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Interracial Love Stories

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African Honeymoon

 — Indian bride is gangbanged in Africa. by hema_willams08/13/073.97

African Massage

 — A massage goes further than expected. by davidsj4911/26/113.79

African Prince Comes To Boston

 — A proud African prince comes to Harvard University. by Samuelx08/29/122.08

African Queen And White Princess

 — White princess falls for Black queen. by EbonyGoddess198705/31/102.70

African Sex Safari Ch. 01

 — His British neighbor is close to her chauffeur. by csn6104/04/013.62

African Sex Safari Ch. 02

 — Voyeurism leads to live action for watchers. by csn6104/07/013.67

African Sex Safari Ch. 03

 — Our hero is in the middle of a mystery. by csn6104/08/013.28

African Sex Safari Ch. 04

 — Lady cop heads the investigation. by csn6104/14/013.78

African Sex Safari Ch. 05

 — Hot erotic teasing and a fulfilling climax. by csn6104/23/014.03

African Sex Safari Ch. 06-07

 — An old story renewed. by csn6102/18/054.48

African Sex Safari Ch. 08

 — It ends with all the culprits getting caught. by csn6111/10/053.95

African-American Lawyer in Ottawa

 — Black lawyer meets feisty white woman in Canada. by Samuelx12/17/112.56

Africans Seduce 3 White Daughters

 — The African seduction of a white family in Nigeria. by JonathanT07/13/094.41

Africans Seduce 3 White Daughters Ch. 01

 — Continuation of African seduction of three white daughters. by JonathanT09/13/104.26

Afrikaner MILF For Zulu Man

 — South African MILF connects with her people's enemy. by Samuelx06/19/143.55

Afrikaner Woman Into Black Men

 — South African woman discovers black men in Canada. by Samuelx06/29/132.95

Afrikaner Women Into Black Guys

 — Jewish South African White lady discovers Black men. by Samuelx12/07/143.50

Afrikaner Women into Black Men

 — White woman from South Africa dates a Haitian man. by Samuelx02/15/132.82

Afrikaner Women Love Chocolate Too

 — White woman from South Africa explores Haitian men. by Samuelx10/02/131.55

Afro-Persian Romance

 — Saudi woman seduces Haitian man in Boston. by Samuelx01/30/122.75

After a Long Day

 — Black woman has threesome with best friend and her boyfriend. by justboycrazy02/19/113.99

After Bar 69

 — Black dominating white anilingus in a peepshow in Germany. by Nudemodel08/05/013.30

After Class

 — A teacher working late gets a surprise. by Madabouthair03/10/144.20

After Darts

 — This lady loves a challange. by theWIFEWatcher07/13/064.26

After Darts: Submissive Slave Girl

 — How my Wife Became a Submissive Slave Girl. by theWIFEWatcher12/27/124.14

After Darts: Submissive Slave Girl Ch. 02

 — My wife starts a weekend as a slave to some Big Black Cocks. by theWIFEWatcher01/10/134.29

After Darts: Submissive Slave Girl Ch. 03

 — My wife tells how she was a slave to Big Black Cocks. by theWIFEWatcher01/01/144.15

After School Adventures Ch. 09

 — When the school bell rings, the rules change... by Slash_Raptor02/08/134.17

After the Audition

 — The sequel to 'Audition'. by dsoul04/05/104.00

After the Fundraiser

 — Couple enjoys ride home from fundraiser. by j26712/31/084.49

After the Fundraiser Ch. 02

 — Wife's second time with a black lover. by j26710/15/094.44

After the Game

 — After strip-poker game, things get interesting. by Goldeniangel07/22/054.21

After the Party

 — She helps him out after a hard day at work. by jf197808/11/053.80

After The Sun Rises

 — Man and wife fulfill a long denied fantasy. by PhilCanyon09/29/074.38

After The Typing Pool Has Left

 — A new employee and a black supervisor. by David St Jacques08/07/034.13

After the Union Meeting

 — Janet introduces Zeke to an old friend. by ittakestwo26910/28/034.16

After Work Quickie

 — A quickie from an unexpected source. by this_is_chris08/18/114.04

After Work Social

 — Sasha & Sunshine get together at club. by hotcocoa08/01/034.32

After-Class, After-Life Affair

 — Coed's affair with married Black man has spooking climax. by Rumple Foreskin10/09/044.33

Afternoon Delight

 — Outting yields unexpected passion. by ElWapo03/25/013.71

Afternoon Delight

 — Reunited lovers find passions still run hot. by sweet T08/31/034.50HOT

Afternoon Delight

 — A Music Teacher discovers a new sexual appetite. by KnightWriter1001/19/10

Afternoon Delight Ch. 02

 — Ms Bach is lured into a gangbang at a graduation party. by KnightWriter1005/31/10

