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Strapon Escort

 — Escort abuses a client with large strapon. by keithdavis101001/26/044.49

Strawberry Glaze

 — Champagne on ice and a bowl of lush ripe strawberries . by lateniter5101/23/143.00

Strawberry Summer

 — He learns picking berries is very rewarding. by drsalt08/08/024.30

Street Fair

 — Public submission and whipping at the Fair. by Rocket1901/08/084.27

Stress Therapy

 — An alternative stress therapy: spanking. by redhot19103/26/024.40

Stretch My Tight Hole

 — Mistress takes him with a strap-on. by slutty whore boy05/01/043.67

Stretched Ch. 01

 — Wife wants to be dominated by a woman. by Tim Smith08/17/044.40

Stretched To The Limit!

 — You are anally stretch to the limit with huge plugs. by uke7301/09/063.87

Stretched Wide by a Plug

 — You're tied up and anally stretched. by uke7301/14/063.98

Stretching Peggy's Bladder

 — Older lady gets caught naked and pays a price. by Francine-frcxa10/27/014.02

Stretching Pt. 01

 — Part 1. The Early Days. by ggerard8709/19/164.43

Stretching Pt. 02

 — Beginning to Stretch. by ggerard8709/29/164.59HOT

Stretching Pt. 03

 — Awakening a Monster. by ggerard8710/09/164.68HOT

Stretching Pt. 04

 — The Transformation. by ggerard8711/14/164.54HOT

Stretching Pt. 05

 — The Making of a Size Queen. by ggerard8701/05/174.62HOT

Stretching Pt. 06

 — The Next Level. Fisting. by ggerard8705/19/174.66HOT

Stretching Pt. 06.5

 — The Point of No Return (Part 1). by ggerard8701/31/184.58HOT

Stretching Pt. 07

 — The Point of No Return. by ggerard8701/16/184.71HOT

Stretching Pussy

 — Linda's Story. by nothere081502/07/144.13

String Me Up

 — Guy throttles as his girlfriend pleasures him. by alteredego52409/13/084.28

Strip for Him....

 — Mistress treats her slave. by saucyslut0707/08/09

Strip Poker Creampie

 — An evening of strip poker turns into group debauchery. by creamypussylover09/10/024.71HOT

Strip Poker Disaster

 — 4 hot girls measure 2 boys. by godoffapping6911/02/103.00

Strip Poker... Gone Bad

 — She duped him, and left him blueballed. by skip523603/12/063.93

Strip Search

 — Trying to get to work gets him more than he bargained for. by mland2311/21/113.23

Strip Tease

 — Waterskiing and one legged stripping all in a day. by rrspence200205/08/094.29


 — High rollers, card counting, and one hell of a spanking. by bjnightengale6911/21/154.03

Stripped and Flipped

 — What happens when you walk into the wrong bar. by MrDeviant11/23/073.91

Stripped in the Ring

 — Professional wrestler gets humiliated in the ring. by bigdaleforever09/22/033.39

Stripped in the Ring Ch. 02

 — Revenge: this time, the Champ strips them. by bigdaleforever01/26/094.19

Stripper Delight

 — A stripper holds a special attraction for a newbie visitor. by anonymous304/29/143.67

Stripper Tease

 — Stripper teases bound boyfriend. by chatbug03/16/034.05

Strippers Take Charge

 — Two guys get more than they planned for at strip club. by AlexHolman05/23/104.58HOT

Stroking In Satin

 — She uses her satin panties to get what she wants. by Mistress_Rebecca05/19/144.58HOT

StrykeForce 1: Out of Their League

 — When Heroines Lose by DarkLordPriapus11/07/134.00

Stuck in the Elevator with Steph

 — A manager gets stuck in the elevator with one of his staff. by peebudy07/05/114.47

Stuck in the Lift

 — In desperate need of a piss when the lift breaks down... by Nomean_feet10/26/094.25

Stud-Maker 9000

 — Small-dicked man has an undesired encounter. by smallercuck07/23/124.26

Student Punishment

 — Nicki gets punished for wetting her panties. by nautinicki07/18/053.60

Students Rule II Ch. 04

 — A dispute is settled with oil wrestling. by linkznut12/04/054.60HOT

Study Abroad Bisexual Threesome Ch. 02

 — Jessica asks Nick to wear some sexy lingerie. by faneuilwrites12/28/124.35

Stuffed Pig

 — How I learned to love the fat girls by adrenaline6193801/16/14

Stupid Weak Men

 — A guy gets lucky with a girl - or does he? by mysterymanva04/23/074.02

Sturgis Charity Gangbang Ch. 01

 — Bikers give $2000 to Charity. by SDcowboy06/19/034.30

Sub for a Day

 — An unexpected day in sexual servitude to my wife. by beatleboy04/26/184.44

Sub Gone Dominant

 — A story of a master giving his sub the ultimate gift. by dominatorZ05/05/133.83

