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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Lisa And Her Younger Brother

 — Lisa catches her brother watching porn. by misslusciouslisa11/30/084.20

Lisa And I Find Each Other

 — Shy sister opens up when she discovers brother masturbating by SmallTitFan01/21/144.47

Lisa And I Find Each Other Ch. 02

 — A night of sexual fulfillment ensues. by SmallTitFan05/22/144.49

Lisa Ch. 01

 — Crossing the line with my daughter and her boyfriend by phillyjeff04/13/034.28

Lisa Gets Out

 — Sexual frustrated woman finds release in her son-in-law. by Ontheedge09/26/014.02

Lisa's Awakening Ch. 1

 — Lisa plays truth or dare with her cousin. by IrishGuy77709/15/014.24

Lisa's Plan

 — His unknown seduction. by qualitywheat12/25/104.16

Lisa's Ploy

 — Daughter has future planned out. by HarryOrwell06/04/114.19

Lisa’s Early Years of Sex

 — How it all started for this dirty girl. by applevalyan06/30/084.26

Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 04

 — It begins to get complicated. by Reefkeeper01/13/114.58HOT

Literotica Ch. 01

 — Posting on site makes son and mom find each other. by thepervjack11/08/103.92

Literotica Ch. 02

 — After taking advantage of mom son feels guilty. by thepervjack11/09/104.02

Litte Mandy and Her Daddy's Present

 — She knew EXACTLY what her daddy wanted for Christmas. by Boxlicker10111/26/074.26

Little Bear Ch. 01

 — Connecting with a sister like never before. by TheRambler10/23/074.51HOT

Little Bear Ch. 02

 — April and Little Bear take their relationship further. by TheRambler10/28/074.60HOT

Little Bear Ch. 03

 — April & Little Bear reach a crossroads in their relationship by TheRambler01/20/084.57HOT

Little Bit of Help from a Friend Ch. 01

 — Mum finds Ronnie has a pet rabbit, too. by Jack Gates03/02/054.47

Little Bit of Help from a Friend Ch. 02

 — Ronnie gets his cum-mup-ance. by Jack Gates03/06/054.27

Little Black Bikini

 — Father recounts sex with his Goth daughter. by al_Ussa09/10/104.33

Little Blonde Ana

 — Ana wants her needs met. by A_Midwest_Wife03/01/143.93

Little Bro

 — Foot massage leads to brother-sister love. by nerm2k09/24/053.66

Little Brother

 — Siblings find love & guilt. by Starlight10/29/024.43

Little Brother Gives Good

 — Danny teaches his big brother the joys of oral. by on_the_fence09/25/084.10

Little Brother's Lesson

 — Cindy teaches her shy brother about how to treat a girl. by InBrightestDay06/12/124.54HOT

Little Cousin

 — She entices 18-year-old virgin cousin. by A_4_playboy11/19/024.24

Little Cousin Jenny

 — Ben finds Jennifer in an unexpected way this vacation. by Braindard02/09/134.59HOT

Little Devil

 — Sister shares her new found sexuality. by irishm01/03/034.57HOT

Little Elise Ch. 01

 — Stressed and horny Dad finds daughter sleeping. by lizsea08/08/144.01

Little Fish

 — Jerry, Gil & Caroline - three unwitting friends. by jtmalone7006/19/08

Little Girl

 — Daddy gives her a spanking, and more! by Countess DeWinter12/03/004.23

Little Girls Are Curious

 — Daughter gets more than sex education from daddy. by A_4_playboy11/23/024.44

Little Jan Seduces Daddy

 — Le bonheur. Jan tells Uncle how she seduced Daddy! by jim1kp09/03/07HOT

Little Jan's Special Birthday Gift

 — Daddy gives 18-year-old Jan a very special present. by jim1kp10/13/073.79

Little Jessie

 — I struggle to remain a father when what she wants is a lover. by chunks02/24/094.72HOT

Little Lisa Grows Up Ch. 1

 — She asks him for a little after school tutoring. by thirstquencher09/05/024.66HOT