Ah, He Had Slept with Jenny

 — Slutty sweetheart. by katarsis12/02/063.30

Aimee Meets Diego

 — A redhead meets a sexy Mexican in a club. by sharethenight02/09/073.53

Ain't Budging

 — White biker in the 1970's rescues a black female hitchhiker. by Midnight_Flux07/02/094.57HOTEditor's Pick

Ain't Budging Ch. 02

 — Rhett and Theresa prepare to part ways. by Midnight_Flux08/14/094.56HOT

Ain't Budging Ch. 03

 — Theresa and Rhett come to the end of the road. by Midnight_Flux06/28/104.79HOT

Aisha & Paul

 — Black city woman falls for White older country man. by elle_noire03/07/034.59HOT

Aisha & Paul Ch. 02

 — Mistake ends with passion. by elle_noire03/14/034.60HOT

Aisha & Paul Ch. 03

 — A Black night. by elle_noire04/28/044.59HOT

Aisuru Shira

 — A bad bitch meets a bad boy. by InkMyChina08/17/104.20

Alan Loses Virginity

 — Arab loses his virginity to hot Russian. by madmonkey04/18/023.71

Alan's Black Wife

 — She seduces the family's females. by LustyLee7708/12/054.25


 — Thick, muscular Filipina woman's adventures in love. by DaveDevlin01/19/08

Alex in Trouble

 — Further down the fox hole. by Shadowforce102/23/114.38

Alex in Trouble.

 — Alex gets to know a co worker much better. by Shadowforce109/21/104.41

Alex's Stepmother Pt. 01

 — Alex and his black stepmother get closer after Dad's death. by Hugo_S02/10/154.60HOT

Alexandria's Seduction

 — Tomboy Alex gets it while hubby's passed out. by tightwaddd09/19/034.35

Algebra & Crosshatching

 — Rena shouldn't have to ask her students to be on time. by 2CHaNces02/01/134.25

Alice & Michael: Breakup

 — All good things come to an end. by toffeegyrl07/18/024.44

Alice & Michael: Greeting

 — Michael makes up for being late. by toffeegyrl06/21/024.37

Alice & Michael: Wake-Up Call

 — Alice (rightly) chooses sex over busybodies. by toffeegyrl06/24/024.37

Alice Finds Wonderland

 — Alice in Wonderland interracial fiction. by TheBlackedGinger911/19/144.21

Alice's New School

 — Alice's 1st day from the Caribbean with 2 white guys. by Hypnotic_2212/19/094.07

Alice, Amelia, and Abigail

 — Alice has a Black lover and twin daughters. by Victor C. Anderson06/05/03

Alice’s Addiction

 — Case of "doing the right thing" for the "wrong" girl. by JordonLynn08/24/054.47

