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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Heather's Crazed Fan Ch. 2

 — The conclusion to Heather's story...or is it? by DEDHeather9403/09/014.00

Heather's in Charge of Eric Now

 — Eric's mouth is getting him in, and out, of trouble. by Maxwellian10/22/124.33

Heather's Night to Forget or is it?

 — Heather is taken by two black guys in her own front room. by sure_will98703/08/113.67

Heather's Story-A Beach House Extra

 — The full story of Heather's promotion. by artiepuy01/11/104.24


 — Callie has a visitor. by mxb710801/15/16

Hector Road Pt. 01

 — How her journey started. by TheBlackMoth02/03/154.40

Heidi's New Life

 — Woman at party inducted into sex slavery. by goldenmyst05/03/162.75

Heightened Senses

 — Bound to a table and taken from behind in a dark room. by Kink20121212/12/154.06

Heiress: Tamed

 — A socialite teenage girl is caught trespassing. by claymodel09/09/164.70HOT

Hela Ch. 01: Retribution

 — A crime boss meets a beautiful young lady and regrets it by Emirus07/09/184.40

Held Captive Ch. 01

 — She's surprised when she visits grandmother. by shadow_dreamer08/29/044.28

Held Captive Ch. 02

 — A new day dawns in clutches of their captor. by shadow_dreamer09/07/044.45

Held Captive Ch. 03

 — An accomplice helps and has his way with one of the women. by shadow_dreamer09/13/043.95

Held Captive Ch. 04

 — They are taken for a ride. by shadow_dreamer10/08/044.35

Held Hostage and Forcibly Fucked

 — Anna is held hostage and forced to do unspeakable things. by Submissive_111703/07/144.16

Held Hostage Ch. 01

 — A family of 3 is held hostage by 3 men. by CaribbeanGuy11/22/053.57

Helen and Professor Demetre

 — Welcome to Graduate School. by strangedaze06/13/084.01

Helen and Troy

 — A woman and her young lover are punished. by Cinner05/03/123.69

Helen Ch. 01

 — Sex slave in the DV8 Club. by Taunus11/24/153.14

Helen Help Us

 — Gorgeous mom arrives to rescue her daughter. by a.reporter01/28/033.96

Helen Hotdog

 — Guys take advantage of shy insecure girl. by AlysPayne09/05/123.60

Helen's Family Party

 — Helen is made to enjoy family, friends, & herself. by beniez02/09/054.37

Helen's Lesson

 — College student must pay for her academic dishonesty. by HowlinWolf1811/24/064.22

Helen's Story Ch. 01

 — Jim shows Young CPA something new. by sonofasailor12/10/044.35

Helen's Story Ch. 02

 — The dark side appears. by sonofasailor12/11/044.31

Helen's Story Ch. 03

 — Deeper into the dark side. by sonofasailor12/12/044.30

Helen's Story Ch. 04

 — A final humiliation and escape. by sonofasailor12/14/043.98

Helen. The Long Weekend

 — Gang bang. Incest. Confession.Reluctant. All in a weekend. by Mikro09/09/134.41

Helene Blackmailed

 — Shame leads to desire when she's caught on film. by dr_mabeuse06/30/044.56HOT

Helga Trains Christopher

 — Christopher must please Helga. by LilithDeVil12/15/184.12

Hell Bait

 — Father's obsession erupts into a dangerous scene. (Illustrated) by benherr07/03/012.52

Hell Followed With Him

 — And I looked, and beheld a Pale Horse... by IronDragon04/17/144.65HOT

Hell Hath No Fury

 — When you dance with the Devil, you pay the price. by Lord DragonsWing05/30/043.59

Hell Hath No Fury

 — Jilted lover extracts revenge. by Sir_Erotica11/25/074.03

Hell In High Water

 — Sheltering from the storm becomes a frightening ordeal. by Nuravegirl10/17/073.54

Hellspawn Mistress

 — Kiyomi lost battle with a sexually charged succubus. by giallo04/30/104.09

Helluva Trip Home

 — Work-weary woman gets surprise on way home. by redsonja04/19/024.09

Help Wanted

 — Being forced to give head first time in the job... by gilmedss01/15/162.88


 — Guy helps drunk coworker to her hotel bed in Vegas. by Krosis10/27/154.07

Helpful Heighbour Ch. 01

 — When the neighbour helps out there is a price to pay. by Mikro11/15/184.50HOT

Helping A Friend Against Her Will

 — She pays off his debt, many dicks at a time. by hornygirl138510/09/134.02

Helping My Baby Girl

 — A father impregnates his daughter's friend. by oh_robert09/18/113.19

Helping Out My Ex-Wife

 — Ex-wife needs help and he wants revenge. by wishfulthinker10/15/054.29

Helping the Hubby

 — Wife meets husband's boss to keep him out of jail. by secretlyaroused1206/02/124.00


