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Final Fantasy X

 — Tidus and Yuna share a special night. by GothKitty11/03/024.54HOT

Final Fantasy: A NIKO way? Ch. 2

 — Hero & his sis get visit from sinister cousin. by Prince Mordecai06/20/022.88

Final Fantasy: The Silent Star Ch. 1

 — He returns home after 6 years & surprises his sis. by Prince Mordecai06/19/024.10

Final Fantasy: The Silent Star Ch. 3

 — The plot thickens. by Prince Mordecai06/29/022.60

Final Fantasy: The Silent Star Ch.4

 — Our protagonist meets the main character by Prince Mordecai12/29/022.33

Final Fantasy: The Silent Star Ch.5

 — Meanwhile... by Prince Mordecai12/30/025.00

Fine Time

 — Queen of glamour, Lucy Pinder goes on vacation in Ibiza. by cadeauxxx10/24/154.83HOT

Fine Time: Bollywood Redux

 — Lucy Pinder enjoys a wild night with two brothers in India. by cadeauxxx08/10/164.36

Fine Time: Hollywood Remix

 — Lucy Pinder tries her luck with a film career in Hollywood. by cadeauxxx09/18/174.82HOT

Fine-ly Tuned

 — His greatest fantasy in all proportions. by MasterTrek10/14/044.83

Fire in the Amazon

 — Getting with Sandra Bullock during a cult film. by TheRealSixGod04/01/16

Firefly 01: As Long As You're Mine

 — Wash, driven by jealousy, takes control. by _ladyphoenix_10/23/054.33

Firefly: Kaylee is Hired

 — Captain Mal conducts Kaylee's interview for ship mechanic by Kiss_The_Snake04/28/144.42

Firefly: The Mechanics of Serenity

 — The boat needs a mechanic. The mechanic needs sex. by terminatrix9201/02/154.54HOT

Firefly: The Trigger

 — Music sets off another of River's conditionings one night. by patricia5107/16/084.52HOT

First & Last

 — Kitty Pryde enjoys meeting a time-traveling Jean Grey. by Zev9508/09/144.56HOT

First & Last Ch. 02

 — Emma finds out about Kitty and Jean; Kitty pays the price. by Zev9510/25/145.00HOT

First and Tim Ch. 01

 — Jamie's call from the pros causes very mixed feelings. by Sensual_Goddess02/07/125.00

First Efforts

 — Jennifer Lawrence debuts with her new boyfriend. by InjuredNinja04/28/164.33

First Encounter at House "OrOb"

 — Victoria Justice at "House OrOb". by Oralobsessed12/06/17

First Lady's First Lady

 — Laura Bush looks for a way to get back in shape. by Stardog Champion06/10/024.36

First Meeting

 — She meets her Master for the first time. by Selene12/04/004.04

First Meetings

 — Meeting Amy Lee. by DPPH01/29/134.44

First Meetings Ch. 02: Second Chances

 — A second chance to fall in love with Amy Lee. by DPPH01/31/144.25

First Time

 — Popstar Cari gets it on with Pink, Janet & Alicia. by CariSparkle11/28/024.06

First Time for Everything

 — A L4D2 fanfic with Nick and Ellis as the victims. by TwitchyScene09/19/115.00

Firsts & Lasts with Katy

 — Man gets just one night to ravage Katy Perry. by Robertdoc09/11/144.07

Five Bollywood Babes & Akshay

 — Raveena's plan to fuck Akshay is a hit. by nakedindian11/04/033.46

Five Planets: Cunny Honey

 — Bee-creatures have taste for different kind of flower. by emily_hughs03/04/064.39

Five Steps to Delta Nu

 — Bree Olson's path to becoming a woman. by Charles Petersunn01/29/084.70HOT

Fixing More Than Just Her Car

 — Nina Dobrev's car breaks down, so she sees the mechanic. by TheBigLove12608/15/124.60HOT

