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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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A Train Ride Ch. 03

 — What started as a ride home, ends with exquisite release. by JadeMystery10/06/084.18

A Trashy Little Thing

 — Power struggle for dominance. by Darkopps02/10/103.64

A Treat Turns Tricks Ch. 11

 — Don't fight it; you'll like it! by voluptuary_manque09/28/164.52HOT

A Trick and a Treat

 — She gets more than she bargained for on Halloween night. by RoxxaneMaureen10/13/164.47

A Trip not to be Forgotten

 — Family trip to India for me, my wife and sister takes a turn. by Inkspiller05/21/163.63

A Trip to Hong Kong

 — A man is turned into a sissy slut. by tsto12305/15/134.57HOT

A Trip to My Zoo

 — A tour of an erotic 'zoo'. by jamec5904/09/082.89

A Trip to Paris

 — Not all train rides are the same. by BigMadStork03/12/194.24

A Trip to the Booths

 — Made to play at a porn shop. by Emerald_City_Pervert06/28/174.17

A Trip To the Dentist

 — Her dentist gave her more than expected. by blndEE03/04/043.78

A Trip to the Mall

 — A woman is taken in a dressing room. by seldomseen09/14/023.89

A Trip to the Mall

 — A trip to the mall has unexpected consequences. by kelsbabie1207/19/183.76

A Trip to the Nurse's Office

 — A senior undergoes an unexpectedly thorough exam. by glovesnap2012/05/194.37

A Trip to the Woods and What Became

 — Descent into submission continues for a man. by MrDeviant11/23/073.43

A Trip to the Woods and What Became Ch. 02

 — He is turned into a sex toy. by MrDeviant11/24/073.40

A Troublesome Guest Pt. 01

 — Nicole gets an unwelcomed house guest. by A_ComplexHoe11/30/194.36

A Troublesome Guest Pt. 02

 — Nicole begins to submit to her new house guest. by A_ComplexHoe12/02/194.39

A Troublesome Guest Pt. 03

 — Nate fully takes Nicole committing her body to him. by A_ComplexHoe12/12/194.53HOT

A Truckers Rhapsody

 — He takes what he wants, when he wants. by chromewolf11/09/024.26

A True Friend

 — Undressing my best friend's wife... with his blessing. by Wifetheif10/11/143.93

A True Love

 — Her surprise. by Victim12/17/033.65

A True Slut's Education Ch. 01

 — A young nurse finds herself to be an unwilling toy. by DeeFisher08/04/114.28

A True Slut's Education Ch. 02

 — Nurse Louise begs for her salvation. by DeeFisher08/16/114.34

A Tryst with Tyranny Ch. 01

 — A master abuses and takes advantage his house maid. by BeastMan6909/09/134.51HOT

A Tryst with Tyranny Ch. 02

 — The master takes the servant to his bed. by BeastMan6910/21/134.65HOT

A Turn for the Worse

 — Revenge is much harder than it looks. by Couture01/30/114.47

A Turn of Events

 — Beth is forced to watch Lisa seduce her guy. by Farcar01/09/013.83

A Twin's Revenge Ch. 1

 — Claudia persuades Mark to conspire against Amelia. by Chicklet06/22/024.20

A Twin's Revenge Ch. 2

 — Amelia takes advantage while Mark is driving. by Chicklet06/25/024.40

A Twin's Revenge Ch. 3

 — Mark goes through with rape as planned. by Chicklet07/02/024.35

A Twin's Revenge Ch. 4

 — Amelia plots her own revenge against Claudia. by Chicklet07/04/024.50HOT

A Twist

 — A mob boss' daughter is kidnapped on her wedding day... by EMSelby11/05/164.16

A Twist In The Tale

 — A male slave get his own back, violently. by no_angel03/15/073.94

A Twist of Fate

 — Wife comes home to find herself at the whim of a stranger. by AfroerotiK10/17/084.43

A Twist on a Slave Story

 — Public sex, Sex slave. by Xpoerotica10/19/184.21

A Twist on a Slave Story Pt. 02

 — Sex slaves with a twist. by Xpoerotica11/09/184.28

A Twisted Valentine

 — Will Nathan take what's on offer? by fewella03/01/184.36

A Two Cop Fuck

 — Abused, demeaned and humiliated as 2 guys have me. by danishmichaela07/18/133.67

