Hot Erotic Stories.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur Stories

A Chance Encounter - Widower golfer turns voyeur.
A Day in the Sun
- Shy exhibitionist bares her all at nude beach.
A Free Show
- Hot wife loves to show off.
A Good Day
- He hears neighbor's sexy girlfriend in action.
A Most Delicious Dinner - Buddy schemes for the perfect meal.
A Night Out III - Couple plays games in lingerie store.
A Night Outside - He watches you as you dress, and more.
A Night Through The Looking Glass - His night takes a turn.
A Perfect Alibi - Case of adultery turns out to be much more.
A Quick Bite To Eat - Man has erotic public experiences.
A Sporting Chance
- Janet gets quite a surprise at a soccer match.
A Trip to the Beach
- Wife blossoms sexually with friend's help.
A Voyeur's Dream
- Stranded man gets an eyeful.
Adventures in Amsterdam Pt. I
- They take live sex show gig.
Adventures Of Betty IV
- More erotic adventure with Betty.
- Woman seduces homeless man in public park.
Alexandra's Odyssey Ch. III - She runs into a dangerous stranger.
Alone in London - Rachel pleases herself on winter night.
Alone in London II - Man hears strange sounds from downstairs.
Alone in London III - Adam finds lovely neighbor in midst of self-love.
Alone in London IV - Adam's caught watching beautiful neighbor.
An Afternoon by the Pool - Inhibited woman gives a show.
An Anal Adventure - Husband Clive come home to quite a sight.
Another College Memory - Redhead coed surprises boyfriend.
At The Movies - Couple gets busy in movie theater.
At The Office - He finds fiancée beneath his desk.
Baby Steps - Young wife discovers her exhibitionist side.
Baby Steps Pt. II - Jim takes her on another adventure.
Baby Steps Pt. III - She gives truck driver an eyeful.
Baby Steps Pt. IV - Budding exhibitionist enjoys Vegas.
Baby Steps Pt. V - She & Jim visit Bob & Carol.
Baby Steps Pt. VI - Liz & Jim watch Carla & Bob.
Bare Butt - Couple plays public sex games.
Beach Encounter - He watches lovely redhead at nude beach.
Being Watched - You sneak into her house to watch her.
Betty - Kinky lady lets her friend watch.
Bill - Siren seduces man using video.
Blind Date - Dominating woman gives him a night to remember.
Bus Buddies - She plays games with blue-eyed stranger.
Caribbean Holiday Pt. I - Man watches men watching his hot wife.
Carpe Diem: a Fable - Free-spirited working girl concocts a plan.
Canton County Chronicles Pt. I - Scott watches friend's mom.
Chris Comes Undone Pt. I - Security head liberates woman.
Chris Comes Undone Pt. II - She makes friends at adult theater.
College Daze I - Students play Strip Poker, on webcam.
College Daze III - Student landlord is bought & displayed.
Cure - He films sexy unsuspecting neighbor Karen.
Dare To Be Different - You take him on an exhibitionist adventure.
Dave Meets Vicki IX - Dave & Vicki enter dance contest.
Daylight Dreaming - Bored construction worker gets an eyeful.
Dear Diary Pt. II - Kelli peeps on her friends.
Dear Diary Pt. III - Kelli watches sister's guy as he dresses.
Dear Diary Pt. IV - Kelli attends a sleepover, but doesn't sleep!
Dear Diary Pt. VIII - Kelli goes to college.
Dressed To Kill - Couple plays game of Ultimate Truth or Dare.
Dressing Room - Tia and her guy get wild in the department store.
Duplex - He watches you from across the courtyard.
Fantasy Fulfilled - Traveling man spies on masturbating woman.
Friday Night - Drinking games lead to Truth or Dare.
Garden Party - Horny couple plants more than flowers.
Genie in a Bottle Ch. II - He grants her the third wish.
Gotta Have Faith Pt. II - He catches Faith in intimate moment.
