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Small Town Life

 — Scarves, entrapment, and close encounters, Oh My! by Julius_Mayfair09/03/072.50

Smaller than Average

 — Guy learns he is smaller than average. by runtz410/12/124.39

Smaller than Average Again

 — A Smaller than Average guy becomes a cuckold. by runtz403/07/134.04

Smaller Than Average Caught Jerking

 — Husband caught jerking off small cock -joi. by runtz407/17/134.13

Smaller Than Average Caught Jerking Ch. 02

 — Wife trains a small penis husband to enjoy masturbation. by runtz408/07/133.71

Smaller than Average Ch. 02

 — Small cock college guy learns he is smaller than he thought. by runtz411/13/124.49

Smaller Than Average: Doctors Visit

 — Small penis humiliation at a doctors visit. by runtz403/26/134.30

Smallest Dick At The Party Ch. 01

 — Frank gets humiliated by his girlfriend at the party. by lusciouslips5509/25/133.28

Smelliest Ladies' Night Ever

 — Forced foot worship and foot smelling. by byronbgeo04/05/143.29

Smelly Cunt Ch. 3

 — He searches for hell and finds heaven. by rajivalan11/04/024.22

Smelly Cunt Ch. 1

 — An encounter with a kinky dirty Black BBW. by rajivalan10/13/024.24

Smelly Cunt Ch. 2

 — How the stink found him. by rajivalan11/03/024.47

Smelly Cunt: The Real Encounter

 — A big black woman sitting on my face. by rajivalan03/24/044.28

Smelly Ellen Ch. 01

 — Andrew discovers his sexy friend Ellen is SO smelly... by Mills1703/17/144.43

Smelly Ellen's Slave

 — Ella makes a dirty discovery after a smelly night with Ellen. by Mills1707/18/144.43

Smelly Job Interview

 — Hairy ethnic girl submits to humiliating examination. by hairysurfer05/24/104.59HOT

Smile for the Camera

 — Julie & Myra seek revenge on a voyeur. by JustJulieW02/01/054.61HOT


 — Her crimson lipstick distinctively marked the white filter. by MungoParkIII12/30/073.31

Smoke and Silence

 — Two strangers share a smokey encounter. by saturswing08/20/084.72HOT

Smoke Break

 — Asmoking fetish lunch break. by Kdiggler12/19/044.38

Smoke Dreams

 — A peek into the tortured soul and mind of a smoke fetishist. by GeorgeTyerbyter06/16/134.00

Smoking Hot BBW

 — He takes his new fling home & gets everything he wanted. by Bigguy8812/05/073.83

Smoking Hot in Vegas

 — Realizing a smoky fetish. by UsuallyCFNM03/21/144.18

Smoking Mistress Ch. 01

 — Smoking brunette lures me into imprisonment. by fetishstories0712/03/144.41

Smoking Mistress Ch. 02

 — Brunette temptress wants me to surrender my freedom. by fetishstories0712/18/144.64HOT

Smoking Mistress Ch. 03

 — Just another day at the office? Not if she can help it. by fetishstories0701/25/153.91

Smoky Distraction

 — Rubber and smoke while he tries to watch a movie. by Sweetlea08/09/024.51HOT

Smooth Lover

 — He gets to shave her pussy. by aquilegia06/05/053.71

Smother Me

 — A journey into the fetish realm of Smothering. by Denise Rae06/09/014.43


 — He came in her time of need. by Redheelfantasy01/20/054.11

Sniffing Her Panties: Caught

 — Landlord gets caught sniffing 18-year-old girl's panties. by rickiee_200201/15/114.02

Sniffing My Pussy Scented Panties

 — The very first time that I sniffed my own pussy. by creamymilf02/07/104.28

Snow Squall

 — Lonely sales-lady & trucker unite on impassable road. by Deadwood09/26/064.32

Snow White & the Horny Dwarfs Ch. 03

 — The queen takes revenge--successfully? by Honeymuff05/30/064.53HOT

Snowballing Fest

 — My three neighbors explore a new oral fetish. by CumshotBeast09/27/094.27

So Completely His Ch. 01

 — Features feeder/feedee, BDSM, and humiliation fantasies. by SmartequalsSexy09/28/104.30

So Dirty

 — His wife took more than he bargained for. by Couture01/15/034.48

So Graceful And Yet So Dirty!

 — Beautiful dancer learns to enjoy toilet and enema games. by VeryDirtyDenise07/20/064.53HOT

So How Long Have You Been Into Feet

 — The dominant feet of an Asian goddess. by Kayb123402/26/074.52HOT

So Wet

 — Experienced partner shows her the joys of golden showers. by Miyelo Ina01/18/014.25

So Who's the Bitch Now?

