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Interracial Love Stories

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Fruitstand Fucking

 — Karen had this advertising idea. by badtitties03/12/034.24

Fuck at a Reverse Interracial Party

 — White man and black BBW fall hard & fast for each other. by badblackbluegrassbbw09/01/084.05

Fuck Buddies

 — Jake gives his drunk friend Kat a ride home. by Melanie_Cars10/02/134.41

Fuck Me! Suck Me!

 — My wanton, Chinese lover is demanding. by LaoShi100002/21/104.13

Fuck My White Ass

 — She loves getting her favorite black stud's cock in her ass. by SweetPrettyAss07/13/143.92

Fuck New Orleans

 — Black janitor gives college couple what they need. by The Avenger11/29/054.41

Fuck Rylan

 — A man turns the tables on his mistress. by sayit4Blue02/27/154.29

Fuck What Canadian Society Thinks

 — White socialite MILF seduces younger Haitian student. by Samuelx08/29/103.35

Fuck, This Girl...

 — Teacher struggles with his feelings for the Dean's daughter. by MrsStealyoMan2408/25/114.55HOT

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 02

 — Ellie and Mr. Hillman get more intimate... by MrsStealyoMan2409/03/114.70HOT

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 03

 — First date surprise. by MrsStealyoMan2409/30/114.63HOT

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 04

 — A risky change of scenery... by MrsStealyoMan2412/31/114.82HOT

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 05

 — Trouble ahead for the forbidden lovers. by MrsStealyoMan2401/01/124.69HOT

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 06

 — Marcus has a... date? by MrsStealyoMan2403/11/124.76HOT

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 07

 — Dr. Winston loosens up on Ellie... by MrsStealyoMan2407/29/124.70HOT

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 08

 — Overloading... by MrsStealyoMan2404/02/134.68HOT

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 09

 — Finale... For now. by MrsStealyoMan2402/02/144.67HOT

Fucked by a Black Gynecologist

 — Her doctor takes advantage. by impoisy11/11/093.28

Fucked on a Boat

 — Two Black guys enjoy a White girl. by cindy_4u10/17/114.04

Fucking 5 Black Women in a Month

 — Online dating gets results in unexpected ways. by Bruson03/12/103.40

Fucking Black Mom And Daughter

 — Fucking, ass fucking mom and daughter Sunday and Monday. by Bruson03/09/104.00

Fucking One Pleasing Two

 — Diane met her lover for the night. by luvulongtime50702/14/073.90

Fulfilling A Fantasy Ch. 01

 — A black man sets up a white husband to screw his wife. by Karenkay11/13/123.97

Fulfilling A Fantasy Ch. 02

 — White wife agrees to meet a hansome black man. by Karenkay03/27/134.24

Full Course

 — The mixed-race girl wanted to be taught. by Otzchiim06/26/013.86

Fun Day For Nessa & Kevin

 — Young couple has fun time at home alone. by SparklzGurl07/11/02

Fun for the Gang

 — Couple discovers joys of a black gangbang. by dave_jones_5009/22/044.43

Fun for the Gang Ch. 02

 — Couple discovers joys of Black gangbang. by dave_jones_5011/05/044.44

Fun in Blue Ch. 1

 — White girl has run in with Black cop. by bhambabygirl06/14/024.00

Fun in the Garage

 — Friends validate their secret crushes in the garage. by PimpSteve2503/20/074.31

Gabriella Ch. 01

 — The beginning of the end. by soular10/24/094.54HOT

Gabriella Ch. 02

 — The space between what's wrong and right. by soular11/07/094.67HOT

Gabriella Ch. 03

 — Try sleeping with a broken heart. by soular12/20/094.69HOT

Gabriella Ch. 04

 — Life keeps tumbling your heart in circles. by soular12/25/094.67HOT

Gabriella Ch. 05

 — We are all fools in love. by soular01/27/104.64HOT

Gabriella Ch. 06

 — Closer and closer apart. by soular03/14/104.60HOT

Gabriella Ch. 07

 — Strong on the surface, not all the way through. by soular05/23/104.57HOT

Gabriella Ch. 08

 — I'm staring at the mess I made. by soular10/12/104.66HOT

Gabriella Ch. 09

 — The heart is hard to translate; it has a language of its own. by soular02/14/124.37