Gotta Have Faith Pt. IV - He saves Faith Hill from stalker.
Guess I Should've Called First - Domestic errand turns wild.
His Best Friend Sees... - Hubby shares pics of wife with a friend.
Hitting the Showers - Swimmer girl is caught in men's locker room.
Honeymoon - Couple are watched in action on Moroccan terrace.
Hot Peek in Phoenix Motel - Guy shows off for young blonde.
House Sitting - Sunbathing blonde meets big black man.
If Tattoos Could Talk... - Couple learns tattoo secrets.
Jack - Psych undergrad helps arguing couple.
Janey - Dancer gives good show.
Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Pt. I - Hubby has big plans.
Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Pt. II - Jenny goes to show.
Jenny Wants to be a... Pt. III - Jenny's the star of the show.
Jenny Wants to be a... Pt. IV - Jenny learns the rules.
Jenny Wants to be a... Pt. V - The game begins.
Jenny Wants to be a... Pt. VI - Husband brings bad news.
Jenny Wants to be a... Pt. VII - Jenny's tongue is on display.
Jenny Wants to be a... Pt. VIII - Jenny helps with charity.
Julie Loves An Audience Ch. I - Girlfriend loves to flaunt it.
Just For Me! - She's addicted to online love.
Kitchen Games - Couple gives their neighbors a hot show.
Kitty Takes Him to Starship Lust - This dancer really moves!
Kelli Gets Even - College girl seeks revenge on girl who wrongs her.
Lexi's Surprise Pt. III - The girls take their show on the road.
Lisa Exposed - He watches while she seduces hotel employee.
Little Quirk - Man makes a bet with exhibitionist lover.
Minnie: Portrait #1 - Man watches sexy slut in action.
Momentum - Coed calls her boyfriend for a quickie.
Moving Day Pt. II - Uptight woman meets hunky movers.
Mrs. Martin Ch. VIII - The girls get ice cream.
My Balcony Adventure - Asian girl puts on balcony show.
My Daughter Jenna - Horny dad spies on sexy teen daughter.
My Story - A girl's first exhibitionist experiences.
My Towel Adventure - Sexy Japanese girl bares all on beach.
My Very First Adventure - Japanese girl in first public appearance.
Natural Camouflage - Jacket renders its wearer invisible.
Natural Camouflage Pt. II - He gives the jacket another test run.
Natural Camouflage Pt. III - Evil thugs seek the jacket.
Naughty Ch. VI - Courtney sets out to get laid.
Never Turn Back - Sexy neighbor dances for him.
Night Out Pt. I - He exposes her, and she loves it.
No Underwear Pt. II - Couple has fun at mom's house.
On The Beach - Sexy girl watches him watching her.
On The Bus - Voyeur finds a friend on the ride home.
On The Bus - Strangers get intimate on public transportation.
On The Road - He yearns to see Michelle with another man.
Online - She gets off - online.
Peeper Payback - Voyeur security man is caught in the act.
Porno Theater Adventure - Couple enjoys movie crowd.
Return to the Womb Pt. I - Wife seduces teen boys.
Return to the Womb Pt. II - Husband tells wife deep dark secrets.
Ron's Encounter #1 - Exhibitionist gets caught by young woman.
Ron's Encounter #2 - He gives salesgirl a show.
Ron's Encounter #3 - Neighbor girls get an eyeful.
Ron's Encounter #4 - Ron lets girlfriend in on his secret.
Saturday Brat - Lisa sunbathes nude in brother's backyard.
Sexstacy - Hooker on Ecstasy takes cab ride.
Sex at the Supermarket - Sexy teenage checker seduces older man.
South of France - Young Danish girl is fascinated by sexy artist hunk.
Spirit of Adventure - He and naughty minx take a ride.
Stockings - She faces her biggest challenge ever.
Subway Ride - He can't wait till they get home to enjoy her.
Subway Sisters - Buddies meet exquisite Jamaican twins.
