger on island while husband watches. by topo04/21/024.02

Wife Has Some Fun

 — Wife has fun in a reunion while I watch. by desi_7605/14/124.17

Wife Has Some Fun Ch. 02

 — Wife has some fun at a reunion while I'm around. by desi_7605/26/133.82

Wife Has to Take a Job

 — With money tight she has to do whatever she has to. by wifelvrman05/04/143.37

Wife Helps a Friend

 — Indian wife helps hubby's buddy with his 'problem'. by vipersnake02/12/013.94

Wife Helps a Friend

 — Laura offers to give a friend his first blowjob. by EDB123408/24/144.09

Wife Helps Our Friends

 — Wife is asked to help friend and his wife. by peelfun05/18/094.00

Wife in Gang bang

 — She helps her husband with his fantasies. by nob201008/01/023.69

Wife in the dunes - short story

 — Wife quenches her needs on the beach by worldwanderer05/14/133.62

Wife in the Window

 — Hot wife gives as good as she gets. by Joseph3203/23/013.75

Wife Invites Me to Join Her Lover

 — Maggie wants two men to please her. by okayjack02/05/143.59

Wife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 01

 — BBW confesses she had a black gangbang affair. by Auryman05/11/093.78

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