 — Dymanic solution for a fetishist. by Mandy0107/23/104.41

Soaking Wet on a Clear Night

 — Slut gets golden showers and facials. by SlutChick11/17/044.07


 — Cop has to arrest his friend & strip search her. by Kara J08/31/024.44

Sobriety Ch. 02

 — Reno, Karen, & Kate have some fun. by Kara J06/23/034.24

Sobriety Ch. 03

 — They have a kinky threesome by Kara J06/24/034.27

Soccer Dommes

 — He is part of an exquisite strap-on fantasy. by rick_oh01/29/064.62HOT

Soccer Mom and a Bully

 — A soccer mom has sex with her sons bully in a mini-van. by something123406/12/144.14

Soccer Mom and a Bully

 — The Alternate Ending. by afighter2901/03/153.62

Soccer Mom and a Bully Ch. 04

 — The humiliating conclusion by something123406/30/142.87


 — Guy submits to woman for cbt sock fun. by FantasyMan02107/12/143.55

Socks and Stockings Ch. 06

 — Eve and Bryan experiment with role-reversal. by livinglines01/17/134.30

Sodomy in Santorini

 — An archaeologist is convinced to try Greek sex by a woman. by gomorrah07/28/134.03

Soft & Hard

 — It starts soft but ends wet and hard. by Varrus969612/08/044.35

Soft Dribble

 — Mistress and Submissive dribble in different ways. by Spar04/19/084.00

Soggy Biscuit, a Variation

 — A group of boys wank their cocks. by Terry1902/08/044.38

Soldier's Paradise

 — A young soldier discovers his own land of milk and honey. by GusBus7710/29/144.19

Sole Pee Games

 — He learns ways to enjoy new thrills. by silverace104/18/053.94

Solving My Little Problem

 — Small-dick man becomes plaything of aggressive girls. by KarlMartinK11/19/074.58HOT

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 03

 — Little dick man proves he can eat pussy. by KarlMartinK11/29/074.58HOT

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 04

 — Small man gets anonymous blowjob from secret admirer. by KarlMartinK12/03/074.65HOT

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 05

 — Investigating the identity of the Mystery Girl. by KarlMartinK12/14/074.71HOT

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 06

 — Man is handcuffed, blindfolded, and molested. by KarlMartinK12/19/074.70HOT

Somali Femdom For Somali Men

 — Somali Hijabi student pegs Somali guy in Alberta. by Samuelx12/25/141.62

Somali Femdom Rules!

 — Muslim woman introduces her man to BDSM. by Samuelx06/09/123.26

Somali Femdom with Strapons

 — Black Muslim dominatrix tames Somali man. by Samuelx06/08/122.00

Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 05

 — Somali woman fisting Haitian boyfriend at home. by Samuelx10/10/142.73

Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 16

 — Somali Hijabi strapons Haitian boyfriend tonight. by Samuelx11/03/141.33

Some English

 — A guy and his kinky teacher have some fun with feet. by Theladder4505/13/133.88

Some English Ch. 02

 — More fun with teacher. by Theladder4506/12/134.21

Some Like it Rough

 — Krystal likes it hard, and gets it hard. by Da_Klown04/16/014.38

Some of My Fetishes

 — An account about a few of my favorite fetishes... by KINKYCanada10/31/143.60

Some Relief At The End Of The Day

 — You get some real toe relief. by jl_booboo_kittyfuck09/17/064.62

Something for Something

 — The town is large. There are all sorts of people out there. by minerva6905/04/104.00

Something in Common

 — Co-workers share their favorite pastime. by femmepen09/30/034.17

Something New

 — Combatting the inevitable. by drsalt01/15/054.28

Something New

 — Couple explores new ways to show their love. by falcon2901/29/054.39

Something Snaps

 — Brown and golden showers in the family. by mrurethra02/16/034.37

Something Strange

 — She gets bigger...much to her surprise. by The_Ride07/14/134.00

Something The More

 — Female feeder [over]stuffs a male feedee. by shanier05/15/124.30

Something Wet and Warm

 — Submissive female enjoys a golden drink on the drive home. by kinkycurvy01/08/114.18

Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

 — On this vacation we explored a dark, dirty fantasy. by Mike_in_Mass11/04/124.39

Sometimes the First Time Is the Charm

 — First time spanking. by L O Reins06/26/144.52HOT

Sometimes They Come To You

 — And sometimes they cum on you. by SizeQueenSupreme09/21/044.73HOT

Son's Ex-Wife

 — I love babysitting my grandbaby and the girl she came from by chuckp786007/03/144.35

Sonia's Panty Slave

 — Perverted flatmate goes too far with dress-up. by illegalsmile3803/30/024.25

Sooner or Later

 — Career woman interviews the wrong college Grad. by Phoenix Arrow06/12/034.37

Sooner or Later Ch. 02: You're Hired!