Gail Gets It Good

 — And she loves getting it from the well-hung black athletes. by Boxlicker10102/07/114.24

Game Of Love Ch. 01

 — You Saved My Life... by crystal9503/25/154.59HOTNEW

Game Of Seduction

 — A doctor has an interesting exam. by JuuicyyLadyy07/29/114.23

Game Of Seduction Ch. 02

 — Things heat up between Toni and Angie. by JuuicyyLadyy08/04/114.66HOT

Game Of Seduction Ch. 03

 — Things REALLY heat up. by JuuicyyLadyy08/23/114.70HOT

Gang Banger Slut

 — Her wrong exit leads to interracial gangbang. by Dirty Slut08/13/054.29

GangBanged By BBC

 — It's her first Big Black Cock. by Wicked_Angel10/18/044.11

Gangbanged by Black and Brown

 — Coed travelling in Europe is abused & shamed. by blacklovr11/23/073.66

Gaps in Memory

 — Tara has a bad time with a Black man. by rckplsky07/19/083.22

Garden of Earthly Delights

 — Blonde surfer and Latina neighbor hook up in Japanese Garden. by LakotaWarrior01/30/084.47

Gargouille Ch. 01

 — Sometimes, family expects too much of you. by merryweather09/14/104.43

Gary "The Cuck" Clark Ch. 01

 — Husband helps Black guy seduce his wife. by GARYCLARK08/20/094.39

Gary 'The Cuck' Clark Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Gary Clark becomes whore for Black cock. by Gary Clark03/29/024.56HOT

Gary 'The Cuck' Clark Ch. 03

 — Getting Marci ready for the gang bang. by Gary Clark10/14/024.36

Gary 'The Cuck' Clark Ch. 04

 — The gang bang. by Gary Clark10/18/024.64HOT

Gary 'The Cuck' Clark Ch. 05

 — Gary's daughter Sandy comes to live with them. by Gary Clark01/27/034.68HOT

Gas Grass or Ass

 — Devon learns the rules of catching a ride. by JagFarlane04/15/144.18

Gavin and Raven Ch. 01

 — Anything but a typical day at the office. by PrincessAna07/19/084.49

Gavin and Raven Ch. 02

 — A business meeting with a twist. by PrincessAna07/20/084.59HOT

Gavin and Raven Ch. 03

 — Gavin makes plans for Raven. by PrincessAna01/02/094.59HOT


 — Luci and Jacier's wild night. by slf051105/17/123.67

Generation Gap

 — Interracial domination. by rhino10105/09/124.17

Gentleman's Club Ch. 01

 — A white wife joins a black owned club to help out her friend. by Karenkay05/23/144.09

Genuine Ch. 01

 — Surreal beginnings for a white man and a black woman. by greenbee10/17/064.41

Genuine Ch. 02

 — Laura prepares for her date. by greenbee12/15/074.29

Georgia, Luke and Nellie Ch. 01

 — Luke has marriage trouble and turns to his slave Nellie. by ratedr2205/16/104.37

Georgia, Luke and Nellie Ch. 02

 — Georgia tries to turn the tables on Nellie. by ratedr2205/17/104.32

Gerald at Church

 — Interracial encounters in a church bathroom. by quincyhart01/09/154.01

Germany Confidential Foreword

 — What this is really all about by The Avenger04/27/063.42

Germany Confidential Pt. 01

 — Stepping stone. by The Avenger02/07/064.13

Germany Confidential Pt. 02

 — Martial law. by The Avenger04/25/064.00

Germany Confidential Pt. 03

 — Who said pimping is hard labour? by The Avenger04/26/064.00

Germany Confidential Pt. 04

 — It's a wrap. by The Avenger05/03/073.46

Get Away Ch. 01

 — Starting a new life in the islands. by cuninglinguist6112/31/104.58HOT

Get Up! To Get Down! Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a discovery. by TheGirlCantHelpIt05/09/124.33