 — A woman discovers she likes her dentists tool in her mouth. by KnottLynnHardey12/26/124.50HOT

Helpless Bottom Boi

 — A submissive boi is taken captive by escaped prisoners. by tommibottom07/09/124.08

Henry and Janice Ch. 02

 — Caught playing with the neighbor lady. by Just Plain Bob11/17/064.03

Her Bar Friends

 — She leaves the bar with four black men. by viper03508/13/023.47

Her Basement

 — The animal in the basement was whimpering again. by rdodger09/15/174.39

Her Best Friend? Ch. 01

 — I humiliated her with the help of her best friend. by DonMunch02/22/093.85

Her Biggest Fan

 — She becomes the dirty little slut she writes about. by scarlettdreams11/30/044.55HOT

Her Birthday Wish

 — Wife gets more than she bargained for in bar. by Toons07/23/024.19

Her Boys

 — Four guys finally take what they want from a female friend. by CuriosityKilledKitty01/02/093.27

Her Boys Ch. 02

 — The first of four guys takes the captive. by CuriosityKilledKitty01/15/094.04

Her Boys Ch. 03

 — The second of the boys takes her his favourite way. by CuriosityKilledKitty07/01/094.15

Her Boys Ch. 04

 — The third boy takes Her, in a new way. by CuriosityKilledKitty09/12/094.19

Her Brown-Eyed Lover

 — Sometimes we need to go after what we want. by hot50906/30/034.34

Her Confessions to Him

 — She provokes him, he accepts. by Druantia_8204/14/163.85

Her Darkest Desires

 — Her mind was reeling she when she woke to an intense reality. by brigihd08/05/024.19

Her Daughter's Husband

 — Kayla struggles to resist the temptation of her son-in-law. by Big Gunz05/31/094.55HOT

Her Daughters' Sex Toy Ch. 02

 — Naughty, uber-busty Connie, anal-ized. by patty_parker6009/01/044.31

Her Day

 — Mother and daughter provide hot action. by JOCA04/26/024.19

Her Dirty Fantasy

 — Wife finally gets her fantasy of being controlled. by spphrrose07/22/103.61

Her Eighteenth

 — A neighbour helps her celebrate. by Ashson03/22/164.20

Her Evening Alone

 — A stranger has different plans for her. by kari ann08/01/024.21

Her Fantasy: Maid Rape Ch. 01

 — It started on the Internet and became reality. by schlong1510/13/094.12

Her Fantasy: Maid Rape Ch. 02

 — Chuck's secret fantasy is revealed. by schlong1510/25/093.61

Her Fears Became Reality Ch. 01

 — She is taken on the way to work. by mad4raves11/27/113.83

Her Fears Became Reality Ch. 02

 — He welcomes her to his home. by mad4raves11/28/114.06

Her Fears Became Reality Ch. 03

 — Things warm up. by mad4raves11/29/114.10

Her Fears Became Reality Ch. 04

 — They're in for a surprise. by mad4raves12/08/114.24

Her Fears Became Reality Ch. 05

 — I think I love you. by mad4raves02/07/124.65HOT

Her Fiancé's Father Ch. 03

 — Isabelle is late: Jack finds a substitute. by rxm7601/10/044.56HOT

Her Fiancé's Father Ch. 06

 — Jack finds a novel outlet for his frustrations. by rxm7612/05/054.61HOT

Her Fiancé's Father Ch. 08

 — Isabelle is heavily pregnant; Jack meets Trixie Ann again. by rxm7611/16/134.54HOT

Her Fiancé's Father Ch. 10

 — Jack gets Louise's panties and tries to cuckold her husband. by rxm7609/09/144.55HOT

Her First Time Turns Costly Ch. 01

 — Sarah teaches me a harsh lesson when I finally ask for sex. by hailhydra07/30/163.97

Her First Time Turns Costly Ch. 02

 — Sarah discovers another way to deliver punishment. by hailhydra07/31/163.99

Her Halloween Fantasy Reality

 — He makes her exhibitionist fantasies a reality. by ForkedBeard10/27/134.19

Her Halo Rests on Horns

 — Spider & the fly story with erotic twist. by Wanton Vixxxen06/13/044.47

Her Hotel Room

 — She is taken in her hotel room. by Loansum01/08/124.24

Her Husband's Boss Pt. 01

 — Scandal leads to innocent wife's sexual blackmail. by George VI12/19/024.54HOT

Her Husband's Boss Pt. 02

 — Mature wife is humiliated before her husband's co-workers by George VI12/20/024.59HOT

Her Husband's Boss Pt. 03

 — Busty housewife forced to become the office plaything. by George VI12/21/024.53HOT

Her Initiation

 — Archana is forced to have sex with her husband's friends. by sinistersam8812/11/063.74

