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After the Show

 — Fan pleasures the Backstreet Boys. by crazy_sexY_cool02/22/011.94

After the Victory: Arwen and Aragorn

 — Arwen and Aragorn reunite. by gregorissima08/21/074.26

Afternoon Delight

 — Kate Beckett enjoys a mid-afternoon shower with her husband. by SDLRob12/22/144.55HOT

Agatha's Missing Days

 — Famous writer finds herself after running away. by MiracleLegionnaire04/04/184.25

Agent Carter: Impregnable

 — The hotel may be impenetrable, but Angie is anything but. by Zev9501/17/154.34

Agent Carter: Peggy's Girl

 — Peggy will help Angie nail her audition by nailing Angie. by Zev9502/16/154.29

Agent Carter: Peggy's Girl Pt. 02

 — Peggy gives Angie her reward. by Zev9502/23/154.52HOT

Agent Hill's Lewd Training Class

 — Agent Hill is used lewdly by her wrestling trainees. by Grandflasher C.05/16/124.39

Agent Hooters Visits the Doctor Ch. 01

 — Hooters has a sexy new adventure. by spacer x12/14/044.47

Agent Hooters Visits the Doctor Ch. 02

 — Agents investigate nipplitis. by spacer x12/15/044.53HOT

Agent Hooters vs. Ninja Aliens From Mars

 — Anna Nicole Smith returns. by GeorgeTasker02/04/014.27

Agent Valentina: Mission 01

 — Valentina's assignment brings her to Britney Spear's feet. by sexualrelief719110/21/123.72

Agents of Limbo

 — There's trouble in paradise, and one man can save the day. by pheonix001711/12/164.19

Agents of Limbo Pt. 02: Rescue Mission

 — Henry and a partner go after Dr. Turner. by pheonix001712/10/164.86HOT

Agents of SHIELD S2E5: Searching Simmons

 — Simmons is inspected by Bobbi. by Stories_From_the_TV11/27/164.73HOT

Agents of SHIELD: The Mentorship

 — May begins Skye's training. by Zev9501/30/144.46

Agreement Pt. 01

 — Maria and Loki must cooperate if they're to escape Thanos. by Diezi02/18/184.50HOT

Ahoska and Anakin: Secret Lovers

 — Anakin and Ahsoka share a night together. by Spartan3140406/20/104.23

AHS: Ben and Moira Give In

 — Based on plot lines in the show, American Horror Story. by Verbal_Freshness03/09/123.82

AHS: Tate and Vivien Meet (Again)

 — Based on plot lines in the show, American Horror Story. by Verbal_Freshness03/01/124.29

AHS: The Black Dahlia Opens

 — The last fanficporn based on the first season of AHS. by Verbal_Freshness10/05/124.75

Ahsoka saves Barriss

 — Ahsoka Tano must brave a combat arena without her lightsaber by paularanor04/10/124.20

Ahsoka's Jedi Training Ch. 01

 — Anakin and his padawan bond during the Clone Wars. by Boxtears11/29/094.04

Ahsoka's Jedi Training Ch. 02

 — The following morning. by Boxtears11/30/093.81

Ahsoka's Task Pt. 01

 — Ahsoka Tano does a favour for a friend. by GiveaLittleGrace09/28/113.94

Ahsoka's Task Pt. 02

 — Ahsoka Tano gets more than she thought with the Quarren. by GiveaLittleGrace10/18/114.42

Ain't It Funny?

 — J-Lo's biggest fan gets to know her... by mytasteislikecandy01/10/034.02

Ain't No Kidd

 — Tyson Kidd with Tiffany. by Dice_Casden12/23/093.44

Ain't No Stopping Her

 — Lena Yada with Shelton Benjamin. by Dice_Casden12/23/093.00

Ainsley Wants a Baby Ch. 01

 — Ainsley Earhardt from Fox News gets Her Baby the Fun Way. by baranbrat09/09/15HOT

Ainsley Wants a Baby Ch. 02

 — Ainsley Expands her Possibilities of a Baby & Heather Helps. by baranbrat09/10/15HOT

Airport Anal Exam

 — Brittany gets him at the airport, celebrity domme on plane. by humbleslave03/24/063.28

AJ & Paige: The Winner is...

