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Beat Off Boy in Diapers

 — He gets something to cry about. by beatoffboy12/12/024.31

Beaten and Taken

 — You set me up for failure in an erotic wrestling match. by Ian110/21/093.78

Beaten Into Submission With Strap-on

 — Man is used & abused by four women. by fun4all696904/10/024.22

Beating & Branding

 — She's tied up & branded for life as a slut. by Alice Wells01/13/024.12

Beating the Heat in DC

 — Beautiful Korean American seeks relief from DC heat. by dior1107/13/124.58HOT

Beautiful Disaster

 — When disaster hits, she is saved in a most erotic way. by NovemberBaby02/28/104.24

Beauty Salon Visit

 — Beauty Salon Erotica. by DAVES400002/24/114.52HOT

Becca: High Times

 — Becca has a surprise for her boyfriend. by kpaddack202/27/084.02

Becca: Just Can't Wait

 — Becca gets too horny waiting for her boyfriend. by kpaddack202/27/083.64

Becky Ch. 03

 — Becky discovers she has a real fetish for a man's cum. by Many Feathers08/04/114.43

Becky Meets 13 Inches

 — Jen lets GF Becky go to a strip club..she finds 13 inches. by Longhair2101/19/114.17

Becoming a BBW

 — A very public sex life. by arachnophile5207/13/114.61HOT

Becoming a BBW Ch. 02

 — Celia, confident and sexy. by arachnophile5209/15/114.58HOT

Becoming a Cowgirl

 — An arrogant student becomes a lactating cowgirl. by Atgod02/03/144.00

Becoming a Drone

 — Cuckold takes the final step to become a sexless drone. by george_nobush07/05/113.89

Becoming a Man

 — John gets the greatest birthday gift of all. by The_Ride01/27/143.57

Becoming a Sissy Slave

 — The story of how I became my wifes sissy slave. by pantysissyslave08/01/134.07

Becoming Bobbi

 — Older woman seduces him into being her sissy slut. by osodd_boi06/07/104.57HOT

Becoming Her Sissy

 — How Jade took control of me and our relationship. by Slutboy8801/12/104.20

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 01

 — Nick meets a women who seems to know what he wants. by Scribler08/10/024.50HOT

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 02

 — Nick slowly becomes Nikki by Scribler08/11/024.55HOT

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 03

 — Nick enjoys a man for the first time by Scribler08/12/024.64HOT

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 04

 — Despite all, Nick proposes marriage. by Scribler08/13/024.70HOT

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 05

 — Nick enjoys a man for the first time. by Scribler08/14/024.67HOT

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 06

 — Nikki loses her virginity. by Scribler08/15/024.72HOT

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 07

 — Nick takes Josie for the first time. by Scribler08/16/024.76HOT

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 08

 — Josie takes Nikkie to a club. by Scribler08/16/024.71HOT

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 09

 — Nikki and Jim have a wild night. by Scribler08/18/024.76HOT

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 10

 — Josie demonstrates her control over Nikki. by Scribler08/19/024.74HOT

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 01

 — Suzanne discovers Jack shares her breastfeeding fantasies. by Suzanne James06/05/054.03

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 02

 — Suzanne and Jack explore their fantasies. by Suzanne James06/06/054.39

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 03

 — Further adventures of Jack and Suzanne. by Suzanne James06/07/054.40

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 04

 — More adventures of Jack and Suzanne. by Suzanne James06/21/054.45

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 05

 — Suzanne and Jack. by Suzanne James07/09/064.32

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 06

 — Further adventures of Suzanne and Jack. by Suzanne James12/12/074.41

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 07

 — Jack molds Suzanne's body. by Suzanne James07/09/084.47

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 08

 — Big breasts and a bigger belly. by Suzanne James05/23/094.33

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 09

 — Enjoying being a milk cow. by Suzanne James07/24/094.40

Becoming Kitten

 — "Well hello, Kitten." by AngelSubmits10/26/133.46

Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 02

 — His wife's sexual desires begin his bi journey. by curriousmatt107/19/124.09

Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 03

 — Matt finally experiences his wife’s bi sexual desires. by curriousmatt108/19/124.44

Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 04

 — His wife and Mike complete Matt's bi-journey. by curriousmatt101/10/134.51HOT

Becoming Terry's Pet

 — A chance encounter in the gents leads to a new relationship. by MyUncensoredSelf12/07/134.24

Becoming the Bull Ch. 01

 — An obedient young man is coerced into submission. by Innocent_Outside11/26/124.25

Becoming the Bull Ch. 02

 — Jane manipulates her boy toy into fucking her like a man. by Innocent_Outside12/04/124.28