Getting a Life

 — Grieving. by lannasage11/27/134.46

Getting a Life Ch. 02

 — Trying new things. by lannasage12/05/134.71HOT

Getting a Life Ch. 03

 — You again. by lannasage12/30/134.72HOT

Getting a Life Ch. 04

 — Moving on. by lannasage01/09/144.67HOT

Getting a Life Ch. 05

 — One foot in.. by lannasage01/22/144.65HOT

Getting a Life Ch. 06

 — A date...disappointment. by lannasage05/27/144.54HOT

Getting a Life Ch. 07

 — Just Say It. by lannasage03/01/154.33

Getting Even

 — What's good for the gander is good for the goose. by mstrb7708/12/103.14

Getting Lucky Ch. 01

 — Sean Reilly takes a chance. by nerd4music01/23/084.65HOT

Getting Lucky Ch. 02

 — Has his luck run out? by nerd4music01/26/084.69HOT

Getting Lucky Ch. 03

 — His past catches up with him. by nerd4music02/07/084.71HOT

Getting Lucky Ch. 04

 — Things get tense. by nerd4music02/20/084.66HOT

Getting Lucky Ch. 05

 — The conclusion. by nerd4music03/17/084.78HOT

Getting My Angel Addicted to BBC 01

 — Or how a beautiful,sweet girl gets into the dark. by LuitenantLittle11/13/123.53

Getting My Angel Addicted to BBC 02

 — Or how a sweet, sexy girl goes for a swim. by LuitenantLittle11/27/123.38

Getting Over Edie Ch. 01

 — Everyone says, you just gotta let it go. by nerd4music02/21/104.50HOT

Getting Over Edie Ch. 02

 — Burnout stars, they shine so bright... by nerd4music06/27/104.72HOT

Getting Over Edie Ch. 03

 — The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night. by nerd4music12/03/104.72HOT

Getting Over Edie Ch. 04

 — We are all embers from the same fire... by nerd4music05/20/114.80HOT

Getting Over Edie Ch. 05

 — Every nerve that hurts, you heal. by nerd4music11/14/114.82HOT

Getting Over Edie Ch. 06

 — You look at me, it's like you hit me with lightning. by nerd4music04/08/124.85HOT

Getting Over on Trey

 — Girl gets one over on Trey. by Alexis66106/16/054.47

Getting Reacquainted

 — Man gets call from formally prudish ex-girlfriend. by medjay03/24/024.41

Getting to Know My Assistant

 — Asian executive meets sexy red-head assistant. by ir_fetish7805/22/114.05

Getting to You

 — Almost like a brother. Almost. by sexybeast1606/03/114.34

Getting to You Ch. 02

 — Almost like a brother. Almost. by sexybeast1607/16/114.50HOT

GI Bill Ch. 02

 — Army vet college student's BJ from 18yo virgin black coed. by Modern_Citizen08/14/124.31


 — A black woman runs into a sexy Italian guy with a past. by ihartekenny12/04/124.64HOT

GianCarlo Ch. 02

 — Escaping the friend zone. by ihartekenny12/08/124.69HOT

GianCarlo Ch. 03

 — A storm's brewing. by ihartekenny01/25/134.69HOT

GianCarlo Ch. 04

 — Is this the end before the beginning!? by ihartekenny04/02/134.78HOT

GianCarlo Ch. 05

 — How I am I supposed to breath with no air? by ihartekenny07/12/134.76HOT

GianCarlo Ch. 06

 — Progression of Circumstances. by ihartekenny10/04/134.78HOT

GianCarlo Ch. 07

 — The Girls TURN UP! by ihartekenny05/30/144.60HOT

GianCarlo Ch. 08

 — Something gotta go wrong, we're feeling way too damn good. by ihartekenny12/06/144.76HOT

Gie's New Awareness of Black Cock

 — Filipina's awareness to black cock. by voyager_8607/11/07


 — In the act of giving, there is always surrender. by PaulUK03/15/014.35Editor's Pick

Gina's Payback

 — Gina went home. by TinaE06/20/033.55

Gingi Joins In

 — Threesome becomes a foursome. by cashNcarrie11/12/084.22

Ginny's Witnesses Ch. 03

 — It's good to be the Queen. by jay.palin05/07/054.57HOT

Girl's Night Ch. 1: Barbara

 — Three friends get together to drink and talk about sex by boogieman1046901/09/023.94