 — Career woman hires the wrong college grad. by TheDougler8001/04/143.67

Sophia Starts Something...

 — Sophia gets the ball rolling. by Oneofakindfetish_guy05/11/112.75


 — Water sports in the park. by thor_pf02/21/134.23

Sophie Needs An "A" In Calculus

 — Sophie seduces a teacher to maintain straight A's. by msgrant6706/24/124.47

Sophie's Choice

 — John returns some mail to his neighbor Sophie. by jeb2211/15/094.51HOT

Sophie's Choice Ch. 02

 — Sophie mistakes John's intentions. by jeb2211/15/094.45

Sore Boss, Sore Bottom Ch. 01

 — A b-sexual lady editor plots revenge on a rival. by trevorm08/24/093.47

Sorority Girl

 — A recently divorced woman moves in next door to a sorority. by himbotobe09/08/134.32

Sorority Princesses Ch. 01

 — New year, new college, no friends. by Hyperdebut02/20/144.36

Sorority Princesses Ch. 02

 — Now she's in she's looking for fun! by Hyperdebut03/04/144.18

Sorority Princesses Ch. 03

 — More fun for princess Katie. by Hyperdebut04/28/143.50

Sorry, She is Tied Up...

 — Sherri discovers she likes being bound. by Kip Carson06/25/003.72

Sound and Fury Ch. 01

 — Lauren is a co-ed with a dark sexual secret. by wanderingpsychic08/18/114.05

Sound and Fury Ch. 02

 — Co-ed Lauren finds herself piss covered and ass fucked. by wanderingpsychic08/18/114.13

Sow Primer Ch. 01

 — Kate reveals too much by InYourDreams05/05/114.44

Sow Primer Ch. 02

 — Katie loses control of the situation. by InYourDreams05/20/114.44

Sow Primer Ch. 03

 — Carl takes over. by InYourDreams06/05/114.35

Sow Primer Ch. 04

 — Carl moves in. by InYourDreams06/26/114.44

Sow Primer Ch. 05

 — Katie moves to lesson 2.. by InYourDreams07/06/114.52HOT

Sow Primer Ch. 06

 — Katie becomes Kitty. by InYourDreams08/15/114.46

Sow Primer Ch. 07

 — kitty body becomes more like a sow. by InYourDreams08/23/114.51HOT

Sow Primer Ch. 08

 — kittysow slips and slides into the sow life. by InYourDreams10/31/114.57HOT

Sow Primer Ch. 09

 — Kittysow gets her udders fixed. by InYourDreams12/06/114.44

Sow Wedding

 — Angie belongs to David. by InYourDreams03/31/114.19

Spa Break

 — Stretching enema play by Marabunta11/17/134.01

Space Camp Ch. 01

 — Diapered adventures at Space Camp. by kcunningh07/01/133.96

Space Camp Ch. 02

 — Diapered adventures at Space Camp. by kcunningh07/02/133.93

Space Camp Ch. 03

 — Diapered adventures at Space Camp by kcunningh07/03/134.33

Space Camp Ch. 04

 — Diapered adventures at Space Camp. by kcunningh07/04/134.33

Space Camp Ch. 05

 — Diapered adventures at Space Camp. by kcunningh07/05/134.50HOT

Space Girl at Halloween Party

 — Debauchery at Halloween house party. by clawfngr10/14/114.46


 — You savor erotic and sensual D/S play. by DarkSteven10/06/063.50

Spank a Waitress Wednesday

 — Every Wednesday, a waitress gets a spanking. by Totzman04/09/083.99

Spank Me

 — Schoolgirl craves a spanking from her Headmaster. by Goldeniangel03/27/064.30

Spank Me Red

 — Plumper gets more than a spanking. by Beau_Jack_Walker05/30/103.61


 — A naughty girls experience in dreamland. by English Lady10/03/024.12


 — Spanking fantasy comes true. by Tepin08/14/064.00

Spanked By Former Mother-In-Law!