Her Last Bow Ch. 01

 — Laura goes on her final field mission for the CIA. by WifeWatchman03/01/174.73HOT

Her Little Money Maker Pt. 01

 — Naive man learns to not be so trusting to a beautiful woman. by Ebenezer110/09/164.00

Her Little Money Maker Pt. 02

 — Tricked and used again by new unknown ladies. by Ebenezer110/11/164.10

Her Locker Room Fantasy

 — A sex-loving woman acts out a dangerous fantasy by ricolove04/17/033.63

Her Lover

 — Girl awaits her lover in the night. by Dark Night12/30/044.22

Her Majesty's Secret

 — Prom Queen Nicki makes other girls obey. by hoededoe1211/13/074.51HOT

Her Mistake

 — He loaned his wife to me. by RayStar03/13/124.16

Her Most Fateful Mistake

 — A woman trusts an online friend. by sxykitn2play09/01/024.12

Her Mother

 — He walks in of friend's mother au natural. by Ashson06/10/174.28

Her Mother's Daughter

 — She is so like his beloved late wife, Gabrielle by FMsure08/02/064.38

Her Name Was Celeste

 — Bitchy boss lets her guard down. by Wudaddy01/17/074.44

Her Name Was....Amanda Ch. 04

 — She gives me her demands to let me fuck her. by bonnietaylor08/08/09

Her Name Was....Amanda Ch. 05

 — The night she is taken and fucked. by bonnietaylor08/09/09

Her Name Was....Amanda Ch. 06

 — Sex was wild and she was still tied up. by bonnietaylor08/12/09

Her Name Was....Amanda Ch. 07

 — She submitted, will he? Bobby learns the price. by bonnietaylor08/19/09

Her New Husband

 — A woman TAKES a husband. by MsMorrigan08/30/163.54

Her New Life Ch. 01

 — Maria gets taken and transformed. by 4realwomen09/04/083.98

Her New Master

 — Thomas decides it's time to tame his bratty girlfriend. by ZeroTheGhost01/22/163.92

Her Night in a Berlin Bar

 — Young wife gets more than she bargained for. by Pasifal11/28/18

Her Office

 — He gives her a hard example of his control over her. by CalypsoInPhilly12/14/164.35

Her Olfactory Senses

 — Sandy discovers her sense of smell gets her into trouble. by black saphire04/21/173.93

Her Pain is Her Pleasure Ch. 01

 — A stranger teaches captive Libby that she is wired for pain. by kinkycurvy02/15/114.23

Her Panties Ch. 02

 — She caught me with her panties -what's she going to do next? by RonanTheAccuser07/25/104.06

Her Plan Falls Together

 — She takes him. by mscocklover11/10/044.05

Her Prisoner Ch. 1

 — Guy awakes to find himself shackeled. by Ariel79710/09/003.17

Her Rape, Jackie Explains

 — Jackie has to explain to Nathan what happened, and why... by coyoteugly02/16/033.94

Her Rape?

 — Jackie is sidetracked on her way to see Nathan. by coyoteugly11/15/014.12

Her Reunion Was Stunning

 — A real non con love story. by qualitywheat07/25/124.14

Her Secret Admirer

 — Sara could have been nicer to Max. by MisfitToy12/11/114.49

Her Sister's Boyfriend

 — She'ss forced by her sister's boyfriend. by doom33307/28/093.15

Her Son's Girlfriend

 — Women of the house are held to ransom, or are they? by AStropirate06/13/114.34

Her Stolen Grace

 — Amora finds herself in close quarters with the King. by IllicitlyDesired10/19/174.68HOT

Her Stolen Grace Ch. 02

 — Amora devises a new escape. by IllicitlyDesired11/24/174.80HOT

Her Stolen Grace Ch. 03

 — Amora makes an important discovery. by IllicitlyDesired07/07/184.77HOT

Her Stranger was Real

 — The fantasy arranged by her husband became reality? by mforj03/29/114.32

Her Train Ride

 — Woman encounters dominant stranger on the train. by EroticThoughts4901/09/044.35

Her Uniform

 — Man lusts after military woman. by secretshy1602/09/164.14

Her Unknown Past Returns. Ch. 01

 — A dark corner of her past challenges her future. by SubBabs01/10/104.23

Her Unknown Past Returns. Ch. 02

 — She meets him for the first time... by SubBabs01/11/104.41

Her Unknown Past Returns. Ch. 03

 — Barbara finds the secret of her past - conclusion. by SubBabs01/12/104.22

Her Way

 — He marries his dream girl. by Omega1205/01/042.58

Her Weekend to Remember

 — Kidnapped in her own home. by Z0neMaster12/02/104.03

Her Weekend to Remember Ch. 02

 — Kidnapped in her own home. by Z0neMaster12/12/104.11

Her Weekend to Remember Ch. 03

 — Kidnapped in her own home. by Z0neMaster12/16/104.59HOT

Her Wish Fulfilled

 — It was a bright, sunny day outside. by cinardrua07/04/104.25

Here Cums The Bride

 — Bride to be gets more than she bargains for at her hen night. by AStropirate01/23/123.77

