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Mind Control Stories

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May I Take Your Coat

 — Sandy has to wear just lingerie whenver she leaves the house. by king_wesley02/18/084.10

MC at the Dog Pound

 — Inmate with MC powers & a sexy corrections officer. by HandcuffGirl05/17/063.67

MCSA Ch. 01

 — Starting it off with the athletic Amy. by Azylium10/05/143.57

MCSA Ch. 02

 — Two girls to end the work day. by Azylium10/14/143.99

MCSA Ch. 03

 — Chanelle wants more as I go for queen Daphne. by Azylium10/16/144.33

MCSA Ch. 04

 — Working on Luna, the sexy, latina loner. by Azylium10/22/144.37

MCSA Ch. 05

 — Tasting my own medicine, with two familiar faces. by Azylium11/02/144.11

Me and My Zapper

 — A man is able to arouse woman with the touch of a button. by johndstories01/12/144.45

Med School Acceptance Ch. 01

 — She learns more than she expected. by A_Vronsky03/19/134.30

Medicaid Fraud

 — A doctor and his nurse meet a pregnant patient's needs. by centurea03/07/114.36

Meek Shall Inherit Ch. 01

 — A shy boy develops a power and a hunger. by akilfinch02/26/143.25

Meek Shall Inherit Ch. 02

 — A shy boy grows his power, and has the neighbors over by akilfinch06/26/143.98

Meek Shall Inherit Ch. 03

 — A shy boy has fun on his neighbor's lawn by akilfinch06/27/143.93

Meek Shall Inherit Ch. 04

 — A shy boy has more fun with the neighbors and gets surprised. by akilfinch11/21/143.92

Meeting Liz and Jen Ch. 01

 — A chance meeting on holiday leads to intense sex. by Welby06/15/094.33

Meeting Liz and Jen Ch. 02

 — Things progress with the girls and become steamy. by Welby06/16/094.43

Meeting Liz and Jen Ch. 03

 — Liz and Jen move to the bedroom. by Welby06/17/094.61HOT

Meeting Liz and Jen Ch. 04

 — The morning after the night before. by Welby06/20/094.50HOT

Melted Music

 — She lets herself be reprogrammed by her Master's music. by Fru06/24/073.60

Melvin's Magic Love Juice Ch. 01

 — A potion makes a loser irresistable to women. by 100 Angry Bananas07/15/044.31

Men's Sexual Confessions: Jim

 — Men talk candidly about their sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/22/094.00

Mental Manipulations

 — An electrical accident expands my mental powers. by cuninglinguist6101/04/134.63HOT

Mental Manipulations Ch. 02

 — A return visit to the church, and a surprise visit at home. by cuninglinguist6104/04/134.71HOT

Mental Manipulations Ch. 03

 — A visit to the doctor. by cuninglinguist6108/17/134.71HOT

Mental Manipulations Ch. 05

 — Getting to know more about the Pastor... and his wife. by cuninglinguist6107/15/144.63HOT

Mental Manipulations Ch. 06

 — A night out to burn off some sexual energy. by cuninglinguist6111/21/144.74HOT

Mental Manipulations Ch. 07

 — The truth is revealed about the Minister. by cuninglinguist6111/13/154.62HOT

Mental Manipulations Ch. 08

 — The "Pastors" downfall. by cuninglinguist6101/25/164.66HOT

Mental Manipulations Ch. 09

 — The aftermath with Sarah, and blowing off steam again. by cuninglinguist6102/06/164.81HOT

Mental Telepathy Ch. 1

 — Ever wonder what strangers look like when they cum? John did by Just_John106/01/024.72HOT