Alicia's New Position

 — It's not what she expected. by EZ4BLKcock07/06/104.36

Alicia's New Position Ch. 02

 — Ali's luck worsens. by EZ4BLKcock07/10/104.35

Alicia's New Position Ch. 03

 — Ali and Kelli become close. by EZ4BLKcock07/14/104.29

Alicia's New Position Ch. 04

 — Ali's niece visits. by EZ4BLKcock08/13/104.52HOT

Alicia's New Position Ch. 05

 — Cassi is addicted. by EZ4BLKcock08/17/104.50HOT

Alicia's New Position Ch. 06

 — Ali's degradation continues. by EZ4BLKcock10/08/104.44

Alicia's New Position Ch. 07

 — Joe's niece confronts Ali. by EZ4BLKcock12/08/104.49

Alicia's New Position Ch. 08

 — What is happening to me? by EZ4BLKcock01/09/114.23

Alicia's New Position Ch. 09

 — Surprises for Ali. by EZ4BLKcock03/22/114.16

Alicia's New Position Ch. 10

 — Ali can't explain her actions. by EZ4BLKcock08/17/114.33

Alicia's New Position Ch. 11

 — Why can't I control myself? by EZ4BLKcock09/02/114.35

Alicia's New Position Ch. 12

 — Ali finds a therapist. by EZ4BLKcock01/12/124.12

Alicia's Personal Trainer

 — A chubby latina wife meets a black stud at the gym. by epix003/02/134.31

Alicia's Personal Trainer Ch. 02

 — Her husband gets more than he bargained for. by epix006/26/134.05

Alicia's Personal Trainer Ch. 03

 — David confronts Tyrone. Alicia craves seconds. by epix008/01/134.19

Alicia's Personal Trainer Ch. 04

 — Alicia finally understands. She gives David a show. by epix010/04/134.38

Alicia's Personal Trainer Ch. 05: Epilogue

 — She can't escape him. by epix012/14/143.56

Alison and Susan

 — Burlington gets his way. by auntirotickle06/29/114.30

Alison's Adventures

 — It all happened in six months. by auntirotickle05/13/114.09

Alison's Adventurous Sister

 — Susan falls in love. by auntirotickle06/21/114.06

All About Vanessa

 — She has a tall lovely redhead. by submit1210/26/063.50

All Aquaintance

 — Bringing in the New Year right. by tinamarie240105/13/024.12

All are Pawns of the Mistress

 — Mary's dysfunctional interracial affair with cruel taboo. by gobula10/25/074.25

All are Pawns of the Mistress Ch. 02

 — Petite prejudiced woman becomes black-cock whore. by gobula06/13/084.02

All Black And White

 — Travel an hour for some virgin black dick. by YourDirtyLilBitch02/26/073.59

All Black Cuckold Fantasies

 — White man dominates black husband and black wife. by Samuelx09/14/123.64

All I Ever Wanted

 — White girl gets a black man to love. by JimandGarysgirl01/27/123.51

All I Want for Christmas

 — A loving wife awaits the return of her soldier. by chocolatecherry12/24/064.10

All in a Day's Work

 — Teen girl notices the man fixing the roof of the garage. by VeryDirtyMind12/18/144.37

All in Black and White

 — Two couples, as single aim. by topcattopone10/07/124.41

All the Cock She Ever Wanted

 — She had love, but wanted more. by luvpsy06/16/063.76

All's Fair in Love and War

 — Reporter finds story of a lifetime in the arms of a soldier. by darkchocolatewithalmonds11/27/114.42

All's Fair in Love and War Ch. 02

 — Reporter finds story of a lifetime in the arms of a soldier. by darkchocolatewithalmonds12/01/114.43

All's Fair in Love and War Ch. 03

 — Dana gets a surprise from overseas. by darkchocolatewithalmonds12/02/114.43

All's Fair in Love and War Ch. 04

 — Dana shatters her facade and pushes Rickard away. by darkchocolatewithalmonds12/07/114.55HOT

Allison's Schoolgirl Adventures Ch. 2

 — Allison does Black deliveryman and is punished by stepfather by CherryLicious05/13/024.14

Ally Ch. 07

 — Ally has a new home. by BadJ07/18/133.91

Almost an Obsession

 — His experience with sex. My guess would be in the backseat. by prnzssqt07/09/063.96

Almost Heaven Ch. 05

 — From high school to hotwife: one woman's sexual journey. by 99_percent_oral08/07/104.03

Almost Heaven Ch. 06

 — From high school to hotwife: one woman's sexual journey. by 99_percent_oral08/10/103.82

Almost Heaven Ch. 07

 — From high school to hotwife: one woman's sexual journey. by 99_percent_oral08/14/103.92

Almost Heaven Ch. 08

 — From high school to hotwife: one woman's sexual journey. by 99_percent_oral08/19/103.63

Almost Heaven Ch. 09

 — From high school to hotwife: the conclusion. by 99_percent_oral08/22/103.48

Almost Perfect Storm

 — Young couple & boat hand are stranded. by hammertime10/02/044.68HOT

Almost Two of A Kind

 — Ebony roommate gets a surprise from two cute brothers. by Blackbich02/12/014.39

Alone with Memories for Christmas

 — At Xmas, lonely black man remembers better times in his life. by SuperHeroRalph12/02/113.79

Alone with Sabrina Ch. 01

 — Two friends give in to their love. by SmoothRicoSuavey02/02/142.62

Alpha Male Cuckold

 — The Alpha Male takes his mate. by GotBacon12/16/143.57

Altered life

 — Her life was altered... by EZ4BLKcock11/16/134.02

Always and Never

 — Love is an illusion, walking arm in arm with a lie. by nerd4music12/22/084.77HOT

Always and Never Ch. 02

 — The rocky road to recovery. by nerd4music06/01/094.79HOT

Always Bet On Black

 — Yyou know someone had to use this title. by Spassmacher500002/02/103.73

Always Bet On Black

 — A charming black woman takes over a Vegas bachelor party. by MrRandyWatson05/24/144.55HOT

Alyna's Story Ch. 01

 — Alyna meets Samuel. by DarthCountach09/08/114.39

Alysin's Black Affairs

 — Hot mom goes over to the "dark side". by MrDeep02/02/094.19

Alysin's Black Affairs Ch. 02

 — She learns the pleasure of giving. by MrDeep01/04/154.22

Alyson is Addicted to Her Black Cock

 — Alyson will do anything for her big black cock. by fantasyboy08/27/124.16

Alyson's Urge for a Huge Black Cock

 — Alyson is desperate to be fucked by a big black cock. by fantasyboy08/26/124.32