Little Lisa Grows Up Ch. 2

 — She wants much more than tutoring. by thirstquencher09/06/024.74HOT

Little Mandy and Her Daddy

 — Father and daughter love playing games on her bed. by Boxlicker10110/07/074.36

Little Mandy and Her Daddy's Ass

 — Strapons work in a couple of different places. by Boxlicker10103/19/084.53HOT

Little Mandy and Her Daddy's Fans

 — They enjoy the show, and then they get invited to join in. by Boxlicker10108/13/084.19

Little Miss Muffett

 — He goes riding with niece Candi. by satyr_13200303/30/044.64HOT

Little Miss Perfect

 — The perfect little sister has a sinister side. by Shysquirter04/10/134.37

Little Miss Perfect Ch. 02

 — Her naughty fun continues. by Shysquirter10/05/134.51HOT

Little Mona

 — Mona's not a little girl anymore. by michael1k02/27/084.15

Little Red Numbers

 — Coed is surprised by dad's lustful attentions. by butterfly_lies06/02/044.49

Little Red Ridden Hard

 — Daddy tells quite the bedtime story. by storyteller_no_902/16/114.18

Little Red Riding Hood

 — Pumpkin carving party inspires Dad and daughter. by RainierWriterII10/24/104.61HOT

Little Red Riding Hood X 2

 — Two tales about Little Red Riding Hood... by BarondeSade12/24/134.10

Little Red Riding Whore

 — Little Red Riding Hood visits her Aunt during a full moon. by Kozuka04/28/123.72

Little Red, Riding Wood Ch. 01

 — Only Daddy can save Little Red from the Big, Bad Wolf. by Rob_mDear11/26/114.52HOT

Little Red, Riding Wood Ch. 02

 — Only Daddy can save Little Red from the Big, Bad Wolf. by Rob_mDear11/27/114.49

Little Red, Riding Wood Ch. 03

 — Only Daddy can save Little Red from the Big, Bad Wolf. by Rob_mDear11/30/114.68HOT

Little Red, Riding Wood Ch. 04

 — Only Daddy can save Little Red from the Big, Bad Wolf. by Rob_mDear12/01/114.61HOT

Little Robbie and His Mom

 — Serena can't resist her son. by fantasyboy02/05/124.27

Little Robbie, His Mom and Auntie

 — Robbie's mom catches him with her sister. by fantasyboy02/04/124.20

Little Scandals #01: Marybeth

 — Marybeth learns a horrifying truth about her husband. by honeyblondenymph12/22/113.33

Little Show Off

 — His teasing daughter drives him crazy. by scorpio0015502/19/014.50HOT

Little Sis and I

 — Little Sis seduced Big Bro. by HDTopper03/19/124.27

Little Sis Awakening

 — Big bro realizes what he and little sis were missing. by Tedbear27911/06/084.07

Little Sis Gets Dominated Ch. 01

 — Brock finally gets his chance to take her. by comegetit09/14/143.98

Little Sis Gets Dominated Ch. 02

 — Brock breaks in his new toy. by comegetit09/19/144.21

Little Sis Gets Laid

 — Danny initiates his sister Susie into the joys of sex. by black_pantha10/14/034.41

Little Sister

 — Little sister takes on step-brother and his friend. by aliciabanks03/12/033.94

Little Sister Likes Penis

 — Siblings play by the pool. by anna3303/12/023.17

Little Sister Susie Ch. 01

 — Little sister comes to visit. by Seethru5710/17/094.47

Little Sister's First Time

 — Younger sister takes her first (big) cock. by bignfirm03/29/054.19

Little Sister's First Time Ch. 02

 — He is addicted to sexy sister. by bignfirm04/05/054.48

Little Sister's First Time Ch. 03

 — Brother helps drunk sister to bed. by bignfirm04/06/054.49

Little Sister's First Time Ch. 04

 — Sister turned slut continues her cock obsession. by bignfirm07/06/054.40

Little Sister's Initiation

 — Sister finds out what her older siblings do when alone. by TromeoQue07/11/114.21