Bed, Board & Boots

 — Leather booted landlady takes care of her lodger. by McBoots09/15/034.55HOT

Bed-Wetters Wedding Ch. 01

 — Wedding invitation and bad luck lead to life of submission. by Whitecottonpantyboy01/04/093.92

Bedroom Research

 — Can panties change my life? by wylite09/20/124.36

Bedroom Research Ch. 02

 — Mandy wields her rubber cock. by wylite10/11/124.31

Bedroom Research Ch. 03

 — Brian is taken shopping for panties. by wylite10/21/124.11

Bedroom Surprise

 — "Oh my what pretty panties you have!" by wylite11/03/124.06

Bedroom Surprise Ch. 02

 — Felicity sucks a real cock at last. by wylite11/15/124.19

Bedside Luxury

 — Sammy is turned into part of a pleasure machine. by sammy_80804/05/143.89

Bee Is Obedient

 — A story of pee desperation. by Orgone6910/30/134.14

Beer Baron's Daughter

 — Playing with beer in the woods. by Beau_Jack_Walker06/04/103.37

Beer Blast

 — Hapless guy becomes a toilet slave at a college beer blast. by HungryGuy03/10/054.52HOT

Before Dawn & After Hours

 — Watch the change from him to her. by jacks444403/16/013.27


 — The start of lactation for her. by Giftofondine04/18/124.14

Beginnings, Foreplay and Fantasy

 — A man approaches a neighbor lady with his wet desires. by anonymous308/04/134.12

Behavior Modification Institute

 — Compulsive masturbator sent by wife for training. by NancyPan04/16/144.30

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 02

 — Tom's training continues, but is just beginning. by NancyPan04/25/144.41

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 03

 — Tom receives his first punishment, talks to Kelli by NancyPan04/28/144.40

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 04

 — Tom must face his true sissy nature. by NancyPan05/01/144.41

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 05

 — Tom accepts that he is a sissy and his training continues. by NancyPan05/06/144.40

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 06

 — Kelli is given an update and there is a change in training. by NancyPan05/09/144.29

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 07

 — Tom is humiliated by infantilization. by NancyPan05/14/144.12

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 08

 — Extreme humiliation thru diaper discipline, infantilism. by NancyPan05/31/144.09

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 09

 — Tom's punishment ends and training resumes. by NancyPan06/11/144.28

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 10

 — Tom begins his sexual service training. by NancyPan07/08/144.36

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 11

 — Tom learns the value of oral worship. by NancyPan07/19/144.48

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 12

 — Kelli gets a report on Tom's progress. by NancyPan07/26/144.25

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 13: Final

 — Will he graduate with honors? by NancyPan08/12/143.92

Behind the Nightclub

 — Close encounters of the wet kind on a night out. by naughtybessparker08/03/144.61HOT

Behind the Rocks

 — Under a hot sun, an aunt's piss made her nephew even hotter. by Geraldkimbo08/05/044.16

Being a Good Hostess

 — sub plays hostess at his girlfriend's party. by femalemastermind200012/10/044.18

Being Bad

 — Hannah gets caught peeing. by MissA510/02/124.13

Being Christina's Bitch

 — I meet a friend for some sexy fun but she has her own plans. by boytoy2309/24/104.04

Being Christina's Bitch Ch. 02

 — Christina invites 5 men to have their way with me. by boytoy2311/30/114.00

Being Christina's Bitch Ch. 03

 — Conclusion 'Being Christina's Bitch' - a filthy orgy. by boytoy2304/19/123.98

Being Flexible

 — Girlfriend wants to see him autofellate. by drscar10/09/094.68HOT

Being His Kitten Ch. 01

 — Submissive gets 'something different' with her Master. by SweetSacrifice01/14/144.44

Being Humiliated & Loving It

 — He satisfies she-males while wife looks on. by Anal Slave06/21/024.32

Being Jack's Milk Cow

 — A day in the life of Jack's milk cow. by Suzanne James06/08/094.36

Being Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 02

 — A vacation at the farm. by Suzanne James04/11/104.30

Being Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 03

 — The Dairy Farm. by Suzanne James04/14/104.25

Being Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 04

 — Fun with our friends at the Dairy Farm. by Suzanne James09/04/104.43

Being Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 05

 — Expanding horizons. by Suzanne James02/02/114.54HOT

Being Naughty

 — He catches you playing with yourself. by DrmWvr105210/07/014.29

Being Normal

 — Two women help normal guy walk on the wild side. by TwistedPlayr02/03/054.53HOT

Being Persuaded to Be Circumcised

 — Older girlfriend persuades naive guy to be circumcised. by DS29909/15/133.93

Being Snippy

 — Two girls, two scissors, one night of fun. by EctoJohn03/17/104.42

Believe Me Nora Ch. 01

 — A bi-sexual couple explore pregnant sex options. by jackredd08/17/124.52HOT

Believe Me Nora Ch. 02

 — Nora meets with a freind while Zane and Tristan have fun. by jackredd08/18/124.33