A UK Girlfriend Reluctantly Shared

 — An introduction to the lead up of shared teen GF. by bethuk03/09/163.70

A UK Girlfriend Reluctantly Shared Ch. 02

 — Marcus has his way... by bethuk03/12/164.11

A Unique Vampire Ch. 02

 — What happens when a rapist attacks this kind of Vampire. by midnightdeathwriter01/20/093.57

A Useful Secret

 — Frustrated employee finds out about his boss. by bronston2205/21/114.15

A Vampire's Pet Ch. 01

 — Asami gets kidnapped and sold (Asami's POV) by KittenGal159504/19/164.21

A Vampire's Pet Ch. 01

 — Revised version of a story I wrote on here years ago. by AbbyRaePaws03/30/194.11

A Vampire's Pet Ch. 02

 — Asami is bought (multiple POVs). by KittenGal159504/28/164.18

A Vampire's Pet Ch. 02

 — Asami's POV - Asami gets prepped for the auction. by AbbyRaePaws04/01/194.25

A Vampire's Pet Ch. 03

 — Asami is Broken. by KittenGal159505/01/163.64

A Vampire's Tale

 — A vampire makes her his. by DKryphon01/29/044.00

A Van Full Of Guys

 — Wife gets her car towed after a gangbang. by luckyhusband512/05/054.06

A Very Catholic Punishment

 — She could've been a bride of Christ, could've... by TasteslikeIniquity11/23/174.34

A Very Catholic Punishment Pt. 02

 — Father Black keeps his promise, she's his to use. by TasteslikeIniquity03/07/184.37

A Very Clever Boyfriend

 — He pulls the wool over her eyes. by Kizshmit09/02/023.13

A Very Kinky Christmas

 — The neighbourhood stud is gifted to me on Christmas day. by ghertybird12/12/194.43

A Very Long Night

 — A hot summer night turns brutal. by Slowmoan06/16/104.33

A Very Nice Present

 — A present given with reluctance and how it is received. by Brutalhawk01/21/084.08

A Very Personal Assistant

 — Manager harasses his busty not too bright new assistant. by GeorgeTasker07/04/104.47

A Very Personal Trainer

 — A story of a passionate and not altogether consensual taking. by open_minded2805/09/194.52HOT

A Very Sexy Mistake

 — A young woman thinks she's meeting a couple offline. by YoungSub1311/08/193.88

A Very Special Guy Ch. 02

 — It was ugly, but I did what I had to do to keep him. by LynnGKS06/14/104.37

A Very True Spanking Story

 — 18-year-old schoolgirl gets her first in-school paddling. by ElizabethB07/06/093.45

A Very Unpleasant Afternoon

 — She is lost, three men take advantage. by greenfly08/08/073.58

A Very Warm Christmas

 — A secretary tries to soften her cold boss. by HotJavaMama8611/30/03

A Victim's Revenge

 — A Briton warrior woman avenges her ravishment. by Iwasagoodgirl12/27/134.06

A Violent Fantasy

 — She finds that her darkest fantasy can be fulfilled. by kkrew08/26/093.98

A Visit from the Electricians

 — Reluctant wife gets gang-banged. by welshy6905/17/053.75

A Visit to New York

 — Jenny has sex with 2 strangers reluctantly. Or does she? by ickric11/14/063.78

A Visit to the Beach

 — Don't get changed in a public place. by Ashson01/26/184.23

A Visit To The Doctor

 — 18-year-old girlfriend undergoes intimate examination. by stevebaines12/14/063.36

A Visit to the Doctor

 — A doctor preserves my fiancee's virginity. by CuckoldGuy09/26/113.86

A Voice in the Dark

 — Be careful what you wish for... by suziesdad01/08/154.36

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 01

 — Part one of one man's sexual corruption and transition. by TheNaughtyShrink12/09/184.06

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 02

 — One man's kink discovered, with painful consequences. by TheNaughtyShrink12/11/184.31

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 03

 — Wife takes complete control of wimp husband. by TheNaughtyShrink12/12/184.13

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 04

 — The wimp husband reduced to a pet. by TheNaughtyShrink12/14/184.43

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 05

 — Dressing for the occasion. by TheNaughtyShrink12/15/184.29

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 06

 — Wimp husband develops a taste for servitude. by TheNaughtyShrink12/16/184.40

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 07

 — Sissyfied wimp husband begins to warm to his new role. by TheNaughtyShrink12/17/184.29