Flash: Impure As The Driven Snow

 — Iris and Caitlin have anal sex for science. by Zev9501/14/164.50HOT

Flo-Jo & Jackie

 — Man gets up close and personal with famous track athletes. by Hornyman69WithU01/31/093.78

Flushed a GSR One Shot

 — Playing poker was a hobby, Sara knew that. by PiperGrissom05/29/094.17

Fly Me To The Moon

 — Fan meets idol actress. by Rockwell09/13/043.68

Flying Blind

 — Blind date with Community's Gillian Jacobs. by Robertdoc09/26/134.75HOT

FNN Charity Ball

 — Newscasters auctioned off for charity. by baranbrat09/20/09

FNN Fuck News Network 10 AM

 — Newscasters interview politician. by baranbrat10/20/07

FNN Fuck News Network 11 AM.

 — Bill Hemmer finally fucks Megyn Kelly. by baranbrat10/22/07

FNN Fuck News Network 12 Noon

 — Christi Paul & other news anchors rate new beds. by baranbrat11/05/07

FNN Fuck News Network 6 AM

 — Robin Meade and Company start off with a bang. by baranbrat10/09/07

FNN Fuck News Network 7 AM

 — News anchors go wild. by baranbrat10/10/07

FNN Fuck News Network 8 AM

 — Kiran Chetry, Alina Cho & Lola Ogunnaike join John Roberts. by baranbrat10/16/07

FNN Fuck News Network 9 AM

 — Bill Keneely weathers Heather Tesch and Nicole Mitchell. by baranbrat10/17/07HOT

FNN Interviews Barack and Michelle

 — Michelle is satisfied, FNN ladies not so lucky. by baranbrat02/10/10

FNN Undercover Ch. 01

 — Jen Carfagno exposes shady OB-GYN. by baranbrat05/11/09

FNN Undercover Ch. 02

 — Two reporters go undercover at American Idol & love it. by baranbrat07/18/09

FNN Week-end Saturday

 — Ainsley Earnhardt & Courtney Friel host a wild hot tub show. by baranbrat04/02/09HOT

FNN Week-end Sunday

 — Megyn Kelly & Bill Hemmer continue hot tub fun. by baranbrat04/06/09HOT

Focus: Jess Is A Dominatrix

 — Nicky the trickster falls for lovely Jess Barrett. by Samuelx07/22/153.67

Fool For Love

 — Re-write of Buffy season 5. by BlissfulZimZum66604/18/041.86

Footballers on the Prowl

 — Two athletes have a night of passion with groupies. by hellbound_heart01/15/073.83

For Love of Honor

 — Worf & Lwaxana Troi - an unlikely coupling. by nightshadow06/29/094.41

For Pixie's Pleasure

 — A fan gives his favourite popstar a night to remember. by lickablelucy2312/06/093.57

For She's a Jolly Good Fellow

 — An alternate season 4 Troy/Britta fic. by Marrrrrrr01/29/144.00

For Team USA

 — Alex Morgan raises awareness for U.S. Soccer. by TheBigLove12606/28/144.35

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 14

 — Carla's teary demands. by Thatawfulwowporno01/19/184.87HOT

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 15

 — Elunara rescues another one. by Thatawfulwowporno01/31/184.83HOT

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 16

 — Elunara plays with her lube. by Thatawfulwowporno02/07/184.55HOT

For Whom The Bell Tolls

 — You were having a quiet drink until Kristen Bell walked in. by Porn_Pendulum10/01/084.03

For Your Eyes Only Pt. 01

 — It started with an accidental picture text from a stranger. by Hookedonapirate12/10/164.81HOT

For Your Eyes Only Pt. 02

 — It started with an accidental picture text from a stranger. by Hookedonapirate12/28/164.72HOT