Belle, Out of Control Ch. 06

 — Belle gets fucked and cum on head to toe. by SBurnett03/12/144.56HOT


 — Sometimes he doesn't need to go any lower. by lustybard04/15/054.20

Belonging To Ms. Tery Ch. 01

 — Cosplaying super heroine roleplays with slave. by CamScorp12/05/114.28

Belonging To Ms. Tery Ch. 02

 — Slave Continues To Serve His Mistress by CamScorp11/10/133.25

Below the Ankles

 — The life of a tickle prostitute. by tickle2305/25/053.88

Belt Fuck

 — Guy wearing a chastity belt gets a surprise by msummers2702/16/034.07

Ben & Dona

 — Two disabled people meet and share life. by rmlooker04/22/144.66HOT

Ben and Nina

 — Your (A)typical Office Romance. by ninalee31209/01/134.37

Ben's Blueberry Adventure

 — He becomes a blueberry and submits to her entirely. by OnTheBonnetOfThatCadillac08/09/123.53

Ben's Party Ch. 01

 — Ben and the hostess's husband are the entertainment. by Lion2465507/04/064.42

Ben's Party Ch. 03

 — Thinks get much darker and more painful for Ben. by Lion2465507/31/114.09

Ben's Party Ch. 04

 — A prudish lady goes to the party, and leaves a slut. by Lion2465507/21/123.79

Ben's Submission

 — He's caught by next door neighbor's son in lingerie. by Moonchino08/06/024.41

Ben's Submission Ch. 2

 — Ben's domination by his young neighbor continues. by Moonchino08/10/024.47

Bend Over Boyfriend

 — The first time she gets to use a strap-on isn't on a girl. by JBSDownUnder03/10/144.40

Bennie the Cuckold

 — Ben is cuckolded for being fat by wife and personal trainer. by AfricanWriter09/22/142.93

Beryl and Our Neighbour

 — Wife's affair with neighbor and my night with Tracey. by Quietoldie02/07/133.38

Best Birthday

 — Her very first facial, but not as you would expect. by joshua025805/18/044.08

Best Flight Ever - A Milk Run

 — A mother in need finds a man to help fulfill all her needs. by StrongMaster709/18/114.58HOT

Best Friends

 — Claire had never been able to resist her kinky instincts. by ableoneable08/17/094.24

Best Hand Job Ever

 — Older man gets a double hand & foot action. by Kessler02/08/014.39

Best-Friend Cuckold

 — Boyfriend to best friend to cuckold bitch. by mrblue0701/25/124.11

Beth and the Bukkake

 — Beth makes some money for university. by lolaenglish11/15/114.34

Beth in the Bakery

 — A pregnant woman finds relief in the bakery. by socrazy14304/05/094.16

Beth Takes a Risk

 — Co-workers play out a risky fantasy during the day. by Niceguy45401/11/084.51HOT

Beth's Day At The Box Store

 — Beth decides her man is in need of ? by fossie12308/26/104.54HOT

Beth's Place

 — A casual friendship takes an unexpected and exciting turn. by bthom08/24/094.56HOT

Beth's Place Ch. 02

 — A return visit yields more unexpected pleasures. by bthom10/10/094.63HOT

Bethany, Your Pussy Tastes So Good

 — One hour with my best friend's wife's panties. by miniskirtman6912/13/073.80


 — A wife messes up and a husband takes what is his. by SubmissivePet01/12/094.08

Betrayal Pt. 01

 — A man's life as a Baroness's smother slave. by Laz11011/21/103.83

Betrayal Pt. 02

 — The man suffers extreme smothering by cruel women. by Laz11011/27/104.12

Betrayal Pt. 03

 — The smother torment continues to the extreme. by Laz11012/03/104.08

Betrayal Pt. 04

 — The man is mercilessly smothered continuously. by Laz11012/04/104.03

Betrayal Pt. 05

 — An amazing conclusion to the man's smother torment. by Laz11012/10/104.11


 — Wife introduces husband to her black shemale lover. by brucealan10/29/124.05

Betrayed By My Body Ch. 01

 — Girl catches man viewing porn and discovers his fantasies. by xaitonnar2208/25/134.36

Better the Second Time Around

 — Tasha coerces Ethan again. by anonymous305/17/134.67HOT

Bettering Their Marriage Ch. 02

 — Things get more interesting for Jeff. by 49greg05/13/134.37

Bettering Their Marriage Ch. 03

 — Not really better, so Jeff gets what he really wants. by 49greg07/17/134.31

Betting at Pool

 — A married couple act out a fantasy. by drsalt06/24/044.39

Betting on One Night

 — No girl had been able to stand a night with Jason. Until now. by JamieRed10/01/094.37