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 08

 — Puppy gets a visit from the vet. by TheNaughtyShrink12/21/184.17

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 09

 — The bandages come off and puppy learns a new trick. by TheNaughtyShrink12/22/184.19

A Voyeur Pays the Price

 — He is caught spying, and blackmailed into submission. by LaVoix06/07/134.18

A Voyeur Pays the Price Ch. 02

 — He is recalled, and his punishment continues. by LaVoix08/25/134.43

A Voyeur Pays the Price Ch. 03

 — A chance discovery turns the tables, and he has his revenge. by LaVoix09/02/134.59HOT

A Voyeur Pays the Price Ch. 04 (Epilogue)

 — An eventful reunion for Peter, Heather and Claire. by LaVoix08/01/144.69HOT

A Voyeur's Reunion

 — Wife goes to her reunion and hooks up with old flame. by DevisPixi08/10/183.97

A Waking Nightmare

 — 71 Year-old grandmother Wendy goes to bed, and is taken by Scotjock210/07/194.04

A Waking Nightmare Ch. 02

 — Grandmother Wendy wakes in bed still bound with her intruder. by Scotjock210/09/194.07

A Walk Home

 — Man with a gun takes lovely young woman. by oliver06/27/014.05

A Walk in Arizona

 — Western erotica. Jeremy takes a Native. by scbane04/28/154.13

A Walk in Central Park

 — Cnc... by ellaalltiedup209/26/194.29

A Walk in Central Park...

 — A sultry cnc story of a little slut in a park. by ellaalltiedup04/04/194.06

A Walk in the Dark Ch. 01

 — A walk introduces Nan to her most erotic desires. by AtoZ12345678904/06/133.95

A Walk In The Forest

 — An aspiring actress takes a walk. by sfor06/10/033.92

A Walk in the Park

 — Tracy is bound, gagged & taken! by mark18108/14/114.05

A Walk in the Park

 — Clara had been warned about using the park as a short cut. by angelfeathers02/13/054.53HOT

A Walk in the Park

 — A woman should never walk through a dark park alone. by little_donna05/13/133.75

A Walk in the Park

 — A lonely girl finds company, but he's not what she was expecting. by The_Master_J04/19/194.04

A Walk in the Park

 — An unusual incident in the park. by Ashson05/25/194.08

A Walk In The Wood

 — Sue's lover takes special photos. by misspandp05/02/024.04

A Walk in the Woods

 — She's trapped in forest by three men. by LucOuarm05/26/024.17

A Walk in the Woods

 — Afternoon walk in the woods takes a wicked turn. by tulsaliza08/01/124.22

A Walk Into Submission

 — Woman is taken along wooded path. by Amor ad Vincula11/22/003.60

A Walk On The Beach

 — Her attacker is pleased. by _Lynn_03/19/074.29

A Walk on the Beach

 — Mature Plumper Used by Men in Parking Structure. by LovesNipples12/09/134.14

A Walk on the Wild Side

 — Couple discover short cut is not wise. by WillowPuss03/15/033.23

A Walk on the Wild Side

 — Things get wild for 2 girls a strange bar. by Shady_Lady04/14/174.00

A Walk Through the Door

 — Suprise roleplay becomes something entirely different. by madisonsub07/13/064.15

A Walk through the Park

 — Faye's blind date turns out more exciting than she hoped for. by Maria2405/07/174.24

A Walk To Remember

 — Walk through the woods turns to more. by gutterbunnie03/08/024.11

A Walk To Remember Ch. 2

 — She meets him again, but he's not alone. by gutterbunnie03/10/024.33

A Wanton Slut

 — Surprising visitor in her bedroom. by Mistress Drusilla08/03/063.81

A Warm Mouth

 — Intelligent young woman loses control. by eandg103/19/144.36

A Warm Mouth Ch. 02

 — Mya witnesses the object of her obsession in action. by eandg103/21/144.52HOT

A Warm Mouth Ch. 03

 — Mya gets herself into trouble. by eandg103/29/144.59HOT

A Warm Mouth Ch. 04

 — Mya shocks herself by eandg103/30/144.61HOT

A Wave Too High - Laura

 — Laura needs supplies... Jacob owns the store and her. by targlet212/05/192.64

A Wedding Day Journal Entry

 — She's forced just a few days before her wedding. by ForceFull07/24/063.85

A Wedding to Remember

 — A science experiment leads to unexpected desires. by darkoverlord602/09/18HOT

A Week of Awakening

 — Alice's nightmares are becoming more vivid by limerence04/13/074.35

A Week with Uncle Dave

 — Sexy Carrie is sent to stay with her uncle for a week. by annaSpank02/14/163.96