 — Paige beats AJ for the title, but who is the real winner? by slipfold6212/06/144.28

AJ Meets Little Red Riding Hood

 — Dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, she meets AJ from BSB. by justboycrazy10/07/103.31

Al Nisr (the Eagle)

 — What if Oliver Queen had a brother called James? by blurred12/16/142.67

Aladdin & The Queens of Storybrooke

 — Emma and Regina travel to Bagdad to save their world. by Zev9505/02/144.30

Alanis is Charmed

 — Alanis Morissette guest stars on Charmed by jaroslav05/03/034.26

Album Release Party

 — Maddie & Tae host a different kind of album release party. by jjgarces03/25/153.55

Alex 4 Real! Ch.01

 — His meeting with Vicky's top superbabe. by cheetah8301/10/063.36

Alex and Emma

 — Emma and Alex Watson finally act on their desires. by Newwriter201210/23/124.12

Alex and Emma Ch. 02

 — For her birthday, Alex promises to do Emma good. by Newwriter201204/24/134.35


 — WWE Diva needs to shut someone up. by Ha27509/26/162.87


 — Alexander's romance with Roxana and Hephaiston. by Hecateworshiper10/24/053.12

Alexandra Steele & Friends Ch. 01

 — Weather Channel Women go wild in Myrtle Beach. by baranbrat07/07/05

Alexandra Steele & Friends Ch. 02

 — Alexandra Steele and friends on a yacht. by baranbrat07/08/05

Alexandra Steele & Friends Ch. 03

 — Weather channel women add Sharon & Vivian to party. by baranbrat09/05/05HOT

Alexandra Steele & Friends Ch. 04

 — Sharon, Jeanetta and Jen have fun in Myrtle Beach. by baranbrat02/28/06

Alexandra Steele Meets Robin Meade

 — Weather channel & Headline news anchors have fun. by baranbrat06/26/05

Alexis Bledel - Horny Slut

 — Did you ever think Alexis was this wild? by AngelE04/19/124.03

Alexis C. - Extremely Dedicated!

 — Alexis Castle wants to seduce her father. by LadyAntebellum01/28/144.64HOT

Alexis' Wild Afternoon

 — Another Castle threesome, with a twist. by SDLRob01/28/154.29

Alf X-Rated

 — The continuing x-rated adventures of Gordon Schumway. by tawnysuede08/26/114.57HOT

Alias: Agent Bristow

 — Sydney Bristow steals a Rambaldi device. by bigwilliestyle03/28/054.14

Alias: Sark and Sydney

 — Sark sees the vulnerable side of Sydney. by Fly_girl_9901/10/054.39

Alice Finally Goes To The Moon

 — The erotic antics of the cast of "The Honeymooners". by davidwatts07/19/044.56HOT

Alice: Madness of the Stage

 — A very different first encounter between Alice and Carpenter. by Darkinferno03/23/124.00

Alicia Keys Makes Passion's Music

 — Sexy soul star has incredible, steamy sex. by WWFStern11/13/023.61

Alicia Keys' Enchanted Evening

 — The sensual songstress has the best sex of her life. by WWFStern11/28/043.97

Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 01

 — Cpl. Alicia Jackson of the marines encounters a lone hunter. by Et2bruttus08/16/114.64HOT

Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 02

 — Meanwhile, on the other side of the colony... by Et2bruttus08/17/114.49

Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 03

 — The two marines dig in to defend against the xenomorphs. by Et2bruttus02/08/124.32

Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 04

 — Cpl. Alicia Jackson ventures into the xenomorph hive. by Et2bruttus11/15/124.67HOT

Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 05

 — Taylor's captivity in the hive continues. Alicia's begins. by Et2bruttus11/12/144.61HOT

Aliens vs Predator Parody Ch. 01

 — Start off with a Xeno and a human female in a lab. by XenoMorph300001/17/144.06

Aliens vs Predator Parody Ch. 02

 — Second chapter to my AvP story! The predators! by XenoMorph300007/25/174.33

Alison Loves A Ch. 01

 — Alison loves Aria's ass. by MTL1707/22/154.47

Alison Loves A Ch. 02

 — Alison loves Hanna's ass. by MTL1701/27/164.46

Alison Loves A Ch. 03

 — Alison loves Spencer's ass. by MTL1703/29/184.19

All About ME!