 — A man's former mother-in-law helps him live out a fetish. by Readyspaghetti04/10/143.50

Spanking Headmaster

 — Discipline at school. by BostonDom5509/24/133.74

Spanking Karla

 — A sequel to "To Spank a Schoolgirl". by Goldeniangel02/15/054.53HOT

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 01

 — Kenny asks a friend to spank his wife. by Pro_Ball_Player05/10/054.54HOT

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 02

 — She is prepared for her spanking. by Pro_Ball_Player05/14/054.62HOT

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 03

 — She is touched and exposed. by Pro_Ball_Player05/15/054.69HOT

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 04

 — Jan finally receives her swats. by Pro_Ball_Player06/08/054.72HOT

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 05

 — Spanking is over, but they aren't done yet. by Pro_Ball_Player06/21/054.68HOT

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 06

 — Kenny gives his permission to spank his wife again. by Pro_Ball_Player01/15/084.72HOT

Spanking New Secretary’s Kink

 — His seemingly prim and proper secretary has a kink. by welshman03/05/094.44

Spanking the Teacher

 — A chance date leads to some fetish fun. by Cuda_Candy09/19/134.59HOT

Sparkling Eyes

 — Husband experiences ecstasy as he becomes a submissive. by TwistedThoughts11/20/084.32

Sparkling Eyes Ch. 02

 — Husband's life is a dream when he is dominated. by TwistedThoughts11/24/084.32

Special 25th Anniversary

 — Real hot sex for an anniversary. by DrLit02/22/134.17

Special Care

 — Nurse gives patient special attention. by rogue0111/12/133.85

Special Counseling Session Ch. 04

 — Bill visits Ellen's home for more therapy. by thomasksilva07/29/073.85

Special Delivery

 — Loads of cum delivered in the mail. by dexterthomas12/24/084.00

Special Delivery

 — Wife arranges panty deliveries for husband. by canddykink05/17/114.54HOT

Special Delivery

 — A fantasy come true delivered right to her door. by GuiltlessMiss08/30/124.11

Special Dinner for Megan

 — Gary is happy to oblige her desire for kaviar. by Master of Perversion04/25/044.41

Special Gynecology Visit

 — A stale of first time MEDFET gyno cheating. by DABEAR_OK10/29/114.10

Special Massage

 — Revisiting Your Recent Massage. by sirswoosh03/26/134.42

Special Occasion Unmentionables

 — He buys her a pair of unmentionables for a special occasion. by Selena_Kitt12/28/084.09

Special Powers

 — She comes to know real fear. by Julie2012/18/113.17

Speed Demon Squishypants at the Club

 — Premature ejaculation & SPH with best friend at strip club. by twiddershins12/13/143.44

Sperm Bank

 — He gets some help when making a deposit. by Menssana11/08/104.27

Sperm Pie Ch. 01

 — Eating sperm from wife's used pussy & ass. by Anal Slave04/11/034.19

Sph Birthday Surprise

 — A man gets special sph treatment on his birthday. by wrinkled200003/16/104.37

Spilled Milk

 — A man discovers a kink of nursing from a woman's breast. by SquiresBoy05/11/094.17

Spilling the Chamber Pot

 — Written as punishment, this story needs a comment! by Pearl_Chambers05/13/143.88

Spin's Breeding

 — 18-year-old woman inducted into government breeding program. by Frocto10/11/064.12

Spitting Contest

 — Mistresses indulge foot fetish and watersports. by HungryGuy09/08/054.40

Spoiled Princess Hates Camping Ch. 01

 — Spoiled rich city girl goes camping with country cousins. by RetroFan09/06/144.15

Spoiled Princess Hates Camping Ch. 02

 — Spoiled brat Madison still hates camping in the country. by RetroFan09/12/143.96

Spoiled Princess Hates Camping Ch. 03

 — Madison continues to act like a brat, and a voyeur gets busy by RetroFan09/21/144.13

Spoiled Princess Hates Camping Ch. 04: Final

 — Can Princess Madison change her selfish & spoiled ways? by RetroFan09/30/144.73HOT

Sporty Girl

 — Postman delivers for disabled lady. by Marty Eagan02/05/043.57

Spring Break Detour

 — Three older women catch a frat boy on spring break. by tikulmi10/11/134.47

Spring Storm

 — Dangerous weather unleashes her dark side. by Apathalene04/01/114.04

Spunk On My Panties?

 — A naughty girl gets her panties soaked at bar. by RobynG10/20/124.10

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 02

 — A peeping tom watches his wet neighbor. by Sodomite09/14/064.40

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 03

 — Spying leads to an anal fucking and piss enema. by Sodomite01/04/074.59HOT

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 04

 — More adventures with my neighbor and I reveal who I am. by Sodomite07/23/074.60HOT

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 09

 — Teaching Suzanne about penetration. by Sodomite03/11/094.36

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 10

 — Waking up the morning after we pleasure ourselves with Suzan. by Sodomite11/11/114.43

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 11

 — We decide to see what our other neighbors do. by Sodomite11/15/114.08

Squeaky Sex

 — All senses were alive as she indulged me. by spikingtheworld03/03/134.21


 — He moves his head & she squirts across the room. by babydoll1711/03/073.47

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