Girl's Night Ch. 3: Marsha

 — She has a craving for Black men. by boogieman1046901/11/024.10

Girl's Night Out

 — Four women go to the infamous Zebra club. by Stormbringer12/01/014.60HOT

Girlfriend Knows Sexy

 — Asian girlfriend makes a confession. by mwatkins11/24/093.96

Girlfriend Knows Sexy Ch. 02

 — A night out with Asian girlfriend. by mwatkins01/28/104.35

Girlfriend Likes To Dance

 — She has sex on the dance floor. by storiemax08/09/064.17

Girlfriend Meets His Roommates

 — A white girlfriend goes to college to visit her boyfriend. by WatchFantasy11/22/103.70

Girls Night Out

 — Amy gets blacked. by GotBacon02/17/153.63

Girls Trip

 — The stars align for three friends on a girls trip. by bthomson05/15/134.37

Girls Weekend

 — Wife has interracial affair on weekend getaway with friends. by Sam_Sin06/10/134.05

Girls' Night Out

 — A girls night out takes an unexpected turn. by WatchFantasy12/03/104.06

Give and Take

 — Headley and Shelley both make discoveries. by sammyded10/26/084.09

Give Black Love A Chance?

 — Nigerian woman dates Hispanic man in Montreal. by Samuelx08/29/122.37

Giving Thanks

 — Squanto is finally thanked for saving the Pilgrims. by Melita Blackfeather11/16/034.44

Giving Up The Ghost Ch. 01

 — Those bad memories never really fade... by nerd4music10/01/094.52HOT

Glorious Glory Hole

 — Tory sucks off a back cock through a hole in the wall. by Boxlicker10103/26/084.18

Glory McBee's Deep Dark Secret

 — Seasoned bartender investigates a noise in the bar. by Georgette Glass11/25/014.35

Go Big Blue

 — The pre-game activities between two Giants fans on game day. by Irish Moss01/23/104.21

Go Easy, Huh?

 — Hip-hop thug takes the new girl's cherry. by kgmorgensen12/04/013.81


 — Professor gets to know young ebony student. by ChocolateKisses02/25/024.53HOT

Going Black

 — White housewife bargins with a black cop to avoid a ticket. by eroghost01/15/074.49

Going Down on Dante

 — He gives her serious case of jungle fever. by Sweetpea10/10/003.85

Going Unnoticed

 — Ashani meets a man who takes her as she is. by scotjock108/14/144.35

GoldenEye Massage

 — Wife gets an erotic massage at a discreet Jamaican Resort. by freynolds11/20/074.53HOT

Gone BLACK...Again!

 — Lonely housewife decides to re-live her slutty past. by sara00smile02/22/14

Good Asian Girls

 — Best friends get part-time job with benefits. by HotDraft03/14/024.26

Good Bye Promise Ch. 01

 — Colette plans to give Tyler what he's been wanting for years. by RawAppetite08/13/104.24

Good Bye Promise Ch. 02

 — Colette gets ready to give herself to Tyler. by RawAppetite08/17/104.62HOT

Good Bye Promise Ch. 03

 — Happy Birthday Tyler. by RawAppetite08/29/104.62HOT

Good Clean Fun

 — Nothing like a shower. by P40eBu506/20/054.31

Good Grief Ch. 01

 — "Better to go to a house of mourning than house of feasting." by partial2passion06/05/124.52HOT

Good Grief Ch. 02

 — Meeting at the cemetery. by partial2passion06/11/124.63HOT

Good Grief Ch. 03

 — Chasing pavements. by partial2passion06/12/124.73HOT

Good Grief Ch. 04

 — Reunited and it feels so good... by partial2passion06/13/124.71HOT

Good Grief Ch. 05

 — The Date has arrived. by partial2passion06/15/124.69HOT

Good Grief Ch. 06

 — Falling into you. by partial2passion06/17/124.78HOT

Good Grief Ch. 07

 — Meet the family. by partial2passion06/25/124.78HOT

Good Grief Ch. 08

 — Collision course. by partial2passion06/28/124.66HOT

Good Grief Ch. 09

 — Karma is a ... by partial2passion07/09/124.76HOT

Good Grief Ch. 10

 — Breakups to makeups. by partial2passion07/11/124.80HOT

Good Grief Ch. 11

 — Epilogue. by partial2passion07/13/124.77HOT

Good Morning

 — Fantasy turned reality interracial tryst. by Spankee7009/03/144.37

Good Morning Run and Fuck

 — White guy fucks friends black GF's pussy and ass. by Bruson03/19/104.24

Good Morning, Goodbye

 — A night of passion in the Days Inn Hotel. by viihardin12/18/143.36

Good Neighbors

 — Wife has the hots for cop next door. by jaffka05/12/124.07

Good Neighbors

 — A hormonal wife meets the neighbor. by SmashLeigh04/28/133.95

Good Neighbors Ch. 02

 — He spies wife with hunky black neighbor. by jaffka05/17/124.21

Good Sam's Reward

 — Helping a lady in distress leads to a long term reward. by Lucky Mann12/13/074.50HOT