 — Temptation is hard to resist, even for a Jedi. by Belegon05/11/053.98

Forever Trusting Who We Are

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield05/15/114.17

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 02

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield05/19/114.20

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 03

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield05/21/114.00

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 04

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield05/23/114.62

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 05

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield05/24/114.00

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 06

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield05/30/114.80

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 07

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield06/12/114.50HOT

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 08

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield06/22/114.22

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 09

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield07/08/114.29

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 10

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield07/13/114.67

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 11

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield07/27/114.43

Forever Trusting Who We Are Ch. 12

 — The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters. by Lilith_Hetfield08/11/114.00


 — She comes home drunk. by 14030609/03/074.11

Formula Cum

 — F1 drivers set fast laps with the pit babes. by cheetah8307/20/053.59

Forsen and Annie

 — The dazzling tale of two lovers caught deeply in love. by ForsenBoi01/07/154.50

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 01

 — Leifang and Hitomi connect during vacation. by pacifist91w06/18/144.33

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 02

 — Leifang and Hitomi grow closer during vacation. by pacifist91w06/20/144.33

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 03

 — Leifang and Hitomi: dirty dancing DOA-style! by pacifist91w06/22/144.43

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 04

 — Clouds on the horizon of Leifang's vacation? by pacifist91w06/26/144.33

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 05

 — Even tiny bikinis might be too hot for Leifang and Hitomi! by pacifist91w06/28/144.50

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 06

 — Leifang and Hitomi begin investigating while they play. by pacifist91w07/01/144.67

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 07

 — Our pretty heroines dig into the vacation mystery. by pacifist91w07/03/144.75

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 08

 — Aquamarine! by pacifist91w07/05/143.00

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 09

 — Leifang and Hitomi infiltrate the mystery yacht. by pacifist91w07/08/14

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 10

 — The group bonds; Leifang professes her love. by pacifist91w07/11/145.00

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 11

 — Lisa tells Leifang and Hitomi what she's been up to by pacifist91w07/14/145.00

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 12

 — Leifang and Hitomi use the secret tickets. by pacifist91w07/16/145.00

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 13

 — At last, Leifang and Hitomi can enjoy their vacation. by pacifist91w07/21/145.00

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 14

 — The last day of the girls' vacation! by pacifist91w07/25/145.00

Forty Hours: A Josh Hartnett Story

 — 40 strange hours in his rich sexual life. by cedar12710/08/022.70

Four Play at the Wrap Party

 — A lucky waiter is on the menu for four Mad Men ladies. by DarkSwordsman09/15/164.77HOT

Fox and Guests Pt. 01A

 — Gang kicks off new network with mattress testing. by baranbrat06/05/13HOT

Fox and Guests Pt. 01B

 — Robin Meade in Fox & Guests first FFFF. by baranbrat06/07/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 01C

 — Janice Dean the Second FFFF. She's a Wedding Singer. by baranbrat06/08/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 01D

 — Current Television turned Porn “Anger Management” by baranbrat06/23/13HOT

Fox and Guests Pt. 01E

 — Late Night Fox & Guests Extreme: BJ's & Pussy Eating Galore by baranbrat06/24/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 02A

 — Mattress Testing Continues with 8 New TV Personalities. by baranbrat09/04/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 02B

 — 4 On-Air Personalities who want to be Cheerleaders. by baranbrat09/05/13HOT

Fox and Guests Pt. 02C

 — Patti Ann Browne & Rachel Nichols Posing for Glamour Shots. by baranbrat09/07/13HOT

Fox and Guests Pt. 02D

 — Classic TV Porn Parody: The Original Dick Van Dyke Show. by baranbrat09/23/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 02E

 — Current Television Porn Parody "New Girl". by baranbrat09/14/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 02F

 —  Late Night Fox and Guests Extreme BJ’s & Pussy Eating Day 2 by baranbrat09/15/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 03A

 — Megyn Kelly and 3 Other Pregnant Women Switch Men. by baranbrat12/31/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 03B

 — Julie Chen's fantasy inside the Big Brother House. by baranbrat12/29/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 03C