Sub Switches Roles

 — Sub becomes Mistress to her Master. by naughty_jude10/26/044.65HOT

Subject Sixteen

 — Behold the hypersexual. by HP_Porncraft03/17/164.23

Subman and Condiment Girl Ch. 02

 — Sometimes one taste isn't enough. by love_neverfails07/16/114.17

Submission Pt. 01-02

 — She woke up and realized one bet may have changed her life. by aleigh1017060904/03/184.27

Submission Pt. 03

 — She woke up and realized one bet may have changed her life. by aleigh1017060904/04/184.43

Submission Pt. 04

 — She woke up and realized one bet may have changed her life. by aleigh1017060904/06/184.44

Submission to Sasha

 — Sexy lady Dominates him. by cby205/05/024.45

Submissive Employee

 — First ice break with employee. by dominant_4_dames02/21/143.79

Submissive Promises

 — An adoring submissive makes promises he won't regret. by Pothos112/12/124.09

Submissive Secrets Ch. 01

 — Dinner at Stephen and Lindsey's. by robyne_morgan11/23/054.34

Submissive Secrets Ch. 02

 — The gas station. by robyne_morgan12/09/054.28

Submissive Secrets Ch. 03

 — The grocery store. by robyne_morgan12/10/054.14

Submissive Secrets Ch. 04

 — Home from work. by robyne_morgan12/11/054.13

Submissive Secrets Ch. 05

 — Friday afternoon. by robyne_morgan12/12/054.29

Submissive Stocking Slut

 — The beginiing of a beautiful relationship. by Hosieryboy08/23/054.39

Submissive Trudy

 — Mr. Wilson dominates the sexy nympho. by Richard Janice10/09/004.60HOT

Submitting to Mistress Trina

 — Mistress Trina uses Her slave. by Subsidence02/19/103.73

Submitting to the Sultan Ch. 01

 — Whole family submits to ancient piss-drinking tradition. by LukaWolff08/19/164.19

Subservient Ch. 03

 — Angie gets hubby to agree to the unthinkable. by samuel6906/14/10


 — Cleaning up the strays. by magmaman09/28/174.35

Subtle Mind Control

 — A friend becomes a submissive sex pet. by Davion05/09/134.21

Suburban Cumslut Ch. 01

 — She learns to submit to her "Daddy's" desires. by Gilroygal6905/20/084.25

Suburban Cumslut Ch. 02

 — Daddy takes her farther than she ever imagined. by Gilroygal6905/30/084.37

Subway Adventure

 — Grace gets a surprise! by SheDevilShay09/09/074.12

Subway Romp

 — He wants piss - she has other ideas. by dravendevere07/08/084.20

Subway Surprise

 — Sub shop manager hooks up with customer. by peebudy07/11/10HOT

Successful Cuckolding Relationships

 — How to have a successful cuckolding relationship. by deborahsue11/18/154.57HOT


 — Bella finds a Succubus Costume. by deanono13609/30/154.31

Such a Deal Ch. 01

 — A young man subits to his desires. by Angelscuck07/20/124.00

Such a Deal Ch. 02

 — A young man submits to his fantasies. by Angelscuck07/21/123.95

Such a Deal Ch. 03

 — A young man gets his fantasies and more. by Angelscuck07/21/124.14

Such a Deal Ch. 04

 — A young man's debasement continues. by Angelscuck07/22/124.17

Such a Deal Ch. 05

 — A young man's search for his fantasies concludes. by Angelscuck07/23/124.14

Such a Deal Ch. 06

 — The story concludes. by Angelscuck07/26/124.10

Such Lovely Feet

 — She discovers, then shares, her lover's foot fetish. by straptnlusty4u03/06/074.43

Suck Me Once, Shame On You

 — How can he get his hands on those magnificent milky jugs? by Cute_Katy_Kinky12/01/174.53HOT

Sucking Sidney

 — Wife controls sucking. by SteveLee114605/12/144.19

Suckling a Policewoman

 — Seducing her into a lesbian threesome & induced lactation. by Tarbut12/11/074.16

Sue and Meredith

 — Women from a church circle group. by JhMcKn04/09/183.81

Sue Makes Me a Present

 — Girlfriend phones him at work with a fresh cream pie. by DiggerDave06/30/054.47

Sue's Nipple Quest Ch. 02

 — It's all about her not her husband. by Tdisk09/06/164.36

Sue-Anna's A Webcam Whore

 — Sue-Anna performs on webcam. by Anal_Ally05/22/142.49

Sugar & Spice

 — She describes how she died. Vore and sex. by Clemstra10/22/043.95

Summer at Mountain Farm

 — Young man learns to be useful. by lalupin08/28/134.52HOT

Summer Break Party

 — Who knows what could happen, especially right after a party. by Footfetishfan10/12/124.48