Tapes - Couples videotape each other's lovemaking.
Tennis Lust -  The score's love-love.
The Adventures of Betty IV - Betty & Veronica graduate with a bang.
The Adventures of the Designated Slut Pt. I - Cat on the road.
The Adventures...Designated Slut Pt.II - Cat in the parking lot.
The Adventures of the... Pt. III - Cat goes dancing.
The Apartment Complex Pt. II - Todd brings in lovely stranger.
The Backyard - Horny redhead catches peeping neighbor.
The Beach - He watches lovely blonde in the moonlight.
The Beach Walk - Betsy gets an eyeful of wild orgy on the dunes.
The Bet II: Simone - Girl watches friend have sex with her brother.
The Big Tease - Tina enjoys Stephen at home, at park, etc.
The Chat Room Friend - Exhibitionists meet online.
The Commuter Bus - Trudy is had by stranger on crowded bus.
The Contact Pt. II - She helps you enjoy a concert.
The Contest - Sorority vs. Frat in the ultimate game of Truth or Dare.
The Court - Couple on the rocks share sex in public.
The Dream - Man stranded on island finds intriguing companionship.
The Fountain - Woman witnesses a dog-girl and owner in public park.
The House Guest - Willowy Sandy comes to live with couple.
The Letter - Horny girl teases paperboy.
The Letter Pt. II - Paperboy brings a friend to watch.
The Letter Pt. IV - Sue teases the paperboy.
The Mobile Internet Connection - Foray into chat goes further.
The Movies - He shares theater with sexy couple.
The New Job - She really likes her new boss.
The 9:13 - Foxy friend gives him a ride after ball game.
The Paperboy - Sexy Asian exhibitionist meets horny voyeur paperboy.
The Peeping Roomie - Roommate & boyfriend aren't alone.
The Peeping Roomie Pt. II - Roommate brings home a girlfriend.
The Pinhole - Brother peeps on sister's friends.
The Research Project - Coed is seduced in library by literate hunk.
The Ride to N.Y. - Crazy couple puts on a show on bus.
The Show - Man give wife and friends their money's worth.
The Showoff - Wife teases hubby's cousin on rock climb.
The Strip Club - Stripper & soldier get it on for an audience.
The Subway Ride - Jennifer enjoys a crowded NYC train.
The Tape in the Top Drawer Pt. I - Man finds hot video.
The Tape in the Top Drawer Pt. II - Video holds a surprise.
The Window - Visiting girl discovers she has an audience.
The Lounge - Where beautiful nymphos come to drink, and more.
Thru the Window - She watches sexy neighbor get off.
Train Encounter - Man gets an eyeful of shaved beauty.
Trudy: Day at the Office - Sexy Trudy wears no panties to work.
Union 76 - Sultry petite girlfriend loves to put on a show.
Unobserved - Hubby watches wife as she enjoys adult movie.
Vacation - Wife puts on show during cross-country drive.
Visual Aids - Jackie shows Carol how to please a man.
Watchers - He makes it up to angry girlfriend in crowded restaurant.
Watching - She's spying on the nympho next door.
Watch Me Please! - Bank employee learns discovers her wild side.
We Take a Taxi - They give cabbie a real show.
We're Doing What?! Pt. I - Girlfriend ropes him into wild night.
We're Doing What?! Pt. II - She finally exorcises her demons.
Wedding Story - Girlfriend puts on a show.
What Matt Saw - Matt gets an eyeful of buddy's sexy sister.
Window Fun - Couple shows off from apartment window.
Window Stranger - Lonely woman puts on a show.
XXX Trip to Mars Pt. I - Maggie watches couple in zero gravity.
Yard Dog's Fantasy - Lester gets an eyeful of happy slave.
Yard Work - Couple plays trick on voyeuristic gardener.
Yet Another Little Quirk - Her tormentor takes her picture.
You Like Strippers, Do You? - Girlfriend shows 'em how it's done.

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