Amanda Makes Her Own Life

 — A Love Story. by auntirotickle06/24/114.06

Amanda's Awakening

 — Married white woman fulfills fantasy with black man. by RandomName00010/30/064.40

Amanda's Awakening Ch. 02

 — Amanda helps out a friend. by RandomName00006/27/074.53HOT

Amanda's Black Lust

 — Amanda discovers she's a slut for black cock. by dave_jones_5001/20/064.47

Amanda's Path to Discovery Pt. 01

 — A frustrated wife sets out to find company. by Dee_Purple02/11/154.44

Amanda's Perfect Day

 — White slave Amanda has a special day. by mskclark04/21/113.83

Amateur Interracial Porn Star

 — Film shoot wasn't what was expected. by Hubee12/10/133.34

Amazon Tryst

 — Young Indian man meets ebony Amazon. by indiajones04/20/064.10

Ambassador's Ecstasy

 — Black female ambassador gets with white British barrister. by justboycrazy02/07/113.80

Amber Ch. 01

 — Amber runs into James again. by EZ4BLKcock10/30/134.13

Amber Takes on Hubby's Boss

 — Someone has to blow the boss...him or her? by mojopirate03/29/024.15

Amber Takes on Hubby's Boss Ch. 02

 — Jeff's humiliation continues. by mojopirate04/07/034.09

Amber's New Job Ch. 04

 — It's not all work: falling in love and time for revenge. by MaryAnderson11/06/144.70HOT


 — A chinese girl is taught to perform. by existentialed12/13/003.12

Amelia's Awakening

 — A bright professional singer turned into black addict slut. by ps3lite11/18/104.23

American Muslims Pt. 01

 — Persian-American girl and African-American man. by Scheherazade8802/21/143.74

American Muslims Pt. 03

 — The road to Damascus? Syrian porn star in America. by Scheherazade8803/21/143.71

American Muslims Pt. 05

 — The Devil's Whore: Kuwaiti girl, American man, Sex Dungeon. by Scheherazade8804/22/143.69

American Muslims Pt. 07

 — How to fuck a Muslim girl: from virgin to porn. by Scheherazade8805/29/143.67

American Pornstar

 — Angie's descent into porn. by fireaway07/21/074.16

Amie Gives Her Black Lover Bad News

 — Amie is with black lover while hubby does Asian cutie. by nehighlander02/09/114.09

Amie's Last Black Lovers?

 — Amie chooses black men for gang fuck. by nehighlander09/08/114.43

Amie's Outdoor Fun

 — Amie meets two black men while on hike with husband. by nehighlander06/07/134.18


 — His dream ebony princess. by o123oleary10/31/064.12

Amor Fabula

 — Two people meet after a passionate online courtship. by MayonakaRyuu03/04/134.42


 — A trip to Amsterdam changes Sam's life. by milf2602/09/104.13

Amsterdam Ch. 02

 — He had barely said ten words... by milf2602/17/104.29

Amsterdam Ch. 03

 — She wasn't like any other woman. by milf2602/23/104.43

Amsterdam Ch. 04

 — They're inseperable. by milf2603/13/104.57HOT

Amsterdam Ch. 05

 — He found her on the porch... by milf2604/21/104.40

Amy at the Nude Beach

 — Innocent wife seduced by Black soldier at nude beach. by willyboyny01/02/064.39

Amy Become a Slut of Black Cock

 — His wife becomes Jerome's slut. by dave_jones_5004/13/054.29

Amy Comes For The Weekend

 — Japanese college student visits the father of a friend. by jamboman12/30/074.67HOT

Amy's Black Gangbang

 — Amy shows husband she's a slut for black cock. by dave_jones_5005/31/054.26

Amy's Cabride Ch. 01

 — Amy rediscovers her wild side with a black cabdriver. by davewave106/06/034.50HOT

Amy's Cabride Ch. 02

 — Amy enjoys her cabbie. by davewave106/07/034.38

Amy's Encounter

 — Married white woman falls in love with homeless black man. by eroghost04/25/034.27

Amy's Experience

 — Wife learns that size does matter. by tgorus01/15/014.12

Amy's Next Experience

 — Wife is taken by two big black studs while hubby watches. by tgorus06/04/014.32

Amy's Story Ch. 01

 — Amy & her husband each unleash long pent up desires. by venturer1504/15/064.55HOT

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