Summer Camp Scat

 — An enema brings too camp counselors closer. by dirrrtywillow08/10/044.50HOT

Summer Fruit

 — He comes home to find her waiting, with fruit. by SINderellaBelle03/11/014.30

Summer Heat (In Heat)

 — Two adventurous people meet in a bar. by xtcis6904/27/023.91

Summer Intern

 — Young summer intern hooks up with a coworker at my house. by DevotedToHer10/20/144.17

Summer Meets Danni

 — Dominant Redhead Summer meets another woman for a day of fun. by KFP9305/11/144.66HOT

Summer on the Farm Ch. 02

 — Christian continues to enjoy pleasures of farm life. by christian_hm11/24/054.32

Summer Rain

 — Pregnant sex during a light summer rain. by Strapping Young Lad06/17/024.40

Summer Rain

 — Matt discovers coed neighbor's special talent. by TwistedPlayr07/15/054.58HOT

Summer Scent (Enticing Scent for Hets)

 — Man is turned on by the smell of a woman. by Shale08/22/014.38

Summer School

 — Mike isn't going to the summer school he expected. by SomeWhereNew02/04/093.97

Summer Sissy

 — Lawn boy takes on new duties for kinky BBW customer. by bartleby_prefers10/28/11HOT

Summer Sissy Ch. 02

 — A curious young man's further explorations with a kinky BBW. by bartleby_prefers11/06/11

Summer Stopover

 — An unscheduled stop leads to some deep fun. by ViridianQS08/17/153.39

Summer Water Sports

 — Two good friends, a pool, & all-day orgasms. by Amythyst12/18/014.26

Summer Wine

 — A dominant man gets handcuffed and teased by a temptress. by liz_sinful06/17/134.15

Summer's Struggle

 — Dominant Summer and Sub Danni meet a man online. by KFP9305/28/144.50HOT

Sun Hee Ch. 01

 — Cute Korean girl turns out to be something of a tease. by metalimbic10/06/154.67HOT

Sun Hee Ch. 05

 — Korean keyholder lets me cum, but it's not what I expected. by metalimbic10/30/154.73HOT

Sun Hee Ch. 06

 — Of libraries, laundry, and loneliness. by metalimbic11/24/154.78HOT

Sun Hee Ch. 07

 — His chastity forces him to face the consequences. by metalimbic12/31/154.25

Sun Hee Ch. 08

 — Sun Hee returns, as cruel as ever. by metalimbic06/09/164.74HOT

Sun Hee Ch. 09

 — A tender reunion, romance, and new heights of humiliation. by metalimbic06/17/164.62HOT

Sun Hee Ch. 10

 — Back under Sun Hee's control, she shows true cruelty. by metalimbic09/24/164.68HOT

Sun Hee Ch. 11

 — Korean girl puts chastity boy in his place. by metalimbic11/10/164.44

Sun Hee's Cruel Tease Ch. 01

 — Sweet Korean girl cruelly teases her boyfriend. by metalimbic07/07/174.62HOT

Sun Hee's Cruel Tease Ch. 02

 — A dirty bar, and a bet gone too far. by metalimbic07/29/174.69HOT

Sunday Lunch, dear?

 — She needs to go badly but will she get there in time? by Adrian6970200604/13/093.10

Sunday Morning

 — Priest teaches woman a lesson. by Harley Quinn05/15/014.02

Sunday Morning

 — His wife's school friends insist on coming in. by oggbashan08/28/053.24

Sunday Morning Fun

 — Pantyhose feet and sex on a sunday morning. by mugs10112/02/144.37

Sunday Morning Orange Juice

 — He decides to possibly share an orange. by dgthomas02/21/044.09

Sunken Ship Sex

 — Underwater sex while breath holding. by Naxos04/07/083.93

Sunny Days and Watering

 — Neighbours discover a shared fetish. by Kevsta02/20/094.20

Supanova Ch. 01

 — I torture Kat once more while teaching Vera to deepthroat by rayne41610/24/174.38

Supermarket Fantasy

 — Weeknight grocery shopping leads to a hot oral encounter. by ATX_Deviant07/05/124.59HOT