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 01

 — Couple are taken by evil spirits. by rabbs197202/07/164.13

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02

 — The couple continues to be tormented. by rabbs197202/13/164.03

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 03

 — A couple's torment continues. by rabbs197202/20/164.03

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 04

 — The final chapter of a couple's torture. by rabbs197202/23/163.57

A Weekend From Hell

 — Jenna and friends are captured by escapees. by davey288810/23/034.12

A Weekend From Hell Ch. 02

 — Their rapes continue. by davey288812/03/034.16

A Weekend From Hell Ch. 03

 — Their weekend continues. by davey288805/30/044.22

A Wet and Intimate Sacrifice

 — Female private eye & daughter, kidnapped & forced to lactate by RamonaE11/30/094.02

A Wet Walk Home

 — Jane's continued humiliation and abuse. by abbeynat07/25/124.13

A Wet Walk Home Ch. 02

 — Jane returns to college for more abuse and humiliation. by abbeynat10/27/124.30

A Wet Walk Home Ch. 03

 — Jane is blackmailed into further abuse and humiliation. by abbeynat02/11/134.26

A Whisper in My Ear

 — I get one of my fantasies fulfilled by a stranger. by awesomegirl07/18/114.18

A Whore in Nigeria

 — A young man’s sweet and sour discovery in a foreign country. by hunter_gatherer12/01/144.37

A Whore is Born

 — Japanese tourist is shown the way to black submission. by blklongnthick09/28/034.44

A Whore is Born Ch. 05

 — Wife is forced to commit adultery to save her marriage. by LordRamsay04/24/084.54HOT

A Whore of Hell

 — Young servant ignores dangers and falls prey to Darkness. by Swashbuckler09/07/024.14

A Widow's Life Wrecked

 — A widow from India is forced to submit to her in-law. by Jayashree10006/10/084.34

A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 01

 — A husband hear and witness the rape of his beautiful wife. by kingbooruwa01/05/144.39

A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 02

 — The wife get fucked to womanhood. by kingbooruwa01/07/144.46

A Wife's Bitter Sweet Revenge

 — Payback is a bitch! by qualitywheat03/09/133.75

A Wife's Confession

 — A loving couple takes a new path. by mountai_panther01/19/163.41

A Wife's Indiscretion

 — Frustrated she seeks out something new. by ofloveandlust05/23/184.11

A Wife's Sin is a Win, Win, Win

 — Well, maybe not for him. by chilleywilley09/16/124.34

A Wife's Submissive Journey

 — A wife's sexual journey. by dawn195810/19/124.66HOT

A Wife's Submissive Journey Ch. 02

 — An innocent, refined wife falls under a woman's control. by dawn195810/26/124.53HOT

A Wife's Submissive Journey Ch. 03

 — An innocent, refined wife falls under a woman's control. by dawn195811/13/124.62HOT

A Wife, A Slut, An Addict

 — Gardner forces Good Wife to meet her Inner Slut. by rickspindrift01/27/024.56HOT

A Wife, A Slut, An Addict Ch. 2

 — Joe teaches Shannon more about her Inner Slut. by rickspindrift02/18/024.63HOT

A Willing Participant #01

 — Warning! A story of forced sex and mother son incest. by gordietown06/17/144.45

A Willing Participant #02

 — Warning! A story of forced sex and mother son incest. by gordietown06/18/144.38

A Willing Participant #03

 — The continuing story of obsessive & abusive sex. by gordietown12/14/164.43

A Willing Ravishment

 — She went looking for a boyfriend and got so much more. by Silly_wet_kisses08/09/063.86

A Willingness to Submit...