Betty Finds My Story

 — She discovers his sissy fantasy. by JackorJill10/31/044.57HOT

Betty in the Basement

 — Betty has a sexy encounter with a man. by catastrophe07/19/043.67

Between a Cock and a Hard Place

 — A sexy sleepover with a surprising female. by SlaveHeartt07/31/143.79

Between Karyn's Toes Ch. 01

 — A married man succumbs to a teenager's delectable bare feet. by FootjobLover04/05/134.68HOT

Between Larissa's Legs Ch. 01

 — Larissa gets herself photocopied. by eatoure07/22/104.06

Between Larissa's Legs Ch. 02

 — Larissa meets a man with refined tastes. by eatoure07/23/104.40

Between Larissa's Legs Ch. 03

 — Larissa bonds with Turner, who rates her. by eatoure07/24/104.11

Between Larissa's Legs Ch. 04

 — Why is he being so nice to Larissa, the bond rater? by eatoure07/25/104.37

Between Larissa's Legs Ch. 05

 — Because he's bonding with her, that's why. by eatoure07/26/104.14

Between the Cushions

 — Aly finds the perfect surprise nestled in her loveseat. by bewonderful04/09/143.70

Between the Giantess' Fleshy Hips

 — A curvy & maternal SSBBW; the seduction of flesh. by bbwlove_it01/01/074.28

Beverage Service

 — Carolyn offers her own beverage service to a pilot. by trixie dixie01/30/064.26

Beverly Ch. 01

 — Female army pilot gets clipped. by rmlooker08/10/144.59HOT

Beverly Ch. 02

 — Even with her wings clipped she can function. by rmlooker08/22/144.77HOT

Beverly Ch. 03

 — A new job and home await. by rmlooker09/03/144.53HOT

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Ch. 03

 — Vivian continues his journey into sissy heaven. by trevorm10/23/104.29

Bi Lesson

 — Two bi men and one lady. by 69chuck4both03/05/084.20

Bi-Fun: DP

 — Cousins double-penetrate his rubber-clad girlfriend. by latexcd6908/07/084.21

Bi-Sexual Cuckold

 — Nasty cum hungry couple share a lover. by Anal Slave10/06/034.50HOT

Bianca Comes to Worship

 — A priest and his housekeeper help a girl find her way. by furlickle05/01/074.23

Bianco Boys Lose a Bet

 — Tycah is used as payment for her brothers' bet. by BugGirl12/22/034.10

Big & Beautiful

 — Nothing beats the love for a big woman. by Maverick161212/27/014.49

Big Apple CFNM

 — His experience in NYC. by SamFrench06/30/073.30

Big Belly

 — Young man helps out his neighbor lady. by standingstones06/14/084.16

Big Ben

 — Has she found the one? by SizeQueenSupreme08/11/044.14

Big Butt Queen Ch. 01

 — Voluptuous wife pleases husband with her fleshy soft curves. by bbwlove_it08/24/064.33

Big Butt Queen Ch. 02

 — Extremely voluptuous woman seduces man. by bbwlove_it03/04/074.39

Big Butt Queen Ch. 03

 — BBW confronts extremely curvy SSBBW. by bbwlove_it10/16/074.42

Big Gulps and Car Trips

 — Stuck in a tunnel with no where to go. by RedHot_Lips06/03/133.73

Big Squirt

 — The story of a woman who finds out she is a squirter. by Bondgirldoubleho702/15/074.30

Big Timmy: The College Years

 — The ultimate stud teaches teacher a lesson. by SizeQueenSupreme08/11/074.28

Big Woman's Booty Cake

 — Male & female wrestlers bond in unusual ways. by Samuelx01/13/082.73

Bigger Than Huge

 — Discovering the power of another guy's cock. by roukos10/31/064.38

Biggest That Will Fit In My Hole

 — Horny wife makes a wild request. by gentlyfirm02/26/104.15

Biker Lover

 — He began by worshipping her boots. by HelenHall09/30/104.35

Bikini Wax

 — Her first one, with a happy ending. by catastrophe08/17/044.56HOT

Binding Fantasy

 — He fulfills his bound wife's fantasy. by WillingSlutPartner05/31/064.27

Biology 101 Pt. 01

 — Professor's fetish with ejaculation. by jasliz02/02/104.50HOT

Biology 101 Pt. 02

 — Professors study continues. by jasliz04/18/104.68HOT

Biology 101 Pt. 03

 — Study comes to a shocking halt by jasliz07/27/104.55HOT

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