 — Kimberly Page thinks everything is about her. by Dice_Casden12/24/093.56

All About Talent

 — Jillian Hall shows Mr. Kennedy her real talents. by Dice_Casden12/24/093.08

All American Muscle

 — John Cena with Hiroko Suzuki by Dice_Casden12/27/093.42

All Grown Up

 — Babysitter finds the 'little boy' she used to know is not so little. by delectable3004/23/013.25

All Grown Up

 — Stacy Kiebler waited 7 years for this...Well No Longer. by HELLYEAH4WOOD11/30/013.77

All Hail Queen Sharmell

 — Queen Sharmell knows how to get things to go her way by Dice_Casden12/28/093.25

All Hallows Eve Feast

 — She couldn't undo her spell to enslave men. by Bakeboss10/02/103.54

All I Ever Dreamt Of

 — A young musician meets her idol, Axl Rose. by MorbidRomanticX12/28/024.38

All I Ever Wanted

 — Guy reminisces about the time he fucked Kelly Clarkson. by jjgarces03/13/153.28

All I Ever Wanted...

 — ... Was Smith Puget. by EmoUke6909/08/082.00

All I Need

 — What happens when Damon and Elena share. by SweetSacrifice03/30/143.91

All Mine... Oh Yeah!

 — Tyson Kidd 'belongs' to Natalya... yeah baby! by Dice_Casden12/29/094.27

All My Bi Children

 — Kendall sees what's under Aidan's towel. by Tony Ryan01/29/034.03

All of Joshua Jackson

 — A drugged rape fantasy of Joshua Jackson turns into more. by Vancityjax07/09/143.67

All Of Us

 — TV Star reunites with sexy BAP ex-wife. by Samuelx02/26/103.43

All Of Us Ch. 02

 — Black TV star reveals bisexuality to his woman. by Samuelx02/27/102.67

All the Stops: Gathering Ch. 2

 — The Scoobies gather forces by badgirl29808/13/024.11

All the Stops: Growing Pains Ch. 3

 — Dawn makes a request. by badgirl29808/14/024.25

All the Stops: Road to Sunnyhell Ch. 5

 — Its a roadtrip. by badgirl29809/22/024.67

All the Stops: Signs

 — "Spiral” revisited. by badgirl29808/11/024.62

All the Stops: Terminal Ch. 4

 — Dawn is changed. by badgirl29809/21/024.38

All the Stops: Transfiguration Ch. 6

 — Cordy has a vision. Dawn is now connected to Angel by badgirl29809/24/024.29

All The World's A Stage Ch. 1

 — How easy is it to get a job these days? by Bad-minton10/28/013.22

All The World's A Stage Ch. 2

 — ...and all the men and women merely... have needs? by Bad-minton10/29/013.82

All The World's A Stage Ch. 3

 — And all the Men and Women merely... you know by Bad-minton10/30/014.71

All Worked Out

 — Liam from One Direction visits a woman's home gym. by justboycrazy11/06/133.82

Alliance Persuasions

 — Stacy Keibler is ordered to seduce Chris Jericho by Dice_Casden12/23/094.07

Alliance Persuasions Ch. 02

 — Where Stacy Keibler failed, Terri Runnels hopes to succeed by Dice_Casden12/24/093.38

Allison Kilgore's Promotional Tour

 — ...with a cameo by Hannah Honeypot. by Charles Petersunn12/01/104.65HOT

Allison's Game

 — Billiards star Allison Fisher plays a different game... by Dar_Jisbo02/20/03

Ally McBeal - Buried Pleasures

 — A different take on a classic episode. by Ann Douglas09/22/174.63HOT

Almost Caught

 — A visual about Jacob from O-Town by angelus200409/04/034.67


 — Is this real or is it just another crazy dream? by TDRay161204/17/182.50

Alone with Stephanie McMahon

 — One on one with the Billion Dollar Princess. by canadianstoryspinner05/08/034.23

Alter Ego

 — The Hulk pleasures his sexy research assistant. by PenanceS08/15/033.59

Alternative Therapy

 — Bridgit Mendler helps out her close friend Debby Ryan. by evil_from_cssa11/30/163.35

Although Lovers Be Lost

 — Vincent saves Catherine when she is attacked. by ImmortalRomance09/05/114.19

Although Lovers Be Lost Ch. 02

 — Vincent and Catherine celebrate their one year anniversary. by ImmortalRomance09/10/114.20

Always Mine

 — A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel. by Hawksheart06/06/134.50

Alyssa Milano: Wrestlemania

 — Alyssa Milano is special guest at the next Wrestlemania. by pheonixstar8210/07/093.93