 — I decide that I will do anything to be with her. by justins96102/14/184.07

A Willow in Summer Ch. 02: Winter Arrives

 — Willow wakes up - and wishes she hadn't. by Gentlytwisted04/26/174.17

A Willow in Summer Ch. 03

 — Willow's tormentors take her off on holiday. by Gentlytwisted11/22/174.38

A Win-Win

 — Runaway aristo uses her sexy captor to get revenge on fiance. by legALLiEblonde11/27/124.34

A Window of Opportunity

 — Two guys take high class woman by force. by mutterguffin102/14/053.98

A Wise Ass Gets a Whipped Ass

 — Mindy's attitude will never be the same. by alicia7012/02/073.75

A Witch's Curse Ch. 01

 — Chris was a normal man, until a witch's curse changed him. by BuzzsawCJ04/04/183.94

A Witch's Curse Ch. 02

 — The curse attracts a familiar face. by BuzzsawCJ05/01/184.33

A Witch's Curse Ch. 03

 — Office Gangbang with some Bi and transsexual fun. by BuzzsawCJ06/15/184.29

A Wizard Story: Esme and the Imps

 — Baron Fugg loses his wife at cards to Ian the imp. by dangough07/22/164.00

A Wolf In Wartime Ch. 01

 — I meet a man who will change my life. by disclosedDesires12/18/114.07

A Wolf In Wartime Ch. 02

 — My officer takes his pleasure, while my friend is used by 3. by disclosedDesires12/19/134.14

A Woman for Fulfillment

 — She's seduced & enslaved by a sexy lady. by jenipenny06/29/013.64

A Woman of Berlin

 — A mother is taken in front of her soldier son. by ChristineR05/01/084.30

A Woman of Good Breeding

 — A woman finds herself bred by a billionaire. by NancyIce10/29/153.83

A Woman Scorned

 — She plots revenge for her husband's misdeeds. by JamesLacy02/28/044.28

A Woman Scorned

 — A Response to Hostage by Ashson. by Pudd07/14/133.69

A Woman Scorned

 — Incautious husband learns some important lessons. by LetsCuckHubby07/06/163.96

A Woman's Job is Never Done Ch. 03

 — Veronica discovers what happens when she's caught. by TheVirginVeronica02/19/154.51HOT

A Woman's Journey

 — A woman hurt by men finds love in an unexpected place. by MohanSingh06/29/194.68HOT

A Woman's Place Ch. 01

 — Ellie's world is about to change for good. by MelloT08/10/114.32

A Woman's Place Ch. 02

 — The reversion. by MelloT08/14/114.49

A Woman's Place Ch. 03

 — The Roundup. by MelloT08/26/114.47

A Woman's Place Ch. 04

 — The Auction. by MelloT08/31/114.36

A Woman's Place Ch. 05

 — A New Owner. by MelloT09/03/114.58HOT

A Woman's True Calling

 — Painful lessons in submission and compliance. by Amily01/16/123.65

A Wonderful Man

 — A touching tale of self-discovery and surrender. by GF1312/30/173.90

A Woodsman

 — 18-year-old black girl goes to the woods to take pictures. by Playfulpanthress04/16/114.22

A Working Girl's Life

 — He helps break her into her new profession - prostitution. by sinfuldeeds10/07/144.63HOTEditor's Pick

A Working Mother

 — A boss forces a mother to ballbust and humiliate her son. by sweden32107/19/154.02

A World of Words

 — A lonely Librarian relaxes with some quality erotica. by LizisReady09/28/174.28

A Worthy Adversary

 — She's beaten him and put him away for good. by justtheone10/19/144.09

A Yank in the Outhouse

 — Wartime G.I.'s and English women cut loose. by shawalphamale10/24/004.26

A Yes

 — Bored couple go to dinner. They come home alone. by qwellan11/16/163.88

A Young Girls Story Ch. 03

 — Ashlie is photographed by someone. by SplendidSpunk07/02/104.29

A Young Wife's Journey

 — Inexperienced wife begins first job. by trikeboy510/12/144.30

A+ Credit Ch. 01

 — A teacher with a credit card problem must work nights. by taboototeach08/06/163.93

A+ Credit Ch. 02

 — A prostitute lives on fortune. Fortune is a fickle mistress. by taboototeach01/26/174.58HOT