Little Sister's Shadow

 — Jill is dominated by her younger sister. by Couture05/25/094.31

Little Sister, Big Secret

 — Brad learns little sis' secret the hard way. by Braindard12/11/124.66HOT

Little Sister, Don't You Cry

 — Sexy Little Sis needed a favor... by ProfessorMarshall12/16/114.37

Little Sister: the Future In-Law

 — Future wife's little sister wants to try what big sister has. by theWIFEWatcher12/17/124.21

Little Sister: the Future In-Law Ch. 02

 — Future wife's little sister needs more attention. by theWIFEWatcher01/10/134.31

Little Slutty Sarah

 — Daddy finally snaps. by Sophie_xx12/31/093.88

Little Stephanie Grows Up

 — Jon gets surprise when his bratty niece moves in. by Jon6903/19/024.26

Little Stephanie Grows Up Ch. 02

 — He wakes up to something warm and wet. by Jon6912/01/024.40

Little Things Ch. 01 of 04

 — I discover a secret when my brother visits. by nomennescio06/04/114.65HOT

Little Things Ch. 02 of 04

 — The rules are made, and then bent. by nomennescio06/05/114.83HOT

Little Things Ch. 03 of 04

 — The rules are broken, to much distress. by nomennescio06/06/114.78HOT

Little Things Ch. 04 of 04

 — Reconciliation. by nomennescio06/06/114.81HOT

Little Things Ch. 05

 — Revelation and Afterglow. by nomennescio07/07/114.82HOT

Live Close & Visit Often

 — Parker & Natalie are back to work on Monday morning. by BelleDodson04/03/104.08

Live Foursome By Aunt

 — Nephew views his aunt having a foursome. by sunnyboyz08/12/053.96

Liveaboard Fun

 — Liveaboard dive trip takes fantastic turn. by TryAnything01/22/034.79HOT

Living Again Ch. 01

 — Daughter helps mother overcome grief. by jsragmanus03/23/074.36

Living Again Ch. 02

 — Daughter helps mother overcome grief. by jsragmanus03/27/074.42

Living Again Ch. 03

 — Daughter helps mother overcome grief. by jsragmanus03/29/074.69HOT

Living at Home Surprise

 — College commuter finds a lover. by standingstones12/16/074.23

Living in Sin

 — For Johnny and Katie, even routine sex is good sex. by TromeoQue05/22/143.87

Living Out His Literotica Fantasy

 — They role play brother and sister. by newcomergirl06/19/124.37

Living Together

 — Mother & Son helping each other through life. by axnt07/22/084.26

Living with a Porn Star

 — He discovers his Mom is in porn. by teller7209/01/143.18

Living With Aunt Jane

 — Nephew stays with his BBW Aunt. by jadam03/17/024.31

Living With Daddy Ch. 1

 — Dad & daughter cope with strange urges. by Jool08/16/004.54HOT

Living with My Aunt

 — I move in with Aunt and Uncle. by AmphetamineObama42010/19/143.43

Living with My Nieces

 — The girls of Pixley and their big city uncle. by Charles Petersunn07/18/094.65HOT

Living With Sister

 — Siblings find a sex video starring Mom and Dad. by RakenHoe03/07/014.25

Living with Sisters Ch. 01

 — Fun with popsicles. by Squall91311/25/134.18

Living with the Decision

 — The sexy summer sequel to An Earth Day Decision. by petuchi1009/09/104.35

Living With Uncle John Ch. 01

 — Uncle John convinces his niece to play strip-poker. by Goldeniangel05/19/064.36

Living With Uncle John Ch. 02

 — Uncle John finds an excuse to carry things a little further. by Goldeniangel05/20/064.41

Living With Uncle John Ch. 03

 — Uncle John joins Brenda in the shower. by Goldeniangel05/21/064.55HOT

Living With Uncle John Ch. 04

 — Another spanking and some oral pleasure. by Goldeniangel05/22/064.55HOT

Living With Uncle John Ch. 05

 — Uncle John gets carried away. by Goldeniangel06/17/064.53HOT

Living With Uncle John Ch. 06

 — Uncle John has helping of sex with niece for breakfast. by Goldeniangel09/16/064.51HOT