Amanda Bynes Retires

 — A fantasy reason for the actress's retirement. by NathanKress08/17/103.64

Amani Incursion

 — A troll stumbles upon a blood elf during a hunt. by GALATYN9205/23/184.00

Amazonia Ch. 02

 — Natazia is taught to be a warrior by Xena. by Maggie Red Rose08/20/064.58HOT

Amber Campisi

 — Miss February 2005 makes a conquest. by hopeolsonfan07/23/053.94

Amber Campisi and Tiffany Fallon

 — Two playmates share their boyfriends. by hopeolsonfan08/29/054.20

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 1

 — Meet Tony & Pat Archer. by quinn rogan05/13/024.31

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 2

 — Clarrie Grundy's little secret... by quinn rogan05/23/024.41

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 3

 — The Aldridges entertain. by quinn rogan06/02/024.51HOT

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 4

 — Caroline gives her godson a lift home. by quinn rogan06/08/024.47

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 5

 — Late-night goings-on at The Bull. by quinn rogan06/26/024.45

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 6

 — Lucas pays a call on Debbie. by quinn rogan07/28/024.43

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 7

 — Alistair discovers Shula has a 'past'. by quinn rogan10/15/084.46

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 8

 — Helen's secret torment revealed. by quinn rogan10/30/084.15

Amelia and Daniel and KimK and Me

 — A jolly foursome with KimK and my Mid-Eastern friends. by Boxlicker10110/11/124.33

America's Hottest Idol

 — Couple goes backstage with Kelly Clarkson. by MikesKitty09/28/024.61HOT

America's Sweethearts Ch. 01

 — Lucky guy hooks up with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. by jjgarces12/16/144.09

America's Sweethearts Ch. 02

 — Our hero hooks up with one of the girls in her hotel room. by jjgarces01/13/154.00

America's Sweethearts Ch. 03

 — Another day, another hook-up for our hero at the shoot. by jjgarces01/30/154.09

American Fuckers

 — Danielle and Mike pick each other. by foxmulder06/26/123.84

American Gods: Mad Sweeney's coin

 — Mad Sweeney reminisces about his lucky coin. by GingerSpice9912/03/174.12

American Hustle: Swing It

 — Rosalyn and Sydney's fight over Irving goes further. by Zev9503/20/144.40

American Mom Ch. 01

 — Meet Francine Smith wife of CIA spy and mother of two teens. by Hardplay08/28/143.96

American Mom Ch. 02

 — The Smiths have Neuro Relaxation Therapy. by Hardplay08/30/144.54HOT

American Mom Ch. 03

 — Francine Travels to Pennsylvania To Show Off. by Hardplay09/01/144.54HOT

American Mom Ch. 04

 — Francine has a young admirer. by Hardplay09/02/144.34

American Mom Ch. 11-12

 — Francine fucks her college roommate and cock teases her son. by Hardplay09/12/144.68HOT

American Mom Ch. 20

 — Stan Smith returns home to Francine. by Hardplay10/23/144.65HOT

American Mom Ch. 22

 — Francine Smith is a CIA Hot Ass Super-Secret Spy. by Hardplay07/03/174.40

American Ream Pt. 01

 — Frankie calls on old talents to retrieve a stolen car. by DarcyLansdowne01/03/174.67

American Threesome

 — Amy Adams lures Jennifer Lawrence & their costume assistant by Robertdoc12/20/134.49

Amitabh Bachchan has Aishwarya Rai

 — Alpha male Bollywood actor cuckolds his sissy son. by isomage05/06/123.31

Amplified Feelings Bottle 01

 — A bottle of Alien Alcohol & a fight with B'Elanna. by JubeCube02/13/053.00

Amplified Feelings Bottle 02

 — The boys enjoy dessert. by JubeCube02/22/052.67

Amy and Clara: Prisoners in Space

 — Amy Pond and Clara Oswald are trapped on an alien spaceship. by Mawdrin03/01/174.32

Amy Gets Her Fill of Doctor Ch. 01

 — After saving Gallifrey, all 13 Doctors want to meet Amy Pond. by ThePonderingLizard04/12/174.44

Amy Pond: The Big Bang

 — Amy Pond thinks a gangbang may be just what she needs. by leon0108/08/124.46

Amy's Itch Ch. 01

 — Amy Pond is held captive underground... by Pancakemix08/07/104.41

Amy's Magic Touch

 — A new witch is learning her powers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer. by nust8ofmind04/26/064.07

Amy's WWF Adventure

 — Amy has the time of her life with Jeff. by FoXyGrLyGrL6908/14/013.60

An affair to remember

 — No one saw this one coming, or did they? by sexygirl7608/01/084.36

An All-Slut "Fear Factor"

 — Four contestants get naughty to win $50,000. by Bones Malone03/20/034.29

An American Beauty

 — Prince Harry falls for an American girl while in Paris. by allison9207/25/114.16