 — Rachel Maddow & Suze Orman dress as men & Pick-up Women by baranbrat01/01/14

Fox and Guests Pt. 03D

 — Classic TV Porn Parody - "Happy Days". by baranbrat12/30/13

Fox and Guests Pt. 04A

 — Jenny Greg, weight loss spokeswomen gets fucked. by baranbrat02/26/14

Fox and Guests Pt. 04B

 — Waist Watchers spokeswomen get fucked too! by baranbrat02/28/14HOT

Fox and Guests Pt. 04C

 — FFFF with Sarah Palin & daughters at Wicked Pictures. by baranbrat03/02/14HOT

Fox and Guests Pt. 04D

 — FFFF Dana Perino gives Tamron Hall a Nuru Massage. by baranbrat03/04/14HOT

Fox and Guests Pt. 04E

 — Classic TV Porn Parody "Three's Company" by baranbrat03/06/14

Fox and Guests Pt. 04F

 — Suits & White Collar Crossover Porn Parody- Current TV. by baranbrat03/07/14

Fox and Guests Pt. 04G

 — Nutrisystem Spokeswomen perform with Porn Stars. by baranbrat03/08/14

Fox News Anchors Get it On

 — Bill Hemmer with Martha McCallum and Megyn Kelly. by baranbrat02/26/16HOT

Fox News Women Dominate In Many Ways

 — Guilfoyle and Kelly enslave the competition. by Dazzle111/11/143.19

Fragments Ch. 04

 — Jenna helps Jake. by no_inhibitions01/18/043.73

Fraiser - Mr Crane's Massage

 — Mr Crane has fun with Daphne. by MT196608/12/124.16

Frances of Venus: Report 01

 — Adult branch out from 'Star Trek'. by HumanEndeavor08/20/053.18

Frances of Venus: Report 04

 — Good-bye, my love. by HumanEndeavor01/02/063.83

Frances of Venus: Report 05

 — The deepest Space NIne. by HumanEndeavor01/25/064.00

Frances of Venus: Report 06

 — Wrong Hole. by HumanEndeavor03/27/063.83

Franchise Girls Club

 — Some franchise heroines get together for an orgiastic night. by tevok07/11/154.65HOT