Mental Telepathy Ch. 2

 — He uses his amazing ability. by Just_John107/20/024.74HOTContest Winner

Merlin Ch. 01

 — An indolent holiday changes due to a strange old man. by Drmaxc06/12/124.44

Merlin Ch. 02

 — An indolent holiday changes due to a strange old man. by Drmaxc06/15/124.49

Merlin Ch. 03

 — An indolent holiday changes due to a strange old man. by Drmaxc06/21/124.64HOT

Mervin the Magnificent

 — He's the master of hypnosis. by Goldeniangel10/02/064.25


 — A woman finds going to a hypnotist show forever changes her. by KnottLynnHardey09/03/134.51HOT


 — A white secretary is hypnotized by her black boss. by CopyCat1301/05/164.23


 — A somewhat meta hypnotic induction. by NLPredator08/20/124.03

Metis Academy Ch. 01: Tim's Day

 — A typical day at a heavily femdom boarding school. by Salamando_Flames10/12/134.46

Metis Academy Ch. 02: Greg's Story

 — Greg finds himself ensnared by a clever girl's tricks. by Salamando_Flames10/20/134.64HOT

Metro Magic

 — Train hottie drops EVERYTHING for me, a friend and others. by LitEroCat01/22/114.37

Michael Returns to College Pt. 01

 — A mature man takes college courses and uses mind control. by barnabus01/30/034.53HOT

Michael Returns to College Pt. 02

 — His relationship with Joeve grows. by barnabus05/15/034.65HOT

Michael the Tongue Toy

 — Jane loves her husband. She just needed to change one thing. by FromTheDeskOfOI11/15/154.33

Michelle and Jack

 — A big move, and Jack lucks out – or in? by Avalanche Man06/17/053.43


 — Mickey explains how she became Mistress Michelle's slave. by JukeboxEMCSA04/23/114.35

Microwaving the Ice Bitch

 — Closed project provides fun and a lucritive future. by LaPatitMort07/31/064.32

Midnite's Magic Ch. 02

 — Magic potion causes new sexual outlook. by blindjack07/06/044.65HOT

Mike Has a Family Controlled

 — Mike & son Jason have mother & daughter controlled. by masterhypnotist05/28/024.65HOT

Mike's Birthday Surprise - Revealed

 — Newly married couple shares some unique "Presents." by Wind7sailor01/11/074.31

Miles Away

 — A mental hint brings her back home. by velvetpie01/22/054.33

Miles Away

 — Debbie keeps getting distracted... by JukeboxEMCSA07/29/124.34

Milk & Cookies

 — Santa visits an erotic hypnotist, and has a snack. by jessicablank12/15/044.15

Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed

 — Alien pollen endangers a group of scientists. by JukeboxEMCSA09/19/154.27

Millennium Dominance Ch. 1

 — Mom takes on a strange new job. by tale spinner10/13/004.21

Millennium Dominance Ch. 2

 — Kate's training begins. by tale spinner10/13/004.42

Millennium Dominance Ch. 3

 — Linda has a new craving. by tale spinner10/13/004.32

Millennium Dominance Ch. 4

 — Kate meets with Max. by tale spinner10/13/004.50HOT

Mind and Matters

 — Newfound power works in unexpected ways. by jusduit05/17/064.58HOT

Mind Contagion Ch. 01

 — Jeremy develops a mind-control disease. by Jasonahutchinson05/16/154.43

Mind Contagion Ch. 02

 — Jeremy tests his hypotheses. by Jasonahutchinson05/23/154.66HOT

Mind Control + Pervert

 — Control of sister's hot friend. by watcher123452702/09/083.27

Mind Control of the Master

 — Master Hypnotist Tony becomes a sissy slut. by StryWrter701/01/044.48

Mind Control Party

 — The women here are strangely cooperative. by russello09/08/044.06

Mind Control Slave Meeting

 — You finally take the girl you've made your slave in a hotel. by hopedrmz03/15/084.11