Supermodel Super Enemas 3

 — The supermodel enema orgy concludes. by Satyr200504/08/064.43

Supermodel Super Enemas Ch. 01

 — Four supermodels partake in a depraved enema orgy. by Satyr200503/24/064.57HOT

Supermodel Super Enemas Ch. 02

 — The enema orgy continues. by Satyr200503/25/064.26

Supersize Me Ch. 02

 — Big cock competition gets seriously big. by twoup01/16/054.42

Supersize Me Ch. 03

 — Jo strikes it BIG with a 12 inch monster. by twoup01/25/054.50HOT


 — She shows him who is boss, anal style. by heikko02/09/074.27


 — A sissy's wife gives him a big surprise. by cwsissy08/03/084.37


 — One of my regular fantasies, finally written down. by Gee_star12/21/113.95

Surprise Adventure in Tokyo

 — Asian American model meets Yakuza. by dior1101/03/133.85

Surprise Guest, Surprise Breasts

 — He finds out why she's hesitant to show her boobs. by Hornyman69WithU04/17/073.37

Surprise Hanging

 — My best friend and I surprise you with a wedgie. by Pantyqueen2311/25/173.94

Surprise Piss Night on the Town

 — She opened my mind to peeing. by ehappys05/30/094.22

Surprise Surprise

 — Anna has a surprise for straight Eric. by Sobek01/28/024.15

Surprise Surprise Ch. 2

 — Anna & Eric discover new freedoms. by Sobek01/30/024.35

Surprise Surprise Ch. 3

 — Anna answers John's question. by Sobek01/31/024.22

Surprise Surprise Ch. 4

 — Anna prepares Thanksgiving dinner. by Sobek02/07/023.74

Surprise Surprise Ch. 5

 — Mountian Trip results in new houseguest. by Sobek02/12/024.12

Surprise Surprise Ch. 6

 — Things go wrong. by Sobek03/12/023.85


 — Are they really His plans? by Merlinslair11/10/094.15

Surprised after 10 Years Ch. 01

 — A couple go to new places of sexual experience. by boris892104/05/124.14

Surprised Teacher

 — Young teacher takes home a surprise. by LR11/05/004.16


 — Lonely guy meets BBW with a kinky side. by Dar_Jisbo12/22/174.08

Surrender Ch. 1

 — He helps you discover your submissive side. by Dartagnan10/20/004.07

Surrogate Pisser

 — On a cold night two women share their bodies and more. by Corpse_rider09/30/124.36

Surrogate Seed Ch. 01

 — A sterile man is forced to ask for help to knock up his wife. by PepperxSpice01/24/144.44

Survey Says

 — A man participates in a penis size survey. by nm3888nm07/31/173.99

Survivor: Femdom

 — An elimination game. by pifan12/15/164.15

Susan and the Shoe Salesman

 — Susan gets her feet and pussy massaged. by klagatoman12/31/094.59HOT

Susan Apple Pie Ala Mode

 — She told us she was an apple pie. by Clemstra10/22/042.36

Susan at the Glory Hole

 — Susan indulges a bi-curious smoking fetishist. by eee99901/08/134.01

Susan in Control Ch. 01

 — Susan Moves In. by Rabbithorny06/09/173.91

Susan in Control Ch. 02

 — Cuck Night. by Rabbithorny06/10/174.00

Susan in Control Ch. 03

 — Susan Frustrated. by Rabbithorny06/11/173.97

Susan's Cartoon Print Panties

 — I explore nerdy Susan's cute bikini panties. by pervert4panties04/18/174.45

Susan's Cartoon Print Panties Ch. 02

 — Nerdy Susan and I continue our encounter. by pervert4panties05/24/184.70HOT

Susan, the Cabin Screw

 — The life and times of Susan, the Cabin Crew. by black saphire02/06/114.36

Susie the Baby-Sitter

 — She's also a face-sitter in her panties. by DaveFree12/02/154.62HOT

Susie the Baby-Sitter Ch. 02

 — Susie surprises Dave at the hospital. by DaveFree12/08/154.35

Suspense, Slime & Strips of Tape

 — A woman indulges her husband's weird tastes. by Synovex09/06/163.39


 — Mackintosh Fetishism. by Macjay07/25/124.21

Susuruss Pt. 05-08

 — Mackintosh Fetishism. by Macjay08/25/124.36

Susuruss Pt. 09-12

 — Mackintosh Fetishism. by Macjay09/03/124.38

Susuruss Pt. 13-16

 — Mackintosh Fetishism. by Macjay09/07/124.20

Susuruss Pt. 17-20

 — Mackintosh Fetishism. by Macjay09/12/124.09

Susuruss Pt. 21-23

 — Mackintosh Fetishism - The End. by Macjay09/14/124.12

Suzanne Becomes Jack's Milk Cow

 — Further adventures of Jack and Suzanne. by Suzanne James01/20/084.37

Suzanne Meissner, RN

 — A nurse arranges therapy at Louise Bellman's clinic. by margaret_jenkins11/24/054.56HOT

Suzanne's Corset Devotion

 — New husband, new underwear, new sex. by Learningfast07/26/124.48

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