Living With Uncle John Ch. 07

 — Uncle John begins playing with his niece's ass. by Goldeniangel10/17/064.52HOT

Living With Uncle John Ch. 08

 — Uncle John keeps having fun with his niece. by Goldeniangel05/18/124.48

Living With Uncle John Ch. 09

 — Uncle John takes his niece's ass. by Goldeniangel05/19/124.47

Living With Uncle John Ch. 10

 — The Conclusion: Mom returns home. by Goldeniangel05/30/124.58HOT

Liz and Mark Ch. 01

 — Jilted by their SO's, twins find each other. by Darkholm01/01/154.59HOT

Liz Ch. 02

 — Video Review. by lalainyarall03/20/094.29

Liz Ch. 04

 — The dinner show continues. by lalainyarall04/01/094.17

Liz Ch. 05

 — More fun times at the restaurant. by lalainyarall04/04/094.25

Liz's Adventures Ch. 01

 — Liz moves on after Matt and discovers her new feelings. by D. Elbee10/16/094.66HOT

Liz's Adventures Ch. 03

 — She and Matt once again connect in incestual love. by D. Elbee11/19/094.71HOT

Liza and Zach Go to a Sex Party

 — Sister and brother are supposed to do a facial at a party. by Vielle06/17/114.26

Lizzie's Big Tipper

 — Massage girl's dad finds out about her job. by lizziegoth07/12/024.38

Lizzie's Sanctuary

 — Her marriage over, she moved in with her older brother. by wordsinthedust09/28/084.69HOT

Lizzie's Sanctuary Ch. 02

 — Lizzie thinks long and hard and makes a decision. by wordsinthedust03/12/094.62HOT

Locked in the Closet

 — A mom and her son get locked in the closet after swimming by ThatOneStoryTeller01/18/134.40

Locked up with Sister

 — Siblings relationship changes while locked up by Randomcarrot04/08/144.20


 — Sister becomes sex surrogate for her brother. by clarkroberts03/04/12

Logical Ch. 02

 — Husband approves of wife sexually servicing her brother. by clarkroberts04/30/12HOT

Logical Ch. 03

 — Sister continues to sexually satisfy her brother. by clarkroberts06/03/12HOT

Logical Ch. 04

 — Brother and sister are joined by brother's wife. by clarkroberts07/31/12HOT

Logical Ch. 05

 — Sister is prepared for sex with brother by sister-in-law. by clarkroberts08/26/12

Logical Ch. 06

 — She has sexual adventure with her brother and husband. by clarkroberts08/28/12HOT

Logical Lust

 — A son's logical lust gets him both his aunt and his mother. by Eroscott12/20/104.76HOT

Logical Mom

 — A mother & son story. by Momstheboss05/20/124.15

Lola's Daddy Ch. 01

 — Lola meets her daddy by ThatGirl1311/09/104.07

Lolling with Laxmi Ch. 03

 — He meets Laxmi's sister. by abbhi10/02/074.44

Lonely Family Fucks

 — Lily makes them want to fuck her. by plisafuhcmei11/21/114.10

Lonely Hearts

 — Older Syblings discover one another. by Many Feathers12/16/104.57HOT

Lonely Hearts Ch. 02

 — John and Lisa begin testing the waters with one another. by Many Feathers12/18/104.72HOT

Lonely Hearts Ch. 03

 — John begins to fall in love with his own sister. by Many Feathers12/20/104.68HOT

Lonely Hearts Ch. 04

 — John enjoys a nice elegant dinner with his sister. by Many Feathers12/23/104.75HOT

Lonely Late Shift

 — On a cold winter night... by papadog04/23/043.73

Lonely Mama

 — A mother spends a night alone. by mamasbadboy6905/29/144.01

Lonely One

 — How loneliness can bring pleasure to mother and son. by PJFL01/16/094.36

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