A+ Student Ch. 02

 — Katrina tries to resist Dr. Allen... To no avail. by idreamedadream9101/10/133.89

AA Care in the Cum'munity

 — Taken by surprise in the caring profession. by backdoorboogie04/18/114.21

AAA Advertising

 — First job - first sighting of fun. by backdoorboogie04/18/113.88

Aaliyah and Mr. Anderson Ch. 01

 — Young woman at the mercy of older, alcoholic neighbor. by artsychica3401/09/094.10

Aames, OB/GYN & Emma

 — Pap smears have never been like this before. by Lusty Redhead08/25/024.34

Abandoned and Found

 — A pet is abandoned at the airport... by HardHagen36909/01/163.86

Abasement Of An Aristocrat

 — Her Ladyship's losing at class warfare. by L.Fortune West02/28/043.78

Abbey's Unexpected Visitors

 — Home invaders tap into college girl's submissive fantasy. by gaggedKitty2310/15/154.58HOT

Abbey's Unexpected Visitors Ch. 02

 — Taken to a sex club, Abbey's submissive fantasies deepen. by gaggedKitty2311/11/154.55HOT


 — A man who ventures into a bondage club pays dearly. by TheRealSuperBob01/04/174.00

Abby's Awakening Ch. 01

 — A virgin is kidnapped, bound and taken. by ZinniaX01/31/104.26

Abby's Awakening Ch. 02

 — Kidnapped Abby's virginity is taken by new Master. by ZinniaX04/28/104.35

Abby's Ordeal

 — Abby's secret side is revealed. by make me watch07/17/074.01

Abby's Orgasm

 — Abby experiences her first real orgasm by SummerMagic10/24/014.23

Abby's Orgasm Ch. 2

 — Abby loses her virginity. by SummerMagic10/27/014.07

Abby's Orgasm Ch. 3

 — Abby gives up her final virginity to James. by SummerMagic10/28/014.20


 — She's used by 2 men and a woman. by livsonluvstreet05/31/024.16


 — A jilted husband gets his revenge. by maggie200209/08/023.42


 — Tess finds herself roped and gagged in a dark dungeon... by mynameisjudge03/06/133.88


 — Lucy has a night out with the girls & walks home alone drunk. by LastLostIdols10/06/174.13


 — I'm lying in the sun when the aliens come. by GenesisBurke03/03/194.33

Abducted Bound Cheerleaders

 — Pair of cheerleaders get abducted after a football game. by Mistress Maria01/19/024.07

Abducted by Aliens from Karma

 — Women stripped, groped, fingered, fucked & taught a lesson. by regularguy1303/01/194.34

Abducted Ch. 01

 — She wakes up tied to a bed in a mysterious place. by thisgirlistrouble09/23/133.92

Abducted Ch. 02

 — Two friends join her captor to take their turn with her. by thisgirlistrouble09/30/134.14

Abducted Ch. 03

 — Her attempt to escape brings her to a red room. by thisgirlistrouble09/30/134.08

Abducted Ch. 04

 — Two men return to give her more. by thisgirlistrouble10/09/134.05

Abducted Ch. 1

 — Blackmailers take man's wife. by English Bob10/07/004.08

Abducted Ch. 2

 — A captured woman's descent into sexual slavery. by WildRose40DDD09/17/014.39

Abducted Heart

 — Jessica is kidnapped on Valentine's Day. by Fflow01/28/054.28

Abducted Pt. 01

 — Teen wakes up in a room with 30 big-dick men with no limits. by FreakyBiFantasyGuy04/18/174.19

Abducted Together

 — Handsome Brit saves his lady, then has fun with her. by SykoSara10/13/053.95


 — She wanted it, and she got it. by tcmasoxo05/01/183.74

Abducting an Angel

 — A naive young woman is kidnapped into a life of bondage. by MsNotSleeping06/23/154.43

Abducting Jessica

 — Kidnapping becomes a dream come true for the victim. by creepy_ghost02/19/013.74


 — Three girls rape a fourth girl. by Windstalker03/01/043.89


 — Female officer helps friend live out fantasy. by not_so_innocent_flirting09/19/034.37


 — A woman is prey; and caught. by Ashson02/14/144.16


 — A woman is kidnapped and held by a kinky abductor. by CandiceCallais07/08/164.11

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