Mind Editor

 — From a proper celibate to a submissive boy-toy. by PulpWyatt06/05/143.97

Mind Frequency Ch. 01

 — A machine emits a frequency that can control the mind. by icehead06/22/034.47

Mind Frequency Ch. 02

 — Casey finds a new slave. by icehead07/27/034.55HOT

Mind Frequency Ch. 03

 — Erin unleashes her wild side. by icehead09/22/034.62HOT

Mind Fuck

 — Jared had a special power. by Many Feathers07/29/054.68HOTContest Winner

Mind Fuck

 — The controller becomes the controlled. by Zeb01/03/034.48

Mind Fuck

 — When words can take you better places sex can. by nofilter_davira06/26/133.80

Mind Fuck Ch. 01

 — How I gave all, including my mind. by mandywilluk200007/24/104.37

Mind Fuck Ch. 02

 — How I gave all, including my mind. by mandywilluk200007/25/104.44

Mind Fuck Ch. 02

 — Jared learns he can do a lot more than just read minds by Many Feathers10/27/084.64HOT

Mind Fuck Ch. 03

 — How I gave all, including my mind. by mandywilluk200007/26/104.45

Mind Fuck Ch. 04

 — The conclusion. by mandywilluk200007/27/104.42

Mind Fuck Ch. 05

 — Guy exerts more and more control over Cat. by mandywilluk200008/06/104.44

Mind Fuck Ch. 06

 — He fucks my mind, six men fuck my body. The end. by mandywilluk200008/23/104.31

Mind Games

 — A jilted lover takes "control" over his ex. by PenanceS03/12/034.07

Mind Games

 — Control by one yields pleasure for two. by techsan04/06/064.31

Mind Games

 — Was it all hypnosis or just coincidence? by Julie2012/22/113.94

Mind Manipulator

 — His talent was in manipulation of the mind. by beltman7011/08/084.33

Mind Over Management

 — Cashier finds new powers he never thought he had. by SEVERUSMAX08/17/134.06

Mind Over Management Ch. 02

 — Jack and Jen become a bit more loving. by SEVERUSMAX09/25/144.57HOT

Mind Over Management Ch. 06

 — A lesbian wedding and a gang-bang. by SEVERUSMAX10/14/144.26

Mind Over Management Ch. 08

 — Surprises await as Jack repays Pam. by SEVERUSMAX04/15/154.59HOT

Mind Over Management Ch. 09

 — A new addition is welcomed into the family. by SEVERUSMAX04/23/154.41

Mind Reassignment

 — A college boy is altered by hypnosis. by dannyboipink06/30/044.03

Mind Sex

 — Chatting turns to sex. by Elizabeth Brandon05/24/022.93

Mindfuck: Wanting the Lie

 — Because some things never change. by janevalenz12/21/033.76

Mindless Zombies of the Man

 — Non-erotic look at mind control to which we are all subjects. by Tara_Neale12/16/143.29


 — A weird day for a high school senior. by Military Mech09/05/074.34

MindOps Ch. 02

 — Jimmy learns more about his powers. by Military Mech08/30/084.41

MindOps Ch. 03

 — Jimmy goes to boot camp. by Military Mech04/11/094.25

MindOps Ch. 04

 — Jimmy finds his love. by Military Mech05/08/124.48

Ministry of Bondage

 — A woman creates a remote control that controls submissives. by Tankpoet02/21/144.19

Miranda Ch. 01

 — Miranda finds she has special powers. by luvto6o912/27/074.60HOT

Miranda Ch. 02

 — Miranda tries out her new powers. by luvto6o912/28/074.60HOT


 — Christiana sees a familiar face in the mirror. by red_headed_nymph01/06/074.18


 — Shayla & Tristan get mystical powers after having sex. by Fru05/16/084.16

Miss Agatha Willoughby's Academy

 — Its just not potty training at this exclusive school. by willcope02/26/124.09

Miss You

 — Fujiko's friends are sure she's back with Roger. Is she? by JukeboxEMCSA04/17/123.73