An American Idol Birthday

 — Carmen receives her wish. by Master_Vassago03/31/034.15

An Angel's Stockings

 — Christmas Eve with Audrey Hepburn. by fairlady6412/06/034.73HOT

An Attraction

 — Do you like what you see? by omgquality03/02/121.84

An Avenger's Consequences

 — The Black Widow must face her sexual demons when her past comes up. by terminatrix9203/13/184.30

An Avenger's Guardian

 — Natasha encounters a galaxy of new lovers. by terminatrix9203/04/174.36

An Avenger's Homecoming

 — The Black Widow teaches a class. Or do they teach her? by terminatrix9201/12/183.63

An Avenger's Initiation

 — The Black Widow submits to S.H.I.E.L.D by terminatrix9205/01/134.43

An Avenger's Possession

 — Scarlet Witch must prove herself to possess the Black Widow. by terminatrix9207/25/174.45

An Avenger's Promotion

 — The Black Widow rises, while another falls between her legs. by terminatrix9203/26/154.33

An Avenger's Revelation

 — The Black Widow re-evaluates her role as an Avenger. by terminatrix9211/30/164.64HOT

An Avenger's Transformation

 — Sexual Espionage backfires on the Black Widow. by terminatrix9210/08/154.68HOT

An Avenger's Ultimatum

 — A battle of wills: Spy vs Miracle, Sex vs Magic. by terminatrix9201/16/164.45

An Early Morning Gym Session

 — An early morning workout in the gym gets extra heated. by Peronath02/02/174.66HOT

An Ending of Sorts

 — Scott Summers dreams of his dead wife. by PenanceS08/08/032.56

An epic night with Pamela Anderson

 — A fan has an encounter with Pammy & all holes are open. by Kash_the_priest11/24/064.54HOT

An Evening at The Chateau

 — Exploration of more than the landscape by Lux Necronis04/14/034.33

An Evening in LA

 — Demy was out but had a wonderful time with Kidman. by manavata04/11/043.24

An Evening with Family

 — Jake gets lucky with four Modern Family actresses. by DarkSwordsman07/07/174.63HOT

An Evening with Hal Sparks Ch. 01

 — A fan finally gets her chance. by romanticwench07/02/054.80

An Evening with Laura

 — Me, you, Laura Prepon. by Da_Old_one08/12/132.75

An Evening With Rachael

 — TV's cooking queen turns up the heat. by DekeJeffery06/21/044.20

An Evening with Zorro's Pleasure Pt. 01-03

 — Zorro Relationship Cultivate. by cruiser505006/13/153.67

An Insomniac's Tricks Ch. 02

 — How this insomniac gets to sleep... by Insomniac_Caesii04/27/10

An Interesting PPV Match

 — Mickie, Melina, Beth and Orton have an orgy in the showers. by wwekiller04/29/094.18

An Interlude with Sally Hawkins

 — Will Blake blow his chance at a relationship with Sally? by imhapless03/03/184.60HOT

An Irish Adventure

 — Colin Farrell shows Irish hospitality. by irishlass10104/04/034.54HOT

An Irish Adventure Ch. 02

 — Colin continues the vacation. by irishlass10104/09/034.39

An Oscar Story

 — Two Oscar winners share a tender moment. by moxford08/27/024.24

An Unforgettable Gift

 — Sheryl Crow becomes 40th birthday gift. by Cilla11/19/02

An Unusual Companionship Ch. 01

 — Asari Matriarch buys human pet, spends night breaking him in. by CobaltAC06/17/143.97

Ana Ivanovic & Milos Raonic

 — What a mixed doubles tennis team these two would make! by drteetho09/24/124.29


 — Nicki Minaj makes a deal with a young music producer. by Cappadonna02/20/154.41

Anal Invasion

 — Torrie and Stacy make Trish and Lita their bitches. by MTL1709/10/084.62HOT

Anal Invasion Ch. 02

 — Torrie and Stacy punish Trish and reward Lita. by MTL1712/18/084.51HOT

Anal Invasion Ch. 03

 — Trish loses a spanking match to Torrie. by MTL1701/23/124.12

And Kaley and Melissa Make Three

 — Another day with Kaley Cuoco. by 123z03/17/174.06

And You Taste So Good

 — Rick Castle comes home drunk from a night with the boys... by alwayswild10/01/144.51HOT


 — Anderson Cooper gets a surprise. by smiles127707/05/063.17

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