Frankie Sandford Sex Shame

 — Frankie Sandford meets a persuasive photographer. by UpskirtMan8906/11/114.12

Frasier - Daphne's Addiction

 — Daphne takes a risk during a party. by MT196606/15/124.33

Frasier - Daphne's New Beginning

 — Daphne's life changes when she goes to the movies. by MT196608/21/114.19

Frasier - Daphne's Next Step

 — Daphne is offered a role in a adult movie. by MT196601/22/124.62HOT

Frasier - Daphne's Night of Passion

 — Daphne and Roz cross the line. by MT196605/24/124.65HOT

Frasier - Daphne's Passion

 — Daphne has surprise gangbang. by MT196604/30/124.45

Frasier - Daphne's Photo Shoot

 — Short of money Daphne poses for a men's magazine. by MT196601/08/124.44

Frasier - Daphne's Reward

 — Daphne has fun at the Adult Industry Awards. by MT196607/18/124.31

Frasier: Oversexed In Seattle

 — Roz Doyle seduces Frasier Crane. by PredatorSmile01/18/064.10

Frasier: Sexless In Seattle

 — Bebe Glazer seduces Frasier Crane. by PredatorSmile01/18/063.44

Fred Sanford's Son

 — Lamont rewards Grady for his hospitality. by HerrPibb08/19/154.20


 — Rachel's bad date leads to good night with the girls. by bassman04/18/013.62

Friends - Lost in the City

 — Joey and Chandler's lucky day. by MT196601/25/134.46

Friends - Wild Party

 — Rachel, Monica & Phoebe are invited to a party. by MT196609/29/124.36

Friends - Wild Ride

 — Courteney & Jennifer's car breaks down. by MT196608/27/124.29

Friends Like These

 — Joey gets a nice surprise from Rachel & Monica. by kelvin-hall09/14/014.25

Friends--The Orgy Ch. 01

 — Friends get together for a very special night. by strangerhome12/21/103.70

Friends--The Orgy Ch. 02

 — Friends continue a special night together. by strangerhome12/30/103.85

Friends--The Orgy Ch. 03

 — Friends continue the night with Rachel in charge. by strangerhome12/31/103.92

Friends: A Dry Spell

 — Monica helps Ross through it. by Dudeman8508/31/054.58HOT

Friends: A Little Office Sex

 — Rachel finds Chandler handcuffed in her boss' office. by Dudeman8512/05/044.52HOT

Friends: Achieving Phase Three

 — The girls "console" Chandler after Kathy breaks up with him. by Dudeman8510/28/044.65HOT

Friends: After the Wedding Day

 — Joey keeps Monica from opening gifts alone. by Dudeman8511/19/044.52HOT

Friends: Before the Halloween Party

 — "Catwoman" is a Pussy who likes pussy. by Dudeman8510/31/044.38

Friends: Choosing a Groomsman

 — Chandler gives Rachel a reason to pick him. by Dudeman8508/14/054.62HOT

Friends: Closure

 — Rachel gets closure over Ross. by Dudeman8508/15/084.71HOT

Friends: Cookies & Porn

 — Reasons to hang out at Monica & Rachel's place. by Dudeman8512/23/044.52HOT

Friends: Cousin Cassie Ch. 01

 — Chandler & Monica share her cousin. by Dudeman8503/23/054.39

Friends: Cousin Cassie Ch. 02

 — She moves on to Cousin Ross. by Dudeman8507/15/054.55HOT

Friends: Dear Diary

 — Diary entry takes an unexpected twist. by Dudeman8512/25/044.23

Friends: Getting Back the Apartment

 — Rachel and Monica give the guys a show. by Dudeman8510/10/044.52HOT

Friends: Going Commando

 — Ross & Rachel's stealthy attempt at sex doesn't go unnoticed. by Dudeman8510/23/044.52HOT

Friends: Hormones

 — Phoebe needs relief. by Nolann08/31/123.59

Friends: Interactive Series 01

 — Monica's floor needs retiling. by SomeLikeItLoud07/01/113.30

Friends: Interactive Series 01.2

 — Time for some role-play. by SomeLikeItLoud07/06/113.65

Friends: It Started With Eyedrops

 — It leads to new fun for Chandler/Monica/Rachel. by Dudeman8502/02/054.71HOT

Friends: Just One More Time

 — Ross and Monica find out how hot they can be. by Dudeman8501/18/054.65HOT

Friends: Learning to Count to Seven

 — The Girls give Chandler some sex-ed. by Dudeman8510/18/044.46

Friends: Mona's Apology

 — She and Rachel do more than "kiss and make up". by Dudeman8510/01/054.58HOT

Friends: Monica & Rachel are Horny

 — Rachel is horny - and soon Monica joins her. by BigBadBill12304/20/123.96

Friends: Monica Gets a Letter

 — Secret Admirer brings her secret pleasure. by Dudeman8510/20/044.34

Friends: Monica's New Vibrator Ch. 01

 — Rachel tries to get Monica's mind off Ethan. by Dudeman8510/16/044.60HOT

Friends: Monica's New Vibrator Ch. 02

 — Rachel tries to get Monica's mind off Ethan. by Dudeman8510/17/044.63HOT

Friends: More Sex-Ed for Chandler

 — To "help Kathy," Monica teaches him all about anal. by Dudeman8512/02/044.59HOT

Friends: Moving Day

 — Monica makes one final bet to keep their apartment. by Dudeman8505/11/054.64HOT

Friends: New Year's Eve After-Party

 — Four Friends make the best of a lousy New Year's. by Dudeman8510/11/044.46

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