Mission For God

 — Lecherous Hypnotist meets a real Angel. by Allan_Arbinger08/17/104.36

Mister Gabe - A Different Wedding

 — Mister Gabe takes another bride. by twistedsickmind05/04/144.08

Mistress Pa De Deux

 — Angelina's training continues. by Falcinator10/14/074.26

Mistress Takes a Slave Ch. 01

 — Femdom fantasy: dominant psychologist takes client as slave. by mstqfox03/18/164.27

Mocha Point

 — Escape from it all that is well worth it. by jts12/15/024.46

Modified for Pleasure

 — Minute robots change a woman's sexual responses. by Trevor32711/18/044.51HOT

Moire Ch. 1

 — Lab tests lead to sexual opportunities. by Lost-Boy03/05/024.24

Moire Ch. 2

 — Stage two of experiment goes better than planned. by Lost-Boy03/08/024.44

Mom Entranced

 — Divorcee mom is entranced by her 18-year-old son's friend. by gothicbabe_5909/29/14

Money Really Can Buy Happiness! Ch. 01

 — Lottery winner spends money on love lessons. by PhilTheGreek01/05/074.48

Mood Enhancement

 — A newspaper article prompts an unusual sexual experiment. by Drmaxc11/02/104.70HOT

More Than Cosmetic

 — Some transformations aren't just skin-deep. by x_knightofpassion_x10/28/074.18

Mother's Milk

 — Kylie goes to the doctor again. by JukeboxEMCSA05/07/124.32

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 04

 — Dan/Daniella is suspended between two pine trees. by jessicablank08/11/054.40

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 06

 — Dan/Daniella's night out with the girls, dancing by jessicablank09/11/054.52HOT

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 07

 — Dan/Daniella gets brainwashed in a tire store. by jessicablank09/22/054.63HOT

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 08

 — Dan/Daniella learns new associations for long laces. by jessicablank10/07/054.33

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 09

 — Dan/Daniella confined, breath-controlled, goes home. by jessicablank10/18/054.65HOT

Movie Night

 — A movie with friends leads to domination. by daughterof191711/05/114.28

Mr. Carruthers' Garden

 — Bryony discovers the joys of nudity in a garden. by Drmaxc10/12/104.66HOT

Mrs. Ivanova's Coming Out

 — Former Soviet psychiatrist wants her story told, by JMaxwell6911/29/094.06

Ms. Adler: The Doctor's Office

 — Ms. Adler shows off her control over two strangers. by MrAdler05/07/154.11

Much Mightier Than the Sword

 — A mind-controlling pen is bestowed upon a young man. by Wanafilerup07/13/064.62HOT

Much Mightier Than the Sword Ch. 02

 — More women fall under the pen's spell. by Wanafilerup03/25/094.62HOT


 — Music controls your mind. by hrshie4001/10/072.98

My Boss, My Slave

 — I hypnotize my girlfriend's boss for some revenge fucking. by jackvick03/18/144.24

My Boss, My Slave Ch. 02

 — Hypnotizing my girlfriend's boss leads to an orgy. by jackvick04/03/144.10

My College Experience

 — His old ability and the new ways he learns to use it. by MrPezman05/22/073.99

My College Experience Ch. 02

 — Job in photography turns out to be quite rewarding. by MrPezman06/13/074.50HOT

My Date Night

 — Getting ready to go out... without the Hubby. by LoverofDragons07/25/153.00

My Daydream

 — A girl looses herself in a daydream. by CitrusBlossom09/12/114.32

My Doctor & My Maid

 — Robert gets "doctored". by vargas11106/30/044.36

My Fair Slut Ch. 01

 — His boss helps turn his wife into a complete slut. by Boratus06/09/024.43

My Fair Slut Ch. 02

 — Jim struggles to escape his mental prison. by Boratus12/13/024.42

My Fair Slut Ch. 03

 — The making of a Master. by Boratus04/20/034.76HOT

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