Good Vibrations in Jamaica Ch. 02

 — Who Rock’n da Boat. by Bardvark08/29/114.23

Gorgeous Blond Wife is Blacked

 — Nothing could have been better; husband wasn't sure, though. by qualitywheat12/10/123.98

Gorgeous Blond Wife is Blacked Ch. 01

 — Go back? Not a chance. by qualitywheat06/14/133.76

Got Milf?

 — Mexican Mommy needed a good revenge fuck. by johnnieblue4401/02/134.59HOT

Gran'ma's Poosie

 — Occasionally life takes some very unexpected twists. by Thea Dryor11/02/034.35

Grand Junction Ch. 01

 — Last minute tickets. by Transverse04/15/104.51HOT

Grand Junction Ch. 02

 — Pittsburgh and Oxycontin. by Transverse04/24/104.62HOT

Grand Junction Ch. 03

 — Columbus and the Pierce County Times. by Transverse05/13/104.71HOT

Grand Junction Ch. 04

 — St. Louis. by Transverse06/01/104.67HOT

Grand Junction Ch. 05

 — Grand Junction, Colorado. by Transverse08/17/104.91HOT

Grand Junction Ch. 06

 — End. by Transverse12/06/104.69HOT

Greece Ch. 01

 — Getting sent to greece wasn't so bad after all. by 2CHaNces11/06/084.34

Greece Ch. 02

 — Confusion. by 2CHaNces03/21/094.42

Greece Ch. 03

 — A new friend. by 2CHaNces05/10/094.48

Greece Ch. 04

 — New Plan. by 2CHaNces11/13/094.61HOT

Greece Ch. 05

 — Action. by 2CHaNces03/24/104.45

Greek God Meets Ebony Goddess

 — Maybe Shirley had found the one after all. by Samuelx03/22/053.78

Greg's Cum Laude

 — Greg's desires find a new focus. by cashcrunch08/10/074.71HOT

Greg's Road Trip

 —  He falls for a curvaceous black woman. by cashcrunch09/22/054.60HOT

Grieving for the Love of Laura

 — Two people and their Love for each other. by grumpymann03/22/044.52HOT

Growing Pains

 — A young black girl runs into the man of her dreams. by CatalinaGrissom12/30/093.81

Growing Pains Ch. 02

 — The action heats up. by CatalinaGrissom07/08/104.19

Growing Pains Ch. 03

 — Took to long, to continue. by CatalinaGrissom06/08/133.69

Growing Up Palminteri

 — Inspired by A Bronx Tale and Illegal Tender. by SongK12/02/123.97

Guidelines for Other Hotwives

 — A companion to "Guidelines for Happily Married Hotwives". by vargas11110/15/053.71

Guiding Hand of Fate Ch. 1

 — Fate leads a young man to pleasure and trouble. by crossed_directions09/28/014.40

Guiding Hand of Fate Ch. 2

 — The sexy conclusion. by crossed_directions10/17/014.40

Gus's Revenge

 — Bisexual black man gets revenge on exboyfriend's x wife. by ItalianDreamer201211/21/124.02

Guys of Steel

 — Strenuous work at the site. by callie2802/03/113.00

Gwen Masturbates by Moonlight

 — Man and woman share mutual masturbation. by statestreet03/02/134.45

Gym Teachers Want to Play, Too

 — Big black gym teacher offers herself to big white jock. by Archer205002/02/084.47

Gymnastics Photo Shoot

 — Gymnast poses with a football player. by angstypleasure11/24/104.48

Gypsy Vengeance

 — Romanian woman meets a man after a martial arts tournament. by kevklein01/25/134.63HOT

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