Here's to You Mrs. Robinson

 — Prudish mom is seduced by son's friends. by slugworth04/29/04

Herja's Arena

 — A female muscle loving guy meets the Amazon of his dreams. by ZTVFemdomtales01/21/174.36

Hero's Lesson

 — Elizabeth learns about the darker sides of being a hero. by BriarReiAmor07/03/183.83


 — She takes steps to stop a rape. by Ashson02/16/144.26


 — Nightwolf sets sights on four Supervixens. by Brianna11/12/003.40


 — Two wild girls encourage a third. by ChronicBubonicTonic11/17/113.91

Hi Fi

 — Women detectives do more than just catch husbands cheating. by edrider7302/17/143.67

Hi, I'm Anna

 — Liquor warmed her up, then a stranger took over. by song_bird04/18/083.95

Hidden Confessions of a Dirty Kitty

 — A prude forced to become more sexual. by KittyFlower02/24/174.22

Hidden Desires

 — Angela gets more than she expected... by angell1304/28/034.46

Hidden Love Ch. 05

 — She tried to figure who Sylar could be, but gets hurt. by maxex545203/31/104.75HOT

Hide and Seek Ch. 01

 — The trials of war... by LittleIrishDolly02/09/124.61HOT

Hide and Seek Ch. 02

 — All is not as it seems... by LittleIrishDolly02/14/124.54HOT


 — She pushes him too far at work. by LiterateRotica09/07/064.23

Hierarchy Ch. 02

 — A continuation of the hierarchical struggle at work. by LiterateRotica08/13/074.48

High and Mighty

 — A mid-level employee extorts sexual favors from an executive. by AlwaysHungry04/18/184.64HOT

High Finance and Economics Ch. 01

 — Young Asian beauty gets used on business trip to Europe. by Bonezoo05/20/184.54HOT

High Finance and Economics Ch. 02

 — Young Asian Beauty Gets used on Business Trip. by Bonezoo06/08/184.66HOT

High Finance and Economics Ch. 03

 — Melissa's Business trip continues. by Bonezoo06/20/184.74HOT

High Priced Lust Ch. 03

 — Wife inflicts severe punishment on cheating husband. by Rick_Love09/29/054.06

High School Never Ends Ch. 01

 — Jock bullies classmate senior year. by Darkhime01/08/164.35

High School Never Ends Ch. 02

 — Jock bullies classmate senior year. by Darkhime01/14/164.63HOT

High School Never Ends Ch. 03

 — Jock bullies classmate senior year. by Darkhime06/03/164.69HOT

High School Never Ends Ch. 04

 — Jock bullies classmate senior year. by Darkhime08/25/164.72HOT

High School Never Ends Ch. 05

 — Jock bullies classmate senior year. by Darkhime01/29/174.76HOT

High School Never Ends Ch. 06

 — Jock bullies classmate senior year. by Darkhime08/28/174.76HOT

High School Rape Lesson

 — She gets a rough lesson in sodomy. by FORCEfantasies210/06/033.89

High School Reunion

 — Shawn's confronted by old classmate's crush. by SM40209/12/004.08

High School Reunion Ch. 01

 — A woman gets kidnapped by former classmate. by sexy_slut_chick04/08/113.50

High School Rivalry Ch. 01

 — A teenage boy is blackmailed by his nemesis. by ThothAcolyte09/17/144.37

High School Rivalry Ch. 02

 — Cindy has fun with Lyle and vibrators. by ThothAcolyte10/12/144.47

High School Rivalry Ch. 03

 — Lyle gets called to his mistress' house to...service her. by ThothAcolyte11/18/144.42

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 01

 — High school seniors have more fun than they expected. by tinypenisboy11/11/163.80

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 02

 — High school seniors have more fun than they expected. by tinypenisboy11/11/163.78

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 03

 — High school seniors have more fun than they expected. by tinypenisboy11/14/164.00

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 04

 — High school seniors have more fun than they expected. by tinypenisboy11/18/164.18

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 05

 — High school seniors have more fun than they expected. by tinypenisboy11/19/163.94

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 06

 — High school seniors have more fun than they expected. by tinypenisboy11/20/163.98

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 07

 — High school seniors have more fun than they expected. by tinypenisboy11/21/163.93

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 08

 — High school seniors have more fun than they expected. by tinypenisboy11/22/164.13

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 09

 — High school seniors go home. by tinypenisboy11/23/163.46

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